Who among the twelve constellations will get rid of bad luck in 2018 and have a burst of personality to realize counterattack? Let’s take a look at TOP5, the constellation with the best luck in 2018, compiled by Xiao Bian according to the luck of the year. Let’s see if there is you.!   Fifth, Pisces: 2018 is a year of change for Pisces. Many changes will take place in both its external environment and its own psychology. It is also an important turning point in life and faces no small challenges.. Fortunately, Pisces is able to get rid of the difficulties one by one through constant self-awakening and the help of noble people. It is in good luck..   The following is the fourth place: Capricorn, who has been repressed for a long time, will wake up in 2018 and be willing to welcome new things in Open Heart. Therefore, it will know many noble people who are helpful to its career.. At the same time, love also performed well, and peach blossoms appeared in the middle of the year.. It can be said that career love will usher in a double harvest.   Third place: Scorpio 2018 is a year of metamorphosis for Scorpio. In this year, inside, Scorpio will experience comparative things and grow up again.. As the heart grows stronger and stronger, Scorpio’s luck is getting better and better, especially in the coming year, and will have a prosperous life..   Second place is the following: Gemini’s past efforts and waiting will be reaped in 2018, which is a great event to celebrate for Gemini.. Despite the mediocre financial performance, there are opportunities in business and feelings are increasingly clear.. 2018 is a good year for Gemini.   First place: Cancer 2018 is a year of good luck for Cancer. In this year, Cancer will slowly break the shackles and win success with its own strength.. Good luck will only come as soon as possible. In the second half of the year, the emotional road will also go smoothly. Cancer will usher in a critical turning point.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.

As the end of the year approaches, many things will gradually enter the final phase.. What is your horoscope for this month in inside?? Let’s take a look at the constellation with the greatest wealth in February 2018 ~ Aries has a better overall trend of wealth in February. If Aries goes to talk about business in February, it will have a great harvest and can also make a huge profit from it.. In addition, work affairs should also be handled carefully, pay attention to the opportunities to make a fortune, and don’t miss the list that should belong to you.. Aries can earn a lot of money if she works a little harder..   Cancer’s fortune will continue to be good in February and will be somewhat favorable.. You can buy more lottery tickets, the chances of winning are very high, especially before the new year.. If you win the grand prize, this year will be even better.. In addition, Cancer may also receive New Year gifts from the other half, which are valuable and can be treasured well..   Scorpio enters February. Scorpio’s career and financial fortunes are slowly improving. Success in career will directly translate into financial encouragement, so Scorpio can be xiaozhuanyibi. If friends have good projects to cooperate with Scorpio, Scorpio should pay more attention, invest a little when seeing the right ones, and have the chance to get rich..   In February, the sun is in the second house of Capricorn, thus increasing the value of Capricorn.. Capricorn’s fortune is good, and if he is doing business, he will gain a lot.. Capricorn should pay more attention to some businesses that deal with people, and if the investment is made in a timely manner, it will also get rich returns.. In addition, Capricorn can find more partners to expand the scale and gain more.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.

A brand-new February has been opened, and this month is a link between the past and the future for many people.. A word of advice to twelve constellations in February 2018, please check it.   Aries: Never underestimate others. You are impulsive and outspoken. In the future, you should learn to look at the advantages of others, learn from each other’s strong points and never underestimate anyone.   Taurus: It is important to learn to balance career and family career, but family is also a part that cannot be ignored.. You will have a better and happier life only if you learn to balance the relationship between your career and your family..   Gemini: Change Bad Habits You are already contaminated with some bad habits, which are damaging your body and wealth virtually.. Slowly change bad habits and move forward to a better life..   Cancer: Everyone likes a smooth and comfortable life, but you should try to get out of the comfort zone, or you will never grow up.. If you keep stalling, you will be overtaken by others..   Leo: Adjusting Expectations Sometimes it’s not a good thing to expect too much, which will bring you even greater disappointment.. Try to adjust your expectations to an appropriate level, and it will be more comfortable..   Virgo’s following content: leave yourself more leeway. your eyes are too picky and sometimes it can cause embarrassing situations.. I suggest you don’t speak too harshly, use a little euphemism, and leave yourself some leeway..   Libra: Say goodbye to the past completely. If you want to stride forward, you must learn to say goodbye to the past.. With the past bad things, with the past unpleasant memories farewell, believe that the future will be better..   Scorpio: Pay attention to your health. The body is the capital of the revolution. You should pay more attention to your health in the future.. Get rid of bad work and rest time, learn to preserve one’s health, recuperate slowly, let the body become better..   Sagittarius: Sincere Lover To get a Harm.FunLoving, you must first learn to love sincerely. Learn to understand, learn to give, learn to push yourself and others, in order to get the favor of love..   Capricorn has the following contents: make a new plan, everything will be done in advance, but nothing will be done in advance. the new year is about to begin. you can make your own plan for the new year.. If you want to reach a certain goal, you must start to work hard as early as possible..   Aquarius: Focus will make you more attractive. Sometimes you are not focused enough and easily distracted, which leads to inefficiency.. Remember, focus will make you more productive and attractive..   Pisces: Love is not the only one. You always regard love as the whole of your life, but love is not the only one.. If you put all your eggs in one basket, inside, you may end up doing more harm than good. Try to improve yourself.! Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.

Time passed quickly, and August was coming to an end soon. I believe everyone hoped that their monthly fortune would be especially good and they would have a steady stream of income. then who would be favored by the god of wealth in the coming September??   Virgo Virgo Virgo Baby is a person who makes great efforts. In the coming September, the financial situation can be said to be quite good. Not only will the income be stable, but there will also be additional income recorded in the accounts.. Moreover, the partial fortune can be said to be enviable, such as winning a prize unexpectedly, getting a surprise unexpectedly, or getting a bonus or commission unexpectedly at work, etc.. It can be said that September is a month favored by grandpa mammon..   Scorpio baby Scorpio is a person with strong career ambition. The financial situation in September has also improved. Everything has gone smoothly and there will be surprises in the financial situation.. The Fortune Handbook may accidentally knock on their door, bringing them many good opportunities to make money.. Scorpio babies also make a lot of money because of their special efforts, so they don’t have to worry about money all through September..   Leo: Maybe the lion cub in inside has been working hard and hard in the previous days, but the income is always unsatisfactory. However, the lion cub must not be discouraged because of this. The effort should still be made, and the pay and the harvest are often in direct proportion. How can a lion who has been doing well in his career have an income that makes him dissatisfied? In the coming September, the lions will not only have a surprise in salary, but also receive unexpected fortune. Customers who have not been successful in business or starting a business will also have an easy income this month.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.

When we get married, we naturally want to choose a good month and a good day. what we want to get married is good color. with good months and good days as foil, we will feel that love is more perfect and our marriage life is full of hope.. So is September 2018 your wedding Ji Yue? Test it and you will know the answer. Let’s do a marriage test together.!   1、. Do you choose a date when you get married??   Do you think it is possible to get married in February or September?   Everything is possible-4 impossible-3 hard to say-6 3, is the day of marriage your own decision or partner?   Oneself-> 4 partners-> 7 difficult to say-> 5 4, will you do it yourself??   Yes-6 No-7 Hard to say-8 5. Do you want your parents to run the wedding by themselves?   Hope-7 don’t hope-8 depends-6 6, what are you most afraid of when you get married??   There is no money-9 things more-7 no time-10 7, marriage is what you are looking forward to?   Very much looking forward to-8 a little looking forward to-10 not looking forward to-9 8, do you think you can adapt to the life after marriage?   Soon got used to it →9 can’t get used to it →B is difficult to say →10 9. will you stay at home after getting married??   House-C does not love house-D is hard to say-10 10, do you like September?   Like it, C don’t like it, A depends on the situation, B Test Answer: A, September 2018 is your wedding auspicious month, September 2018 is your wedding Ji Yue, do you think it is appropriate to get married in September inside. In fact, you do not attach great importance to the date of marriage. You think that as long as the relationship between the two people is stable, you can get married whenever you want. Of course, you hope that the sooner the better. Do you think September is Ji Yue because September is the fastest at present.   B, September 2018 You will not consider getting married September 2018 You will not consider getting married. This month is not the best month for you to get married. You feel that your feelings have not reached the stage of wanting marriage. It is a bit abrupt for inside to mention getting married in September.. You are a person with your own opinions and considerations in life. It is useless for others to persuade you when you think it is not suitable..   C, September 2018 you have something more important than marriage, September 2018 you have something more important than marriage, this month you are very busy, you have no time to think about marriage, you think marriage is a great event in life, but life is not just for marriage, this month you may need to be busy for your work, you may also need to be busy for your studies, in short you will not be busy for marriage..   D, September 2018: Do you think marriage is inappropriate? September 2018: Do you think marriage is inappropriate? You don’t want to get married in September. Do you think marriage in winter will be more romantic. September is just around the corner, but you don’t think you’re ready to get married. You don’t think September is Ji Yue’s wedding. You think marriage is a lifetime thing and you need a day of choice.. Please contact the website administrator if you reprint the original articles of First Constellation. Otherwise, it will be regarded as infringement..

Streamer easily throws people away, turning cherries red and plantains green.. Once Love Conquers All, then Flower in the Wonderland. “Do not forget your initiative mind, so as to achieve your final goal”, only by not forgetting one’s original thoughts can one complete one’s dream from beginning to end.. This September, a word to the twelve constellations.   Aries September is the best time for sheep and goats to take off their orders. You must take good care of it. Don’t say that you don’t have time to fall in love. Only by opening your heart to accept others can you have the chance to meet the right teaching assistant. There are not so many rules in your relationship..   Taurus in September for Niu Niu people still need to control the diet, otherwise it is likely to become a small fat man accidentally oh ~ in addition, Niu Niu to relax emotionally, don’t need to have too much emotional fear, everything follow one’s inclinations.   Gemini’s baby Gemini in September has a very good fortune. if you want to keep your wallet full, you must take action. if you say that action is not as good as action, you will always be lucky to those who work hard. if you want to make money, you have to cheer up..   Cancer’s so-called fate is not as much as you think.. Cancer babies are excellent. Don’t refuse others because of your sensitivity.. Be confident about yourself. You are really excellent. You don’t need to look down on yourself at all. Be confident and maybe you will meet better people..   Leo September’s baby lion can easily fall into awkward relationships. This may put the lion cubs in a dilemma. It is neither going in nor going out.. However, no matter whether the other party is entangled or not, the lion baby must be measured in heart and know how to keep a safe distance..   Virgo Virgo Virgo babies may be busy in September, but they can’t handle it casually. Virgo should take every step of work and study seriously, because your efforts will eventually pay off..   Libra Libra babies clearly know what they want and where they fear in September, but it implies that they don’t need to think too much and will go with the flow..   Scorpio Scorpio babies always have things they want to do in their hearts. This September, they may as well take a bold step and the final result is likely to be satisfactory. In addition, believe in your own judgment, believe in yourself, and do not follow others’ advice..   Sagittarius Sagittarius Sagittarius baby must be persistent in everything he does. Only by doing his best can he get what he wants.. If what you tell the outside world is an attitude of “letting nature take its course and being ambiguous”, then what you get will also be a feedback of “no left, no right, no high, no low”.   Capricorn Capricorn Don’t try to solve all the problems you are facing in September. Being too impatient can backfire. You can slowly lock in and break them one by one.. Tell yourself that a long life can actually be a little stormy..   Aquarius Aquarius may wish to rekindle their hope that the road ahead is still a long way off. Don’t feel very happy just because everything is not lacking, and just stand still.. If you set yourself a goal, perhaps your life will be more wonderful. After all, the present and the future are the most important things..   The Pisces baby needs to understand many difficulties, many potential setbacks and risks… You came up with it yourself.. If you really take a step to do it, if you really refuse to say no, the sky will not fall down, but you will feel relieved.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.

Facing the coming September, many people will hope that they can quickly get out of their single life, and when looking at others in pairs, their hearts will inevitably feel uncomfortable, especially when they are sad, they always want to have someone to accompany them.. Can you withdraw your order in September 2018? Test it and you will know the answer. Let’s be a Questions together..   1、. Is it important for you to take off the order or not?   Important →2 unimportant →4 difficult to say →3 2, do you desperately want to take off the order at present?   Thinking desperately →4 not paying much attention →3 occasionally thinking →6 3, have you ever thought about the life of two people??   Have you ever thought about it? Have you ever thought about it? Have you been a little curious? Do you feel happy after taking off the list??   Affirming happiness →6 hope to be happy →7 hard to say →8 5, what are you most afraid of when you are single??   No one to take care of-7 no one to talk to-8 no one to rely on-6 6, are your expectations for love disappearing??   Has disappeared →9 is about to disappear →7 has not disappeared →10 7, is it difficult for you to take off the list??   It’s hard-8 is fine-10 is difficult to say-9 is 8, are you a blind date person??   Like-9 don’t like-d dislike-10 9, can you adapt quickly after taking off the list?   Can-> b can’t-> c is difficult to say-> 10 10, who is most worried about you?   Yourself → Parents of B → No one worries about C →A Test Answer: A, September 2018 You can take off the list; September 2018 You can take off the list; Sweet as honey’s love affair will make people around you envy him very much.. You are a person who will grasp love when you meet it. In September, you will boldly express yourself as long as you have someone you like. Fortunately, the person you like also happens to have some meaning for you. Your withdrawal from the list in September has become a natural thing. Love makes you very happy..   B, September 2018, you almost took off your order. September 2018, you almost took off your order. when facing love, you still lacked some courage and persistence. originally, the love that you thought would belong to you had already arrived. only when you got close did you realize that the other person was not the one you wanted.. There are many changes in your emotional life in September. There is a feeling of Worry about personal gains and losses that may even affect your emotions and affect your life..   C, September 2018 You are still some distance away from the list. September 2018 You are still some distance away from the list. It is not the month when you can fall in love if you want to fall in love. In fact, you should not expect too much from your love in inside this month.. The more hopes you have in September, the more disappointments you will have. It will be better to look at your emotional life normally. Even if you can’t get off the list, you should adjust your mind..   D, September 2018 You don’t want to take off the list. In September inside, you don’t have the idea to take off the list. Without such an idea, you naturally have no way to take off the list. You don’t envy the people around you, and you think your life is quite good now.. In your opinion, falling in love is a very troublesome thing. Falling in love will affect your mood and normal living habits. You don’t like this feeling very much.. Please contact the website administrator if you reprint the original articles of First Constellation. Otherwise, it will be regarded as infringement..

A popular person usually has a good heterosexual relationship. With a good heterosexual relationship, everyone will feel confident. A good heterosexual relationship is what many people want, especially for those who want to get rid of being single.. How about your heterosexual relationship in September 2018? Test it and you will know the answer. Let’s do a predestination test together..   1、. How is your current heterosexual relationship??   Good →2 bad →4 average →3 2, do you like to wrangle with the opposite sex??   Like-4 don’t like-3 occasionally-6 3, heterosexual edge explosion will you be afraid?   Fear-4 not afraid-7 difficult to say-5 4, are there endless words between you and the opposite sex??   How to also say not over-6 have nothing to say-7 completely unable to talk-8 5, the opposite sex will often give you help?   Frequently →7 occasionally →8 never →6 6, do you have many secrets with the opposite sex??   Many →9 very few →7 no →10 7, do you care about the opposite sex??   Yes-8 won’t-10 is difficult to say-9 8, do you think the opposite sex is a kind of person who is easy to get along with?   Very easy to get along with →9 difficult to get along with →C difficult to say →10 9, will the opposite sex make you feel very uncomfortable??   Very uncomfortable-B is a little uncomfortable-D is difficult to say-10 10, when the opposite sex is not good, will you stay by yourself??   Looking for the same sex to play-b stay by yourself-a look at the situation-c test answer: a, September 2018 your heterosexual relationship is very good, September your heterosexual relationship is very good, you will feel very happy, the opposite sex can give you a lot of help, you feel the opposite sex is much more enthusiastic than the same sex. You will cherish the heterosexual relationship in September very much. You think it is good for you to make more friends at this time. Of course, you also often help others. Your popularity with the opposite sex in September is not occasional. It has something to do with your usual behavior..   B in September 2018, your heterosexual relationship is generally the same as that of September, not good or bad. anyway, peace is no different. there is nothing special about your relationship with the opposite sex.. For you, there is not much difference between the opposite sex and the same sex. Sometimes you want to get along more with the same sex. When the opposite sex is similar, you feel that it has no influence on your life..   C, September 2018 your heterosexual relationship is not good. September your heterosexual relationship is not good. although some heterosexuals are willing to contact with you, some unpleasant things are likely to happen between you.. In September, inside, your attitude towards the opposite sex is somewhat harsh. You often give the opposite sex an aggressive feeling. The opposite sex is not willing to be outdone and you are not willing to give in.. Throughout September, quarrels often occur between you and the opposite sex. The opposite sex does not like you..   D, September 2018 you have no heterosexual relationship. September you have no heterosexual relationship at all. you will feel a little disappointed about this situation. you are a person who longs for heterosexual relationship. you think there are too many troubles when you are with the same sex.. You like to get along with the opposite sex in your life. You think the opposite sex is more indifferent than the same sex, but unfortunately, you will be lonely in September without the opposite sex.. Please contact the website administrator if you reprint the original articles of First Constellation. Otherwise, it will be regarded as infringement..

The word “Flash Marriage” is not new any more nowadays.. Once two people are in tune and look at each other, they may walk into marriage hand in hand.. Some people did not even realize week, so they skipped the stage of understanding and walked directly into the palace of marriage.. So who are the most likely constellations in Flash Marriage in the second half of 2018??   First place: Cancer, since Jupiter entered Cancer’s love palace, Cancer has more peach blossoms than ever before. For Cancer, 18 years is a great opportunity to meet true love. Especially in the second half of the year, Cancer has a very high probability of meeting the right person. It is likely to be your designated lover. The two will feel the same when they first meet.. However, the chance for the two people to know each other may come from the introduction and matchmaking of relatives and friends. It is suggested that they should not reject it and accept it frankly, or else they will cut off the peach blossoms themselves.. In the second half of the year, people with partners will have the idea of settling down. They may meet their parents together with the other half to discuss marriage matters..   Second place: Capricorn Since Venus entered Capricorn, Capricorn has been struggling in their career, but they have blossomed emotionally.. There will be constant attentions to the opposite sex who are interesting to Capricorn, and Capricorn is not active in many cases. Such Desires Of The Heart may be a good thing for single people.. However, it may be a very big test for people with partners, and many Capricorns will enter marriage halls one after another in the second half of the year, but most of them make decisions on impulse. However, it will not affect the emotional life after that, because the marriage object is also the one you love..   The third place is as follows: Taurus in the second half of 2018 is a less than half year especially suitable for Flash Marriage for Niu Niu. Singles have a special chance to meet an object with excellent appearance and various conditions at parties or in crowded occasions.. In particular, pay special attention to the objects encountered in the next two months.. In addition, it was suggested in September that Niu Niu people may go for a walk or travel abroad, perhaps they will have a chance to have a romantic encounter.. And the second half of the year is when your peach blossoms burst. If you want to get rid of being single, you must go out and meet them.! Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.

The new year has come, is your peach blossom flourishing?? On the contrary, Desires Of The Heart’s prosperity has brought disaster to itself. That is the fate of peach blossoms. Let’s look at which constellations in the first half of 2018 are responsible for peach blossoms.?   At the beginning of the year, Aries is popular and expressive. Desires Of The Heart is booming. Singles have more opportunities to be courted. However, it is important to note that if not handled properly, they may turn into peach blossom evil spirits, leading to conflicts and emotional turmoil.. In particular, Aries, who has a target, has a lot of temptations from outside, so you must pay attention to your other half, otherwise you may have a small number of partners involved, leading to emotional breakdown..   Gemini Gemini’s emotional situation this year is not very stable. Gemini Gemini Gemini Gemini Gemini Gemini Gemini Gemini Gemini Gemini Gemini Gemini Gemini Gemini Gemini Gemini Gemini Gemini Gemini Gemini Gemini Gemini Gemini Gemini Gemini Gemini Gemini Gemini Gemini Gemini Gemini Gemini Gemini Gemini Gemini Gemini Gemini Gemini Gemini Gemini Gemini Gemini Gemini Gemini Gemini Gemini Gemini Gemini Gemini Gemini Gemini Gemini Gemini Gemini Gemini Gemini Gemini Gemini Gemini Gemini Gemini Gemini.   The Leo Leo’s love affair in 2018 is much better than that in 2017. Single people have a chance to get out of the meeting, while those with partners have their feelings progressing. However, there are often some dramatic situations. It is easy to have some entanglements and quarrels with each other. Married Leo, in particular, may quarrel with each other due to some ambiguous phenomena outside marriage. It is suggested that Leo should pay attention to social relations.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.