State Administration of Foreign Exchange official would change the scale of the situation in April 2018 A reporter asked said that as of late April 2018, the scale of China's foreign exchange reserves to $ 3.1249 trillion, down $ 18 million from the end of March, down 0.57%。In April, the smooth operation of cross-border capital, the foreign exchange market continued to show the pattern of supply and demand balance。International financial markets, the dollar index rose more than 2%, mainly non-relative multiple factors such as the dollar fell and asset price correction of common currency role of the dollar, foreign exchange reserves declined slightly。    According to the accumulation of pension funds in different types of income, including income tax extension pension deterministic, income security at the end type, income floating three, four products。First, income is determined products (Class A), refers to the provision to determine the rate of return (compounded annually) in the accumulation of the product; Second, income security at the end products (class B), refers to provide insurance proceeds rate (compounded annually) in the accumulation period, while providing additional revenue in accordance with investment products can be divided into monthly billing revenue product (B1 section) and settled quarterly earnings products (B2 models); the third is floating income products (C category), means the actual accumulation of investment income settlement products。    Reporters learned from a number of respondents, the central bank Financial Stability Board is leading the development of financial holding companies management approach, will set the market access threshold approach, strictly regulate related party transactions between the company's internal financial holding subsidiaries, strengthen capital real sexual adequacy requirements and to standardize its ownership structure, large shareholders and executives Qualifications and other relevant provisions expressly。Particularly worth noting that private financial holding will be the focus of regulation and supervision of financial holding companies management approach objects。The financial holding company's overall supervision has been a virtual certainty, study and formulate relevant policies and measures is at the stage, goes well implemented this year is expected to fall。    Harbin Municipal Government Office issued the "Circular on Further Strengthening the real estate market regulation work,"。According to "notice", from now on, the main city in the area 6 (Daoli, Nangang, way outside the area, Xiangfang District, North Pine and cottage areas) within the region, canceled construction unit net contract cancellation rights record information, Where to buy new commodity housing (not including second-hand housing), the commercial network contract from the date of signing the expiration of three years before they traded。    Ministry of Equipment, Deputy Director Luo Junjie said, the next will promote four key components of robots and high-end application development and scale。One is focused on solving some of the "strangle hold" problem, make full use of the national innovation center robot and build collaborative innovation breakthrough in human-computer interaction platform flexibility, function insulation, IntelliSense and other key common technology。The second is to prevent the development of the industry disorderly competition, industry norms。Third, efforts to cultivate a world-class robotics industry cluster, strengthen a number of strong core competitiveness of key enterprises and leading enterprises, focusing on cultivating a number of individual segments of champions。The fourth is to strengthen international matchmaking。    May 7, Beijing Municipal Construction Committee on the "Notice on Strengthening Management of project sales limit price" for public comment。Document referred to "notice" is to limit housing prices effective protection of the project is to live, states: limit price items can be sold housing sales price and appraised value ratio higher than 85%, according to limit development and construction unit self predetermined sales price; ratio is not higher than 85% of the municipal security room into common property acquisition center housing。    Deepen the capital market reform and opening up China's financial industry to expand the current round of opening up an important part, Ulrich said, deepen reform and further opening up of China's capital market will attract more global investors to enter the Chinese market, we believe China long-term capital market is still promising。In particular, from June 1 formally incorporated into the A-share MSCI (MSCI) Emerging Markets Index, a move that international investors will invest A-share market has played a significant role in promoting。It is understood that the MSCI China A shares included 232 stocks included in the initial factor of 2.5%; September this year, into the factor increased to 5%, A shares accounted for the MSCI Emerging Market index heavy weights 0.8%。"I learned a lot and international investors in the communication process, they are ready to proactively improve the allocation of shares in a Chinese market。We believe that, for the first time following the MSCI China A shares included in the index, there will be more overseas-listed Chinese companies were included, the share of the future will be increasingly high。"Jing said,。JP Morgan expects aspect, A shares included in MSCI love the storm led to $ 6.6 billion in stock funds passive configuration MSCI China Index covered by the active configuration brings funds will be passive configuration five times。Therefore, the overall configuration of China's capital stock will reach $ 40 billion。    Reporters learned that silver CIRC relevant departments have completed the development of the bank draft financial rules, has issued an official document on the agenda。Informed sources said that the bank financing a high probability draft rules released in May。About the method of valuation of net product, the mismatch of how to dispose of the stock of assets, standardization recognized standard assets, to break the rigidity of payment and other specific issues will be the answer。    With the rapid development of China's high-speed railway, the people traveling along the region has been significantly improved service levels。Relying on high-speed rail station to promote the development and construction of the surrounding area, not only can increase the sources of funds for railway construction, but also conducive to effective urban space expansion and integration and optimization of the internal structure is conducive to adjust and improve the industrial layout, promote transportation, industry, urban integration and development。National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Natural Resources, Department of Housing and jointly issued "Guidance on promoting high-speed rail station surrounding area rational development and construction," and proposed to effectively prevent local debt risks of high-speed rail development and construction of peripheral stations, the relevant departments to the reasonable control of the scale of construction and rhythm, prevent from actually engage in the development of local financial resources。    Recently, the National Defense Science and Industry Bureau, Ministry of Finance and other eight departments jointly issued the "Approval of China South Industries Group, Institute of Automation for the restructuring of enterprises to implement the program."。Agreed in principle approval Ordnance Equipment Research Institute of Automation transformed into enterprises, a clear conversion applicable policies, priorities and procedures to be carried out, put forward relevant requirements。China South Industries Group is the Institute of Automation of this classification reform in the military institute approved the first restructuring of business units, production and business class sign military research Institutes work began to enter the implementation phase。    Clearing Company data showed foreign investors bought a net 66.4 billion yuan in April, Chinese bonds, holdings by a record high, and the total holdings hit 1.A record high of 15 trillion yuan。    The CPC Central Committee issued a "socialist core values into the rule of law established Faxiu Fa planning" Recently, the CPC Central Committee issued a "socialist core values into the rule of law Li Fa Xiufa planning", and issued a notice requiring all localities and departments to earnestly implement the practical。  "Planning" stressed the need to Xi Jinping, the new era of socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics as a guide, adhere to a comprehensive rule of law, adhere to the socialist core value system, efforts to incorporate the socialist core values into legislation to change the laws and regulations of the whole process of waste release to ensure that the legislative guide sharper, clearer requirements, measures more effective, we should strive to 5-10 years to promote the socialist core values of full integration into the socialist legal system with Chinese characteristics, and build a strong ideological and moral foundation of common national unity and struggle of people of all nationalities, as winning building a moderately prosperous society, socialism with Chinese characteristics to win a great victory for the new era, to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream, the realization of people yearning for a better life, provide a solid institutional guarantee。  "Planning" that the principle of promoting socialist core values into law the regulations must be followed is: adhere to the party's leadership, adhere to the values, insisted legislation for the people, adhere to problem-oriented, adhere to promote co-ordination。  "Planning" to define the main tasks of six。First, in order to protect property rights, contract maintenance, unified market, equal exchange, fair competition as the basic guide, improve the socialist legal system of market economy。Second, uphold and consolidate the dominant position of the people, promote socialist democracy rule of law。The third is to play to the leading role of cultural education of the people, establish a sound legal system and cultural。Fourth, focus on the people most concerned about the most direct and practical interests, accelerate the improvement of people's livelihood and the legal system。Fifth, to promote the harmonious development between man and nature, ecological civilization establish a strict strict legal system。Sixth, strengthen the special legislative outstanding issues of moral field, some basic ethical requirements in a timely manner to rise to legal norms。  "Planning" stressed that to promote the socialist core values into the law into compliance is an arduous task, to take effective measures to seriously organize the implementation of laws and regulations to better reflect the value of the target countries, the value of community values, citizens' criterion。Party committees at all levels should attach great importance to the construction of socialist core values into the rule of law work in support of the legislature socialist core values into laws and regulations。Central Propaganda Department, the Central Political and Law Commission to co-ordinate all forces, strengthen supervision and inspection, to promote the implementation of the plan。NPC Standing Committee and the State Council to improve the working mechanism, in-depth analysis of the legislative requirements of socialist core values, improve legislation calls for proposals and verification system, the legislative plan to develop a good plan, key areas to accelerate the pace Li Fa Xiufa。  Li Keqiang arrived in Jakarta, Indonesia on an official visit to Ladies and gentlemen: the fifth anniversary of the establishment of the comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Indonesia, to establish strategic partnership with ASEAN 15th anniversary, Premier Li Keqiang was invited to the afternoon local time on May 6, arrived in Jakarta on Indonesia, the largest country in ASEAN official visit。  When Li Keqiang stepped out the door, along both sides of the red carpet ceremony soldiers lined up to pay tribute。Indonesian Coordinating Minister for Marine Lu Hu Principal senior government officials enthusiasm greeted at the gangway。Chinese Ambassador to Indonesia Xiao Qian, Mission Ambassador to ASEAN Yellow River even also at the airport。  Li Keqiang attended the welcoming ceremony of the President of Indonesia held 7 am local time, the President of Indonesia, Djoko ceremony was held in front of the Presidential Palace in Bogor, Indonesia welcomed Premier Li Keqiang on an official visit。  When Li Keqiang arrived, Djoko meet at the drop-off point。  Military band played, the Indonesian national anthems, 19-gun salute。  Li reviewed the guard of honor accompanied by Djoko。  After Li Keqiang held talks with Indonesian President welcome ceremony, Li Keqiang held talks with Djoko。  Li first conveyed the cordial greetings to President Xi Jinping, Chairman of Djoko。Li Keqiang said that China and Indonesia are important neighbors and share broad common interests is a natural partner。Two heads of a number of successful meetings, promote mutual political trust and pragmatic cooperation to a new height。This year is the fifth anniversary of China to establish a comprehensive strategic partnership with Indonesia, China is ready to make joint efforts with Indonesia, ride on the momentum to push bilateral relations to achieve greater development。  One is to build bilateral comprehensive strategic partnership in the framework of bilateral, regional and international level, the three pillars of all-round cooperation, to better support the development of bilateral relations。  Second, deepening China "along the way" initiative with Indonesia, "the fulcrum of the world's oceans," the idea docking, strengthen the capacity of cooperation and promote Accor million high iron and Indonesia "Regional Comprehensive Economic Corridor" two landmark project cooperation, achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation better。  Third, deepen trade and investment cooperation, expand Indonesia's palm oil, tropical fruits, coffee and other exports to China of high-quality products at competitive, fish processing strengthen cooperation and encourage Chinese enterprises to expand investment in Indonesia。Indonesian side hopes to provide more policy support and facilitation。  Fourth, consolidate public opinion foundation of bilateral relations, personnel exchanges and interoperability, strengthening academic, youth exchanges, promote cultural exchanges and mutual learning。  Li stressed that China is ready to work with Indonesia to jointly promote the China – ASEAN cooperation and quality and upgrade, with Indonesia and other ASEAN-4-EAGA together to create a "4 + 1" new model of cooperation at the subregional, accelerating the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement "area "(RCEP) negotiations and the construction of the East Asian economic Community to promote economic integration in East Asia。  Djoko said warmly welcomed Li Keqiang's visit to Indonesia, which is China's new government after the general's first visit to the Prime Minister, reflects China attaches great importance to bilateral relations。China is Indonesia's strategic partnership, bilateral cooperation in various fields of economy, trade, investment and culture continue to deepen, to achieve a win-win。Thanked China for its support for Indonesia's "Regional Comprehensive Economic Corridor" construction。Indonesia is willing to accelerate Accor million high-speed rail project, to ensure the early start across the board。Indonesia ready to strengthen the ASEAN – China cooperation under the framework of communication and coordination in international and regional affairs。  The two sides also exchanged views on international and regional issues of common concern。  After the talks, Li Keqiang and Djoko witnessed the signing of relevant cooperation documents。  Li Keqiang met with reporters after the signing ceremony with the President of Indonesia, Djoko and Li Keqiang met with reporters。  Li made positive comments on the results of talks。He said that as the world's major economies, China and Indonesia should work together to promote world economic recovery process, maintaining free trade and rule-based multilateral trading system, promoting trade and investment liberalization and facilitation。  Li said China is ready to help Indonesia to improve infrastructure。The Chinese government is willing to guide Chinese enterprises in accordance with market principles to Indonesia investment, promote local employment, Indonesia hopes to continue to create convenience for the Chinese business environment。  Djoko said that I held talks with Prime Minister Li Keqiang fruitful。Indonesia, China is willing to strengthen economic and trade cooperation。China is expected to actively participate in the Asian Games held in Indonesia, and jointly promote the development of Asia。  In the morning, Li laid a wreath to the monument to national hero Kali Bada, and planted a symbol of friendship between China and Indonesia, together with President Djoko camphor。  Xiao Jie, He Lifeng attended the above activities。  Li gauntlet on the Air Pollution Control Act NPC Standing Committee law enforcement inspection group at its first plenary meeting pointed out that pollution of legal weapons to defend the blue sky and the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress Chairman Li gauntlet 7 with the power of the rule of law Japan hosted the air pollution Control Act NPC Standing Committee law enforcement inspection group at its first plenary session。He stressed the need to adhere to the new era of socialist ideology Xi Jinping Chinese characteristics as a guide, do a solid job of air pollution prevention law enforcement inspection work, promote the settlement of outstanding issues air pollution law to control pollution legal weapons to defend the rule of law with the power of blue sky, Xi Jinping to ensure that the core of the CPC central Committee decision on the deployment of the construction of ecological civilization been comprehensively implemented。  Li gauntlet say, through the law enforcement inspection, Xi Jinping promote a new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, in particular, thought about the idea of implementing ecological civilization construction to make it through into the economic, political, cultural, social construction, promote the party conscientiously implement the country's new development concept, form a powerful force jointly promote the construction of ecological civilization。Major decisions and plans on environmental protection and pollution control to promote the Party Central Committee has been effectively implemented, to ensure the full and effective implementation of the law, to solve outstanding environmental problems that concern the people。Promote at all levels of government and departments, enterprise-wide implementation of the legal responsibility to prevent air pollution, improve air quality, and resolutely defend the ecological quality of the environment "only better, not worse," the bottom line responsibility。  Li stressed that gauntlet, work out a new era of NPC law enforcement inspection work, a good grasp of the principle of supervision, and second, to focus, Third, we must adhere to problem-oriented, well-organized Fourth, Fifth, we must strictly implement the central spirit of eight provisions。  The law enforcement inspection by the head of Chairman Li gauntlet。Law enforcement inspection team will be composed of four teams dispatched to eight provinces (regions) to check, at the same time authorize other 23 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) Standing Committee carry out the implementation of the law within the administrative checks。  Han Zheng attended the Second State Council institutional reform will promote the reform of the State Council to promote the second will be held in Beijing on the 7th, the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau Standing Committee, Vice Premier Han Zheng attended the meeting。  Han Zheng said that in order to Comrade Xi Jinping as the core of the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee, State Council reform in an orderly way, the first phase of the work to achieve the basic objectives。Next to Xi Jinping to a new era of socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics as a guide, thoroughly implement the ninth plenary meeting spirit General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech and the party's on deepening the reform of the party and state institutions, the implementation of "deepening the party and state institutions reform program ", and further the institutional reform of the State Council of the work done thin and thin, but the real fact, built up a clear mandate, the governance system of administration according to law。  Han Zheng stressed the need to prepare a number of functions in strict accordance with the institutional framework for the study design "three" provision。Adhere to optimize synergies and efficient principles, the "three" focus on fixed duties, responsibilities and strengthen internal business integration。Strengthen coordination issues are major differences, straightening out relations department responsibilities, avoid policies from different departments, the responsibility is unknown, buck-passing。Staring time node, according to the time limit to complete the high-quality "three" provisions of the development work。Pay close attention to study and draft guidance related to the integration of comprehensive law enforcement team set up to actively support appropriate to local conditions to promote institutional reform。  Han said, to strictly implement the main responsibility, unswervingly implement the Party Central Committee in place a clear reform mandate。Strict implementation of the reform of political institutions, discipline, organization and discipline, organization discipline, the cadre and personnel discipline, financial discipline, confidentiality, discipline。The ideological and political work throughout the whole reform process, educate and guide the majority of party members and cadres of the Party's principles and overall concept, firmly establish the "four consciousness" firm "four confident," take concrete actions to support the reform, support the reform, participate in the reform, to promote institutional reforms and economic and social development continue to make new contributions。  2018 World Table Tennis Championships Chinese men's team achieved nine consecutive Last night, the 2018 World Table Tennis Championships in Sweden ended。In the men's team final, the Chinese men's team beat Germany 3-0, won the ninth consecutive Maxwell Gosling Cup。  As the finale of the drama of this World Championships, the Chinese team sent the strongest team play last night, last year's World Championships men's singles top three winners Malone, Fan Zhendong and Xu Xin full debut。For the Chinese team at the head of a Grand Slam winner Malone, he defeated 37-year-old veteran Boer 3-0。Followed by the debut of a 3-0 sweep Fei Lusi Fan Zhendong, the Chinese team got the second division。The third play of Xu Xin 3-1 win over Francisco, China Nanping final total score of 3-0 victory over Germany, the World Table Tennis Championships men's team achieved 9 consecutive years, 21 times in history won the Maxwell Gosling cup。  Russian President Vladimir Putin inauguration local time today (7th) at noon, the Russian presidential inauguration ceremony in Moscow Kremlin。Putin witnessed by the President of the Russian Constitutional Court, was sworn in as the seventh President of the Russian Federation, officially opened the fourth term of office for a period of 6 years。  Putin gave his inaugural speech said that Russia faces a very difficult task, many problems to solve, Russia's development needs of the whole society to work together; the state will give priority to the development of education, health care, etc.。Putin also said Russia would carry out equal and mutually beneficial cooperation with the countries in the world to safeguard world peace。  Members of the Russian federal parliament, the State Duma, representatives of the Central Election Commission, Hero of Russia, as well as foreign ambassadors in Russia was invited to attend today's inauguration。  March 18 this year, Putin run for president as an independent candidate for the post of identity。March 23, the Russian Central Election Commission announced that Putin 76.69% of the vote re-elected president。  Iran: US-Iran nuclear agreement will quit if repentant 6th Iranian President Rohani said in a speech, if the United States really out of the Iranian nuclear issue agreement, which will be the fault of the American repentant, but Iran will not fear threats, Keep going。  Rowhani said in his speech, if the United States announced its withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear agreement, this will be a historic mistake, Americans will regret。Rowhani also said that the Iranian government had made a few months ago on the instructions of the executive departments, the Iranian Atomic Energy Organization has received an order to deal with the US may withdraw from the Iranian nuclear agreement。If the decision is not conducive to Trump Iran, Iran will take counter-measures against the United States。Rowhani stressed that Iran will not discuss Iran's defense affairs with anyone, and will continue to manufacture and store weapons, including ballistic missiles, including。  US President Trump will modify the 12th of this month as the deadline for Iran nuclear deal。Trump asked the EU and the US Congress agreed to amend the Iranian nuclear deal, Iran's development of ballistic missiles and so increase the limit content。  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday said the Iranian nuclear agreement is very bad, the agreement must be "either completely revised, either completely abolished," If you let the agreement "to maintain the status quo," Iran will have in a very short period of time "nuclear arsenal"。

[Kyodo News May 20 (Xinhua) – The Cabinet Office announced on the 20th the first quarter of 2015 (1 – March) gross domestic product (GDP, seasonally adjusted value) initial value, the actual growth of the previous quarter after excluding price changes. 0.6% annual rate of growth in terms of 2.4%, even by autumn。This reflects Japan's economy from the downturn in April last year after the consumption tax tax increase, gradually embarked on the track of slow recovery。However, private consumption remained sluggish recovery, weak domestic demand and improve。  Released the same day of the year 2014 (April 2014 – March 2015) real GDP to decline over the previous year 1.0% the past five years, the first negative growth, also fell below the 0.5% government expected; nominal GDP grew by 1 over the previous year.4%。  Personal consumption chain in the first quarter of this year growth 0.4%, even by three quarters。TV sets and other home appliances and mobile phones sold well, while computers and clothing poor sales。  Equipment investment growth of 0.4%, the first time in 3 quarters to positive growth, but also the consumption tax after the tax increase for the first time conversed。However, compared with corporate earnings growth, the data increased marginally, showing cautious business investment in equipment for deep-rooted。  Subject to excise tax increases affect fading, driven by growth in private residential investment 1.8%, the first time in four quarters conversed。Public investment decreased by 1.4%。  Export growth 2.4%, imports grew 2.9%。Visit to Japan of foreigners in domestic department stores and other shopping are also included in the export data, the increase in the amount of pushing up the overall export data。  Close to the economic situation of the actual experience of nominal GDP growth of 1.9% annual rate of growth in terms of 7.7%。Since the third quarter of 2011 once again showed high growth。  Economic regeneration play with Akira Amari press conference after the GDP data published that "investment in equipment still see weak"。He once again said the government is considering promoting policies that "business decision whether to play offensive?Decision operator being put to the test。The government will provide effective support to this end. "。(End) (Kyodo Net)

June 11 Racing Festival opened today, and looked at groups of running horse, gallop such as wind power, clip-clop sound……Mind could not help think of a teenager grandmother told the story of a legend。Maternal grandmother was born in Horqin prairie<Today Tongliao——Ganjig flag>Ladylike, as mayor。Grandfather was an underground Communist Party member when the expense of 29-year-old Japanese student, leaving only 26-year-old grandmother and teenage son, overnight, white hair grandmother, blind for life and then never remarried at the age of 97 years old。So I hate the Japanese hate the Japanese do more shells…………    Grandmother said: Long, long ago, in the golden Allah Teng Ao pull foothills grassland, there is a poignant legend, the beautiful silvery moon clear lake, there lived a very poor clearance herders family, his father died early , and only the mother and son had each other。    Filial son handsome, hard-working flutter real, brave kindness, and Mingjiao Su, twenties, has no money to get married and have children。He and his mother from small to large has been living a very difficult life in the mountains shepherd。    I remember that day, the Soviet Union and to the mountain sheep, sleepy and fell asleep on the hillside, dreamed of floating down from the sky a beautiful fairy girl, a white dress, wearing a small pink flower garland, said: I know you want one beloved horse, I just want to tell you fly down the north shore of Lake shepherd the sheep have a white horse, kind of poverty, you go home to fetch it, to help you pack your sheep farmland。I saw a flash of white light, beautiful fairy girl flew up into the sky。Sue and was awakened by a dream, carrying the eyes looking at the sky, basking in the sun only own nothing。I thought the dream fairy girl say light Really?Stood up and walked north, a white horse in the lake water, the Soviet Union and quickly ran past, joy lead a horse to go home to tell his mother the good thing。    Sue and the mother had a savior, and he is no longer plow the land no longer walk alone sheep, mother and son are also a lot lighter, no longer bitter and tired。Sue and sheep are not alone, and had a inseparable friends。Mother and son carefully fed, The trainer white horses, practice walking, practicing running, training calls, one year later, it grew into a handsome white horse strong, running up the white mane horse plump and tall wind。    In the morning, after breakfast mother Sue and done, holding white horse to the lake on the opposite hill sheep, accidentally stepped into the prairie marshes, bogged down, watching horse screamed biting force the Soviet Union and sleeves dragged out, the Soviet Union and holding the horses neck has been rescued horses dragged the swamp, cried happy horse laden with Sue and back home。    The moon rose, the Soviet Union and also reluctant to return to the room to rest until late in the night to go back。Su sleep and hear the fold has happened, dressed and ran out to see a wolf eat the sheep in the circle, the Soviet Union with an iron bar and hurried to fight the wolf, and the wolf angered toward the Soviet Union。White Horse Changsi a white flash raised forepaw planing to go to the wolf, wolf just listen“Sound of wailing”Bang his head fell to the ground bloom。Sue and my heart burst of gratitude burst of joy, ran over to hold the white horse's head burst into tears。    One day, several people ran away when the Soviet Union and sheep, says the brothers can help us a big favor?Royal Highness orders and deny us capture a deer, if grasping not, go back and punished month money not to open, listening to their situation, the Soviet Union and said OK, up the hill to the big white horse fly, time to catch up on a cigarette of a deer, horses shot with a deer caught。    Sue and deer will be handed over to a few people, a few say that according to your requirements, the deer Zhuolai。But I have a request, go back, I do not say that the deer is riding a white horse to catch the。But the news also leaked out that there is a God, horses, birds and beasts can catch lightning flying, running up a white sand dust。Royal Highness listened elated, salivating, played a greedy heart。    Spring, the prairie posted notices, to be held at the Palace Station“That amounted to screen”Racers, winners of the competition will be rewarded, while princes daughter-in-law to call, choose the best of the first riders。Sue and pleased to have signed up to participate in the competition。    Su and a white horse really got a first。Princess Palace can hold anything against the Soviet Union and is a poor shepherd, unwilling。Royal Highness fierce look absolutely shattered, he said, to accept the award and the Soviet Union:“Train and gave you a goat, a white horse to leave the palace。”Sue and say absolutely not, punched and kicked housekeeper collar retainers tied to the Soviet Union and tied up, launched a palace, the white horse led back to the palace housed the horse。    Since the princes had white horse grin, she picked a drink to celebrate auspicious。Regal officials to have flatter nosed。Fortunately proud princes do drink, the mountain spring retainers command to take a horse and want to show off in front of everyone。Royal Highness just be a horse, a white horse suddenly leaped forward, and the subordinate state Liao son, Prince was scared screaming headlong fall down, and fell a mouth eating mud。White Horse a light disappeared。    Shi Wei Wang Yefu troops out in force, riding collapse arrows, struggling to chase。Can white horse like a bolt of lightning, and all the soldiers can not catch up。They opened bow and arrow to go to the white horse, the horse still runs like a champ, flash without a trace。Heavily sadly announce his return to the palace: that white horse in the count ran Poison certainly died on the way……”Royal Highness smirking just referring to nothing。    Late at night, I heard a long masi cry pierced the silence of the prairie night sky。Sue and hurried to the stable as a look, a white horse came back, the Soviet Union and delight, tears, the moonlight and the Soviet Union closer look, dozens of arrows sticking out of white horse body, so the blood-red coat, I am dying……Sue and Oath, ah, ah……Cry swept the sky。White Horse due to excessive blood flow in front of the owner's death。Sue and stroking white horse could not help but burst into tears……    Moonlight, the Soviet Union and see the set with a small pink flower blossoming wreath of white horse on the neck, that is a fairy wearing garlands, Sue and all, and his face tears, stroking the horse faint cry……    White horse is gone, the Soviet Union and downhearted, heartbroken, do not think of meals, and finally fell ill, his mother met with distressed tears。One day at noon, fairy girl wearing a white dress with pink headband wreath into a dream, gently stroking the head of the Soviet Union and say, you do not cry, and you still lose my mother, a good meal filial mother, live on…………With my skin, bone, mane, tail to do a piano, let me always be by your side, watching you, guarding you…………    The next morning, the Soviet Union and the body a bath, lit incense, according to fairy did say a violin, the piano bar at the end of a carved horse head in accordance with the appearance of a white horse, and named“Matouqin”Always close at hand, like a shadow, wind, rain accompanied the legendary Soviet Union and a lifelong bachelor, lives in a piano as partners, to compile a lot of songs……    Whenever Sue and think of fairy girl and white horse, pull up dances and music, the sound of floating yurts in the prairie, the grasslands in the swing in the sky, made up the dances and song after song。Sometimes low groan pensive, sad melodious; sometimes resounding, full steam ahead; sometimes millions of soldiers, from the cries Shasheng; sometimes armored cavalry, drums tight reminders; sometimes sound as beautiful as the day, a long stream of spring water; sometimes bursts horseshoe, horse whip…………    Sue and achievement "dances and music", is the oldest and most primitive dances and music created man, also left the piano's sound eternal farewell……

The number of sound 鶗 鴂。Also reported Fangfei Break。The residual red fold more Xichun。Rain storms breeze color, plums season。Liu Yongfeng, no one do at fly snow。Do not make unitary plectrum。Resentment can say very chord。    Not the old days, the situation is difficult absolutely。Heart like dual screen, there Chien knot。Night had also, not east window White condensate moon。——Song Dynasty·Zhang Xian This is a very old poems, seasoned I almost forget its source, opening the "review China's most beautiful ancient poetry" came across the title page, the phrase“Not the old days, the situation is difficult absolutely。Heart like dual screen, there Chien knot”Once again catches my eye, I instantly woodenly。    For a long time, slowly opened the page with a rhyme, to procure“Fangfei”Deep, there is a white scholar, elegant sleeves, for months Hanyin, brush the word spectrum。Wine had Sanxun, looking sadly, mouth qingyin“Fear Tigui of the first Ming Xi, the husband whom no aromatic herbs”。Suddenly, poetic wandering around, milling disease book, then write the song of the ancient "Qianqiu Sui"。    A "Qianqiu Sui", how many lovers tears。    He met her in the depths of Yangliu Fang Fei, breakdown love Lennon had Fallen flowers, yellow plum rain listened and watched over snow。Through the cycle of seasons, read to blossom transformation, just as they do nothing special love, by the resistance of the outside world。“Do not make unitary plectrum。Resentment can say very chord。”Like most of the "Pipa" in the Pipa woman, but did not accompany him Pathetic Jiangzhou Sima wet。    “Not the old days, the situation is difficult absolutely。”Yes ah, if not the old heaven, if heaven has eyes, their love will not be the decisive set。“The evil, I want to be together, longevity no absolute decline。Rivers have dried up, Dong-lei blowing snow in summer, Heaven, and the king must dare。”He vows not bad this one, the difference is frustrated love, fortune Unfortunate。    “Heart like dual screen, there Chien knot。”To here, is especially shocking。All times, countless poems about love, let alone me a fresh sentence。If, like the twin-wire core, just as the latitude and longitude on Earth, a cross-pricked intertwined, woven into that one landmark, a crossroads, like a knot in the embroidery intertwined, each node of the system that is firmly together, like a pair of lovers, experienced honed hardships, eventually“Tie the knot”general。    Perhaps he did not expect to be honored through the ages at the time of writing this sentence, also do not think someone would later revisit their love, can be a good foreshadowing fate has long been buried in the unseen world, just as Li Bai "of the palace" five in the "round fan song", the hostess if they know who made the complaint will be later used to enjoying, it is a joke, I think they will certainly broken teeth pharynx to the stomach, and never will stay giving take a joke。    Zhang Xian wrote the poem when, already“Autumn had also, not east window White condensate moon”Hours, and when I read silently, but it is winter to spring。A write in the fall, a reading in the spring, this is how wasted?But when I savor the emotions between that word in the line, they would understand either in spring or fall, it is all the same touching, stimulating heartbroken。    Perhaps, since ancient times, sad solitude every fall, perhaps, when the poem is written Zhang Xian With depression, loneliness feelings, to say nothing, just to talk about my feelings poem。    People often say, life has four seasons, there are four seasons, four seasons in one day。I think, for love, it is the same。Young, our love like spring flowers, pure immature, do not withstand the wind and rain, Shoubu slightest grievance alone, so the spring bloom of the most beautiful moments, but also when it is closest to wither, so then love is usually open beautiful, but can only be used memories。    Summer of love, like a lotus。The aftermath of a spring brewing, becomes warm and imaginative, wanton publicity。Summer heat as couples in, always want to stick together, as if Banke separation will make choking each other, but they can hold hands warm, but do not necessarily hold to live life temperature。After too warm, it will become cold, vigorous may only be temporary straightforward, but not necessarily last forever。Perhaps, some say, only care to have, does not last forever, in fact it is a very irresponsible statement。    Fall in love, just as the receipt of this season, when experienced with one another“Greenhouse effect”,“Hot induction”Then, he deposited the fruit is heavy, like autumn chrysanthemums, not only open“Like a gentleman”Can also be used as medicine, edible, can be wine。Daisy, has been known as“Flowers gentleman”I think not only because“Chrysanthemum flowers open only do open”, Not pro is not a demon, reasonable manner, because it is more out of the fruit, as the crystallization of love, experience“Hong eighty-one difficult”And finally repair was immortal, form a couple。    The reason why there is love winter, I think it is because at the end of the fall is not love, just as the end of marriage is not love, love, come here, not to stay here, but rather a new beginning, so when love becomes when stable, marriage is only one way, then the ladder leading to real love, is just beginning, two people together, there is a cold winter, heating will abut each other, there is winter snow, will win next year spring's spring。someone said,“Love Things cents bloom in winter”, Happens to have a front desk, opened last winter really very bright, white petals and yellow stamen, slim green stem, like a girl in green Rouran, to the desolate winter adds 1 life of green。    Heart like dual screen, there Chien knot。I think, Zhang Xian wrote this poem when it is wanted“Paradox”,, each other in their love, there are ten million knot tied them tightly, who wants to destroy them were in vain; and I think it's more a symbol of faithful love。    Remember Zhang Xian "Liu Jiangnan," Lane said“Heavy Yiwang story on the city, the body can seem willing to Kingston month, Trinidad Banjun line”, Regardless of the moon, or the long arm of the love, affection for his lover is so touching, I can not help but think of that before the hair on the microblogging to talk about: we are talking about a three, five or even ten years in love, eventually I did not set off a happy red scarf; rural couples, but only a glimpse of shallow blind date, never knew, never fall in love, was able to spend a lifetime。We are too pale, or they do not know love?We are too harsh, or they are too simple?We are asking for too much, or they are poor and white?We forget themselves are dead, or they Xiangruyimo?    Yes, we have a young, have love, we have had stories。    But why there is still a lot of people just come to realize a dream, when youth is gone, when love is gone, when we are no longer young, not so good and strong, so stubborn, if we know how to cherish each other, that would be what?    Perhaps someone will say, each person's experience is different, yes, when we hold up each other's hands, who never thought of forever, who did not want to hold your hand, and grow old?Who can not be thought regardless of wind and rain, regardless of setbacks, we want to give you a permanent arm each other, a warm haven?    Love such as weaving, knitting are a little bit into the future looks like, from the beginning when I was younger, began to weave this network, a little man carefully compiled, edited sincere, so the harvest of a lifetime of happiness, some people series of sloppy, impatient series, ultimately nothing。The same piece of net, the same start, but has a different ending。    Love is not a business, but also know how to operate; love is not“With the change”, But also to understand“Resourceful”; Love is not tourism, today and tomorrow as well as the next wave; love is more than the water around the clock。Love is a gust of wind, came silently, feel, she has gone away; Love is an altar wine, cumin tasty drink it, felt when she had to wear intestinal choking……    Love is like a net, you put me intertwined。Each encounter is not vexatious destiny, but the intersection of the vertical and horizontal。Some people are two rays, will be the intersection of the pyrotechnic encounter bursting out bright, then leave their respective old; some people like a pair of parallel lines, destined never intersection parallel to each other but it can, always accompanied。    Me and you, what would it be?    Book that“Fireworks with my juniors, for you I, blurred”, The book also says“I hope Jun heart like my heart will live Acacia Italy”, The book says“One pair for life people”……What we will do is?    As a function of life, full of encounter, full of parting doomed。And we are miles apart, was able to meet, how much chance of this is it?I told you to say“God is very fair to us, before the 25 years we have never met, through a variety of temper each other; let us together later date, the rain comes, do not you want it?Winter to spring, our love will it be able to enter it in the spring?”。    Not the old days, the situation is difficult absolutely。Heart like dual screen, there Chien knot。

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">(Original title: upset!Germany 0-1 Mexico, a circle of friends crying!Mexico City earthquake) Reprinted from City Express last night, of concern, "Manhunt day mission," "defending champion" German team finally played!Germany's opener against Mexico, as the defending World Cup champion, the last seven World Cup the German team in first group stage victory。This time, more hope and then take a good start。However, more than 30 minutes into the game, the first break in Mexico!1-0 Germany!@ China Meteorological while a micro-Bo fans, is to let everyone shocked!Mexico City earthquake!earthquake……earthquake……Style circle of friends mutation eh?Germany says it good?↓↓ entire first half, the German team's defense is this ↓↓ Germany coach Loew expression, it is a straight face。Fan club began fighting……Germany wake up!Do not sleepwalking!At the time a German team of people waiting to vote gorgeous counterattack, the score 1-0, has been maintained to an end, the Mexicans won the first victory in World Cup。So the circle of friends of the brush to the place, the German team a crying fans……Members supported the German team, can only help you to be here。↓↓↓ German team fans see our fate, after all handsome!

Vertical world hundred pro Benny, who only like you that kind of?End only a soft spot for you。End of the world fleeting, laying a paper Huanhua pad, twist a pen incense, before the darkness has not yet come, I wrote a farewell poem, Blue Bird asked to send you Diao。You know?The poor blue sky under their lives, I was removed displaced in this mortal world, only to find you。    ——Inscription (a) of quiet good time and sing the ballad snowflake time of quiet good, you listen to, who it was, in sing the ballad snow?    In winter, it is so far-fetched, quietly came, carried in the wind, slowly lifted deserted, solitude carries a lonely voice。In sighs from people in Dimei nodded, Shanshan comes, eye lift, thanks Spring, a chock, have snow。At this time a deep emotion in mind, the total soak inexplicable lonely, soft heart with a flick into scattered snow。    Under that blue screens, but who's face, stained with a pillow Tee Sang?Cup of tea, rose petals some scattered and fragmentary, rising in the water, halo, Purified water transparent, translucent instant light pink to a dance, which reveal the winter times past。And that subtle fragrance rising slowly, seems to come from a faint from the wilderness, willowy and silence。Trance, seems to me to hear that a glass and pieces sigh snowdrift。    It is unwilling, or also bear?Once, also went through the debate about youth, about the feast of love floating light, bathed mottled staggered, the sun's warmth blurred, so beautiful cherry witnessed the moment。But, after all, is that beautiful short glimpse, finally, in the winter, never seen it snow like cherry, only relentless snow, covered with an exquisite feelings。But hidden in a teacup, and that fragrance petals are always evoke the past period of Ripples。    Ripples from the wind, holding a roll of poetry and literature, fireplace listen snow。That distant wind, blowing from the ancient, legendary talk with Qi Yan。History through dust, smoke flared up, startled the depths of time a ray of poetic heart Qinyun。That is?Who was the Tang and Song of the boudoir, from Yan thin ring of fat, Moon Palace, the break out into the leaf spit Fang Rui pavilions, pretty dough stand in the mist, plum blossom, fallen Montreal。    Listen, who's tears, litter in the old days of winter?Those who were exposed to the powder charge down, apricot Tobacco and Aromatic woman, eyebrows Qingqi, was I gently picked up, soothe the soul gradually dying。“When Huaxinling to hate no one like flowers still, they spring into thin, broken in front of Liu”……Handshakes biting sadness, I gradually Qing Yin aloud, suddenly, picturesque scenery silence。    Flower thousand poems, and is now falling a few heavy?Years, flowery completion of mud, can not hold, but also can not afford to pick up。Until now, I do not know, those thousands of years ago Beauty envy of the world, tears form in winter snow, covered Tsing Yi, a real estate broker gently bomb, can back to the snow if the wind flow?Today, that on Qiu green branches, and covered with, who tears?    But the children who made the tears?Flower, flowers, from Fanghun UNCOLLECTED。Whispering wind blowing, string sounds like a bundle of purple, blue and white fiddle out a tie。“Look at the spring stray gradually fall, is when the roots die of old age, once the spring to make the old roots, flowers killed two people do not know。”Listen, who is singing shallow?“Shabana flower fly sky, red incense off who pity”。Who is in qingyin?But her is buried fragrant mound, weeping Canhong, silly child who understand?I know, that fragrant mound, buried not only falling, and that the roots of that youth, that love。    Snapshots come and go as the passenger hurry, as falling glow, such as water line goes。Lonely snow, piled into heartache。Winter has already begun to overlap, but who, it is still Lanzhou, every night croon, burial sad?    Love reflection, in the eyes against the current line; if the youthful pupil, frozen into the snow in front of fate。What happens in life, the original, as is also the case, there was also no match for the flowers blooming few moments。However, be aware that, before the flowers bloom have had one game this game a he, had a beautiful, so I do not lonely, not sad。    I know, if the more lonely, the more happiness and less。Pathetic thin, young, strong, said the solitude, the years of strong throw。In this way, we lost too many warm enough good。Because we want to believe that time is so beautiful, the world is still。Those yellowing in history, fade in time in the past, forgotten, it is the best memorial to her。    In fact, these flowers like fate, we know everything, but do not want to know。Because who has the flowers of the day, no one can Huakaibubai。Sencha leaning out of windows, fireplace snow, too elegant life, enamored of time, even if it is soft and fragile。Because, fortunately a lot of the world is actually a blessing, but it is too precious, we only smiled and intentions of burning a glass of lights, in order to drive this cold night decade a long meditation。    Quiet good time, yes。I want to sing the ballad snow, let those birds hovering in the winter, find a home。In this way, we hope you'll find me with the song, not as I like to find。    Paranoia, lift eye to heaven, songs from the light, casual, snow over clothing。    (B) the end of the world fleeting, fleeting time into poetry Yin shallow end of the world, time shallow Yin into poetry。Word by word, distressed into the sea。    Winter, snow like creamy, such as Ma Chi wind。Sitting at the table, drinking tea, this time, the eyes dense mist, then, lift eye perspective, watch the wind, look at that scene, gradually discovered, so soft, and even air gradually become thin and transparent , so, thoughts of winter, there were numerous, hee hee stir drop from the trees, the sky flow into feelings。    Trance, I seem to remember, in those years, chasing the winter that Yimiyangguang, that final touch of light Hui, who fell, fresh colors faded together with Rihui。Only, that dense knot of mind, form a fine cobweb, covered with loneliness, since then, can not be opened, and no one visits。    Inadvertently opened a book and saw wrote on a page:“The evil!I want to be together, longevity no absolute decline。Mountains have been worn, the rivers have dried up, thunderstorms, snow in summer, Heaven, and the king must dare。”    “Snow in summer, Heaven, and the king must dare。”Yin with Yin, I will be crazy, sorrow was not related to the wind and the moon, I kept thinking, I became drunk。    Zhuo Wenjun said in "Baitou Yin" in:“Ai such as mountain snow, Jiao Ruoyun in May。There are two Wenjun intended, it is to pull off phase。Today Doujiu will, Mingdan ditch head, walk up and down Yugou stop, things ditch water flow。Desolately desolately heavy, marriage does not have to cry, I would like to have as one people, the first white phase from the。HE curl bamboo, where the fish migration migration, man heavy duty, where money is knife?”    “Willing to have a heart, the first white phase from the。”This situation, and more precious this love, and more heart break。Love poem, innumerable twists and turns, to speak for a long time and everlasting fear most people are fickle。Zhuo Wenjun and Sima, such as this couple of people stay well, although the name, but can not always cover those brothels where there had been flaws, Ge popular pain。    As this farewell "farewell book" middle way:“Jing Chunhua aryl, colored Ling Su, Yu still piano, and so a new generation of sound!There Kam water mandarin duck, Palace of water, and he was new, people sigh Xi Shi, Wu does not dim in prostitution!Zhu strings broke, missing Der Spiegel, dew Xi, Fang time break, Baitou Yin, farewell injuries, efforts snacks Wunian concubine, Kam water stirred up, and the king of long tactic!”    Had this Feng Xi Feng Xi, it is no longer love Phoenix。Huang Huang Xi Xi, into a farewell poem, no hope in this life。Although the change of heart to win, but non-love affair Everlasting Love has been in decline。However, I want to find people, can understand my request Phoenix, ever understand, I turn Rouchang?Cang quiet eye brow, the scenery predicament, it is unknown road。    Love affair for the pad, pen for Gu Hong, points off of a single word, I do not know, ever exchange Bluebird relative to expectations?    Perhaps the earth, each a love is a long wait。But I am not afraid to wait, because I know, life blossoming, blooming youth the other side, some like Xia, some like smoke, some like fog, hazy, graceful。When to clean beautiful, when to go, Pure Came and Pure Shall Go。Return quiet and peaceful life, from the days of enchanting dazzling stillness behind the curtain from warm to the stage, this is the life。    Red after all just a fantasy, love this earth is one of the most beautiful poems。Huakaihuaxie just a process of life, every flower in full bloom are some of the most beautiful love。However, not on the world, everyone can get their own love。Only those elegant people walking posture, in order to gain earthly gifts feed of this most beautiful love。    Inadvertently read one sentence: the highest state of love is fleeting stand the plain。From then on, I know, it is not necessarily the most beautiful love legend, legendary as those poignant love, indeed beautiful, and really very sad。Love is the most insipid happiness of love, each other, plain comfort over a lifetime, so it is no longer a joke forever。    But, love, I'm afraid of hearing from the word, because the distance is not too close, too far away is the。Far people nowhere to be found, near the pass, I fear。So, I just could not find, could not find, a hundred thousand turn back, innumerable twists and turns, but refused to stop。So, I displaced, displaced again。    Perhaps the phrase should be“No Jun asked return date period”。We had sentimental, has displaced youth, most afraid of is a no go。Maybe one day, heaven and earth, the mountains, there is my heart, not just the landscape, time flies, has a half old。    If that time, I have yet to find a you, who will perform your hand and promise you a lifetime of steady?I can not imagine, because they want to, the more sad。This world, after all, still need my words to heal those who are frustrated in love, those who are still waiting for the Red slowly people。Because, even if it is to give the world a little warm to be, I will never rest, full of distressed wrote these words。    The world will be the end, time will end, but the text is not willing this writing, the world can bring more warmth。This is my first long-cherished wish。And to you, my words, only in the long mortal world, and so light you pick up treasure in the heart。    If the end of the world will, then I want to finish this last farewell poem before this。To make people believe, perhaps to the end will be, but do not be sad。Because there are accompany you, accompany you to the end, this is a blessing。Even if the face of death, but also a smile。    Mei Xiang newly sprung, which withered in the winter snow, I have all of the text left this earth。Then, I will slowly accompany you, accompany you to go long this period of silence An indefinite period like the death of。

In recent times, the bond market to accelerate credit risk exposure, some private listed companies or listed companies held by the Group spate of debt default, triggering market worries。The industry believes that these debt default, reflecting the dual supervision of financial debt and government background, some companies own operating and financial control problems, the overall risk of the bond market is still controlled。  After the private listed companies defaulting on its debt frequent tide receded, before we know who is swimming naked。Recently, credit market debt acceleration risk exposure。May 28, German Securities announced that "16 Cadillac 01", "16 Cadillac 02", "16 Cadillac 03" holder meeting in the near future, the meeting approved the "Proposal requires the issuer to pay off the bonds early motion "and five motion failed" to authorize the trustee to take legal action to the issuer by the bondholders bear the full cost of the bill. "。  In Earlier, the emergence of one billion yuan, almost all flows underlying situation of enterprises to issue bonds。May 21, Oriental Garden announcement that the company's public offering of not more than 1.5 billion yuan of bonds has been approved, originally planned 1 billion yuan of corporate bonds issued, the actual issue size is only 0.500 million yuan。The industry believes that the contraction in the credit environment, poor qualified enterprises, especially private enterprises and part of the city voted to refinance the platform further increase the pressure, which will likely continue to accelerate the related credit risk exposure。  Statistics show that since 2018, less than five months, at least 19 bonds from default event has occurred, involving 11 issuers, total debt amounted to 176.0.4 billion yuan。In addition to the previous spring and Group, Dalian Machine Tool, Dandong Port, BOCO, the new default body 5, respectively, Shanghai Huaxin, rich bird, Cadillac ecology, environmental protection and fog God Anxiao。And 2016 is different is that the current round of breach of contract and more concentrated in private listed companies, including some of the more well-known listed companies, and therefore led to market concerns about contagion。  CICC believes that this "wave of defaults" is not accident that the current round of debt default last year to speed up the financing environment driven by the tightening, especially after the introduction of the new bank capital rules pipe non-standard assets quickly back to the table for local governments and private capital chain has brought considerable pressure。At the same time, a number of deleveraging macroeconomic policy overlay, including fiscal spending slows, local governments finance infrastructure investment and tighter regulation, tight credit in the table, but also intensified the pressure on corporate finance。  China and Thailand Securities chief economist Lee Thunder told reporters that this occurs mainly supply-side structural reforms and industrial restructuring caused。As the regional development of China's economy are quite different, breach of enterprises are mainly concentrated in the Northeast and other areas of relatively poor economic situation。From the industry point of view, mainly in the event of default of some industries face greater differentiation of traditional industries and environmental pressures。  Listed companies to issue bonds enthusiasm statistics show that this year listed company credit debt issue size has reached 4465.3.4 billion yuan, while last year only 979.4.1 billion yuan, an increase of up to 355.92%。Behind the sharp rise in listed companies to further enhance the debt pressure。Up to now, A-share listed companies in the stock of credit debt has reached the scale 28188.9.6 billion yuan。Among them, debt is expected to reach the year 5436.6.1 billion yuan。Even short deducting issuance of financial year, the scale of debt still amounted to 3666.1.1 billion yuan。  Distribution from the industry point of view, in accordance with sub-industry classification, the highest real estate issue size, reaching 864.900 million yuan, followed by the electric energy sector, reached 831.900 million yuan, the mining industry issue size reached 21.5 billion yuan。These three sectors accounted for the total issue size of listed companies to issue bonds in the proportion of 42.81%。Statistics show that listed companies during the year maturity terms of cases, contain multiple sub-sectors of the manufacturing industry was 176.1 billion yuan maturity bond scale, followed by electric energy sector, due to the size of 822.600 million yuan, the real estate industry to 717.8.6 billion yuan。  Orient Kim Chen Xi Suli first rating agency believes that the credit contraction of the strong bond issuers constitute regulation of certain challenges, the difficulty of financing and refinancing costs have been greatly improved, especially "by the new-old" over the impact of large enterprises rely。Specifically, part of the debt is high, profitability appears a significant decline in private enterprises or state-owned enterprises are more marginalized, especially in the field of corporate excess capacity or become a concentrated area of credit risk exposures; part facing the maturity of the bonds and sell back pressure the real estate business, in the case of a marked increase in the difficulty of refinancing, there might arise a new default subject。  On the other hand, public information display, the annual reports of listed companies are highly concerned about the solvency Exchange。To Feile Audio-Visual, for example, May 18, the Shanghai Stock Exchange issued its 2017 annual report after the audit inquiry letter of inquiry letter asked the company to combine business structure, the use of funds arrangements, operating conditions, indicating the reporting period Balance reason for the sharp rise and require listed companies with short-term borrowings, working capital and other short-term solvency analysis of the company's short-term debt risk and response measures if there is。  The bond market overall credit risk controllable despite their bond default event has occurred, but the industry generally believes that the credit risk of the bond market as a whole is still controllable。Thunder Lee stressed that the default amount of view, the amount of credit debt default ratio of less than 1%, only about 0.4% 0.About 5%, far below the current level of bad debts of banks, in a normal range within。Thunder Lee said that from the perspective of financial supervision, to break the rigidity of cash, so the company does not rule out the next lot of defaults。He pointed out that it should have the awareness of systemic risk, it is expected to guide good。  CITIC Securities believes that the recent frequent outbreaks of credit risk events, each main fuse and breach of the root causes are different, not the accumulation of the outbreak of the monetary policy environment or liquidity risk, but in their own operational and financial control。Under steady lever and anti-risk targets, is expected to dispose of the original risk will be more moderate, to prevent the accumulation of new risks。Future credit risk in general will be more moderate, but the main structure of the low rating still faces some risk。  CICC recommendations, at the policy level, to curb the spread of risk, the need to provide the necessary liquidity support and more stable policy is expected in the short term, to maintain the growth rate of the chain in the financial community a more reasonable level of overall financing conditions and helps to stabilize the total demand, while enacted as soon as possible and transitional arrangements for the implementation details of the new information management regulations also contribute to "nonstandard" assets orderly exit, reduce the "stampede" risk。Long-term institution building, financial deleveraging can not "man breaking into" smooth deleveraging requires co-ordination of tax reform and lower the quality of credit assets smooth exit mechanism, etc.。  Su Li believes that the recent case of default and subsequent possible that our credit debt market after the removal of credit risk presented by rigid state would have to honor the veil, and credit risk reduction will lead to the release of the origin of the credit bond market return to credit risk pricing guide investors credit rational balance between risk and return, help eliminate the risk of systemic risks。However, the relative concentration of credit risk exposure phase, financial institutions also need to avoid collective irrationality and stampede effect leads to increased risk of infectious。Recommends that bond market investors to enhance the recognition of credit risk and portfolio management capabilities, the risk exposure of the bond to develop response plans, calmly credit risk。  Related reports (Original title: strong regulation of financial business risk exposure to the bond market default risk overall normalization controllable) (Editor: DF370)

  Ticker May 25, Pacers on the road to 97-93 victory over the Miami Heat, the two sides battle into the Eastern Conference finals 1-1。   LeBron – James scored 36 points, eight rebounds and three assists, he also steals three times, but there are two fatal mistakes in the final 17 seconds。
– Chris Bosh had 17 points and five rebounds, Dwyane – Wade 14 points, six rebounds and five assists。
  Walker is leading up to 13 points, was almost overturned, ultimately poise, grab home-court advantage。
Starting five scored in double figures, Roy – Hibbert scored 29 points and 10 rebounds, Paul – George 22 points and six assists, George – Hill 18 points, David – West 13 points and seven rebounds Lance – Stevenson 10 points, eight rebounds and five assists。   The road to face the defending champions, the Pacers have a chance to win the first battle was eventually James buzzer lore in overtime。 This of course makes the Pacers disappointed, but confidence in the team is greatly improved。 "Very morale," Pacers coach Frank – Vogel said, "after the first battle, they defeated the Heat more confidence。
"Both sides played the first battle fiery, West and Hibbert almost ruled the basket, but they have lower body attack, Shane Hibbert claimed he was deliberately top with his knee, but he will not be timid, but also We will continue to attack the basket。   Heat to win back their own discontent with the performance, "We have to play better," Bosh said, "Yesterday's performance is not a championship level, this performance is difficult to win this series, not to mention the finals the。 Both offensively and defensively, we have to strengthen。
"James triple-double plus buzzer lore, made him a hero, but today's game is a new start, the Heat Pacers faced more attacks。   James is very positive after the opening, the Heat's first attack done by him in the beyond the arc after fake go past George, James suddenly to the basket, easily dumped succeeded。 After James hit the third, then cast succeeded, the Heat to 9-8 beyond, people have a James scored 7 points。
Pacers still continue attacking the basket, hit rate is very high, when the first section there are 4 minutes and 18 seconds after the break scored a hook Hibbert, the Pacers to a 24-12 lead with 12 points。 James also layup with two points, then he steals the face of an empty basket dunk, the Heat fight back after the first section will recover as the score 22-28。
  When Section 7 minutes and 59 seconds, Wade deceiving Hansbrough, foul, Hansbrough very upset, pushed from behind Wade one, eat a technical foul, Wade throws a ball, chasing the score 30-35。
Bosh feel good, middle of this section, he hit third, after a person with 5 points, to tie it at 37-37, but then he three fouls, had to end rest。
Pacers failed to score in the last four minutes and lost double-digit loss of the advantage, but managed to regain feeling, West and Hibbert basket foul constantly, but also to a wave of 14-1, again 51 -38 to widen the gap。
  Heat summoned the first half to send 11 people to play, even recently rarely play – Mike Miller and Joel Anthony – are unveiled。 James led his unit to counterattack, the second last attack, he attracted a defensive breakthrough to the basket after the ball to the right of Miller, who hit the pointer by the Cavaliers, the Heat to 47-53 behind only。   Pacers still dominate the basket, Hibbert in the first half would have had 19 points, including 12 points in the income basket, the basket and the Heat team had 14 points。
West also had 10 points, eight points George。 James scored 15 points for the Heat, Bosh foul trouble, still scored 7 points, 6 points Wade。 Walker hit rate of over 50%, while the Heat only%。   Heat to accelerate the pace attack, the third quarter and 7 minutes and 10 seconds, James and Wade have been hit, they turn to tie it at 60-60, but also to third immediately Hill, George followed by an alley-oop dunk, Walker continues to lead。 The two sides began to enter the tug of war, this section last 5 seconds climax。 First, after George had James, quickly rushed to the basket in front of Anderson handed dunk, leading the Pacers to 76-71。 Heat the last attack, James and 2 meters away from the threes on the shot, hit the pointer by the Cavaliers, interestingly, James George with high-fives。
After three sessions, the Heat to 74-76 behind only。   James onslaught launched in the fourth quarter。 This section there are 8 minutes 17 seconds, his tie with Wade, basket succeeded。 Back on the defensive end, grabbed the offensive rebound dunk in preparation Hibbert, James blocked shots from behind him, Chalmers break layup, the Heat to 85-84 lead。
After the Pacers continuous shot, while more than half of this section, Bosh-thirds vote, the Heat leading 88-84。   The two teams enter the battle, has since several times a tie game。 Seconds before the whistle, Chalmers start foul, Hill hit two free throws, the Pacers lead to 95-93。 Pause came back, James turned bad, the ball gave the Pacers。 Fortunately, the Heat into other successful anti-clock violation, seconds remaining in the game, they have a chance to attack。   The ball went to the hands of James, but he chose to pass after the break, the result has been steals, Miami had to foul, Hill hit two free throws, the Pacers lead to 97-93 in the game more seconds。 Bosh after the third shot, the Heat lose hope。   。

Bit block chain as the underlying technology of currency transactions, support the safety and reliability of the bit trading credits。
The Bitcoin "every move" potentially raise people's attention on the block chain。 In response to this technical value and direction on, many organizations believe that the industry will be the first to enjoy the dividends or block chain of application technology service providers, investors investors may be appropriate attention to the type of subject。
Standardization of accelerated recently, Industry and Information Technology Department of Information Technology and Software Service Division to build national chain blocks and distributed billing Standardization Technical Committee on Technology to carry out research。 It is reported that our country has the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) submitted a "block chain reference architecture" and introduced to delegates in ISO / TC307 first working meeting, the next step, the letter soft Division will actively promote the relevant work, expedite the implementation of the standard committee was established to better serve industrial development block chain technology。 As a revolutionary new technology, block chain technology sector attracted widespread attention in recent years, industry applications, such as the capital side, however, due to the lack of standards and norms, currently still in the development stage of divergent freedom。 Lack of standards on the one hand lead to the quality of the industry chain parties to block chain industry contributions to the results of good and bad, on the other hand chain block parties related research and development based on their own understanding and design is not conducive to the coordinated development of a unified block chain industry , block chain industry need uniform standards。 Technology service provider for material benefit first block chain is the most valuable prospect, Northeast Securities pointed out that the largest block chain technology application prospect is expected to create a trust and value communication networks。 Analysts stressed that, in essence, is a distributed data storage block chain, point to point transmission, consensus mechanism, encryption algorithms and other innovative applications of computer technology in the Internet age pattern, a decentralized, can not be altered, distributed traceable books。
Block chain from the industry point of view, can be divided into three layers, namely the underlying technology and infrastructure layer, the platform layer and application layer vertical industry。
From an investment point of view, Everbright Securities believes that the current investors may be concerned about landing priority application block chain technology and service providers in some areas of fast company。 Currently, the technology is in a block chain.Stage 5, technical service providers will be the stage of the first to benefit, followed by finance, supply chain applications and entertainment scene more mature companies。 (Source: People)。

Inventory of the Republic of China Republic of China || school beauty school beauty Gong Peng in ancient society, "a woman's virtue," most women "kept in purdah did not know."。
Women entering the school, is a result after the missionaries came to China。 China's first girls' school by Miss Ott Sui British female missionary to invest in mid-1844 Ningbo female private school。
The first run by Chinese people themselves invest in girls' school is Shanghai Jing Zheng Girl Sook。
And Cai 1920 ban on open female Peking University, is a big step forward in China's modern civilization。
Republican school beauty, have emerged, among them we selected school beauty Republican, represents a different type of education behind them, such as the National Tsinghua Beijing University, Fudan University and has a large private summer, the church has Yanjing University and Jinling, Shanghai has established the type of school the College Sports。
Looking back Republican school beauty, not only the face of the United States, it is not only the attitude of the United States, the United States is more education, Mimi thought and civilization of。 (This in no particular order) Kung Peng in Chongqing when, under the leadership of Zhou Enlai, the Communist Party became the first spokesman。 Her dealings with national news agency in fluent English, careful thinking, witty responses, beautiful appearance, to foreign reporters left a deep, still fresh after decades of a good impression。
Some foreign reporters "because of her charm and mad," some foreigner secretly expressed her feelings of admiration。 Chairman Mao She also praised Canada, said she was a natural beauty。 It is said that when Premier Zhou Peng Gong work at hand, then the implementation of internal presentation marriage, male compatriots are lining up to come。