Children should have coarse tea and light rice for mid-summer

Children should have “coarse tea and light rice” for mid-summer

After the Dragon Boat Festival, the weather gradually warmed up.
  What should children pay attention to in summer?
According to a number of Chinese medicine and nutrition experts, it is believed that children should be given “coarse tea and light rice” and a light diet in the summer, which will help reduce the effect of greasy on taste, and can also prevent high gastrointestinal diseases in summer.
  Eating whole grains is the most common problem. Nowadays children in the family are generally over-nourished, and often eating greasy and spicy foods will lead to spleen-yang deficiency.
Summer is naturally entering the season of regulating the appetite of the human body and reducing excess fat. Therefore, in the diet, it should also be based on a light diet to survive the long summer, which is prone to gastrointestinal diseases.
The so-called light diet is what is usually called “crude tea and light rice.”
The meals should be based on grains, and the dishes should be based on beans, vegetables, fruits, and fungi.
A light diet does not imply a complete vegetarian diet.
Essential protein of the human body will cause malnutrition if not eaten. Low-fat and high-quality protein such as eggs, milk, fish and shrimp still need to be supplemented in moderation, and a small amount of lightly cooked meat should be consumed.
  All tastes and all tastes promote appetite. Summer is a season when people are prone to loss of appetite. In the “coarse tea and light rice”, all tastes and all tastes can promote appetite.
  Excessive sweating in summer, you need to add salt in time after a lot of sweating.
At this time, drinking salty soda, making bacon and winter melon soup, etc., adding a “salty taste” to a lighter diet can often increase appetite.
  Unscented boiled water is the best drink, which can relieve thirst and replenish the body’s moisture without burdening the body.
  In summer, you can eat more “bitter” foods, such as bitter gourd, lettuce, asparagus, etc., you can cold, stir-fry, not only heat and purify the fire, but also temper your temper, dehumidify, very suitable in summer.
  Many acidic foods and fruits, such as tomatoes, lemons, strawberries, ume, grapes, etc., can accumulate sweat, promote stomach and digestion, and prevent excessive sweating and exhausting yin.
Adding vinegar to household dishes can also bring acid, which can both sterilize and prevent gastrointestinal diseases in summer.
  Among the five flavors, the sweetness needs to be less. The summer is humid and hot, and the human body is easy to get wet. The sweetness of overeating can help the hot and humid, which causes bloating and you don’t want to eat.
  Drinking iced drinks is appropriate to stop sweating in summer, and many parents let their children drink cold and refreshing iced drinks uncontrollably.
  A cool and refreshing drink at the entrance can really quench thirst, but at the same time, it also drinks a lot of sugar, and the calories can easily exceed the standard.
At the same time, iced drinks often irritate the intestines and cause indigestion, especially children with poor spleen and stomach, which need more attention.
  Eating too much can affect appetite, especially if you eat too much for dinner, it will increase the burden on your stomach.
In particular, children’s digestive ability is not strong. Therefore, you should eat less “crude tea and light rice” in summer, and pay attention to three meals on time.