Ginger helps reduce muscle pain

Ginger helps reduce muscle pain

For centuries, the ginger root system has been used to treat different diseases such as colds and stomach problems.

But now, researchers at the University of Georgia have found that eating ginger juice every day relieves muscle pain caused by exercise.

  ”We know that ginger has anti-inflammatory effects on skeletal teeth and its effect on human muscle pain is largely unknown.

Patrick O’Connor, a professor of motor function at the University of Georgia College of Education, said that treating ginger, such as using ginger while cooking, can effectively relieve muscle pain.

  Professor O’Connor conducted an experimental study of diabetes to examine the effects of 11 days of ginger and healing ginger on muscle pain.

34 and 40 volunteers participated in this part of the study. After lifting the arm muscles 18 times and straining the arm muscles, they ate capsules containing two grams of ginger or cured ginger or blank control for 11 days.

On the eighth day, arm function, hardening and pain of volunteers who took ginger-containing capsules improved markedly three days before.

  Studies have shown that eating ginger every day can reduce muscle pain caused by exercise by 25%, and that ginger has the same effect of reducing muscle pain as treating ginger.

  ”The personal economic cost of treating muscle pain is extremely high,” said Professor O’Connor. “Muscle pain is usually the most common type of pain, and anything that really relieves pain is greatly welcomed.