Daily Face-lifting


Daily Face-lifting

Although everyone will say that your face is fat and cute, but there will be a trace of injustice in your heart. Maybe you are a standard figure, but you will be called a little fat girl or a big face girl. TodayTeach you how to solve this long invading problem.

Put the four fingers except the thumbs together and place them on the upper and lower positions of the mortar teeth. Draw a circle on the sleeve, a long way from the inside, and pat lightly three to five times.Then move on the other side and repeat 5 times.

When the mouth muscles are in a relaxed state, they will appear slightly open.

  In two or two parts, use the thumb to press gently from the inside to the outside, and draw a small circle. This action can be done in pairs, about 100-120 times.

The most recent action was to move the palms together and pat the skin on the cheeks 40-50 times.

  The first step to thin face is to pay attention to your own maintenance method. Regular maintenance makes the skin elastic, and it is not easy to cause the skin to loose due to loss of elasticity, so it will not form a big face. Of course, if you have a special faceInstruments can help reduce excess water and make it easier to achieve the goal of thinning your face.

  If your face may have a large face due to edema, you can eat more kernels to help the body’s water metabolism, whether it is face or body.

Or you can use a massage method, using the middle finger of both hands and the ring finger of the ring finger, rub it from the temple (that is, the forehead) to the temple, rub it from the chin to the ears on both sides, and from the neck to the collarbone.
  Practice the standard English letters “a, e, i, o, u” every day, which can move to the muscles of the face, make the skin firm, and also achieve the lines that modify the face. It’s that simple. Try it!

In addition to these methods, when matching accessories, pay more attention to things such as not wearing too wide-band earrings, and wearing mid-length or above items will make the face shape slightly stretched.

  In addition to the basic movements mentioned above, you can use the daily massage to help the skin massage, so that blood circulation can be smoother.

In addition, some patients have a large face due to taking medications. They must consult a professional doctor.