Part One: Yeah Toon, Toon can not think of what to plant trees leaf besides aromatic fragrance also be people gather to eat, in addition to Toon.  Last weekend, because the old house to be renovated, send her mother to return home.See the hospital wall around the old tree toon tree has grown out of a lot of trees and lush foliage rather.Traditionally, when a section should be picking over the growing of two, because the old house can be inhabited, just let it toon tree branches and leaves of trees and plants along with other hair growth, free growth, no charter.  Remember some time ago also went to the market to buy cedar, carefully smell, choose one carefully, for fear of being adulterated, can buy back after taste or feel inadequate.When the mother went there, I had inadvertently filed with the mother, the mother recorded in the heart, go to the market to buy a dedicated and well-preserved good.When my mother opened the door to a home again at noon, there is a rich aroma nostrils.That, I would put my mother pickled toon bag, after lunch go with the unit to work and put in the cupboard, until the ride home after work, all the way surrounded by the aroma that.Not only that, after a long period of time, my backpack, my unit cabinet, our family, together with my whole body, have been imbued with a deep sense of tantalizing taste of Toon.Tales of those days as promised and wonderful aroma.  Front have ready-made, but also their own planting, the quality is absolutely assured.Thus, to take the house with a ladder, the frame in the trees, board up Xinxinran.  That Toon want to sell just a few wrinkled, but also with branches, cedar leaf in front of plain smooth green, to refer to pinch, that is tenacious petioles.I thought, as a direct pinch go back to eating the leaves, not better?Neighbors saw him, smiled and said: “Those green leaves, is old and can not eat, that only leaves is red and tender, you can also eat, you can be folded together and even branches, will soon issue a new the buds.”So this is.That leaves a closer look, it really only shoot a few of them dark red leaves, branches and petioles are really crisp.Suddenly realized that those early sellers together with sticks pinch sell, one can fetch a high price in time for the season, and second, if the pinch late, really old, can not eat, they wasted.  Four Seasons want in life, every quarter own arrangements, no reserve winter, sowing of spring, summer work, there is no autumn fruit laden; missed, there will be missing.Life, that’s the cycle, going, went ahead.  Neat and quick, soon toon with sticks, leaves fold down, then carefully picked, there is a bag full of it.  Recall that earlier period fragrant day, I know that the next day will be fragrant.    Part II: Toon home flowers will do when the monk Zhuang children’s interest, not only did not reduce, but the increasingly strong.They use bamboo or sickle tied on, or direct climb, gathering toon buds, little time, on the table every household, we have smelled tempting Chun Xiang.  Every late spring, this warm and brilliant scene, often come to my mind.That rich aroma, such as spring water is more like a walk through my homesick heart.My home is a southwestern Henan Tanghe south bank of the hinterland villages of less than two hundred people, the liberation of their land is a landlord, then long-term employment in the meantime to build huts to rest and pastoral care, land reform time and assigned arable land, settled down , gradually formed a village.Because of the village of West Block large-scale temples, although already destroyed by bandits chaos, but to become familiar landmark on the vast flat basin, combined with our ancestors did not read the book, so the home will have a fancy name for “Monk village”.Sauna net ancestors understood the importance of trees to the village.Windbreak, shade, housing, accumulating possessions, even when the emergency is lean, which are not from the tree, so the village are full of trees planted on the robust.Among these, cedar, elm, locust tree is the most important species.This is because, in the home, toon buds and Atriplex, SJ, is the prestigious “tree food”, known as the “three courses from late spring”.The difference is that the latter two are all over the village, a large yield, used to steamed steamed, can serve as food for thought.Toon is rather delicate, usually only grows in better water and fertilizer conditions of garden and pond edge, the output is not large buds, eat time is not long, but nutritious, taste great, but also detoxification , soothing eyesight, stomach qi, protecting intestinal illnesses, have a high therapeutic value, so to win extra favor.With the improvement of economic life, Atriplex, SJ gradually withdraw from folks on the table, but still very popular Toon.  However, it is among a small episode, the so-called “late spring three dishes,” especially respected Toon, almost to suffer bad luck.Things and “One People” mountain village about God.He was born Field Army, the militia villages as we belong to the company commander, the security director, also serves as the captain of the village monk, but it is also the current patriarch, warmhearted, just outspoken, tough, a monk who is the highest authority of village.With folks saying, Lord Hill shouted a voice, the monk Zhuang most stout old tree had trembled.  That was the beginning of the nineties of the last century.Monk is the root of the village built the village for decades, let alone college students, except for my father, not even a high school student did not come out.The neighboring villages Mengzhuang, our population with similar economic conditions, we did not strong, but basically every year people go to college, a college student away and each village to put movies, burning firecrackers, drums to celebrate, it is truly envy!Two more than the next, there is a mountain god heart disease.Lord Hill is leaving blush, people put the old movie also sent him an invitation, it seems God in the mountains, which is where the invitation, obviously, “gauntlet”.Most of the gas is to have a movie in the evening, Meng Zhuang Ye Bin drunken old patriarch asked God Hill: “When are your village is also a college student, my brother also asked to see a movie, drink.A couple of drinks, ah?”Mountain God that there is no time to put a face, he wished he hides his pocket torn away.  He came back after the start pondering.Then just come to a feng shui, just like mountain Yeshui, your village simply can not get college students!Lord Hill was taken aback, and hurriedly asked the reason.It will be Mr. spittle flying to say the name of your village is first of all very strange, village monk, the old monk hat flat does not collapse, the students Zeneng?As well as your village trees with bad feng shui hurt, broken strength.Your three main species represent a stupid, bad, stupid, especially the funny thing is that toon, stupid stupid on it, but also Hong?What is this word?Replacement trees must seek to crack, it is imperative to first toon tree cut down.Lord Hill skeptical, will discuss with you.Father did not agree, saying no students with the name of the village, there is no relationship between species, because Zancun not attach importance to education, drinking, playing cards, mahjong will become the wind, but also to earn money to say good day, not the money for the children to go to school, but building a new house, put a good early child barracks, also a university student Zeneng?Lord Hill took much culture, but admire intellectuals.Do not say do not cut the tree, the village also decided remediation wind, issued a call “we would rather live in huts, but also for the baby school” and set a village bylaws, the future someone out of the college students, if tuition Nabu Qi, village people must find a way.  As the years past, the mountain god disappointed time and time again, and finally in a Hong Chun-filled evening, the end of the 75-year life path.That is, when the fall of that year, I took my folks gathered tuition, ready to go to college, specifically to visit the grave of the elderly.At that time I thought, if there is to know God the mountain, will be gratified.  My life was really fast, had gone a decade.Today I look old, not early adopt Toon climb trees, and already have their own career and family in the distance.Just think of whenever me to support my hometown, there is invariably a lot of hearts of guilt and anxiety.This is because, in a foreign land, I not only have no contribution to the home, or even to reduce unnecessary interpretation, in order to ridicule from others, in the vanity driven, whether it is filled or resume talking with friends, I We are keen to avoid “monk village” three indecent words, often add to the administrative village village group of alternative approaches, too many folks owe.The thought here, that Toon aroma, that long-lost family, became more full-bodied.  When ready to give his son a few days ago had a birthday, my father took my four year old nephew, arrived all the way Lingbao.Are fifty years of age, not only carry their own a few cartons of eggs and duck eggs, also let his nephew back to the bag with a small bag of Toon.The next day, my wife and I cook the guidance of his father, not for a while, Toon scrambled eggs on the great, full of the aroma of the entire house.Father to grandson clip a piece in his mouth, he smiled and said to me: “How fast, then you are just like him so much ah!”Great-grandfather go, it is late at night, I asked the nephew on the platform:” do not want Uncle?”Nephew milk and milk sound gas and he said:” If you want!Uncle do not want to home?”I nodded his head, smiled the little guy.The train disappeared in the night when I was journeying to think that deep sense of family, it is the earth’s most cherished fate!    Part Three: Speaking of human taste, then toon toon, probably everyone likes, I say it is delicious world, it has seen at least I was going to love it.Toon is seasonal dishes, but my family did not lack Seasons.Suri meals in my dish prescribe is essential, a garlic, another word is my most beloved Toon pickles.Lover knows my preferences, naturally I do not exhortations, there are always two pro early to lay the table I went to enjoy its fine gastronomy during dinner.Occasionally forgotten, they know what to do, loss of dull, as if on a rare feast, there is a dish not on the finale.  Toon eat a lot, but I never worried too tired to eat.The main way of eating are: scrambled eggs Toon, Toon tofu, fried cedar, salt and pepper fish toon, toon chicken breast, meatloaf toon, toon egg and so on, said numerous numerous say.I prefer to eat in the many spring buds scrambled eggs, Toon tofu, which is very excellent.Pancakes with spring buds tofu, the kind of fragrant lips and teeth feeling really wow.  Toon contains very rich in nutrient-rich, far higher than other vegetables.It is said, contains protein, calcium, vitamins, vegetables are listed in the forefront, it is “natural vegetables,” said.It is not only nutritious, and has high medicinal value.  Toon human consumption has become a habit for a long time.Tang said that when Li Shimin Crusade, the line to my home horse downtown warehouse Ridge Village day forage non-renewal, fifty thousand troops had to eat with Toon and mulberry leaves, but after winning the mistake and the wrong shape toon likeness of ailanthus tree called “King of trees”, from the ailanthus tree no matter what tree can be soaring in large measure toon tree, mulberry is very resentful, also broke the gas belly.This is another story.  Despite the mountain due to climate reasons Toon than the city to be reserved about a half months, but I never buy because early adopters Toon city, under the city where the goods early toon, either mostly or greenhouses used fertilizer ripening , and the kind of day warehouse Ridge mining essence of heaven and earth, sun and moon poly Aura, the wind and rain bathed pure natural wild toon can not be compared.  Toon has the second crop of first crop of the points, the first crop Chunya not only juicy, and rich flavor.Two Crops sense of the wood, just like Jazz wax.Toon respect to color can be dividends sprouts and green sprouts, red buds of red agate, green as emerald green sprouts, red buds, but more delicious than the green sprouts.Of course there are small trees on the trees, the house’s sub-slope after slope before the slope.  The memory of the first crop toon in addition to basic leave the New Year is reluctant to eat, most of the make money, relatively speaking, that is known as a home to live in salt Dayou important source of income.A child in my yard have big stars toon tree, hug a rough look, high trunk, not to mention blotting out the sun canopy, but also cover more than half of shady yard.Annual harvest time, when my father was a young man climbing a tree or a wall stand or riding on the roof, pick rod hook.Then her grandmother, mother under a tree to pick up, my brother and I were just blowing with spring buds twigs do sound flute help.In addition to leaving a small portion of their own food, and then classified by size too fat, tied to prepare for his father go to the market to sell.Mother occasionally with some tofu beans go to the streets in exchange, give us three brothers back and forth Toon tofu roll pancakes, Bon appetit belch support us again and again.  Toon and the second crop of first crop, although not on a par, but it is also completely edible, usually very old, very thin.Cooked second crop toon rod, skin can eat soup boil out toon, added salt to the brewing carrot pickles.Toon pickled pickles sounds simple, but also quite learned.Over the years my family Toon pickles are pickled mother, of course, I would love.General access to 5?7 cm red bud crop, too short, not tender flavor, taste a bit weak too long.Breaking new toon first washed with water, then dry, otherwise it will fall leaves, dried over Qingcuo salt, salt use coarse salt, such as rubbing a little toon Yan, and then to find a small jar barrel , one layer of coarse salt spring bud training system, and finally opening sealed with plastic film to prevent run flavor.Such cultivated pickles, eat under the new stock coming year no problem, every mouth sealed jar must be good when feeding.This method is also stored in the refrigerator had immeasurably.Despite the day’s toon tree warehouse Ridge mountains are, but not many belong to my family, home, old tree when I got married, made furniture, and now think it is regrettable, but now I understand a father to children married kill trees to make decisions share of frustration.Separation of the division to my house yard, and later his father had planted several strains, pick the coming year, always optimistic about the phone told parents Toon, the home has been unoccupied, they are afraid of outsiders picking, and second, fear two brothers back home pre-empted.Then I will use my house has been divided, toon naturally mine declined by pick.I took part in a large house divided can not approximate the door of my toon.Of course, every year parents will pick some of them, I will turn a blind eye, when I will go back and pick brought back to their divisions, only slightly less than I.  Several times to give their elderly parents called to ask Toon’s situation and growing, always worried about security when parents pick toon, yesterday learned from the mother’s description has grown to about 5 centimeters, and I blew from home bursts spring smell that fragrant incense to the bone marrow, which makes my heart itch exciting moment it is hands-on time, I know those plump little meat were standing branches waving at me, waiting for me drove pick.