Part One: fleeting thoughts I like to be alone, slowly sipping a lonely person; I like to walk, a breakdown of people wandering footsteps; I like climbing, a person sentiment away from the hubbub of Zen.I believe in thinking cool, can realize some of the true meaning of life to.  A man quietly sitting or lying in bed, thoughts like these ideas, like the elegant fly, can not gather in noisy inspiration like no earthly reason to curdle, sway at your fingertips, giving vent to think out a cavity, heart inexplicable stretch and a sense of accomplishment.Sometimes trouble occupy, not duck, after quiet contemplation, in the history of heavy out of the shuttle, all is not a problem, life is but a moment, but a drop in the ocean vast universe, is fleeting, why is the moment of unhappiness and occupy.Money, fame, status, family, career, family, which belongs to me, like all body.Pressing the laws of nature, how on how to.While we can not do Chuang hit pots and singing realm, do the earth a vast expanse of Cao Xueqin really clean deep understanding, can not do Fan Li weak fame all over the world wandering free and easy, but also can not let the storm caught secular spider web.How many people get a little free and easy heart mediocre mortal world, some things with this kind of attitude: too, I fortunate; not, my life.No need to struggle with nature.  The river, the number of fine spiral corrugations, so that thoughts slowly flowing, upstream, passing year retrospective.Miss a person, think back to one thing, it is very pleasant moment.It is exceptionally comfortable in the stars at night, sparse pedestrian, car flies, quietly lights, flashing neon, distant stars, all in the reflection in the water, like Living the dream.Think of the people, think of things, out of this world, a more intimate scene with this.All sight like a mirage in the sea for the magic of memory, faint into the dream.  Mountaineering, more otherworldly feeling.Waving the hustle and bustle, up the stairs.In the hillside, looking back and look, has been mediocre in the foot; mountains and line, has been to the top, to look at, it has been in the vast fog.Walking on the steps of the stone, only footsteps that thrilled the soul.Hill is not speech, it would only make people empty v. Zhongchang; years no trace, to come and go as ethereal wind.Such as the smell of a lengthy Temple chime, Zen Dayton hit cranial Chaos.Bao Er Ye a Red House was, after all, dressed in scarlet cloak, a reclusive monk.I like this generation laity, it can only be a noon greedy joy, a moment forget the dust worry about nothing.Watching the sunset evening, when eventually have to go back toward the smoke curl in.  Everything is instant, everything will be gone.At this moment, we should cherish edge, cherish the love, cherish sincere immeasurable.Unfortunately we can not eliminate in the event, but we can get lonely heart a moment of rest.The sun do not do the moon, the stars do not do the moon, the stars do not do cold night lights, people light up the night before the line.When life Yanjuan meditation, we have a clear understanding of conscience.    Part II: dry air seemed to mind the rain began to spread in this season, the hot air has become impetuous people.Morning rain, Qiexi.Trees green shiny side of the street.Faint dripping drops of water, actually looked lovely, and want to drop down the way.Hazy mountains shrouded in a dark, a dim and green.  Often complain about the rain wet clothes, wet hair.Mindful of the rain but never wet the Red, never Mindful Yurun earth.In the spring drought this season’s crops need rain how much moisture.That little bud smoke sticks as probes little life, waiting for the mother’s milk.Has been a “Tomb Sweeping Festival rain have” days, dry air and hot sun seems to be more people dislike.It seems too cool to miss yesterday.  Yula between dust, my thoughts wander and Resentment, no unfunded.Lump window through the heart of the intestine from wear, ask a busy set the mood.Walking on the road saw the umbrella of pedestrians looking hurry, actually no one is willing to take into account the scene sideways.So just keep a good feeling pity is.I do not know what the next corner they hurry is, where is.I can only guess wondering in their hearts, do not flick the rain wash my heart rush?  The earth should grassland were less stiff, dough short barren shoots must cover large, but also must wear a pair of cattle to thin shoes cozy.Often it will rain on the prairie, and very anxious at.It seems to be throwing down, but stopped too fast.The strange thing is people prairie, it will not dodge the large cattle and sheep timely rain in the steppe.Almost invisible umbrella shepherd on the vast lawn.Only their thick fur coat wrapped will be more strict, but the floor of the cattle and sheep but feel comfortable, it seems that the rain had nothing to do with themselves, it seemed to be waiting, rain wash, enviable.  Rainy days, often recall the distant home, think of distant relatives.This rainy day what they are doing?I do not know, but I know that they’ll go for a walk in the rain when.Some fresh air, northwest sky so blue seems to be able to see his shadow, clear blue sky that seems to breed a unique air after the rain.Suck really brush off the dirt lungs.Here is the kind of happiness can not understand.Thus, the idea of gradually spread homesick, not stopped.  Shadow go past the front of the pigeon back to my thoughts, thoughts that rainy day.I like this feeling, empty loneliness, but it has those little moments life accompanied.I remember that morning in a park in the city, but also misty sky, there seems to rain like.A small square thick was actually stroll pigeon, pure white, without a trace of variegated.The dove is beside frolic urchin, a small pigeon in hand full of food, slowly flutter of pigeons and even some leisurely pecking in the hands of children.As the picture actually I was very moved, the city there is such a picture, and sure enough rain, rain fell at the pigeons began to disperse, each of the children were also taken away by family members, or left open square , it seems to be more open.I do not think so demanding, laid-back kind of cattle and sheep, the shepherd’s calm realm is not casually there, and it only rains at this time, it appeared the rain thoughts.  This rainy day thoughts, hovering and trance, actually feel that way.    Part III: messy thoughts 2012 this year, too messy, found himself too casual, too many inexplicable things always do, never consider, no plan and budget.Shanghai had promised looked but somehow came to Guangzhou, some people this is somehow regulation became “curious coincidence”, I got the feeling that messy thoughts, things break eye.In fact, in the final analysis inexperienced deep, bragging.  In fact, do not go to Shanghai I thought for a long time, and finally could not go just do not know what means this frame of mind to see my brother for eight years did not meet, chat today to see that the brothers do not forget, in fact, I never had forget that I actually want to see him grow up, do look after my father, certainly handsome! Remember, friends, wide, Jianlei, look, clearing we eat together, studying together, sleep together, to make fun of the girls in the next class, I remember that time and see if there is a pencil box, it is public property both of us, our two meals a day, snacks, are taking all the text from the inside, we will vote in case they do not know the money pencil box, then look young, tall is not high, listen to the show last Court said, look taller, become handsome, but in fact this is not surprising, always been a guy batch sub.Nightlife net once in retrospect, I would like to return once those days, it was not boring full happy to see and now we are already down around Fun, Jianlei the first to leave us, I do not know good or bad to leave this world wide also graduated, to see the first embark on the journey, now head of the family, friends went to Hefei, clearing about to graduate this year, but I was constantly wandering, wandering live, go with the flow of life, I think we are living not easy to grow up and have lost.Take a look at the article I wrote that I want to have confidence in ourselves, in fact, I is not no confidence, but sometimes I do not know what the next step would be to do something, I feel too casual, but to have done things regardless of whether or not I will not never regret later not be able to do that anymore.Came to this strange land, now for a month, watching the strange faces every day, listening to the unfamiliar language, in fact, for me to have no effect, I do not hate, sometimes it feels a little bit like, a friend said to be used to it, perhaps it!But I really fell in love with this way of life.Folks, we have a good life, right Mian pregnant!With a grateful heart, and love, and cherish.Part Five: darkness, dark thoughts, in addition to the computer screen with a little light, leaving only darkness around, I do not know the environment determines the mood or the mood chosen environment, a sense of sadness has unwittingly occupied the heart of all; cry, but can not find reason to cry, to laugh, but there is no content ridiculous, suddenly felt more than thought in a lot of things, there is a kind of helpless, at the moment kindled in the hearts of inexplicable pain.The cruel reality, people do not have the courage too many choices, give up the moment has become a culture; accidentally, think of childhood innocence smile, hearty cry, do not worry about doing every thing they want , even if the result is partial body scales injury will cry happy, but it has been in history!  Human life is not long, but it can meet a lot of things, the result is good or bad, will also become memories together, make memories if leaving only the bright side, will make life a bit incomplete, therefore, he has the joy, anger dirge memories is full of life, without deliberately deleted pain I walked down the road a certain period, there is no need to deliberately recall happy a certain period of time, the feelings of the dream world, you have to just go, anywhere.At least, you can make up for the helpless in the face of reality left by missing; forcing the mind does not allow himself to be happy!  Although it is dark, able to enjoy the silence, beating only the keyboard sound; night, there is a dark sorrow brings, there are pleasant quiet brought no joy laugh laugh, but there is also a touch of calm; down, is an easy and a pleasure!Everything is their own choice!