Part one: to leave in the summer he and she fell in love very simple, a former high school classmate.Play an accident, they come to a.Boys mature, sun, girls simple, strong.Girls have long seen a log: silly girls + = clever boys break up.But she felt: because simple, so happy, so I thought change.Then, in the freshman summer, listening to his parents, then went to Zhejiang.And he was back home.They appeared in a crisis, in the unexpected.  On July 11, he saw her mood published.I do not want to believe, then, to see a reply.I know all this is true.He said he would be responsible for another girl, she cried, because this is the first time the boys cry, but also understand the pain of being hurt.  20:00, she took the phone, walking aimlessly in the street.Dormitory when riding a motorcycle ran into a few bully, a boy to hold her.She revolt and hit his head on the side pillars, the boys ran away scared.So bully dark for two days, I did not want to speak, but still the people around him smiling.Many feel old, do not know what can pass the time.No intention to read a book, “dream Whispering Color”, and Lin Lan suffered so much like.Only difference is that she found love their boys, although she did not go to the end chose ex-girlfriend.She also perk: no one in this world who can not do without.I bought a new dress, pick up a good mood.Resume, she found she was still in the mirror was not bad.Delete all information related to him: SMS, phone number,.He tried to forget completely and thoroughly, before wound healing.  In fact, every girl has their prince, at the right time to meet the person.She decided to continue to struggle in sophomore year, for their dreams.Grateful for his years of companionship, very happy, memorable.Maybe he liked her, but did not stand the loneliness, the temptation.She found herself a lot of powerful, this is the growth in the damage it her last words to him: I am disappointed in you, goodbye!By the way not to hurt her.  Boys want to say: If you love, your love; if not love, please leave ······ chapter two: this summer this summer, no red pomegranate, Tada shadow of charge; no breeze Yuet, no frog singing cicadas.This summer, as sensitive foam, verdant was a bit crazy, mad little bored, bored a bit upset.  —- Inscription no rain in the summer, fiery hot.Flaming sun, shining white as prick like Caesar down, tan skin stinging.Convergence of publicity trees Dara face, vigil, drape mood buried deep in the green.Those looking wrinkled leaves rolled up, people called distressed.Prostitute buried in the mud dries pink of a forefinger.Afraid to take a closer look, maybe insects were enjoying it and out.I know I can not be near their world, I do not know what happened there every day.I also can not know, for our world they understand how much?Perhaps our understanding of the universe about it?Regardless of how the accident occurred, no problem at best.However, a lot of things we can only be patient, for example, this unprecedented high temperatures; for example, no reason has been sent to the people of heaven; Another example is the origin of smoke and no fighting.We endure, we have to endure this summer.  Long time no hear Chelsea “chirping” sounds, and my heart could not help anxious up.Probably hiding it?I think they liked it quiet, not used to the ever-growing share this noisy, the happy shade no longer belongs to them.Group of a group of pioneers, onlookers piles, forest, home, is no longer their paradise.My Chelsea, where you go?Where can you go?do you know?Without wings sky is lonely, lonely cloud, even the deep blue color is lonely.This summer has been a lonely.  My predecessor, it will be the only Chelsea?Otherwise how could so obsessed peaceful mountains, Wang Ji obsessed Southern poet’s lines, “Chanzao forest more than quiet, more secluded mountain birds” quiet; obsessed Song Dynasty poet Wang described a “silent stream water flow around the bamboo, bamboo West spring flowers and get soft, “the quiet; obsessed ‘withered vine trees faint crow, bridges people’ secluded; obsessed ‘people busy Guihua drop dead of night spring Hill empty’ silence; obsessed” between the moon pine photos , spring stone upper “quiet; obsession ‘Huan female bamboo normalized noise, the fishing boat moving lotus’ quiet; more addicted to’ no ancient path, where mountains clock apos silence.As Mr. Shi Tiesheng said, in a quiet, one more likely to see the time, and saw his own shadow.That’s what I want, like weeds, like barren vine, in the quiet light, will be more lush get comfortable magnanimous.And this summer, I got used to the hustle and bustle, and consistently miss my Chelsea, my mountains, my serenity.  The sun, the summer colors are rich and bright.Filled with blooming flower umbrella floating in the air full length, jade slender limbs, sections from dancing and over.That chic dress, fine jewelry, Smart windows dazzling colors plus.How to look not like all of the characteristics of a frontier land, all of a sudden, so this summer has become very sophisticated up.If it were not used to seeing hidden in the thriving corruption, got used to the surface in the glossy gossip, really willing to sink, discard those who pity the sad days of sluggish and cynical fool.However, we can not wait and see mood to watch a fireworks of our world.To know that we love this world, just as love their own bodies, we can sense her sadness, her pain, also because of her sadness and sorrow, because her pain and pain.So, with my melancholy.This summer also with depression.Sauna mosquito mesh to see the two packages is running out, to the extreme interpretation of summer, almost be over.Burning anxiety brought bustling season, full of those who flocked face, and those pushed to the corners of the weeds, are indifferent flooded expression, as if aloof, like me, in these do not see the glow and afterglow of the shadows, continued their lonely thinking.  However, I prepared to give up those meaningless melancholy, and far-fetched miss, as well as those trivial loneliness and patience, wondering to do something for this time of summer, days are like foam, like light and clever dissipated, no time to observe.  In fact, such a thing to what the two.A lot of things, when it is in front of you, and do not care one day they disappear will make you sad; some people, when they are around when you do not think that one day they will leave you a souvenir.However, worse, and then you discover that they have occupied your mind space.You take a long time to free up some of the space, put another.    Part three: to grow in the summer “quiet summer, starry sky,” in the noisy city, for fear that this summer can only find it in the memory.I remember that time, the whole family together on the roof of cool air, with just the little finger to the middle school textbook North Star, the Big Dipper to show off to family, originally thought is a very common thing, but now it seems so happy, so beautiful, so desirable.People often say people have changed, and now it is matter nonhuman, is hearts that the only permanent indelible memories.But, life continues, we can only take this kind of memory go forward step by step.Later in life and then remember that person, that scene, when that thing, or is now in tears and can not have, or to have had the eternal and happy smile.The right to choose for you, what kind of life what kind of choice.  If only article I write to you, then had to describe themselves as “hindsight” phrase.We love to recall the past, now that affect the pace of progress, he still asleep.Pushkin said: “If life deceive you, do not be sad, do not hurry, all twinkling of an eye, everything will be over, and that later will be our gracious nostalgia.”Temporarily to say what he wanted to convey to us, one that if life deceive you, how will you continue?Of course, not sad not impatient is necessary.In addition, it comes naturally to other?When the face of all kinds of life, yes, we are not saints, it is impossible to do every kind of things well, but we can do our best to move forward toward intact.I believe: the opportunity to be manufactured, as long as you want.Also I believe: choose, do not give up easily, more of a stick, a little regret, especially feelings.Perhaps the outcome was unchanged, at least with the fate of our struggle without regret too, enough.  Often recalled the past no more than two situations: First, recall was really very beautiful, so beautiful when you think of, the mouth will not consciously raised; Second, the United States and had total recall now, faced with the current situation, there is always nostalgia past.If you choose to recall how the church attitude to life, so now you remember of life: these have memories, beautiful memories in order, we must grasp the opportunity.We will not adhere to the once beautiful as when “do not care whether the outcome of the United States, only care to have,” when you say the phrase, please imagine when you are holding now recall such a broken memories of the good outcome once owned and deep a sense of regret, or can not truly for once and have a happy smile.We need it comforting memories, and now we do not need is to complete more beautiful memories.  Having now, then the future.In this I want to say two words “empathy” and “virtual reality”.”Empathy” word explanation: ‘flu’, grateful; ‘body’, personally; I was very grateful, as being the same as their own personal collar.”Immersive” meaning to explain: ‘body’, personally; ‘Pro’, to enter; ‘territory’, state, local; personally to describe the situation.Double dip, just from the literal meaning, we can see two different words.”Empathy” and “there” there are still some gaps.  Remember, to see such a little humor in the “success and wisdom” in a magazine: “cheap sympathy.”.Content is this: the movie “Dream of Red Mansions” is to show “Daiyu burning draft”, next to an old lady choked endless, and could not help wiping tears with a handkerchief.Next to comfort people, he said: “Lin hit your son to be like.”Who would have thought the old lady immediately stop crying, she said:” My son certainly marry chai, he knows my temper.”Remember, we used the word mentor used to say to us:” Do not fool ourselves, this is the ultimate harm yourself.”Once disagree, continue our so-called ‘cope’.Now as a tutor, when I could not help my students to say “do not kid yourself, I can not lie to you lie to yourself,” I was a bit scared, I become his or her.Although the example is not very appropriate, but these two examples we have a considerable gap “empathy” and “virtual reality”.  From our childhood, parents want to pass all of life experience with us, and then kept telling us this danger, that unsafe.We should just young forward, but turned around completely forget.Not that we do not listen to their parents, nor are we behaved, we just curiosity is too strong.It had all the pressure, so we desperately want to try it, the only way to comfort restless heart sinking.Of course, the result is that we often end up disappointed, so we regret heard their parents, living in endless remorse.But, when we forgot to ask yourself this one: if, do it all over would not do such a thing?Well, now look hard feelings, to answer this question it.Of course, we can not deny the power of the experience, but the experience is difficult, if not their full application.Yes, each person was born, his life is like a piece of paper, painted their own future under someone else’s guidance sum strokes out.Others auxiliary and adventure experience as a rule, but this rule apply only to the adventure of your own, just in front of the future, and you have to immersive.Also said before, we can not deny the power of experience.Scientists, thinkers have said: We are standing on the shoulders of our predecessors.How do we get others to experience it?Yes, from the book and exchanges with people.This will need us “empathy” in order to make full use of the experience of others.  When it comes to communicating with others, it reminds me of the word “understanding”, has recently been plagued for this word.Everyone wants to feel appreciated, even if not their own “virtual reality” feeling, but also want others to have “empathy” feeling.As everyone knows, “virtual reality” as “absolute pitch”, and “empathy” as is “relatively sound sense.”.Others never immersive real feeling, like the majority of people do not practice temperament “absolute pitch” as.But we still want to learn how to do it temperament?We can only work hard from the “relative musicality”.However, be aware so that their “relative musicality” very close to “absolute pitch” is the need to pay a lot of.Understanding of a person’s ability to “empathy” is the same practice “relatively sound sense” the same.This requires not only the full exchange between the two sides, but also the two sides trust each other, both sides will need their own true feelings inform each other, and that the other side is that people can understand their own.From this point of view, do not understand, but you refuse to understand the subconscious, because you refused to share his heart with the people, after all, share their own is not an easy task.I want to understand it?Then share their own “virtual reality”, making others ’empathy’.  Well, that stopped.From the “recall” to “now” to “the future” and to “understanding” between people, a bit complicated, it can be considered that grow on their own understanding of it this summer.