Chapter one: flow this season I miss waiting time is too calendar could not turn those happy smiling faces, no longer smell the fragrance of happiness.Autumn to the day I walked on campus began to miss a Friend.Friends say Harbin was a cold beauty of autumn, winter just like the ice queen.This gas Autumn have large, with a gentle cold in.Friends faint words remind me miss the tail, constantly pull my dream, those memories, those smiles were precipitated in my heart, like yellowing leaves into the book getting old, until the yellow stains into the title page.I shouted in a dream, and dreams like a black hole, absorbing my echo, absorbing everything.Warm face, empty miss this season is Yela, but wet to wet my thoughts.Friends say that autumn here dying, when will become like the devil, all the more crazy, take away all of life as a funerary.Freeze in the dark cool breeze, no longer have to jump leaf spot gaps.Tracks wandering pain depicted smile, the remaining pair of eyes are blurred struggling in the wind, it traces back through the no one was actually waiting space.  In the windy season drifting wind kiss the face of the tears dry, but also in the pecking withered face.Friends say homesick children never grow up.Countless stations on the road, crying endless tears flooding.Open road, the wind has not only rest, I put myself in exile began wandering between heaven and earth, a writer once said, life has been drifting, is nothing more than the starting or return.Go all the way each story inn happening already been taken away by the wind, blowing in the wind blow it away or left.Too many memories need to organize and are unable to remember, also attend.Walking on the road, has been wandering, has been drifting, where there are stop place where there are a hotbed lie down, go to the most remote places.  Under the street light bronze, the boy sat forgotten night time, street away sad season, a friend said linger lonely season, Canmeng and as the stars, this is the street.On the way home Qiongyin tapping, ringing, I do not know who lost memory.Sitting under the street light, Emil song “friend” sounded vaguely, trying to think of a person, once the memory, Hanlaishuwang, laughter.    Part II: the day, this is the season that day, also this season, snowflakes dancing in the gloomy sky, feather-like snow mixed with the biting cold wind whistling hit.A familiar piece of small riverside clearing Jun willow covered with glistening ice, the river held her face in laughter, looked up the distance, as if the earth covered with a layer of silver crystal-clear coat.She told me that his mother had lung cancer, in order to cure his mother, south to work is her only option.She had just put his hand over my mouth open, cover the share of the outpouring of emotion, looking at her furrowed brow, I read a grateful heart sinking.  Snow, with a responsibility to wet her flowing hair, she goes on a photo of the snow tore dispersed into the air, along with the sweet dream yesterday, falling debris like snow Feifei Yang Yang lived my profile Sight.Sauna net she go this way, do not look back, leaving only footprints on a long string of deep snow.  And love peers, always accompanied by a bit fragile and helpless, sometimes colorful as the rainbow, but fleeting, sometimes like a meteor across the sky, a turn Pat vanishing into the night.  I remember that year also met under the snow, to the town added a bit of the joy of winter and spring of breath.Children wrapped in a thick coat piled with frozen red hands snowman, she and I immersed in this fairy-tale world, chasing, the name of the battle snow, that sweet laughter shake off the treetops snow, a winter thaw.  There is a pole in front of her house, hanging above a dim street light, every time her home next to the pole, that we break up, she turned and looked back. I always look up at a lodge love peek street, regardless of winter or the Ku Shu, which have witnessed the share of sincere and pure.Love also rose as it is on and over Gaffin Fang.  That was wounded in action in full bloom season, we have been holding hands, Strolling in a small river, the sun shines on the water sparkling reflection blurred, sailed the breeze blowing, drifting burst of tangy fragrance.She intact cone handed me a package, said softly, today is your birthday, This is for you.  ”Oh, I forgot,” it dawned on me quickly open the carton, turned out to be a fine boat.Holding a share of the special gifts of Health said, looking at her soulful eyes, I seem to understand the need to work together twain love of care, across the sea to reach for happiness.When I looked up, I had a starry sky, surrounded by silence, as if the whole world belongs to her and I.A cool breeze blowing, her hands clasped in accordance with fear in my chest, the darkness, I saw her bright eyes full of warmth and hope, the flame of love between two hearts beating.  Walking in the snow, an open mind and memory, spatial imagination emerges depicting beautiful picture, I love the memories of the season in the wind and snow beat.  Looking at the footprints on the snow long, more of a miss, I put the bay at the waist a small boat on the river, a rickety boat along the river to flow, with a trace of care the other end of the flow of the river.Part Three: The season is not suitable for love when it comes to the feelings of others, I usually ignore past?  Such examples had happened around me: There is a boy to a girl he would say she was a good life, he said, since I chose it!I will not let go?  So the girl listened quietly, his face with joy!In the month of exchanges, they are busy with their work every day, because they are not a level work, girls cherish this relationship, every day after work themselves friends, pick up her boyfriend to come to work when others are optimistic about this relationship , the former love do not know when, already gone?  The girl had vaguely felt the presence of another girl, and they are students, university students for three years?But I believe he will not be good with him, just think of this girl in my heart silently??The girl because she has a boyfriend?But the character was not very good??When boys and girls dating, and she would send him information, most boys will begin girlfriend to see, gradually, the date when the information is to look at the boy hiding girl?Girl angry friends?Q: Is she right?he said yes.In this simple, girl or boy to believe so?  There are a lot of people said to the girl: you do not get him, he will not give you happiness??Occasionally there will be a lot of people said to the girl: how is your development with his friends?The girl said: We have very good?He was very active at work??It is a good leader.  When the boy had no money red bill, the girls will take the initiative to help him rush the bill, did not expect in return is: and another girl ties??Perhaps it is because this?Perhaps because the two people are not on a class?Boy at night, often the day shift on the boy’s girlfriend, another girl who on a class with him??Later, the feelings between them how it happened, the girl did not ask?  Because the girl paid a lot of money when the boy, can not take her out to play, she had to go home to play his sister??Perhaps it is a good girl, the boy she can not have it?I can only say this for the girl?  Time flies, a lot of things, free language also spread to the ears of the girl, she do not care about books, but their weeping friends, sorry?But her performance in front of that boy do not care about looks?When the boy and the girl walking on a day when the girl saw, among them Shajian over, nothing happens, and even feel strange?  In fact, the girls also want to ask to understand their own which is not good?Why not tell her a break even?And the girl walking on a piece, why still keep in touch with her girl friends saw They kiss with friends??I did not figure out?  When the two girls the same time a class, the girl with guilt it?Then the boy’s ex-girlfriend walked in front of her: Never mind, do not be too concerned about, my bad, can not take care of him, the future you really want to be nice to him, do not deal with feelings in a half-hearted?Ex-girlfriend asked her: how you are walking in the piece, the girl said: the day we went out for dinner, he said to me, I promise it!Ex-girlfriend was no emotion: Why should we accept when we had intercourse, you obviously know that we have been in a relationship, why should accept such feelings, perhaps it is a joke?Perhaps you have been constantly tempted him yet?Ex-girlfriend thought: We have an appointment, you constantly send information, continue to call these Is it not enough to lure people?But ex-girlfriend said not a word: it is very serious to say: I wish you happiness!I will not affect you, do not feel guilty!  One day the boy class won first place, when the whole dinner, ex-girlfriend made such a message: now drink it, drink a little, because I was afraid you would call me when he was drunk, because when you last drunk remember to call me, do not let her beside you worry, I can not take care of you anyway, not worthy of your love, there is a love called to let go, I let go again, and we are still friends after!  Since then, the girls sometimes recall this feeling, sometimes cry!But her friends say is not worth it!Your good friends?He do not deserve your love!They also asked the girl friend told him: If your parents asked me and say that they are my parents do not agree with this relationship, they do stop!I believe they will understand us!They are still living each day, sometimes when the girl went to the field to see the line, she knew a pair of eyes looking at her, it is envy, because she did not have to lose, she was very cheerful!  Some girl friends are very concerned about her, when she saw a smile: Really happy for her!I was one of them, I am also very sincere wishes girl?Because she will have happier than anyone, she is a constantly updated, she might really with a mask, and she would pretend that nothing had happened in front of many friends, but the only one to understand her, is her only friend??I am also very grateful to her, along with her in the side, passed this time, the girl is now very happy every day, drink occasionally, but not in that for boys, perhaps because of work, perhaps because homesick, because she really do withdraw it!  Because she said thinking to myself: This is not the season for love!And I would also like to give me happiness than his happiness, so as to prove that he really loved!  When someone is starting at the girl: girl lied family had introduced the object it is her former classmates, I do not want to think of the purpose of this feeling!