Part one: the window I have a good office environment.The opposite wall, there are two ornaments, one Liangshan Lu map-making, one eagle wings wood carving.Ornaments very bloody, is a symbol of man’s.And made me care about is that I have a lot of windows.Out the window, the courtyard is another authority, except outside the building, as well as trees and lawns, is the elegant scenery.Far from the street car to drive to, men come and go, it is intricate world.A little further is the bell tower of the clock.At the time came, hurried footsteps.; Often, I looked up, the scenery slowly came to the.; Below the window, it is a row of garage.It will only cement roof line of sight has not in the past, it was chilled to hit back.One day, a few workers, fill dirt on the roof, leaving the seeds, pour over water, set up the bracket.Later, there have soft teeth, with new branches.Still later, there it is lush with one of the green.That morning, I came to the office, just to sit down, I felt there is a figure in the window shaking, a shy, neither come nor leave.I look closely, it turned out to be an Ivy League, climbed up my windowsill.It is taller, I look at my neighbor.; Lawn and trees, and also my very close friends.Grass ah, really is a one year old kurong.Spring, I have witnessed their green, winter, I have witnessed their yellow.There are occasional chug sound, it is the lawn mower; occasional puff ring, that’s sprinkler.In this they are sound, the endless, reproduction and passing.Grass is very fragile, and very lonely, but very exuberant vitality.Whether it is silent solitude, or dance or bee flying saucer, it is Rain or shine, free growth.The trees do?Very easy.Tall, looking up things, it is only appearance.Autumn, also rely on wooden supports, or will fold the waist.Tree attracts the wind ah.If winter comes, but also on straw to keep warm, or you’ll freeze to death.Too cold onslaught.I have witnessed its abundant spring, also witnessed its winter Xiaosha.However, no matter how difficult they are still alive, Tulv Emerald, Climb.; The street is a microcosm of life.Walking hurriedly, in a hurry; frown, is worried about something.Yan laugh foot open, there is a happy event, sadly, there is a difficult task.Help people cross the road, it is well-intentioned; and man gang war, is the villain.I stood at the window, witnessed a car accident, car crash.A person’s life there are too many accidents, hey, it just disappeared.I stood at the window and saw a couple of kissing, gluey.There are too many wonderful life, a sweet dream, saying it is really true.Back wedding ceremonies, perhaps through is an ambulance; the bride’s close, perhaps standing is a robber.Human emotions, joys and sorrows, all in staged here.So, the street is the most real world, most real life.; Standing at the window, looking out the window, I have understood.The window for us, not just the landscape, it is the philosophy of life.It is a new book often turn often ah.Ivy told me that as long as irrigation water, it will return green.Grass and trees tell us, who are brave and cowardly side, there are lucky and tough season, so everyone has the right to grow.Street told me that life is happiness and suffering, sweetness and pain, good and evil, the unity between dreams and reality.Wonderful good, but unfortunately worth mentioning are our destiny.As long as we live, we are lucky.There Drum Tower bell, let me know the relentless passage of time.That long, one short of the hour, not backward, so we can only walk forward, and without any hesitation.; My house is very warm, sofa, tea, air conditioning, television readily available.However, the window is my real world.Greenhouse can not fly, hut difficult to run.I go out.; Only out of the window in order into real life!    Part II: the window of Spring breath of spring: fresh, fascinating, fickle, it is depressing.  It seems to be the reason did not eat breakfast, sitting in the first row eat chalk.This is a breathe of fresh sweet air purify themselves, or pneumoconiosis is your partner.The first row of the left side of the window is really a wrong choice, but also a good viewing places.Classroom door was open, the corridor spin winds blowing the chalk flying in the sky, like a “solo concert” like spray of fireworks, extremely brilliant color in transmitted sunlight.A fall on the table, who is white powder, dry the nose.  Chalk dispel the interest originally neither high nor cold English classes.I simply elegant sitting in the window view window view.A big piece of grass, green, full of trees towering above the trees bud buds of trees such as umbrella-like slowly softened its airspace occupied right.Sauna Network breeze blowing that crumbling green leaves, grass also underground as bow-like bow.Except diagonally in front of the window of pine and cypress trees tall and mighty in that calm, standing still, its eyes like breathing in the breeze, quietly.Like a kingly majesty deter the flowers and trees around.  The city can see the sky is the least of the birds in flight trajectory.Leading to various reasons like that in the past no longer see groups of birds flit.Only a few timid bird hid in the depths of the branches that squatting nervous, “Johnson Spring”.The situation forced to act also makes it so the careful concealment.  The weather was very strange, almost weird temperature.Obviously spring, gives the feeling breezy.Shuiqi just lying on the table, nasal congestion, runny nose, is “disheartened”.A little sleep wake excellent condition, sleepy or sick.Looking out the window you can hear the leaves between each other by a breeze strike the melody, play the imagination is also comparable to the legendary “joy of spring” scenario as spring.  Read, read and look out the window, weather dazed look down, seemingly blowing a huge black cloud of dozens of square meters, covers the spring over the circumstances of my sight.  Spring here is so changeable.Cloudy with rain when half sunny, wind For rain clothing Spring cover.    Part three: water friends out of the window does not show no trees, no tree is barren mountain.Treeless people do?Friends no life, no life exchanges.  I was a house in the countryside.Zade village trees, family tree Bitian.Gechuang listen to the sound of the tree, open the window to see the tree, the tree people intermingled with neighbors.Summer, outside the village looking village, mud hut huts are verdant green cover in the inside.My childhood was a world of people and trees.  Perhaps second nature.I grew up working in the city, not accustomed to the city’s crowded public housing Only small tree.However, there is a unit I worked, but big yard, trees and more, the southeast corner of actually there is a small piece of wood, but although Liu Yu Huai of Populus, and not the home of prosperous scene, but it’s extremely rare.I put down my office and dormitory desk moved to the window, the window may face a locust tree by the window, looking out the window to see the grove of more than half.When the desk, listening to each tree branches Qiaochuang, though alone in a room, but not feel lonely: the window accompanied by a friend.Fatigue, tree looked reward.Shake it leaves called me, whirling told me: out of the window with supernatural powers friend.If the inter-morning walk forests, you often physically and mentally fresh, with Juli and feel a big chest heart, want to Zhang arm off, and embrace with nature, a total fusion, swim in between heaven and earth.Early spring, before the crown head woven pale green smoke, will willow; latest faded green installed, it is actually.Summer morning, mist floating, looming trees, birds during.In winter, especially to see Poplar.Poplar tall without song, frank and transparent green skin.It stand north wind, still bare branches camel arm for straight up, shake Yi, to work hard and joy of the cold.Snowing.At dusk actually harder and harder, snow turned into ice crystals snow particles, accompanied by Cassia sticks beat, flutter from window.Grove has been hazy in the snow chaos in front.Trees are working with the wind destroyed the snow storms fight, fight, with their feminine power and tenacity of choked accustomed to sweeping blizzard in this small fowl, forcing it turn plate, swing, crashing Jumping, snow smoke away immediately Kazamaki.”Night aware of the heavy snow, when you hear the sound of bamboo folding”.High and straight poplar withstand wind and snow destroy pull it?It is rather break than bend ah!  Units to fund-raising and construction of buildings; part of the cottage to be demolished, including my office.My family moved to a small courtyard behind; since then I have gone out the window of a friend, then became a permanent decision – trees all dredged to build real estate.I am planting a pomegranate tree in the yard of the window, so there’s Friends Gechuang, although only this one.I was pulling weeds leisure trees, loose soil, watering; to help the child, but also a fun.Pomegranate glossy dark green leaves, flowers are red.Color set two kinds of life in a pomegranate tree, a tree considered odd.Pomegranate flowers do lie, ruby fruit flower wildly decorated in green leaves.Summer window, a small pomegranate actually the top of a polygonal cap probe burglary, close to Gu I.Unexpectedly, this small hospital had to dismantle, I again moved and lived in a building.I can not bear my pomegranate trees were destroyed, the children of his uncle on the appointment, ask him is driving pomegranate tree to be removed, to give it a way out.That day, the child not let me lead him to the small courtyard there is no tree pomegranate tree.Early saw small courtyard gone gatehouse, walls are down, not demolition net.”that is not!”Pleasantly surprised child a finger.Only a small pomegranate tree standing in the drizzle at the wall are, like Youyuan and Guqi.I gave the children pick the top two large – the size of a walnut – pomegranate.Children looked at the little drops of water on a pomegranate, he told me: “it cried.It would not leave our family.- uncle kind of have to live it anyway?”” Kind of have to live.”I say.In fact, I do not know kind of have to live not live species.When he finished, I picked up the child, quickly go.  Floor residence although comfortable, but do not need to look out the window, there is no need to think about the front of the building.I have been desperate to out of the window, in front of the building Thoughts.Front window, eyes straight reinforced cement, rectangular, cube.Watchtower outside the building, the public side of the building blocks of buildings, seen from afar like Beilin, crowded, stifling.Decorated trees, succumb downstairs.Flowers and grass, moss lichens as a top.The child’s uncle called to say the small pomegranate tree does not become Norway.Him several neighboring village is the demolition plane tree.To say that levy, everyone is maintained building.It seems, UN-Habitat and the trees have greatly changed the environment.Famous road, people need to adapt to the environment.Celebrities road, survival of the fittest.For the “students”, I have the “right” to stay away from my beautiful, clever friend out of the window.Away with them, in addition to me, there are “we”, or there are mountains and water, and the whole world.    Part Four: · Star hot air out of the window close, full of flavor and the temptation of chaos, and the faint scent of fragrant trees, the night dress enchanting and secretive.  There is wind, hot, are like the Flaming Mountains is nearby and never go away.An air-conditioned room is certainly cool and comfortable, but not because the circulation of fresh air, and people seem a bit breathless.Of course, this is for those who used to live in air-conditioned room, you would not have so much feeling.  I stood at the window, look at the starry sky, a myriad of thoughts.  Child, huddled in the arms of my favorite grandmother heard her story, the number of stars, watch inlaid with diamonds scattered as blue as the sky, confuse and mysterious, beautiful dazzling.  Grandma said: a dead man on the ground, the sky, the more a star.Every star has its own story, every star has its life path.So, even if he was dead, you do not sad, because I’ll watch the baby of my family growing up in heaven, taught.Grandmother was a storyteller in her life, 2004, it has undergone a lot of suffering and temper.However, stubborn by nature, she has never been knocked down to make life even in those years my mother was wrongly classified as a rightist, my dad was denounced as reactionary writer people of the province of difficult years.Because of her strong, it is not my parents are hopeless and brutal reality to crush, and will have my sister were born.Grandma is a woman with bound feet, weaving a young man wandering on the streets to help people with meager reward to my mother and aunt cultivate talent, in the old patriarchal society where it is not easy.However, since we are born to grow up, I have not heard her complain hint.Maybe that’s why I mention who my grandmother, many people are very respected reason.Now she has passed away full ten years old, and often when I look into the distance night sky, I think of his dear grandmother, you do not know the deceased are gazing about us?And that he is not also looking at me to heaven do?  Clear sky of stars such as weaving, clean with no dust.Suddenly, a trailing a long tail of a meteor across the sky quickly.Oh, is not someone to be a Takumi?!God said: Yes, whenever one less person on the ground, the sky, the more a star, which is a natural law.  In fact, the nature of happiness does not necessarily get what you want, happiness is really time goes by, a little bit of accumulation.So, gradually and finally realize the truth of some of life.