Part One: weak cold wind finally squeezed into the waiting room, a little slow breath Hin.  However, this piece of ocean sea front, so he felt very uncomfortable.Looking around, even the seats are not, is a hot day, silly standing dead tired too hot dead.He picked up the luggage, began to look for seat.  Just, there is a pedestrian got up and rushed away to the wicket.He aimed a, a wave of fart sat down, a little relieved.To lay down a backpack behind, stood up, wiped his forehead of sweat, shook his hand has been attached to the body of the T-shirt, mind straight complain.Shelters so many people, but also a hot day, no air conditioning how can it.  From the car some time, he had pulled out his cellphone to play, to pass the time.  I do not know when he was playing vigorously suddenly heard a faint sound near the road has been read, thank you, thank you.He did not care to continue playing, while the sound closer, suddenly looked up, eyes wearing a plain woman Yiba instant noodles barrels out into the front of their own, which is full of eleven a hair, five a hair, a piece of change.Women have been hunched in one hand and also took a child about 4 years old, holding a bun and kept biting mouth.  He knows the meaning of.Did not think too much, took out his wallet out of a dollar, gently on the inside, the woman nodded punch.Woman moved a step sideways, continued to beg to visitors.Xuan was about to continue playing back the phone, suddenly in front and held out his hand, looked up and was wearing a white dress next to the aunt, holding a five dollar, quickly put the money and gave it to the woman.However, behind it came the emphatic voice, no.Woman was silent, turned away.  At this time, the voice continued: “The other day this woman in this, and even still here!How votes may not come in the waiting room.We had better pay attention, do not be fooled, or to “cups” of!With the sound of Xuan glancing back, two middle-aged woman sitting on a piece of fat aunt to see him back to the point, he smiled kindly and said: “Young man, really.”No other answer Xuan, thin point aunt also advised:” The left heart, always right.”Xuan looked at the child; his face, unbelieving look.  ”Have reported on TV is not yet?Some young people are a lie, I do not know where to find the ‘mother’, his ‘mother’ lying next to, he kept bowed, and soon stand to gain a lot of; there are people with this as a career, even begging to use the money to build the three Western-style house, a villa, two cars!”Fat Aunt Xuan seem aware of unbelief hastily enthusiastic adds.  However, thin aunt staring at the woman and the child, as if to help us see through the front of beggars.However, that does not see things through a child, she stared across woman had turned to go begging, still hunched.But those words just now about these people have a role.The first big sister indifferent, head twisted to one side.The young woman next to Youxiang woman handed over the barrel of instant noodles, the woman did not speak, but he kept eyeing up the women.Then look at the children playing and the next man, the man does not seem happy, perhaps despise the woman to disturb his daughter and Masaoki, took out a money fifty-one hair, throw in there, hands schematic woman scat.Next to the uncle carefully pulled the bag, gently put a dollar in the bucket, there are no words.  Next to that stylishly dressed man holding a bag tight, despite how the woman pleading, nothing happened; next to the handsome boy pretending to sleep; next to this man wearing a gold necklace look like a joke, like looking at a woman, no movement.Women just want to tell others begging, child pulled her hand, raised have been caught in the hands of a small bread.Women seem to understand, took bread, torn mouth opened, back in the hands of a child, he began begging.  ”Two days ago you not to buy a ticket yet?The uncle to give you the money to buy a ticket, how do you still here?”Hear the sound, we regard eyeing the woman who.I saw a staff member to wear made a confused look of a woman.  ”I said to it, is clearly a liar, you do not believe.”Fat Aunt magical and bitterly and said, he seems to think he is God.  The woman a little embarrassed, face red, still hunched.Read a few words in his mouth Road, Xuan finally listen carefully, money and a ticket and lost the.Looking at this screen, the staff sighed, pity pull off a child’s hand, he simply said: “I’ll give you a ticket to go.”Then, propped hunched woman, the woman patted on the back, so she straightened up, gone.  Aunt bow to hoist the fat clothes, but a thin smoke a weeping aunt, said: “My second year back home, although also encountered the same thing already summer, but felt the hot summer Hin the chilly.Kind of a weak cold air lingering in the hall was still able to dampen people’s hearts unbearable heat.    Part II: free and easy air damper in Mengzi is high visibility of.  Before I transferred Mengzi preparation work, someone persuaded me think twice, which is a reason Mengzi “three evil”, namely: wind evil; evil mosquitoes; old sow evil.The wind was still the “three evil” first mile.  This is a private joke, it’s a playful way, explain where some of the natural landscape, to say the salient features of the wind in Mengzi.The last face one, maybe there is too old, perhaps out of a jingle need, in order to supplement, dotted the first two sentences and compiled.  A few years ago, I’d really appreciate the power of the wind once Mengzi.  Probably it was the spring of 2001, his wife winter vacation studying Diploma in Mengzi Teachers.That I went to a meeting in Kunming, Mengzi turn into the way back when, to visit his wife.Pingbian back of the car directly in front of me to the Teachers.Teachers entered the door later, while I walk around tour in the yard, while waiting for his wife out.Wind call from the front came a call to push me as if it represents the college, does not welcome my uninvited visit, unceremoniously dragging me out of the door.Those tall palm trees with the wind power, rushing Wow kept beating the stretch of palm leaves, bluff.  That kind of spring, really have the kind of momentum swing endlessly.  Before, I heard his wife say Mengzi wind, then, disagree.Until this personally feel, just feel really well-deserved reputation.  Wind “notoriety” and ultimately failed to stop the pace I go Mengzi.The end of 2007, a red-headed paper, let me be a legitimate occupants Mengzi.  I live in the Red River Beverly Park District head of the door, when formally admitted tenants, property management office in order to create a festive atmosphere, while expressing congratulations to the new tenants, put a few flags.Now, most of those flags left the club, there are a few not tear a clean cloth became the color of the wind, but also a moment not interest, sooner or later, regardless of the wind was still pulling all day calling a call sway.It has made me feel that newcomers to the joy and delight.  My living room floor to ceiling windows open south-facing surface, usually, there is always a glass window open, just off screens.Wind his way through from the screens, ride in the back room, and Xiang Liu out.But make way than to come even harder, the wind a little time, in another move to push inside and outside the wind, the upper half of the window sash will keep rhythmically “pound” shake, as if a child were kept in From time to time we come outside, playfully knocking the doors and windows, so you can not be lonely moment busy.  One afternoon in the spring, I trot after a meal before the County Administration Center building, on the steps and front steps, stood pots of chrysanthemums, full of small and yellow | colored flowers.What was looking like the wind, very patiently to those who spend a little rummage.Wind has continued to spend one turn of a move also endlessly.I read a long time, did not see a flower a torn off.At that moment, I understand that the wind will Lianxiangxiyu ah!Nightlife net a summer night, I listened to the frogs on the balcony.Delicate next month, clutching a wind in the sky and white clouds, a night tirelessly gently rub the face of a Shizhao moon, the moon has maintained a bright face; faction sky clear, open.Wind also kept wandering on the ground, look here, walk there, a pro-grass tree, hug the tree, not when I drunkenly Loulou.At that moment, I knew that the wind also in humanity miles!  Now the summer, it is difficult to find a place to cool the.In the summer, I do not think some of the local business, not only because of the high temperatures, even the wind is hot, blowing the body, people heated on a hot, greasy sweat all day long to make a body, and then a big wind is not enough to reduce apathy summer temperatures.Undoubtedly, Mengzi summer is hot, but not that kind of wake up and feel stuffy summer harder and harder to bear weight in the Mengzi, unless you do not vent itself in a stuffy unventilated environment.In short, over the summer in Mengzi, it is without the help of air conditioning.Indoors, as long as the windows, the wind is cool naturally to you; outdoors, little shade let you get cool.Again, this should Mengzi hot summer night, because the addition of the wind, become cool, a cool comfortable; sometimes standing outside a long time, and even a bit faint chill.This was to have the wind Mengzi, Mengzi Mengzi Xia Fengcheng temperature regulation division, it smartly control of the privileges given to the world, but very fair.It took endless summer, and gave you a cool world.  It makes me feel, Mengzi wind is magic.The magic thing, often unique, unique in.  Every day, the wind before dawn, gently awakened Mengzi, awaken our deep sleep.Holding skirts of the wind, we who live in a day of walking, slowly or not hurried by ourselves, we were just passing time, passing wind.Wind like a shadow of life, between our feet jump move, accelerate the pace of the day.  More importantly, the wind never walk in front of people.Wind is the nature of this land to give a child a pet, the wind is stationed in Earth’s solar messenger.Wind before humans, it has been in this place called Mengzi live and work.Just behind with an ancestor fart in the wind, in front of several hundred years ago or several years or several million years ago, suddenly I realized that this is a delicious Fortunately, a good place to work, took care to stay in the palm of the wind, begging and adjacent to the wind and enjoy the good life in this place.  Jump Shangcuan Xia beat around the bush or something, but the wind is a piece of cake, it is difficult to live it.It is estimated that upright wind definitely prefer straightforward Zhilaizhiwang.Yimapingchuan Mengzi, exact wind mind.  House here is not high, generally four or five-story height, but also when to climb effortlessly cents.The wind will not bother to stick your nose in managing people, want to lie to lie, I wanted to run and run, continue rampaging here, come and go.  Then there is the streets of Montreal green belt, get rich sunshine caress, short grass, tall trees have grown a piece of a piece of green green, it is geared to the life style colors, the wind does not throw open fascination with trees, lawn love.Wind all day long on the branches dance, roll on the lawn.  In addition, wind and others, also have mental laziness.In the mountains of southern Yunnan around, there are so rare wide piece of Bazi, like how to run on how to run, how to think how to jump jump, has long been used to living from one of inertia, and the wind will not easily hand over to humans consciously quit this party go elsewhere to treasure it traces.    Part Three: Ling after the wind fell in love six years, and finally wind Ling married, this is the time most of them, two days before the wedding, wind-ling said: go to the mall to buy her a skirt, Ling said no go, so hot outside, etc. After a few days too late to buy.Wind insist on going, Ling no alternative but to agree.  Wind turn in the mall for a long time, and finally chose a purple skirt *, on the way home, he kept looking at the hands of the skirt, imagining happy smile when Ling saw a skirt, but the wind was forgotten look around and from the vehicle, just as he raised his head and pay attention to the front, a car passed rapidly to his left, react when there is wind, he has been hit by a car flying out, slamming place ten meters away, in the back of his head kept bleeding, looked at the driver to get off, leaving a deserved, galloped away.And in the hands of the wind, but also a tightly clutching the purple skirt *.  When Ling arrived at the hospital, how she did not dare immediate scene: the wind stops a corpse lying quietly in a deadpan, Ling forced to beat his chest, mad called his name, but the wind did a little reaction, he left, never left.  Ling cries echoed in the hospital a long time, when the police put that purple skirt * to Ling Ling quietly took the skirt, and no relatives around to say a word, quietly left, her back looked very heavy, his face was full of pain word.  Wind cremated that day, did not go to Ling, Ling relatives do not want to burst into tears again.And Ling, now stay in their new room, looked at the other day just to shoot a good wedding, motionless.In this case, the room was quiet, awesomely, if only to hear the sound of breathing Ling.Suddenly, I do not know how Ling, crazy with a head knock the wall, soon, in front of her brain full of blood, her face stained with blood, and stained * white walls, this time face-ling He smiled, and this smile as she fell to the ground, but also terminated screeching.  I do not know how long, Ling was a burst of rapid knock on the door, woke up, she slowly got up, when her eyes a red *.Ling opened the door turned out to be, to see her daughter Manlianshixue, frightened, took her daughter to go out into the hospital to go in the hospital, the doctor gave Ling made a careful inspection, while confirming just skin trauma, Ling parents was relieved and comforted her daughter in order to open, do not be sad.Daughter can not trace reflected in Shique hear their words, they carefully observe daughter only to find her daughter’s eyes is very slow, the whole person looks a little dull, they know what to do, and immediately called the doctor, after some diagnosis, the doctor Ling told the parents: your daughter, mental illness, when he heard his daughter was mentally ill, Ling collapsed to the ground, when she woke up, Ling said to her: are you better do?The doctor said her daughter must be treated, otherwise it is difficult to cure this disease, Ling nodded, agreed.  At this time, Ling, sitting on the bed giggling, his mouth still kept saying something, suddenly, she burst into tears, shouted: wind, where are you, where are you ah.Ling’s body in a non-stop pumping a move, she shattered the glass cup with water, then with fragments of glass cut his wrist, but fortunately this time the doctor arrived in time to stop her behavior.  Days later, Ling often holding that piece * purple dress, singing other people did not understand the song, she makes very input, a sing two to three hours, and Ling’s parents listened to her voice, heart fast is broken.  Three years later, Ling left the hospital, she returned home feeling a lot easier, she can not imagine how he is over five years, everything is like a nightmare, while he has been sleeping in this nightmare for five years.Looked haggard parents, Ling heart very sad, they paid too much for himself all his life for the children to worry about, think of this, Ling kneeling on the ground, to the parents knock three heads, to express their deepest guilt, the parents see her daughter’s behavior, involuntary tears streaming down.    Part Four: designer decor companies like confidently ask the customer: “What do you want style?”Whenever someone so ask questions, I was more nervous.How elegant style!I used it appropriate body?I’m a people, have a house without air leakage has been pretty good, but also what style?If I have to say that the style that my style is with the masses.  ”But you still want to have a style.”Designers Mr. Zhao is a persistent person, see my eyes straight ahead, then patience and said:” You come to a kind of ancient Greece how?Germany is also to do, or French?Italy?Nordic Style?Southern European style?”I humbly:” I am a bumpkin, I have not been to Europe ah.”Mr. Zhao smiled:” That’s why I recommend that you get hold of European-style, sit down and get that done a sprinkle head, hey!A person in the whole European feel, all save a ticket.Lack of Han too serious, it is human nature *.Taikang rural layout of the most easy, to give you a Why do you?”Mr. Zhao suit, spiritual head is quite full, but the cuffs oil, popular temperament, but also not been the way in Europe.Of course, the information age, everyone is indirect access to knowledge, he did not eat pork, pig run have not seen?Although he is not Western style, but every day, reading and decorating a period of study in Europe, it is not impossible.All in vain, and that perhaps is reading cuff rub dirty.  See I was silent, today, Zhao enthusiastic designer, said: “Well, I would let your out of a diagram, you see the right tantamount to re-decoration, inappropriate I Fenwenbuqu.”Figure it out soon, painting quite complex, but also the rim ceiling, fireplace and a wall-style theme, bells and whistles, unlawful appropriation of space, the budget is also alarmingly high.I was very embarrassed, subconsciously rub-hand.Mr. Zhao is generous to say: “You do not matter, Mr. Wang asked for, we decided to put his belongings between a model, you are welcome to visit our future.”No one mentioned for a style, and had their own stumbling forge ahead.Do not try to think about Europe, North America, think about what you’re going to take the house, which put at the bed, which put at the table, sink, and you’re tall tall, want to understand these important than consequently.Gradually now to come up with such a pattern, although not to mention stylish, but also comfortable and practical, very fit your taste.Friends come to visit, you say that this style is very good ah, to put me straight excited, style style Yeah, I actually had you.  Mr. Wang also renovated.I went and found Zhao designer artwork based on another major play, I saw the left is the Japanese tatami, the right is the Roman tongue and groove, as well as Taiwan’s cultural stone, small restaurant bar street, members outside the old moon gate back garden.The proud owner modestly said: “This is called a comprehensive style, what, okay it?”Part five: the arrival of the wind if the wind had been there, ever take away what?  One night in December of some dull, some boring.  Tonight it is, some head pain, do not want to look at the phone, so with this article.Is more and more felt inside his head, thinking science students increasingly heavy, not the past is so sensitive, it lost much of what has.  The branches has a leaf is gone, and I have got two, picked up early autumn, when the leaves, it also existed golden, even a little haggard.  Every time after that the tree, I will stop and take a look, but also can find twelve does not fall leaves, used to decorate my wall, but it is difficult.They always leave when the leave, never thoroughly, in the end is after the snow season.I have some regret, whole fall, but only picked up two leaves.  The wind is up, no longer leaves “buzzing” sound, they have to go, the trunk still here, still so strong with, lost their leaves, not afraid of the wind, so standing, he has been standing will this constant waiting for a season.  I saw all the leaves are gone with the wind, but do not know where he was.I never saw a trace of them disappeared in the sky, the rainbow after the rain, and yet they have no relationship, scattered clouds, and no traces, they do not know a nice fortunate not happy.Where is into a ray of golden, into the warm light, or in an unknown corner of the old, yellow.I can only guess it all has a relationship with the wind, I asked the wind, ever seen a leaf?  He hurried through, footsteps without any hesitation, stay.I said, where are you going?He asked Pickup reply me where to go?Where to go.Feng said he never stay, do not go, do not know where to go, he would suddenly disappear, and sometimes reappear.  ”I do not go with what I have tried to bring the fragrance of flowers, I can not find it walked on.Your leaves maybe I do not intend to take away, throw things did not remember where, but I do not know what it is. “.  I was chasing the wind, and asked about his many experiences, some he can not remember, he said, those memories long forgotten, but why mention?I seem to smell the faint scent, he said it was his clasped would not have been lost, because it is the most beautiful time passing, and even if we can not stay.  ”Or will disperse,” I sat next to him.  He is gone, I did not give the answer.  He will come back, because there is a season, he can taste it again to collect the.  ”Maybe it will be forgotten.”.  I only gave leaves wind, he passed me at the time.  I let go, two leaves filled with blessings were taken away, the same as the drift bottles to flee, I asked the wind to help me give it to sunlight, thank you every morning she gave me greetings.Acquiescence with the wind off, I do not know if he remembers who I am.  After the rain, the sun to celebrate my rainbow.  I was accompanied by wind silence, looking at the colorful end of the road.    Part VI: Field of summer wind back to the countryside, although very hot, but everywhere is lush crops, fields of wind waves blowing, the whole body will feel very cool a fast.  Mother used to say, you live in the city, the wind is not blowing the field, in the summer although air conditioning is not better.Yes ah, now almost a year south soon became two seasons, spring and autumn short, long summer and winter.Especially in summer, after “51” to heat up, to mid-June began a mad hot, stayed until early August to late September, sultry will recede.In the city over the summer, and only in the house all day hatch air conditioning, electrical sometimes suddenly stop for a while, simply can not over.Walking down the street to the house of cement on both sides of the building, as if into the steamer.  Sometimes I think, when young people in the countryside farming, hot day pulling weeds in the rice fields, the sun baked the back, feet in the hot water soak, then, that is how the day had?In fact, when it did, all the same work in the rice fields, a hot sweat pouring Li, a thoroughly wet clothes attached to the body, although I think very hard to accept, but to be at rest in the shade for a while, sweaty clothes winds, I feel myself cool down.Then how envious all day to stay in the store and the salesperson who work in the house, imagine them all day long for sunshine, waving a fan or a fan blowing in the house, how happy.Now you can stay in the house all day, winter and summer air-conditioning, hot and cold are not afraid, but it does not feel how happy people indeed become squeamish.  Previously, summer night, early in the drying yard outside the house swept clean, then sprinkle with well water, and then carried to the square table sun court, the family around the square table for dinner, although most eat simple meals, tea Amoy meal on pickles, there is a maximum of fried snail, but also enjoyable.Clean square table after dinner, then home a few doors off, resting on the bench, children sleep in the side table, adults sleeping in the shade on the door.Mother and grandmother afraid of us kids fall square table, sitting on a bench at the table, while playing for our fans to catch mosquitoes, pointing to the stars Vega storytelling.Several neighbors together shade, the adults exchange a variety of unusual to encounter during the day.Shaichang field in front of my house, summer often kinds of mint, peppermint waves wind blowing from the field, especially cool.Look at those fireflies twinkling, like a lantern in the fields of child fluctuated lowland chase play.Several children finally lost and lonely, go hand in hand mint fields to catch fireflies, packed in a small bottle when the flashlight, and then looked into the nets to play.Or to the bamboo forest behind the house caught katydid, with wheat straw on self small cage, plug in a bunch of wool or a cowpea beans to feed it, hanging on hooks beams listen to it “and knitting and knitting “tweet.I left home at age 15 to the field school, and later joined the army to the north, and then later change jobs in their hometowns to work in the city, no longer experience the fun of summer shade less, and basically the wind not blowing the field.After retirement until I have a new home country, under the regular return home, but only to the field of wind blowing.  Now the housing conditions of the new village well, the house both have air-conditioning fan.Summer evenings can drive air conditioning in the house watching TV, but I still like to enjoy the cool outdoors, move Zhang wicker chairs sitting on the third floor balcony and saw four weeks of field not far from covered crops.Field cool wind waves from the side blowing, blowing himself up clothes, feel exceptionally comfortable.Listening to the cheerful chorus cicada tree southeast of the small river, watching a golden full moon rising from the trees a little bit, the countless blue sky Silver Star is flashing, sometimes with a few orange the tour stars in a move that is always on the move aircraft, flashing lights on the rear wing, more like summer night tour of a dynamic fields of fireflies.But, now the new village each has a separate yard, summer does not often come together to exchange the neighbors.Elderly mother has been fixed on the third floor and I was cool with, his wife’s daughter just went to the big city home, I was the only family in the exclusive field of summer wind.