Part one: way back half past two, I walk on the way home.  Cities become Xiao Jing.Everything at the moment is terminated, as if falling into the dark abyss.Blowing cold wind whistling wind blowing through the cheek, like some kind of strange laugh.I will be warm and wrapped weary soul together with the body wrapped into a thick coat, walking rapidly toward the direction of home.Headphones sweet voice more like a roar at the moment, filled with helpless for life.Haunting lonely walk.Street street side of being a little bit of my heart to enlarge the helpless.Like a dog wandered off, stepping on his shadow, wandering in traffic criss-cross paths cities.  Distance, an elegant woman’s profile looming surfacing.She half his head down, his left hand tightly around his own chest.Right hand holding a cell phone, from time to time to open or close the.I do not know looking at the time or in the foreseeable future waiting for some kind of response.A cascading brown curls pouring over her big his face.Her slow pace of moving forward, little by little move to the depths of the night.Eyes moist with tears rolled down helpless, far be able to hear her muffled sobs.As if to vent their dissatisfaction with life.She stopped from time to time, looking back, overlooking the road that has been traveled, like some kind of call waiting.But the dark of the night in addition to the invasion of cold, without any response.Perhaps, at the moment she has not feel any cold because there is a long cold Qinru her Heart, deep-rooted.In this way, between the stop and look back.Her presence in this deep darkness, gradually disappear.As a hallucination.  I continued walking, clearly showing the direction of home in my mind.  Floated in front of barbecue smoke flavor.In the night wind drift unbridled.One pair of middle-aged couple fifties passed two young men are attracted to the service.Man on the grill kept rolling in the deep-fried string started, busy enjoying themselves.Woman folding tables and chairs will spare a pendulum into the shabby tricycle, waiting for the final two customers left, closing home.The quiet of the night, can be clearly heard raving that two drunken men.Burnin cigarette butts littered with empty beer bottles and drinking on the ground.Two young men sit opposite, without any verbal communication with each other, but thoughtfully smoking a cigarette in one hand, a beer in one hand.He looked stiff staring the yellowing photographs street streets.  Middle-aged women will all empty tables and chairs to clean up.Then straightened up and looked around, looked at his wife are busy.Man’s face was filled with a happy smile.Completely ignored the hearts of his wife grudge.”Another 10 mutton string” a man shouted back obtrusive.The silence of the night was broken, as if one kind of monster roar.”Yes, right away,” the man just retired and sit immediately and busy, his face is always wearing a knowing smile.After a brief conversation, he fell into some kind of strange serenity.His wife’s face, but there is no happy face.On the contrary, but more some kind of revulsion and disgust.  Finally, two young men began to gather up their belongings, preparing to leave.At that moment complete account of the boss or symbolic sentence: Slow down.Middle-aged women quickly packed up leftovers cold Sunburn on the desktop.Longing for home, her actions are obviously a whole lot of deft.Two drunken young men helped each other disappear in the dark of the night.Middle-aged couple also began to pack up everything, row forward direction of home.Middle-aged woman gently wiped the dust off his wife, the man smiled and messy hair on the forehead Fushun women.Then, silently smiled at each other, no words.Street map and meet their recollections of life.Two lights are nestled together pulled back very long, a kind of self-evident warmth.  Has not yet reached the end, I still need to continue walking.  A black dog picked up the pace to follow behind me.With my stop-go pace.It necks with a silver hoops.I think there must be the owner and wandered off, I can not find my way home.So far only stray.I began to feel sympathy for it, but never thought to take it home with, because I am not its owner, it can not give intimate care.Or follow after me, or will one day live in the street.Eventually even die alone.  Headphones singing a song repeatedly, endless.I will not look back at it, I put myself walking to the house of direction.In an intersection, I kept on walking.Headphones loud music so I could not hear any sound around.Suddenly, a bunch of dazzling light coming from the side of the projection.A rapid Benz muck truck coming toward me.Night, muck truck through a red light phenomenon is nothing new now.I quickly rushed to the other side of the road, smooth escaped unharmed.While muck cars roaring past, I clearly heard a dull thud.Like some kind of warning or hint.Muck truck did not do any of stay, but quickly disappeared into the dark of the night, accompanied by the whistling sound gradually dissipated.  Inexplicably stopped, turned patrol just across the intersection.A pool of bright red blood rapidly spread, mixing a kind of tragic despair.I looked blankly wheels are rolling over stray dogs.A lonely life at the moment halted.Perhaps this is what God wants it.In this intricate confusion, flashy, extravagant urban society, like homeless species, destined to become the darling of God’s will.But, in such a way to leave it seems too decisive and sadness.  I finally see the outline of home, familiar surroundings, familiar building.Open the door at the moment, I have a sense of looking back to the autumn vast and bright stars.A moonlight is concentrating gaze my every move.It turned out that this happens more than I am a witness, as well as the night sky sparkling stars and the moon Chun Jie.Part II: way back bleak setting sun shiny light emitted cold north wind pushed the clouds move slowly to the south, even more cold air, contact with the skin, icy cold, a little biting.  I pulled tight gray jacket, stamped his feet back and forth, the foot is cold concrete floor.It was also put up the coat collar, sheltered back against the wall, facing the sweltering also a little bit of sunlight, most people still huddled in the waiting room refused to come out.  Suddenly “buzzed -” There was the sound of a motor sounded in the ear, a color old red bus, drove up from behind, Hula, who immediately brought something waiting, some of the things high above his head, surrounded the car doorway.Tellers was a lean man, shouted: “No station by row, Freeze squeeze -” People immediately to the railing drilling legislation, still uproar, holding a ticket their own hands, dangling in front of tellers.I finally got in the confusion, very lucky to get a seating.Other people are starting car, bus slowly out of the station, along the twists and turns of the road, toward the open outside the town, and soon, buses out of the old xiongyue, ramped up toward the north of my hometown direction drill.  Outside the car, is a magnificent land, the north wind blowing windows whining, more violent.Dark horizon, the endless mountains, only some shadow, vague.South, a long tank train, puffing thick white smoke, “whistling call, like a giant monster, breathing heavily, traveling from east to west.On the road, pedestrians, people afraid of the cold, do not want to come out.  Watching the scenery out the window, but the mind to fly back to school.Xiao Hu is my fellow students giving her head, round face, wearing a pair of glasses, maybe she ride it.I went to her dorm to get something to help her and sent her home on the train, there are already a lot of people go to the station, ready to go home.We arrived in the hostel feeling confused, Montreal wastepaper, various utensils washbasin, summarized son, broom, disorder, cluttered, things only go home, pack very clean, on the center of the room.Xiao Hu trips earlier than me, I will send her, she was sitting in a train.  I just want to try to carry it filled her pocket full of green to mention, feel heavy.I was facing away from the door, bent down to take her to mention pocket, suddenly, a sharp cry girl exploding in my ear, I was really surprised.”Oh – ah -” I have not recovered, a shadow, with a whirlwind, suddenly look, heavy fell across the bed, still cynical shouted: “Oh – have to make-up, break this genetic problem are a poor answer, “I take a closer look, it turned out to be our class secretary Ge bond, she quickly made fast to speak the language, but also a big voice, just throw himself on the bed and sat up.”You sit there and ah, you sit there and ah” She had just come back to class, saw me, pointing to another empty bed made me sit.  Another fat girl, also wearing a pair of glasses, her home is in southern Liaoning, called Zhang Weiping, also the side on a fill Noisy Motian, too much trouble, went to the open book, and find notes, have to find out, mind was at ease.”OMG, that this figure does not fill” She looked dejected look, looking just found the answer.Ge key one, quickly came over to see his mouth eager to say “what, what, call me,” “bang Lang!”Just past the one pair of rail cars, too much turbulence, Xiao Hu, Ge bond, Zhang Weiping, messy quarters, are gone, I want this, I was on the bus to go home.  The teacher said, do not give it away on the station a crowd of a large group of my fellow Huxu Li sent when the station has a large group of students outside of class, uproar.A train pulled into the station, which is the mustaches sitting on the trips, I hurriedly put her bag on his shoulder and walked toward the front of the crowded car, finally, get on the train, to put into the pocket luggage rack , I have tired out of breath.A Czech truck, roaring at full capacity, but after rushing from the bus next to us, my mind has been completely interrupted.I glanced out the window, in front of Yingkou City, it is coming to the Yingkou City, I went to the west district of the ferry, a ten-minute boat ride all the way to the other side, get home, I want to move a bit stiff legs, take a long time his leg a little numb.    Part Three: love is way back desolately rainy night, I was sick.  I do not remember the days of long ago, a man, a bottle, a book, but also rain desolately night.While alone in the face of the four walls, pale people get desperate, but then my heart had a dream, and refused to give up easily.  Holding the dream of luggage, well I’m tired wandering hardships good.All the tears with the pain, always a man swallowed, although very hard day, but I have a dream, writing plug over the wings, the heart will fly with the dream.  I will not deliberately create an atmosphere, not trying to put together some kind of atmosphere you want to achieve, I just want to write touched my heart, happy, sad with love.  My heart is like a green grass, like the dark green of the mature appearance, the Bright yellow immature spores deeply wrapped in Tibet.Most eager to love always mixed with tragedy like the tone of life in late summer show.  Early summer time, I’ve met my dream to give wings to the cloud, the cloud is really as his name suggests, elegant, distant, is obsessed with.I always thought that one day really will float cloud go?Because he miss his favorite, she has turned into the stars.  His love and pain, his thoughts with love, I helped him through together.Whenever I saw him write for her character, a lot of tears will fall, there are bitter memories, had tortured distressed.More envy.If it can life Passions, I would rather I was the star.  But already three consecutive days of rain, and I can not see a star, only clouds my thoughts tangled distressed text flashes in front of the screen, tears, gradually blurred as thousands of crystals like the stars, I think every one all her soul, I would say, if he put his love, if love him let him, if he put his love.Sauna net cloud said, if I did not, he had gone with her.Together through time, always so beautiful but brief, all the moments in my life are the most warm encounters, thank God that I met you.  Cloud ears are still encouraged my words, but who has time and space have been blocking thousand miles, I can not find him.After life has no sense of direction, cloud and lost contact, coupled with long tension load, I was sick, I do not want to treat, really want to wayward once, I was tired, why should pretend I’m strong; I’m afraid, why should strive forced a smile; I’m desperate, why the performance was full of hope.Cloud is still written text, but they no longer speak to me.  Maybe I’m stupid so he’s weak with cold heart.  I said that will not easily give up the dream, I can give wings who took wings of a dream, I can no longer fly.  Without you, the grass is just grass, just watch the sky clouds of a lemon yellow, autumn boundless, the grass just want to sleep.  Lost the desire to fly, I started dizzy in misty.I was sick, sick people will be cranky, dream, the strange and haggard back gradually farther and farther away from me, I’m calling your name, heart, suffocating pain.  Rain continued all night, I could not sleep a wink began, the rain, the only ray of weak call is still wandering in the mist, and my life, tis not met from the cloud, if they would be at the beginning of sunny afternoon coming.  Way back, there is love extended trajectory of life, will precipitate the past, let the dream to climb.  I know that the most pious soul that ray has been dissipated in the rainy night.Lover, this is your last call to.    Part Four: Sunset way back the same day the head goes down, we climbed over the years would also like waves.How much time has long been not to pursue, trot heart of it makes me shiver to learn, such as the cold wind howling regret moving fisherman.Only the sun, the sun shines into the empty gap of several weight?Reclining in which verdant mountain pass.  Sunset old King repeated many times only come into the years of heart.Wanderer wandering outside a few tears wet clothes party thin shirt.Perhaps only the submandibular Bairan captured the strong Highlands, had to bow, is not not look back, closed his eyes do not know dim, dark may be able to see, in the end have a gap where.Meng Qin and Han brick walls have slumped collapsed, Yi Tang SONG Zu pavilions eventually seems to fall.I do not know anybody actually had “Nostalgia is a narrow ticket”, but who can believe that the lone lonely boat next to the port.  We always kind of home, however, a man lived all her life in the home, familiar or unfamiliar, familiar, but changes after the vicissitudes of life, but it is strange nostalgia representatives; what tie him down with our hearts , seems a thin line, tied our hearts, until passed away, the cord buried in the ground, erected one facing east Huai Yang.  The East is Red is balmy afterglow of the Western Hills, the sunset is old wooden crutches, with his spine jacked up the scorn of the world, but meditation is chanted Red and Fate proposition.Often sunset Xiegua, it will be with the indifferent light Acacia climb cloud edge, horizon old stained cheeks, sadly the reef promontory.Many times it inevitably met desolate pathos, but God find a joking asked which side of love, joking smile, referring to the East and West, with the exception of the remaining sunset availability.One end of the red line in mind, at one end of the finger, gently pull it aches, took the hands of the marriage, it will be even in the heart of the setting sun, the cold will not.  Acacia is not a human emotion, it is God’s mercy, only that allow people to escape death or whether in the struggle.Acacia is a loss of reincarnation ideas, such as the re-release of the movie film past the gentle scenes, but time seems to stretch it like rail, leaving the wheels rolled over a little whistling and live.  It is silent Aiku quiet quiet sunset waves.Noon, I saw the ground was as boiling water, the urge to have a warm, there are bold chic.Another watch the sunset, as if frozen yesterday, look back in the past.After intense dim light smile he tore the sunset silence, split the darkness, made the world in black and white.When is summer, always the shadow of the wind cut through my ragged, only half of the heart remained in the chest.Reinforced concrete forest height only hope to get a real sunset, that colorful bright face reflected in the wine cup, mixed with wine red, bright fun to watch.Shuer found themselves down when too high, even in the middle of the height they do not desire mixed with emptiness.Sunset in high places who can not see can not wait to visit, because it falls on the people’s eyes, a real sunset.  Life is like the sun, rising, falling.  Difference sunrise and sunset time is not deflected.  However, life is not to undertake, no reincarnation, there will be no afterlife.  But, the real life needs, the need for self, should require bright.  My sunset, open from a tree, the branches money for the journey of the holy life, spikes, leaves knitting itself together, such as more than lotus-filled branches.So bloom sunset, devout pilgrims.Inspired by the way the setting sun, I was lost on the way back, only to see the footsteps filled with years of road, between looking back, to understand the direction of the setting sun, so, along it alone, toward the sunset at the end of chapter five: people way back decorated the day, the atmosphere of joyous festival.  And I packed up their few worldly possessions packed up feeling tired, off.  No destination, free of his own hit sent the scenery, in fact, everything in this sleepy season, in addition to seeing those trees bare hills and roads of the bleak wind and percussion gray outside, the only consolation is when those sunset at dusk, groups of villages from the chimney where the smoke coming out of.  That had always been very complex, smoke curl, Juanniao go home, warm and quiet, seems to see the hot kang sitting cross-legged family members, around a hot pot with interest the article Tut homemade rice wine, that is a warm home, eat a sweet, taste the taste is.  Casual settled in those towns are familiar with, there is no noise in big cities, not those secular decadent, plain and simple in flavor gives a feeling of enjoyable, small groups of people gather in the warm sun under, living in harmony with a smile, a satisfied look on life, whispering to each other, talk about the good weather, outstanding.  Those casually walked into the store early to open the door to do business, those simple ornaments, ordinary items, full of humanity’s cozy, carefully selected some, spend very little money, buy yourself a lot of feeling very favorite things, carefully into a small bag, is a mood to buy.Go out, even humming a ditty, long time, I have not been so happy.  The town is actually as bright sun, many times brighter than the sun over the small town, good times.There is no people choking urban pollution, traffic flow is not crowded, not strident call day call to cries.You can see the blue sky leisurely, free to breathe of fresh air given human nature.  Innocent accent, dilute the lonely wandering cumulative, casual snack bar open those diligent, to a few home-made cakes, although it seems there is nothing particularly good to outsiders, available dates steamed bun ratio is too those eating sweet delicacies, gusto.With many back, for a friend who is also a happy.  These travel through the decorated full of random, there are bags filled with warm memories of the original, mind share is still soft, gentle and caring of their own, to meet with a man of such simple travel, not impetuous, no luxury, calm and seemingly far away from the hustle and bustle of downtown, perhaps, this is their own needs.  The long way home, against the window, watching hastily passing trees, only a few days, Wicker has been a little glow green, and soon, you can see in the sky flying catkins, that is in the new spring sowing.  First trip in mid-2009, the warm and cozy.  I feel at ease with such a trip, it came with such ease, moving with such dedication, never so.  Who says this is not a trip?    Part VI: Where is the way home dream not a dream, like Claustrophobia, have things changed twice, only sigh gap Whitehorse.Looking back, give all Merry.Quiet elusive as daring.Early Yin Yu Ji, clear sky crane row, laughing cloud side-by Fiat, butterfly Fun casual, good scenery here alone.Parting species, the germination of thoughts bud.  Just walked into the hall, he was haunted by the pain of parting.People always want to find a place to miss, so long accustomed to walk alone in bluestone trail.Facing the floor of the lush grass, there is often a sense of throbbing, wrap the whole soul.  Within walking distance to the aromatic herb at most, half of the evening will be just a faint glow of yellow cover up that defeated and killed, the line of sight full of a vibrant green.Though not of the vitality of the spring recovery of all things, not as a pure white depths of winter skies of divine purity.But watch a song secluded trails occasionally exposed loess, just like green leaves line sallow, it is a visual enjoyment, but also filled with a deft charm.  Ancient road, pour out an ancient atmosphere.Follow this all the way through the atmosphere.Familiar and fresh feeling wells up.Up the stairs, which means more intense cold.In particular the passing breeze blowing, it really is lonely at the top.Meanwhile, the wind and the ancient towering trees, the number of branches and leaves swaying.That voice, peaks and valleys, like the approximate far, the former is not as quiet delirium tight bell Yufeng meaning far; nor is Piccolo dongxiao is so pathetic Wife; deep sea of clouds and just beginning to faint melody of spring thunder loop.Gently beat the drowsy dusk.Qiuchong and the sound of a slight whine, sparked my soul resonance.  With the share of loneliness and sadness, Du Yi Wang tall mountains, to speak the slightest melancholy dense gas in my side wrap.I can not help but feel in some inexplicable affair.Just I do not know this is a good naturalist, or longing for a long life.Such as freeze, sank in the wind.Landscape ruthless, it is not old, and therefore often.This ruthless prodigal son, like water falling like, always looking for the best to that legendary Jade Pool, as their last shelter, therefore, constantly wandering, but where is the real destination ah!So he abandoned the tired, still travel.Every place he always appreciate.A flower leaf, plants and trees.Eye to touch, hard to understand.Until one day, he saw his own reflection in a speck of dust, the sand in a whole world to see.That state and feel just like a fluttering almost emergence and immortality.  Goldenthal mountains and small world, Teng Lu Dongshan and small, but Gordon Vegetarian and small lakes division.Man look up to, a pair of white jade Castle, exudes the aura early light at sunset and sunset, facing such beauty, but how can one Tao drunk?I have always believed; but nature can purify everything.Reclining trees at the moment, I was filled with static micro-second tremor God.Whip setting sun, the wind a string of curtain Canxia, is a carefree feel proud waves child, facing the setting sun red sunset and Maple.I was silent, smiling.Yang falling clouds dispersed, the sky do not know when to throw from the ox hair rain, gently, softly.Such as the spring breeze was blowing, the peerless ear.Standing on top of the hill, looking at the foot of the pedestrian or an umbrella or a fast walk.No one seems to transcend the world outside, away from it all, Yang Qilian, any fine rain gently whisk, is a pleasure, is also a goal: Heaven, two things I forgot.  Wind, rain blowing through the mountain leaves pieces falling, as such pathos butterfly.At the green fly, as if the world have pieces, the kind of pain also brought back memories of a deep soul.  Such as heart Qifeng swept trees, see everything green butterfly Suifeng Wu.  Aoyama Ying Alone where, as a greenish yellow way back.  In this lonely environment, the hearts of a sad.Finally understand why Liu Liuzhou in front of the little Shitan, quiet beauty of the face, will produce the kind of “clear over its territory, can not be lived” feeling.In fact, no matter which writers would not naturally have a sense of disgust, but rather dissatisfaction with real life, is also the true feelings of the ups and downs of life.  I will not have the kind of experience and a wealth of experience, but there is some common ground in terms of ideology it.In the future, I will continue their school career, long way to go, how to go to farther?He looked around, dazed look to find a trace of the highlights.The face of poignant landscape, late autumn evening, the end of all things to wither.And I have always believed: Although the ancient yellow, can still refurbished bud.  Walking, was the way back.At the moment the sky, miraculously with the stars, I can not help wan Seoul: it is a sunny day!