Part One: waves flowers Beautiful weather, such as in the intersection when the car ran into the sea.  Saw me, he froze for a moment, but immediately smiled.I also smiled.Greeting each other.A car coming.  And sea met quite dramatic words.  One evening, I came home from school, in fact, go home after the graduation exam, I was riding a bicycle heard someone cry, because it is not calling my ride’s name I continue to move forward.But that voice still catching up with me, I stop I looked back, there was a tall big boys waved to me, I do not know.Then I saw a man behind there, I saw in front of me was wondering, behind the boys say such a thing, you do not XYZ village?He went home with him for a while now you!We really no other way.I still do not understand.Look I hesitated, he said, he was a village, and asked me if I had seen him.I looked, a neighboring village.In their repeated entreaties, I sat down in the back seat.(When there is no bus) on the way I knew he was working in the field, is engaged in home.He never once seen a fiancee, parents arranged the.I was shocked, actually there’s this arranged marriage.It turned out he never quite found the right total, older parents, eager grandchildren, and finally he had to compromise.He was helpless.Suddenly he stopped, looked at me and said: Do you believe in love at first sight?I’m surprised I do not know what he would say next, his mood is very excited: I do not go home, you wait for me to marry you okay covered house?I could not help laughing about it, he is more excited, his face turned red and said, I mean really.I told him I have a boyfriend.He did not say anything.I think his back is very heavy night, someone knocked on the door, opened the door he was actually.I did not ask how he knew my home.How long before he was to go to my house, there are five miles of it!He and my parents chatted for a while, then leave to go home.I sent him to the outside the village, the day the moon is very bright, beautiful.He told me to be engaged tomorrow, he stopped just hold my hand, looked at me and said: You’ll remember me?I want you in my heart.I saw his face shining.  He is gone, good bright moonlight, I looked at his tall figure walked away, very far away, and he was still waving to me.  The sea, I can only say sorry to you, I hope you good. – Part II: the waves of the city beautiful night, lights everywhere, and from the crowds on the streets, and to be connected to the vehicle, always busy!  However, our vision is sometimes too hypocritical, excitement behind every street, there is always a corner belongs to those who are lonely.They like to hide, like to avoid, like the quiet, like not disturb people happy, happy because they do not only allow them to show off, that they can put any pain in front of outsiders performance without flaws, for all they also feel very happy.Or they stay in the casino; or aimless walk through the sparsely populated alleys; or moved a hand-held telephone kept the same number, but the courage to dial out; or pretend easily shallow singing a love song ; or lying in bed, looking straight at the white roof of a daze.But whatever they tell in any way, they lay down is the only tears, with tears they do not want to reveal their weakness!Sauna net sometimes repeat a music phone, even play dozens of times, but each has a different feel again.  Suddenly have the urge to want to leave to travel, to delete all the memories of the city.Longing for a quiet, soft and warm town with gorgeous morning, beautiful evening, idyllic fishing village, who do not know who, but for their own lives.My little life, a small romantic, small warm, just because you will be staged exciting chapter three: Wave River if possible I would like to remember to stay on the waves of the river seven years ago; if possible I would like the waves in the river for seven years ago has disappeared, leaving me only memories.  I Wave River Dreaming many times, that light sparkling water.Blue sky.I do not know her like a proper mark deeply embedded in my heart.Today, seven years when drifting out by Yu, every tired, lonely, drunk, river waves always will be thrown from the soul.That’s my hometown, where it is registered with the joy and dreams when I was young, it was a place to be able to comfort the soul.  River waves are gentle and romantic, home of the summer, cool and pleasant, just remember as a child on a school bag and small partners left, went to play here, playing in the water to catch loach.Shore are two rows of tall poplars, a summer ripe fruit everywhere turned into the same thing bleaching of cotton.From afar no boundary or edge, it is a gentle romantic world.There you can have a beautiful dream, can scar screed.Sweet water from the Songhua River flows through here far, it is the source of the whole Hailin.Smooth as river.This mapping Willow flowers, occasionally floating down a leaf, light rain led to play food.  River waves of pure ice, winter frostbite above a thick pack ice, forming a natural ice rink, a lot of people like nothing else here, there sledge, ice Ga, men and women, young and old, bustling.Here there knocking on floating ice fish.Every time it snows, the river always accumulate a thick layer of snow, often have naughty children go here, heap scholars, snowball fights.This is the Winter Wave River, due to cold and quiet, quiet and pure because, due to the pure and beautiful.  Today has been a long time did not go back, listen to the hometown people say now that the river was still just urban development there also unpopular, and few people go there, where its newly built battlefield.But by evening, the machinery stopped, there can faintly see that once had beautiful.You can find a trace of pure dream.  Wave River is my permanent memories in a dream I often renowned for her.I’m more of a hope that she will be adjourned to spring to life, disappointed once gone, the hope; the pain ceases, is happy.  Although we are separated by thousands of miles, the heart of our mutual dependency hand, the distance Ties I miss you, wish you more beautiful.