Part One: as long as the turn is never out of the window from time to time came the sound of barking, the wind had brought bursts of sweet fragrance, shallow smile, charge a tea, Bandari Nocturne graceful hovering in one room.  The silent night, with candlelight million present, sadly jumping, this layer of mystery cassock always inadvertently spun from people upset thoughts.Millennium reincarnation, dreams never change, that athletic, deep under Review, Bashan rainy night long talk, one by one farewell Willow Lake, meet thousands of miles of mountain stream.I am still me, the silent fleeting, shallow smile, just where are you do?  Fingertip secretly fade, vaguely to the sea crossing, the lights dim, looks back on those yesterday’s Wonderland.Marshes in my bright smile, your oath those tempting lingering vividly, such as sunflower-like warmth, saying wait.Finally, in that sentence, “How far will wait no matter how long,” “Do not worry, I am” in the firm, now gnaw on the cheek instantly freeze the sun and hoping to enlarge.  Always feel that there are times when everything is not always the end, turn around are you calling softly, in full swing after those dreams had continued, I did not forget you are in front of the Jiangnan misty rain, without you how happy?If one day, you forget about those ancient oath, I do not blame you, fine water silent, but since the sea shadowless.Drowning three thousand, just take a spoonful, after all, some of my obsession Bale.  Suddenly remembered, today, a friend and I said, “sooner than later a good love, get married and have children is a woman a lifetime career,” across the screen bitter smile, disappointed unwittingly spread throughout the body and mind, not actually a time a speech, holding fooled in the past do not want to blind.  I do not like all of her is with a graceful, sobbing loudly falling frightened birds fly all over the floor, can only sit in silence in that flowery Shaoguang, for the time being stepping on those simple strings, as they circled around the sky, either complex trivial me backlog in the absence of the bonds in the future.  Time turned into a beautiful city, the shadow fleeting scenes, there was a fresh and bright shining, naughty, stubborn, domineering, gentle, indifferent face, never blurred vision, unable to remember words, a Road engraved charming scenery, seemed to tell “gentleman as you, warm jade, gas, such as rainbow”.Water Taohua Tan thousand, never left behind elegant, West Lake, looking, never disappear expectations, but also thousands of miles across that was constantly bathed me Juanjuan three miles of road trickle.  Clusters of night-blooming cereus, always Suishun disappearing, leaving behind a legend through the ages, and as I’m concerned, you’re just a passenger, hurriedly came to the party as a foundation, continued shear chaos and chaotic life, live like sunflower-like, facing the wind silent, facing the sun and the light smile.  This is a sweet-scented osmanthus fragrance of the season, with God to stray, stay in the days that everything was clear style, let a circle of time that awoke lost you in the direction of 45 degrees stone bridge, and can be striking the cloud is my deep stare, as long as the turn is forever.    Part II: turn around, toast quietly go away for another year, it is still open plum sky.Turn of the year, get together with your friends, Xuefei snow outside the window, hall sea waves, listen to wonderful music saxophone flowing slowly, it is sentimental and romantic, soft and natural, so deep and quietly across my heart, there is no such instruments can Watch my heart.Lying in front of 2012 in 2011 meditation good night, I will not just turn around and saw a Mengran seek my face?Garden outside the dust foggy, not see the point of climbing all the way to miss?So pick up a pen, raving in this period is not long journey behind us.  Always thought that the story of mountain water, the cloud is the story of the wind, you are my story, but do not know, I is not your story?When your voice heard across thousands of miles, I took nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-ninth, as for the first time, always begin: always there to listen when the first mysterious trembling, always have for the first time when hard to get the hang of Acacia, there are always lonely sad after the first conversation, always there after the first call of the beautiful tenderness.In this carnival night, I raise my goblet, stopped at one meter away from your remaining horizon of the place, I spun glass, blurred vision.  Romantic taste like red wine, like red wine transparent temptation to prefer red wine precipitated my thoughts, my cold soak in red wine.But the closer the wine, thousands of miles away from you farther, I alone know the thoughts only wine, think of you, my sadness is like water into sand, as there will be an instant penetration in red wine, wine into the feeling of sadness, of as tears dripped transparent goblet.Think you opened the evening curtain listen to me sing one seat empty, I think you are standing opposite the New Year, smiling touch my forehead Love War.No export words died in the act of silence, will not let you close, because from the United States.So who you are, ever after in the deep blue sea I had tears of Falling?So who am I, when ever you want to bring in cut-year-sung sunset?Nightlife Network who is in the roots, Splendor, who hid faint thoughts?  Chinese-style, Cai confidante, following death, love moving mountains and rivers; Huiyin, Mr. Jin confidante set beauty, in a talent, so that because of her lifelong not marry gold; Meng Xiaodong, Mei confidante as he converted to Buddhism; Li Qiujun, Zhang Daqian’s confidante, Brief Encounter, bow down to him three times, she did not just marry someone else, opened the period of the enduring odd love; Zhaoqing Ge, Lao she’s confidante, Lao she thinks highly of her, more than pull out his wife Hu Qing; Irmgard, Ji Xianlin’s confidante, a lovestruck German woman, as he never married.We in this life, destined to have many encounters, encounters one thing, encounter a person, to make our lives a lot more twists and turns and changes.There are always a few things, so that you never forget, there is always a person, so that you feel, sigh.Occasional stars, let us have a regret, there are also warm.The Hills impermeable whether I am your roots, no regrets, only warm you freeze over the years lintel.  Dear, in the new year, so I call out your name.  In the event you before, I had a do not believe forever, refused once again into the story of the people.Although the share of fantasy elegant and romantic heart trip, but more afraid of desolation when the music stops, I did not expect, the apex chance to become a princess you do not cry, from the looks of indifference and inner melancholy woman becomes clear round, that aloof heart was frozen pieces you love and affection affectionate gradually warming, gentle bloom.  San Mao said: “If you were reincarnated, do a tree, stand in eternity, no joys and sorrows of posture.Half in the earth serene, half flying in the wind, floating down a cool half and half soak up the sun, very very proud of silence, never rely on never find.”Tonight, immersed in the saxophone music, I filled a glass of red wine, standing in a tree pose, you are thousands of miles away, affectionate said: My dear, I could not get warm sun, can not give you anything, so you and not thousands of miles back and forth to love me, as long as you leave me some brow narrow position has been very good.    Part Three: turn around, you did not leave ends of the earth have an end, this situation was everlasting.- Inscription road, at the foot of ups and downs, I frequently look back, fearless bumps bumpy pace.Looking back at, you have mottled shadows, and our share of that touch of summer wind sparsely.  Vivid memories, in the minds of too high a weight set off a heavy Acacia.I would like to transform himself into a cloud, floating in front of you only wish this life, strands of facial color just to warm your sentimental eyes; I want to transform himself into a silkworms, this life you only willing to cocoon, silk pure love wrapped around my infatuation footsteps.  Forget once scene after scene, the morning breeze, the sunset, hang echoed in the ears of the powerful vows.Every time you go away looking back, I always told myself, the people I love, my life is all.  An encounter, I love, how many clutch, but too hasty.Lightly mist the passionate love, he was moved to the Chilian Xinyu.Parting Yiyi ah, how I wish time could solidify, I wish to freeze the ages.  A turn around, I look forward to you Looking back; a turn, I Xiji Zhao you stop.I want to give you a loving hug, I want to give you a warm wishes.But pretend ruthless affectionate, just let you go away without looking back any tears in his eyes in the face, with sad dance in my mind.  A turn, what I fear from a stranger; a parting, how I fear the story of termination.The total after parting, Acacia Yujue so Mingxinkegu; always late at night, Yujue think you are so lonely and helpless.Your shadow, looming, like an angel, in my mind dancing.Skin Sheng Xue, Rubao long hair, smile, my whole life has been dumped.  Some people say, I love you, but that is only a story; bustling passing, everything in life, after all, nothingness; Fairy tales often lie, I was jealously guarding a lonely suffering, a situation only as elusive as the wind Gone.Others idle gossip I do not care, love you, I do not stay retreat, the best period of my acquaintance has been laid way to go, I have no regrets, singing a song.Snow White and Prince Charming what will be the outcome?Whether they will be happy combination?I do not want to care, but do not want to go to attention, I only know that experience of life difficult for water Gorges is also not the clouds.  Love you, never ending, I have been in love with their own to interpret, to create a dry sea rotten stone.I know, I will not look forward to any love, will not produce feelings of others.This life you have, enough, you’re my best home; you are God give me the best gift.You know, I am contented, I will never close the door heart, make you a person to enter, interpret turn around, even if I disappear in your horizon, but in my cape you did not leave, right close away, I’m waiting for you for life.