Part One: The tree outside the window I wish I can be by your side, for you, to guard you, to see you grow up, grow old with you.Lang Lang events, the vast species, I was fortunate to meet you, this is our fate.Well little place!Your presence makes me pleasing, so I’m very fond of you.  I know you have your growing environment, I can not take you away like a flower in the same manner, as is your damage.I can only care for your growth with eyes, with the idea to hope your flower, I hope you bear rich fruit.  You no wind moving, and I greet you in?Are you sensitive to your concern for me?It should be a nod instead of swing.You little fool, how do not always follow my ideas to express it!You are motioned to me to do so sentimental?I think it was such a.  Do you have a specific color, I do not take the pains to distinguish, only one, I can see your location.You do not seize the sun and other trees, and other trees do not compete for space.You’re lonely, but you are free.You live out their own colors, which made me admire!  At the moment I stood at the window, quietly watching you this beautiful landscape Road.You do not take the initiative to get close to me, you do not express inner emotions.You always do this, I am very disappointed.But I can not ignore you, you became my chest mark, so every moment I can perceive your gentle breath.  I’m so quietly watching you, watching you in the direction you know.You just quietly watching me, where I know I’m thinking about.Our hearts together, is to see each other each other, the same can live happy.  You’re strong, they never reveal their weakness.You never do not envy lush green trees, with their own efforts to survive the way outgrew.You are unique, never shy about his short stature, do not covet a tall tree, but do not care do not disdain the tree, raised his noble head with a strong will.You must be very proud of, because you know you have other trees do not have, that’s what I love it!  You can sharpen endure severe cold and heat of the dark clouds, with a high-spirited momentum of life to prove his strong.You can defying harsh environment, not particularly eager to special Chuigu sun and rain, with a soft body to compete with the power of nature, showing their struggle with the fate of courage.You use the exuberant life looks like, taught me to be brave to face life.  I want to close contact with you, close to your feet, but was marked with the words of warning signs block.I can not cross this right close distance, only enough to appease the eyes, and you keep the spirit of convergence.You make me abandon all earthly noise, to the purity of the soul, and sometimes forget where their own.  You give me the fresh air, beautify my living environment, makes my life full of exuberant glory, but I do blame you without any help.I’m enjoying my goodness, you gave, I can not have everything given to you, because these are not all what you need.  You live in your world, I live in my world.We are under the same sky, land on the same side, another lonely alive.You are my soul mate, leaving you, I still always worried about you.You hitch my heart, so I no longer free.You tied my feet, so I no longer adrift.You make me cheer, spiritual world no longer lonely lonely.  You certainly can not imagine my attachment to you, because you have not had such an experience I.You are young, we need to temper time.So you grow into trees, you will be able to understand my feelings, how deep it is.Are you happy?I have so concerned about you, you must be the world’s most happy that the tree.  Let us so worried about each other with it, this is a mutually dependent care, you are forever in my heart.Not my day, you must be happy to live.Leave your day, I would often accompany you in a dream, because you are my dream of olive trees.I decided to always keep your beautiful image in the mind, even years to become gloomy, you will always be in my heart the most beautiful tree tree!    Part II: think of the tree as a child in the home village of a hundred meters to the east, there is a nunnery, the nunnery door closed all year round, which no one living.  Nunneries outside the walls of many kinds of trees, fir, willow, sycamore, but more of a neem tree.In the trees around the ring, nunneries somewhat secluded forest, some mysterious.Go to school every day, after school, where passing, a person walking, I can not help but pace will accelerate; those trees if students in small groups, we would often go outside the walls of climbing.  Secluded forest, the mysterious nunneries, for a group of children playing, it is always full of temptation and longing, I remember a neem flower blooming season, we climbed up the wall of the tree, and then again along the branches over the wall into the nunnery in had explored in fact, from the moment he jumped the fence, we regret: the inside overgrown, thick close, people are afraid to walk around.Ruanmian in gray mud, we are standing blankly silly, but that did not cause the excitement of curiosity.Cowardly timid eyes looked at the nunnery where: Um three rooms side by side, no doors, no Buddha, nor even the altar, in addition to which I do not know when piled straw stack, nor anything else; the front is rather broad field, weeds half-height, buried all the ground.Faced with this scene, we all want to go out immediately, followed by regret can come again, because that is one can get in but can not get out of the place, there are no trees allows us to climb over the wall and then go out.  In order to escape as soon as possible, we had to split up to find climbing pole, in fine seeking, and finally see the edge of the west wall, in the grass, lying against a tree.Approaching nearer the ground near the tree is oblong, sized thick trunk, tree vines wrapped around the living body, derived from snake.By means of this tree, we finally climbed jumped out.  With such an experience, every time through nunneries, I think of the inside of the tree, and later, nunneries door is broken, no one to repair, so I would often went to see dry grass in the autumn and winter season growth state tree.I can not tell the name of the tree, but the tree shape is truly special, lying close to the trunk, and all the branches do not grow up primary and secondary points, I feel like to grow on the trunk of a row of shrubs, because the tree each branch will grow up equally, coupled with the grass cover, the trunk of the tree is unlikely to see clearly.  I am concerned that in several years, the tree has maintained the status quo, it does not seem to grow taller no longer strong, rather like a Buddha, reclining here.It Coorong year after year, just to maintain the status of a life of it, in the years to come feel it growing, so the fate of the face of a tree, at that time, I did not know that it belongs disillusioned aloof, or prisoners the storm Annei Gouqietousheng last resort, humble condescend.  When the trees nunnery wall of competing growth, flourish when Annei of it still sit safely lying there, a groggy, inoffensive way.For the trees growing there, I prefer Trunk straight, high-spirited stand of neem, a tree stalwart, stands Wind and flowers every spring always Hang.Remember Hsi Mu-jung said: “In the end of March early April season, you will see the neem tree to open a lush pastel flower clusters, clusters of purple flowers on top full of gray-green foliage, from afar go, you almost can not believe, chinaberry able to bloom so crazy and at the same time so gentle.”Neem flowers, lush and soft, color purple, strands of poly incense, a tree showered open, it looks like, it madness, there is indeed a gentle madness.And after the flowers, neem also knot, neem can not afford child through the winter, even if the color is no longer a shiny green, yellow became black brown, wrinkled crack, are also firmly hanging from a tree, endured wind knife frost sword press, until the next arrival of spring, was buried receded, take root.Unfortunately, the mid-eighties of the last century, the village’s land household responsibility system, the trees outside the walls of the nunnery also be allocated to the individual, and was cut down one by one.  Abbey alone inside the tree, I do not know it is that people forget or disdain, but still no one to clean up, still quiet, lonely lonely lonely alive.  Later, dilapidated nunnery down; then later, the wall also collapsed, walls covered with mud and suppress the trunk of the tree, also broken tree branches, to the spring of the second year, only a few new branches cautiously stuck his head out from under the weight of the wall of mud, showing again the tension of their lives.However, due to the small branches, the tree has never caused people of all ages.  After many years, I have been approached to scrutinize the tree trunk, the roots have been clearly observed in the basin mouth so thick, more and more twisted roots as an ancient dragon vines.I often think of this: If this tree is not growing in the walls of the nunnery, or not due to cross long, so thick trunk towering long overdue, in that case, it does not need to endure the eyes of the people disregard.You can sometimes think: If it really becomes Dongliangzhicai, it can lay it out there long?Even if some of it mediocre, but was born in the wall, then it will become part of the house, furniture or tools, rather than a tree is not like the tree pose grown here.Sauna net Indeed, those years, living in its side wall of the trees have left their positions, into our lives.Casually pushed open a door, maybe you can see the shadow of the trees: the door or become, or become known as rods, or become Sukie, or into a pole, or become furniture.And this tree is not very high-spirited attitude to life on earth, is not because it has been keeping a low profile with the mediocre, it was rewarded with a more permanent peace?  After another few years, the site of the nunnery wants to build another building, the tree had to be cut out, I do not know where the tree last fall, only seen that bare the roots remaining, brown tree Paper which is red meat wood, careful and meticulous condensation rings tightly together, that it is less than the hardness of the solidified solid rock, wood saw red meat, this fine smell the faint fragrance trees in past years, this tree, how can imagine how much suffering and hardship Oh grow.Now back home, each see the new building on that site, I often think of the past, tall deep nunneries – mental state that would nunneries, there is no practice of ordained nuns lived?  If you lived in, what would be the reason she fled to Buddhism?In the perennial blue lamp Guying in, she was accompanied by delicate diffuse the smoke is slowly fingering prayer beads hand; and in her sound Muyu light hit, knock out the ups and downs is the bitterness of the past, still quiet water mood?  Perhaps in this lonely life in the face of open Temple Court, is a practice of nuns planted the tree?  I think the tree initial growth process, it is certainly far too high longing, but the tree will grow misfortune, perhaps gale of destruction of the tree had fallen across the ground?  After the cross may be unable to support, it may be without support, year after year in the sound of wooden fish, trees, get rid of the trouble, see the Che soul.Thus, the practice of people passed away, it still stayed; nunneries and walls collapsed, it still stayed.Tree, witnessed the practitioner of a quiet day, also witnessed the gray walls and black tiles mottled dying day by day, it has been integrated with the whole nunneries, because when people excavation roots, its mighty roots abnormal stretching, even brick wall base are hugging its arms.Not long space up, you can be down the stretch, which is probably derived from the tree of the practice of living wisdom of it.  Perhaps, the tree came to life the world of this mission is to accompany the devotees, accompanied nunneries, and accompany the unexpected is: tree, also learned to practice, but also understand the practice – towering ultimately dismissed, the result is high-spirited off-site – only to bring a tranquil, peaceful, reverent, to complete the walk was a mission in the world, experiencing life in.  ”A Bodhi tree” Rhyme perhaps hidden here, I think it will certainly be – Nirvana.    Part Three: never mind that tree, too tired, memory tree ,, only once gentle moonlight, so cold at my heart was trembling, I tried to use my piece of debris picked up by the memory of a dream, I find lost heart, it can be extremely unusual moon will once again put my phantom smash hit, I was extremely weak memories of emotion at their mercy.  You turn around and go, but the memories left me, and we had a tree.Alone under a tree, by moonlight he stroked sleep, and dreams of thin cloud veil, your eyes were as clear spring, but now only exist in memory, and the reality of your eyes really cold, my heart instant ice, but I used to love the rain I hit deep broken up, there is no longer any wish for, dream trance even being in the next month alone have become foam.The tree in the empty thrive in the more up.  Din of the crowd trouble, the seasons change constantly for no reason that prompted me to life and helplessness, emotional reason devoid of mutual destruction, let me emaciated, just numb, just never withered tree-lined protect me, will not lose myself, I can not expect too much, I always expect you under the tree, I knew it was just a dream, but that was I can not explain once scenery.  Late at night, I always involuntarily stroked you ever figure, I fear moon night, also had been to the place of fear, in the past many years, you may have changed a lot, but my memory is still time Mo Yang, I have a lot of amnesia, amnesia past but can not distinctly many, this is what my sorrow?Sometimes I hate myself, the society have become what it was like, I’m also still so stupid, so persistent, why, I have no answer.So torture in memory of their own, looking for something not found in the only letterhead, you go, I empty during the day with a busy night is the memory consumed by himself, he met and now has more than ten years, poly has not parting of half-time, I can firmly locked my everything, my tree obscured everything, how I can get out of the shade of the tree, I can not escape!  I had a friend enlighten, but I can not enlighten myself, I hope you can be happy, who can tell me where my happiness, everything is silent, only the sound of the wind and that tree was at!I know I have to fall, but no fruit, I only looked at the trees remaining leaves, a piece no choice but to fall from the trees, my heart is a little bit extreme cold.  Time away everything, and can not terminate the tree color, autumn night fell, there is spring, when it was green, who nonetheless got it?In the spring to the autumn days, with its green heart warming, become stiff wind that he became too blunt, and even their own cycle faster or else know myself.In no hope and expect social barriers in getting up and sitting under the tree, unreal the clear blue sea and silence is a mirage, I could not taste the salty sea water is, or is struggling in life, I do not want struggle, I know that struggle is futile!Under a tree, in the heart of the plan too many results, eventually leaving the promise of these so-called remedies own poetry.Is not it sad?  Empty all good memories, I knew it was toxic, I can not go to any of its residues myself, and I knew you bother to think of these, I will not let you know it all, do not need to remember mercy!Dream under the shade of this tree day after day passed.  The original moonlight, in the original scene blurred the once clear up again, glistening in the month, I sometimes can not find the place to be happy, as my heart forever tragically trapped in a prisoner on a desert island.I’m sad I can be stubborn, always pursuing the even more warmth can not have warm memories of gray heart in the void in.Next month only one-thousandth of a happy intoxication, remaining only the endless fear, pain.My sorrow is due to my stubbornness, my fantasy.  Under that tree, weak memories still trampled upon me, but I get out of the tree as a desert island!Heart is too tired, I still can not escape!