Seeing that the Seventh Festival is coming soon, on Valentine’s Day in China’s inside, everyone naturally hopes that their own Desires Of The Heart will flourish. The Seventh Festival is a good time to express their feelings.. How many heterosexuals will express their love to you on the 7th of July in 2018?? Test it and you will know the answer. Let’s do a Desires Of The Heart test together.!   Where would you tell someone you like??   A, Cinema B, Beach C, Restaurant D, Dream inside Test Answer: A, Many heterosexuals will tell you that you are an easy-going and polite person. You like to take care of others. You feel very happy when taking care of others. The people around you like you very much and think that you are a friend worthy of deep friendship. You are very serious about love. What you need most is pursuers.. Therefore, many heterosexuals will express their love to you on Tanabata.   B, it is very likely that many members of the opposite sex will declare to you that you are a cautious person in the face of love. you are an insecure person. you are not willing to hurt others while you are afraid of being hurt. you are a kind and softhearted person in love. you have many shining advantages on you.. Therefore, Tanabata is likely to have a lot of heterosexual confessions to you..   C, it is very unlikely that many members of the opposite sex will declare to you that you are a person who does not take feelings seriously. do you think feelings can be changed from one thing to another, and you often feel insecure when you are together. The partners around you are constantly changing, and maybe you don’t even know how many relationships you have had.. Therefore, it is very unlikely that many heterosexuals will express their love to you on Tanabata..   D, no opposite sex will declare to you that you are an arrogant person. People do not like to associate with you in life. You talk directly without considering other people’s feelings. Most of the time, you also like to base your happiness on the pain of others.. There are not many people who like you in life, and you think you can do it without love.. Therefore, no opposite sex will express their love to you on Tanabata. Please contact the website administrator if you reprint the original articles of First Constellation. Otherwise, it will be regarded as infringement..

The year 2017 has passed. Have you taken off your order yet?? At the beginning of January 2018, who is the constellation most likely to take off the list? Let’s take a quick look at the 12 constellations who have the most peach blossoms in January ~ Taurus turns into January. Taurus finally gets out of the depressed mood at the end of 2017 and starts to develop well.. With the recovery of the state, Desires Of The Heart is getting better. In the middle of this month, there will be a single exit. Taurus who wants to exit the order should pay attention to it..   January is a good month for Leo, which is a good start for 2018.. The overall fortune is very good, especially in terms of emotional performance. This month, there were two obvious opportunities for the opposite sex and the possibility of sexual encounters. This is a good time for lonely lions..   In the first month of Scorpio’s opening year, Scorpio’s peach blossom is very good. This month, there was a peach blossom, and it was a normal peach blossom, so the chance of taking off the order was very high.. In addition, Scorpio, who has had a partner, has noticed that you have a high probability of getting back together with your predecessor this month..   Capricorn is the constellation with the largest number of peach blossoms in January. There are three peach blossoms this month, which can be said to be the welfare of single Capricorn.. What is not worth noticing is that this peach blossom is pale and fragile, and it is easy to disappear. It takes a lot of efforts to get out of the list.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.

The year 2017 has passed, and at the beginning of January, what do you need to pay attention to in order to get off to a good start and lay a good foundation for 2018? Let’s take a look at a word of advice to the twelve constellations in January..   Aries: haste makes waste this month. Aries will devote herself to career or study, but is too eager for success, eager for success, and prone to failure.. Dear Aries, haste makes waste, do not rush for success.   Taurus: More important than hard work is to find the right direction. Taurus is full of energy this month. It’s a good thing to try hard, but it’s important to remind Taurus baby that hard work is more important than hard work. You must find the right direction..   Gemini: Believe in yourself and have confidence in yourself. Gemini this month is especially prone to worry too much and have no confidence in themselves and are prone to self-doubt. Dear Gemini, don’t think too much and think too far, do a good job in front of you and believe in yourself..   Cancer’s following contents: Only by putting down the past can cancer meet the future. Cancer is still immersed in the past emotions, and is easy to think more and more negative.. Dear Cancer Baby, only by learning to let go of the past can you meet a better future..   Leo: nothing forcibly done is going to be agreeable, let nature take its course. Leo this month is likely to be too attached to feelings, causing troubles to the other party and to themselves.. Dear Lion, you must know nothing forcibly done is going to be agreeable. You must learn to let go of your feelings and let nature take its course..   Virgo’s following: Remember not to put too much pressure on yourself. This month, Virgo will have a lot of things and is prone to greater pressure.. Dear virgin, there is nothing wrong with being strict with yourself, but don’t put too much pressure on yourself either.   Libra’s following: Don’t forget to rest even if you are busy. Libra will be very busy this month and there are many things to do.. Dear Libra, don’t forget to rest even if you are busy. The body is the capital of revolution..   Scorpio: Wait, time will give you the answer you want. This month has been a tough one for Scorpio. The delayed results have made Scorpio nervous.. Dear Scorpio, please wait patiently, time will give you the answer you want..   Sagittarius has the following contents: The challenge is coming. You need to be prepared. This month’s Sagittarius is not an easy month. It will be a big challenge. You need to be prepared.   Capricorn’s following contents: For health, you need to rest. Capricorn’s body is prone to minor problems at the beginning of this month. Attention should be paid to eating more vegetables and fruits and exercising moderately. For health, you need to rest more..   Aquarius: You need to pay more attention to the people around you. In January, Aquarius looks relatively closed and likes to be alone.. Dear Aquarius, there are many people around you who need your help. You should spend more time on them than on yourself..   Pisces: Find something to do. Don’t stop yourself. Pisces is prone to paranoia and anxiety this month. Dear Pisces, you need to find something to do. It is good for you to keep yourself busy.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.

Opportunity is luck. The more opportunities, the more luck.! A person who complains all the time, luck will slip through his fingers.. Everyone’s luck inside hides hard work, everything is the best arrangement, want to have good luck, cannot leave their own efforts. So who among the twelve constellations is in good luck in September, with good things going on??   Cancer Baby Cancer will have a particularly prosperous Desires Of The Heart in the coming September.. In love, cancer has always been relatively reserved and shy, not good at expressing their feelings, even in the face of the right object also dare not to express their love, so most cancer babies are in the unrequited love stage, although get along very sweet, but the bitterness is only oneself know. However, don’t worry about Cancer babies. In the coming September, you will obviously feel the enthusiasm of your favorite object for yourself and have the opportunity to get the initiative of the other party. In addition, the relationship between the person in love or the married person and the other half will also obviously heat up. The emotional fortune is especially good..   Taurus September is a lucky month for Taurus babies who love money.. In the coming September, business and start-up babies will find that their career has been steadily rising and is progressing better and better.. Taurus is not only smart, but also extremely diligent, hard-working and diligent. Therefore, he always has more ideas and means than others in his career development. Therefore, everything is on the right track and he is making crazy profits.. It can be said that September is a lucky month.. It is gold that always shines. This September, someone will see the advantages of Taurus baby and then focus on promoting them..   The Libra baby will go well in all aspects in the next September, so the Libra baby can play at will and begin to develop the projects he likes. In addition, Libra’s financial fortune in September is still quite outstanding. Whether it’s the method of making money you find yourself or cooperating with others, there will be obvious benefits.. In addition, in terms of feelings, libra babies have always been eager for love and have never met the right person before. however, in September, libra babies will have the opportunity to meet the person they like and will probably enter marriage with the other person.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.

Entering August, some unexpected surprises may happen to some constellations without preparation. Now let’s look at which constellations in inside will reap unexpected surprises and have noble help in August.?   Taurus Taurus people will have noble help, lucky stars and prosperous fortunes from August onwards.. In mid-August, Taurus has good luck and can always get help from noble people and make correct choices at critical moments, especially when Taurus likes to work well.. In late August, Taurus is still lucky, but it takes more time to get what you want.. Taurus people will have a great change in August. They can get what they have always wanted and have noble help. If they get what they want in their hearts and take the initiative, there will be surprising results..   The calm life of Gemini’s friends is about to be broken. although there will be some sufferings, fortunately, August has the help of noble people and gives Gemini many valuable opinions. everything is going well, so that they can adjust to the right direction according to their own abilities.. In terms of feelings, with the help of noble people, people will like peach blossoms.. Therefore, Gemini should pay attention to, must grasp their noble fortune well..   Capricorn Capricorn has finally been able to recuperate in August after a difficult month, and the most important thing is to have the help of noble people. They will be valued in all aspects and will have a good chance to appear. No matter emotionally, professionally or financially, they can get the help of noble people. Capricorn has finally been able to seize the opportunity, Money and treasures will be plentiful, with both positive and negative wealth, especially in the middle of the month, and good luck will continue.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.

Some people will always encounter some disappointments in their life, but people will always help them at critical moments.. Sometimes you clearly feel that you have worked very hard, but you still cannot compare with those who enjoy the benefits. In fact, sometimes what we lack is not hard work, but a Bo Le.. Which constellations will have particularly good luck in the coming July??   Aquarius Aquarius has a very delicate mind. Sometimes it hurts for a long time just because someone else’s careless word.. Whether dealing with the relationship between colleagues or lovers, Aquarius is always not good at handling and often does bad things with good intentions.. In July, Aquarius will meet a noble who can help them solve their emotional problems and help them Knots Landing.   Sagittarius Sagittarius Sagittarius is extremely kind-hearted. When they see injured animals on their way home from work, they all pull out their hands to help.. Sometimes I throw a few coins into the bowl of a well-known swindler.. It is this kindness of archers that enables them to get help from noble people in July.. Not only have you made achievements in your career, but also you are happier in your life than before..   Pisces Pisces has a pettish temper, and sometimes he is angry and won’t listen to anyone else’s words.. Therefore, the relationship with parents is particularly rigid, and even during holidays, they seldom spend holidays with their parents calmly.. In July, Pisces will meet a noble who will help them improve their relationship with their parents.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.

This week’s astrology can be said to be the key part of the whole July. The whole is changeable. Mercury will start retrograde this week from July 26 to August 16. The feeling of water inversion is more obvious in week. It includes the following contents: words and deeds, communication, and cost increase, electronic equipment, network, pipelines, data management, and traffic travel. Error rates in these aspects are easy to rise, and it is also easier to encounter Caton, congestion, and temporary situations.. This week there will be an important astrological sign of the year, the Aquarius eclipse. This week’s astrological changes are mostly concentrated on the axis of Leo and Aquarius, so the force of this eclipse will be obvious.. Lunar eclipse will bring people a sense of discomfort and pressure.. Some people will inevitably experience separation.. So it is time to say goodbye to those unhappy past. Some goodbye, also don’t have to miss, really can never see again.   On the one hand, the contradiction between work and interpersonal relationship will erupt this week, and some people will leave the current environment, such as resignation and job-hopping.. In interpersonal relations, conflicts with some people will erupt, pulling someone black and getting rid of dependence on someone.. The probability of making mistakes will also increase this week, and careless actions may bring endless troubles.. The inverse of the water will greatly affect Aries’ emotional situation. If you have company, you should pay attention to the relationship with your predecessor. If you make up your mind to say goodbye to the past, you should clarify your attitude and don’t bring troubles to the people around you.. For single people, this flood disaster is like a double-edged sword, which may make your memory sweet, and may also make you completely glad to end the current ambiguous relationship and unrequited love.. If you should let go, let go. You are the independent and pure Aries. You have no compromise in front of the pure love ideal..   Taurus’ impact on Taurus is mainly on the family. Pay special attention to the electrical appliances, network, pipes and other things like water leakage and house maintenance in the family. The other half of Taurus who is close to the family may have differences. Single Taurus may feel the pressure from the family and will not always obey the parents’ arrangement.. In terms of career, when facing external pressure, it may erupt, quit or start a business.. This week, you are vulnerable to criticism from your superiors, salary deduction, and other things that make your mood and self-confidence plummet.. You are a sedate Taurus, causing conflicts is not what you want to see, although sometimes you are also very difficult, please express your true feelings in life..   Gemini’s water inversion has a great influence on Gemini. This week your main star began to retrograde. The feeling of water inversion is obvious. Gemini is a relatively frustrated week. It is prone to poor communication, emotional, and miserable from people around you. It makes you feel angry but helpless.. This week, there will also be an eclipse of the moon, which will add the influence of the adverse effects of water on you. The discomfort is obvious and will cause you to change, such as changing the environment, changing the city for development, going abroad to study, or changing jobs, and other things that change your life chances.. Emotionally, you may be influenced by your predecessor, giving you a feeling of entanglement and not knowing how to handle this relationship.. Emotional restraint will make you feel irritable. You must keep a peaceful heart and make the best judgment in your heart..   The effect of this water inversion on Cancer will first be financial pressure. As daily expenses increase, you will feel that you cannot make ends meet and have a great sense of pressure. The current goal is to make money.. Individuals are prone to uneven financial distribution, such as unclear terms, which may erupt in the end.. The adverse effect of emotional water supply on Cancer is not very great. At most, it will be misunderstood by some people and will not cause too much conflict.. You will feel a little lonely and neglected, making you feel depressed.. Single cancer crabs often feel insecure and eager to find a sheltered harbor.. The loneliness of this period of time is precious to Cancer. You may as well take this opportunity to calm down and think about your own affairs..   This water inversion of Leo takes place in Leo’s zodiac, so it has the greatest impact on Leo.. During the period of water adversity, Leo’s status may be questioned by the people around you. Your arrogant attitude is easily repugnant to the people around you.. A careless word spoken emotionally can cause a great blow to the other party, leading to emotional breakdown and difficult repair.. You may have to face some choices, such as deciding to resign, quit, start a business, transform and separate. This is a farewell to the past.. In terms of finance, it is easy for a sum of money to be neglected, misstated or a certain consumption to feel cheated.. As you always like to speak frankly and quickly, you must remember that what you say must be lost, especially when you say something out of control, it will have a profound impact..   Virgo’s main star will retrograde this week, and the reverse of water will begin. During this period, Virgo will be in a state of hesitation and indecision, questioning his decision, not daring to show himself in front of others, and having a tendency to evade problems.. In terms of work, it is relatively easy to have jobs with high stress or need to rush and work overtime.. The workload is also relatively large, and everyone is easily upset because of it.. This week Virgo’s emotional aspect, your state is a bit repetitive, and you are getting tired or tired of the previous relationship. You don’t have the confidence to maintain the current relationship. The expansion of your personal emotion may make the other party feel disappointed and have the idea of leaving.. If you are single, you will be in For Old Times Sake or have active contacts with your predecessor, but most of them are only emotional. You should know how to distinguish and feel your heart..   Libra, this water inversion will affect your interpersonal relationships around you, and you will feel tired when dealing with the pressure of interpersonal relationships.. At work, facing the change of leadership and the adjustment of colleagues, you will want to leave the social circle, pull black and temporarily leave a friend.. On a daily basis, the pressure of work will be greater, and you will feel helpless in the face of heavy workload.. Emotionally, single Libras will get tired of their current life, begin to miss the past, and may give up or end an old relationship or an early-stage affair.. If you have a partner, it is easy to be suspicious of the other party, and it does not rule out that you will find some clues, such as the other party is having an affair with others or hiding something from them.. You can choose to talk openly.   Scorpio’s water inversion will take place in Scorpio’s career palace this week, and some important work will begin to progress slowly, which will make you worried.. There is also an important astrology this week. The influence of the lunar eclipse on Scorpio is more towards family and house. Pay more attention to the health of yourself and your family. Some people will start to decide to buy a house or move house.. Emotionally, having a partner, a decision about work or the future may affect your relationship.. Single, have the opportunity to meet new people, but please slow down. Individuals will end a complex relationship, a multi-angle relationship, a hidden relationship.  Sagittarius The Sagittarius Sagittarius Sagittarius is still greatly affected by this water inversion. Emotionally, feelings will come to a dead end. No matter which direction you go forward, there seems to be no efficient way to solve the problem, which increases your frustration and makes you feel a little helpless.. There will be some confusion this week. In a certain environment, interpersonal relationships, communication and social news will affect your life and delay your energy.. The workload at work increases, the sense of busyness increases, and many changes easily occur, making it easy to argue with colleagues.. Emotionally, individuals will end a long-distance relationship, ambiguous network. Single, there are still some Desires Of The Heart in the early days of week, but don’t be too presumptuous. Be careful of a rose with thorns on the road.. You are also a large family that is easily affected by the adverse effects of the water. Therefore, your daily stumble is not small. Please be patient..   Capricorn’s major impact on Capricorn this time is focused on feelings. Emotional life is prone to problems and troubles consume a lot of energy.. Too much anxiety and anxiety make you disheartened, and your indifference will send an unfriendly signal to the people around you, which will make your emotional problems worse.. If there is a partner, those who decided to separate before may need to deal with some common property problems or some money problems that need to be further understood. The other party may also turn over old accounts and ask you for some money.. In daily life, we should pay attention to the interpersonal relationship with colleagues, which is easy to fall into disputes of words and tongues. The overall process of work will also be somewhat chaotic, and there will be more temporary situations..   Aquarius will face an unprecedented crisis this week due to the double attack of inverse water and lunar eclipse.. A lot of things need to be dealt with, and in the process of dealing with this, there will be ups and downs, increasing your difficulty in dealing with things.. In terms of work, the situation of old people will increase, including the repetition of work, and there will be a feeling of slow progress.. Financially, it is easy to lose money.. At the same time, there will be intruders in your life, bringing you a great sense of crisis.. The emotional alarm goes off. Don’t keep a tolerant and indifferent attitude as before. It is likely that your other half will leave you.. Single Aquarius is also gradually uneasy about a certain relationship. You need to express your inner thoughts..   Pisces This Water Reversal has a greater impact on Pisces, and it is easy to feel the strong Insecure.. This week is not a comfortable week. Emotionally, they will find each other not pleasing to the eye and the cold war will easily break out.. For single people, their goals and status are blurred and their psychological pressure is great.. Pisces is easy to create a beautiful illusion in a good atmosphere, so don’t be fooled by temporary feelings, you need to keep a rational mind.. Trust crisis, whether it is emotional or interpersonal relationship at work, may face bigger problems and even arguments between words and tongues.. Work is closely linked with financial fortunes, and when work is not smooth, financial fortunes naturally decline.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.

Part One: Yeah Toon, Toon can not think of what to plant trees leaf besides aromatic fragrance also be people gather to eat, in addition to Toon.  Last weekend, because the old house to be renovated, send her mother to return home.See the hospital wall around the old tree toon tree has grown out of a lot of trees and lush foliage rather.Traditionally, when a section should be picking over the growing of two, because the old house can be inhabited, just let it toon tree branches and leaves of trees and plants along with other hair growth, free growth, no charter.  Remember some time ago also went to the market to buy cedar, carefully smell, choose one carefully, for fear of being adulterated, can buy back after taste or feel inadequate.When the mother went there, I had inadvertently filed with the mother, the mother recorded in the heart, go to the market to buy a dedicated and well-preserved good.When my mother opened the door to a home again at noon, there is a rich aroma nostrils.That, I would put my mother pickled toon bag, after lunch go with the unit to work and put in the cupboard, until the ride home after work, all the way surrounded by the aroma that.Not only that, after a long period of time, my backpack, my unit cabinet, our family, together with my whole body, have been imbued with a deep sense of tantalizing taste of Toon.Tales of those days as promised and wonderful aroma.  Front have ready-made, but also their own planting, the quality is absolutely assured.Thus, to take the house with a ladder, the frame in the trees, board up Xinxinran.  That Toon want to sell just a few wrinkled, but also with branches, cedar leaf in front of plain smooth green, to refer to pinch, that is tenacious petioles.I thought, as a direct pinch go back to eating the leaves, not better?Neighbors saw him, smiled and said: “Those green leaves, is old and can not eat, that only leaves is red and tender, you can also eat, you can be folded together and even branches, will soon issue a new the buds.”So this is.That leaves a closer look, it really only shoot a few of them dark red leaves, branches and petioles are really crisp.Suddenly realized that those early sellers together with sticks pinch sell, one can fetch a high price in time for the season, and second, if the pinch late, really old, can not eat, they wasted.  Four Seasons want in life, every quarter own arrangements, no reserve winter, sowing of spring, summer work, there is no autumn fruit laden; missed, there will be missing.Life, that’s the cycle, going, went ahead.  Neat and quick, soon toon with sticks, leaves fold down, then carefully picked, there is a bag full of it.  Recall that earlier period fragrant day, I know that the next day will be fragrant.    Part II: Toon home flowers will do when the monk Zhuang children’s interest, not only did not reduce, but the increasingly strong.They use bamboo or sickle tied on, or direct climb, gathering toon buds, little time, on the table every household, we have smelled tempting Chun Xiang.  Every late spring, this warm and brilliant scene, often come to my mind.That rich aroma, such as spring water is more like a walk through my homesick heart.My home is a southwestern Henan Tanghe south bank of the hinterland villages of less than two hundred people, the liberation of their land is a landlord, then long-term employment in the meantime to build huts to rest and pastoral care, land reform time and assigned arable land, settled down , gradually formed a village.Because of the village of West Block large-scale temples, although already destroyed by bandits chaos, but to become familiar landmark on the vast flat basin, combined with our ancestors did not read the book, so the home will have a fancy name for “Monk village”.Sauna net ancestors understood the importance of trees to the village.Windbreak, shade, housing, accumulating possessions, even when the emergency is lean, which are not from the tree, so the village are full of trees planted on the robust.Among these, cedar, elm, locust tree is the most important species.This is because, in the home, toon buds and Atriplex, SJ, is the prestigious “tree food”, known as the “three courses from late spring”.The difference is that the latter two are all over the village, a large yield, used to steamed steamed, can serve as food for thought.Toon is rather delicate, usually only grows in better water and fertilizer conditions of garden and pond edge, the output is not large buds, eat time is not long, but nutritious, taste great, but also detoxification , soothing eyesight, stomach qi, protecting intestinal illnesses, have a high therapeutic value, so to win extra favor.With the improvement of economic life, Atriplex, SJ gradually withdraw from folks on the table, but still very popular Toon.  However, it is among a small episode, the so-called “late spring three dishes,” especially respected Toon, almost to suffer bad luck.Things and “One People” mountain village about God.He was born Field Army, the militia villages as we belong to the company commander, the security director, also serves as the captain of the village monk, but it is also the current patriarch, warmhearted, just outspoken, tough, a monk who is the highest authority of village.With folks saying, Lord Hill shouted a voice, the monk Zhuang most stout old tree had trembled.  That was the beginning of the nineties of the last century.Monk is the root of the village built the village for decades, let alone college students, except for my father, not even a high school student did not come out.The neighboring villages Mengzhuang, our population with similar economic conditions, we did not strong, but basically every year people go to college, a college student away and each village to put movies, burning firecrackers, drums to celebrate, it is truly envy!Two more than the next, there is a mountain god heart disease.Lord Hill is leaving blush, people put the old movie also sent him an invitation, it seems God in the mountains, which is where the invitation, obviously, “gauntlet”.Most of the gas is to have a movie in the evening, Meng Zhuang Ye Bin drunken old patriarch asked God Hill: “When are your village is also a college student, my brother also asked to see a movie, drink.A couple of drinks, ah?”Mountain God that there is no time to put a face, he wished he hides his pocket torn away.  He came back after the start pondering.Then just come to a feng shui, just like mountain Yeshui, your village simply can not get college students!Lord Hill was taken aback, and hurriedly asked the reason.It will be Mr. spittle flying to say the name of your village is first of all very strange, village monk, the old monk hat flat does not collapse, the students Zeneng?As well as your village trees with bad feng shui hurt, broken strength.Your three main species represent a stupid, bad, stupid, especially the funny thing is that toon, stupid stupid on it, but also Hong?What is this word?Replacement trees must seek to crack, it is imperative to first toon tree cut down.Lord Hill skeptical, will discuss with you.Father did not agree, saying no students with the name of the village, there is no relationship between species, because Zancun not attach importance to education, drinking, playing cards, mahjong will become the wind, but also to earn money to say good day, not the money for the children to go to school, but building a new house, put a good early child barracks, also a university student Zeneng?Lord Hill took much culture, but admire intellectuals.Do not say do not cut the tree, the village also decided remediation wind, issued a call “we would rather live in huts, but also for the baby school” and set a village bylaws, the future someone out of the college students, if tuition Nabu Qi, village people must find a way.  As the years past, the mountain god disappointed time and time again, and finally in a Hong Chun-filled evening, the end of the 75-year life path.That is, when the fall of that year, I took my folks gathered tuition, ready to go to college, specifically to visit the grave of the elderly.At that time I thought, if there is to know God the mountain, will be gratified.  My life was really fast, had gone a decade.Today I look old, not early adopt Toon climb trees, and already have their own career and family in the distance.Just think of whenever me to support my hometown, there is invariably a lot of hearts of guilt and anxiety.This is because, in a foreign land, I not only have no contribution to the home, or even to reduce unnecessary interpretation, in order to ridicule from others, in the vanity driven, whether it is filled or resume talking with friends, I We are keen to avoid “monk village” three indecent words, often add to the administrative village village group of alternative approaches, too many folks owe.The thought here, that Toon aroma, that long-lost family, became more full-bodied.  When ready to give his son a few days ago had a birthday, my father took my four year old nephew, arrived all the way Lingbao.Are fifty years of age, not only carry their own a few cartons of eggs and duck eggs, also let his nephew back to the bag with a small bag of Toon.The next day, my wife and I cook the guidance of his father, not for a while, Toon scrambled eggs on the great, full of the aroma of the entire house.Father to grandson clip a piece in his mouth, he smiled and said to me: “How fast, then you are just like him so much ah!”Great-grandfather go, it is late at night, I asked the nephew on the platform:” do not want Uncle?”Nephew milk and milk sound gas and he said:” If you want!Uncle do not want to home?”I nodded his head, smiled the little guy.The train disappeared in the night when I was journeying to think that deep sense of family, it is the earth’s most cherished fate!    Part Three: Speaking of human taste, then toon toon, probably everyone likes, I say it is delicious world, it has seen at least I was going to love it.Toon is seasonal dishes, but my family did not lack Seasons.Suri meals in my dish prescribe is essential, a garlic, another word is my most beloved Toon pickles.Lover knows my preferences, naturally I do not exhortations, there are always two pro early to lay the table I went to enjoy its fine gastronomy during dinner.Occasionally forgotten, they know what to do, loss of dull, as if on a rare feast, there is a dish not on the finale.  Toon eat a lot, but I never worried too tired to eat.The main way of eating are: scrambled eggs Toon, Toon tofu, fried cedar, salt and pepper fish toon, toon chicken breast, meatloaf toon, toon egg and so on, said numerous numerous say.I prefer to eat in the many spring buds scrambled eggs, Toon tofu, which is very excellent.Pancakes with spring buds tofu, the kind of fragrant lips and teeth feeling really wow.  Toon contains very rich in nutrient-rich, far higher than other vegetables.It is said, contains protein, calcium, vitamins, vegetables are listed in the forefront, it is “natural vegetables,” said.It is not only nutritious, and has high medicinal value.  Toon human consumption has become a habit for a long time.Tang said that when Li Shimin Crusade, the line to my home horse downtown warehouse Ridge Village day forage non-renewal, fifty thousand troops had to eat with Toon and mulberry leaves, but after winning the mistake and the wrong shape toon likeness of ailanthus tree called “King of trees”, from the ailanthus tree no matter what tree can be soaring in large measure toon tree, mulberry is very resentful, also broke the gas belly.This is another story.  Despite the mountain due to climate reasons Toon than the city to be reserved about a half months, but I never buy because early adopters Toon city, under the city where the goods early toon, either mostly or greenhouses used fertilizer ripening , and the kind of day warehouse Ridge mining essence of heaven and earth, sun and moon poly Aura, the wind and rain bathed pure natural wild toon can not be compared.  Toon has the second crop of first crop of the points, the first crop Chunya not only juicy, and rich flavor.Two Crops sense of the wood, just like Jazz wax.Toon respect to color can be dividends sprouts and green sprouts, red buds of red agate, green as emerald green sprouts, red buds, but more delicious than the green sprouts.Of course there are small trees on the trees, the house’s sub-slope after slope before the slope.  The memory of the first crop toon in addition to basic leave the New Year is reluctant to eat, most of the make money, relatively speaking, that is known as a home to live in salt Dayou important source of income.A child in my yard have big stars toon tree, hug a rough look, high trunk, not to mention blotting out the sun canopy, but also cover more than half of shady yard.Annual harvest time, when my father was a young man climbing a tree or a wall stand or riding on the roof, pick rod hook.Then her grandmother, mother under a tree to pick up, my brother and I were just blowing with spring buds twigs do sound flute help.In addition to leaving a small portion of their own food, and then classified by size too fat, tied to prepare for his father go to the market to sell.Mother occasionally with some tofu beans go to the streets in exchange, give us three brothers back and forth Toon tofu roll pancakes, Bon appetit belch support us again and again.  Toon and the second crop of first crop, although not on a par, but it is also completely edible, usually very old, very thin.Cooked second crop toon rod, skin can eat soup boil out toon, added salt to the brewing carrot pickles.Toon pickled pickles sounds simple, but also quite learned.Over the years my family Toon pickles are pickled mother, of course, I would love.General access to 5?7 cm red bud crop, too short, not tender flavor, taste a bit weak too long.Breaking new toon first washed with water, then dry, otherwise it will fall leaves, dried over Qingcuo salt, salt use coarse salt, such as rubbing a little toon Yan, and then to find a small jar barrel , one layer of coarse salt spring bud training system, and finally opening sealed with plastic film to prevent run flavor.Such cultivated pickles, eat under the new stock coming year no problem, every mouth sealed jar must be good when feeding.This method is also stored in the refrigerator had immeasurably.Despite the day’s toon tree warehouse Ridge mountains are, but not many belong to my family, home, old tree when I got married, made furniture, and now think it is regrettable, but now I understand a father to children married kill trees to make decisions share of frustration.Separation of the division to my house yard, and later his father had planted several strains, pick the coming year, always optimistic about the phone told parents Toon, the home has been unoccupied, they are afraid of outsiders picking, and second, fear two brothers back home pre-empted.Then I will use my house has been divided, toon naturally mine declined by pick.I took part in a large house divided can not approximate the door of my toon.Of course, every year parents will pick some of them, I will turn a blind eye, when I will go back and pick brought back to their divisions, only slightly less than I.  Several times to give their elderly parents called to ask Toon’s situation and growing, always worried about security when parents pick toon, yesterday learned from the mother’s description has grown to about 5 centimeters, and I blew from home bursts spring smell that fragrant incense to the bone marrow, which makes my heart itch exciting moment it is hands-on time, I know those plump little meat were standing branches waving at me, waiting for me drove pick.

Part One: wrong time left homeless tough on the ragged green body against a stout trunk, he clearly felt the cold hard leather pieces protruding pressure on him more cold and numb arm on that trunk, along with squeeze resistance vessels formed at this time but also the consumption of his violent weak strength.Want to take a deep breath left more wrong enough strength to support the crumbling of the flesh, the heart may already have no strength to carry on so much life activities, and a choking chest but was sucked up all his strength.He looked at his helpless body slowly sinking, sinking.Then fiercely “bang” hit the mossy lichen exposed at the surface roots, cold sweat with dirty hair nodules from coming out of the side, also soaked thorns pierce bush silk clothing and silk gloves.Reveals a pale ashen face of despair lifted, the reverse look through the overcast sky scattered light.The same pale mind of their own, but another scene, Kate seems like a distant yin and yang.  Bright and clear as the sun just love her to wipe a century before the clouds into the sky, flashing out of the clouds, a bunch of a bunch of splashing in the clear blue sky.A teenager standing on a white flowers surrounded by high stone walls, the following is a territory of the People.The lush dark green moss crawling between the stone walls, symbolizing through here in ancient times.Around young people also crowded with many eyes are collected in this high-spirited boy who brightly colored carpet at the foot of juveniles involved like water from a distance, purple, white, rose, red-colored countless blooming fireworks being pushed onto the carpet.Juvenile or so gentle calm, although so important in today’s time, his eyes swept each cheek a familiar presence, then turn sights on the next stone wall belonging to his territory, the constellation-like arrangement of buildings and streets, which also belongs to his people, hee hee yell of people are also looking up at him, eyes flashing light looking at something called.They wish this generation of lords still respectable sages, like the previous nine generations of the left’s like a lord!  When the sun came a fantastic seven-color, while the walls on both sides of the white dandelion snow flying, white steeple juvenile hall behind the steeple at the colorful refraction of the sun, such as snow lotus flower in full bloom unsteadily, with a high steeple erected in the same banner embroidered with white dandelion also sough exhibition content, to see this moment the Holy Spirit.Steeple blooming time, surrounded by mountains vast territory including the most beautiful mountains in the language of the wind petals also dumped on her, and in the air like a butterfly flock over the steeple, peaceful clouds Bling also vacated involved.  Teenage like shiny eyes stare at the stars of God in front of all, uncertainty will be put in the eyes of most women next, followed by a group of excited girls behind, and in a language called Dong giving her long ponytail girl the body a little pause, and finally the women side by side, middle-aged man, dignified face without a trace of expression, but soulful eyes in the middle of the egg white banner embroidered with white dandelion in a square flag.  In this case, the juvenile had no energy to give him strength to continue to remember the picture of such a waste of effort.”Yes ah, I have no strength to recall those good, and I can not get back the way home, and never see blue sky in full bloom Young dandelion crowds flew” like a teenager as if by the last words muttered tone.Teenager thought, this is all in the deep fog of the forest lost more than a month, hard times have stayed here, but now they will not give up when the fog lifted a pity it, that he did it very young, 18 years old!!  I really want to give up?Family who are still looking for my lord it useless, my parents, lovely sisters, I love like a dandelion white princess Dong language, and most people who trust me.No, I want to find my way home!!  Might be a better life in the past to stimulate the ailing our lord, or is our lord think of those who love him, give him a warm person and arouse potential for survival, after several of his fall and still Youpaqilai tenacious getting up, finally again and lifted the trunk side to climb up.If the flame of life flared in his eyes, he look for a direction of a rickety leaves as a signpost on the road to his house to find a.In the forest there is no white mist obstruct vision, the left side of the fruit easier to find fault branches, the only thing he is strange that this magnificent lush forests actually not too many animals, only occasionally flew from the top of the huge birds, in Chen a constant overcast sky hoarse chirping, giving a feeling of the end of the world, cold and vast.  All dignity in the face of survival are funny and ridiculous, falling in between the thick leaf mold fruit of corruption, long Bacillus filthy insects covered the ground, you can ignore the walk?Among strange icy forest, non-toxic and poisonous and mingled with students.Only eat what is the most secure, plus you will not hate appreciate it!  Chao Chao about about as dark abyss swept forests, fear lurking, evil spirits hiding in the corner of the eyes are peering, giant evil creature being open mouth waiting, waiting like vultures look, eyeing the hidden cover in the absence of light through a corner, inside trees may giant trees.Perhaps, ugly cannibals scouts are wandering around in the woods trying to catch stray want to own.Listen to the city’s people say, the mysterious wizard also like to live in the depths of the forest undisturbed, they like knocked a single human to do the experiment, dolls made without thinking, will find ways to want to steal human soul refining for pharmaceutical species.  Ignorance of the forest, unknown world, no human voice alone, it had become nothing from lords Fengfengguangguang.Sometimes the left would think wrong, those good memories are not out of their own imagination, so that he might have been wandering in the forest to grow up.Mind sweet cheese, mellow fermented rice, as well as glass cup Cui Xiang jewel-like light flashing through the darkness of the night.He is not thought out, it might have been eating their own fruit leaves flower vine, as well as insects and the wind together to enjoy good taste odd mushrooms.  Leng night no velvety warm blanket draped body, can not see the curtains trimmed with bright jewel ‘of the circulation of the United States.A clump of grass left in the wrong polymerization of large trees lying, thinking.The family should be around this time next to the warm fire, orange flame exudes warmth beating in the dark pupil.Naughty sisters gathered around their parents chaos jumping, racing to embrace the baby, head square magic fantasy gorgeous chandelier, matches the Perak symphonic, wind whistling outside the window of the house shouting.Another quarter of an hour, the beautiful maid will bring an Nuanwei mellow evening porridge, I kept thinking wrong left closed his eyes and fell asleep, his eyes warm tear drop, a leaf from the tree branches overhead off, gently cover his curling is the more thin.  Lightweight circulation time, things will grind to knock in the past, be it good or is it painful.But rather is wonderful, we recall is the most Sao head, please cherish the past and present, do not let it stray and scattered horizon.    Part II: Time door if you amnesia, you most want to retain that memory, is a promotion that day, that moment was her promise to marry you, or an ordinary day with your family, or…..This may be difficult choices.It was a puzzling question, obscure reason, it is because there is no absolute answer.  This is a happy family of three, her husband race against time work, eventually rose to general manager; gentle and loving wife, daughter, smart and lovely; really envy jealousy relentless ah.However, the month wanes, people have always happens.Husband admitted to the hospital due to fatigue work, this time with his wife and daughter at home waiting for him to celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary, unfortunately, he has been busy with work has been very concerned about them the.But he did not forget that he had prepared an expensive diamond ring tonight things, unfortunately, not born died before he was hit overthrown.Nightlife network doctor told him, because for a long time tiredness work, resulting in shrinking memory, as a forthcoming frozen river.After that, the doctor gave him an instrument to tell him to let him choose some of the most precious memories with instruments forever remain and must be within a certain period of time, otherwise.After he put on, eyes emerge a virtual space, and the emergence of a door, a bright light shines in the corridor, it is particularly solemn.In this way, he expectantly opened the door with one and a frustrated again and again hurt the gas shut, as always, I do not know what to find.  Time does not stop, he was running out of time, he was very eager to find, from time to time came the controversy behind him and his colleagues to do business call his wife and daughter, intertwined, upset him.He has repented, running all the way, but not in the world of his family, he felt it from getting away with family.His head light gradually dim down, no time, to some closed door, and he is doing the final struggle, and said that time is running out to our happiness, if there is a chance, I pray again.He was submerged in darkness.Suddenly the moment there is a door to a strange glowing light, the familiar sound of laughter came from the house, he suddenly opened the door and saw a beautiful picture, it was asked of him.  He removed the instrument, this time his wife and daughter being waited at his side, his wife is already in tears.Three people gaze, full of deep feeling each other.His wife called his name, voice hoarse and weak, her daughter cried Dad.He quietly still looking at them.In this case the wife is already Wan Nian perish.But surprisingly, he actually jumped off the bed linen knee down on their knees, turn out of the glove diamond ring, he said: “Even if I forget everything, mother and daughter will never forget you, will you be my wife do.”The result of the story is perfect, perhaps he really touched God, let him be born again.Human happiness lies with his family, the family is happy with you.Living in such a lot of people blindly busy career, while ignoring the love of your family, is to wait until the party out of a disaster or lost, they discovered treasure, bitter, irreparably.Nung, moon and new moon.If you amnesia, you most want to retain that memory life.Part III: failed to keep time, get rid of the thoughts when open, always black and white colors often appear.To double, take a look at, in addition to those who are close to, their foreign staff I would confinement.I do not know why people always like talking heart to heart youthful?Perhaps you want to catch the tail of youth is not a time to verify that the product itself, but can withstand years of erosion.This idea is far too immature, The waves pushed forward waves, generation after generation growing up behind urging you grow old.When you open entertainment news, there is always a colorful reports, demonstrating everywhere is not the old legend.No matter who you are afraid of growing old, but this is irreversible.  Often standing in front of the mirror, that his eyes were carved out of a few shallow ridge, strands of hair forehead is also disseminated snow color, in order to hide the enthusiasm of time to patronize that he had become a family of hair color.Whenever I heard people around to leave quietly, the mind is always filled with inexplicable fear.I imagine: people would be like the end of?Wonderful world of temptations that much, really sad.Season bloom season in spring and summer time again came in July.Repeating monotonous pace every day, unknowingly went through six months.When you go on the road, or that surrounded the crowd, walking through traffic, eyeful of dust flying everywhere, blue sky has disappeared.Both sides are covered with a layer of green and gray, a few days ago cool also disappeared, leaving behind a hot summer.Would like to seek some comfort in the green, I did not own one else to enjoy the scenery alone.Sometimes I want to walk alone in the country lane, feeling the cool evening breeze, sniffing the fresh grassy, listening to the sound of rustling leaves.  Living in the small northern town, because of the high ranking, so very much loess.Unlike previous years, this year the rain is so gracious, afar, always gray.A few days before rain washed, did not wash away the dust that covered.  Day stay in town for a long time, I was assimilated into this piece of land, but the body has become more promise cheesy.Sometimes I wanted to leave, but the reality does not allow this; sometimes I want to leave, but unloading the responsibility for it, the only sustenance only this world inside and outside of China Unicom.  Fleeting, Liuniansishui.  When I’m free to walk?When can I act autonomously?All this I have no idea, but too dull, sad I will, too ordinary, I get annoyed!  .Part Four: time like water, never to meddle in the fleeting time is like an endless stream of water, I do not know the origin, also I do not know the end.But it always inadvertently, in the eyes quietly slipped away, though slow, but it will be farther and farther away from me.Want to go, fail to recover; I tried to grab, catch; want to see, can not see.I was lost in the river of time.  Thought here, I can not help some wistful, some confusion.I do not know why, in the face of the power of the time, I always produce a sense of powerlessness, it seems that in the face of this monster I could not even dare to breathe, did not dare to lift the head, this is the time of great power it.  School now for a month, everything is so natural, everything is so dull, everything is so hurry.This month seems to me nothing worthwhile to say, nor do I not use my pen to depict it stupid that has been overwhelmed by memories of the time, I only vaguely remember what experienced this week, we have seen people.  Monday, plain, hurry.  Tuesday, plain, enriched.  Wednesday, sick, hurt, all adhere to the teeth with school, I did not tell anybody, did not know I was poor expression or have been accustomed to a person, it seems that I prefer to use a pen to write sound mind.When night falls, the bright moon, I actually cried gratuitous, I do not know why.Has been for many years did not cry in my face and covered with drops of water, light and moonlight at each other, I cry more powerful, but still can not make a sound, I do not want others to see, I do not need someone to understand.  Why do I cry?Is it because of illness?No, ah, my father a child is playing not to cry, cry because of how sick, I’m a man ah!Because it is homesick?That does not mean ah, have to live on campus more than a year, I did not cry ah!Because it is like Mom and Dad?Should not we, so the people have a long ah!No friends at school because it?It seems not Oh, every day I are so crazy, how could alone!That is because what?I doubt it.insomnia.  On Thursday, sick in spirit slightly trance, the class many students are sick, as if this day we are out of shape, cough, sneeze lasted all day.  Friday, his condition has improved, and I feel calm, as if what happened the day before yesterday I was abruptly went out from my mind, remember to remember, but not the feeling, and went back to the original track.Cried out for a walk at night time, I was depressed, when I become so crying now, that two days ah, how I am, is not mental illness?Well, thought a moment too lazy to think about, let it go and I’m not curb their emotions, cry cry, laugh laugh, but I will not let the former appear in front of others.  Today, the disease almost too good, nursed back to health in relation to heal in a day.  Morning, a long-lost brother came to my house, he saw some mixed feelings, disappeared a few years, did not like how they change, but made me feel different, where it is?Think.We talked a lot, talked for a long time, until noon, and then dined out, he went home.  Afternoon, I sat in the window, facing the sky, looking like a sapphire clear sky, the hearts of the distractions seemed to be thrown out.I just looked at it blankly, lofty, vast, ah!I feel like really completely calm.Now I’m fired off letters, though a bit neat handwriting, but it should be okay.  Wrote here, it seems to say to say, but always feel a little incomplete.Oh, so!Now I figured out, actually I am not afraid of time, not because of the great power of time and made me stop in place, I do not need to go for it and bewildered, I should swim in the river of time, but in the process I will use the time to constantly wash my mind, let me again and again to complete metamorphosis, sublimation time and time again, the last time I will reach the end of the river.  Although, tomorrow will go back to school, however, will return home next Friday, it has been the case, because this is a cycle.    Chapter five: what time is changed again come to an end, in each paragraph has a story, and each story is the story of what happened every day, and then will be interpreted as history.This I found that things had pains want to forget, really forget.No matter how I would go to tidy up, but how will not have that feeling, the kind of mood.So, I believe the time it will dilute all, really. – Inscription.  Bland life, again and again.Ning has been fingertips on the keyboard, pounding strands of plain sad words.There is always sad, always sad, as the pupil of the eye once understatement text.Perhaps, this text already deep into my life, accustomed to the faint desolately words, become the way of my writing.Those words seem to turn into a faint endorsement of my feelings.  Habit of synonyms is helpless, the vicissitudes of life, odd state.Many of the world will be helpless trouble locking.So rugged life will often fold into a quagmire, but you will not go to the breakdown of geometric frustration?But the real number is only over the foot imprint.Every life has no choice but leave ingredients.You do not have remorse, because, with the frustration will make you know how to live!  Life miserable.  A chord tone, understand desolate.Of a sad, gentle temperament jump into the brain, take a deep breath and feel the fresh air.Late at night.  Candeng.  Enjoy lonely.In the deep of the night, and then worry about the unfinished mind would think of some people, something.Thus gather more missing.At the moment, I think of you, looked up at the window, clearance solitary yearning heart, floating and swaying in the night sky.Perhaps, when the loneliness, no longer so lonely!This time, miss, not so mellow, with sky solitary as partners, a bit less lonely, lonely night, in fact, there are always lonely people.Dull life.One is always on a strange road.Watching strange scenery and listening to strange music.!    Part VI: smuggling time to think everyone for a long time, look in the 133 class to write the manuscript, tears straight out, writing you time to see!Shortage in the stream of time, there will always be precipitated, each new year, stranding years, sneaking time.Wind the day, blown away by thoughts, dried up memories, once the screen, and instantly nostalgic, multiply the curvature of the mouth of the old, the middle of the cliff sides as laughter echoes.In floating away in time.Windward run, do a little stowaways, illegal immigrants off of those memories.  With the passage of time did not want to describe a person, or even yourself, as time Daoke in your body, carved into the beyond recognition, you can calmly sing: “I believe I am me, I believe tomorrow.”In fact, they have not the real you, and those who have withered, false once, those into snow once, as once had fallen between the woods, you step on it, high-profile singing their own songs.  I remember, as a child, my mother said, pointing: “I give you the world’s best house.”A vanity seed.Quietly germination, but later fell in love with his own words, that the ancient sages the creation of Chinese character, with one of them in a dark corner to spell out their favorite designs, leafy tree watering vanity.For a long time, I put my broken elaborate patchwork pattern, with a small voice telling myself: so monotonous, not what you want.Later I found that each board are the most beautiful, bright colors unnecessary.They only live for you, because moving, shed a tear, thank you, my words.  Time is a polyline, fragmented front of the screen, the perspective of their own past.Own birthday over the age of eighteen is so low-key, but the accident received a book, top with a black carbon pen reads: “life time as Meng, and then look back and sigh worthy.”Old standing in front of their own unprepared, I escape shame.  Write your own Each story is so feeble, I can gently open the story of the fortified structure, cried a little inside their own.A running child holding a balloon filled dream, surrounded by hot desert cactus and countless.  In a flash, the moment, become an old man, a former black hair falling to the snow, crossing at the time, anxious, anxious.    Part Seven: time to dilute all the time, the amount of time is not known, more can not stop, will not stop because we pray, not because we are poor and compassion, time is relentless, it is possible to dilute all of us.Of course, it depends on us how to arrange the time, how the use of time, we have to take advantage of the law, but the method is different for each person.365 days a year, year after four seasons, each season can be divided into different time gas a day divided into 24 hours and every minute, to say a short time is long, to see everyone how to treat it.  People say that the best time of year spring day best in the morning, is it really?Everyone’s opinion is not the same, personal taste is not the same, most people are containing di-faceted, will have different views and understanding point of view on the same issue.However, one thing is certain, that is, over time it will no longer be impossible to re-walk.What happened today can not repeat the matter yesterday, it is impossible to try again today happened yesterday, will produce even occur at different time periods.Some people say: “There is no regret in the world only rat poison,” so it really is!The only way is to look for opportunities to make up, warning his own future to work harder to fill.  After some time the family did not contact, unwittingly becomes unfamiliar, become familiar with each other.It reinforces our need Huijia see or occasionally make a phone call.The same is true between friends, as long as no contact will no common language, into a stranger.Sometimes very strange, obviously his friend, thought she was a good friend, good friends, it is not true, a year’s time will be barriers friendship, understanding each other’s diluted, watered down once promised, once watered down pursue the dream together, further said that the time has diluted the agreement we have.Probably because of geographical isolation of the relationship between us, so that we have less contact with each other for a while, so we turned into strangers, and furthermore we also have a lot of character, you like to play mind war , and I like real links.Remember when we most often say: “Sunshine after the storm” to encourage their own difficulties and setbacks encountered.Therefore, I believe that our friendship will release colorful like a rainbow of colors, getting closer and closer, “beauty”, we believe that just because the gap between regions, and will not make our friendship love branch, however, the good memories we will pull back blessing and longing for each other, let us fight for a better tomorrow.    Part VIII: time slot in the beautiful day and night, the sun goes down, the stars appear, then the day so the cycle repeated, time kept the shuttle in this period, with the loss of the beautiful people and abandoned in the past.It was customary sentimental, drip recollection of events, which involve long tail prayer time trace buffer stop.But time is not the slightest move, still unhurried, proceeds to the front toward the unknown.  Autumn leaves fall, with a trace of blows, heralding the end of life, from green to yellow the years, it experienced wind and rain, felt busy, finally passing away peacefully.Who can say that time is merciless, it gives you a wonderful life.Who can sigh a sense of time, the only light moment, then quietly fled.  Night, I was a lonely existence, in the night, listening to countless people raving dream, nightmare consternation heal the soul.Time and again, night after night.Many times, time seems to disappear like invisible, searching no trace of the trail.Night lights are no longer flashing stop there, breathing suddenly disappear does not smell, wind, car-ming, all stop there.I wander in the intermittent time, the world stopped to look at the appearance, panicky mind.Time is thus disappeared?Perhaps tired, stop and rest is also unknown.I waited quietly.  I quietly waiting time, time no longer call time, the world is not called the World.When I feel the wind back to the ears, and children who dreams of breathing slowly, time has continued to flow.  There is always a moment, what the reason for the solidification time, we catch up with what.When the time to stop, he returned to the side lost, forgotten memories back, and we will no longer be sentimental.  Sunny day, the time the first line, dark and cold season, the time the first line, and lost, forgotten, still waiting for that rare rest in the gap of time, waiting for us back to square one.    Chapter Nine: Port Time stood ports look back time, lingering hesitation this for many years, seeing youth evanescent, years old.Still could not find their own way.Time will remember those wonderful little life, but life can not make people stay, the world is so big, people are so small.The world will not stop turning who is missing.A step by step way or to come out.  This summer compared to last year, more volatile, people around come and go, there are a few really ingratiate themselves, left, accompanied must learn to cherish.It is fate, so that people from different places together, can live once so familiar to people letting each West and East.Sometimes the world is really small, small enough to meet two unrelated people always gratuitous; and sometimes the world is big, even rummaged every corner but could not find personal sympathy with the idea of.  So thick of life, happiness is so thin.Society has not been complicated, unpredictable but people.People are not difficult to survive tired, is just around the corner but you will never meet the sinking of the heart.Youth are eager to get out, but clinging to their way home when they grow old.The more experienced the more clear that the Harbor is the home can really stay.  With a blue sky, all kinds of so many different people have interpreted the outcome of every day life, you have your vigorous, I have my fine, clear.Youth scattered color can only rely on themselves to drawing.World’s like a maze, without a goal will only go stumbled.Quiet for too long so that everything becomes strange, but those who stumbled are simply beautiful years never go back.Life has become a strange wheat field aperture, but one after another going around in circles.    Chapter ten: time can kill a girl child who always think a college student sister very happy.Grow up, have to accompany her sister for some time, walking down the street at her sister’s back, it seems to have a woman’s face.Brother with sister in the crowd seemed petite.She looked thin dense crowd in the back, she had some envy and a bit worried, but not in case she is not rich handsome, because the girls always walk head down, and later found the girl could not see even if they do not head down a few good of.  If the light on the appearance of a conclusion, then, that the world is too pessimistic.But the girl and contradictory.Maybe people always grow up in contradiction to end.  Everyone has their own way of living, but is rare in a girl.  She is unwilling to mediocre Fanfan life, unwilling to everyday life trouble trouble Soso things always appear.She knows what she wants to do is clear, what is unwanted.She has to be the direction of their efforts.  First identify the direction it can not get lost.  Girls want to say too much, you want to be first to know what kind of people they have to work toward the direction.The girl said backing down the mountain, will be run by everyone.What may be possible, nothing is impossible.Perhaps this is the girl indifferent place.Part XI: Time this world, always someone constantly aging, it was born, it was growing.When you are old and leaving only the memories, the hands of others still holding a lot of youth, can profligacy.  Time flies, never came back head.Whenever the wind falling in the days, I find myself sighing, sad, lonely.The original life could be so frail, can not afford a little bit of waves, all in all, will be with the passage of time, and finally turned into dust, the wind gently blowing, there’s nothing left.  Life is a dream, everyone is doing a different dream.Some people can not extricate themselves immersed in a dream, I would rather drown in a dream do not want to wake up.Life is like a play, it has been staged scenes of joys and sorrows, joys and sorrows.No one’s life is smooth sailing, no one’s life is of no regrets.Sadness, difficulties, setbacks such as the shadowy around us, they are like poison to our body’s general.Some people because they can not detoxify themselves, they will be impressed by foot, this time will complain about the unfairness of God, I never wonder why some people can not out of the woods?  Now every day they would sigh, living in this world of time and one day less, think of yesterday do not do something, then I hate unfeeling time, and have not a ghost of a chance to those who missed.Not to think about it but never had the opportunity to put in front of their own time gave the opportunity of their choice, that he did not grasp, let it slip away in their own hands.Little do they know the world’s most extravagant thing to do is a waste of time.Time is a knife, so this world, life is not without mercy.Time flies, never came back head.Time is fair, do not give anyone the opportunity to.  When advised Jun Mo Xi burial clothes, advise you to be Xi teenager.  Flowers worthy to be straight off, no flowers be empty Mo broken branches.

Part One: fleeting thoughts I like to be alone, slowly sipping a lonely person; I like to walk, a breakdown of people wandering footsteps; I like climbing, a person sentiment away from the hubbub of Zen.I believe in thinking cool, can realize some of the true meaning of life to.  A man quietly sitting or lying in bed, thoughts like these ideas, like the elegant fly, can not gather in noisy inspiration like no earthly reason to curdle, sway at your fingertips, giving vent to think out a cavity, heart inexplicable stretch and a sense of accomplishment.Sometimes trouble occupy, not duck, after quiet contemplation, in the history of heavy out of the shuttle, all is not a problem, life is but a moment, but a drop in the ocean vast universe, is fleeting, why is the moment of unhappiness and occupy.Money, fame, status, family, career, family, which belongs to me, like all body.Pressing the laws of nature, how on how to.While we can not do Chuang hit pots and singing realm, do the earth a vast expanse of Cao Xueqin really clean deep understanding, can not do Fan Li weak fame all over the world wandering free and easy, but also can not let the storm caught secular spider web.How many people get a little free and easy heart mediocre mortal world, some things with this kind of attitude: too, I fortunate; not, my life.No need to struggle with nature.  The river, the number of fine spiral corrugations, so that thoughts slowly flowing, upstream, passing year retrospective.Miss a person, think back to one thing, it is very pleasant moment.It is exceptionally comfortable in the stars at night, sparse pedestrian, car flies, quietly lights, flashing neon, distant stars, all in the reflection in the water, like Living the dream.Think of the people, think of things, out of this world, a more intimate scene with this.All sight like a mirage in the sea for the magic of memory, faint into the dream.  Mountaineering, more otherworldly feeling.Waving the hustle and bustle, up the stairs.In the hillside, looking back and look, has been mediocre in the foot; mountains and line, has been to the top, to look at, it has been in the vast fog.Walking on the steps of the stone, only footsteps that thrilled the soul.Hill is not speech, it would only make people empty v. Zhongchang; years no trace, to come and go as ethereal wind.Such as the smell of a lengthy Temple chime, Zen Dayton hit cranial Chaos.Bao Er Ye a Red House was, after all, dressed in scarlet cloak, a reclusive monk.I like this generation laity, it can only be a noon greedy joy, a moment forget the dust worry about nothing.Watching the sunset evening, when eventually have to go back toward the smoke curl in.  Everything is instant, everything will be gone.At this moment, we should cherish edge, cherish the love, cherish sincere immeasurable.Unfortunately we can not eliminate in the event, but we can get lonely heart a moment of rest.The sun do not do the moon, the stars do not do the moon, the stars do not do cold night lights, people light up the night before the line.When life Yanjuan meditation, we have a clear understanding of conscience.    Part II: dry air seemed to mind the rain began to spread in this season, the hot air has become impetuous people.Morning rain, Qiexi.Trees green shiny side of the street.Faint dripping drops of water, actually looked lovely, and want to drop down the way.Hazy mountains shrouded in a dark, a dim and green.  Often complain about the rain wet clothes, wet hair.Mindful of the rain but never wet the Red, never Mindful Yurun earth.In the spring drought this season’s crops need rain how much moisture.That little bud smoke sticks as probes little life, waiting for the mother’s milk.Has been a “Tomb Sweeping Festival rain have” days, dry air and hot sun seems to be more people dislike.It seems too cool to miss yesterday.  Yula between dust, my thoughts wander and Resentment, no unfunded.Lump window through the heart of the intestine from wear, ask a busy set the mood.Walking on the road saw the umbrella of pedestrians looking hurry, actually no one is willing to take into account the scene sideways.So just keep a good feeling pity is.I do not know what the next corner they hurry is, where is.I can only guess wondering in their hearts, do not flick the rain wash my heart rush?  The earth should grassland were less stiff, dough short barren shoots must cover large, but also must wear a pair of cattle to thin shoes cozy.Often it will rain on the prairie, and very anxious at.It seems to be throwing down, but stopped too fast.The strange thing is people prairie, it will not dodge the large cattle and sheep timely rain in the steppe.Almost invisible umbrella shepherd on the vast lawn.Only their thick fur coat wrapped will be more strict, but the floor of the cattle and sheep but feel comfortable, it seems that the rain had nothing to do with themselves, it seemed to be waiting, rain wash, enviable.  Rainy days, often recall the distant home, think of distant relatives.This rainy day what they are doing?I do not know, but I know that they’ll go for a walk in the rain when.Some fresh air, northwest sky so blue seems to be able to see his shadow, clear blue sky that seems to breed a unique air after the rain.Suck really brush off the dirt lungs.Here is the kind of happiness can not understand.Thus, the idea of gradually spread homesick, not stopped.  Shadow go past the front of the pigeon back to my thoughts, thoughts that rainy day.I like this feeling, empty loneliness, but it has those little moments life accompanied.I remember that morning in a park in the city, but also misty sky, there seems to rain like.A small square thick was actually stroll pigeon, pure white, without a trace of variegated.The dove is beside frolic urchin, a small pigeon in hand full of food, slowly flutter of pigeons and even some leisurely pecking in the hands of children.As the picture actually I was very moved, the city there is such a picture, and sure enough rain, rain fell at the pigeons began to disperse, each of the children were also taken away by family members, or left open square , it seems to be more open.I do not think so demanding, laid-back kind of cattle and sheep, the shepherd’s calm realm is not casually there, and it only rains at this time, it appeared the rain thoughts.  This rainy day thoughts, hovering and trance, actually feel that way.    Part III: messy thoughts 2012 this year, too messy, found himself too casual, too many inexplicable things always do, never consider, no plan and budget.Shanghai had promised looked but somehow came to Guangzhou, some people this is somehow regulation became “curious coincidence”, I got the feeling that messy thoughts, things break eye.In fact, in the final analysis inexperienced deep, bragging.  In fact, do not go to Shanghai I thought for a long time, and finally could not go just do not know what means this frame of mind to see my brother for eight years did not meet, chat today to see that the brothers do not forget, in fact, I never had forget that I actually want to see him grow up, do look after my father, certainly handsome! Remember, friends, wide, Jianlei, look, clearing we eat together, studying together, sleep together, to make fun of the girls in the next class, I remember that time and see if there is a pencil box, it is public property both of us, our two meals a day, snacks, are taking all the text from the inside, we will vote in case they do not know the money pencil box, then look young, tall is not high, listen to the show last Court said, look taller, become handsome, but in fact this is not surprising, always been a guy batch sub.Nightlife net once in retrospect, I would like to return once those days, it was not boring full happy to see and now we are already down around Fun, Jianlei the first to leave us, I do not know good or bad to leave this world wide also graduated, to see the first embark on the journey, now head of the family, friends went to Hefei, clearing about to graduate this year, but I was constantly wandering, wandering live, go with the flow of life, I think we are living not easy to grow up and have lost.Take a look at the article I wrote that I want to have confidence in ourselves, in fact, I is not no confidence, but sometimes I do not know what the next step would be to do something, I feel too casual, but to have done things regardless of whether or not I will not never regret later not be able to do that anymore.Came to this strange land, now for a month, watching the strange faces every day, listening to the unfamiliar language, in fact, for me to have no effect, I do not hate, sometimes it feels a little bit like, a friend said to be used to it, perhaps it!But I really fell in love with this way of life.Folks, we have a good life, right Mian pregnant!With a grateful heart, and love, and cherish.Part Five: darkness, dark thoughts, in addition to the computer screen with a little light, leaving only darkness around, I do not know the environment determines the mood or the mood chosen environment, a sense of sadness has unwittingly occupied the heart of all; cry, but can not find reason to cry, to laugh, but there is no content ridiculous, suddenly felt more than thought in a lot of things, there is a kind of helpless, at the moment kindled in the hearts of inexplicable pain.The cruel reality, people do not have the courage too many choices, give up the moment has become a culture; accidentally, think of childhood innocence smile, hearty cry, do not worry about doing every thing they want , even if the result is partial body scales injury will cry happy, but it has been in history!  Human life is not long, but it can meet a lot of things, the result is good or bad, will also become memories together, make memories if leaving only the bright side, will make life a bit incomplete, therefore, he has the joy, anger dirge memories is full of life, without deliberately deleted pain I walked down the road a certain period, there is no need to deliberately recall happy a certain period of time, the feelings of the dream world, you have to just go, anywhere.At least, you can make up for the helpless in the face of reality left by missing; forcing the mind does not allow himself to be happy!  Although it is dark, able to enjoy the silence, beating only the keyboard sound; night, there is a dark sorrow brings, there are pleasant quiet brought no joy laugh laugh, but there is also a touch of calm; down, is an easy and a pleasure!Everything is their own choice!