Part One: I will always trail hometown nostalgia trail home.  Around the home village turned out to be a section of curved trail.After many years people trail grind feet, rolling wheels, already hard as stone, reveals a bright shining light, showing a silver color, thin like a rope, is wound back and forth around the village, practically invisible suddenly now no head and tail, like the wind gently float up.  When I first conceived in your mother from a rural trail prostrate, then bigger, and they pulled my parents on the path toddler, leaving a trail of footsteps and skew my clumsy footprints.All the people in the village had to trail out into the villagers out of the village had from the road, all required production life of the villagers had from villages and households.People who can not do without it this country lanes, I was up the path from the village, a step back foot on the road, like a small fish from the stream swim into the rivers and then into the vast ocean of life.  Country lanes and more like a mother’s outstretched hand, her sons and daughters tightly cuddle.  She hugged wells legs, holding her waist orchard.The early light of dawn, the trail still sleeping, someone opened the squeak of the courtyard, some people stir up a bucket to the well to fetch water.People are coming and going while carrying water trail, pole squeak squeak twist twisted like singing a cheerful song, splashing water droplets moisten the trail, like a spring rain over the next.Trail awake, people from where the black white fertilizer manure feed orchards, applied into the soil root fruit, orchard furrow clear well water flows into the mouth, the field plot of the fruit of the tree drunk soon reddening mouth Pang.Ripe fruit, the car pulled shoulder, people up the path of the fruit shipped back to the village.  Country lanes, she tied the bullpen sheepfold, fluttering her arm Qunjiao creek.Pens open, like sheep off the string of pearls, a small road in the rolling green grass, shepherd over crisp whip exploding spent on trail.  Extends through the grass, she pulled shop school, into the woods, she stroked the sluice bridge.Trail ah, you like a long silk sash, wearing a green jade collections, departments and regions onyx.  She wore a grinding mill shed, barn holding her hand, pulling the feet of the stage.I seem to see the mother holding dustpan broom tucked come, Jiu gray, black jacket, Dianzhe feet, put the food down on the Nianpan.  Net-field light to the particle positions, the stage sounded cymbals.Hard year agricultural people, covered with mud and trail-head, trapping the trail for the stage.A stool sitting in the audience, sipping tea and nibbling seeds, listening to opera, do not mention that nourish effort.  Country lanes, the glow, like a brocade, like a string of pearls shine in the moonlight.  Dusk, sunset wipe the golden head of the village, the trail becomes golden, and she was like a mother as gentle, grandmotherly kind.Shepherd old man to catch a river “Xuelang” village, and the crowded narrow trail; vegetables guy pulled a car emerald village, and the trail reflect green; pink clouds Flower Girl lug a load of the village, the trail incense.Students lined up singing home, a mischievous donkey herd of ducks quack, lively hubbub trail.Closer, closer, and like sheep paving cotton blanket, like cattle moving BRIC, suddenly filled with gold and silver bullpen sheepfold.  Twilight concentrated, the trail has returned to its original serenity.Moonlight shining trail, breeze blowing the breath of flowers and honey, in the vast darkness of the trail and village people to sleep.  Country lanes, decorated Ti Hua how much, how many footprints India, she makes life more boiling hot, she makes a better vision wound in people’s hearts.  Although the trail long love longer, she always put children hang heart.  Trail curved my endless thoughts, crooked trail carries too much nostalgia, go away, home light volume mist quietly meandering trail head is always installed in the heart.    Part II: trail, falling to spend a quiet, hazy rain, gentle breeze, Mantianhuayu.A world of flowers, the rain of heaven, I was under the umbrella, wandering alone!  The stick under the sun, spit out new shoots springing up.A misty rain, wake up branches that returning the smile.Glimmer of sunlight shines through, the branches more attractive eye-catching.Like a string of gorgeous bloom of youth, shy and vibrant.  The tree-lined trail, long and silent.Thick dead leaves on the ground, had to cover up the trail of appearance.I dragged lonely shadow, holding an umbrella, light-weight through.Light breeze blowing, holding that filled the air like snowflakes petals.Subtle fragrance bursts, left in my side.  I put away the hands of the umbrella, looked up, eyes closed, any Huayu float in the air, across my face!When a trace of a breeze through the green earth, casual, actually quietly to the earth covered with clothes.White spirit, light dance in the wind!Skirt swaying in the wind, but the earth beloved girl?  Such a quiet and romantic moments, I alone obsessed with this painting in the same way.Days with this scenario is interleaved halls.Falling Petals, is married girl.Let the bird fly away wings, do your bridesmaids; let the breeze, put on your wedding dress.A network spent a sauna, fall on my world.I still, alone, in the quiet tree-lined walking trail.A long trail, always no end in sight.It’s like the fate of the road, seemingly too short, but long.Petals that float in the air, like my life, short but full of romance.In that brief moment, my life as a bird branches, travel in the same paradise flowers!  A Gu Ying, one of the world.I close my eyes and feel the soft product leaves the TV drama.They return to their roots, still make the last vestiges of power to nourish the tree.  I do not envy that thick straight branches.I was alone on this petals, litter alone interest.They are low-key, no power struggle with the world; alone falling, no comparisons Yan United States.They drift in the wind, but to draw the world’s most beautiful arc; they left behind, but devote the last vestiges of enthusiasm turned into mud more quadrangle.  I walked light-weight, close your eyes.That rustling petals, draw poetry in the wind like arc.The gentle breeze, bring a rain Huayu.I walked slowly, that any Huayu, hit me in the cheek.Quiet beauty of this flower, touched my sorrow.Hanging in his eyes moist, it is God’s gift or melancholy heart?  White snowflakes, falling on the leaves that litter the plot.Foot twigs Cui Xiang, plus rain Huayu.Quiet, this is the main theme of the world.If some more melancholy rain, I am willing to throw away the hands of the umbrella, into this same sea paradise!  Walking in silence such a trail, I sometimes happy, sometimes low.The branches are birds chirping gives me sweet?Or that piece of falling stimulate my sorrow?  A man, an umbrella.Umbrella to protect me, I’m enjoying the falling.I would have walked this way, at the end of temptation, it is no longer in my direction.I would like in such a small trail of sadness, melancholy, until the demise!  I am proud to walk in this trail, accompanied by patches of dead branches and falling Cui Xiang!This is my world, poetic hall.    Part Three: childhood trail my hometown, a rice with fish and beautiful legend’s hometown, a remote hamlet, the vertical and horizontal clear large tracts of farmland and fish ponds is this “land of plenty” dazzling emerald stars in my eyes filled a fairy tale, full of dreams of a childhood dream to sing in a rural home crooked trail conceived, sing in every season of my life, my childhood friend are now pursuing their own course, to fight their own blue sky, and At this point I stood on the road covered with cement home that looked at the curved road trail, it has been extended to the distant deep abandoned old house.  Early morning light reveals a silky spread like mist on the path, not embark on this path for many years, and my heart can not help but have a deep feeling of love.   Among the grass grassy overflowing in the morning, you can clearly see, the whole piece of green sea in a white bottom to be ground into the feet trail winding away into the distance, like an oasis in the white silk ribbon, made me think of crossing Amazon rainforest of the Amazon River, making it seem mysterious old house in the morning mist, like a fairy tale castle West in general, I looked at the lush rice fields and along the banks of lush, set foot here, can not help recollections of childhood innocence that front , jump in the various scenarios eyes, holding hands partners, carrying a small book bags Grandma’s hand-stitched, doing little game to jump to the home, where the road curved thirty-four, loaded with our laughter, the most number busy spring season, the road on both sides of the small water ditch “pound” is dripping with spring water, life in the making, natural singing, barefoot, chased the frog out of its hole just played out, marching piece of innocence ribbons, back home in peace, earth tones earthy all the way home nor fade, grandfather dragged coated in mud trousers went to the table in Grandma cried cry, I saw from the fields to catch get back to Grandpa’s face is mud Tabby and fell about laughing, my grandfather did not think of, pick up the chopsticks covered with earthy meals breathing eat up.Long grandfather was a cool funny, cool in the summer when, often in front of the neighborhood women and grandmother to open more sensational joke, like a grandmother to get a smile youth has also angered grandmother cursed on a “dead shameless “, prompting summer night sounds of crickets have stopped, to listen to this old love words, little granddaughter nestled in the arms of her grandmother, listening also followed grinning laugh, with the breeze, small granddaughter said, suddenly thought of the drama of love, I feel love too grandfather and grandmother, I looked up and a small head, and asked my grandfather, “and when you love grandma, grandpa grandma chase?Grandma or Grandpa ah chase?”In the beginning prepare whine like cricket like discovering a new continent suddenly stopped, the presence of the neighborhood are showing a young laughter, so simply, like a child-like group play, the whole romantic summer night.  Gradually the sun falling on the fields, white ribbon trail as more and more obvious, I think, if the autumn this trail will be widened a lot and a lot of yellow, because that is the harvest season.I tried to find childhood footprints in the gutter, where we had the time of harvest young, but found that the ditch has been cracked, fish already know where to go, but there are several more frogs off, nothing seemed angry, I am slightly disappointed.  Pure dream perhaps disappointed and did not want to break up my passion back to the old house, I’m still happy childhood marching woven trail, looking at home is getting closer, and my heart excited, looking at both sides of the field, trying to find more mostly my childhood.  Ditch, there is water there is shrimp, every Friday night after school, our group of children, both men and women in action, catch frogs along the way, there is something called “soil frog” We had prepared all income bag, on the corner of the house, ready for shrimp fishing tomorrow.At daybreak, we begin to take action, representing their own turf in the side of the ditch trail early in the morning when the shrimp are surfaced let us joy, a morning can make us gain a keg, then Mimi the eat a meal, the kind of childhood happy faces until now rippling in my eyes, slowly, I went back to the places that they have to catch shrimp, I am sad that the ditch has been exhausted, but on the inside several students lay a yellow embroidered pesticides boxes, people have changed, I looked at the front of this piece pain experience with support for up green pesticides, more than a dash of loss.  I looked at the bustling lost, lost his beloved toy like a child.Maybe people harvest more up, but we lost it more.  When I was 20, I tried to come back to the place of his childhood, to find once pure romance, but when I then go through childhood trail dozen Spring and Autumn, once the romance is gone, but I still clutching the childhood memories to look now trail, to daydream, to remember those wonderful childhood.Because the old house is still intact in front of me, I am happy that at least my childhood home, still.  I, there is hope.

Part one: love of one’s regret and snow-covered greenhouse, love to become injured, cold clouds hid the moon hurt, mother mine cry tears spilled done.  Open mold in that this volume yellow shy memories, your face is covered with the sun, like a youthful love of text flow into my heart, elegant posture smile Looking back, my life became happy heaven, quiet shame of my love, your fingers crossed that the red hand of my face, my curious mind quiet first time to panic, mind blank, I actually forgot flowing air, the class bell rescued I rescued panic blush as I Yang, wandering on the parallel bars in the playground gave me a heart choking relieved “rebirth” of hope.  Teacher and made me happy and you hand in hand eclipse heart lollipops, enchanted me as a bold initiative led you mad in the bone tender and delicate watery China refers to the head, fingers crossed happiness, like a lollipop sweet, your smile I’m happy paradise, your eyes clear, non-staining, flashing into your crazy eyelashes, you pouty lips Han Xiang, you complete solution of the question relieved pleasant smile, earthly words you will be defiled the Shenzi, I know you are really beautiful.  Love to steal music in the snow, snow Qinghai-Tibet Plateau is my most beautiful memories, like that white, cold like that, holding in hands, shape into small balls, hidden in the sleeve, cheerfully walked into the cottage, gently secretly behind you, pull your collar suddenly micro snow ball close to your body into them, sad eyes looking at you, look at you look like falling into Bingku, enjoying the joy I succeed, finish up sitting beside you, I’m really bad, innocent face looking at you, I feel wronged, “stare” you, suffer me and not you, my cold hand on my frozen hair dressing purple-faced, my cold hand to steal the heart of hi ask “comfort” in the comfort of your face, a look of innocent wronged look at you and look at you once clear eyes continue to send my stay, enjoying you “fiercely” I put frozen purple hand to your arms, “fiercely” purple rub my fingers, I am very happy, you really beautiful.  That sudden you want me to hold you, really I was really shy, introverted shy and not an ordinary feudal, I feel that will compromise you, I really can not hold you, I know I am deeply at the moment deep hurt you, in fact, I would also hurt worse than you, because I’m shy hurt you, my love, my dearest, I again feel in your heart away from me, then fly my ear to the rumors completely shattered my loving heart chamber, will never be in my heart the sorrow of seedlings planted, internal destruction external blows, and again let the sad tree seedlings in my hearts rooting auxin, will never learned to camouflage, hypocritical smile that seems to suppress her grief.  It’s like a shy and arrogant bones ruined my beloved my first love, looking at your photos hurt my heart, tears of blood stagnation in the chest to conceal a smile, tears can heal if left in your heart that the scar, if the chest stagnation of blood your heart can soothe the scars like that, I am willing to shed your tears this life, the body’s blood clotting.  If we could turn the clock back, if love can be repeated, if this life we will be heavy, if this life we can last dance, I will hold you in the middle of the road avenue to vent, bold kiss your Xiangchun, let world know that you are my favorite.  I really regretted not hold you, I really regretted not kiss you, I really regretted not go back looking for you, my first love my beloved!!!    Part Two: I want to go to the snow-covered plateau snow-covered plateau free of dust is not dyed and holy soul, always attracted me touched me.Life does not ignite my second place to its yearning, only it is like a mirror in my heart, always bright flashes of light and endless glory.  I was a little like traveling people, for decades a number flexor life circumstances, not to mention travel around the world, it is to me to support my Chinese land, mountains, rivers, and historical sites, not much of a visit.There are “six dynasties” Nanjing has a long history, and I have not been; there are known as “There is a paradise under Jervois,” the Yangtze River Delta, I have not been; there is euphemistically called “Guilin Best” Third Sister Liu’s hometown I have not been to.I have not been to too many places.Sauna net I was born in Sichuan, have landed on Mount Emei, already I feel it’s profound, is a satisfying feeling, but when I talked about Xu’s article, “Huangshan Mountain in mind”, but emerge “Five Sacred Mountains fell down on reference books Hill, Huangshan guilaibukan “saying, with Huangshan, all the other mountains have become ‘list of small hills’ the.Nevertheless, I do not want to see it, because I was born in the mountains, straight to the point, out of the mountains, no time to consider the “do not know the truth, just because in this mountain,” gossip.  I’ve been to Jinan, Lao She, “Jinan’s winter”, the Jinan portrayed very beautiful.Things can not be coincidence, I went to the summer of Jinan, Jinan did not appreciate the beauty of winter, but added near the Yellow River attracted me.I cheerfully went to the Yellow River, the Yellow River is seen in a very calm, that it can not see the magnificence and excited | Love.My hometown in the Yangtze River, the Yangtze River deep and steep beauty to the world presents a picture of the Seven Wonders of the natural picture, the famous Three Gorges, renowned Chinese and foreign.  I’ve been in, whether natural or cultural landscape history, it is difficult I also want to do a “repeat”, but the snow-covered plateau, although I have not been to one, but the dream, it is conceivable that it should be an attraction huge magnet.I have repeatedly heard stories about friends snow-covered plateau, also made some understanding of the relevant information or pictures, also heard from some of its soothing songs.It can be concluded that the sky is always blue, do not pollute the slightest dust sediment; its ground is always green, wind-swept pastures of cattle and sheep; it is always pure river of the Himalayas is the world’s largest net water heaters; it’s always the white hada, because it contains a significant endless sincerity and friendship.  I want to travel a long distance for the snow-covered plateau, along the singer Han Hong’s “Tin Road”, all the way to enjoy the scenery of the snow-covered plateau.I want to draw big mouth to fresh air, metabolism and suppressed for many years out of the dregs of the chest.I looked over blue Sky, let waving a piece of white clouds to shade my eyes washed out of the eye.I want to make a close contact with prairie, kneeling in front of it shows that I love passionately devoted.I would also like to Potala Palace Meet the Lord Buddha, generous devotion to the blues as a perfect donation.Snow-covered plateau from the days close, where there is a real paradise.Riding a yak to walk in the clouds, colorful wildflowers.Drink a cup of barley wine sitting on the grass, lying in a tent sip butter tea.Almost midnight, went to counting the stars looking at the moon outside the tent listening to the sweet sound of the guitar, buzzing, endless aftertaste.In the Himalayan foothills, I’m not a singer, but I can stand open on voice peaks burst into singing “Everest”, rough and lingering sound of distant must also give a feeling of emptiness.Under the blue sky with eagle soaring in the valley, from a comfortable living from the madding crowd in a feast environment, get rid of all the hustle and bustle of all the annoyance of all worldly things, indistinct, like the paradise.I was about to come, the snow-covered plateau you welcome me?I took my sincere hope that with the blood comes with a cavity!

Part one: color of the sky color of the sky changes Mo Chang, is here, whom adds a rich and graceful twist of the Mid-Autumn.  Looking back 22 years, I walked down the road, bumpy and full of thorns, as the sky the color of impermanence.Along the way, accompanied by laughter, tears suffered.  Memories for me, is a painful thing, but they have to remember, in those dusty memories of the past, inadvertently recalled shadow floating significantly.In every period of painful experience during the years of warm items, exceptionally Bo issued motivation.  Childhood for me is golden, full of laughter.Accompanied by his father in childhood, riding comfortably spend on his father’s neck, warm and happy.While there are all sorts of physical inconvenience, but I do not feel lonely, the platform of the evening, my father and I always come to base Shacheng back, I worked with my father promised that grow up I want to earn a lot a lot of money, so father lives than we were on base Shacheng, many times larger house.I want my father can sit around swinging chairs; I want to make my father had to attend a lecture can have meat on life.On the summer flood, there will always be my father and I play the scene; even in that dreary hospital room, changing the pattern of father always told me the story.At that time, I always aspired to become a director, the only loyal audience is the father, the then young as 7 years old, worldly, I will always take their own misfortune as a theme, tell their own misfortune, often listening to his father will be tearful.In retrospect past period, found themselves silly – the pain in my body, but the father’s pain but in my heart!  Golden childhood, there is accompanied by his father, I feel, my “sky” blue!  When I heal illness, back on its feet after his father burned himself out because of overwork, the bad news came, his father suffered from leukemia, I was only 9 years old, since then, I also carefree childhood ended.When I watched his father being swallowed by the disease a little bit of life, I really Haohen myself, why not share for his father, his father in the final struggle with the disease, the lost this “game”, his father was taken away by the disease.Lost his father, I am in tears all day, my “sky” filled with unspeakable bleak!  I began to feel sorry for my whole world people are, without a father, I see who is not pleasing to the eye, no one wanted to reason, and sometimes had thought his father gone, I’m in this world is superfluous, it is better to follow his father away.But one day I read in the book saying: “unhappy things in life are often eighty-nine.”Pleased with the day too, have been unhappy day, why not choose to be happy to do!Slowly I tried to change myself, and I did not play with me on the book as partners, I put my passion for literature as a language teacher, spiritual support, and slowly learn the language found very interesting, and slowly found in literature confident, try to slowly accumulate the text, draw motivation.Literature like a pair of invisible wings, take me to find their own piece of blue sky!There accompany literature, my “sky” turned blue!Nightlife net entrance unsatisfactory, so I once again fall into the bottom of life, my “sky” and a change from blue to gray.  Select the Chinese language and literature, came to a strange city, a strange school, but I’m not confused, because I have the original dream of becoming a language teacher —-.The thinking of unexamined finished college life, to become a teacher on the line.But since I met a man, I changed my.He and his father age, the difference is only a surname of the father, and he smiles and acts very much like his father and, more subtly, I met his father died in 10 years of full time.Every time met him, I feel so close so close from his father, he let me unload the burden of thinking to bear 10 years; he is a full 10 years after his death, again I feel the fatherly love of people, gradually I found myself to become cheerful personality, life has a goal, but also something to look forward.I think through their own efforts, to better study to study, to pursue the initial dream!Because of his company, with the goal of my life, I feel, my “sky” and the blue from gray!  My way of life is changing, my “sky” is also changing along with.Regardless of the future road of life is happy or sad, I have to let yourself happily went every day; regardless of the future road of life is along or against, I have been to let myself get down every day, let her the color is more Xuanliang.  Rambling way of life, out of their wonderful, create their own piece of the sky!    Part II: Lhasa Lhasa is famous sky sun city.Where the sky is always so blue, translucent, as if washed with water, like sapphire.  In Lhasa, the people’s voice could touch the sky, stretched out a hand to touch the sky.Some people say “blue sky Juyi Peng could face”, these words really really wonderful.There are close to the top of the hill against the background of white clouds, blue sky becomes more pure; have control of Lhasa River grass, blue sky seem more apparent Jie.  Lhasa blue sky was fascinating, it tightly to attract your sight, so that you can not bear a long time away.  Throughout the year regardless of the depths of winter or summer, the sky is always blue Jingjing of the Potala Palace.With the blue sky, the hillside Potala Palace is even more majestic, magnificent.  In the Tibetan language, Lhasa means the Holy Land, then, this day is holy blue curtains up.  Description of the sky segments: the sun had fallen beneath the horizon, and that has faded to pink blush round.The sky above the lake has gradually become a green area of duck egg blue color from pale green, and there is a quiet twilight secretly to her sides crowded round.  Been sunny sky.In the vicinity of mountains, houses and gardens, are submerged in the windless quiet and clear the cold, submerged in bright light and faint shadows, everything is so white, hard and clean, cloudless light blue sky, Similarly enveloped the earth through the top, tens of thousands points of light, shiny crystals, wandering in the sky.  Day, like wondering very smooth sapphire, like a very fine texture of blue satin, it seems, it seems close to you, as long as you can touch, like a show of hands; it seems very far away from you, how can inaccessible, sparkling blue sky with white clouds foil, truly beautiful.  The horizon is hazy color, lavender, whole day has not changed.And surrounded by the same: there is no place dark and lifeless, no place thunderstorm brewing, but in some places light-colored curtains hung, it is already difficult to raise in Eau tube out of the rain.  The sky is very bright blue with just a few gauze-like Qingyun, as a young girl, wearing a bright blue summer clothing, and the collar was around for a very thin white scarf, I never seen such a beautiful sky!

Part One: Amidst the setting sun setting sun seventeen years ago amidst a memory of the people have changed Zhuhai, Zhuhai red notebook one day see a text record seventeen years ago.Zhuhai impressed me beautiful, a beautiful coastal city, not touching short life experiences, and I’m just that the sea rush the passer, there is not much gain, nor beautiful story touched people, as hundreds of thousands of times back and forth and forth and busy, and feel the movement is not easy to survive the never-ending life, especially if you do not want to live quietly willing.  I do not think outside of life will be very exciting, just feel the history of the struggle of life is not a simple life in the course of this experience, although accompanied silent unspeakable lonely and tired, but it can apply to some of life color, wading through a period of years journey, still worth the effort to Ben flutter.Years is limited, I should not give up the pursuit of the ideal heart.Our pursuit is unlimited.  Do not want to care about gains and losses, but also do not want to lose the day without a trace, disappeared at the same time, they would feel should pick up a pen to write something, the text is a voice recording, perhaps years is relentless, as long as you have a feeling for life you may feel lost at the same time, also from time to time to give life and change, then I picked up a pen, track record and touched lives in countless lonely night.  Drifting days and could not get miserable, at least leave school just in Zhuhai, I have felt this kind of life is not to say you want to work experience, but how far incompetent way, no matter what twists and hardships we must insist on and move forward, not look back to see what is missing, because we do not know what else to tie him down in front and fallen on the road.Go, do not stay on the road.  Sea and sky makes us feel vast misty, hope and disappointment appear shattered at any time and there is no reason to reject and ready, perhaps in a premonition that one day down in hope, see hope in despair, we find our hearts hope and faith, we will know how to be a better drifting precipitation and accumulation.  Leaving Zhuhai for many years, I do not know if they insist has been in Zhuhai, now would be like, occasionally read written text in Zhuhai Seventeen years ago, some muddle traces of some things without notes.Like the sea air of youth in experience.And still likes moist air and quiet Zhuhai Waterfront Park.There are roller skating wrestling school in that embarrassment, which are lost in the sea of blue memory.And that wearing a blue skirt and looking for love with me and the girls life at the beach, right where she is now, she was happy happy.  Later slowly know those leaving Zhuhai friends, have been far apart, and some had a very good living in Shenzhen, and some returned to their home.Such is life, no matter what happens you, time is the same.The most regrettable that the girl called Yuhua, sixteen-year-old with us at the shoe factory, work day and night, very simple and naive, and from her mother died young, two years later drowned in the sea, I I had also secretly liked her innocence and quiet.And a lot of times they go to the beach for a walk.Also said that the ideal, life, love.Life does not assume, and no regrets.I think that life is a journey of the bus, if passed, is leaving.If riding the wrong car, just as misty rain scenery season setting sun.Only read and dusty in the disappearance of the years gone.    Part II: ask me to walk in the desert sun.Independent and sadness.Wind, the sky blowing dust, such as overwhelming as to pressure me.Eyes closed, tears, frantically slide.For you, I was tied to the cross of love for you, my love is blocked in the Tower.I, and obviously willing to be punished.Everything is my fault, because how many people I have changed the fate of one, I ruined myself, but had to hurt others, and even the next generation, I was tired, people have to go through a lot of time to mature, sometimes I I think it is still not mature, at least touched the emotional thing, I should not be calm, I really do not know, Buddhist, no, no demand of mirror world how you do it.Recollection of events disrupted the thoughts of all, in the eyes sour astringent.Removed sleepless difficult to fall asleep, right close but as vast horizon, always alone multiply entangled lonely, always worried faint sigh of pain, blurred still can not stop the thoughts.Sometimes I feel myself silly, how will those with entanglement, perhaps as some people like to play video games, and some people jumped into the bar for a drink, some people like to travel to play golf, but all in the shooting are the same thing, that is “lonely” but also in the hunt for something that is “stimulus”: I huddled in the corner, waiting for the wounds heal, experience the kind of free and easy to lose Ganaiganhen’m.Inspired by the gray track, full of deep shadow of the water, I had a bitter storm back with regret regret, but at the moment my eyes full of tears, this world has been unknowingly emptiness — Now that you asked the setting sun rise why the setting sun sink ask, have you seen how many joys and sorrows, the light-emitting whom you ask for whom the setting sun disappearing, ask your bright sun bright why short, ask to ask the setting sun setting sun setting sun ask, can you make light docked with me alone, ask asked the setting sun setting sun setting sun ask, can you make light docked with me alone, ask the setting sun from east to west for whom you busy, you asked the setting sun rise towards evening rush off whom, you ask from the setting sun from nostalgia to ever ask sun shining so who can grab you, ask to ask the setting sun setting sun setting sun ask, can you make light docked with me alone, ask the setting sun setting sun ask, can you dock, so that light with my loneliness.Run around sunset one day, you see how many unfortunate, and sad to hear how many, if like me, the tears dry in the face, the throat into the chest pain, the love of integration into the ocean, gav’st to the distance.?Rush of the stream, and I only care about you.Willingly infect your breath.Life geometry can be confidant?In addition to you, I can not feel the slightest affection.    Part three: ask ask the setting sun setting sun, you placed affectionate, for whom sink?  When summer gradually left, autumn sun, elegant fall on the windowsill, distant horizon, a golden.  Think of no reason, with a vaguely figure, but also when the sun is strong, quietly nestled.Under the setting sun breeze, I could feel the gentle, deeply, when the sky is orange, shiny red stay together and never separated oath.How many times, how many times enjoy basking in the sun, wanton indulgence we love, those days, our affection and sun shine.Look rising sun, watching the setting sun down, look at everything in the world of separation actionable interpretation of a field can weeping love story in the setting sun.  Later, when the sun go back again, you have walked away, looking for a big crowd could not see your sight.Solitude, only the vague figure you with my thoughts, and the breeze blowing through the sadness at the setting sun, flying alone poignant.  Under the setting sun, I stood in a landscape, there is no good flower leaf green, no floor Taixie Court, only a barren lawn, spread my endless sorrow.Now that you are gone, I can why did this piece of grass from the ground through it, picking a bunch of colorful folded but no longer look back?I was naive to think that, you’re just a short leave, you’re just tired of boring lifestyle you want to go get some fresh air, you just want to see your dream long distance in the end how far, you will eventually tired, tired, etc. and then wait for you to taste the outside world share of frustration share of tough, still back to me.So, I pray for you, waiting for you, as you jealously guarding the setting sun.Sauna net year after year, looking forward to the sun rising, falling, you still did not return.Until one day, a friend saw you in a city in the south, then you have to bring my wife and mother the news, instant, I painstakingly accumulated fortress collapsed!However, I do not know why they feel no crash, but feel relieved, I suspect that he is not in the waiting has become the idiot?Alternatively, such a result had long been expected and therefore placid?However, so many years, I refused to too many temptations, the world bear puzzled suspicion, do not wait for you to do?Not for you distant return date, not to slim, modest hope it?  Nowhere sun, sun also silent.  A friend told me that you had a very good, loving your husband have a lovely son, have their own house to his car, enough to live comfortably.Say you had to leave, saying remorse after you leave, say you adrift in a foreign land hard, that you have thoughts and thinking about me.Ask me how, I ask good or bad, I can ask a husband?When a friend told you, I’ve been waiting for you, your tears welling long time silent, then said everything into the past.  Since then, I will miss the collection, put you somewhere, do not touch easily.Only when the sun rises, just after the sun go back, gently arouse you from the depths of the heart.  Perhaps the only person only fuchsia, only in the emotion laced too eager to penetrate the skin.Turning back, I’m still drowning from the water, it has been reluctant to come ashore.Who shore give me a clear sky, and who I share and a touch of the setting sun?I myself destined eventually to be sunk in this underwater will never see the light.  Asked the setting sun, the sea is not used to this life is boundless Kuwata?Asked the setting sun, is not dependent eventually be separated, is not it crazy to keep loved ones could come to hate?  I asked the setting sun, why hate into the bone marrow and love, love to the depths, but thinned out?  Asked the setting sun, the earth is not like you are in a hurry love short?  That year the personnel has been scattered into the earthly dust, unable to retain those good old days given, unable to retain Chunhuaqiuyue, you can not keep going through this world figure, only to all kinds of confusion and frustration, inquiry of the setting sun.    Part Four: After the past years a complaint setting sun in the evening, she and he finally sat face to face with the capital a cozy and quiet coffee house.French window, a touch of sun jumping through the green leaves of the tree, landed in front profoundly elegant small table, giving a dreamy ethereal, as well as at the moment the man sitting opposite her – her former lover, are she gave a very false sense of trance.  How many years apart?Five, seven, or ten years?In her feeling inside, that seems to have been a lifetime ago things.Have a saying, undergoing a divorce is like over a lifetime yet?indeed so.Between trance, she seemed to see the prime of his holding her hand, through the picturesque campus, through the torrent of beach erosion across many obstacles, and finally from the initial love into the warm haven.Once, their union is considered to be so beautiful, their marriage have so many people envy.And she is even more deeply intoxicated!  Perhaps, the more intense the more easy to love lightly; perhaps, a beautiful love can not withstand the test of time and polish.In Youyanjiangcu day after day, year after year in, I do not know when to begin, with the passion faded, love is slipping away.Slowly, slowly, she could not hold his pair of warm hands.After years of sharpening and precipitation, has been talking about the past, had no blame among each other, nor unwilling to break up when, in the seemingly peaceful words into more of a dissolve on the fate lament.However, in her heart of hearts, but still in possession of a lingering, cut and chaotic, Cecil strands, indescribable emotion.  I do not know him and makes Zamo inadvertently or intentionally points of Colombian coffee, like the taste and he had through the years together, fragrance, bitter, sour and sweet, fragrant and stay at the end of the tongue is a Fan recall the sigh of rolling Cheng pulls.  Life is a one-way journey, just a few decades, the path taken through the landscape, both happiness and pain, exciting and extraordinary, once gone can not start over.No matter how much nostalgia and sadness, no matter how much regret and contrition, after all, will be forever in the past.  People say, life story sun v..She, it is hard to close the past situation Fragments.At that moment, her mind like a coffee house Hanbo instrument gently echoed the song “failed to keep the sun”: people still, how many years of circulation sun weathered melancholy look, how sad are still paying the wind flying dream, people children not forever, but unfortunately ask repeated sun wind and rain, several rounds consider this situation can never forget.Part five: · clear autumn sun even for a few days under the rain, damp air, muffled, the occasional cool breeze blows away the thin air of the mouth, there is a feeling of suffocation.Gray skies pressure is very low, very low, it seems to all pressed into a thin, pushed the soil, shed all the dust, walk around with this cool.  Mom said she was ill and went to see her ,, day is not long, maybe a few months, maybe a few weeks, it could be tomorrow.After listening to these, my heart flutter a bit, never thought she would be sick, her body so tough, so many years of wind and rain came through, this time, she should be able to survive Come.I did not prepare for the worst, calm should be a cry.  In the evening, the setting sun hanging in the mountainside, emit weak light, the sky dyed blood red, is so gentle and yet seem powerless.Hill moved a little bit over there.  In the white house, no color, only to see nurses wearing white clothes, white walls, white doors.This white door gently opened, I saw her.More white hair, like a clump of aloe, inlaid in white bed.Weekdays short huddled, really skinny; skinny arms like dry twigs, bronze, filled with sericulture; furrow into his eyes, but there are efforts to open their arms struggled, exposing deep feeling of pain.Her daughter hugged her and wanted a hug like a child, if you would like kids start again?I sat there blankly, looked at her, gradually, my vision blurred, tears had to be so rough, tears dripping on a white floor, snapped and fall to pieces.Originally thought he could care less, but I can not, after all, lived together for so many years, no matter what her past for me, I have to forget everything, vanished at the moment.I’m gone, she looked back, her eyes full of regret, sadness, or?I do not know, maybe there is no choice.  Fast fled patch of white, which endured the humid air.The last hint of sunset afterglow scattered on the face, soft, small, caressing you ever touched me like this?Memory went blank.  In this way, a little put away the last of the setting sun felt warm, the night is coming.Once cool breeze blowing.The rhythm of it began to rain, she is crying, or telling a story to the ending?  Mom said she was gone, I just see her the next day, quietly left the.Looking out the window, the sun was fading.  Going around in circles, when the beginning and end of the reunion, turned into a full stop.

Part One: Long time no rooftop to rooftop on the third floor of the.  From the door, as if gathered a hot summer and cold winter, a little smell of dust, slowly covering the entire night.  Probably better than the second floor of the third floor of a tree in the garden of trees grow green, grow flowers, trees more than the second floor of the tower, more solid, more a kind of heroism.Almost five months on the third floor did not go to cooking them anymore, and never give them a drop of water, a little care, they became fend for themselves, to survive alone in the wind and rain in.Trees are still green land, grass roots side, still shallots, but no fragrance, rose petals and pomegranate fruit.For them, even if no birds, even if there is no fertile soil, as long as there is still blue sky, between the car-ming, wind, rain, sun, will meet.  Third floor roof, plain certainly do not need gorgeous, simple brick, a few pieces of glass Founder, quietly rely on wooden shelves.Years of stagnant water has dried, one muddy, stir clear of dust and ashes scattered in different places a watermark on the glass, perhaps years of vicissitudes blot them pitifully neat decoration, to get people to pay attention to them.Can turn a blind eye for so many years, they did not phrase it soon, silently, motionless originally belonged to stay in place they should stay and wait for ages, waiting for Love’s gone, waiting time when they can really use.  Endure a bunch of red brick in the wall, when childish, put a damp cloth and stacked in a brick building on the shelf, until the time I ignore the past few years, until I finally found them when there is, I really was surprised: cloth outside the brick has been stiff, and the accumulation of dust has swallowed a piece of cloth, and in the building after the cloth, although it is faded, but there is no loss, do not leave abandoned later in cloth supporting strips of cloth to protect it’s been a warm cloth to rely on, and how many times the passing of seasons back, how much snow at the distant sky, the sun has cropped up a few bundles?  Ignored, no greetings, no one gives a drop of water, a little care of the roof, gave birth to life, brewing a strong aftertaste is years, is tough initiation.  New start last night with my mother to the roof to clean, it was decided for so many rooftops of Nagai who thoroughly wash away the vicissitudes buried, buried bitterness, buried lonely dirt, as they create a perfect.I was on the roof, in two long lamp lit, tiptoe, looking down at the moment, top ridge ridge hut under the stars with the car to drive to the original world is so big, the original world is so busy, it turned out that with more than 40 six hundred million vicissitudes Love the world, still working, still indifferent to work with for anything in the world.The world’s third floor, the roof of the world, must canthus with the heart to wait and see everything in sight, zoom all, better to see a different aspect.  Soon a long time to the third floor rooftop, turned out to be so much harvest.Now, I’ve used the summary canthus of mind to look at the roof, the roof look at all insignificant thing.    Part II: Tiaoshan Gong and rooftop rooftops scenery pass God, Fushou heart is steadfast support line.  Brigade Road pedestrian sweaty, porters kept the body Hedan.  Summer breeze love trees, ask to send cool dark tranquility.  Mountain scenery naturally, the husband is willing to pay and passionate row.  Drowsiness unawakened, tour guides has come to the party, ready to take me to ride the roof, etc..Perhaps it is “Nine Huasheng Jing in the roof” beautiful dream “in their minds”, and actually ripples move the hearts of rare excitement.Car in the winding mountain road circling walking through skilled driver master driving skills still can not resist the temptation of the original charm of the trees on both sides, one by one we like a baby in the cradle of swaying familiar melody, gradually quiet down.Some eyes closed, some eyebrows around, some speechless.Maybe someone is motion sickness, but I believe someone is intoxicated, you will be unaware of him that kind of unconsciously infected with gas.Sauna net car off the roof of nearly half away and stopped, there is some distance to go trekking forwarded to the feet.This personal experience to go through a scene reminiscent of a hundred uterine top: the middle-aged woman dressed in robes, carrying a yellow sachets, knock three steps, sincere and determined to move forward.It is said that in many Buddhist shrine, there is such a move compared to no shortage of good faith.However, the vast earthly smoke, how many around them unholy blinded our original mind, how many people stick to the original Pure Land predicament it?I ask myself, ashamed to conceal his table, and continues pastime final emotional light water bar in the mountains.  On the roof of the road, lined Greenwood, stone after another on the ramp which side chains with slight Feelings roads, visitors, or in batches intended idle self appreciation, when transmitting breeze Yau songbirds mildly unvoiced, the middle row of the music is not he dripping sweat to pay to make the occasional laughing.Friends, can not miss the opportunity to capture the casual encounters oh.  The roof is a roof, there are ancient immortal sets down in one way, and that only through “non-human” and “transit World”, in possession of that hole last dip before they board the great realm of soaring.Or due to the slow pace failed to catch up with the tour, I was in before the last checkpoint leading to the roof of a temporary dock.Dressed in a white?On the steps of possession hole in the door of the sitting-shirt and blue shorts Tiaoshan Gong, body leaning forward, his legs splayed open inverted, intently dial with red and green dots banknotes.His right mouth slightly higher, and that seems to be in the shape of the toe a little Alice corresponding; people can not look into the eyes as if to retain possession of the hole purification of the gas, although bills frequency is struck, the state still intently, two crescent-like palpebral exudes a faint blur of ambiguity.Behind the wooden pestle and pole are tightly tied together two gray-green rope, rests in front of the cave lion in possession of the body; that mighty lions deportment breathtaking, open the mouth of the lion that sharp teeth, people shudder.  Apart from which, or some feng shui mystery, which really deep furnishings fit this territory.Here in possession of the world’s Cave, also known as transit, between heaven and earth post this so-called Buddhist after death, the soul is the attribution of the last filter.According to common sense terms, if not resolved through layers make the flesh clean, how can any of its transit light into the world’s ultimate platform it?It also seems to have careful design of its reasonable location.Think of this, that form Tiaoshan Gong intently Counting again in the minds of some the idea to churn.Takaya soul and clear demarcation line between the reality of the land, whether the times, in the hustle and bustle Su Chen necessarily qualitatively the world such as ants smell of mutton standard heave it?Faced with this thinking, I was confused, otherwise why that heart is always restless endless?Fortunately, along the way there are weight and hair Tiaoshan Gong “What ho” chant sounds of nature and birds chirp in the mountains, like the beautiful sounds of nature, a little set my Mind.  Win their hearts, Gongshen and had possession of the hole, Ji Xing Shu Shibu, then to the roof.Gilded “roof” look up the word visible, creeping Perspective mountains, green hills, and then the King Kuang school; and to this end, since last Magnificence, to be sincere accomplishment, has its own deep state, it is no wonder the name River a few do have high mountains of Yixian Road shrines shadow pass.This, on top of Mount Jiuhua to answer the door, “Jiuhua Sacred” Meaning of the more tangible touchable.  With the tour from the nearby photo, light and shadow of the elephant and how can this vast territory than deep?Better to make riding the roof, four Fangqing.Thus, few people follow the side of the roof ridge line, sometimes standing framing contemplation, contented chi; Erwang laugh when mountain, to the heart; really Yoshiya!  When the tour was going on tour intended scene entirely, tour guide calls urgent reminder, be sure to let me wait rushed cableway station before 12:00.There are tourist map with the tour according to the proposal, from the roof down opposite the Lion Peak, the mountain view and more light, not seen by the King, few people gladly go.Under the roof of the road, with the tour foes cautious, for fear that “without fire” went out of comfortable and relaxing after also missing the.  Lion Peak on the road, poor furnishings stones, weeds staggered, faintly visible trail.Every one stone paths, about 56 meters, but the ramp figure 90 degrees, with the limbs of the human instinctive climbing on a small platform final.Point of the platform, is on the rooftop panorama, no wonder with the tour who have held mirror.With a tour of the old man on the viewfinder was a little more artistic sensitivity, pointing us to the roof of an empty sky fill a cluster of cedar elegant green.A static queue rooftop lofty dome, fir branches and trees with cross dependencies, fine line drawing technique to write decent relative health of the landscape, but to Xu.what!But more so some of the embellishment, the roof of the charm of it there is a different style.Consider that embellishment, but also a unique life is not correct it?Many people a lifetime, in constantly fine abandon, always wanted to build a large panoramic living orientation, the overall situation of the so-called left out those who may be brilliant light of life long-term awareness, why not try to treasure those who can no longer do the Ling-hui?  Yuanwang rooftop, serene palace, its green banks of spontaneously attached to the peaks, towering peaks and fight to its site, the roof of the towering, loneliness.But I did not want to read what its towering height, solemn silence that more come to know I was pregnant.Although the majority of the roof clever, but still committed subtle, extraordinary stability and a suitable location, this humble portrayal, is it not worth a human life to pursue it?  The end result of time constraints and the mountain of raw and cooked, and way back to our original, Jiuhuashan trip will do this.Recall that line all the way, there is always an impression, to reach the summit of the most beautiful scenery, the total must go through a long road to travel.But guess this long road is meaningful, if not this quest and wash them, how to clean body and mind to match the natural attraction that boarding it?Akira drag to the roof of the road is probably some kind of arrangement.Presumably, the road of life is so right.

Part One: Life as a child on the way, the memory of the most profound way to the village before the piece of bumpy dirt road.Although the road is not very smooth, indeed our children’s paradise.School every day, this is our dirt road must pass through.Catch in the roadside grass grasshopper, leaning against the tree roots nap, and partners playing marbles in the street, playing with a child playing tile undoubtedly our most indelible mark.Piece of ordinary common, but the dirt road, but carries all the joy of childhood.  On the high school, studying in the city of more than 20 years away from home.On Sundays, the most anticipated than set foot on the road back home.At that time, the piece of bumpy dirt road was covered with a thick layer of asphalt coat.No fun bumpy, also lost childhood memories.Years of rapid wheel gallop along that narrow asphalt road forward, carrying my longing for the future, the desire for an ideal, heading the university’s halls.  In those days, I am most looking forward to is still on holidays, get on the bus to go home, pleasant browsing along with the familiar no longer familiar scene.Do not know when that familiar strange being gradually replaced by narrow paved road is gone, I do not know a wide boulevard leading to where to lie in the village, no clouds of roadside trees, only bursts of summer annoying unbearable heat waves, constantly tormented due to an uncertain future and increasingly fragile nerves.However, this road gives me not only strange and disappointing, a bus loaded with hopes of ultimately stopped at his side.Human life on the road gallop, and sometimes Huangbuzelu, betrayed their ideals and beliefs, it is timely to stop, re-select one of their own way.The road of life everywhere fork in the road, everywhere should be selected, regardless of which way the election, are not to vote against one of that one.    Part II: the beauty of the road to see you, even across thousands of miles.Yes, I remember a friend about her in a text, a glance of being in love.Women in Love, dialogue with the mountain, and water in your eyes, her mind is the most sophisticated and sensitive.Like me, can you hold back do not think so, it can not be blocked by cold, wet willing to give up your mind to see it?Not to mention the cold has caused respiratory infections, not to mention the identity card suddenly can not find.Like a lot of factors that are stopping me see your foot on the road, even his friends tried to persuade me not to go.  But my heart has been on the road, unable to stop the pace.My heart has wings, struggling to fly to thee.  Kanas, missed three times and you.This time, however, can not.I in my heart, to see you had ironclad.  When carrying our cars hit the road when the wind and rain, when Burqin red wooden steeple and finally in our already very tired of crossing our eyes light up when, when sparkling Irtysh River at sunset under our paints a romantic view of the time.Our side shivering in the cold early summer, while very comfortably enjoy the clean, quiet place to bring our warm-up for the ultimate land of.  Yes, you’re near the front, I seem to be able to feel your body temperature, your breath.  That night, I slept very soundly, despite the cold again I will pull wake up from a dream, and that the remnants of the good that I will still always memorable.  Sky blue, incomparable, Blue properly when I looked up at the Federation of vertigo, even to be melted and do it, Xieguo away.  Chasing clouds, near the water, all the way towards the direction you always.  Prairie wildflowers bloom in May Egonggaiti, we sidewalks as if bees butterflies; in Mongolian girl dancing young man of firmness and flexibility, we recall the ancient legacy; those tea, those who bow, those yurts.Yes, these are all set up for you pave the way, I would look forward to you, step by step to grow.  Somewhere, I know that, after untold hardships to see you, I will not regret it.Nightlife Network approached you, snow, and I have some worries, Could I meet with you will certainly have a gloomy tone?Really stand by your side when the sun is already charming, white clouds like a “bloom” is generally in the blue sky, with various postures to my smile, a faint pool of water alive I will fill.My heart is soaring, my heart ecstasy.Inspired by the large and small stones, listening to the singing of the waves, strong light of the appreciation of trees, pull up a chilly lake, almost crazy to breathe the sweet air.Heart, suddenly very tranquil.  Here, it is suitable for sitting quietly on the lake, so that the front of the scenery, one by one in my arms.  Up the stairs, in order to enjoy your whole picture.Each time, climbing fatigue will resolve your like quiet in Jasper.  Exposure to the Mountain and Flowing Water, who is my soul mate?Trees were removed from the wild, who with me?Snow everywhere Baifeng Qing, who is destined to have a tacit understanding with me?  Face you, I also like a woman in love, your heart toward bloom, grow countless tentacles, and makes you aware of everything.  You do exist, beautiful and seems like a dream, but the real thing that catches my eye, my hand stroked your new leaf, my trousers contaminated over your flowers, my skin felt your temperature, my breathing had been covered by your breath.Bumps along the way came just to see you.  And you, in my way.  ”With a bloom time, let the mind to travel.”Inadvertently he encounters a word, just fit my hidden thoughts.  Do not you go, you are fixed in my memory, has become a timeless photo.Whenever dream to reproduce, you will be turned into green, blue, white, golden color, from different angles, far and near to their eyes on me, rekindle dormant in the depths of my memory of you miss.    Part three: you along the way because you through the wilderness of my mind, like sunlight through crystal-easy.My foolish, my weakness, almost non-existent in the eyes of your.And my heart the most beautiful place, but was your light shone brightly lit..Others go so far, have not effortless, others feel that looking too much trouble, so no one found me beautiful, so no one been here.  - in time where the growth of the heart does not know what time you will wait to hear my side, and I slowly grow together, unruly together, crying together, annoy close relatives, and then grew up, sensible, well-behaved too arouses sympathy and affection but then, I have not spoken with you, never aware there is a side of you so.Since childhood playmate there have been inseparable of the neighborhood kids and sister at home Mom and Dad, you do not love speech would have been left out by each child’s right!But you still abandoned to grow up with me.  Gradually, the more grew more lonely, I always say to you in a deserted corner: if I had never tasted a warm feeling, maybe I will not cold; if I did not feel the love of sweet, I probably would not have the pain was a lot of people; if I never left my room, I would not be so lonely.I put you as the best listener in the number of night, I told you himself, for a more beautiful tomorrow to get up early, go out of the window to greet the new day of the Pro, with a new attitude to say to you: I can.How many times and after frustration sigh, I am before you self-pity, complaining and groaning, you just back me silently listening attitude, give me the silent world I enjoy catharsis, then I settle down, and then ready to go stubborn to go forward.How many times when you are depressed, or do you stay with me, told me that writing is a deep breath of the soul, all the unhappiness and frustration they need a vent out while writing to release them, so you will accompany me to write for their trouble eleven in Notepad, my secret, you and me, the days to know to know.Later, more complex life in the lazy life, I gradually alienated with you, I am less and less ignorant talk with you in decadent entertainment life, I seemed to lose you, I want to enter in your world, peaceful world, so quiet you can hear my own heart beat, blood slowly flow back into the atrium of the ventricle, this kind of reincarnation, where I can not hide his thoughts, what I like and dislike what I What do you want, do not want to do what I can to make a gesture of their favorite unpretentious and honest yourself in front of you.Their most secret heart to share with you for the challenges ahead, look for power in there to challenge you.However, whenever I traveled alone in the dark, to find your casement, but unannounced Duke.  Fortunately, you will spend a little time with my own secret record, that record with me through the grass like a footprint of years, I became your best beads connected, our best support, so you I can go again in the lamp in yellow paper.Only to discover just how ignorance: I thought that the dust of history out there motionless, but a return to God thought of his age, after all, history is moving.We traveled together time, always like a cup of tea aroma, faint diffuse over the road, such as spring-like Gan Lie, clear Lesch; I found myself: I walked on, on the loose, memories have faded ; I watched, the tired, Star also dark; she listens to, woke up, began to complain of; back to find you gone, suddenly I chaos.  I was grateful for the way you have company, I have gradually grow, the futility of all my hard work and hard luck not confiscated, I remind myself to do a pure.  I know that time is also a disease of osteoclasts, nicks in the skin, stay in the hair from the snow, infiltration of blood, such as maggots tarsal bone, lingering.Disease, chronic, can not be easily perceived, always a little bit, like a parasol tree Midnight Rain, dripping out empty stage; disease, slightly toxic, polyethylene poison into the wound, such as drinking sip Oasis early, then sip drinks such as spirits, looking back until after the elderly, and the light is not installed with goblet grape juice, but still tempting cup of ice.How I wish, all the way have you, to be old, and then we slowly aftertaste.Thank you, slowly growing their hearts, thank you continue to make me strong, without losing their original mind.Also, we’ll spill blood for the Union, do never discrete confidant, okay?  - grew up in a time where the body

Part one: keep quiet on the banks of the morning breeze gently, slowly loose early sun from the east came Shihe water crystal clear as you rhinoceros, I parked the car, turn on the music, to put their own level, to start the search you have bits and pieces.As summer winds and neon ambiguous, I will walk in this affair, the stop and go, stop-go, tired, holding his rest.I never expect a better tomorrow, because I know that tomorrow I may not wake up from a dream.You did not give me space to think about my life squeeze, squeeze my heart, squeezed into my brain.I know this is the life!  I looked at every day you fall asleep before I sleep, you dream again and again to bully my heart, shattered every minute after dawn, I do not know how happy you from river to river, I really tried to keep a proper laugh posture, embrace all of you into my hands happiness is not happiness, happiness is not happiness.  Man song gently, I grabbed your left hand, do not dance, you just watch every trace of hair wash is circulated breath of spring and women’s fragrance, sensitive stiff you start laughing, I touch your face, such as touching the sky.You buried his head in my arms, I did not resist and would like to let you in my arms small habitat, just a small habitat.  When the children’s cries wake me up late at night, so I opened the window, let the night air filled with joy and happiness with my car, I send you to the front of your house, you get off the Long Long hair, Touyemeihui disappeared.  In the evening, you sent a message saying: I was in the river, parked in our parking place, turn on the music, learn your feet high on the door, very nice cool breeze blowing.Early in the morning, I sent you a message saying: I am looking for you last night, shadow left by the river.Now, I keep on Shihe river bank, quietly waited at the shore on Shihe.Part II: drowning the banks of the river bank is your description of point I recall, once we laugh together here, sad together, but now.Then you and I often go hand in hand, I never throw off, because like the temperature of your hands.We are always sweet sweet honey to go.I thought we would go on long, long time, until one day you invited me out, I’m coming, but you tells me that “We break” My heart really hurts it really hurts, tears could not flow out, I did not head back and ran home, hiding in the room quietly wiping away tears.  the next day.I go out when I met you, you were holding hands, and the other girls, happy smile that his face is like a sharp knife hurt my heart, I stood there and looked at your empty away.Once you leave my sight, I ran away Fengliaoyiban there until he reached the river bank we have been together.I lay there powerless, icy river penetrated my skin, little by little I will engulf.I Haohen myself, why can not forget you, why you still can not help wondering, why do we break up the feelings of so many years broke up, why did not retain their own.Sauna net tears and water mixed together, I can not tell what is what tears are water, numb heart soaked in icy river.always.I do not know how long, I was in one night a strange message, the content is very simple just a “Happy Birthday” I suddenly remembered his birthday today.I looked at the phone screen in a strange number, look at the tears wetting my eyes, I knew it was him, then over the years he remember me, fool, in that case why did break up, obviously, do you remember me Why.That day I cried a lot, I put all the pressure in the heart of sorrow and pain all the blame out.  Until three years later, that he had held hands and told the girl to call me one day, he would have died a long time ago, but he died just the day is my birthday.I suddenly realized that that day is the last moment of his life, since I do not know.Heart throbbing violently, originally broke up because he said he already knew he live long, and he wanted me to find a copy of their own happiness, but I.Thought, tears are streaming down.  I went to worship his grave, and with a heavy heart he bowed to.Looking at the photo on the tombstone, he was bright and beautiful smile, I swear I will find happiness in their hearts.I hope my next life, we can again hand in hand, do not separate.  Night sky with a bright star shining in the sky.  That year, we used to play with the banks, suddenly rising tide seems to be drowned, but I believe.That is still our river banks, drowning the river bank.  Our happiness, that sank.  Let it buried, OK.    Part three: the banks of the history of peach Xuan Chau, rainy Wuzhen, Wu Peng has water and the skipper; the sun has no clouds drill.The difference is: Xuan Chau was the banks and narrative history, and heritage village Wuzhen is spoken.Their stories have water, but Xuan Chau flow to the lakes, Wuzhen water lingering in the blood.  Xuan Chau moonlight was dim and clever, like peach blossom in February Amidst the fascination of spring season.On the river, willow is no longer pointing to the shore crossing go off, it shoots is telling swallow that Taolin side of the old house and knocked on the door of people waiting to have.  The piece had spent my childhood dream sampan, today has become a man who pervariabilis.He remembered the grandmother, the mother, which were numbered Which people how many children and grandchildren.But, his ship has not changed, tung oil brush again and again, the past years spotlessly clean and transparent.  When the green light to illuminate the same day the order of the town, the town because of the vicissitudes of the Xiangjiang River and the lingering sadness travel; the ever-changing world outside of the day, Xuan Chau peach, still wild with passion.  Women here, including octogenarian mama can say, what a peach tree, have had their own impulses and shy when girls can say that for the first time to hold fast to their men, and strangers can people say that the first time ever in a half-hearted kiss.  When the peach bloom south, the Xuan Chau Street will be flying a natural Lotus, this is a woman personal purse stuffed with leaves and pollen Tan faint fragrance.In the window that night filled the air, and then quietly scattered on the edge of the town pier.  Find incense from a man right there, it might take away a woman smoked peach halo; Chau Xuan river boat nails live perhaps in.They have settled on shore one day, then perhaps three generations of one, filled with enough table.  Whenever Xuan Chau Spring Festival, various food and wine full of tricks, the men took the children every family door New Year greetings to every household in the square table has become a test of a woman cooking ring.This time, the man is the happiest, in addition to stopping drinking, is holding a woman in the evening, warm feet laugh.  New Year’s Eve sit-year-old, red sugar red dates longan egg helpful, useful, sweet tone Heights lees powder, mist tea useful to add lotus seeds put sugar.Many families have fried cake child, that child as sorghum cake bread old faces north, is the fishing sub-glutinous rice cake noodles.  Fortunately, winter Hengshan people eat dog meat, a dish of dog dirt flavors of dishes.Said the dog is not on the seats, it is because stewing, boiling, roasting, frying, heat the stew cook only men can make to taste.Therefore, the real brother a few friends, sit together in winter dinner of dog meat is indispensable.  Kill a dog is to ask outsiders for help, from home bear, just lie on the dog rope son, they use baskets Replace the cover, turn on the water pond flooded or killed with a hoe with a rope hanging in the trees, in short, the killings process I was never participated in master.  In the past, put cedar from upstream row down the row off the field, break in Chau Xuan to do two things: First, gambling, and the second is to eat dog meat.Several people around a hot pot stew a dog, let Xuan Chau rice wine drunk himself unconsciously, blowing wind on the river in the night woke up, they put the row to the destination in time.  Dog died in front of the owner can cry.When the owner of Flanagan put on the dog’s neck rope to the fir row guests, the dog will seek to co-operate with the eyes of regret whispered help.When the owner abandoned it away, poor ah!Dogs already in tears.  Dog meat stew of white radish let Xuan Chau town of all able-bodied men, but also to take care of women by men after all moisture was red like a peach.Fasting women under the river, pick a dozen bear full river, onto hundreds of stone steps, is not stopping for a rest with the.  Today has been difficult to see some of the traditional workshop, on Xuan Chau Street may still see the old town.Cotton spinning, dyeing homespun, wine shop folks, blacksmith shop sonorous, tailor’s measuring tape, a girl’s marriage fat, old man’s coffin, the children eat, “grumble Ga” sugar.Millennium town guard the tranquility and history, stretching over generations of vicissitudes.  When Xuan Chau sons out of the Hengshan, most forget is the day with the river to pick a woman home with steamed rice river.  Xuan Chau is part of the other side of town, the two sides shared the men on both sides of a woman, your daughter decent, my wife tied the knot back; you send a sheep, a pig with me.Large sedan on board, the bow, the two already prepared the altar Nver ten years of cellaring.

Part One: Envision a hundred friends I’ve invited Mr. Xiao Yuan calligraphy circle for my title, “Envision” a painting, I cherish, where wherever taken, but in fact the deep meaning of these words of understanding, but it is shallow and distant in terms of ideology.”Quiet” and “far” is the relationship between relative, so it should be peaceful parenting behavior lofty ideas, should respect the lofty realm reflect.  Impetuous in progress and have reached till today, no money money, money to be official, did not want to name names, but also more well-known, is not culture, not noble, so people seem to really want to return about peace of mind and nature, otherwise, no matter how life is Oliver.Desire is endless abyss, perfection is the eternal distance, where in the end happiness and joy in?The answer is actually very simple, in everyone’s heart.  Mr. Zhou You Guang read the language of literary master piece of text, I seem to dream awake wandering in the “Envision” ark.He said: “The mountains are not high, as long as the lush woods.Water is not deep, as long as there are migratory fish.This is a simple room, as long as I’m happy materialistically self-seeking.Dark rooms, even more bright window.I have more injustice desk desk too frequently blame.Junk threshold, the high side uninvited guest.Dance floor, welcomed the arrival of an old friend.The bedroom is the kitchen, eating convenience.Bookcase and cook kitchen, dishes scholarly.Hi listening to the neighbor’s radio brought music, love to strangers friend send article.Make all efforts to nurse, get on the tram, take exercise muscles.Is calling from a public phone, go a half years, by the way walking tour.Look up to the sky, the universe is my roof.Travel the countryside, the fields are my greenhouse.Joke senior cadres of specialization.Sympathy for the farmers liberalization.Impoverishment of content with the old nine “.Anyone can read this text, however, where the magnificent mind, far-sighted vision, quiet soul shine, philosophical attitude of choice, should be generous practice of enlightenment, the demeanor.  I slowly pondered this motto, found himself following years of this mood is in fact knew nothing of enjoying simply do not understand what is being “quiet” and “far” confused, just try to be smart pretend lofty Bale.  Weeks old attitude towards life determines his happiness and joy, its values are more calm on a vast ocean sail.This detached and lofty enough self control to remain silent spiritual homeland, with its quiet charm of change.  ”Wish, while the wind blows,” the quiet, in warning the meaning and responsibility of people to live, to be ready to meet the various tests, the “quiet” is the “action” of preparation and reflection.  Whether we should learn to see the effect of an infinite beauty spots in ethics and responsibility in order to co-nourished life.Wealth and elegance not the same thing, money represents wealth, elegance is conservation.  ”Envision” life can be described as tranquil tranquil, tranquil peace, which was great good fortune!    Part II: The Forgotten quiet cold from the north hit every time, rural southern began a new round of busy, full of sparkling spring water with boats have been invariably North from the north and western provinces, along the winding river, and then groups of twinning the eighth team in the East Pier beach county level.  East Pier flat cargo space since the early gathering of indigenous agricultural distribution center, after years of change, human baptism, gradually evolved into today’s annual flower market attraction each year, tell it to start, finding traces of it, just know that people want to eat, they do everything possible to put a year of hard business, happy to move the ship, but also comes with a ten and a half of dried fish, rice, wash clothes, holding great expectations, a family boat a boat, came to this blossoming largest city, in addition to to pocketed the fruits of a year’s hard work, but also by the way some feel the atmosphere of modern life.Ping Tung this place, and thus inherited the ancestral tradition of business.Flowers gardening, toss the year, the total figure a good place to find a good harvest it!  Plum, chrysanthemum, paper flowers, orchids, orange trees, as well as tell, undying hundreds of seasonal flowers, in recent years, with the improvement of lifestyle, there are more and more large potted plants and is also a boat Come.Large and small, are equal insight, both for their own destiny give it a go, see who in the end can enter the wealthy, suffered pampering, enjoy a grace a pet, even if only a short period of Spring Festival.Low prices from the seasonal flowers, paper flowers to the middle worth Huang Ju tangerine, plum orchid so noble, press the top or those who break bones after one hundred savages continued limb, thin plastic, peeled and cut out meat, suddenly out of the strange attitude, looked install an aloof pride of bonsai.In fact, the flower most people, but few can really afford.However, the huge urban population, such as hemp, the wealthiest businessmen, prominent position a lot of people, each required to buy goods with love.Steady stream of people all day long, and ultimately we are able to ship dozens of labor swept away, buy, sell, and came into the motor transport are happy.New Year’s Eve at noon, get through these cold days of the twelfth lunar month meal wind sleeping vessels unloaded a burden, and put on a light surplus of holiday items weigh anchor and sped away, past the mighty kill, and now happily return, finally, the tranquility of the pier back to bite the bullet, the serene back tired and disoriented tofu canal, a suffered a lot of old names.Sauna net business is getting better to do, so that more and more growers followed from all over, like they came out of the ground where the ants, all of a sudden suddenly become a lot more to unimaginable.Thus, the flat East Pier became more lively, more prosperous, crowded unlimited, unlimited hustle and bustle of the whole street.As a result, more people love to watch, with experience from the spirit, and people buy flowers for the flower on the shoulder touching shoulder elbow elbow toes wore heels in this twenty-three km river, day and night shuttle runs rub shoulders hit the elbow.So, New Year’s Eve will be closed at noon and again stretched, creating opportunities for those flowers marry, so that more low-income people buy cheap dumping calm in flower, even if they are injured hands and feet, the amount of bad coke head, even some naked limbs disability does not prevent their experiences with the owner in the silent exchange spring cold street lights.Thus, the East Pier flat end of the year past midnight, waiting to exclude the noisy New Year’s circumstances will cease to exist.Instead, poor sales of flowers everywhere, and after a New Year’s Eve at noon, some only sold half, good luck selling seven or eight percent, so the seasonal products have been dumped, do not want to reduce the net worth of fruit trees, bonsai I had to move back to the boat, ready to return home original break, come back next year.Weather has been dark, anyway also can not return home, they simply put incense table on the deck for a sacrifice, and to greet New Year’s Eve in a foreign land, only the poor children at home guarding the ancestral home in the quiet New Year’s Eve eagerly looking forward to the dawn, looking forward to those belated new clothes, new toys.And diem flat east bank of the past, it will also be delayed until New Year’s Day morning was returned to Mother Earth.  After the past, always love New Year’s Eve afternoon, everything is ready at home, a family came to the familiar wharf, branded with the grandparents came to this small riverside traces of years of hard work, tired of watching the sunset quietly in a quiet stretch of the river , watched the final departure of merchant ships, enjoy the tranquility after the hustle and bustle in its willowy smoke and further away sound of a motor, a look at the Magnificence washed, makeup tofu ancient canal banks return to nature, insist on waiting for the handover of the year in the cold scene, hunt for a new life courage from the hustle and intense atmosphere of calm diem contrast, ignores the reality of life in the pursuit of effectiveness moral comprehend the wisdom of past development and good friendship thrift plain truth of life.  But now, this scene but do not know when we can reproduce.    Part Three: love peaceful separated by a curtain Red, a table, a chair, a computer, a cup of tea, this is all my life.Things did not interfere with the quiet solitude corner, is a wonderful, is a kind of freedom, is a detached.  Early in the morning, magpie woke me from a dream, I’m marching dew, accompanied by the laughter of children go to school, go to work from a leisurely afternoon, bathed in the setting sun, accompanied by faint crow crowing, easy commuting.At night, the lights lit my mood, jumping fingertips on the keyboard, his thoughts dense diffuse throughout the shabby homes, the network of the sky so free pleasure, Qin Guan Han month, noted Tang and Song Yun mind the sea, I indulge my nature, and Li Bai Doujiu enjoy the beautiful rivers and mountains of the motherland romantic.Du Fu Thatched together because broken by the wind, and Interpreting the world.Sushi and homeland fugue together, sigh white hair early, life is a dream.Qingzhao and searching together, feel the country perishes sad feelings.Years Gone With time, with the text flowing soul.To me, life is so, must want anything else!  Life gives us too many are suffering and torment.Comprehend the wisdom of life, the true meaning of happiness after peaceful pursuit, as a recharge your batteries, treat yourself kind of toil, life after all.I can neither get flowers, birds will not play, neither cards nor dance, neither smoke nor drink, what fashion will not, no reading, no writing, no thinking, time not contingent row, I can only hide in a corner, some reading, writing occasional graffiti point, feel comfortable, quiet and comfortable.  Whether rich as Superman, or mundane mortal, everyone has their own spiritual home.I avoid the farce of the Red, occupying one of the quiet earth, lived a quiet life of sweet light seeding, everything can be like, what can be do not want to, they feel like a free man.I can not say how much they have lofty, but would not say how noble your heart, but its shallow inexpensive pursuit bustling secular life, it would be better to avoid the destruction, self-analysis in the quiet, self-awareness and beyond.So I bid farewell to the busy, choose a quiet life.  In fact, over time you will find: real attractive landscape often in the quiet depths, scientists like the quiet, like the writer is quiet, the philosopher is like a quiet, often the cause of plot concerns brewing in peace and the achievement.  Life is short, Shaohua perishable, I want to take advantage of this limited life to obtain eternal.So, I love the quiet, serene view for the whole of my life.    Part Four: After seeking tranquility saw Bill Porter’s “rareness” youth literature book editor Mr. Zhang Jianfeng decided to go look for hermit Zhongnanshan book written.He said: “A few years ago contact with literary circles, do journals, too many vulgar things, too many things sensual pleasure, we wonder how to make money, how to spend money, of course, nothing wrong with these things, but the field of view of people’s lives is too small, too limited, I want to see another life, practitioner’s like I suddenly found clear water, muddy water before drinking it no longer.”Mr. Zhang Jianfeng, after searching the hundreds of hermit, slowly turned from a search by a half practitioner, it is slowly beginning to meditate, practice.In 2010, Zhang Jianfeng and another dozen people to chip in with more than a dozen built between the huts at the end of the Nanshan Quiet, named “Zhongnan Cottage”, for practitioners live.He thought: the benefits of quiet practice is to keep yourself not to get lost all the time, do your own observer, to make the world observer, always watching their emotions in peace, always observing the world Sound of Music.In this pluralistic society, let everyone do their own genuine.  Yes!Modern society seems to be hard to find a quiet location of.Road shuttle traffic, trail bustling crowd, merchants selling hoarse, square chaotic music, hot air muddy stream gas, or noisy or dull noise and anxiety, irritability figure continues to go past in the ears, eyes, heart.Looking for a quiet seems to be a lot of people expect, but my personal luxury.  However, the tree still while the wind blows.Life, the people want to eat, to wear, to have a sense of security, there must be a sense of accomplishment, a lot of pressure to live and work, where you want to be quiet so quiet down?All in “Zhongnanshan” like the quiet of nature, it may lead to heart and one fifteen resonance dip, but not forever.The heart of the social pressure of anxiety, fear and expectations at any time dregs, break your peace of mind.  Many people attributed the heart of the hustle and bustle of people want hope and the pursuit of a.The pursuit of the interests of competing powers, to compete for the peak of trivia than by.I humbly believe: Not all hope is to be a quiet and indifferent enemy, blindly rejection of desire and pursuit of a last hope may leap into the abyss of nothingness.There is a story that a king wanted to paint a performance artist who painted quiet.Only two were selected, one painted with beautiful rural countryside, Ning Jingan Cheung; the other one is depicted thunder and lightning, wind and rain scene, just on the corner of the screen, there is a nest in a cliff cave , there are a few sleeping nest of chicks.King think of them again, leaving a photograph of “wind and rain” paintings.Indeed, never quiet from the outside world, the real from the heart of the quiet.Tao Yuanming fact, already understand this realm, “Jie Lu in the human environment, traveling without noise.I asked the wilderness round, the heart that is distant.”Quiet environment to bring people will only be lonely, but not peace of mind.Everyone has this quiet location, as we have seen landscapes, grasslands, snow-capped mountains and the sea.When I looked, and the pursuit of desire can not meet and achieve, the heart of the hustle and bustle on the rise up, like a quiet triggered an avalanche of snow-capped mountains, setting off waves on a calm sea.When the desire and pursue a hope, but can not get it out, the heart of arrogance and rashness rise along with it, like a whipped up a storm on the vast grasslands, between the peak quiet river outbreak of flash floods.  In quick success, rampant society, quiet and seemed to be driven by high-rise buildings of the soul, shadow, we need to look attentively, to care for, as we go in search of care that rarely deserted landscapes, vast expanse of grasslands, endless the sea and the high purity of a towering snow-capped mountains.In every heart, there will be a landscape so that you have not been to the place, where the air is fresh, full of tranquility where.Tired man, you can take a rest there, then move on.It was a long journey does not need to be able to enter the territory, it is a quiet does not need to spend money to own.There is no doubt in your mind, there is a quiet green window, waiting for you to find, discover, experience, upbringing and care.

Part one: View of the sea promenade got nothing to do when they take advantage of the evening to walk around some fresh air, my heart always feel very depressed recently, it seems there is a stone pressing, difficult breathing, so I want to go to the beach for a blow to resolve their angst and irritability.  Zhanjiang city close to the sea, the air is particularly fresh and comfortable, they look for the sea breeze along the trail, because he liked the sea; sea of vast allows me to open up and look beyond the sea of broad confirmed I own the small, can stay foolish mind to accept all of heaven and earth, I love the sea surging waves it splashes from waves, rain barefoot step on the beach, waves occasionally aroused fear the name of countless crystal drops Manwu in the sun, the sea breeze in.I always dreamed to ride a boat can be paddled in the night in search of bright beacon.  Perhaps by chance, perhaps inevitably, we came to the view of the sea promenade.  This is a park promenade built along the coast, its layout and have fine features, build a beautiful and artistic.The overall green lawn is mainly the middle of a white stone-paved road separated by the, the trail lined up more than half a meter wide red and yellow flowers along the path stretch far away, like most of the two ribbons.The lawn also planted a variety of shapes of trees, built and neatly, like a starfish, a petal-shaped, pentagonal, most characteristic, is the most perfect “view of the sea corridor” running script four characters and these people work five rings of the Olympic flag colored flowers planted deeply shocked, impressed by the designers had to craft the perfect garden.  Go south along the road from time to time there is a gazebo, stone tables for visitors to rest, play cards together in twos and threes and some tourists, some chatting, some sit-in repose, there are very passionate kite children lying on the lawn, enjoy the sea breeze blowing kite flying high in the sky.  View of the sea promenade with two yellow bronze statue was very lively, full of meaning.One is; there is a naked man riding on the back of a big shark punched tame this monster, giving a brave and strong momentum.  Another statue is very interesting; two naked men observe a crab, either side, left in the rear, right front, the two state body is different, but the same focus, the right of people squat inclined forward observation front crab, crab might be frightened out of its excellent grip clip open or do self-protection, or for a chance to attack.The man on the left leg bent, body tilted forward also looked attentively, but kettle waist lines to fall over, so right back in the past to seize the kettle.The statue to life, whether it is two naked men or crab cast are very vivid, action is more natural and vivid.I can not be away a long time looking at the eyes, it seems to have been fixed, and I want to share their surprise and focus.  View of the sea promenade is an endless painting, and art coexist amazing, a long time, a long time roaming the meantime I do not know return date.    Part II: Dreaming gallery Where sober tonight, willow shore Xiaofeng moon.This is how the mood.Or I can not comprehend, but also unwilling to fall, then re-write, write this bright years for Love.In March, this is the season of all things blooming.There are sky blue and deep, and that the sun, glare and warm, everywhere shade, interpretation green Evergreen, was actually so exclusive charm.  Get up, trying to rub the dark sky, then clouds Quan lock.Unexpectedly, the wind comes too fast, broke into the house, I do not give room for Jingsi half-turn of.  I moved his body may have already rusty, sideways to avoid the invasion of wind lifted the once proud head, just frustrating that pair is no longer clear eyes, with a bitter interpretation of the vicissitudes of life.Suomei affects the mouth, only to find that I will eventually just passing.  Jane Zhen said that every drop of wine grapes are not back to the original.Then I recalled to pouring, into the Acacia light you already dried up.  Do you still recall late at night alone, those who unforgettable.Are you a dream so deep inside existing corridor, laden with memories.  Today, spring butterfly flying, whether dreams can promenade, enjoy the read chapter memories.  Worth mentioning, I have to preface spring, playing the mess it’s like a gift for Love.Sauna net that day, I Juanyou corridor, sitting alone shiting, slowly come to see you, lazy to indulge.Spring suddenly hit the mountain cherry, Jing Si want you to shop with cherry makeup.Your presence, so I lost the courage to open.To this day, I discovered that I myself was originally a coward.Fortunately, I know the sky mind, write it falls on March the lake.With carp play, wandered a scroll reads: everywhere three thousand cherry dance, with an empty red damask crossing.  I hand as a scoop, but the rain York after this long drought.His head, then drink.I was also a hero, pick up a pen and sketched, Cursive fly: Tonight, there is beauty, such as wine, strong and pure, I am happy drunk.  Scattered thoughts floating in the air, I actually broke the trembling hands of tight flail history, poured out Red Dust, memories have been flooded.I panic perish brush off the dust on the clothes, I want to brush off these memories together.But crack broken clothes, but also do not mind the mundane brush.  Wiping away his tears studying, or is so spring and autumn.  I stepped back and over you, you step on dead youth I.Also go too casual.You overnight white hair, still proud to say: my hair, pale just for you.  And I did not look back, only to longitudinal tear Island.You reach deeply moved, I ripped off the shore solitary remorse, then decided to walk alone and on.  Did I do not want to work together if they grow old fairy tale, reality is Drum and bell, are you a prophecy.I was originally a clump of fencing you two of the world.Like March of fireworks, after all, can not wreak havoc in the April sky.  Dreaming deterred promenade, Willow worry that not enough shade, the breeze hit, is how much the landscape is still.  I took Shoulong umbrella, walking in the corridor downpour, not to forget the open, but do not want to stop thinking about you, even if only umbrella that moment.  Finally, you are the slight rise in the mouth, with a fall must never mention my many years of tears.Part Three: quiet night promenade at night, a little cool wind blowing, the western sky still remained a touch of blush, to be grilled hot clouds sun is cooling, sparse stars have begun to flicker.  Walk in the silence of the promenade on the lake, what would you think of it?Number of the sky a kind and lovely grandmother and her granddaughter stars?The future of a confused teenager looking at the lake in a daze?Or wanted to talk about anything, just let the brain blank rare and leisure?  I think, is a quiet girl quietly standing at the end of the corridor, his hands leaning on the fence, despite the wind flipping hair, watched her from afar, his face with a faint smile.From her back, I guess she was lonely, perhaps distant relatives are missing or wife; access to her eyes, I guess she was not lonely, her eyes can penetrate the crowd, woods, fences.Straight people worried about her.  Such a quiet night, such a beautiful scene, you should not have trouble thinking of things frowning.You’re probably experienced a painful, life is not satisfactory, encountered difficult to cross the threshold of their careers, we are experiencing a sudden and emotional farewell.These can be put aside.  Nature always treat everyone equally, whether you are rich or poor, prominent or obscure nature have given you a different view.  In the arms of the night, you can be completely informal, you can cry, you can quietly miss someone, a certain period of time.If you recall when you laugh, then continued memories.Let yourself wander at night in warm, no matter what you do, think about what you are feeling a touch of joy, it was enough.  When you wish a return to “fool”, enjoy relax, smile at people and distant, or a return to himself.Even if you do not know what you’re doing, but you feel comfortable, you know a different own.  Your life can be down and out, you can obscurity, when you said goodbye to this world, came to see you one last time only a handful of friends and relatives.But your life never done wicked things, for your family and friends, you really existed, and you bring them too happy, this is your overriding value.  Quiet night, long corridor, so worried and sad farther away.The heart, such as rainy youthful, slight rippling ripples.

Part one: the hearts of the pond when grandma hemiplegia in bed, my father fell in love with that piece of fish ponds, because my grandmother has is flat mouth chewing action can only fish.  Every day in the morning, his father would pack up the tools, pushing a wheelchair grandmother came to the pond, there is always a small figure next to my wheelchair.  Fish pond is not large, glowing green surface layers of water Halo, singing frog is one I catch the water, look down on that piece of sparkling water plants, grumpy glared at me.  Grandmother placed next to his father on support from a long fishing rod, at that bend such as silver hook hanging mysterious month of good bait, thrown far in the middle of the pond, leaving only a trace of snow line floating in the crystal water surface.Father and then point on a long cigarette, smiling and grandmother bicker, I can not help wonder, secretly brought the fishing rod.  First day climb up the tall trees, back to my grandmother, I always ran, climbed on his father’s clothes shop in the grass, stared looking at the piece of the snow line, the father waving palm-leaf fan, always put I sent sweet dreams.  In the evening, I carried the harvest of lake sediment, TV drama with excitement spray, urging his father to go home behind.Father always shuffled, ran behind him waiting for me to push him away.  Hou fish are happiest when Hou, delicious fish is divided into two halves, one half in my bowl, the other half is placed in a large bowl grandmother; I bow careful eating fish, father guarding the dim light, carefully pick out the bones, the fish into his mouth plump grandmother.  After so many years, that delicious fish I still can not forget that his father kindly smile forever rippling pond in the patch of my heart.    Part II: village pond south, mostly in front of the pond have.In front of the home village also has a pond.Bangshui houses built.Perhaps this is the time of our ancestors Robert siting, taking into account factors feng shui, yard, beautiful scenery, water enrichment, prosperity; perhaps, this is our ancestors take into account the necessities of life, waterfront neighbors, Laundry water dishes, convenient water.  However, no matter what the reason from the pond, home to really bring a lot of convenience and benefits.Pond, also home to add a lot of clever and angry.Pond, like a mirror, and record intake of the hometown people’s daily lives, throughout the year various changes and vicissitudes of the historical evolution of the rise and fall.  Weekdays, people in his hometown lotus pond fish species, hardship in his hometown of time, to increase the hometown people a little meager income, so hometown people spent the difficult years.  Dusk, pond became a hometown huge washbasin.Maundy men bathe in the pond, wash away the mud and sweat; the women were in the pond washing brush, scrub a dirt and dust.  Spring, hometown people drainage water from the pond, irrigation fields irrigated, injected hometown of Hope and desire; the summer home of people bathe in the pond to swim, wash away the day’s fatigue and toil; fall, his hometown in the pond Picking lotus dig in, enjoying the harvest of joy and happiness; winter, hometown Crabs for fish in the pond, dressed for a year’s accumulation of rewards and joy.  Old, pond photo is too devastated hometown desolation: dilapidated houses, overgrown with weeds, mosquitoes, flying, garbage everywhere; shine through his hometown sad face, dispirited, ragged figure now, bathed in the old central concern construction of the warm spring, warm spring breeze riding the new rural construction, the face of the home has undergone tremendous and profound changes.Pond, also this all faithfully recorded and taken down: a well-off building blocks of beautiful stylish stand, row upon row of neat appearance; Yi Keke manicured trees, leafy trees, Ziying dancing; pieces new Picture, leisure and entertainment, coming and going; the ones wearing the fashion of Guys and Dolls, colorful, bright color; warm smiling faces, happy face blooming pond itself is also a new look: the home of people around the pond with a brick ascent of a beautiful embankment, as to which home side mirror studded with beautiful silver edge lap.  Pond more clear, bright and clean up.Whenever Delicate Long Day, the hometown of fresh and beautiful village scene greet pond, Qian back reflection, looks like a huge bright environment, consumption looks beautiful home.In this way, sky color, colorful, is just a beautiful picture.  Home, every day in front of this mirror surface in commissioning new makeup!    Part three: the memory of a small pond to a small pond dates back to when I was little, it makes my memories get a little messy.  From a piece of dirt road through the village, on the side of the road is mostly flat old tile-roofed house, people all efforts seemed only to provoke the other side of the road at a tall table covered with a tall tile roofs.For the initial stage of memory is my uncle led a state shirtless man carrying stone drums reinforce countertops, stone drums high in sub-trumpet his tear dumb in heavy lift and fall, I can not remember his chant become notes, but I’m sure it was the most beautiful music I first heard, I let the memory of long-dead uncle has always been inseparable and that chant.  Then base station only just good, great Tile realize the dream of my parents in my memory later.Small pond just after my old tile roofs.There are many trees pond, a tree grows near the surface after several steps before you get it’s branches toward the sky.For my foot trunk is thick enough already, I have often seen sitting on the branches bright blue dragonflies flying around in the sun the water; see busy people on the distant field; grasp on the number of old wall tile roofs Ding, cauliflower see mosquitoes (should be a wild bee) drilling a small hole drilled from the wall; see the old chimney smoke wafting transitory man; listen to the sparrows twittering in the eaves called.My brother also have this hobby, but he is too small, he’s a negative for this purpose at the expense of his earliest childhood memories is the grandmother rushed him to jump into the pond to save up.Sauna net pool has a large mulberry, sericulture in the season, the garden trees are purple Sang date, it will make our mouths were all turned black purple.Grandmother raised a lot of silkworm – in our view very pleasant thing, brother particular, fear them, he strongly protested grandmother raising them all day, “Falling” stop eating soy insect looks like the guy, even though brother is in the village of “commander” can be a small thing he fears most caterpillars, insects and the like soybeans.Grandmother Of course not starve to death because of his protest and her baby, she still put off beckon mulberry leaves to feed them, she bring these stupid guys spit silk to put themselves trapped inside the small round mound mound to get money.Although I do not like the silkworm, but I like to watch them spinning, layer by layer tirelessly.I think, certainly do not know silkworm grandmother would they like some persistent spit into a small house sell them.  That year, a lot of long pond water chestnut.G The father said that when he threw the old trees spring water chestnut in it, can not be verified, and no one to research, but in grams of water chestnut eating our house looks a little for granted, since we are more family pond water chestnut let him steal a few does not matter.When the water chestnut harvest, brother jumped into the water off the full pots, water chestnut on the village everyone ate our family.  I do not know when the pond dries up into a big pit, a “headquarters” Our evening collection.Every night we put on paper fold “cap” on the set here after a neat row of the team to patrol in the village again.We do not care “or sea,” said Asako us “Imperial Army team to the” mean.We are fighting to neighboring villages where deployment.Brother finished lifted the deployment plan of action after the Japanese saber.It is a four-grandfather of silver in the river floods up, by four silver steal out of a dedicated brother changed the officer’s deputy commander, in front of us are very proud.  ”To Gao Zhuang Jinjun!”We ‘mighty’ to advance to the next village.  Now think about it, a bunch of rags fart child holding a wooden gun skirmish at best only be regarded as a group of bandits, how little “Imperial Army” regular appearance.  I think of memories of a small pond should be more profound than my brother, he is a brigadier and have now, he will continue a lifetime of military service should be the beginning of the small pond.  I can not put memories of a small pond together to make a complete story, but that does not hinder me miss it.When I struggled all day in the hustle and bustle of the world, I often think of it.    Part Four: pond past people always have a nagging homesickness in a foreign land, the recent period, a child to the home of the hillside firewood cattle pond to play slapstick scenes often appeared in my sleep, that is my childhood paradise, my heart’s paradise.  My hometown is located in the “north through the Wu Gorge, the Antarctic Xiaoxiang,” the Dongting Lake, where four distinct seasons and a pleasant climate, is a scenic place.In the north there is a home in the rolling dozens of Acacia Hill at the junction of Hunan and Hubei, where Xiongjun mountains, lush pine and cypress, gurgling streams, is a good place for cattle of the villagers firewood.  I remember the day after the summer holidays, I got up very early, after eating breakfast, take a sickle and a rope, invited a group of good partners, each riding a buffalo, he climbed up, we often go to cattle after hillside.Down the mountainside, slipped down from the back of a bull, with a sickle to gently knock cow ass, ox hooves will cast myself went to look for grass.We started cutting wood, to noon, the flaming sun shining, after two hours of intense labor, a heavy load seven jin Mao has been cut firewood good.After we cut firewood, they split up to come back to find their cattle, buffalo hastily to the col below holding ponds along the rugged mountain road near.  Pond chilly water like a mirror as I saw before me, which I have dozens of acres of century-old pond area is so big, it is the lifeblood of the village nearly a thousand number of people.Listen to the oldest man in the village to speak, before the drought encountered in the environment, because the rice has not been good for irrigation, the villagers cut the income will appear, and sometimes even loss of income situation.The villagers here would have asked to build a pond, water shortage worries when to relieve the drought, which is a sweat from his ancestors took out of the mud.Cool and clear pond water has not dried up throughout the year, all connected streams Stream flow Ferris cloud in the vast mountains down in this hot dog days of summer, reflecting pond with lotus standing against the breeze, blue sky , white clouds, green trees, which creates a beautiful and charming picture.  I did not wish to enjoy the beautiful scenery here, the cattle arrived at the middle of the pond to regain its breath, and small partners will be stripped underwear, naked name of “yo hey” jump into the water, suddenly refreshed, heat totally disappeared, that kind of wrapped happiness and sweet taste, intoxicating.Dutch dug along the rod thick thumbs and intestines crisp lotus root raw, bite, mouthful of fluid, this is our lunch.Lotus intestine is much dug some shenanigans partners already prepared a small piece of wire, dug the lotus intestines string together, hung around the neck, never mind more air.Playing in the pond tired, he climbed out, two ponds and ancient trees, shade, green grass bend with the wind, rises and falls beautiful dragonfly.Colorful wildflowers exudes bursts of fragrance, attract butterflies in pairs, dancing.Twitter bird jump to jump among the branches to go, brandish posture.In the shade of this scenic pond to enjoy was a grand, pick a few slices of lotus leaf mat under a tree, lay up, in the breezy shade of a tree and soon fell asleep.Sleepy, the pinch sections of different color branches, painting a checkerboard place to go “Chengshan chess,” and some small partner too easy, a move wrong, all bets are lost, and sighed after insult themselves not careful, won, and kept busy comforting, say again a.There is also a tall tree to the sun, we began to prepare the last day of the program, from the shore to catch the cow middle of the pond, the cut has been good morning sun tan semi-Mao labeled as two bundles of firewood, help each other divided on both sides to hang back of the bull by the “pan angle, revolves around” take the lead “fine yellow, revolves around” bring up the rear, all the way to imposing Tingting went home.Mao Cai, lotus intestine, harvest and more also catch a bunch of fish, one by one if victorious troops to the capital generals.At this time, the sun sets, the way cattle bathed in red sunset, birds along the road to the forest of twittering tell the joy of the day, and the TV drama “Bata, Bata,” the cow hooves, constitutes a unique the Herding symphony echoing in the empty beautiful sky.  In the mid 1980s, since I left school with me to support my homeland, bid farewell to the paradise of my heart.Marshes, grow old, I left home for almost 20 years, and a few days ago, received a letter from his mother, she said in the letter, the hometown of the people in the country’s reform and opening up policies to enrich the drive has been changed in the past of poverty and backwardness landscape, village life is like now, “Zhimakaihua steadily high,” previously, only people in town and some color TV sets, refrigerators, washing machines these household appliances, now is not what rare thing in the village of.Many time-saving and efficient modern agricultural machinery, every household has changed in the past by cattle farming history.Blocks of beautiful decorative building where they stand, instead of the past dilapidated farm Tile.Now, the wealthy to the masses no longer hillside after Mao chop firewood as cooking fuel Shaocha, but rather the widespread use of liquefied petroleum gas, biogas, electricity and other energy.Call the National Forest recycling beautiful mountains and rivers, the mountains past wheat Lu Gang Ling, now full of trees and luxuriant boundless.The pond has become a veritable pond, lotus take days, green covered pond, concentrated Bi Ying empty.Weir flow out of the mouth of the pond remains clear Lingling gurgle tirelessly irrigate the fertile land this side.Moistens all living beings; diving birds to fly, frog drum cicadas, still is so moving in harmony.Pond silently witnessed in the past people home closed behind the times of hardship to the poor, Evolution Getting Rid of Poverty.  Now the villagers have lived a good life, the village pond has become a lot like the old nostalgic memories of the past life of a poor indelible memories.In order to allow the next generation to be able to bear in mind the happy life to this trade, they often talk to young people in the village they start to move shoulder to repair the pond in the leadership of the old ancestral past.    Part Five: floating pond grandfather asleep again.Bare belly solution the buckle open on the table.I opened the door, listening to the rhythm Blossom seed hit in the head, out of the window, is a golden pond.  This year’s summer wind good fine ah!Dragonfly foothold at the water gathered together layers of corrugated, like thunder bursts of light, lightly, there is no smell, no sound, only a very fine extremely soft to the touch.Perhaps lotus fibrillation can feel its presence.  Millet asked me why the corner of the old house is always wet.I know, you see, my heart is linked with it.After the morning will be held the day there are large areas of Salvinia it coming, accumulation.There, the taste of overnight rain, there Trimeresurus Green beating.  I like to watch grandpa drink!I like his white beard soak in the wine look, smile, dimples with two groups of blossoming, I found my shadow was gone, lost in the inside.  Often rolling on the plate a few sparkling cherry.  I looked up and saw my mother with steamed sweet-scented osmanthus oil today, the little sister dressed pretty good, big yellow teeth bared unventilated hey giggle: Liu Mei grazed the new black, red toot mouth stuck up, like What to eat.Readily picked up with a cherry in the mouth will bite, only the mother was playing a bit heavy, the body can not break.Turned tail and ran, only to hear the stomping sister in the back, eyebrows fly over a small knife as: Do you think I married you?  There are several strains of willow shallots total of around Kingston pond.I often saw old Palestinian head squatted there smoking bags, Da with a long face, frowning, twisted into a knot boss.Patter, mouth twitching a bit, there are a few groups of tobacco from the chest white tile pipe, straight out of the blue.This time, I like listening to his story.Sunset, willow at the moment it should be Manhuaixinshi!Old Palestinian head told me that the soil under the willow in each strain were buried in the soul of one pair of crazy man Maid.I believe.I told him my hand will become like a banana-like, put it gently peel the wicker.Inside, are roads of cotton wrapped around the hand, cut, and chaotic.  I obsessed over the grass behind the pond.Monet said that after fog dipped coal to become purple.I understand.Because I found the sun-soaked pond will become a rouge, red and gold.Fish said so, she would spit bubble when turning back: slowly, as there is a golden ladder, climb, over the railing, and I put the red, smell the smell, flowers, water, gas, birds, fish jump, nostrils, stuck in the throat, are reluctant to swallow one, and I do a little envious giraffe.  Leap pond open space, is a grass.I remember the tall wide width inside walls often fall hyacinth large tracts, has paved avenue they told me, I know, you look me in the eye will become not the same, like a sharp machete that’ll cut the corner, where rice is frantically braved the green bubble, where the grass and smoke is hard to tell.  I rubbed his eyes, and feel the chest, it turns purple marks on the neck of the mirror has not disappeared, this thread children odor, very familiar, I saw the door opened again, and got to a colorful little girl, like a butterfly Da Zhezhuan was at his bedside, she Jiao Ewen, there are two items trap gold in the hand, the sun Sa Zhejiao children.Grandfather and smiled at.  I shook head, bubble a pot leaf curl Tingting floating follow tempting, looked up, blue days Hsiao silence is long, shaking wings stopped at some pigeons poles, the Jigu Jigu cried.  I kept thinking, a sip of water, spit breath, write down the word line skew in the white pages: hey, let it be, lonely courtyard surrounding a lonely heart.