Once there was a country called Brad country, Brad country lush, Brad people living sheep.  One year, the country’s sheep Brad got strange diseases, only a lackadaisical, they are no longer graze, have fallen dead.  Prince A medical officer beginning to follow the old flock to heal, but the sheep have still lying on the ground, dead sheep, Brad entire country plunged into hunger, children and the elderly, like the sheep have died.A prince anxious early, but he can not do anything.  One evening, the prince stayed in the beginning of the Arab-Israeli traced by water, he met God in the stream stream.A stream of God is like the beginning of the prince, roasted barley and barley wine out to entertain him.A prince from early snack beef and mutton, cattle and sheep milk to drink, he never drank barley wine, but also never eaten tsampa.  These foods are so delicious stream of God, tell me, what is this?  Your drink is barley wine, barley do you eat tsampa.  You say barley, barley is grown in the kingdom of heaven to you?  No, all of the land can be planted barley if you can grow it, Brad country will never hunger.  I want to Brad country will never hunger!Stream God, please give me a barley seed bar!  I did not barley seeds, you have to then ask the mountain day uda.  Yamagami day uda, where is he?  He in Great Falls you have to turn the ninety-nine mountains, crossed ninety-nine rivers, mountains and rivers go to Great Falls connected, mountain uda day in Great Falls inside.  A stream early farewell to the Prince of God, he was armed with spears, ride horses, to old King said: Goodbye, father, I have to go look for barley seed, then on the god of grain-growing land in Puebla State.  Go.The old king said early Ah, no matter how far the road, you have to go to the destination, and then come back here.  A prince climbed a mountain the beginning of another mountain, ford a river and a river, he went a full three years on rocky ground.His horse to eat the ghosts, and his spear was magic magnet sucked out of his hat so that crazy wind ran, his feet are shoes worn stone.  He bareheaded, barefoot, went to the end of the plateau, the plateau at the end, a tall Podocarpus tree, sitting under an old pine mom, she was knitting a bag with the hands of line.  She said early Ah: Young man, what are you doing?  I am looking for mountain day uda and asked him to barley seeds.  Then you have to continue to move forward, the head of the mountain there is a river rock, you rock along the river against the current upward, until you come to Great Falls, you call the name for the mountain waterfall, and even call three times a day mountain will appear in Wuda front of you.  Thank you, old mother.A beginning hands together, pay tribute to the old mother bent over.  As he bowed down, the good old mother to weave the bag hung his head and neck.  A beginning, find barley seeds, they put into this bag!Grain seed Enron sleeping in the bag until you put them back to earth Zaisa.  Finish the sentence, the old mother disappeared.  A early climb the ridge, there is really a stone at the foot of the mountain river, he walked up the stone counter-current river, come to the end of the river, I saw the Great Falls thundering down, facing the waterfall early Arab shouted: Day uda!Day uda!Day uda!  And high mountains with mountain in front of the waterfall, he looked solemn physically strong, sound like flash floods: Who are you, find me doing?  Yamagami day Wuda, I Jiao beginning, from the East Bula country.Our sheep got strange diseases, the number of fewer and fewer people are starving, have died.I have planted barley in Puebla State land you please give me the seeds of barley.  A beginning, there is no barley seed barley my only off the shell, they can only eat, can not grow.  Shell off?Why shelling?  Because loafing exclusive secret barley planted his Quartet gods in exchange for shelter with food.Life of barley seeds, only state-owned loafing.  Oh, I have to go to the snake kingdom.  Do not go early Ah, do not go any further, it turret, turret, back to your own country, you spend your whole life will secure the years, even hungry, they will not starve to death.You know, loafers will never allow outsiders to get barley seed, whether mortal or divine man, the snake kingdom to steal all of barley seeds, have been lazy dog becomes Charlie, then cook and eat the seeds if you go to Pirates , is no exception.  But I have to go, even if the lazy dog becomes Charlie, even if they are caught and eaten loafers.Tell me, where mountain day uda, snakes Kingdom.  Mountain out of a bead, on the palm A beginning, that beads of water like the same clarity: Snake kingdom in the West, clouds in the wilderness, you have to climb a huge wall, into the field loafing.Barley seed storage barn in the center of the infinite field that is the case you find loafers, you should immediately swallow the wind beads, it makes you run fast as the wind.Loafing spell so powerful that you can not lift it alone.You can only gain strength from love.Later, if you have a girl you do not mind your dog’s shape, you can really love, willing to marry you, the curse will be lifted.  Thank you.I am leaving.I will never forget you, Yamagami day uda.  Go, A beginning.To the road, immediately leave.  A prince received a good early wind beads, and mountain goodbye, continue westbound.  He was walking up until you reach the fall, he came at the end of the beginning of the Arab-Israeli plateau, in front of the clouds.  He climbed up a huge wall, looking down through the hole in the wall, surrounded by high walls loafing fertile fields, planted a field full of barley, golden sun, shining mature barley seeds, golden glow in the autumn wind light.  This is grown on the land of golden grain, this is my traveling all over thousands of miles to find the live barley.A hole in the wall at the beginning of squatting, looking toward the barley fields for a long time.  The snake kingdom heavily guarded, with a huge wall at intervals of ten feet standing on a giant guards.When the birds to eat the food, the giant defender will stooped to pick up a stone on the ground, with a stone bird knocked down.Giant guardian stone-throwing skills are very accurate, almost every shot, bird fell to the ground, the Giants will bend over to pick them and eat into his mouth.  A early the next day to reach the snake kingdom, appeared loafers field, he personally sounded the drums harvest.Hear the sound of gongs and drums, all streaming to the fields to harvest giant, huge giant force, move quickly, they only took a day or so, all the barley had already been harvested, the Giants led loafers, gold destined for the food granary.  A beginning hiding in the cave walls, to take advantage of moonlight into the field to pick up the seeds fall to the ground.  However, dark days, loafers put out a pack of hungry big hen, hen Kaka Lo cried, flapping his wings to pick up food barley, but a meal time, they are scattered field of barley they eat clean.  Giants tired all day, the stars came out, they were all asleep.  Late at night, early Prince A giant marching one after another grunt, alone in the center of the field across the field there is a tall mountain of soil, the soil at the foot of the mountain there is a Golden Door Golden Door, the barley is stored loafing barn.  A prince approached the sleeping giant beginning of guards, took off in gold keys from him, he opened the door to gold casting, I saw piles of barley as a golden hill, towering in front of him.A prince before the beginning of barley heap knees, his hands around barley seeds in a bag in front of Jingbo.The bag looks small, but how loaded are loaded dissatisfied.  Approaching dawn, the beginning of the Arab-Israeli think barley going back did not move, just stood up.Unexpectedly, a rose and hit his head on the roof rang bells hanging gold.  Ding bells, bells Ding Ding Jinling when the bells as if possessed like, frantically sounded.  A beginning immediately ran out of gold Dong Fu, but guarding the giant woke up, lazy angrily appear in the hole.Loafing tall, he wore a gorgeous silvery scales cloak.  Those who steal my food, I have become rations.Loafers growled, open Xuepentaikou.  A Prince early hastily swallowing mountain wind beads.  But it was too late.  Loafing out palms, thunderbolt shot from his palm, lightning touched in that moment the prince, the prince turned into a brown dog.  A yellow dog becomes a prince cast four legs bolted early, like the wind across the field loafers.Loafers with giant behind it Kuangzhui.Pick one thunderbolt exploding behind yellow dog, a poisoned arrow then a fall in behind it.  But yellow dog as if they had wings, it also run faster than lightning fast, poisoned arrows and Charlie catch up with it.  It flew over the wall, in case of the mountain over mountain, over every ditch ditch, over the mountains, far fled the snake kingdom.  On the night enveloped the earth, speeding yellow dog in the moon.Dawn, wind power beads faded, its speed slow down, but it’s still a moment to stop, running toward the east.  Ran and ran, ran from the fall of the spring, yellow dog came Lou Ruoguo.  In the slopes full of Gesang, which met three beautiful Russian princess full, it stopped over Russia: Hi, brown dog, what are you hanging around his neck?  Yellow dog ran over the foot of Russia, stopped.  Russia removed its full bags on the neck, opened it, inside full of glistening yellow barley seeds.  Ah, you are the dog days of the Spirit of God do?You have brought to life the seeds of grain.  Russia over the place of encounter with the yellow dog opened a field, yellow dog dig pits in the ground, full of Russian barley seeds spread to the pit.  Yellow dog becomes fierce day by day, it is the guardian of barley fields, cattle and sheep to keep close.Spring winds, a spring rain sprinkling, sprouted barley, wheat seedlings of one day everlasting high, headed and finally, the bear new barley, barley seeds of a new full every day, in the autumn sunshine, showing a gold color.  Barley yellow, yellow grass, the full three sisters to the Russian marriageable age, the prince neighbors have riding a horse, three princess to marry.  Three princesses, the most intelligent of the three most beautiful Russian princess full, each prince wants Russia can select their own full.  Russia full sitting barley Tanabe, do a bunch of turquoise necklace married, she put the necklace given to their favorite prince.  However, the necklace was gone just do.  Russia has made a full string, but this string necklace in front of a bunch of, like, just do a good job, had disappeared.  Russia had started full third string.  Only half of the third string necklace, bonfire party to begin.  Princes torches, dancing around the bonfire, Princess Ze lay the necklace given to the most handsome prince looks, Louruo Guo Wang blessing she said: Ze lie, you have done well, you will get my horses.  Second Princess Hamu measures selected the best prince dancing, the marriage necklace hung around his neck, Louruo Guo Wang blessing she said: Ha-measures, you choose well, you will get my cattle.  Russia has yet to fill three princess choose a husband.  The king was angry: Russia full, do your necklace?  Just then, a brown dog came from Russia covered, it all of a sudden rush to do just robbed Russia full third string necklace.As a result, it is the Jingbo put on a three-string necklace marriage.  what!You married necklace given to a dog!That dog just like you get married.Lou Ruoguo king was angry.  No, not.Although the Russian full-liked piece of yellow dog, but she refused to marry a dog.  Then you can take your dog thrown into the fire burned, retrieve your wedding necklace.King said.  Marry Prince surrounded by yellow dog, put it to catch fire.  No, not.Russia stopped over in front of the fire, the yellow dog rescued.  Well, since you want to marry a dog, King said, you can only get a handful of soil my.  The king and handed over to Russia a handful of mud, sent her packing.  Russia took over the yellow dog, crying and left the lively fire.  Went barley, barley see mature students flashes of light from the moon, yellow dog stopped.  Russia full wiped away tears, smiled: Since I can not find love, I had the barley harvest.  She harvested barley fields together with a piece of yellow-dog.  They work all night to close down and filled three bags of barley.  To the dawn, yellow dog suddenly began to speak, it said full-Russia: Russia is full, you are willing to marry me?  No, I can not marry a dog.  I was enchanted loafers, there must be a princess and I wish to marry, in order to lift the Magic.You saved me from the fire but only out of this, not enough to lift the lazy magic.Goodbye, Russia Man, I’m going back to my country of Brad.  Russian Yellow Dog to leave a bag full of barley, and then pack it from the other two bags, ran to the East.  It cocking sowing barley seeds, yellow dog so Run away run, running back Brad country.  Brown dog through the place barley seedlings grow slowly, gradually heading barley seedlings, barley seed bear new.  Since then, the country from Lou Ruoguo to Brad vast wilderness, there was barley.People see the brown dog sow barley seed, that dog food is God brought down from heaven, so often do tsampa, they want to throw a ball to let the dog to taste.  This ceremony gradually became the custom, until now maintained.  Besides Russia full, since yellow dog was gone, she began looking towards Puebla State.Wait until barley seeds to grow barley, barley yellow dog she walked along the road walking forward.  She walked slowly, beginning of barley seedlings or green, green, and so she went to Puebla State, barley has matured, from afar, is a golden Golden Road.  Barley yellow dog standing at the end of the road, said to her: Russia full, will you marry me?  willing.Russian Moon said, though you’re a dog.  Carter, yellow dog missing.Russia’s standing in front of a full, Prince Brad Arab country early.While going through hardships, still very handsome prince Afghanistan early.  A full early with Russian married, they happily lived a lifetime.

Ji big pipe out of the puzzle in TV drama and legend, Humpbacked Liu and Liu Yong Ji Xiaolan always the head, often join forces and make fun, and the whole was depressed.However, according to the elders he said, and Humpbacked Liu Ji Xiaolan also had a fry, the two men do something which is more powerful?    What happened was this: Humpbacked Liu Ji Xiaolan go once came to visit, took a fancy teapot with the hospitality of Ji Xiaolan, see is love, then gave him a pot of this request Ji Xiaolan.Ji Xiaolan has always been very generous, but this time shaking his head: Liu man ah, this teapot is the best, I use two paintings and a 3200 silver paste it in return, how good you easily send?    Humpbacked Liu is also an expert in tea ceremony, playing pot banker will know the benefits of this pot, he put out the 5200 silver price, but also dead grinding hard bound, but that is not promoted Ji Xiaolan.Humpbacked Liu a look at this trick does not work, simply do not go home to sit Ji Xiaolan, and has been from noon to sit sunset, Ji Xiaolan a look at this battle, nor in time, nor to stay, while he looked down at the front of the teapot, while also look at their own self-alarm clock, and finally count on the heart.    Humpbacked Liu Ji Xiaolan Road, a cry for change clothes, go out for a moment, that she sat back down, he said Humpbacked Liu: This house is too hot, not as good as how to change a cool place?    Humpbacked Liu laughed: With how you change, I’m going to take pot.    Ji Xiaolan not get in a word, with Humpbacked Liu went to another room, the servants had other side of the teapot and tea things brought together.Two men talked for an hour, Ji Xiaolan teapot ready to bring tea, tea fleet was empty, then shouted: Wang, add water.Wang promised soon housekeeper, came in from the outside, just pick up the teapot, just listen to the corner of the big chime clock rang, Wang scared when the bang flick, in the hands of the pot that actually broke ground bang bang!    Ji Xiaolan and Humpbacked Liu could not help but cry all ah, Ji Xiaolan against Wang was furious and said: Well you dog lackey, but this rare good pot ah, did not pay big bucks to buy a place to go, do not have this baby, my lord how can a cup of tea after?Come what, give me this clubbed to death!    Wang splash knees: Sir, I have something to say!Yung me finish, you Zaishi no later than punishment!    You speak!    In fact, there is an identical pot restaurants in Hong Yixian our capital, that the king boss restaurant once accidentally fell into the water, I happened to pass by him rescued.I want their Tao Yinzi from Yixian incense pot restaurant that will buy it back, Wang boss should not fail to give me this face.    Ji Xiaolan said: Since you can get back a exactly the same, you will avoid a beating.However, the master can not wait long, this pot before tea, with flooding need in order to use half an hour Longquan Temple, I advise you within a hour, it is necessary to buy pot, then put the pot with the Longquan Temple spring flooding well.Now is the moment Xushi six, six Haishi moment when I have to look less than good Longquan Temple Baptist pot of water, I peel your skin!    Xushi six engraved is half past eight pm, Hai Shi six engraved is 22:30, while in the south of Beijing Longquan Temple, back and forth to be an hour, which is two hours; Yixian Hong restaurant in the east, back and forth almost need an hour , if you go to a single place, riding a horse an hour too late, if have to go to two places, but also just bought the pot Longquan Temple Baptist on the spring, it is absolutely too late!    Wang felt the pinch, repeatedly beg for mercy, but mercy Ji Xiaolan, a ton of bricks, and said that a person can only do these things, not allowed to call helper, Wang listening, do not say two words to the backyard to pick up fresh horses, Jiabian away.    A girl over an hour, the clock was when the Western beep when Wang came back, holding the hands of that pot, said: back to the master, you want to get back in the pot, the pot also soaked Well, now tea can eat, I’ll just go soak.    Ji Xiaolan Fu Zhang laugh, for Humpbacked Liu said: Liu Xiong, you talk about the topic came out, Wang is how a man ran south Yidong two places within an hour, the thing to do this neatly?Can you guess which reason, I put it to you the teapot; if not guess, it is your incompetence, I would not have to contend with the pot!    Humpbacked Liu sneered: This is not easy?I just look a broken pot, the pot is false, Wang break out of an hour, then the pot really holding back, you can fool me with you?    Ji Xiaolan said: Liu Xiong was right, I can not bear this pot broke, he has been hiding.However, Wang is now holding another pot, indeed bought from Yixian Wang Xiang restaurant owner hands the pot, and has been soaked with Longquan Temple in spring, you do not believe, can send people to the restaurant Longquan Temple and verification, Wang is not been to see these two places.As long as you guess why the Wang hour within a two hour walk the road, I do not a penny, I will give away your teapot.    Humpbacked Liu one to the interest, he smiled and said: whiz, you can not go back on!

They are introduced to, and when he was very poor family, but looks handsome, but graduating from college.The reason why he looks fancy degrees are generally she is because of her wealthy family, her parents promised to buy them a house.When getting married, she chose a house from near his unit, he did not feel what was, after the discovery can marry, as long as he can take a few minutes the way to the unit, and she go very far to go to work.Since he can not help but feel bad for her, every night personally pour a large basin of water for her feet.And she was always in a hurry soak, then quickly clean up the house to cook.He laughed she would not enjoy, is a work station machine, she just listened in silence smile.  In this way, the days tick in a hurry in and over time, not how he had loved her sinking heart gradually disintegrate in time, the changed color.I do not know since when, as she fell to the feet of water in his absence, she did not pay attention.I do not know since when, he became not want to go home, she goes to see the face of stiff felt hate, I doubt yourself then how will fancy her, and neither ability was not any appearance.He sighed to know that he is now a successful career, not to say a house would sacrifice their lifelong happiness.  With this in mind, he started his own debauchery, what massage parlors, bars!ballroom!Noh can play where he Wanbian, the woman is no shortage of beautiful, charming, intelligent, and as long as he likes to get it working no money, he is also a strange woman, how people can style charming, pretty, pretty, and she has always been kind of sleepy look, neither dressed up, did not know how to please him.  She does not know he has a lot of women on the outside, but she no noise no trouble, he returned, she was not scared, he did not return, she is not angry, as if he is a sort of accident, her heart is not in important.  She’s like this, and did not give him a sense of freedom, but feel uncomfortable, always felt she could not guess what is in my heart, like a deep body of water can not see the bottom, but he wanted her to quarrel with him, do not like the family, like noisy fights, then divorce.Yes, divorce is his ultimate goal, no noise no trouble facing her, he was embarrassed to request for divorce, after all, have a change of heart that he is the wrong man.  He was a few colleagues took to their feet this day, very luxurious foot bath shop.He walked in saw a familiar figure, he rubbed his back in the hall.He was not sure went over a little closer guess, he stopped, and several colleagues asked him: how the?Do you know that people pick up hygiene?  He quickly shook his head and said: I know that such a figure, I only know beauty.He said several people laughing and went.  Early in the day he returned home, she was cooking for yourself, to see him come back just lightly say one thing eat it?He did not say anything, and his face was ugly dark.  She was a little surprised his complexion asked if he was sick, he angrily shouted to her: I did not give you money is not why you go to the shop cleaning feet, this is not sincerely want to throw it in my face?  She blinked, tears in his eyes flooding, opened his mouth, swallowed the bowl of the face, he said: Can you give me a pot of hot water it down?  He was stunned, wanted flatly refused, she can see the face of injustice, he did so.A pot of hot water surely, in front of her, her feet on the water, satisfied sigh.He took out a divorce agreement handed it to him and said: I know you want a divorce earlier but could not find the reason, I really do not want to quarrel with you, I want to keep the feeling when you give me back feet of water.This is not what I too selfish, I always think you can go back, can remember the days before, but now appears to go back, go back now, then I simply give you your right!Then in the divorce agreement he signed his name.  Received a divorce settlement, he suddenly silly.Holding a protocol like regret, but also like to forget looked at her, and she had a good soak feet, leaving him holding the water drained.He wanted to call stopped her, but opened his mouth, and ultimately did not cry out.

1.He sang a rival show the Ming Dynasty, the most famous cook to four the number of diesel Miyou strict spoon, and one of them also received the title of Iron Chef Ming.However, private citizens have been circulating a statement, saying it was not four tablespoons of food, rather drink a soup, this soup, refers to the capital Shoppes Yi Hua Zhai old brine soup.Yi Hua Chai in the West, Sauce with a pot of brine is said to been 300 years did not put out the fire.  Yi Hua Zhai this pot of brine soup ancestral three hundred years, in order to maintain the delicious taste of halogen soup on a regular basis to add to the soup secret eighteen dressings, in addition to fennel, star anise, cinnamon, aniseed, licorice, outside nutmeg, Amomum, pepper and other spices these common, most people blindly spices Miraculously, turned out to be a medical stone!  Rumor Yi Hua Chai’s first head of Sun Father, in Rui river bank in West Yangshan, found a piece weighing more than fifty pounds of medical stone.Chunks of medical stone is not uncommon, rare is the day the Sun Father saw that the next piece of medical stone, is a tummy Jinlin shining armor of the dragon, the leading positive droop in the medical stone.Father Sun At first glance see this dragon, almost scared half to death, he was too timid, did not dare to run away, had to carefully hide in the reeds, keep this article stranded flood dragon For three days.Thirsty, Father Sun to drink reeds in the water; hungry, he would chew reed roots, so boil for three days.The third night, thunder and lightning, torrential rain, a bright Toru world suddenly flash fire, dragon piece suddenly I heard a low roar, an instant they flew up into the sky.Father Sun quickly rushed forward, picked up a piece of medical stone.Why should pick up this stone?Father Sun observation for three days, found the dying dragon kept his mouth dripping with mucus, mucus all these infiltration into the stone of.That mucus is ambergris ah, the infiltration of ambergris stone terrible it?  Father Sun will be a piece of medical stone back home the next day, stone dry, the people in the village have smelled strange smell that smell of ambergris.  So, Father Sun will do with this piece of medical stone spices, start marinating food, great taste.Then, Father Sun Lucai to start a business, due Wonderful taste, was crazy pursuit, the business grew and grew, braised pork shop open to Beijing, became later Yat Chai.This vegetarian spread Hua Yi Sun Bingchun hand, is the sixth generation of the business is still very, very prosperous.  Was once engaged in a game of four dishes Ming, Yi Hua Zhai also invited to participate in the race, they were served a one halogen leg of lamb.All judging people think that this road halogen leg of lamb taste very beautiful, but the choice of materials to be a big problem, succulent old and firewood, so Yi Hua Zhai Lu Cai arranged only in the late Ming dynasty of four dishes, which makes many people regret incessantly.Later, a widely circulated statement: Yi Hua Zhai brought a piece of halogen leg of lamb, leg of lamb in fact, not really, but a soaking suet, and in the old brine soup cook for three days of wood!The matter has not been confirmed, but Yi Hua Chai business is getting better.  Although the business is hot, the treasurer Sun Bingchun there are concerns, one piece of ambergris maifanite always someone coveted Fortunately, this stone has been placed in a very private place, not everyone can pick to go; the second is a piece of wheat with so many years of preparation rice stone halogen material, has been getting smaller and smaller, only two pounds of the component.If you run out of stone, so Yi Hua Chai Jinzizhaopai basic can be considered down.  Stone also remain for some time, but things feel the burn again.  This morning, Yi Hua Chai treasurer Sun Bingchun just remove the door, ready to open, we found the opposite one feasting, followed by firecrackers, a huge gold standard is hanging in the doorway, above screamed: fragrant bones.  That name sounds’s creepy, Sun Bingchun to be a little slow to God, in the smoke slowly dissipated, he found this store stood a few square table, a few benches, the back is bright cabinets, put some brightly colored cooked food, which actually is a braised pork shop!  Yi Hua Zhai opened three hundred years, numerous rivals met, but they lost Yi Hua Chai.This time, I do not know why, Sun Bingchun heart is faint bit worried.  Soon, this fragrant bones on the show extraordinary strength to.  Incense bones dare to call such a weird name, naturally has its special, most people on the shop in the lobby of the beam is amazed, to ten feet high hung a long dense bones.  Soon, the printing of anecdotes and spread, said that this is a young dragon skeleton, bones and fragrant braised pork ingredients, actually added to constituents keel!However, these are privately spread gossip, but this is the message the more secretive, more mysterious, the more weight people’s curiosity, followed, incense bones business began to hot up.  Sun Bingchun heard the news, shocked, it had won, they Yi Hua Zhai use the ambergris infiltration of stones, bones and incense directly with the keel, the difference between these levels suddenly came to prominence.  Even more frightening is that Sun Bingchun sent the bones of a small boy to buy some incense Lucai back, Sun Bingchun a taste, feel a cold lump jump up from the spine.This taste, and he Yat vegetarian dishes compared favorably, and eat vegetarian for a long time that Yi Hua mellow lo, but feel that the bones braised pork fragrant, mellow with a breath of fresh air, with pastoral wind chic feel.  Yi Hua Chai daily limit braised pork were originally sold, often a morning will be sold out, but since the opening of the bones of incense, Yi Hua Zhai often the evening before closing time, even a few days did not even braised pork sold.

This world is not real white flawless white paper, but that achievement is perhaps the defective wire perfection. If the White likened life, then put that point defects on the white paper seen ups and downs of life on the road right.Some people, that point will be seen as a picture of the starting point, that point will become a blemish on white paper in his hand unique paintings.Some people, it was selected to replace the white paper, or that is to paint the other side, everyone knows, even if it is for a piece of paper, for a face, it will not be complete white he wants. The former, a painter.The white paper goes on with their flaws become the most gorgeous works; the latter is the chaser.They always constant pursuit of the perfect white paper, always in vain.Life’s long road, the artist portrayed the difficulties and obstacles exquisite views, so their life is very exciting, worthwhile trip.Chase, who has been looking for no bumpy road, so they go smooth and flat, it is also a blank.No rough, no setbacks in life and how perfect, how can the achievements of a gorgeous picture? Perhaps, how to treat that point, it would have doomed you are drawn on white paper wonderful painter, or the constant pursuit of the perfect chaser.

In the end made no hair boss Diao Diao Shizhong person, in fact, just a labor contractor, four points piecemeal job, chipping away, you can not make some money.This morning, Diao Shizhong eating breakfast at a noodle shop, was about to get up, rushed outside to 14 workers, surrounded by his group-group, Diao boss panic, and asked: Do you want to, you want to do?The 14 workers are cunning bosses to recruit temporary workers, they did a month, the completion of the project, no one got a penny, seeing the Spring Festival approaching, they are anxious to go home, to come to the boss Diao.Diao boss immediately called the police, the police soon arrived, as a matter of migrant workers, clerks also brought a legal aid center of Xin Hui.A Xin Hui met with these workers, saying: We go with me, I will help you to respond to a salary and not a minute less!These workers one, boss Diao will be fenced in, walked together toward the Legal Aid Center office.To the office, a Hui Xin carefully listening to representations of migrant workers, boss Diao ask: why do you want to rely on their wages?Diao boss screaming injustice: I did not rely on!Project was completed four days ago, yesterday afternoon, I took 36,666 yuan to pay the whole of their foreman Ding Yi strong, a lot of points.Ding Yi strong take the money, but also wrote a receipt to me.So saying, he took out a receipt from the bag.Xin Hui asked a laborer: Ding Yi Qiang is what you people?Workers looked at each other and said: do not know.Diao boss see them installed stupid, the heart of the fire Teng up, said: Ding Yi is not strong you do foreman?A man named Song Sanjun of migrant workers, the boss said, pointing Diao: We work every day, you are led us to do, everyone do with what is expected, by your schedule, you are our foreman.Diao boss said: I do not know and you are to Ding Yi Qiang, of course I have to give him your wages!Xin Hui a hearing here, be listening to the debut Road: This boss Diao received a project, men nobody, Ding Yi strong subcontracted by these 14 individuals, who work personally arranged by the boss Diao, Diao wages by the boss Ding Yi strong and settlement, as to how much to Ding Yi strong workers, he would not care.Diao boss in order to prove himself, immediately to Ding Yi strong hang up, dial a few times in succession, are shut down, this felt the situation was serious.A Xin Hui has an urgent, she said to migrant workers: Do not worry, wages a point no less, will give you.You first do a procedure, we Legal Aid Center tonight on’ll get you a lawyer to protect your legal rights by passing laws, one to court, Song Sanjun impatient: endless litigation, we have to wait until when will the money?Xin Hui a patient said: you rest assured that we are with tonight.Song Sanjun ignore a Xin Hui, seized him by the collar boss Diao, even shoving several times, said: We do not want a lawsuit, you do not pay our salaries, we will not let you go!Diao boss he does not eat this, saying: I have paid a wage, why should I pay twice?Song Sanjun grabbed Diao boss to against the wall, a Hui Xin immediately to stop him, stressing each syllable: You did not like to pay, you will sympathize with you, support you.If your hands wildly, make things more complicated, before you even think about to get the wages of Chinese New Year.She say, the rest of the workers have to stop Song Sanjun, advised him not to manhandle.Then, Xin Hui immediately call a law firm, attorney speed to send support requests.Came after lawyers for half an hour, a man named Ma Chanda lawyer arrived, he very patiently listening to the narrative of both sides, he turned to Song Sanjun: Who is strong Ding Yi?Song Sanjun shook his head: do not know.Then how do you get together?Song Sanjun said: We are fellow Guiyang, had to do on a site, completion of the project, intended to home for the holiday, hit the train station in a stocky, invited us to do this project, and then led us Diao boss there, no shadow, and what his name is, what we do not know.9 coins horse law asked: What do you know that he is what people do?Song Sanjun shook his head and said: I do not know.Diao boss said aside: Ding Yi Guiyang is strong, he is a fellow with you.Ma Diao lawyer turned to the boss: Why the hell you say they are fellow?Diao boss Ma Xin a lawyer and wisdom aside, to say the whole story.Originally, Diao Ding Yi strong understanding boss has twenty-three years, he knew that Ding Yi Guiyang is strong, there are a lot of men Guiyang membership of migrant workers.After receiving the boss Diao engineering, Ding Yi strong and speak clearly, the recent years off, open a little bit higher wages, in addition to 100 yuan per person per day outside, in addition to his twenty percent referral fee.Because hurry to live, Diao Ding Yi strong boss and did not sign a contract, mission accomplished, the boss Diao’s wages to 14 people a strong Ding Yi Ding Yi strong also wrote a whole received 36,666 yuan of receipt.Informed of the situation, Ma lawyer severely criticized Diao boss: employment have signed labor contracts.You do not sign contracts, and strong money to Ding Yi, who knows what money?Workers do not get paid, of course you would like to discuss the.Diao boss a silly, if this thing really went to court, he was definitely lose, or bad luck, once again pay your salary!Thought of this, Diao boss asked: I’m the bad luck, then you pay the sum of wages.You 14 people, out of a total of 308 workers, according to the hours count wages.Song Sanjun one, immediately objected: We did a full month 14 people, more than four should work, how cunning boss only 308,327 out notebooks from the bag, I remember clearly above: a 9-month rain , not construction, the actual construction date is 22 days.Song Sanjun non-compliance: rain can not work, this is your boss to do, we are on the site, not any left.Diao boss said: you do not work, I have to pay 80 yuan one day?More wrong!Song Sanjun say, you and Ding Yi is not a strong one day you tell a good 100 yuan?After listening to a Hui Xin, Meng surprised a moment, do not know Ding Yi Song Sanjun not yet strong?He knows how strong and Ding Yi Diao boss privately negotiated price?I was going to ask, Mr. Ma to stop her, and Diao boss said: you by the amount on the receipt goes to pay for it.Diao boss refused, saying the money goes on the receipt, including to Ding Yi strong referral fee.Song Sanjun said: We would pay thirty thousand.Then, is holding Diao boss, asking him to go to the bank to withdraw money.Diao boss really listen, just go Song Sanjun.They stopped a Mangjiang Xin Hui, said: Diao boss, you go to the bank to get money, the money directly to them, if they find you money next time, you do not give back?Workers who hastened to say: you have to prove that we will no longer him for money.Mr. Ma said: Diao boss, you still put our thirty thousand yuan into the account specified by it he turned to Songsan Jun said: You go back and write a list, tomorrow let people on the list with ID card, to the Legal Aid Center paychecks , a point not less!Song Sanjun with 13 workers sped away, he put these workers bring a construction site arrangements, and turned to another room, to see a man, who?Ding Yi strong.Again assistance turned out that it was a hoax.Ding Yi Diao see strong boss man honest, this project was not any contract, in addition to Song Sanjun find these workers, and the rest related to their own familiar, so he received a salary of migrant workers after letting Song Sanjun with those of migrant workers go Taogong Qian.Ding Yi Song Sanjun listening to reports of strong, really proud.Just then, a Xin Hui took Mark lawyer, Diao boss and a police broke the door, Ding Yi strong police came to him, and ask: What’s your name?Please show your ID card.Ding Yi handed strong identity, a Xin Hui pointed Song Sanjun, asked Ding Yi Qiang: What is his name?Ding Yi strong suddenly panic, said: Song Sanjun.Xin Hui a hot pursuit, asked: What is your relationship?Ding Yi suddenly strong sweating, said: He is, is my brother.Ma Song Sanjun lawyer asked: Since you are Langjiu relationship, how even he is what people do not know?Since you do not know what he is where people?Why he has chosen to know and Diao boss agreed wage of $ 100 a day per person?Song Sanjun suddenly realized that he exposed his true features in this sentence, after all, a guilty conscience, a nervous, has cropped up a truth: our wages, Ding Yi him strong, he really did not give us.In this sentence, the Ding Yi strong collar wages, but also set up a scam to expose the whole scheme.A Xin Hui said: Ding Yi strong, you take away the workers wages, can come up with a!Ding Yi angrily stared Song Sanjun strong one, from the bag and pulled out the money, the boss Diao returned in full.Ding Yi strong suspicion of fraud was taken away by police, a Xin Hui to convene another 13 workers drew near, the boss on the spot Diao made a wage, Song Sanjun also received money, he turned to leave, a Xin Hui stopped him and said: You participate of this fraud, I, as a legal aid center staff, give you one more legal assistance, to remind you, the public security organs surrendered it go.Song Sanjun transfixed, long time before the pressure of cross God, said: I’ll go, ‘ll go.

Legend, if a man waited a lifetime failed to wait until they have to wait for the person but did not give up and always fit, it turned into a tree to wait in place.Long, long ago, there was a young couple very much in love, handsome man kind, hardworking, brave, beautiful and gentle woman who is deeply beloved as each other, they often dependent weaving together the dream of the future and they never imagined , their union was obstructed from all sides, from the woman living in the scenes of tears, helpless men struggling in the sea of love.In a pitch-fingerless night, a white-haired old lady floating in the air, these people said to love: in the far, far away there is a mountain of Qi Gula years grass fungus, known as wishful hope Chi, If you can get a person to eat Chi Fengyun half, then you will forever live happily together.In order to love, and to be able to live with a loved one, no matter how far men decided the road, how a lot of hard journey, but also to find Fengyun million years grass fungus.At night without stars and the moon, the men decided to hit the road.Woman in tears to bid farewell to the beloved man.Do not cry, I’ll find Fengyun fungus grass, then you are my true bride.I’ll be back, waiting for me, my love..The man said, choking back tears.I will not cry, I’m waiting for you to come back.Just how daunting the journey ahead, you have to take care, and I wait for you, waiting for your bride.Woman crying tears and could not continue, weak body appears in the night sky is so helpless.Man hugging beloved woman, kissing a woman’s face in tears, because men knew that this walk not know when to come back.If you can not find Fengyun fungus grass, which means he would never see his beloved woman.Whether Fengyun grass could find, he did not know standing face to face, tears in their eyes misty go back, way back so dark that I could not bear a person you go, I’ll be back soon.Step back tears man away, he embarked on a journey.Leaving a miserable night sky woman crying sound echoed.A woman stood there, a man’s back gradually disappeared in the night sky, but the woman did not leave.The man left, the woman in the village all day waiting for his return, she bless him, pray for him.Woman knew that the man is his love, he will be back soon.Year after year, day after day, went to spring a spring, flowers bloom and fall, but the man has never come back.Black women began to become gray hair, and beautiful face began to become emaciated, but the man is still no news.The woman decided not to go home, put up a hut in the village, where a woman waiting for him to come back, waiting for the man he has experienced hardships in their respective places, take a village Yau Yat Tsuen, turned mountain another mountain.In winter, the frozen snow along the way, a man hand handfuls dig, move on; summer, scorching sun, he can not attend to stop him hurried pace, to the hearts of the love.Man nap, keep looking sinking fungus grass, broken shoes, feet due to the long walk and ulceration unbearable, unforgiving vicissitudes in his face carved a road gully.Men do not know, he has gone away is a full five years, and finally, he no longer walk.At this moment he is about to fall, he shed tears of despair, such as ravine lion, on the day shouts echoed in the valley, the whole earth shook.Suddenly, there on the top of the hill in front of a bunch of his aura, his eyes light up, that he is seeking a full five years of hope to find grass.He stumbled to the top of the mountain climbing, finally got the unruly grass hope.Suddenly, a voice in his ears: Fengyun grass grass is called wishful hope, if two people love to eat, will always live happily together, but Fengyun grass left to raise his soil can only live three days.If within three days of your loved one did not see it, Fengyun grass will disappear.what!Three days!All of a sudden a man fall into the abyss of despair, in hope, surprise, despair, crying his infatuation and persistence finally moved Yamagami: If you want delivered to your beloved woman around within three days, you have to turn into a dove, However, if you do not fate, then you go back to her in a second she will leave you, if you have a fate, then you will always live happily.The man said excitedly: I am willing, you are making me into a dove, and I hope one day to see my beloved woman.Then the man turned into a snow-white dove, his mouth tight mouth, the so-called Fengyun hope the grass and the woman at the moment are still eagerly waiting to see the village hurriedly flew in the direction of home, waiting for the man return date.Her tears no longer flow, her heart still is not dead.In the last moment of her life, God was moved by her infatuation and dedication, decided to give her an exception: You spent your whole life not wait until the person you want to wait, at the end of your life, what is your desire I, I can meet you.He’ll be back, but he delayed the departure on the road, he or disoriented, can not find a way home, so I became a tree here forever waiting for him now, for his shelter, sunshade day, tired, he can rest leaning on my trunk, cold can chop off my branches heating.God meets the requirements of the woman, and the woman at this time raised his head and looking at the distance, she distinctly saw a pigeon, a white dove, are hastily coming in this direction, but at this moment, the woman disappeared the emergence of a leafy tree, and may be different is that each of the branches has a little bit of silver drops.Later, people said it was a woman’s tears are tears of Acacia.While men become more than a pigeon flying, after two days of fly finally flew back, flying Dao Cunkou when he saw his beloved woman, but haggard than before, he tried to think of a woman to fly side, but the closer unclear see of the woman’s face, when he flew in front of a woman, the woman disappeared, but it is a tree in front of him, he came to the water drops pattered on the leaves from the branches of the Fengyun beads, just like those spring-like drizzle, drops of water wet white doves, pigeons and kept still desperately searching for his beloved woman, seeing the sinking fungus grass will die, no pigeons a little effort, he fell on the Fengyun tree branches, surrounded by four weeks, suddenly he screamed, a scarlet something fall from a tree, where it falls, grow a tree, the pigeons then never stopped at a tree, eyes looking forward clearly waiting for, looking forward to the long-awaited lover.And he finally did not know, The tree is the woman he loves.He is in his beloved’s arms.

By the end of 1975, 20-year-old horse did not have transferred to the aerospace industry, in a seven machine factory when workers.Plant for the first time bonuses, in order to break the big pot, the higher the bonus as first, second third-class provisions: First 8 yuan, 7 yuan second-class, third 6 yuan.Because of this difference in dollars, the plant shut down discussion.Smoke-filled conference room, the atmosphere was very boring, each participant are preoccupied, turned the wonder years of the newspaper, few people kick off.Finally someone stand up: I of the National People’s Congress, do not care about the dollar, the dollar also less able to live, but I do not see why I should give a dollar less?Ma did not have realized a marathon meeting to begin, he said: I want the gold prize, but let me walk out.The crowd amazement, the horse did not have to read two days happily library books.Years later recalled this story, Ma did not have wrote: then I want to get special pass, with the money to buy two days happy, very value.

A pin put him on the throne of a philosopher banker put it well: little things will always be the major event of the roots, the tree bad wing of every tree of life can find the answer from its roots.Details determine a person’s fate, only to see the event and ignore the little things people can not succeed on career.    The famous French banker Qiake often recall the past to young people during his lifetime, his experience is always so that told Meditation Qi Jing.    Early in the study, Qiake on Lizhiyaodang a banker.Initially, his courage to Paris one of the most famous banks to take a chance.The results ate a cold shoulder.But this young man is not discouraged, he went to several other banks have been shut out.A few months later, Qiake went to the bank of the beginning, and have the opportunity to see the governor, was rejected again.When he slowly out of the bank door, suddenly found his feet there is a pin.And out of people might think was stabbed pin, the young man immediately stooped to pick up a pin, then carefully placed in the trash can next to.    After arriving home, running the day lying in bed Qiake.He has a job 52 times, the opportunity may not even have a job interview.Although the fate of their own so unfair, or the next day ready to try their luck Qiake.When he left home closing, surprised to find a letter in the mailbox.Open look, my God!The original letter of admission is well-known that the bank sent home.It turned out yesterday to pick up a pin Qiake scene was governor saw.He thinks it is fine careful bank staff must have the quality, so changed the original idea, he decided to hire this guy.While relying on a small pin, Qiake walked into the bank door, with one pair of a needle will not let go of the heart, gradually to a meteoric rise in the French banking sector, the bank later became King of France.    World affairs, will be in fine, on the road of life, do they ignore the small things!

Saying twenty-seven years, the Yangtze River Delta, three feet Lane Head, people coming and going.Wang called the Teapot of Liuer Ye, are carefully crafted a case before the dwarf plum pile.Over the years, aristocrats and celebrities collection Liuer Ye think of a few pots, often trust relationship, open the back door would like to see Liu pot style.But she Liuer Ye do not believe this, it comes only willing to pay high prices, people do not understand pot pot of love, never expect half a step into the willow house.Since the storm that day, a neighbor Hu three small fry, Jichong come Liuer Ye, Liu Erye, something good, something good!Hu three ran panting, easily picked Liuer Ye old table segments cuckoo plum pot filling the two big mouth, paused to say, let the town, boy, am Laileyibang riding high horse, carrying guy Jun Ye, led by the Japanese still looked, everywhere they find out you are, the higher price you want to hear it pot.Liuer Ye not be slow from tortoiseshell glasses Cross and Hu three looked at, he said slowly: missing.Hu three anxious, his face piled laugh, bending leaned Liuer Ye, Lord, you do not know, guys can kill without spilling blood, you want to see them, they are not afraid to mess things up.Liuer Ye bow in silence, still engraved with a plum.Hu three seeing this, then quietly withdrew.A few days, really a Japanese officer, kimono wearing a light ash, step bowed, slowly came to the house before Liuer Ye.Dude pass through, Lord, there is a door to the Japanese audience with your!Just listen Liuer Ye, a whisper, but not.Dude trot out, punching the Japanese say, today we master physical discomfort, but not off, you please return it!Surprisingly, this is pretty polite Japanese, bowed toward the man said, please be sure to tell your lord, my name is Saburo Sato, come here, you want high-priced collection of classic home a pile plum pot, I told you classic pot very, very fond of, I will come again.Having turned left.Man lay it to pass, then there Liuer Ye.At this time, the daughter of Choi Ha Liuer Ye heard, she was a little afraid, and said to Daddy, Daddy, it seems the Japanese are eyeing us here it is, you see how to do it, we can not sell pot to kill me fellow enemy, Dad, we rushed back it or else!Liuer Ye love looking at her daughter, her daughter ah, you do not be afraid, I want the Japanese pot, he did not dare to us how, since the trouble came, we wanted to how to deal with, put your mother and your brother We called our family to discuss how to do good.This evening, the whole family sat around the table, each face two words are written, heavy.Liuer Ye do pot life, it is a word of love.Love pot, such as life, to make pot craft, specializes in endless.Mrs. Liu looked at her husband, think of what might happen later, and could not help with sleeves wiped tears from, Yun-Fan Liu Jiagong child said to his mother, Mother, do not be sad, plum pile pot is the lifeblood of his father, certainly not fall Japanese hands.He went to his father’s side, looking down with Liuer Ye whisper something, Liuer Ye look a bit getting better.Joji puzzled mother with pink clouds, can only moan and groan.Within few days, Hu three come from nowhere message went Liuer Ye here, rush around questioned said, Lord, you really put the pile to sell Laomei?That it may ask the Japanese how to do?Lord, you are happy to point saying it, or we the people of the town had to follow the bad luck of it.Liuer Ye not be slow looked Hu three, third, I Liuer Ye sell only to people who love pot pot, and now someone with more than a decade to want me to pile plum pot, how there is not for sale the reason, he now wants the Japanese, but the pot did not, unless he came to kill me.Otherwise guard pot fruit, Hu three front foot away, rear foot which took a team of Japanese troops, once again came to town.Every house is shut up in a hurry, the Japanese went ahead to Liu house, tapping, Liuer Ye personally open the door.Led by the Japanese saw Liuer Ye, he bowed deeply and said: Jiuyang Liuer Ye name, Nice to meet you today, the ability to speak further.Liuer Ye anger from the prestige to say please!.Japanese Liuer Ye follow a pedestrian through the courtyard to the front hall, Liuer Ye imposing appearance, waved, Sato Jun, sit down.Saburo Sato deadpan put down his sword, greeted the men, Koji king, you go to the town’s people call up.Koji by purpose with a team of people rush to leave.Liuer Ye calmly watching Saburo Sato slowly stood up, Liu Jun, I come here before you to seek a high pot, I heard this is one of the best Chinese pot, one hundred and cinnabar Bailian Tao Indian tobacco bed pin locked Fragrance.Qi Gu is not declared and the number of spectrum, stone tripod either Yin Wei Liao.Who had heard that you put the pot to sell, I know, you most disloyal nation, Liu Jun I respect your man, how to explain it as a matter of your?Liuer Ye not be dry, cleared his throat, Jun Sato, you love my pot, my honor Liumou people, but the Chinese emphasis on first come first served, 5aigushi.COM that the pot is my life’s work to make, plum blossom from the bitter cold, both branches wrapped prunes or budding Jiao Mei, and both lifelike, like picking at any time from the pot on the go, this is the pot Favorite people want, such as river carp.I want to thank Jun Sato, not your reminded me Liumou people would not be so soon decide to sell it.Saburo Sato shouts, sneer a few times, Liu Jun, you probably do not know me Sato’s acting style bar!If people respect me, and I will respect him third, if we are attacked, I will let him no peace.Said that time, deputies Koji and a team of people to the town’s people are brought to the willow house, that instant, the whole yard was crowded around the crowd, the buzz, the sound of children crying, crowded throw into confusion the sound, let the yard suddenly noisy up.Koji pulled out a gun, the air and the airing of the second tone, all of them quiet for a time, Sato cold sound in the ears of people: folks, Sato today I will not embarrass you, as long as we pay to Liu Jun a plum pile pot, you are safe.If buried together today, Liu Jun could not pay pot, then I’m sorry, I want you men and women of the town.