Also annotated with Excel,?Teach you a trick, more easy to use !  In Excel, you need to add annotations, you may hesitate to choose Insert Comment.But annotations insert more, will make you feel a little dazzling, but not bulk insert.The following small series for everyone to recommend a new feature.  Giga unit wanted to give a comment?    Select Cell – Data – data validation – input information – text input comment is added to the effect of a column of data need to be reminded of the input digital input can not be greater than 100.Each cell is inserted comments is unrealistic, the method can add input prompt is the perfect solution.  Add the entire column select the display position effects prompted to select the annotation data is not as effective tips is more intuitive and convenient.  Of course, also has its unique annotation usage, for example, can insert pictures to be displayed in staff management, materials management is useful when photos.  After effects add: Copyright: 1, This article Source: Excel in elite training, belongs to original author, the case of doubt, please contact us; 2, For reprint and content partners, please leave a message to the public No. backstage; 3, to s wonderful review Ali annual salary of 400,000 elderly resume: 83 years of age proficient in online shopping, 62-year-old will be H5, PS, 90 reading shiver just to employees finished year-end awards, I’ll tell you five zones workplace expert and novice chic HR: see these 10 legal errors, do not be a scapegoat for the workplace!    Team Management 1 + 4 + 7 rule, allow employees to grow up fast!    Cried.This Sunday to go to work!New Year’s Eve is not a statutory holiday!    Jingdong: I am proud to pay 6 billion social security!Ali: Oh!Oh you a hair Dong Mingzhu: no talent, all zeros make you the envy of the children more than other people’s, as well as other people’s Annual Meeting!    ▼ welcome dance plus small and micro micro letter, ID: xiaoweiwu123 fresh release of information every day, oh?