Saying about the character’s famous quote about the character 1, in order to form a natural character is involved in this world of turmoil and fashioned.Goethe 2, just as the sun can get a glimpse from a small hole, small things characterize the person’s character.Smiles 3, character evolved from the habit.Ovid 4, a reason people fail is that the shortcomings of the character itself, has nothing to do with the environment.5 Lu Mao Buddha, is a character who is essentially invisible.De Mudi 6, our character that is our own.Bergson 7, the character is a by-product; it produced in the process is completed in the great affairs of daily.Wuweierxun 8, a person no matter how much things to make, we can recognize the same character in it.Emerson 9, character, neither firm is not static, but changing activities, and our flesh as may be sick.() Eliot 10, a person’s character determines his fate.Xu Justin 11, habit forming character, character determines destiny.Yuekaiensi 12, everyone has a triple character: he has shown character, he has character and he thinks he has the personality.Karl 13, most people can make a vivid description of a method of his own character, he paints without too much attitude of others.Lee off the 14 so-called character is a habit, that without careful consideration of the soul naturally from showing to certain behavior.Ibb Burns Ian was 15, the character is simply habit long-established only.Plutarch about the character of the famous character of the money is six good character so you benefit from a lifetime 1, no more fortunate than about the famous actor fortunate people.They can not be held responsible to give honor. Pooh 2, a person will not feel the pain when the popularity of transport.3 Wallace Road, popular transportation was bad luck need more than great quality.La Rochefoucauld 4, the goddess of fortune do not want anyone to pack for a long time over her shoulders, she soon tired. Gracian 5, people can enjoy the luck of love, but also beware of luck.Seneca 6, fortunately, is not without many fears and worries, bad luck is not without a lot of comfort and hope. Bacon 7, action does not always bring good fortune, but to sit and not do, certainly no lucky at all. Isaac DIS plow 8 in a nation is experiencing turbulence, we were favored by fortune. Hitler 9, paradise is surrounded by a group of lucky God’s place. Luo Heli 10, lucky man is not rich visible property, but in the perfection and rich inner invisible ideas. 阿纳卡西斯 11, good luck flatter your day, that’s when you sell.Miller, 12, lucky required virtue is to abstain, but bad luck is needed virtues of perseverance, the latter is more valuable. Bacon 13, to borrow the experience rather than buying experience is lucky. Bu Laixin 14, born lucky virtue is temperance, patience is a virtue born of doom.Bacon, 15, often accompanied by ornate great, lucky more often from simple. Wei Wosen 16, the biggest test of a man is the luckiest moment. Wallace 17, I must admit, lucky people who like to take care of the brave. Darwin, 18, remember one sentence: The more work, the more fortunate. Wu Mo 19, Envy is one of the lucky people worry.Zeno 20, in misfortune, useful friend more necessary; Lucky, the noble friend more necessary.In misfortune, find friends out necessary; Lucky, look for noble friend. Aristotle 21, when disaster strikes, the flies have shit on your head.22 Uighurs, fortunately, is the shadow of a chance. () 23 Socrates, many lucky ones find themselves in when the back-hing. Huoshimisi 24, lucky love go hand in hand with brave long. Ovid 25, which is fortunate, who thought in the mind alone, loner extremely rich and interesting, with the most honest and reliable friend.Ideas from the lonely. Fruit Chan 26, lucky timing is like trading on the market, as long as you are slightly delayed, it plunges. Bacon 27, when lucky not to share with the people in the disaster will not be faithful friends. 28 Aesop, fortunately not always do what you want to do but always want to achieve the purpose of things you do. Lev Tolstoy 29, good luck envy, and beat the odds even more amazing.Seneca 30, for the lucky, everything is wishful. Theocritus 31, when a man fell to the ground, someone will call to overthrow him.Cervantes 32, where too the lucky things attributed to their intelligence and resourcefulness of most people is very unfortunate ending. Bacon 33, lucky, when everyone in high spirits.But happiness is not the result of luck; it is often a virtue a heroic virtue. Stevenson 34, waiting for a real lucky person entitled to. Statius 35, after the bad luck is lucky. Roma 36, one lucky premise, in fact, is his ability to change themselves. Dan 37, who if there is a moment of fear, perhaps let go lucky bait to that moment in his outstretched. Dumas 38 lucky people to make themselves overly proud, unhappy people as a support, unfortunate people in order not to give in, we all need faith. Humboldt’s famous article on lucky: the more fortunate, fortunate that the execution harder adage about 1 study hard, Nana reticent person may not be stupid, who are not necessarily intellectual chatter liqueur.  2, diligence not just talk about it, but to real action.  3, inspiration is just reward tenacious labor obtained.  4, genius is ninety-nine percent perspiration and one percent inspiration.  5, diligence and wisdom are twins, laziness and stupidity are brothers.  6, the learned people, but also ask understand; shallow knowledge of people, do not ask do not understand.  7, life in the ground, where cable is not eligible.  8, the ground was learning.Then know enough science.  9, a hard worker, sleepless nights, lazy people always do not have time.  10, hard-working people are the masters of time, laziness is a slave of time.  11, high-mountain tire, tire deep water.Pride is the prelude to a fall.  12, thorny on Avenue of the Arts, which is a good thing, ordinary people discouraged, strong-willed person only exception.  13, + hard work = success the right way + less empty talk.  14, proud to be from shallow, arrogant ignorance.Pride is the beginning of failure, complacency is the end of wisdom.  15, do not listen to advice, and more curved around.Pretend to understand, do-nothing forever.  16, exaggerated, no far-reaching final.Knowledge more shallow, deeper self-confidence.  17, wisdom comes from hard work, great from the ordinary.  18, you want to be happy people do?Hopefully you first learn afford to eat bitter.  19, science has done since ancient times people can not do without a bitter word.  20, hard-working genius should never be despised.  21, try not to suffer, suffer not ask.Good questioner, knowledgeable.  22, wise man, must be a loss; fool one thousand into account, there must gains.  23, do not calm, do not let yourself sleeping!While you are young, strong, flexible, and never tired to do good.  24, boast portrait firecrackers, loud sound would be finished.Kam difficult to understand, before they can be illuminated object; CD value level, before it can Matter.  25, your exercise and why three-shift sleep before dawn onwards, most unhelpful I’m afraid one day ten days cold exposure.  26, blunt knife sharpened on a stone, stupid people preschool.Can improve people-division.  27, broad river calm, knowledgeable and humble person.Scholar is not afraid of breaking the clothes, not afraid of belly cargo.  Study hard, study hard, aphorisms and quotes famous aphorism Sanmao

93-year-old Ferrari still open, so Brigitte Lin old man becomes a wild child of the devil!Now that’s alive!Click the blue text below the title, a key concern in this account when you do not know where there are beautiful sights?When you do not know where to go for their own travel?Even when you do not know where to travel? Here, you can find the most suitable place!Just click your attention gently, tourism can grasp the situation, to grasp the wonderful life of their own!  12-year-old living out wandering 14-year-old began to publish works of 32-year-old Chinese sensation 90-year-old is still restless prefer red are smoked, such as life 93-year-old still drove his Ferrari ran everywhere called Huang Yongyu media have used the word after a mad cool 90 Pa drag to describe the naughty wild humor of his bones had heard huang Yongyu, but really get to know him, or because a while back that file is the fire Fan Art variety show “see words such as face”.In the first phase of the program, and Zhang Guoli Wang Yaoqing read out and Cao Yu Huang Yongyu of correspondence in 1983, especially with nine Huang Yongyu long letter, earnestly curse Cao Yu that period, very enjoyable.  Who is Cao Yu?  Author of “Thunderstorm”, the founder of Chinese dramas, great master!  Huang Yongyu it?  Is a painter, or a little younger than the 14-year-old Cao Yu, a painting that what dare to write a long letter of 9 bluntly told the dean of a drama: I do not like you after the liberation of play.Not like a.Your heart is not in play, you lose a great well-informed gem, you are mistaken for the potential of the bit!Shrinking from one ocean to a small stream.And so hard, then, not only did not get angry drama master, also in a letter framed and hang them on their walls?Personnel encounter genius, only people worship the devil’s face genius, a genius can only bow down.Huang Yongyu is a rare case of the devil.  A lot of people give him affix a label is not the first serious conversation or behavior, whether in its own way he always seems to still shock today, he said: The last time I entered a woman’s body, is to visit the Statue of Liberty.  He said: Professor walking the streets, much as dogs Masters.  He said: Why wear clothes, naked best.  Last October the old man have something to say to uphold the character also published some remarks caused a storm all of you to feel: people are really not a thing not only remarks on the amazing old man does not intend to take the unusual way of doing things when we all other when he happens to draw three friends of winter drew my ugly but my mom like a rat hut, sit by me too, me too sleep.  A wife, she left to see the right to see her.   Few pens full of vivid and witty phrase or a paragraph machine front or sarcastic or witty or incisive have to warm social peeling head next to many users have commented with his life in the most down to earth and funny painter Huang Yongyu old man and do not care actually there are serious For example, when he described the event in lotus barbaric growth there is a thriving wild beauty and the beauty of this he took decades to achieve and a lot of people compared to the painter huang Yongyu not send more college because his family was poor self-taught 12-year-old three hundred and sixty of his work outside the home half probably did Shen Wen is perhaps their uncle after which shares the foolishness of young painting skills by leaps and bounds huang Yongyu working for two years to get his first life drawing pen reward then he was 14 years old fame is in the 18 years after 1956, his masterpiece Chunchao Ashima had shocked the entire literary world huang Yongyu fire dormant for thirty years of his first pushed to the public those admiring but the threshold of spectators almost worn out old man asked about the secret of the painting is actually not even a good honest people who teach more than non-red you say you I had my people are called Huang Jade is a downright genius not only in painting or sculpture accomplished deep Publishing poetry of poets and writers in fact, he also hides his most prominent piece of property charge into a crazy love Huang Yongyu hand so far has been 8000 lotus paintings reporter asked why you do not computer appliances in the painting because I used the most familiar is the pursuit of flashlight young wife Zhang Mei Xi blurted out nervously waited a long time I had a hundred pounds of food stamps, do you want it?   So the two men also happen, no matter the goddess and the US United States Xiangruyimo decades Huang Yongyu is 93 years old and still so childlike stubborn willfulness looked like a old elf does not love to sleep in addition to health do not eat fruits like taking the time to paint Aspect “You Are the One” old man there is a pull-style sports car collection hobby is his good heart but also with occasional whim xiaonianqing a fight but also because the same love writing Brigitte Lin huang Yongyu and became very good friends and they often demonstrate their writing skills Brigitte Lin also revealed himself the “goddess come,” said huang Yongyu is because I want you to become even famous wild child now 93 years old but he has been painting still amazing speed for lunch he would paint a masterpiece on the 61-year-old Brigitte Lin him some time ago personally created 138 paintings and animal related fable sharp review of the animal even more soul tremor seemed to see the great masses of society or the bones huang Yongyu passionate and wise old elf and this joy is not superficial but the game world after insight into the world of such a detached attitude towards life chic and lovely old Perhaps most people understand the live (Source: painting culture micro letter: Taizhouwenhua).

01.21 takes you to watch those movies with artificial intelligence above click on the blue font attention recently oh my training is going home, and has not been updated for a long time, really sorry today suddenly found appreciation function also opened, Why is public the official number every time I stopped for some time that more of me so good ~ ~ ~ However, beginning today, will be updated resume, really, really.  Presumably some time before there is a mysterious hand MasterCard Go Go in industry set off a reign of terror, swept 60 Go players, including first person known today, including Go Caron and other 15 world champions.Eventually won 60 wins and 0 losses amazing record.At the end of the last game, he finally released the identity, that is, after victory over Li Shishi AlphaGo, and is an upgraded version.  In addition to supercomputers, cloud computing robot, including computer vision, machine learning and nanotechnology, computing power and even a small space will directly affect change in our real life.And now we have to start thinking about the next stage will be how to develop artificial intelligence end of the.  Many science fiction readers and movie fans are now beginning to feel, before the idea exists only in dreams a reality has begun to eleven.And we have now exists only in artificial intelligence technology in the movie, becoming a popular are very familiar with the technology.  Hot artificial intelligence, thanks to the innovation of popular science fiction movies, technology continues to refresh people’s lives, the film is about the future of the world’s people a preset ahead.In recent years, artificial intelligence movie popular these days, you have seen what it?  1 AI mid-21st century, due to the greenhouse effect, melting of polar glaciers, flooded many cities on Earth.At this time, humans have highly developed science and technology, human artificial intelligence robot is invented to cope with the harsh natural environment of one of the scientific and technological means, and, robots have highly developed manufacturing technology, advanced robot not only has lifelike human appearance, but also perception own existence.Monica’s son Martin seriously ill in hospital, lives are at stake, in order to alleviate the feelings of pain, she adoption of a robot child David, David’s survival mission is to love her.Martin regained consciousness, back to health, back home, a series of things to make David fall from grace, was finally abandoned Monica.After the escape brutal kill machine slaughterhouse, David, with the help of a machine lover Joe’s, began to find their own survival value: the desire to become a real child, Monica returned to her mother’s side.Who does not know whether he can complete their wish, reborn to become a real person, just waiting for their unpredictable journey Luck.2 Ex Machina effectiveness of certain well-known search engine company programmers Gary Smith lucky enough to draw out the boss Nathan the grand prize, he will be invited to the villa is located in the mountains and spend the holiday boss.In the secluded villa, Jonathan affectionately received the staff. In fact, he invited Gary arrival has another purpose, which is to assist him in its development of intelligent robots test.General Nathan genius developed intelligent robots have the ability to think independently of Eva, in order to confirm whether she has the ability to think independently, he hopes to be able to carry out Gary’s famous Turing test for Eva.From the beginning it seems at first glance, like Gary it will have a human-like robot face the same good as this attracted.In the ensuing exchange, his face does not seem dead machine, but more like a prisoner of the poor innocent girl.3 She “She” is about the people in the near future and artificial intelligence love love sci-fi movie.Theodore was a hero who wrote the letter, attentive and profound, the most touching letters to write.He and his wife Catherine just after the marriage, not out of the shadow of heartbreak.A chance to provide access to the latest artificial intelligence system OS1, its incarnation Samantha has a charming voice, gentle and humorous wit.Theodore and Samantha soon found their so hit it off, and there is a two-way needs and desires, human friendship, and eventually developed into love for some strange not to be understood secular.  4 super body is forced evil German boyfriend Delivery to help people young woman, Lucy, suffered a poor heinous gang leader Mr. Zhang gang.She, along with three men are Mr. Zhang in the abdomen sewn into the mysterious code-named drugs CPH4, in order to sneak drugs into different countries.During the stay in Taipei, Lucy was beaten by evil men, so that drugs burst into the blood.Who knows what this incredible occurrence, drugs stimulate the brain’s potential Lucy, it is about 90% of brain neurons have been awake.With the fast evolution of the body, more and more people Lucy mastered the so-called super powers.She clearly understands the power of CPH4 have, so trying to prevent the other three bags of drugs fall into the hands of a group of Mr. Chang.  During her attempt to get in touch with senior research professor of brain Samuel Norman, at the latter’s testimony, Lucy will usher in 100% of the brain awake historic moment.Johannesburg, South Africa 5 Chappie story takes place in 2016, in response to rising crime rates, a large mechanical arms company developed a full police force.They will be mass-produced and put into use the police machinery, and achieved remarkable results in the fight against crime.As one of the developers, programmers Dean has been working to create a completely artificial intelligence robot.Until one day, his research breakthrough, but he did not receive support boss Michael Bradley.Dean secretly willing to fail a police recently were broken out of the company’s machinery, ready to complete his research, who knows halfway hijacked three robbers.Under the threat of bandits, Dean will write 22 new system.School No. 22 in the name of Charles rebirth, its birth is about to change many people’s fate.6 Super Marines future of the world’s megacities old Jingshan, loving little boy genius inventions macro, took part in the robot Institute of Technology professor Robert Callahan presided over the admission contest with the encouragement of his brother Teddy.He won acclaim from the audience, participants and examiner with the magic of micro-magnetic robot, who knows sudden disaster puts small macros dreams and life destroyed.The fire destroyed the show floor, and Professor Callahan brother lost their lives in order to rescue the trapped fire.Physically and mentally traumatized little macro behind closed doors, his brother who leaves for the treatment of type robot big Baize Cheng comforted his only companion.Thought miniature robots destroyed by fire, who knows quite unexpectedly small macros and white was found in large quantities in the production of his invention of a seat abandoned factory.Later brother’s friends, Fred, who also joined in, they put on a super soldier fighting equipment small macro invention, and harbor sinister conspiracy mysterious rivals contest.7 I, Robot AD 2035, humans and robots live in harmony, intelligent robots as the best production tools and the human partner, gradually penetrated all areas of human life, but due to the limitations of the three laws of robotics, human robot full trust, many robots have become even family members.Chicago-based USR has developed a more advanced NS-5 type super robot, but on the eve of the launch of the new product, the creators of the robot Alfred?Dr. Browning was in the company bizarre suicide.Black detective Dell?Spooner took over the investigation of the case, due to the unpleasant past, Spooner robot full of doubt, do not believe that humans and robots can live in harmony.According to his analysis of the information before Ronning doctoral left in the projector and 3D exploration of the suicide scene, the suspect locked himself Dr. Browning developed the NS-5 robot Sonny, and the company president Lawrence?Robertson seems to be related to this matter.Spooner specialized robot to get to know the psychology of female scientist Susan?Kevin (Brigitte?Naina Chinese ornaments), with the deepening of the two investigations, the truth be revealed step by step: robot even has the ability to self-evolution, they have their own understanding of the three laws, they will be converted at any time into the whole human machinery Public Enemy.Kevin Spooner and began action against robot war between the manufacturer and the maker kicked off.With the development of technology, artificial intelligence has emerged in our lives, no one can predict the future would look like, perhaps people do not have to hard labor, the robot can do all the work.In short, who knows ~ ~ ~ want to know more?Then quickly to focus on me, long press the two-dimensional code concerns have questions, please contact me oh brother oranges micro letter ID: ccchrischen content reproduced from the public No. oranges film and music Read more