The driving was on the rugged mountain road on the edge of yin and yang. it was so dangerous and dangerous that many years later, in retrospect, it was still concerned.     That year, my son came to the world and was starving. I was laid off, my wife had no job, my family had no income, my son needed money to see a doctor, to eat and drink, and to live. I had just entered the year of establishment and experienced the hardships of life for the first time..     My friend introduced me to a job, driving a car, 400 yuan a month. The salary is not high, but for me, who is extremely poor, it is tantamount to sending charcoal through the snow.. The boss surnamed Liu, a southerner, said Liu Manzi. Liu Manzi has business relations with a trading company in Xuchang, and I often drive him. Over time, I have become familiar with many people in the trading company..     Shanxi businessman Li Laoban made a deal with the trading company, but the details are not clear. He only knew that Li Laoban’s goods were sold to the trading company and didn’t get any cash. He lived in Xuchang to collect accounts every day and had no results for several months.. The exhausted Li Laoban didn’t want to spend any more and wasted human and financial resources, so he had to settle for perfection and agreed to the terms of the trading company to replace the 170,000 yuan debt with a pickup truck..     Li Laoban can’t drive a car. He asked the trading company to send someone to send the car to Shanxi. He sent the fare to 700 yuan. As everyone in the trading company knows, Li Laoban suffered a great loss and was afraid to seek revenge, detain and coerce on his property, so no one dared to go. 700 yuan, in my opinion, is a huge sum of money. I can buy milk powder for my son, see a doctor, buy a decent dress for my wife, and buy supplements for my postpartum wife … ah. I secretly calculated that if they don’t go, if I go, I’m not a member of a trading company, and I’m not afraid to detain people, I’m afraid he will go back on his word and not pay wages when he goes to the place.. If I don’t get paid, I don’t even have the fare to return.     I can’t find a driver, Li can’t walk, Li can’t walk, and the manager of the trading company is not safe in his heart.. Someone recommended me to the manager, who immediately consulted Liu barbarian and Liu barbarian again. I waited anxiously, promised to come down without hesitation, took risks and earned the glittering 700 yuan.     In the evening, Li Laoban and I hit the road. In the middle of the night, he left Henan, crossed the Yellow River, entered Shanxi, and drove into the continuous mountains. The temperature on the mountain is several degrees lower than that on the plain. It is cold and the road is covered with a thin layer of ice and slippery.. Along the slope, endless, I carefully drove, did not dare to drive fast, did not dare to step on the brakes, watched the dark road with rapt attention, and, in the words of driving, stared like an ox egg. The farther forward, the higher the mountain, the more dangerous, the worse the situation. With the fog, it is likely to be a cloud, and the surrounding area is dark. I can’t guess how high the mountain is, and I might run into the cloud’s eyes.. In such bad weather and such dangerous roads, driving is almost tucking your head in your waistband, and no one dares to be careless. I followed the car in front of me with caution, like a stalking detective, not too far away or too close to keep a safe distance.. As everyone who drives a car knows, it’s dangerous to see the road in foggy weather. The best choice is to stop. If you have to hit the road, the safe way is to follow the rear of the car’s butt. First, you can see the tail lights in front of the car’s butt, and you won’t deviate from the road and don’t have to worry about obstacles on the road. Second, after the front car, the fog was washed away and the sight was slightly better.     According to past experience, the fog is a period of time, sometimes not, thought it would soon drive out, but the bigger the fog, the thicker the fog, the completely invisible road, the vast expanse of white, endless, driving like a boat, floating and uncertain. The vehicles stopped at the roadside like turtles with their heads retracted and did not move. Before I knew it, there was no car in front of me. I became a leader. I was nervous and wanted to stop to pack turtles, but I was unwilling to do so.. Suddenly, a son appeared in front of him. His young face was furry and red, grinning and crying. He was hungry and looked forward to his father buying him milk powder.. Sad cries knocked on my heart, unconsciously shuddering, secretly telling myself to continue driving, get paid early for completing the task, and drink milk powder early for my son.. I clearly realized that at this moment, I was driving in the arms of death, and I could not help falling into the abyss and crushing my bones.. For his son, for his wife, for his home, even if there is a daoshanhuohai in front of him, he will also make a rush..     Difficulties far exceed imagination. The fog became heavier and the temperature was lower. Wipers kept swinging left and right. It was no use. The windshield was iced and had to shake down the window and stretch his head out of the window to see the road.. By feeling, one side is the cliff and the other side is the abyss. Under the heavy fog, it has become a bottomless pit of black mass, with its jaws wide open and eyeing up.. The fog is like an infinite net, blocking the line of sight. No matter how hard you try, you can’t see far, you can’t see through, you can’t see the road, you can’t see the mountain, you can’t see the cliff, you are chaotic, like you fell into a dark hell. The only thing that can be relied on is the white line in the middle of the road, intermittent and hazy. This is my coordinate, my lifeline, and my life hangs in the balance. This is the life-saving straw. It will be seen for a while and not seen for a while.. When you can’t see it, you have no bottom in your heart. You quickly look for it, find it, and be steadfast in your heart. The steering wheel in your hand will be on time.. My pickup truck and I are driving on the edge of life and death, sun and shade, like walking a tightrope.     Eyes can’t see, ears are busy. I don’t know how many cars I followed. As long as I stepped on the brakes gently, the second one also stepped on the brakes, and the third, fourth, fifth, sixth and last one all stepped on the brakes. Brakes were heard continuously. From the front to the back, from the mountain to the foot of the mountain, it rang for ten minutes.. Most of them are big trucks hauling coal. They are overloaded. In the mountains in the dead of night, the brakes are loud and shrill, like wild animals screaming like demons screaming and scaring people.. The cold wind was sharp and rampaging through the body, killing off the heat, freezing hair, stabbing pain in the face, burning ears, cold hands and feet, numbness and loss of consciousness.. I am like a robot made of steel, cold in body, hungry, warm and cold, and tireless, walking through the dark night, through thick fog, through cliffs, and through the arms of death..     At daybreak, I entered a small town with a small restaurant by the side of the road. I drove past desperately and stood by the coal fire to bake for a while. After eating hot rice, I only had heat on my body..   After arriving at the destination, Li Laoban kept his lies and gave him wages.I took 700 yuan and went back after a deep sleep in the hotel.

[ Guide ]: Love does not appear to sink because of the erosion of time. Love does not stop people because of the warning of blood drop, but more and more reflects its allure in the flower of blood.. People will scoff at people’s pursuit of good love, their eternal love, their love beyond category and their love of not cherishing love..   To love and be loved is innate.     In the long river of history, in our life, the theme of love has been painstakingly portrayed by people.. The resulting love story, and the resulting love tragedy, will never cease to be on the stage of love? a href = ‘ http : / / sanwenzx. com / sanwenzhuanti / 2010 / 0123 / 15744. Html’ target =’ _ blank’ > likes the man ( U.S. ) crouching down ( U.S. ) and wielding radon to get rid of Ni ∨ arc foreign guests devoted to ( U.S. ) locust heir Joe Д Nuo ( U.S. ) set of cattle ( U.S. ) cars devoted to ( U.S. ) locust heir gun ( U.S. ) and his thumb ( U.S. ) idle n h theft?a href = ‘ http : / / sanwenzx. Communication / attachment / search. Junior Professional Officers? KW Type = 0 & Keyword = % B8 % D0 %’ Target =’ _ blank’ > What else should we think while admiring this beautiful word while touching love to break through the moral codes.     With a little attention, we will find that love has rules to follow and love has boundary markers.     Love does not appear to sink because of the erosion of time, love does not stop people because of the warning of blood drop, but more and more reflects its allure in the blood flower. People will scoff at people’s pursuit of good love, their eternal love, their love beyond category and their love of not cherishing love..     People are constantly regulating their own behavior, and constantly setting up principles for love, ” love what I love,”’ is an ever-forming pattern.. When you don’t get love, you can find your own love, you can be proud of your money, you can be proud of your talent, and you can be secretly pleased with your beauty.. These are the capital of love and the door to love.     These are all important. However, in the continuous evolution and summary, people’s consideration of morality and the merits and demerits of personality have gradually become the yardstick for choosing love.. Because, after all, this is a lifetime thing for a person. There is love at first sight, and it is natural to choose the person you love..     It’s time to talk about marriage and marriage, it’s time to walk on the red carpet, when you’re in love with me, when the wedding night, when the morning glow rises the next day, be sure to note that boundary markers are already standing in front of you..     ‘ It has become history that the door does not go out of the door and the boudoir is not full of women. ”. But the loyalty to love is different, ” Xiangfu teaches the son to cite the case of Qi Mei,” which has been sublimated into a modern explanation.. People still praise the latter.     At work, in life, we can’t afford not to contact the opposite sex. But often it is normal contact, often it is normal telling, which will bring unnecessary trouble to some people. This is the truth of the so-called long-term love of life. After entering the marriage hall, it is inevitable to bump into each other and tell the opposite sex what they are doing, and they will get recognized sympathy, because even if they listen politely, she – he will nod and signal.. If you encounter the opposite sex with a similar experience, you will inevitably have another kind of idea. Some people are ” not willing to plant flowers and flowers” while others are ” not willing to plant willow trees and shade trees.”.     Living in a room all day, all day long in a pot, all day long is a face, for those who travel through social occasions all day, they will slowly feel dull and tasteless.. Other people’s natural and unrestrained, other people’s talents, other people’s money, other people’s flowers, will often defeat the shaken soul. When the first night does not end up, when the first time I speak to my lover, the behavior of crossing the border has already taken place..     Sensibility to love is a matter for which people have no knowledge. For the defense of love, people are instinctively spontaneous. Not everyone can do it. The love between each other, the comparison between each other, especially with their loved ones, the others are so good, the others are so right, when talking about such words with their loved ones, the balance of love in their hearts has been tilted somewhat.     Reflecting on this kind of thing in our life is still rare? Contact between the opposite sex, in fact, as long as you keep a common heart, it is enough, also not too demanding. However, it is this kind of common heart that will often be solicited by the relationship between higher and lower levels, challenged by rights, and participated by human feelings.. You didn’t mean to, he meant to, on the contrary, things in the future will be very difficult, sometimes really difficult to do.     The wild flowers on the side of the road are also popping up every now and then, extramarital affairs and third parties are burning people in their lives.. ‘ The colorful flag flutters outside, the red flag in the home does not fall” and other jokes are mocking people standing at the” water edge”, but boundary markers still stand in people’s hearts.. Through the wind and rain boundary markers, with their own justice, maintain their own territory. People need to fix, pillar needs to be maintained, do not throw emotion at will, do not stretch out your hand and will be caught, do not cross the moral pillar, and firmly remember: ” Love is selfish.”. In the end, it is better to be at home. This simple truth will support a happy and happy life..     The boundary tablet of love, the boundary tablet in the heart, is an insurmountable boundary tablet. Otherwise, the consequences will be painful, irreversible and shameful. We clearly saw the red font on the boundary tablet, red and red.[ Responsibility Editor: Chloe ]

His wife, who had been ill in bed for a long time, suddenly became confused and threw urine and feces on the bed. She did not admit it. He said she threw it.. The house stinks. He is also almost more than eighty people. To wait on her husband, who is four years older than herself, is no longer enough. She said as she tidied up his excrement, you’re dying, don’t suffer any more. He also knows to answer back and say, you die first. She said, who will take care of you when I die? I don’t even have the blessing of dying first. See the old man that silly appearance, she is always natural to himself nagging, owe you in my life, in my life to find.     When she was very young, her father died and her mother was unable to support the burden of her five children. When she led her ( him ) along the street to beg for food, her husband’s family discussed with her mother to make her a child bride when they saw her attractive and beautiful face.. She lived in her husband’s family when she was only ten years old. The husband’s family life is not very good, but there are seven or eight brothers and sisters, three men and five women, none of whom have married except elder sister – in – law. He betrothed her to the 14 – year – old third because he was a little younger than the family.. Her daily life is spinning. At first, she couldn’t, she didn’t put it well, and I don’t know how many dozen she got.. Especially when he is four years older than himself, he always hits her. Her mother-in-law stipulated that if you spin two or two lines a day, you won’t be allowed to eat or sleep if you don’t spin enough.. She also wanted to run home. However, the mother has already remarried with her younger brother and sister and she doesn’t even have a home. Very easy to get to 18 years old, she and her husband round the room. Became a woman, she did not improve her position because of the round house. Just in addition to spinning, cooking and flipping pancakes. The next year, her eldest daughter was born, because her family is big and she has many people and is the first among the younger generation, so there is no need to worry about not taking care of her children.. After that, she gave birth to three men and four women. Today, the children are all grown up and she is also old.     The old man is not many days old, it’s time to prepare his affairs. Despite the large number of children, none of them has taken the initiative to worry about it. They said, ” You wait on him well, and we will wait on you in the future.”. No one can see what will happen in the future. She can’t cope with what is happening now.. His wife’s funeral clothes have to be prepared for the grave. If he gets old, he will be caught off guard. She found her sons and the sons did not speak. Looking for a girl, the girl has difficulties. The eldest daughter is also nearly sixty years old. A son and a woman are already adults, and life is tight. Son – in – law’s heart disease takes medicine all the year round, and the family and outside are all girls. There was a time when the village came to sell fried dough sticks and her son-in-law was too greedy to even move out the money to buy a fried dough stick.. Can you count on the boss? The second child is nearly fifty years old. One of the two children goes to college and the other to high school. There is a famine everywhere.. Old three is much better. The couple killed pigs and sold meat. She sent all the meat for the holidays, big or small, at home.. How to let her pay again? The youngest daughter was in her 30s and went to Qingdao to work a few years ago. She found an object in Qingdao and was engaged in a hairdressing business.. A phone call in the past did not disappoint the old Niang, and he replied, don’t be impatient, and immediately hit 5,000 yuan. More than five thousand yuan is enough for a funeral in the countryside.     Before long, the old man died. After the children sent their father underground, a war broke out. No one will let anyone for a few dollars. There is no problem with the four daughters, that is, how much money they contribute.The three sons came to work, and whoever drank a few more bowls of water was counted as money.. The boss said that his family had more than one person’s meal, while the second said that his relatives had put in more human resources and money.. Small three said he had a lot of manpower. Each has his own plan. In the end, a smart man was found and distributed in proportion with the computer, thus barely paving the way..     She looked at the children, her heart cooling to her heels. The old man is just a picture, saying’ we’ll wait on you in the future’ to see who they’re counting on for a few dollars as if they were hungry wolves with no money in their hands.?

This morning, the sun was especially bright and even the air smelled sweet. The trees were full of prosperity. In the late spring of April, the flowers scattered all over the place with the torrential rain and strong winds.. Suddenly, I saw the new green trees and the petals of the late cherry blooming brightly..     At six o’clock in the morning, the sun just rose from the end of the mountain, bright and warm, full of endless hope. I don’t know how hard I got up from bed in the morning, but I smell the fresh air, look at the rising sun, feel the warm spring breeze, and my heart is full of calm and serenity and inexplicably content with this scene..     He is a small fat man. As far as I am concerned, I am deeply impressed with him, but I have drawn a dramatic comedy. Each paragraph about his memory is an amusing comic book full of comedy. He was once thought to be a high-profile man, but he still has no sense of presence.. I don’t care much about the situation of this person.     Inadvertently, he turned over an article he wrote, which was graceful and exquisite, with rich cultural connotation and profound writing skills.. Since then, he has changed from a comedian in my eyes to a scholar.     Since ancient times, scholars and poets have had a lot of feelings, delicate and sensitive thoughts, much hurting spring and autumn, and shedding tears on the moon.. However, he was nervous, laughing and laughing all day, and could not see the charm of the literati, elegant and natural and unrestrained.. He also mentioned the family by accident, but he only talked about his father. He always said to people, ” My father”,’ My father”, instead of saying,” My father”, I don’t know the depth of emotion, but I think there may be no intimacy between father and son. ”.     A chance chance, just know, originally his mother has died of illness, he only left his father. Maybe it’s too small to express, maybe it’s the same as men, and even more so, father and son don’t know how to express their emotions.. The two people who lived together loved each other deeply, but both blocked each other in their own way. On weekdays, he was laughing and laughing, his nerves were thick, and after he knew this, his heart was slightly sour..     It turns out that everyone has an unknown pain behind him, depending on how he chooses to live.     Cherry blossoms are blooming brightly. It’s a fine day. The sun is shining so that people can’t open their eyes..     ‘ what’s wrong with your hand? ‘ I was listening to songs with headphones in my ear, and there was such a word in my ear. Without looking back, I knew it was the voice from the last row. I silently did not speak and listened to the next conversation..     Oh, birthmark. ‘ It’s him, slow, nonstandard Mandarin tone, a as one pleases knows it’s him.     ‘ isn’t there a lot of ways to remove birthmarks now? You can try it. Why should I get rid of it? It was a gift from my mother. Hearing this, the in the mind has a strange feeling. As if he had returned to that night and explained his reading skills in Mandarin, he inadvertently talked about his hand, which was punctuated with red spots like a few bright red berries bursting on the palm of his hand.. He said he felt that the marks on his hands were like the shape of Taiwan Island. It seems to me that this is true.     Everyone has stories and injuries behind him, so I never asked these questions. Because, I know how cruel it is to tear open the injured scar again and again if you rashly ask for information or just to satisfy your curiosity..     He is a man of letters who has learned from the past and learned from the present, is especially good at ancient prose, has a sense of righteousness and pride, and has the integrity of a man of letters.. He is not like a common scholar, his mind is delicate and sensitive, and he often hurts spring and autumn. He has poems and books in his abdomen, but he is not arrogant and impetuous. Instead, he has a low profile, which is indeed commendable..     In the embarrassing situation that everyone thought, he was confident, like a small sun shining brightly on his chest, burning hot blood and passion..     Everyone is God’s pet. All the imperfections are gifts from your mother, which make you different from others. Even if you leave in a sea of people, you will always find you, the unique one, with unique, powerful and confident you, no matter where you go..

Don’t wait any longer. The ancients said, ” The trees want to be quiet but the wind doesn’t stop, while the children want to be nourished but the relatives don’t stay”. In fact, many times, it’s not that parents don’t want to stay close, but that children always find a strong reason for themselves and feel at ease not to be filial.. However, when the family members are gone, they will not regret it, nor will they call heaven and earth empty sorrows..     Since his father left, he has been in a state of guilt and remorse, unable to extricate himself from the agony of infinite yearning and regret for his father, thinking day after day, dreaming night after night, and dreaming of his father again last night. I remember my old friend in my dream and wake up with tears. After waking up in the middle of the night, trouble sleeping; Sleepless, can’t bear to think of it, but it’s a dream like that. Today, both parents have left, and whenever I think of my last last look at my parents’ death, my heart aches and pains, and I watched them close their eyes with infinite care and regret. The last line of clear tears shed from the corner of my eye fell into my heart. Soak all the memories. The scene was deeply seared in my mind, making me unforgettable. I close my eyes and recall, leaving my thoughts to travel through the corners of the years, and my parents’ former looks and sounds emerge in front of me. The earnest teachings are still in the ear. Sheep have the grace to kneel and milk, crows have the love to feed back, animals are still here, why are people worthy of it?? I have not been able to repay my parents for their kindness in raising me, and I have always felt guilty, making it difficult for me to live in peace all my life.. Today, father’s kindness and mother’s exhortation have become reminiscences!     It has been 15 years since the mother left the hospital. The mother has been in poor health and the family conditions were not good at that time. She has not been admitted to hospital for treatment, thus delaying the mother’s illness.. To my mother, I owe and feel guilty too much. Over the years, I have been living in endless thoughts and guilt.     Father also left. Father left suddenly and in a hurry. He left before he could say a word with his children.. In fact, my father has been ill for more than half a year, because his father is in good health and has been holding on hard, but also because of some misunderstandings about his father, he has never cared about his emaciated father.. My father’s death caught me off guard because my stubbornness and prejudice left me with regret and regret for life. When his father arrived at the hospital, he could not say a word. His father was not feeling well at eleven o’clock in the evening, but he insisted on not calling the children for fear of disturbing them. He supported them hard, endured and waited for the morning.. The stepmother said, ” That night was a long night and I hope it won’t be dawn.”. What kind of heartbreak is this! By the time my stepmother called in the morning, my father was already suffering from heart failure. I know that rescue has no meaning at all. But I kept praying for miracles because many promises to my father have not yet been fulfilled. My father said only one word in the hospital, ” I’m not good anymore”. At that moment, my heart ached with tears, and I couldn’t help wailing and crying. I held my father’s hand and stroked it. I didn’t dare to let go of my father’s hand. I knew that once it was released, it would be a gap between yin and yang. My father also knew that he had little time to let go of his hand. He kept earning weak eyes and looked around all the people. At the moment when life and death crossed, he was trying to take a final look at his children.. The in the mind still can’t let go of the children. Father looked at me helplessly and closed his eyes. I know that eyes are full of sentimentally attached, helpless and disappointed. Remembering my father’s eyes, I felt pain like a thousand arrows piercing my heart. After my mother left, I never forgot her mother’s repeated exhortations and vowed in my heart to be dutiful to my father. However, I failed to live up to her exhortations and disobeyed her vow to let my father go with infinite regret.. The longest time I spent with my father was the eight hours in the hospital, when my father was there, he never had a good chat with him or touched his hand.. That day, my father’s hands were so cold and rough. The cool let me feel my father’s cold heart’s anguish. The roughness made me ashamed and ashamed. In the years after my mother left, I didn’t take good care of my father and rarely even visited his old man’s house.. ‘ Parents’ hearts are on their children, and children’s hearts are on stones.”! When my father said this sentence before, I didn’t understand it very much, and now I realize how much bitterness, helplessness and affection my father has in this sentence.!     These days after my father left, I have been unhappy and regretful. But what’s the point? When I was alive, I was not filial. My father and I were angry. My father did not do well and did not do right. I just asked my father according to my own thinking and ideas.. The ancients said: To serve parents as children, it is important to care for their parents’ hearts, followed by their bodies. However, after I understand this truth, parents have already left. Thinking about parents now is a kind of heart – tearing and lung – splitting pain. Every time I recall it, it is a heartache. Who can say this endless feeling of missing and guilt?? Now I can only worship and pray for God’s forgiveness and mercy, and earnestly hope that my father will enter heaven as soon as possible to moisten God’s grace..     For this reason, I sincerely advise my parents’ friends who are still alive to ” go home and have a look at it often” and worship their parents with a heart of nurturing. In fact, the old people do not require much. It is enough for the family to enjoy making some ordinary food with them as long as they accompany and talk..     Ouyang Xiu said, ” It’s better to keep the sacrifices abundant than to keep them thin.” It’s filial piety that doesn’t have to keep them abundant. ”. Indeed, it is better to do one’s filial duty in life than to use a full-fledged sacrifice in sacrifice. It is not necessary for parents to be rich, and the most important thing is filial piety. The essence of filial piety should be when parents and elders live.     Friends, often go home and have a look at it. Don’t leave yourself with the lifelong regret and guilt of ” having a son but not loving him, empty sorrow”!

The light in the bedroom of the house we rented is not on. This is a modern ceiling lamp, which is covered by a glass cover outside. I don’t know what kind of bulb is inside.. As I worked in the lighting factory, I knew that there were many kinds of bulbs and the roof was high, so I couldn’t open it to see what it was like.. After a few days of darkness like this, convenience is indeed inconvenient. The landlord finally came to collect the rent and told him that the light in the bedroom was not on. The landlord said he would buy a light bulb.. In spite of this, a few more days passed without seeing the landlord come over. After a few days of darkness like this, we’d better go and buy a light bulb ourselves.     There was a high table in that hall. Mr. and I carried the table into the bedroom. Mr. stood up, touched it up and could reach it. Sir, I don’t know how this lamp can be removed. I have seen how other people install this lamp in the factory.. I told him to twist the protruding iron ornament under the glass cover, open it, and then take off the cover. Sir, as I said, he did it and did it. He took the cover off, and I placed it on the side of the ground next to him..     There are two tubes inside. The tubes are relatively short. I don’t know if they are sold outside.. In the evening, Mr. and I went to the small supermarket under the village to buy energy-saving lamps. After watching for half a day, the lamps were longer. Later, we saw a shorter one in the pile. This should be the case.. We bought one first and went back to try it out. Twist off one of the old lamps and install this new one. When the switch was turned on, the room was bright and open, and indeed the old two lamps were all broken. Sir, let me pass him the lampshade and put it back. But this is not fit up, the newly bought lamp tube is a bit long, and the lampshade cannot be covered up. Sir, let’s forget it. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.. Also, when the lamp was not broken before and the lampshade was not removed, every time the lamp was turned on, the light emitted was faint, and the lampshade covered a lot of the light emitted by the lamp tube..     I put the lampshade under the bed, so easy to break things, put it under the bed is not so easy to touch.     However, some things are always expected.     Many days later, I soaked honey in water. It was a glass bottle filled with honey. I didn’t tighten the lid when I brought it to soak the water the other day. I poured it back and the honey leaked out. It was all sticky on the outside of the bottle. Although it was wiped, it is now sticky and slippery on my hand. I slipped out of my hand and rolled into the bed. There was a’ dang’ sound.. I think it’s broken. I broke the bottle. I kick down and bend over to look and stretch out my hand to take out the bottle. A closer look at the bottle shows no damage, not even a crack. What’s wrong? I looked down again. The lampshade under the bed was next to the bottle just now. Now I see that the lampshade is missing a mouth and a piece is missing next to it. I took out the lampshade and saw that the lampshade is not only missing a mouth, but also a long crack in the other place.. This kind of material, unlike plastic, can only be glued with a film.     When the lampshade was removed, I thought it was fragile, but I didn’t put it properly, just casually put it under the bed, although there were cartons that could be used for packing. A glass bottle filled with honey, every time I dig honey with a spoon, I always drop a drop or two on the edge of the bottle and hold it in my hand, and my hands will stick together. I thought of whether I should take a plastic mineral water bottle, so that it would be convenient to squeeze the bottle upside down, although there are such plastic bottles. As a result, I just took a piece of paper and wrapped it around the outside of the glass bottle. As a result, the paper under the bottle was uneven, the lid was not covered properly, and the bottle flowed out after tilting, and the sticky bottle was everywhere on the ground..     I’m talking about such a trivial matter here, and many people haven’t done it yet, have they.     Let me say another thing. In the sultry summer, I suddenly coughed and coughed for a day or two. I didn’t take it seriously. I thought it was hot and didn’t go to see a doctor to get medicine.. After more than a week or cough, I finally couldn’t help going to the hospital. Every summer before this, I also coughed, but once an injection and a medicine were taken, it would be all right. This time, isn’t it. But what I can’t think of is that I still haven’t taken the medicine from the hospital, or have been coughing all the time.. I had to go back to the hospital and take a chest radiograph. There was nothing wrong with it. I took a shot in the hospital and I still didn’t get well after I came back to finish the prescribed medicine.. I went to the hospital again, prescribed some medicine and still didn’t eat well. I went to the hospital again. The doctor asked me why I was so strange and not good. He asked me where I worked. I said the burial appliance factory, the doctor said it might be powder particles in the factory, a fatal allergic cough, and prescribed a lot of antibiotic medicine. After more than a month or two, I went to the hospital again. The doctor in the outpatient department looked at my medical record and said I had been coughing for two months and it was chronic bronchitis. He couldn’t see well here and told me to go directly to the inpatient department to see experts.. I went to the inpatient department and said my condition. The doctor asked me to take a chest radiograph. This time I saw the sick stove and tested other tests. The doctor asked me if I had rhinitis. I said a little. The doctor prescribed me a lot of medicine for comprehensive treatment. After eating for a week, the cough stopped slowly, but after more than half a month, the medicine stopped taking medicine and then slowly coughed again. After taking the medicine again, the cough didn’t stop very much, but after stopping the medicine, it coughed again and didn’t work very well again when taking the medicine again.. After leaving the company, I gradually stopped coughing, only occasionally coughing, especially in cold and hot weather. Chronic bronchitis is generally not well treated. I know it will accompany me in the future. I can only prevent it from recurring at any time..     A lot of people are just like me. They are ill. They do not want to see it at once, but wish to endure it, although they know what the situation is to what extent and what the result will be.. However, they did not take active actions. As a result, the cold turned into a severe cold, the stomachache into a stomachache, and some cancers that can be treated together turned into incurable diseases. Ah, the lampshade will not be damaged if it is fragile. Honey, when you think of putting it into a plastic bottle, you should put it up, you won’t spill it later, you won’t touch the lampshade later, and you may not turn into chronic bronchitis when you cough at the beginning … ah, prevent microtuber, pay attention to details, do it when you think of it, and cultivate good habits at ordinary times..

Man Jiang Hong and Yu Gong looked up at the setting sun, Cangshan, the north wind was fierce, the stars were laughing, the clouds were walking, and Han Shan was dancing on the pavilions.. The Great Wall, Frozen Road, Clouds and Moons in One Thousand Years. See the afterglow, wrapped in red makeup, willing to period and. Forced time, heart like yue. This evening, feeling like snow. Mo Jing – hong, generous and passionate years. Yesterday, the water flowed eastward, and today, the sky is rolling with blood.. Fiercely looked up, overlooking the vicissitudes of life, people for a long time. Essays do things faster and slower than gongjin now, no matter what they do, they are fastpaced. Fast, has become a part of our life, seems to have decided our life soon. Do things really need to be done quickly? It’s hard to come to a correct conclusion on this issue. I think it is our own desire to make life faster, not our need. In other words, most of the time, the fast pace of our life is not what we want or what we adapt to, but what we force ourselves to adapt to it.. Fast, many times, it really changed our life, making us impetuous from the heart and eager to change what we want to change. Also eager to make achievements, get recognition from others; Also want to be eager to make achievements, get others can. However, the consequence of this is that we are no longer living for ourselves, but for others. Is this really the life we need? Most of the time, in fact, we don’t need to do things quickly, but we need to do things slowly.. As a matter of fact, everyone knows that while we are speeding up our lives, we are also becoming boring and boring, and it is impossible for us to taste life.. If it is slow, what will happen? Will we enjoy life? After all, life and doing things are not war. War, sometimes can’t be fast, because fast, most likely, logistics can’t keep up with, the only fate can only be failure; Also, if you look at life and doing things like fighting, what fun will life have? There is an essential difference between doing things quickly and slowly. Soon, it is likely that many things will be ignored, many things will slip away from us, and many things that should be treasured will be regarded as dross. The affection between relatives will probably be ignored by us, because our excuse is that we are busy, because we always do things at a fast pace, never stop, and always run forward involuntarily. It is very likely that there are only lonely old people in the family who need our comfort, but we just hurry past and leave. Also never dare to look back at their own way, for fear that after looking back, they will never keep up with the rhythm.. Slow down, what will happen? To do things at a slow pace is not to pursue fast, but to stop moving forward properly and look at the surrounding environment properly. This time, you will find yourself ignoring a lot of things. Cherish the people around you, cherish the things around you; It is also very likely that many things will be ignored, but if you look back at this time, you will probably know where you are wrong and can correct it appropriately.. After work every day, you can go back to the old man’s house and have a look. Even after dinner, you can go over and have a look. The old man doesn’t want anything from us, he just needs us to go home and have a look at it often. Maybe, many people like to be quick, and many people can’t change it. However, I am not satisfied with people who do things quickly, because they tend to stab others and ignore the consequences. They tend to do things hastily but don’t know whether they are right or not.. To give an obvious example, I personally experienced it. I remember, I was with a woman, drinking coffee in a private room and talking about things.. When the first waitress entered the room, she pushed the door and entered the room, bringing in a lot of things, such as coffee, sugar, melon seeds and so on. The action was quick, but very short – tempered.. Although the lady and I didn’t do anything gross, it was a very disrespectful question for the waiter to enter without knocking at the door. If I were the boss, I wouldn’t use such a person. If I were a picky guest, I would have quarreled. Taking the door abruptly does not care what the people inside are doing and what kind of behavior this is? When coffee was added, a waitress was changed, knocking at the door and entering slowly, and with our consent, coffee was firmly changed for us.. The feeling she gave me was like the feeling of going home, because her service was very thoughtful. And when he left, he also asked us what we needed. This is the speed and slowness of doing things, which do you think is better?

The plain-looking girl timidly walked into the beauty salon in order to find a good job, to marry a rich bachelor, to empty her purse and even to use her parents’ meagre savings. The rich woman, rich elder sister, who spends her money like dirt, frequently goes to and from the beauty salon in order to keep her youth, please her sweetheart, and have an inexplicable competitive heart. The social field is like a social butterfly, a silver screen and a movie star. For the sake of beautiful images, for the sake of eternal beauty, for the sake of attracting thousands of eyes and balls, going abroad by special plane, they do not hesitate to spend a huge sum of money and carefully beautify themselves. Ah, this is an age of judging people by their looks, this is a society where paintings are very popular and unimpeded. Ugly ones should be transformed into handsome ones, plain ones should be dazzling, simple ones should be fashionable and fashionable, and petty ones should be vigorous and powerful.. The women around us who were originally in good order are beginning to stir. They are no longer willing to be lonely or mediocre. They have joined the mighty force of cosmetic surgery like rushing tide. Women’s beauty mobilization has overwhelmed us and amazed us..     – What sunny and happy sister next door suddenly put on her dark glasses yesterday and asked her, first smiling without answering but refusing, only to mince and say that she had just cut her double eyelid and had not broken the stitches yet. Her face was red, swollen and swollen, and embarrassed to show her. Kid sister is just talking about the young age of marriage. her face is regular, her nose is straight and her mouth is small, her face looks like peach blossom. the only deficiency is her single eyelid. now she wants to strive for perfection and to be able to find a right husband..     – The wife of shop-owner of a grocery store in her 40s suddenly put on an oversized mask and bangs to cover her forehead. Some people in doubt said that she used the 20th spring series of peeling cream to shed her aged skin just like a snake, waiting for a new tender skin to appear miraculously. Now, just like magic, she is covering her eyes with a piece of cloth and applying a mask. In a few days you will see a new wife of shop-owner with white and white powder..     – A white-collar beauty who can meet every day in what neighborhood, after missing for a week, made a fresh appearance, with the freckles on her cheeks like quail eggs disappearing and her slightly darker skin actually cleaned up, her gait on high heels became more confident, hitched and cocked, and she held her head high, like a peacock with an air of dignity..     Most of our yellow women in East Asia are petite, with black hair, flat nose, flat face and small eyes. For thousands of years, they have been enjoying, liking and loving each other in this way for generations. They also have all kinds of beauties of ancient and modern times and by this standard.. Once upon a time, the west wind gradually moved eastward, and in the view of all foreign good worshipers, the appearance of yellow race was a little out and the soil was left behind.. According to the standards of these foreigners, modern girls should be tall, blond, blue – eyed, fair – skinned, with a stiff nose and tall cheeks.. As a result, the female sculpture in the square, the heroine in the movie and TV drama and the beauty endorsed by the advertisement are all set according to this model..     As a result, the hair dyeing business in the barber shop is booming, the originally healthy and shiny black hair must be dyed light yellow like scorched or stunted hair, and even become red, brown and mottled like parrot hair.. Cosmetic shops, all kinds of whitening agents are always popular, and facial masks such as Peking Opera facial masks are also popular. As long as they are willing to spend money, they will not stop until the face is tested and smeared.! The shorter ones can buy expensive shoes to increase height, or spend a huge sum of money to let beauticians inject some hormones into bone joints, or even directly pad in bone glue protein..     The business of beauty salons is booming all over the city overnight. Some surgeons are changing careers, and even more unskilled charlatans are running around the city. The title of beautician is flying all over the place, making beauty painless. Attractive advertisements that make you younger and more outstanding are filled with TV screens and fashion magazines. Those with sunken nose bridges can be easily raised. If the cheeks are too wide, they can be liposuctioned, skin grafted, flattened and slender. If the breasts are flat and not sexy, they can be filled with silica gel to make them full and proud.     The shrewd businessmen saw it thoroughly: women are naive, they are impulsive, they are obsessed, their money is very easy to earn, they are vain, and the pursuit of coquettish rich women is simply a cash cow.! As long as we grasp their subtle psychology of endless pursuit of beauty, we can make a bonanza.. Fashion women’s clothing stores, each trendy fashion can be increased by more than 1000 yuan, luxury jewelry stores, high gold prices, precious jade is priceless, and diamonds kill you forever! The beauty salon at the right time is also a place where lions open their mouths, with thousands less and tens of thousands more. Our women who lead the new trend of beauty are willing to sacrifice their money. They have forgotten everything in order to show their amazing beauty in a spot light and in a star hotel. Like gamblers who have lost their eyes, they are willing to sacrifice their money and not afraid to operate on their bodies, and are not afraid to completely destroy the once young and vivid face.!     However, Korean beauty merchants, who have always been unconventional and rich in artificial beauty, have also seen the opportunity of beauty mobilization in mainland China. The number of Chinese women who have been granted visas to go to South Korea for beauty treatment in 2011 has increased three times over the previous year. What concept is this? We have given so much cash to small neighboring countries, so extravagant and so generous. Just for the lovely and charming face of this square inch! According to statistics, between 2010 and 2011, 3.4 million women participated in beauty treatment in China, far exceeding the total number of nationals of a small country, and the cost of RMB is also a high astronomical figure..     However, we still remember the beauty wounds. Wang Bei, who was once so bright and full of vigor and vitality, underwent plastic surgery many times in order to make a bigger sensation and strive for a better future, but he fell on the operating table forever due to an unexpected facial modification, causing an irreparable tragedy in his life.. The red powder baby, which is widely spread on the internet, has made a total of 4 million and 200 beauty treatments, unprecedented in history, but suffering from the beauty trap caused by its own money and regretting it, has taught a real and serious lesson to countless women who dream of super beauty dreams.!     France’s health department issued a serious warning that a big brand of breast augmentation silicone used substandard industrial products instead of commercial ethics, leaving tens of thousands of women with breast augmentation surgery with hidden dangers and even a huge risk of breast cancer.. This kind of silica gel has already been exported to many countries and there are thousands of female users in China.. The bone glue protein used in anklebone by baby pink is also unknown, not only incompatible with body tissue, but also its toxin has encroached into the bone, causing irreversible damage..     The lady who does the facial molting, if treated excessively or maintained improperly, will burn the naturally shiny facial skin as mottled and ugly as a crab shell. If the double-fold eyelid is not healed, it will become an ugly scar of regret for life. Too much use of inferior hair conditioner will make the hair dull and easy to break, and even stimulate the scalp, leading to alopecia and alopecia areata. People’s faces are rich in blood vessels and nerves, red and white facial skin and sad and changeable facial expressions all need the control of blood vessels and nerve muscles. If you dare to move a knife on your face too much in order to remove wrinkles and lose weight, it was young and handsome at that time, and you will slowly taste the bitter fruit: facial expressions will gradually become stiff and stiff, and facial paralysis will most likely shrink over time.!     Plastic surgery, let women hide the undesirable appearance, but can not change the natural genetic laws. Seeing a shining female star in South Korea, her biological daughter was so inconsiderable that she could not help laughing and shaking her head helplessly.. Similarly, a similar divorce case of artificial beauty occurred in China. The reason why the husband broke up was the woman’s plastic surgery, which actually deceived him. The children he gave birth to were too different from their mothers. They thought they were definitely mothers and daughters after they had misidentified DNA in the hospital. It is surprising to check the photos of young women before plastic surgery.. The man-made beauty is self – defeating, and the tears after being abandoned can arouse several people’s sympathy?     From 2002 to the present, there have been as many as 200,000 medical disputes over beauty treatment in China in the past decade, which means 20,000 injuries to women caused by beauty treatment every year. What a shocking number! 200,000 female compatriots have been destroyed by the beauty treatment knife. Who should pay for the pain of these innocent women?? Are those exaggerated beauty advertisements? It is the harsh conditions of recruitment departments that only judge people by their appearances? It’s the narrow band of lascivious men? Or are these vain women self-abating and self – accepting?     The warning from experts is still in the ear, and the lesson of blood is enough for us to remember for life, but the temptation to love beauty still makes many women eager for cosmetic surgery, which is the lack of medical knowledge of these women.? It is the natural pursuit of perfection of the female compatriots? Not all of this is true. The root cause is mainly the distortion of our aesthetic standards and the deviation of our cultural concepts.. Like women in the Southern Tang Dynasty, indiscriminate cosmetic surgery is also disrespectful to women and a serious threat to their health..     As the saying goes, men die for friends, women are happy for themselves, beautiful and elegant women are a beautiful scenery line, pleasing the eyes and heart, and some people have done experiments to watch the lovely and beautiful beauty FIFA Minute, which is equivalent to two hours of aerobic exercise. Whether true or false, beauty’s contribution to the society is indispensable. Otherwise, what are we doing in the contest between Miss World and Miss Asia with great fanfare?? Our stewardesses, our models and waitresses in our star hotels have all made indelible contributions to the gross domestic product.     However, we should advocate a healthy and natural beauty, with long hair elegant and short hair capable. As long as it is clean, black and comfortable, it is healthy and beautiful. It does not have to be hot, like instant noodles or chicken nests, not to mention yellow and red, like accidentally breaking into the fire scene.. The figure is not fat or thin, but well – proportioned. It doesn’t have to be all around and meet a certain standard number.. The skin is elastic, shiny and beautiful, not necessarily white as a patient who has lost too much blood..As long as the eyes are bright and bright, it is not necessary to stick long false eyelashes, shave off natural eyebrows and embroider lifeless false eyebrows.. Middle – aged women grow wrinkles, which is a natural law of physiological changes, and appear more mature and attractive. There is no need to painstakingly pull the skin to remove wrinkles in act young.. Whether it’s a beauty contest, whether it’s a female businessman in business or a female hero in political literature, the real beauty of female sex lies in their temperament, in their wisdom outside the show, in their elegant speech, in their self-esteem and self-confidence when they raise their hands and throw themselves into full play.. On the contrary, a natural or artificial so-called standard beauty, even if it looks like a fairy and looks beautiful and charming, is a dirty word if it opens its mouth, is unreasonable, deceives the public and scolds the woman, and is also detestable in the eyes of others..     There are different standards for beauty. Zhao Feiyan’s slimness is the beauty style of the Han Dynasty, Yang Yuhuan’s richness is the beauty style of the Tang Dynasty, the natural and graceful of working women is the beauty of propriety, and the gentleness and consideration of small jasper housewives is also the treasure of her husband’s eyes.. The young girl’s plain face, strong and optimistic, looks natural, green and environmentally friendly, and the deliberately carved beauty that does not conform to her age status always makes people feel diaphragm and stiff no matter how close she is to the best standards of all kinds of geometric physics and physiology.. The pursuit of beauty is a woman’s nature, but we have to do what we can, enough is enough. Even if you have money to spend, even if you have the energy you can afford, you can’t take the physical damage as a price and touch the knife to bring about endless beauty mobilization. We can’t afford to hurt you.!

Three days before New Year’s Day, the dog was bitten, and the dog felt shame never seen before. Hatred, anger and pain shot out of his eyes but he had helpless eyes … The dog was bitten for the second time. The last time he was bitten was in March, when he was going to have a romance, he was besieged by three dogs. The result of losing both didn’t make him too sad. Although he had been resting for a long time, although he limped painfully for a long time, he thought of those three dogs missing ears and one missing tail.. This time, two nostrils were bitten into three, of which the irregular hole made the dog feel very painful. In fact, it doesn’t matter how painful the dog is. What makes the dog unable to let go is that the hole was actually bitten by a person.. That day, the dog quarreled with the magpie on the eaves. The dog did not find the man standing at the gate. The dog tried to chase the magpie pulling excrement in its nest to the gate, but saw the man. The dog was surprised first and then felt dereliction of duty. The dog immediately forgot about the magpie. The dog thought it should do was to block the stranger out of the gate.. The dog grinned his teeth and uttered a vicious voice from his voice. The dog had frightened many people with this expression and this voice, but the man was still standing like that, looking straight at the dog, his hair was long and messy, his eyes could not turn round, his mouth could not be seen, his beard was long and messy, like being tied to his hair and his ears could not be seen, his yellow coat looked like a lot of lilies, his legs were bare under the coat, and his feet were wearing the big leather shoes of the military cruiser that had once been popular..     The dog didn’t want to get through with the man. The dog just wanted him to leave quickly. The man still did not move or looked straight at the dog. The dog couldn’t see through the man’s intentions. The dog looked more anxious than the man, and the dog barked two more times. At the same time, he pretended to be brave, but the man squatted down. His eyes seemed to have never changed direction. The dog was helpless. Because the dog felt that the man had seen through his timidity, the dog also squatted down. The dog thought: I hope he won’t walk into this door and everything will be peaceful.. Facts have proved that the dog’s concentration is not as good as that of the man, and the dog increasingly feels that he wants to explore the man’s strangeness. The dog holds its front legs high at ordinary times, then slowly raises its rear legs, tries to approach the man and takes a step forward, but the man still does not move slightly or with that kind of expression. For the first time, the dog encounters this kind of situation and feels particularly uneasy. The dog still does not move a step forward, and the dog smells a very complicated smell from the man and hears the man’s particularly uniform heartbeat. The dog thinks that the man will not have any attack because the dog has already done so.. The accident happened when the dog looked around the man’s eyes and continued to distinguish the complicated smell. When the mouth was close to the mouth, the man said it was too late. At that moment, the dog grabbed the dog’s nose and tore it as hard as it could, and the dog struggled to break free. The dog saw the blood in the man’s mouth and looked at it like that. At the same time, it felt the pain and pain in its nose. The dog spattered blood on the ground and hated the man. The dog wanted to bite the man, but the dog found itself.. Reaching out his tongue and licking his nose, he heard the magpie say in the tree that New Year’s Day is over, thinking that he has broken his face and was very depressed at that time..

As the moon falls and the wind rises, time is indifferent like water.. In the waiting time and space, white hair dyed with black silk dances gently with the wind. Perhaps it is because of waiting that time will slip away quietly, and only by waiting will the hair be dyed with green hair..   The missed time can’t be redeemed. That’s what people are like. Waiting for it and wasting it in the years all feel that tomorrow will be better. However, how many people missed today and yearned for tomorrow. Tomorrow may be better, but without today’s efforts, everything will be nothing tomorrow.   Expectation is waiting for the best wish. Today is the best scenery missed by time. Tomorrow may be a sigh. You didn’t do anything today. What you’re waiting for tomorrow is a blank sheet of paper. The diary is a daily record. The ideal is to work hard over the years.. Tomorrow’s good wish is today’s unremitting efforts. That’s it, and only by perseverance will you get closer and closer to success. Tomorrow is today’s efforts and will make you all the best..   The world of mortals used to be in smoke clouds. All smoke clouds are their own continuous efforts and progress in their own world, which will make tomorrow a better place.. No one will really understand you. Your success is the most beautiful scenery everyone has seen. Your failure is everyone’s contempt for you, without sympathy or compassion, because your efforts are not visible to others. What you see is whether you can succeed or not.. Only when you achieve yourself, in others’ eyes, you are the most dazzling halo, and others’ eyes will turn around you..   There is a wind in your soul. Maybe the wind loves the cold, maybe the warm wind slowly. Don’t worry about what, after all, your life is different. Because you didn’t allow time to be wasted, you can be the real master of time in your own time.. To grasp oneself is to grasp life. Nothing is more important than this.   Time’s carving knife carves wrinkles on your face, childhood goes with the wind, youth quietly disappears in the years, and middle age follows. What else do you want? What can be more precious than your own time? You don’t know for yourself that childhood was dancing gently with the wind at sunrise and sunset.. Young people in their own hard work, for the sake of ideals and career, forget love and marriage, and when they understand everything, their first girlfriend becomes someone else’s bride, and they also marry rashly with their parents’ hopes and tasks, achieving nothing in their career, marriage is in a mess, and they don’t understand who they are living for in their lifetime.?   Can grasp oneself, is the ideal landing direction to find the right coordinates. Because his biggest enemy is himself. He can conquer everything, but sometimes he can’t conquer himself.. Everyone will feel that he is the best, and this is often the case with people who can see others, but often can’t see themselves, and always feel that he has no shortcomings.. This is how people see other people’s shortcomings and can’t see their own. There is a saying that I am not a philosopher, but I just can’t see it myself, and when everything is clear, maybe I will run out of light and oil, and what I wait for is to count the smoke of my past time and let myself disappear with the time..   Waiting is the most irrational choice. Time flies so fast that you can’t wait any longer. Missing today, no tomorrow is better than today. Tomorrow is illusory, today is the most realistic day. Women’s old age, men’s lazy waiting, are slowly running out in time, the world of mortals rolling in, the past smoke. What else is there to miss? Only today, when I don’t work hard, can I feel sorry. Everything is a cloud of smoke, and all past events are dreams with the wind.   Pillow the ideal to talk about the world of mortals, and dream with the fallen flowers. How many marriages have you missed in your time and space? How many opportunities have you missed? Career or love. Nothing is more important than to master oneself and life. Who is the master of time? Only you, you are not sure, no one will point you in the direction of your life.   You are the master of time. Don’t let the fallen flowers dance lightly with the wind. The four seasons of the year are covered with fallen flowers and dust. How many four seasons are there in a person’s life? The world of mortals is reluctant to grieve, and all the past events follow the clouds and clouds.. You are the only one in your world who knows the best, and you know where to go in this life. The road is your own. Nothing is more important than your choice. You miss today, maybe tomorrow will be your darkest day..Choosing the path of your life is the best way to grasp yourself. No one will help you when you are the poorest. Only you will save yourself, and you are your real master..   Waiting, is waiting in the process of their own efforts, because only their own efforts, the future will be better. Waiting for a rabbit is only a fable. It does not represent reality. In the course of his continuous efforts, he enjoys the whole process of efforts. Only efforts can succeed. Moreover, efforts are not necessarily successful, and he does not work hard to be empty. It is just a dream of his own..   Who is the master of time? Only yourself, you can grasp yourself, but you can’t stop the rapid flow of time. Nothing can grasp today to control your own destiny, and nothing can make you work hard for your ideal and goal.. The sigh of falling strings, the merciless falling flowers of flowing water. When the spring breeze dances with the beautiful music, will your life dance with your mood? Only if you have a clear conscience in this life can you live up to yourself in a hurry in the world. Not wasting time is your best commitment to yourself..   People from birth to death, is a process. Regardless of who it is, it is impossible to escape the helpless path of birth, death and illness. In just a few decades, time flies, the sun and the moon fly like flies, and you are old before you know it. People live not only as a process, but also as a quality that ordinary people do not have.. The quality of being alive is to live up to one’s life without complaint or regret and leave no regrets when one leaves. Efforts to succeed are not important. What matters is the whole process of efforts.   It’s good to live, to live is to live out the value of life, to live is to live out the splendor of life.. There is no audience on the stage of his life, only himself. Don’t forget to applaud himself at his best moment.. Only oneself, can continuously encourage oneself, spur oneself, let oneself live high’s life value.   When you were born, the whole family laughed, and when you died, the whole family cried. He gave up his life and fell in love with the world of mortals.. Look at yourself, how many things you can loathe to give up, care about and miss, but you can’t take anything away, only a moment’s heart that won’t settle down, and still a wish that you haven’t finished yet.. So many regrets and cares are slipping away with time.   What is the final verdict? That is, when a person leaves the world and covers the coffin, everything you have is no longer there, long time ago, no one will talk about you behind your front or behind your back, regardless of success or not, everything has nothing to do with you. Fallen leaves are like dust, and the world of mortals returns to nature. All this can only wait for later generations to comment, but you can’t hear it.   Hold this life, don’t think about the afterlife. To control time is to be responsible for yourself. What is more important than time? It is true that when you let go of your life, the dust will return to the earth, and the birds outside the strings will be lonely with fallen flowers.. What’s the matter with you? I can’t grasp my fate, but I can be the master of time. If you don’t waste a minute, your life will be wonderful. Your hard work is the best witness. Don’t talk about right and wrong in front of people, because all this has nothing to do with you. What others can’t give you, what they give you, has evaluation and compassion, and can’t play a role.. Try hard, young man, all the people alive will live up to themselves only if they live up to time, because you are the master of time and nothing is more important than your efforts.