Plum, muscle that nowhere else in early spring, fragrant Ling Haner.That crosswise sparse thin figure, that move one deeply, urging them to be drunk subtle fragrance that Lingshuang Aoxue, noble and unyielding moral integrity and temperament, everything escapes in the same calm in Spring.Early Spring in February, the plum is a unique enjoyment, but also a unique baptism.● find flowers plum; plum flowers ● products; ● Yongmei love flowers, it is truly a pleasant.   - Inscription find flowers ● plum chill, everything comes back, soothing green flowing spring, over the ridge of the mountain plum, reveals a faint rhyme, sing in the bright spring.Plum, not afraid of cold, unrivaled in early spring.It is time before the wind, convey the message of spring to people, known as “Dongfeng first branch.”.Plum indomitable spirit and indomitable will, it has always been regarded as a symbol of noble character and noble temperament.Yang Wei Yuan dynasty frame chant of: “dare million spent out of the snow, a world first spring tree alone.”Spring, initial bud, it should be started from a plum?Mei Duo breakthrough covering of snow and ice conceived.People watch the plum, with “Mars” and “seeking” to describe.Plum to be timely.Prematurely, bud did not put, can not see the beautiful flower position, smell the faint subtle fragrance; too late, dying Fallen, fallen and saw the floor, without a trace on branches.So I spent the time is not the best time to open the plum reward, it is like tackling the tour, enjoy Hanbaoyufang plum, named “plum” plum usually in the Spring Festival.  Another way of saying, plum needed in a particular hour, or together with a special seasonal weather, such as light shade, Xiaoyang, thin rain, smoke, good month, sun, snow and other micro, extremely elegant.Said “there is not no snow plum spirit, there is no snow plum vulgar person,” or “subtle fragrance floating on the evening” or “Su’e but the month, Qing women do not spare the cream” or “high standard Yi Yun-jun know about this, it is layer of snow ice “, these famous poem about plum, plum cultural implication will render up to.Seeking to attract a lot of plum, plum people soulful eyes, is to invest in this elegant plum Enron, invest that simple vigorous Merlin.  ”Monarch from home, the home should know something.Before leaning out of windows to Japan, the flowers are not Samuume?”I remember the first time I plum, it is when the New Year back home, eat reunion dinner, take a walk with his family to the Gold Fields station, where there is a Merlin, contact flowering during the Spring Festival every year.Remember the old trees next to the reservoir has a plum tree branches covered with buds, I immediately took out shine machine, on which stood a variety of positions in the next plum photo.  This year, also in the past, I tempted plum, could not help nudge the pace, stroll down to the Gold Fields to explore the power plant reservoir side that piece of plum.Walk the road in two newly built, relax, spring breeze blowing slightly, feeling a festive leisure; time seems stagnant, flowing quietly.I only aspire quiet patch of Merlin, Merlin because of that one, in my mind, has become a permanent landscape, the annual Spring Festival home New Year, I certainly want to reward that tackling how well plum flower?  Spring comes early this year, I came closer, plum remain independent in the cold, twisted branches crosswise branches like Kim Yi Ban dance, the ashen bones are generally dark brown, a gold yet blooming pink bud children, Qiu Long entrenched in the dotted like old branches, buds small size, or wrapped in silence or to reveal fragrant blooming.He approached the tree, Ruoyouruowu plume of fragrance blooming in the wind, refreshing.Spring swept, plum garden trees gently swaying bud, red calyx with Hope.Who gave birth to the earliest buds, in Shuyinghengxie branches in bloom sequence, dim red flowers, covered with a thin layer of cream, into a pale pink, quietly standing there.Brown branches – Jun Koo Kien, gritty.Open the branches plum, solemn noble, quiet Enron bloom their beauty charm.  Wander in the picturesque Lake reservoir Kaneda, plum quietly open in these mountains, a natural landscape plum Figure thing that catches my eye, I am sincerely happy, any who would fall in love with this cozy.   ● product meme flowers flower early, winter and spring cold frozen snow, plum aloof sweet fragrance, not a leader in the trees, plum, flowers that have sequential open it later?In the spring when the flowers open, she put off quietly to thank, without leaving a trace of regret, can be described as a gentleman Flowers.Plum is a ticking Gog, plum cold and drought, life can be over a thousand years.Reminiscent think adhere to moral integrity, noble and elegant character.”Not bitter cold, fragrant nose that come Plum Park,” “No more awe-inspiring snow child wind, flowers Caine highest integrity”, “Do not boast good color, leaving only the aroma sounded universe.”.  Plum United States, the United States in May of charm, those Hidee, leaves no cover, highlighting the slanting crosswise, Zhigan lines and the intensity of hardness and softness of the United States; the Majestic Mei Mei Jin ancient gnarled and twisted branches, deposited Cangsang beauty; the elegant plum, plum have Seyan and impressive, there is pale and elegant, but neither sounded Haruki red makeup or wrapped, can be said to be “total cash Yihe affordable”, giving a otherworldly, Yu Shu leisurely and elegant beauty hORIZONTAL.  Plum incense, deliberately refused to look for fragrant incense, incense fragrance without seeking at.Gu Fang hospitality quiet and elegant, “the window as unusual month, Plum will have different”.Plum beauties shy, twisted branches bloom in different branches or tall or short, quiet and charming, graceful.Such as red glow, like a mature woman, reveals a mature yet gentle enough charm.Petals, a jade bone Seiitsu, there are short and thin, there are many piles, there are layers around the flower, elegant and gentle trace of arrogance BingJie.Plum or smile or with dew, different attitude beautiful, people eye does not pick flaws.”Shu Yu thin horizontal technology, Xiao E point pearl.Suddenly a starter, after all the spring flowers.For information transfer spring, not afraid of snow buried.Yudi three get off, Dongjun positive advocate.”Walk in the midst of a plum in full bloom, looking ahead, all eyes are a sea of flowers, plum patchwork slanting crosswise, like waves rolling endlessly rising peaks of the clouds, colorful fairyland.  Dancing plum, flowers dream; flowers flowing fragrance far overflow, a scene that is now what year?I am drunk, drunk in this beautiful flower sea, drunk on plum charm in that masterpiece Allure.I really want to dance a surplus sleeves lightly, just as ethereal and beautiful plum that unique, poetic chatter through to make the soul, the elegant plum, plum product strength of character, the noble Wu Mei.   ● Plum Blossom Plum Passion flower is the ancient poets 100 Odes tireless Poetic Soul.Throughout the ages, how many people she sway Dan and tears, how many epic story happened.Song Dynasty poet Lin Bu is to the story, “He Zi Mei wife,” the widely read the world.According to legend, Lin Bu knowledgeable, adaptive aloof, unwilling in cahoots with the secular officialdom, to give up his court and office, resign Hermitage at the foot of Gushan, to kind of plum, retaining plum, plum for the life of maximum inclination , the plum blossom as their soul mate, life is not married.Also buried in his home Ru Meilin, have lifetimes as partners with Plum, Plum his love of the complex is really to the extreme, amazing, touching.  Lin Bu’s song Plum Blossom “Mountain Park, Xiaomei”: “Shake off the petals alone Xuan Yan, the best style to small garden.Sparse crosswise water clean and shallow, subtle fragrance floating on the evening.For the first avian steal frost, together known as butterflies Lethal.Fortunately, there are micro Yin relative sex, do not have Tanban total Jinzun “the poem, become eternal farewell.  In this poem, he would write otherworldly plum, pretty, pleasant, vivid portrayal, made nearly aims far, especially not yesterday’s “favors” type of confession, is to enhance the character of plum, Toyozane realm works, read to articulate hold in the mouth fragrant, impressive.He’s fond imagination, intentions and plum in exchange for the emotional, physical and mental seem Xiangqi and plum, indifferent to express his life, Quxiang character of Bo Yun.  Plum verse was removed in the ear has it ‘Divination?Yongmei “:” Station outside the bridge side, lonely open without the Lord.Is the evening alone, unhappy, but the wind and rain.Intention of suffering embodied the optimism, term Qunfang jealousy, Desolated for dust, only incense before.”Lu Aimei life, Yongmei, plum speaks for itself.He praised the plum, “Caine spent in the highest integrity”, “Yan Ning has always snow and ice, the force of who actually turn back the spring?”Bosom friend is like plum, plum incarnation, ‘Desolated for dust, only incense before’ lonely noble; Gao Qi has ‘Goldsmith lying in the snow mountain, beauty to the next month, Lin’ chant; Wang Mian” Do not boast good color, leaving only clear air over heaven and earth, “the praise; Wang’s song” plum “poem:” number of branches corner Mei, Ling Han alone open.Remote is not snow, as there are subtle fragrance.”Writing is what is genuine!  Southern Song Dynasty poet Lu Kai in the spring, as early as the beginning of May on the occasion of the opening, from Jingzhou off plum, special care Post Station gift literary friend Fan Ye, accompanied by short poems: “Every relay to plum, and sent Longtou people; Jiangnan no all, talk presented Spray of Spring.”Plum spread friendship, brotherhood repeat itself heavy!Given the unique meaning plum.  Qingzhao “Guyan children”, “paper rattan bed tent toward molting, untold, no good thinking.Shen Yu furnace cold cigarette break, with my feelings water.Flute three get, plum scared broken, how much affection spring.Small wind Shu Yu to Xiao Xiao, and urge the next thousands of lines of tears.Flute people to Yuk empty, heartbroken Who to lean on?Get a discount, heaven on earth, do not send personal worthy.”Send written by Yongmei table Parting heart, plum blossom is the solution poetess meaning.  Yongmei for the future of the Song Dynasty, by Meizhuan love express Boudoir meaning gradually break, and write it Imago Beauty, like its standard format of the increasing prevalence of infidelity chant.Wander among plum, cold wind in revealing the faint floral aroma from fresh sweet plum poetry.The air was filled with the full flavor of plum, ethereal floating fragrance, Shuyinghengxie charm.  The plum blossom charm Gog, elegant fragrance will often ignited lofty ambitions poet, compared to their own will and mind.It is these ancient gifted writer, giving plum indifferent and aloof unruly charming personality and are widely disseminated.Poets and plum have the same character, they have become the embodiment of plum, thus Liufangqiangu.  Yongmei poems, but also as a one plum trees, a flower plum, Canruo nebula, the list goes on.Plum song after another poetry, such as plum blossoms newly sprung, crystal clear, colorful blooming.Immersed in the sea plum poem, an own fragrance lingering around, the kind of Ruoyouruowu, elusive, sporadic wind rhyme fragrance, how to describe it?Literati called plum aroma is “Fragrance”, perhaps, in the poem the sea always exudes subtle fragrance of plum, praised for future generations, poetry incense and fragrant plum as vivid wonderful.  Early Spring in February, one might come as a plum, perhaps to find nectar and perhaps come to Hua Mei, perhaps to come Yongmei.To mind share of indifferent, Plum charm, tours, can goods, can chant, epic, it is to seek a high standard of elegance pursuits.  Listen to a season of blossom, plum memory I write in the beginning of the New Year, gently picked up a few petals, this season’s plum rhyme, apply to the immediate romantic.Merlin looking all the way along, many stories have been left behind.The plum sense, light can only write a chapter break.Rearranging the advent of dense air to escape Fragrance.Plum decorated thinning light, swaying with a unique style and soul.The title page has just been opened early spring, plum became preamble, fragrant.

August Tong autumn, maybe there was a drought coming.Rain, clouds pacing, hesitated a little rain Drops.Originally rushing water of the river, and dry cough a few times.The two sides switchgrass also appears listless, because there is no fluttering wind, no rain moisture.It looked into the water to be put on the eyes, is the glimpse covet both sides of the rock.Bi meaning with a drink of water, the hardest heart would be probation environment.Rain symbolizes a kind of friendship, a symbol of the river willow many friends.Friendship inject water needs to flow endless; switchgrass need friendship evergreen green watering can.Waiting is a desire, waiting is a miss, waiting for a wish.When we are lonely, longing for companionship.When we say goodbye, there is always a heart miss each other.When we lost time, hoping to find someone to give solace.We have had a patient, an obsession silently waiting.George.Washington said, “True friendship is a plant of slow growth.”Because it is a plant, it is necessary in the process of growing time facing wither and die.So we need to be the same care as a gardener.To fertilization, irrigation, pesticides.Only in this way can the friendship forever, in order to grow up healthy.Friendship is a pure, noble emotion; friendship is a plain, ordinary emotion; friendship is a romantic, touching a solid emotional.Friendship requires a selfless giving, respect and maintenance; need to treasure, the flower of friendship will normally open.August subtle fragrance floats, August is worth a miss season.Ring was run over by the wanton summer, autumn and rolled to the well-being of.There are a distant thoughts begin to breed at heart.”I Jichou heart and the moon, the wind until Yelang West.”Perhaps August is indeed a suitable grip far.Although separated by thousands of miles, can not go hand in hand, but a Jichou heart had gone with the wind.Collected several flower simple flower, next promised a small wish, in the intersection, in the branches, in the alley, breeze.Or send a thousand miles away, hand in hand grips, greeting friends.All friends all over the world, “a little place, missed the opposite did not know.”.Meet by chance, go with the flow; parting Yiyi, across rivers and lakes.To cool autumn and winter is still far away, the sun is soft, patches of foliage to see the truth, today describe send Acacia, under Kiba, go hand in hand FY Road leaf, a leaf of customs intelligence, it does not fall last year.