Bit block chain as the underlying technology of currency transactions, support the safety and reliability of the bit trading credits。
The Bitcoin "every move" potentially raise people's attention on the block chain。 In response to this technical value and direction on, many organizations believe that the industry will be the first to enjoy the dividends or block chain of application technology service providers, investors investors may be appropriate attention to the type of subject。
Standardization of accelerated recently, Industry and Information Technology Department of Information Technology and Software Service Division to build national chain blocks and distributed billing Standardization Technical Committee on Technology to carry out research。 It is reported that our country has the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) submitted a "block chain reference architecture" and introduced to delegates in ISO / TC307 first working meeting, the next step, the letter soft Division will actively promote the relevant work, expedite the implementation of the standard committee was established to better serve industrial development block chain technology。 As a revolutionary new technology, block chain technology sector attracted widespread attention in recent years, industry applications, such as the capital side, however, due to the lack of standards and norms, currently still in the development stage of divergent freedom。 Lack of standards on the one hand lead to the quality of the industry chain parties to block chain industry contributions to the results of good and bad, on the other hand chain block parties related research and development based on their own understanding and design is not conducive to the coordinated development of a unified block chain industry , block chain industry need uniform standards。 Technology service provider for material benefit first block chain is the most valuable prospect, Northeast Securities pointed out that the largest block chain technology application prospect is expected to create a trust and value communication networks。 Analysts stressed that, in essence, is a distributed data storage block chain, point to point transmission, consensus mechanism, encryption algorithms and other innovative applications of computer technology in the Internet age pattern, a decentralized, can not be altered, distributed traceable books。
Block chain from the industry point of view, can be divided into three layers, namely the underlying technology and infrastructure layer, the platform layer and application layer vertical industry。
From an investment point of view, Everbright Securities believes that the current investors may be concerned about landing priority application block chain technology and service providers in some areas of fast company。 Currently, the technology is in a block chain.Stage 5, technical service providers will be the stage of the first to benefit, followed by finance, supply chain applications and entertainment scene more mature companies。 (Source: People)。