Inventory of the Republic of China Republic of China || school beauty school beauty Gong Peng in ancient society, "a woman's virtue," most women "kept in purdah did not know."。
Women entering the school, is a result after the missionaries came to China。 China's first girls' school by Miss Ott Sui British female missionary to invest in mid-1844 Ningbo female private school。
The first run by Chinese people themselves invest in girls' school is Shanghai Jing Zheng Girl Sook。
And Cai 1920 ban on open female Peking University, is a big step forward in China's modern civilization。
Republican school beauty, have emerged, among them we selected school beauty Republican, represents a different type of education behind them, such as the National Tsinghua Beijing University, Fudan University and has a large private summer, the church has Yanjing University and Jinling, Shanghai has established the type of school the College Sports。
Looking back Republican school beauty, not only the face of the United States, it is not only the attitude of the United States, the United States is more education, Mimi thought and civilization of。 (This in no particular order) Kung Peng in Chongqing when, under the leadership of Zhou Enlai, the Communist Party became the first spokesman。 Her dealings with national news agency in fluent English, careful thinking, witty responses, beautiful appearance, to foreign reporters left a deep, still fresh after decades of a good impression。
Some foreign reporters "because of her charm and mad," some foreigner secretly expressed her feelings of admiration。 Chairman Mao She also praised Canada, said she was a natural beauty。 It is said that when Premier Zhou Peng Gong work at hand, then the implementation of internal presentation marriage, male compatriots are lining up to come。