Location: body massage and children with cerebral palsy how to massage these points to note 2017-1-1015: 33: 20 Source: Introduction: According to TCM theory, massage by stimulating the meridian points on children with cerebral palsy, adjusting blood and viscera function , which play a spleen Qi, tune up the role of the liver and kidney, tranquilizer puzzle, etc., then how should we usually give children with cerebral palsy massage it?Next Chinese health network to introduce you to……In addition to focusing on training skilled technique force uniform, really safe, durable and robust, so as to achieve light but not floating, heavy without delay, there is just the degree of soft phase and must also pay attention to proper posture, otherwise it will affect the treatments。
Pediatric massage massage very much, some way, although the same with adults, but not the same postures, especially in children with cerebral palsy also include orthopedic massage action。
The extrapolation is based on the thumb or index finger, middle finger push wipe or a linear direction opposite to the pushing direction points; the method is based on the thumb finger adult pushing efforts to distal thumb flexion and extension activities, gradual migration forward。Two kinds of extrapolation are not the same in terms of the postures and feel。Massage techniques commonly used in children have to push, transport, kneading, friction, pinch, twist, squeeze, squeeze, shake, mix, orthopedic and other dozen。These techniques apply to children under 5 years old, the younger the more easy to work。
Children older than 5 years can be carried out simultaneously with orthopedic practices。
Supine, press, rub, pinch, take the limbs。Lower limbs: Based on Yanglingquan point, take the order, knead, outer leg muscles; in the hole or on the basis of a point on the committee, to take the rear muscles until the Achilles tendon; basis or on a point Huantiao , take, rub adductors。
Upper extremity: Based on the point in the House Point, take, rub the front of the upper arm muscles; or Jianjing basis point on, take, rub the upper arm muscles; or on the basis of points on the curved pool, take, rub the forearm front and back muscles。
Partial adjustment limb motion, promote the recovery of limb function of normal。
Prone children, along the spine direction, from the Gate to the male Du various points to the order by clicking the plus focus percussion; Press, knead a half inches apart paraspinal bladder full sun Zhu shu。Stimulation of the lumbosacral plexus, promote blood circulation。
Children performer is sitting back, top pillow between press, rub, rub, point, the wind pool, dumb door, Tianzhu, brain households, occipital brain regions, as well as Baihui network but, after the top, and strong place。
Stimulation of the brain motor area, promote local functional compensation。