At an early age, I was very confused.At that time, I always have been thinking, thinking, thinking about his own life in the end what to do.Just when I think of the time in my mind later, all of a sudden, many years later. I learned later, would not progress, things are made out of.Finally, and only then make their own confusion, and gradually progress. Friends said that to come looking for me to chat, he said he was confused.I said, you do not find me.If confused when certainly think too much, too little.The matter at hand now you do it.He said that under do first. Three months later, a friend said, finally not confused.I said, did not have a direction, with, it is to do work now. I believe that friends are really understand, he is doing Taobao, once very confused I guess, should earn much money. But since the last spoken, he should try to do.There are trying to do, it is destined to do well.I say, good thing I did not help him do a lot of other.Otherwise, maybe he was not yet back on the road, not in the Amoy Po he loves. And I also know a lot of the time, we did not progress, in fact, we did not do it. I have also lost before graduation, so I would think stall, open restaurants, and even thinking about selling Shandong grains, and even thought, or else, I went to barber school, later to open a chain store is also good.It is simple, like a lot, a little preparation. For example, to open the hotel, have books, do Shandong grains, see video.The book have not read it, there.Videos also watched. There is no effect of it, really effective, many years later, I still remember. For example, I now someone else cook, I can at least say 123.Also, do grains, I will certainly do.If someone told me one day to discuss their future earnings, I am sure will understand.There stall pay attention to what, I certainly understand. Because I have to do, so I know these.I just did not stick with it. Do these have no use for it.I think it is useful, at least I’m writing a lot more material. At least people around to stall, I will tell him my experience these.Tell him how to put up a stall, pay attention to what point.There would be more profitable to sell what.So, do, there will be progress, the key is to do it. So we see a lot of Taobao, although many do give up a few.But they also have come into contact with Taobao, not a lot of contact, really is to ask them, ask them how to do Taobao.Although they failed, but also rewarding. Because they have to do, how can we know works, but also know how can we not work. At least know that, according to the original do not work that way, because there is to do, have to reach out, so know more. If you later encounter the same thing, we certainly know better treatment. Like once we are afraid high speed, because we fear that they will get lost.But when we follow someone else’s car had a.So life, we all know how to open their own.In the life on the road, no one pointing, we can learn to imitate. Also, a lot of the time, we did not look like it is in the environment. At the last, to see a story, there is a small boy, I could have been in the city, back to the country to study. Go to the countryside, many people will give him. So he put this thing to tell a teacher, tell Mom and Dad, teachers do not believe, how could it difficult for the city’s children.His father and mother did not believe.Children in the countryside are simple, can not make life difficult for their children. So the little boy wanted to rely on others is certainly impossible.We can only rely on their own.How it can not be beaten.After careful thought he know the truth.That is to run, as long as people want to chase him he ran. Every time after school, first went to the cafeteria, the first meal, first ran home. Behind the times, the teacher said, you can not always run it first, you have to duty, to help those sweeping. Behind a few boys, finally found the opportunity to make life difficult for his.So it is in the classroom, thinking he was bullied.So he ran around the table again.Behind someone to hold him, he would clash with the past. But I did not think of him now, he has not had, and after a month of high-intensity exercise, the body is very fierce. Since then, no one comparable to him also. From the example above, I want to say.A lot of time is, in fact, we do not own, thought the do.But what if when we have to do, we can also do well.Especially in the environment of persecution. So, do, certainly there will be progress.And to do this, whether it is to do more or do less. Do less, is what we see a book, watch a video.After chatting with people then we are talking of something at work if the case encountered a problem that way, we also know of all.Do more, just above the runners up. If he has always insisted on his speed, then maybe he is the first full year, the first school. From the perspective of the results in terms of his performance, at least in there.And progress is the best way to solve the problem. Many people may think, I really do have to want to understand what life.Then make a lifetime. Running it is to die, the body does not work.Weibo that has to die, out of date, micro-channel does not work, there will be something new alternative. I said, no, there are many other things in the world.. I then this world there is no such a thing does child.some.I believe a lot of things, I believe you, I believe that all of us can make a lifetime.What direction is it so.Is a skill, that skill is a skill. For example, we like to read, such as we like to learn, such as we like to smile, like we practiced eloquence. And so on, a lot.These things, as long as we can do the same, do not worry lifetime. Another point, many people will certainly think.These things are important, but have to exercise, practice every day eloquence do not know what kind of place, then there really dizzy.Actually no, we put our work now on it. As long as the boss did not let us go, we put this as our own business, first to be the best. This well, with us later in life, after the general direction has nothing to do with it.We have a great relationship. Roca before doing moderator, before his character color research, has done for 10 years, made a lot of industry.Do sell insurance, ran the business, have been in inspirational speeches, many, many, finally, he chose the character color. But in front of those experiences, just let him know, that he liked the character of color, the achievements of his character colors. Yahoo, we know for sure, is a search, but in the past, they do not do this, do the other.They are trying to do, but failed to do.Two bored people do fail, so is there mess, find the site interesting navigation. So they will be, really did not expect a lot of people point, gradually, they discovered that people like lazy, do a search. Xu Xiaoping said that all successful companies in the world, only 95% of success after the transition is not a business plan by the beginning of success, but to get the risk, also failed several times, but slowly adjusted, the final success the. So, they are behind the success of their failure to accumulate, there is a need to accumulate a lot of the job. So, there will be progress made, maybe today we did not feel obvious.But tomorrow, he’ll be doubling our return. Original text, Chen Zhihong micro-channel / QQ: 838504315, welcome to add.

Cacalia dish the end of April, peach, pear, crabapple, apricot, plum, spring, etc. blooming a big wave coming to an end, poplar, willow Bai Xu, such as snow flying in the clear sky, the beauty contest count it, but and that in the end is a lot less colorful than up, thinking about this year’s blooming has ended, the land in the accumulation of Fallen flowers can not help but people may feel sad, I would like to take a delicate flower hoe, put on some “Daiyuzanghua “but some consciously hypocritical, outdated, and it fills my heart but there is always feeling empty yo.Fortunately, over tree flowers, pick up flowers on the ground, like rushing to the February Lancia.When people inadvertently, Parrotbill no smell to weave a purple dream, when Xie Tao Li Fang Fei flowers, to Spring and soul to trim and comfort, as after a mental excitement of a large, need to calm, and that combined with the elegance of lavender, creating a calm and tranquil mind most quiet.You see, I do not know what time the woods clearing, February orchid became the “hegemony” on the ground, a dream like magic purple mesh, or Zi Yan, on the ground Yunshanwuzhao swam, combined with the lush green shadow, as if Di create an elegant wonderland, yes, peach, plum, too strong columns, pear Eau too, too warm spring, the colors strong stimulus to the senses, the feelings of people in the excitement among and over time, it is inevitable visual fatigue, tired heart also.The February Lan tepid lavender, comes immortal nature, and the human mind can be the most comfortable blend. This flower just look at one, simple, no Shen Qi at its beauty, wins in more wins in momentum.Four petals in two colors, purple and white, mixed together, white, red dyed purple thick, purple without causing too much purer white.Chun Wai under the care of the trees, a large a large integration into nothingness drift indistinct Zi Yan, worrying, a gust of wind blew away the child will, indeed, spring whisk to, get this piece of purple smoke with waves up, curl Na Na, the wind around, this time in the woods is really beautiful and makes dreams, above the green leaf in the middle is the trunk, then the following is Zi Yan, then the following is green shadow, two green, sandwiched Zi Yan, another Ying said, fresher green, purple and more wind-induced.February followed the footsteps of blue, a yellow flowers on the ground sequence emerged, a film, from a from a star, a little bit, bloom bustling, full of energy, across, like the sky the stars, shadowy, dotted with empty barren land, originally Cacalia dish, similar to small yellow chrysanthemum, a little, like a sun, prettily, Huang Cheng Cheng, delicate and charming, this flower is not enough to provoke eyes, because it was too small, too common.I walked into the front of this piece of woods, silently and vegetables were grok Cacalia.I felt as if these are small yellow flowers bloom for me, only I know them, they know me, they are me and I am them.Qing Dynasty poet Yuan Mei, a poem written by two of the “moss flowers such as rice small, but also learn Vita” seems to be used to approximate description of some grass Tu’erdi. These flowers are not high up in the branches, allow people to pay their last respects, but in the long humbly obscure corner, in a humble, lonely corner, ordinary rabbit Seoul grass were prostrate on the ground, Ping Ping Ting thin stems protrude beautiful, yellow against a small sun, like a small eyes, torture you.Small yellow flower, chrysanthemum there is strength of character, it is crystal clear small petals tightly together, arrange neatly into one group harmony style, each petal is so high morale, confidence and vitality to occupy their place, do good their part, around the fine needle black flower around, everyone’s heart is so neat, we sink together, only this miraculous blooming flowers, blooming flowers from the heart.And, in between you inadvertently, come to you and give you little overwhelmed, but also when it inadvertently, quietly out of your sight, do not leave sad farewell.These wildflowers, people do not have to careful cultivation, no how privileged environment, nature is their mother, the wind where to put them to just where to take root, open space, corner, crevice, pond, rubble, corner, tree, no matter how poor place, as long as the shining spring, spring rain moisture, Cacalia grass with a sinking heart immoderation, optimistic heart out of the world of their own, the interpretation of the understanding of life and the pursuit of.As long as there is a limited hope, I wholeheartedly take root and go all out in full bloom, to complete their mission. I think these Cacalia grass symbolizes the ordinary working people, they are ordinary and great, optimistic face life in harsh environments, grow tenaciously to show attitude and unyielding pursuit of life, thought of this, I really love the these tiny, transparent clarity of small yellow flowers, think it should look better than all the flowers.

A way to go in the countryside, and occasionally looked up at the sky, looking through the trees to see the dense branches mottled blue.Sun light to fall on my face, I quietly enjoy the quiet and serenity of this moment.The wind swept trees, leaves rustling friction staggered, stopped at the branches of the birds singing mildly crisp voice, distant and close.    I had always thought, this is the life I want, and I really want my life to clear a simple, happy, this is my vision of life as a child.But we can not be so naive to think that this is life, we are in the mundane world, often involuntarily, like that for such a purpose, and doing some of the things we always think does not matter, in fact, those things do not matter people like to do their own complicated life, this is the people’s cleverness, but also the God of the proud sum, but people enjoy it, actually trapped in, often not their own, and when one day can get rid of the time only to find themselves out of touch with long-life, we can not meet the long, pain and happiness only stick to it.    Leaf fall quietly, after a collision with some tree branches, and finally safely lying in a crash after a dull yellow spots gradually and leaves during foxtail.This autumn, so come.This is my favorite season, but also the season I was born, I was born in the autumn of a month, for the fall has derived from the heart of the feeling of pity.That is not clear in the end because of what love is, or because it is the harvest season, or because it is fresh and cool after some summer, or that a fence daisy-setting effort, the bright moon between that one tree, or, just like this is a pleasant autumn.Like we clearly know that because of what hate a person, but often not clear because of what and love a person, just a feeling that between the mind, sometimes filling, sometimes empty, there is no reason to, but it is so real existence in our hearts, dreams, never forget, can not be dispelled.    Time is an eternal topic, in which we, or busy, or leisure.Wheel of life in our full loss of life silently run over, you can not see, but everywhere, we only perceive years old from it through the traces, the fleeting PASSING.Day after day, year after year, perhaps, again and again, such a day to fill the gap, rightly in years, not sad not happy, but it is melancholy.I search for traces of scars in their own photographs taken inside and occasionally reminded of the accident, still a lingering fear.Perhaps only at the edge of life hovering over before we know how valuable life is, and in our lives, he also led the Department with more life, family, love, friendship.Year’s time, long or short is not short, at the moment recall the moment it seems as though the way.    That period of time after returning from injury, alone, depression, low self-esteem, pessimism has often breed in mind.In the face of the mirror can not look his face, the heart of the tangle that I ignored the trauma of the flesh, dark natural inferiority also flourished.I will shut themselves in their own world, despite one’s own weave fantasy.Did not work during that time, heart Men, often open a book to read books, but which can not in-depth, irritable mood again and again on the verge of the outbreak in the hot summer months.Cicadas hustle and bustle of the season, I did not focus empty eyes, she looked out the window all colorful and fuzzy, write down a person’s loneliness in their own hands.Window wall rich loofah vine filled the entire wall, purslane in red cockscomb flower torch scattered bloom pleasant smile.Row upon row of ivy leaf in the breeze passing moment filled with wave-like ripples, the birds fell growing on the tree with a crisp bright persimmon tweet.Sun shines through the glass and landed on the book in my hand, dazzling bright.I looked up eyes, light blue sky with white Yunfu too.Parents face of concerns about heart again guilty discredited by.I know, I have to live on.    Perhaps the time is the best doctor can make you gradually forget some of the negative things, you can flick trauma to some extent, the traces left by.Scar face gradually becomes pale, not because of the occasional smile and a tear scar pain.I know that the scar will not completely disappear, but I still hope, hope that trace becomes lighter lighter.People often say that survived to Come, I think more of how to live well.Passing years time wasted, mediocrity, but I know no need to trouble sad thing of the past, a way to make every day a happy and fulfilling, do not have to ask a sense, but we have a clear conscience.    Spare leisure time, still feel like some of the resort to the text, which makes me feel happy thing.Some have the same preferences and chat with friends, explore the characters, step by step, building his own castle Yiziyizi.This day, the passage between the fingers slowly jump, but I also wrote such days and then more text.I just write, write what they have dreams, write their feelings, then I feel the meantime had brought joy and happiness.    Did not pay attention when the cicadas disappeared, perhaps in a certain lingering autumn day it.I was sitting in the courtyard looking at the stars, shining bright galaxy blurred fireflies, remember years ago, I have been like looking at the night sky, often a person standing in the hallway of the stars in the sky afar, since pour lonely, lonely discretion.Headsets in playing soothing piano music, the pace of time seems to get very slow very slow, slow I can to see that touch back, quietly out of my sight.

Beijing city old and young here carries China stretches for thousands of years of political, economic and cultural heritage.  There is also criss-crossed with a variety of young freshest ideas and trends.  There are winding alleys of old Beijing culture, laughing courtyard downtown accused of precipitating an era.  There are also numerous buildings forest Benz busy fast, fleeting fast running in to tell the speed of an era and forward.  Old Beijing playing volume of tone and color tone from all directions flow into a branch of cutting out a different kind of tune.  The city vicissitudes and cheerful vicissitudes in the evening after sunset through those years down the sink thing, the car water far as the eye neon, after all, arrived, but many people share thoughts and worry away from home.  There is a cheerful young ideal, pursuit and persistence, these soft and hard things, always in support of countless people walking to a strong high-spirited.Here it is always the best place to put all kinds of stories.  The city, with a lot of emotions and feelings, there are too many past and stories.  It is Beijing, a shining city all through the ages.A people yearning and heart of the city Qieyi; an endless joys and sorrows Words are not enough to sing the story of the city.    There are less people to pursue love it exhausted a lifetime of strength and courage?  People obsessed with it and sobering.People warm and sad feel,.  It will always be our purest thoughts need to deal with feelings.  if I get it I am lucky, but if not, it is fate.  Love gains and losses in the past, has always been the rule can not be a bar to the frame and a constant.  And the true love, we can not go in any case questioned.  So Beijing city of love, and the vicissitudes of life in this bustling staggered, in the Old and the Young interspersed so, in the end will give rise to a number of joys and sorrows with the clutch?We will always be lots to talk about undying.  In the vicissitudes of this ancient and vibrant city in.Anywhere, including Haoyu office also includes old alley corner, every corner of time and place, perhaps in a different love story played out.They ordinary and special.It is extraordinary for a huge city, they are too small.In particular, every relationship, have been unforgettable, is life’s most precious memories.  Often I think, in the end, what is the ideal of love?Perhaps this answer, too abstract, so we always find the right words to describe.Until one day, to see such a text: the romantic ideal of love, not rose, not how offensive and violent love eachother.But I loved you love me, we love each other when not owe anyone.We love the sky no haze of memory, and then went to the end of time.On the endpoint of my life, you proved my forever.  Beautiful, timeless, beautiful and such words, all along, is our pursuit.Maybe sometimes he lost his way find direction.But if one day over again, I prefer to believe, stone small Meng Shen Bing would have been holding hands, Yangzi Xi Wu Di will always stand beside Cheng Feng will be moved XIA obsession.They would hold hands and grow old.  However, this is Northern Ireland, instead of “Beijing, a winter fairy tale”, it did not give us the opportunity to continue the good continuation, in its story, the reality of how to love, how they love.  When love and bread quitting, some of them die early, some efforts to adhere to the last minute.Some lucky enough to find a place to settle down some, but can only watch it later badly beaten, waving goodbye.  It is said that love nothing more than to make you mentally to find a basis, it allows you to instantly mature wisdom.Maybe, this mature and wise, always make people so desire and obsession.Only when this love is a prefix attached on, is known as the city of love Beijing, it is often more of a wandering and considerations on pursuing.More of a consideration of loyalty and betrayal, and adhere to compromise.And go above reason, perhaps we can only be attributed to, because this place, settle down to find a little corner for love, there are so tough, even tough that will drain your life’s obsession with stick.    The story finally comes to the story.The story takes place on those “Beijing Love Story” in and played out of.  Had previously been thought, “story”, interpreted as: things have passed.  Later, I do not know what the concept of change in a moment, “story” is, perhaps should be interpreted as: those things happened in the past.  Now, talking about the story, but rather be put down those thoughts and emotions entangled in the future, to Delicate thin clouds, like speaking a place in the very old things, slowly tell.  A lot of people are wondering, those stories “Beijing love story” happened in the end is not the actor who had occurred in those things.Also included are new to this story, like me.  Only later, to see the crazy process of growth and maturity, for love to hear that once put myself in the dust XIA say a man growing up is learning to forgive and forgive mark.  They no longer want to explore, these stories take place in the end who is who.But I would prefer to believe that the story of the thing, is not that those good and insisted that as long as you believe, it really is.I prefer to believe that they are talking generation story.The story of a generation about Beijing, about youth, about dreams, about family, about friendship, about love, about growing up.  Youth, always have lots to talk about the story, like growth and love, it will always be an eternal theme, like.  After reading these stories, are still convinced that love is “I do not know the situation plays, one to the deep,” we remain convinced that the best love that I loved you in love with me, and we love when I do not owe anyone.Firmly we believe that the future growth of the power of wisdom have accompanied all the way, warm front.    PS story would like to this text, I wrote like this on Beijing, love stories.And that a “do not know the situation plays, one to the deep.”

Some of the stories suitable for burial in the depths of the soul, some heart Zhongjiu forever in the memory of the past.Those happy times, sad those lost, let it at the bottom of Pandora’s always treasure, do not hesitate, do not crash, and that yesterday’s touch of the setting sun, with the clear sky and the bleak central water falling. – Merlin Youth Story in November 2014 winter night wore on, there is a burst of cold Qifeng rustled beat it slowly, very dated bend cool, quiet place bathed in a pure, Merlin’s heart suddenly on this night frost increasingly tight son, inexplicable desolation.Some people say that life is so, come and go without care.However, twenty-seven, I look back this bright flower fleeting, actually I feel Liuniansishui, struggle, hard work, snagging wipe down the red lotus shadow, whether love-hate Melancholy genuineness belong to me?Years bright as fireworks, always gradually die after getting off the ultimate bloom, fade away together, and certainly there are those who belong to tie him to life simply never have had.Suddenly twenty-seven, I grew up afraid, afraid of the Wind looks lost, fear gradually frail body, and even more afraid of loss of memory, if the feelings gradually pulled out in my mind, life and what else have it?In my inner world, full of hoping that a weak heart, sorrow filling for the future and think fondly care.End of life, I actually I squander time for the cause, with the exception of a live lost his wonderful.There is no dust settles after all who, may I, Merlin willing to live in her colorful memories.After the winter cold inside a twilight sleep, I think the ultimate elegant two words for the Iraqi people, but also to modify the changes, the polish and polish, only to be Merlin a dream, as you wrote this amazing life afterlife.When winter morning dawn penetrate tassels Shaman, lightly pressed into the misty mist filled the dreams, I wake up in the moment, I suddenly lost all the good ideas.Li Meilin dance the night had those words, but not in the upcoming dawn drinking unsweetened coffee and fled.Youth, as in life, those near or far, the rampage and Merlin intimate embracing soul, at this moment of Merlin, to think, to reach out to happy satisfied in his arms, spread into a layer of Meilun absolutely magic of fireworks color, love and hate are pale soul, but in the years Feng Yan, the Dunji without a trace.Smoke past, but it was through a clear sky, the flowers silent, fleeting trace of water.Now, I drown in your passing through my heart, trod full of holes, you gorgeous, instant tears Allure.Let Merlin was removed in the twenty-seven forget themselves in the network of rivers and lakes text, holding a pregnant messy from the song, write a tie-free period to Huakaihuaxie scores.    November 2014 winter night, the night wind, frost, everywhere bleak winter months it slowly, Merlin sad.As their youth, those who meet in the narrow road of modern love.Merlin sentiment, reason why the old love, as yesterday, after years of brocade, tentacles, they Liebo sound.Perhaps, it is not just because of the loss fleeting, less careful support of love, so that withered face bleak minimalist, no Live Flesh charm.More and more when it is cold because of the wind and to the coldest, is narrow with sharp contusion and hatred, is that the wind swept through the human well-being and chilly, subtle fragrance to cover up the lives of those curls warmth, so lost youth caught off guard.Sentiment years, penetration of life, it is life and life more than a lot of love and hate and resentment melancholy, such as the end of life, there is always a but not earth regret.I often perception of twenty-seven, in a wide range of human emotions neutral world, pessimistic or negative emotions more often, earthly pain we are in an almost child’s heart, some sad, chew.Red in men and women, self-deception is always clear sky, smiling always thought it would be at the heart of clean read.But the but, who, and who is?Or was in the warm winter sun, the lonely shed Tears of yesterday?In fact, all the good in life, probably a dream romantic, if the water wearing dust, smoke, such as over the shoulder, goodbye, never see, is still flowing into the sea Review.Every time really dwell on the heart, but why are those, heart pain, hurt the feelings of the decline of the old stories.Love and not love, not hate hate, Red Dust, we go all the way, all the way to oblivion seen scenery.But at the time it determined unintentional remember, the origin edge to edge revel in the gorgeous pass the corner of regret.No intention to meet once, interpreted as I, from the War, love so short, remember that long.If eternal love, clear sky.Do not as good as you are only allowed me the fish into the water like a memory, that flies in the wandering, keep all shown signs of the good, so that thousands of the situation Parting Qi Chu, was thrown to the Red lofty far beyond this world this life, FY less.Look Red rolling, the city would like Wind and Smoke.Clear sky hope, hope blossoming.Send away the road, Remote Blessing distant.Thoughts Merlin, if you let me in the mortal world, pay afterlife this life the true meaning of truth, is not it can exchange for life afterlife of staying in Zhaohuaxishi years, Hui will hurt very wrong life, no habitat sandbar cold cold branches.Gang involved in the Red Merlin, always thinking about the end of the heavy fog, if there was a sudden turn of events can be, whether there is the Intrigue, Mu a spring of joy, a dream of warm water people.Obsession with the wind, suddenly has the depth of winter, there Qifenglengyu like bleak, Mouzhong surfaced in Merlin, I love you blissful silence in the wind, it so touched surplus sleeve, gently, a lightly waved; I stand there you have the wind outlet, silently waiting for you, then silence speaks, a lonely road leading into stained your lights at Alexandra Orlando of my life.Waved his hand, you and I will not cry, silent Red flowers dream, dying years of drift.Cut a happy time, the original years of life is not accidentally lost lover.Whether all the love and hate that offer all kinds of sadness, or unwilling or worth, that journey will never forget the romantic, after all, every time sway in the wind and rain, you wait in the lonely poet I always listen to bloom the other side.When all romantic, doomed the moment the sky was clear, mind you hand control of Dust in the Wind, is my pen landscape of rivers and lakes.Gently, softly, I just alienated in that light, the remaining entangled silk thread Resentment.Water falling, hate the wind is blowing.Some had clenched hands better, I think that this may be the warm phase, but also the fate of a corner, from the two do not meet, then even if we have thousands of customs, have nowhere to say, can not read v..Said the wind had a trace, Yan went silent world, things such as smoke and dust, but after all the wind had whisked eyebrows, micro-Yang some tempting mood.And that goose to have the cloud of dust into the pupil of the eye, chest freeze is a little cinnabar.Streamer goes by, the old youth has been, I would also like to have your guarding a time, to salvage those romantic and touching memories?    In this cold winter, you want to keep, Merlin day old day by day, day day Merlin mood desolate, together with those of clear sky between you said to me, along with those among you I heard mountain stream, as overnight cup of coffee, still fragrant, fragrance radiance.Yesterday’s time perhaps too cold, a thin fingers; but my fingers today is still very wide, can not afford missing time.All in all I’m happy memories with you, still waiting for the storm once again after the perfect interpretation.Perhaps two thousand and fourteen in November after a bleak winter, the world again and again resumed its colorful wins breathtaking colors.Then I start to life for those who clank oath for all of your wonderful dream, but also in line westerly to remove all of the vines, scattered all branches, only Yumei Lin’s, as you clearly vein, engraved mind this life, even Cold Mountain winter rain, even in winter frost ling water, even in winter wind ICEFLOW, an Acacia forget.    Perception of life, penetrated the years, such as feather time, no trace of light off.Merlin’s eyes even more gorgeous in winter because of you, if there is snow, the season had already quietly slipped midwinter bright world, gorgeous, surplus knot in the cold months of winter clear brow is the end of spring.How many thousands of junctions and turns thoughts still linger in mind the sea; how many of his writings dripping resentment, still wet ink stains.The previous before, after all Cha Ziyan However, in a bleak romantic youth, the years of scattered into the blue sky, not goodbye, but see pregnant, never say goodbye, never seen, meet do not say goodbye.See also see no regrets.Yisuo storm a ride short, a dream shake their magic pillow, can not forget the early heart, is indeed shown signs; love can not forget the past, or that romantic feminine lingering.I think that place is called the Red, is where you find a quiet youth, Ruoyun pure heart, empty heart leisurely.    Youthful, I think life just as he argued that the aroma of sweet-scented osmanthus flowers, Fu Yu Qihua, Ecstasy and the enchanting, occupy every mind its close.But we knew, after midwinter, osmanthus flowers fade, life is just a shallow edge puzzle affectionate, but the mortal world of you and I still willing to fall, can not extricate themselves.The so-called deep edge of the shallow edge of the edge revel in the final analysis, only fleeting life, already everlasting one tragic time to boil water.But at the end of time, and few people can go and fellow??Flowers last forever open, eventually once dry, the flowers and the flowers fade, there is always another overnight.As the years of growth rings gorgeous, when zipping pass life, and that the end of the romantic, some people, some things will also be wind and rain and sank annihilation youth.Merlin ask you, in this clear sky years, the mentality of Yunjuanyunshu, Dankan things ups and downs in life, either in the hustle and bustle of the Red years to go, we do our own, with a true identity for the youth, keep warm from the heart!

Ginkgo leaves scattered over the ground, the rain slowly cover showing a different kind of color, people could not bear to destroy such a pretty picture.From the ginkgo tree large tracts of passing, and occasionally a few slices of Ginkgo biloba accompanied by autumn slowly rotate slowly and then with perfect posture falling in the air.    So began to miss this time, selfishly hope that time will always stay in this moment not to go by, the city miss the autumn Yung.I do not know since when, fall slowly away, in the silence of space and time, who is the solo piano, play the song after another beautiful song.Like fine rain in the evening to see how the sun sets over the horizon in brilliant color, are like the memory of the fall, the tall swing, much of the middle plane trees have little me, from time to time looking at the sky, imagining fairy tale world exciting, waiting for the call Grandma.    If it were not the seasons, if not cold air coming, if it is to be recorded time, how many people know fall has been very far away from us.I went back to the dormitory, picked up a pen to write down recollections, perhaps too much force to hold a pen, heart to float up.Then went to the balcony, for a long time looked up at the sky, gray sky, filled with a little fog, at the moment, really a bit cold.    I involuntarily moved a familiar number, but quickly hung up by their own, do not want to turn on, the ear seems likely to be haunted by a nagging mother countless times simple and warm words, homesick, they and so listening to the rhythmic beep slender, just so quiet.    Autumn told me: miss both ends to maintain the feeling, no amount of words is also thought countless times in my head, and finally also in the process of this miss is no longer so strong, but light seclusion after the nostalgia, this miss distance they always just stood there, and I was drifting away.This gray day, omitted the breath of autumn, the leaves fade in one place.At the moment, I’m just under a sky watcher.

Heart already want to go to a good future of the city, but not in Chongqing, but accidentally test here, just let the city into my eyes.    For the first time away from home to go to the field, the distance did not seem to have much interest.Off-site school just a short stay, I will eventually return to me to support my piece of land.The train was eight pm beginning from Xi’an, the way heavy night, even the last one home too late to nostalgia.Night deeper, more heavy heart, why leave when always silent silence?Speeding train all the way, took me full of thoughts leave.Through the Qinling Mountains, ran across Bashan, the southern city tunnel is a gift.Out of the home from the night, and found the whereabouts of this dark tunnel.    Light of morning fog across the heavy, quiet calm mountain land.How to ride horses on the plains bear got used to this discrimination mountain drive?Shan Shan attached, attached to the tunnel Tunnel.Air is damp, dreary heart still unable to get comfort.After the rain here today, only to see the city of moisture.Despite before too much is not happy, but this campus really fascinates me, I like the quiet, full of green quiet here; I like the fresh, green grass here is full of.Gradually, first came here to ease irritability and anxiety, more thinking to stay in the city and this campus.    University of military training is the first lesson, I want to stick down.I covered the North should be strong, I can not wait to conquer.Dream finally found shelter, I do not consciously in love with the city.If one day the city also accommodate me, I will rejoice that he is lucky.But now just entered the city, looking at a picture of unfamiliar faces, I know he still has to go a long way.Disturbed heart was gradually heal in this campus.Accompanied by the beginning of military training, I also ushered in the first class at the University of.Had already begun looking forward to a career at the moment, I lost that year, and now bring it back.    Here is the sultry night, dormitory in their respective busy.Chongqing night is a must, but I have no time to enjoy the moment, only wish this quiet time could stay for a while, I slowly recalled, until I get back.

Andante cantabile in the soft light, an FM stereo broadcast pop music by the changes.Lightweight and smooth melody, orchestration is very simple, a few violins, a guitar master is playing a mandolin, electric bass plus.Obviously, there are taste better than the song itself.There are music critics say that with the lyrics, the music is worsening.Because the lyrics deprive people’s imagination.So that the original music of “like” solidification, crude humble of.Although the one of the words, but there are also quite the truth.Shi Wu Da, not to mention music.No lyrics, so only the imagination, had a vision, so only the ethereal uncertain thoughts.Thoughts resonate with music in touch with deeply buried in the hearts of the past, ecstasy rapt attention.”Small window air touch lute” wind piano, and music is the heart.    Music is a form of life experience of memory.Different stages of life, those who sang, listened to and whom tempted songs and music, as if art is a container, the piece of the world recording time she felt about the world, and feeling into their familiar picture, solidified sealed in memory, the Star moved the bucket, personnel metabolism, we have time to deliberately recall, then gradually forgotten, but will in a casual moment, every foreign land wildly encounter old friends and old acquaintances music singing.At that moment, our memories will be collaborated with the activation of deep and long time did not think of the melody, takes us back to that home distant rumor, that disappeared long and lonely depths of the heart in the world, will be reborn in reproduction music, we resurrected the music world to meet their own young.    One day, in a small town street riding around, suddenly smell even a grocery store, “Sailing the Seas Depends on the Helmsman” song.Suddenly, I seem through time and space, to the 1970s.In the years to come, this song is covered with political chants vast land of China, young and old, everyone chant.That moment, I seem to trance back to childhood, to see if that’s red, greater than our middle school students wearing a green military uniform, armed with a waist in loud chants of quotations in the hands of the Redskins treasured book waving to become a brilliant glow.No elementary school, county began broadcasting station every evening song is the song “Sailing the Seas Depends on the Helmsman”.When it sounded, for us, that this is a striking six in the evening, it is the end of the play call home horn.Whenever sounded this song, I always look at the bright golden light of sunset joy, through the west of the county complex piece usually looks pitch-black, so we are afraid of the big woods not close.So bright woods with us confessed it hidden secrets to us hearty laugh.Bright sun and thick woods, in the song permanently fresh and bright with, become part can not be separated.    It is said that this song and Lin Biao Guage.After nine hundred thirteen events not sing.Since then, six in the evening of the day began broadcasting the song to “The East is Red” music.But I do not like it, because it is the beginning of the first four notes to play the FF strength, creating earth-shattering effect, I was frightened awe, as if in quiet contemplation in the sense of being shouted, people driven to distraction, not a long time calm.Perhaps this is the musical effect to be achieved, to embolden the people’s revolution, terrorized class enemies of gall.But our ignorance of children, only to have the effect of terror threat.This feeling, never said to anyone, because after all know, is so majestic music in praise of the great leader of the people, and I do not like to praise the leader of the music from the heart, which implies a dangerous black hole like.In the political enthusiasm frantic social environment, monasteries, without a teacher to know is at stake.Accidentally broke plaster leaders, who became a counter-revolutionary, caught a parade count light, maybe give authority to shoot dictatorship.And if the words Fufei public expression, he said he did not like “The East is Red”, and the result is certainly plug brand through the streets, then maybe directly to labor camps “vicious attack” crime to shoot.So, every time I hear this song, heart faint anxiety accompanied me for many years.In fact, in private thought, compared to the feeling of the song, “Sailing the Seas Depends on the Helmsman” rhythm than “The East is Red” is even more comfortable, traveling musical form lively and energetic and cheerful giving.And “The East is Red” is male male men, but there is always a heavy sense of one kind of rumbling, as if a boulder rolled over from the side, it was accidentally crushed jifen.    At school, learning to sing revolutionary songs are important elements, but also pull between each song to wait before the meeting, in front of the class, each class will be led by Civic members singing revolutionary songs song after another, classroom buildings, the atmosphere is quite warm.This time, if the class which suddenly sang one other class is not likely to sing the song, the envy of the crowd, the collective sense of honor will reach climax.I was in a small amplification become my great sense of power, a sense of belonging experience, it is easy to motivate and cultivate the spirit of collectivism.This is the technical condition and the mass base for the existence of political fanaticism.But for us, for the kids and be able to get much favorite song, “I Love Beijing Tiananmen”, “train running towards Shaoshan,” “Sun Moon Lake” is the most popular.Other quotations songs because the lyrics difficult for us to understand some, it is difficult prevalent in the primary school students.But like the “Beijing Carol”, “I offer oil for the motherland”, “I love blue ocean”, “Chairman Mao traveled the motherland”, “the golden desert”, “Ode to Chairman Mao” and other songs, not deny, even to this day feel the success for the melody creation are.Although the times absurd, but it has always beyond the artistic quality of the times, which is the art of charm.    2074, “Sparkling Red Star” played in three games Kazakhstan (three wars known as “Tunnel Warfare”, “mine warfare”, “Civil war”, namely Kazakhstan “Prince Sihanouk visited China a place “) and model operas eight years, the bright color film is simply refreshing, especially Fu Dragon composer episode of” Red star song “,” Red star Shines me to fight “,” azalea “one time widely sung.Although the class struggle inevitably era fake big empty lyrics, but still belongs to the very successful musical works.Like the extension “Red Star Song”, and “long night, star shining remove dark, cold winter, star shining spring, the struggle, the star shining refers to the course, the journey, the star shining road open,” which a few lyrics lyrical, very pure children’s chorus, melody very tension.”Red Star Shines me to fight,” Give me a deep impression that it is a prelude to dulcimer and violin, I feel a kind of touching when you first heard of the United States.This song before my voice changed as drake voice, in the fifth grade for the class lead singer singing competition, won the first place.The achievement of a history of my life memories.Until now, as long as the return to childhood, you can hear this song.    2076 New Year’s Day, the great leader Mao Zedong’s two terms as published in the beginning of the New Year.The “Stories.Birds Q & A “under the tie down” by the monarch asked where to go, Chelsea replied: There Joan Tower mountains.Moon Long gone the year before, booked three treaties.There are food, cooked potatoes, plus beef.Do not have to fart!Look at the world capsized.”Soon, word was made into a chorus of the song, the two must repeatedly, in order to strengthen the momentum of indifference, has created a new model of revolutionary heroism and romanticism of.Many names were not breaking into the poetry of the ancient taboo.Liang Xiaosheng have also been recorded in their “Fudan Wen Jian Lu”, although privately think in the chorus repeatedly let his heart a bit too much.But never born to performance, and asked him for some unscrupulous students realm fart really about the performance of classical poetry, he had seriously relatively silent.This is the last time I was able to burst into singing.    Junior change the sound, sound dumb, pitch as broken gong, bass such as duck-ming, childish fear that era is finally over pitch.But then they met in the spring of art.It makes me can only become a silent Philharmonic.Start times seven years, to the early eighties, is modern China Renaissance.The movie was originally labeled as poisonous weeds have been lifted, many of the film’s episode became popular songs.”Tip of the visitors”, with Xinjiang ethnic characteristics of songs which are all Leizhen Bang creation of the United States.Than those revolutionary songs profiling has a completely different main motive, and that is natural, friendly.Moreover, the theme of love also means the beginning of the movie song sung, “Liu Fort Story” “Nearly Sunny” “Lusheng Love Song” in the “vows” and other popular songs, let sprout youth have expressed desire props.But in high school, is strictly prohibited sung.Because it sounds and accustomed to years of inconsistent tone, the teachers heard adolescent students’ Agger Mei long friendship “would be very annoyed worried, afraid of the students sang these songs, it will inevitably become a stumble boys and girls.But the more the more viable prohibited.The students sang songs of love and enthusiasm of youth as they grow, can not suppress.    The first time I saw the movie “The Bridge” revisionist countries from Yugoslavia, “Walter defending Sarajevo,” “Sixty seven days, ‘and so reflect the World War II film, the first time that a movie can be so good-looking, can be a hero as approachable, indifferent calm, we are familiar with the heroic image of higher grade made to very different.This completely subverts the basic concepts of our understanding of the world.Also, the song “ah, friends, goodbye,” simply perfect musical interpretation of heroism.Later, the Indian film “Rangers” and “Raz Song”, and that there has never been a strange melody, all of a sudden conquered the audience, swept the streets, even wearing pants Wanni Ba children will from time to time “A Bala woo “hum.Also in 2079, this March, one of the world’s top ten Symphony Orchestra, the Boston Symphony in US imperialism’s chief conductor, born in China, is under the leadership of the pro-Karajan disciple Seiji Ozawa to visit China, then Beijing there is not even suitable venues able to accommodate this double-barreled establishment of huge orchestra.This also allows us to know what is the gap.Subsequently, the London Royal Philharmonic’s visit to China, his relish of the orchestra is superb sight-reading ability, we will, “Red Detachment of Women,” the scores issued to them, start command, the orchestra can immediately play the recording level, so people Tian Mu men can answer.    2080, the Ministry of Culture recommended ballads to the community.This is unprecedented.”Zhu Jiuge”, “Goodbye Mama”, “young friends to meet” and other songs became the main theme.This year, the school held a spring games, after the opening ceremony, broadcast music is not what we used to numb the “athletes march”, turned out to be a song from the movie the latest wave of electronic music orchestration of “our life is full of sunshine “electronic music unique vibrato, trembling landscaping, not just the melody, but the trembling hearts and adolescence that sprout.Spring light yellow green, blue tile sky, such as washing clean, very white jade heaven Fei, combined into a thriving, new and infinitely bright joy, the song seems very real to cater to our feeling.After each play, immediately shouting the presence of hundreds of students along with the play it again, do not change.So this song over and over again to put on such a day.Also I learned the song feels great songs.    At that time, high school boys like music popular harmonica, book bags in addition to the job, but also carry an accent harmonica.Otherwise, he says like music, there belie suspected.After class, relatively few people together who beat playing well, learn from each other to learn to listen to the new songs.Then, in the corner of the campus, the often see one or more of the anti-hat to the back, (which is to facilitate movement, by the way said he was cool), holding out the harmonica solo ensemble of students.We also usually important entertainment.    Midsummer evening, twilight hours of sunset, a golden streaming into the west window, I boarded a small Earthen, open the door for the west, the sunset that will be welcomed into the hidden room, make up light and spacious room, out the door, not wide outside the corridor, only a wooden fence with guard.Come up with harmonica, sitting under the elm branches covered stretch over more than half of the attic, facing the dusk horizon blowing learn to listen to the song.The most suitable mouth melodies in there, “our fields,” “ah, friends good-bye,” “Half Moon climb”, “My life is full of sunshine inventor”.In particular, “our fields,” often when playing, I seem to be able to see the sun and the moon Shanxi patch of the vast wilderness, Qinghai Lake Midsummer Night “bright sky lonely on wheels” scene.Cool and distant, vast and wandering.Harmonica that simple and monotonous tones on the soft ground in the small courtyard echoed over, the quiet, gently pull the curtain, swaying with the music.Grandma cat quietly came to the door of the attic, facing west after sunset bright blue twilight, supporting his front paws sit down, staring round eyes, staring into the distance, close to the body of the tip of the tail waving from time to time.If a person is in the gossip, listening to music with toes name of the beat intoxicated appearance.Sometimes, grandmother crutches, from the house, heard the sound upstairs, turned up to see from the back reading glasses, whispered exhort, doll careful na.Then slowly walked out the door from the side of a large elm.    High school days, radio was the only way to get my music.In my bed, stood a Shanghai brand desktop transistor radio, turn the knob to wait half a minute warm-up, the sound will slowly sounded.Before falling asleep every night ten o’clock, fifteen-minute foreign music program.In this column, the first time I heard a lot of nice light music is called foreign instrumental works: “The Blue Danube Waltz,” “Beer Barrel Polka”, “American patrol”, “Spring Waltz,” “cuckoo waltz “” Serenade “really opened my eyes, suddenly fell in love with this delightful world.This is my high school memories extremely deep wonderful time.Then despite a stereo tape recorders, uncle bought a small Sanyo, his life the first time I heard such a beautiful sound, the sound of air Li Gu Yi singing of “Xiang Lian” which aired as if a real person is standing in front of, even ventilation nuanced sound can be heard clearly, really captivating.So, be sure to buy a tape recorder to listen to music I was determined to become a struggle, vulgar ideal goal of visible.    Li Gu Yi change, “Xiang Lian” in the tradition of singing first started the trend at the time, in order to approximate the sound of singing Teresa Teng’s gas interpretation of the song, so accustomed to the Kang straight years of intense, sharp high-profile as the “Cultural Revolution is good” songs ear, suddenly came drifting in a different kind of gentle affection, it can be said once audacious and subversive restoration of the executive left to students, who seem as pious Nestor saw the woman bare arms and legs, so evil to think of sex hybridization general, so the furious desire to express ourselves to achieve this desire of others rage.For a time triggered orthodox opinion Koumo scattered punitive expedition, because it is simply inherited Teresa, representing the decadent life of debauchery on the beach thirties Rainbow Leung, deal with the kind of openness Singing, kerenshubukeren!While Teresa is popular is not a secret, but the official media and public stand firmly in the correct position wide on the young people that she represents the yellow reactionary songs and decadent decadent, its purpose is in her voice soft and weak , so that the continent’s young integrity betrayal of the revolution, hiding in a small personal space, a tempting sweet in the gentle afraid to die, loss of morale of the revolution, the last is Wangdangwangguo.This American drama “Garrison death squads” contains the same purpose, that is peaceful evolution of socialism with Chinese culture by way of.So be vigilant, in the class meeting, the teacher usually sung her songs as whether a student evaluation of the quality of an important basis.The years, the result of listening to Teresa Teng song was officially discovered and give a punishment — now it looks quite stupid and funny bizarre practice —– in our student days but it is an important part of political education and moral education.Until the early nineties, the company officially published sing songs with Teresa, silently indicate the lifting of the ban.In fact, it represents a failure for years to Teresa resistance.Pursuit of a better force, is human right, nothing can stop.    Teresa Teng’s songs, was born in the sixties and therefore our long-term steeped in the cavity carved Li, intense resentment, exalted false, contrived political passions songs not knowing the variability of heart rescued, return to humanity.Through her songs she realized the good will and the good of humanity.Her voice has become a cultural symbol of our time, it is also through her unique voice, showing the traditional Chinese women have honest, subtle, elegant, and resentment without anger, sadness and without injury of Youxian – – – the mainland is what the Fenqinzhuhe Cultural Revolution destroyed almost extravagant relic of rare character.    Enter the university campus in the rich cultural activities to enhance our understanding and experience of music.At that time, youthful, healthy and natural Taiwan campus songs sung in the mainland, is a peak eighties pop songs.Brick-style tape recorders appear among students, music appreciation began the pursuit of personalized, college students favorite tape is still banned Teresa.Although many tape after several transcription degraded sound quality, noise increases, but still difficult to get along.During playback, the sound is not too large, while standing in the doorway roommate sentry to guard against such people after counselor.Is a completely underground in a meeting appearance.Symphony campus began in the Enlightenment, the Central Philharmonic chief conductor Li Delun make a report to the school.The “Butterfly Lovers” and Beethoven’s “Fifth Symphony” for example, analyzes the symphony as writing in general has to constituents, what is the motivation, what is the theme, sub-themes, is what was Shikibu, extension reproduction section and so on, when we face a huge musical works, with the form and structure standpoint of understanding.For a symphony orchestra, the conductor is the heart and soul of a band.Command understanding grasp of the track shape the band’s style temperament.A complete musical works by the composer, conductor and performer together to complete.So a lot of students think that the command is to stand in front of the band beat time to correct misconceptions get strong.After the Finnish National Symphony Orchestra invited him as guest conductor of the beginning of the Chinese conductor of his strength quite a long time isolated from the suspect, gave the score of a symphony, and asked him how long it takes the familiar.He said that after watching the song title to each other, we can immediately command rehearsal.Because “there two hundred in my brain symphonic score.”He said proudly, and said that if this is not possible, do not do a good command.I heard that remark, I really admire borne in mind.Before we know the vast and profound music world.For us, not to mention so many symphonies of the score back down, this is the author of two hundred symphonies name yet who are not easy to figure out.A few days later, to listen to his command of the concert, Beethoven’s Piano Concerto in B down “Emperor” began, a majestic music sounded, the venue of the audience immediately applauded.I saw him make a stop gesture towards the orchestra, musicians trained like a goose walking team standing soldiers heard the password, shoot straight and stopped, stunned everyone, I do not know what happened.He put down his baton, he turned to the audience, to tell said in a loud tenor: to have some rules when listening to music, applaud need to wait until the end of the music, and not interrupt the music marching.This will interfere with the performance, the audience will enjoy the view of the impact of.Of course, because we rarely have the opportunity to listen to a concert, not to cultivate literacy in these areas, do not blame you, but please adhere to these concerts unwritten habits, then applause at the end of movement.Let’s better for everyone to do good show.Remarks, drew a warm round of applause through.This is a live symphonic music enlightenment.    The vast boundless world of music, rarely enter the halls.Edited by the popularity of Yang, Shanghai Literature and Art Publishing House published a set of four “world music appreciation” for music enthusiasts, the Department of rare books; followed, Shanghai has published a dictionary so that music fans love the “foreign Music song title Dictionary “.Open the books, it seems to open the door to the music hall, without invitation can happen to linger.But not the same as seeing and hearing, although the feeling is the same, but the music is visual rather than auditory needs.What works pleasant and inviting, how pleasant, through text, can only imagine bark bark shadow.See Mozart commented “C Flute Harp Concerto”, “song should only be in heaven, earth was heard several times can” only judge, this song certainly refreshing, but as if imagined beauty, rare face clear.Thus, Acacia want to see hosting the Games, however, seek the Heaven over into the earth, it is hard to find.A year to Nanning, wander the streets in spring rain started falling, encounter a small record store, from West Germany in mid-1963 found a dusty vinyl record, this is the track above the first wish of Mozart.Bringing really was overjoyed beads.Transcribed it to tape, into the Walkman, on the road and in leisure listening many times.This work often and “A Major Clarinet Concerto” together.Two emotions and style is very close to the tracks.Flute Harp Concerto with childlike joy soothe your weary spirit, and “A Major Clarinet Concerto”, especially in the second movement, pure distant places of tranquility, soothe your anxious mind.Mozart’s music does make a person’s soul givin ‘.Indeed “song should only be in heaven, earth could have heard several times”!    Reading fiction magazine, which one is Wang Meng’s novella “Andante Cantabile”, how to tell a hero obsessed Old wood “d flat major String Quartet,” the second movement that is “Andante Cantabile”, the novel specific circumstances have forgotten, seem to remember is the reproduction of the author’s own experiences.But this novel means to me is to know Chai Kefu Adams I do not know there is a touching work.So, I’m looking for a target.But Mozart Flute and Harp Concerto, like, not looking around.Tape over the world in world music, see Tchaikovsky’s “Andante Cantabile”.But beyond the pale in hunting, must come not a waste of effort.When I was burdened with the mission ate, lived with the work, spent dozens of days set in the absolute domain of a small mountain village, as Kuji winter night in rural areas during the day and boring, but more than three thousand meters above sea level in the foothills , and able to receive FM stereo central station, which is simply a reward for me, will listen to every night.Ten o’clock to twelve laser music appreciation program, I can say that the history of life, listen to National Radio one of the longest column.Even can be said that a section of one of the highest listening figures.Almost treasures throughout the world of classical music out of 11 shows.In the CD has not been fully became common, this section of the Philharmonic in terms of poverty, almost free of gluttonous feast, really bites camel carnival fun.That day, when the aroma aroma of wind scratch Villa in the moonlight, I routinely open FM wearing headphones hunkered hot kang, waiting for the start of the program, all of a sudden, trailers and introduction of the female, reported Chai Kefu Chomsky “d flat major string Quartet”, but it is the most exciting in the hesitated and finally in this impoverished village encountered a longing heart music!I listened intently complete this work.Finally we had some superficial identity and experience of the quartet of Tolstoy tears.    Wang Meng wrote in his “Andante Cantabile” and later in “Only Tchaikovsky, he is to express my love, he sketched was my dream, his wine made me a sobering.He made me love life love youthful love of literature, he made me believe that man will not always be like wolves like you eat me, eat me you.I believe that a strong US-powerful, Tchaikovsky.He is a real tear-jerking composer.Traditional traditional and lyrical fiction lyrics of Pushkin, Lermontov Turgenev, Chekhov.I believe this is related to the human kind can not be completely extinct.This is related to God’s will somewhere.I love – it should be said that this style of worship and Intoxication.In particular, when I was young, only in this style, I can appreciate the taste of life, taste the taste of love, the pain of the taste, artistic.Composer Tchaikovsky is concentrated emotion and taste, it is put into a very very passionate composer.Some of his songs attaches great importance to the melody, some people may be a little popular even hum along.The most famous should be considered first string quartet second movement – Andante cantabile the.”Life is suffering everywhere.Although we often encounter anger and depression, but after ten in the evening, with the place, you can indulge in a free and beautiful world in which, although only two hours, but enough.This makes me think life really have to look forward to a better, can not readily be pessimistic.The suffering of life can chant, can become poetry, can become Andante Cantabile, as long as there Andante Cantabile, we will be able to poetry, will be able to resolve the hearts of pine.The world will be less ferocious in our hearts, a little more warmth.

At an early age, I always feel that everyone paying as much effort, then the result will be the same.Gradually, I know, not necessarily, if say, we were not good people at the very beginning, maybe we have to pay a lot.  But it is like this, so people say, if you want a good child, a generation destined to abandon life.    Many years ago, at that time, there asked me, after going to do.I said, later going to do a little business, I like that.The man said, no money how to do business that way.This sentence, most of the years I started listening a little dissatisfied.  I have been thinking mind, no money how to do business.It is from no money up.I later learned that I was wrong.    In fact, at that time, I really do not think there should be that way, maybe he is the kind of idea.  I should ask him, yes, no money to do how to do business that way.Maybe he did teach me.But whether or not I teach I teach, the latter two will certainly be different, and in my score in his eyes, or at least a plus.  Because at that time I asked the man very rich, rich man’s idea certainly is not the same.    At home, Dad often speak with his brother’s word, it must be used with people who could read a little better.Do not just want to play every day, just want to go for a day where.Since that time, he will play with his brother, every day thinking about playing.  Dad also concluded, that is sure to help back the burden of powerful people, and do not help poor people consigliere.    , It is from our point of view together with good people, even if we have not become good.  With no good people together, even if we are okay, it also becomes mediocre.    In fact, people are really people, but also through a lot, so we know a lot of small details.If look at a person unless he is really too low-key, or chat with him, he is wearing clothes, we probably can see how they.  The family has no money, or how, or what to do.Because the kind of elegance, the kind of temperament, not learn.    Speaking of this, I think just graduated when renting an apartment, a lot of people rent an apartment, always like to rent cheap.So some people rent a house noisy noisy, or many individuals together in a.And I always like comfortable.  Even if the price of your point, but because they live comfortably, so would prefer a little more money, in fact, not much more.    Later bought the house.Others mean that we must buy their own design, own decoration.And I was like second homes, like a wealthy family to sell the kind of second-hand housing.The point is that feng shui will be good, we say, but I’m not.  Because they have money, so they had designed the house are very reasonable, the decoration is also very good, with furniture brands.  To design our own, I admit, I am sure it is impossible to design so well, did not it time decoration.    Because, even if they are a curtain, must engage brand.  They are not even engage in the corridor is hot, because then the winter vegetables are.And I would never have thought, even though the thought of trouble, and it certainly can not do it.So, Fuzhou good play with a few friends, they all say outsourcing.  They also never own a house decoration, anyway, let others renovated, how much money money.    So, good people there are excellent, whether it is dealing with others, or buy all sorts of things.Chat with them, talk about the price, they will not let that is not, and will not care about.Anyway, it is almost on the line.  Perhaps, if we talk to them to know under.Under the business cooperation next time, maybe a suite earn the money.  Therefore, we must know how to play with those good people because good people where are excellent.    One story says, there is a single mother with a child, he was Maishao Bing.Originally earn not much, but he always have to find a way to move into better quarters, and often free biscuits to help him give the district where the people, so he good karma.  So the district where people will always help them, but also help his business advice.But he will always listen, do.    So his business will gradually getting better and better.Like every time, such as he moved into the area from the well-off that university teachers live in the kind of community when.Many well-off district just as he had advised his friend as.  Or not to move into that good community, and I heard that there’s ferocious security, where people are selfish and unfriendly.  But he moved, with his imagination, like, where people more friendly, more atmosphere, more motivated.  He is still free to give them biscuits, they help him out better attention.Above all, in the end, his children became a listed company’s chairman.Excellent really is a tradition, not only is passed to the next generation, it will be passed to the people around.    Whether we choose to accept or not to accept, people around us is like this.  Those already excellent family than we are, because there are better learning conditions.As long as they pay the same effort with us, then their results are a lot better than a lot of us.Even almost, they make money at, will go.  Therefore, they are also destined to go a different life.Do not think of them only know how to spend money, they actually know a lot.    In the group chat, can feel this, because a lot of the group boss boss.  They themselves are very good, but their child is good at reading, good will heritage.    For example, our group in the mop sister, she’s doing great factory.Her daughter is also able to read her son is good at reading.For example, her daughter puppy love.She knows the right way to guide his son to play the game, but also guide.  If others do not understand, it is estimated to be puppy love smacking, estimates put the computer to play games torn down, or do not buy computer.  So not the same person, because the height of the station they do not like anything to see are not the same.    So we look at those good people, more often than not he was a good man, his whole family is all good.  The whole family is good, only that gene, trained many outstanding people.Maybe a lot of time, we will be thinking, I look at this world, though his family was not a lot of people, but also to do well behind.  The right, but not the same as the probability that.More people are still doing a good job.Do good are especially lucky.  Of course, the more work, the more happiness, in any case, we certainly can not give up their own efforts.    In ancient times, a lot of official position is hereditary.In fact, modern, a lot of wealth are also hereditary.  Even many honors are hereditary.Because they are excellent, and more excellent probability that.    Very powerful Curie, Marie Curie is also very powerful, but their two daughters, is quite powerful.Two daughters-in-law are also looking for two very powerful.Therefore, the flaming nest and everyone is very good, already occupied resources.  So we see, a lot of master’s son, grandson, is the master.Star children is still a star.    So why when the beginning of the article said that if you want a good child, destined to abandon the generation of life.In fact, the original words like this, he said, cultivate a good child for at least three generations, at least a generation to abandon life.  Due to the counter-attack, only to leave no stone unturned in going up.Only go up, and the next generation will be more resources.  There are resources, and trained the next generation will be better.Because it would be a good tradition.  Our own good, and people around us will be better.Because that kind of atmosphere will be another gene transfer.  My QQ / micro-channel: 838 504 315, welcome to add.

Since they know, most are separated from one week she always left it to his tireless, do not mind, all right, she never knew the taste of that long thoughts, but do not know the pain of separation.  That day, he walked, went far away, this is their country’s border, where his career.  The moment he left, he left her the moment, the moment he left home, my heart was very heavy, too heavy to hardly ever tears from a man, even silently with that endless flow of tears.She trembled when his heart was crying a little, not too strong a man feel comfort after a man walked blankly.  This is the first time they separated, in a twilight time.  Man to the woman telephoned place.Women feel very close.  Day, two days, three days, month, two months, March..  This woman knows the taste of Acacia, she can feel this profound experience to Renzouchaliang.  She tasted a more thorough person to sleep alone.  She could not get up fast, she would like him, want to want.Want to hug him, to kiss him, he wanted to taste.  That day, the woman brought the man clothes smell and smell, tears unknowingly fall.The original Acacia’s so hard.So helpless.   Women love men, but this Acacia too excruciating, she just wanted to live a happy life dull. Now how hard she also can not hold a man’s hand, although with heart, the body can not be together, nothing in the world even more unbearable than this. Love is not worth mentioning, but I could love this tangled per second per second of her, so she could not move, but to jealously guarding this lonely youth. Over time, this love is to reverse the parting, give birth to resentment, grow to hate, discontent can often short out, were past this love pressure, and thus, to hate, and love is in a hurry to get rid of it the. Women are always around other men, but she did not dare relax a moment, did not dare slightest vague, so she just breathe a little breath will not help themselves, so she is very hard. Cold night, tossing and turning, Acacia is everywhere.He got up and sat up, a cup of glittering green tea, tea remaining Chunchi Jian. Long night, a woman angry with tea against a deep sense of Acacia. Woman for his poetry. You go, leaving behind me in your pillow, to be tasted with your thoughts. You go, you do not have my pillow, whether the dream will call me murmured. You go, long night, filled with the lonely little. You’re gone, the flowers fade, you see a clear possibility that the flower color?   That red is my heart’s thoughts, that white is my quiet wait. You went away the days faded and pale, your company is less. You go, clear sky, and I hope you return circuit to the wind. You go, do not you accompany me to see the moon, it is not wonderful moonlight. Exhausted body strength was found to have been exhausted. This effort Acacia I really did not make it last year for three years. I’m just me.Wang Baochuan no tears Half Love. I’m just me, Love is only one day old in one day. I waited, the time may vary. Honey, you go home soon. This life just to work with you through life together.