Xinhua News Agency, Brussels, December 15 (Guo Ji and Guan Cha) – Progress the EU summit three major topics, with various difficulties still exist Xinhua News Agency reporters two-day EU summit in winter closing 15。
Meeting made some achievements in the "off Europe" and European defense integration negotiations the two issues, but in the euro zone reform failed to gather enough consensus。 Analysts believe that, regardless of how this progress, the future of the European Union on these issues are facing difficulties or uncertainties。
  The second stage is turned "off Europe," the 27 EU leaders to negotiate other than the United Kingdom announced on the 15th, the first phase of the negotiations the British "off Europe" has "breakup fee", the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland Britain, civil rights and other core issues made "enough progress", you can turn on the second phase of negotiations。
This is considered the greatest achievement of the summit。   The second phase of the negotiations will focus mainly British "off Europe transitional period" and the future relationship between Britain and Europe。
Analysts believe that marked the end of the first phase of the negotiations "off Europe" talks into the deep water, these two sides will focus Britain and Europe, and the first stage has not yet completed negotiations continue to expand the depth of the game, the greater difficulty of the negotiations。
  Italian Prime Minister really Di Luoni said the first phase of the negotiations has left the "tail", including Ireland and Northern Ireland signed agreements in various fields, as well as international agreements with the EU concerning the participation of the United Kingdom, so the next negotiations will " very difficult"。
  Arrangements for "off-European transitional period", a next phase of the European Secretariat of the Council to the Council on the 15th, "Negotiating Guidelines" provisions of the current EU management, budgeting, supervision, judicial and other rules and regulations will continue to apply in the UK , including the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice。 The British "off Europe" hardliners previously declared many times, not only to the European Union to pay the United Kingdom also accept the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice。
It is anticipated that on this issue, the two sides next game will be more intense。
  Britain and Europe about the future relationship between the two sides will enter into a comprehensive economic trade agreement, "Canadian model" and to join the European Economic Area, "Norwegian model" based clash。
  Brussels European and Global Economic Research Institute deputy director Maria Demoqisi that the "Canadian model" does not meet expectations "off Europe" in Britain, because this model does not provide a license for the British EU financial institutions; and the "Norwegian model" although the UK can meet most needs, including the provision of EU licenses to financial institutions, but need the British to accept a unified market, free movement of persons。
However, according to British officials, the above-mentioned modes do not apply to the United Kingdom, Britain and Europe need to tailor。 This undoubtedly increased the difficulty of the negotiations。
  "Permanent structured cooperation," the official launch of the first day of the summit, the 25 EU countries except Britain, Denmark, Malta held a launching ceremony to carry out the field of defense "permanent structured cooperation"。   In the future, 25 countries will jointly develop defense capabilities, defense investment projects and the deployment of military action。 25 countries 17 projects have been submitted list shows, they will cooperate in military training, network security, logistical support, and disaster relief and other strategic command。 The European Commission set up a total of 5.5 billion euros of European defense fund to provide financial support for the project。
  Start "permanent structured cooperation" marks the EU has taken a key step towards closer defense cooperation。
The Council of Europe main Xitusike commented that this is an important achievement since only a handful of half a century of progress made in the construction of European defense。
  NATO European defense integration in the past has been suppressed, but this time for "permanent structured cooperation" expressed support。 The summit was attended by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said, "Welcome to Europe a stronger defense," and stressed that the EU and NATO defense construction are complementary rather than competitive relationship。   Analysts believe that the "permanent structured cooperation" contribute its fair share of the trans-Atlantic military ally, to solve NATO's top priority, but the development of EU military capabilities does not mean to replace NATO, the European prospects from the United States and NATO to achieve self-defense is still very vague。   Director of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Foundation Center for European Tomas Walaxieke believes that cooperation under the framework of "permanent structured cooperation" does not mean that every country will participate in all projects, so from an improved defense in Europe the goal is still some distance, maximum utility of the framework at this stage is that the EU countries to increase investment in defense。   Eurozone reform uncertainty in the second day of the summit, leaders of the 27 EU countries except Britain also discussed the euro zone reform plan, but failed to achieve results。
  Tusk said the euro zone finance ministers over the next six months will continue to discuss areas of disagreement minimum, committed to the current "European stability mechanism" to the "European Monetary Fund" extended to provide support for the stability of the euro。
  German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Make Long day at a joint press conference that Germany and France will reach a "common position" on the euro zone reform plan before March next year, and hope that euro zone member states next year 19 6 reaching reform of the euro zone "road map" months ago。
  The European Commission 6th of this month released a roadmap for action to deepen the European Economic and Monetary Union and specific measures in the hope to strengthen sovereignty by the assistance fund established during the financial crisis, "European stability mechanism" to have more extensive powers, "EU Monetary Fund" single currency area, while providing more support to member countries in economic difficulties in the。   The road map is supported by the Make Long, Merkel also say positive。 But analysts believe that the road map involved in the EU fiscal affairs, means that the EU's largest economy, Germany, for more funding。 Given the political sensitivity of this issue in Germany, the European Commission's reform program may be blocked。
  In addition, Germany is still stuck in the plight of post-election cabinet, Merkel government is difficult to introduce any major decisions, which also increases the prospects for reform of the euro zone uncertainty。
(Participation reporter: Zhou Jun, Tian Dongdong, handsome Rong, COMMUNICATION AND) +1。

You really waiting for me in front of it in the winter?Waiting for my love letter?    Magic brother says you have such a, in the winter the door, waiting for my love letter。So, I regain the enthusiasm of a heart filled with, as you write, every word such as heart, pen appeal to you。    You know, my world will no longer winter。I forgot the wind, forget the snow, the cold forget the two words。Even forget that he。You laugh, cry for you, for your turns, you lost face。Our oath in the winter breeding, germination in the spring, summer covered branches。If only one step for a long time, really, I'm so careful, sheepishly before the trip, but it turned to winter and。    are you still there?Whether in place, as I wait for you like waiting for close to one another?are you still there?Whether as before condone our oath prosperous unbeaten?Are you still it?I think you must be in the。But almost winter, frost white as snow, my clothes and how much to add, but since the road sparsely cold, beloved slowly!    Today, as you write a love letter。    We love to add a sophisticated look, high-profile, gorgeous and lonely。    Dream had a variety of love, you are one of the most touching。I really want to write a love letter touched even their own, and placed you, touch you slow pace。Long night, let me walk you gradually learned voice, warm my cold heart。    I am a little upset, I can not write with tired between lovers of words。In love before, I still can not lower the knees。I looked up, passers line, laughed at me false modesty。Who knows?Loss turned my eyes down to a crystal, this pool of spring water, just waiting for a person's attention, people do not know, you know it is?There can be a pain somewhere between your heart?If so, who needs!    I'd love to write some sentences happy heart, but no word。It seems that only a busy, busy can not pursue anything, including you。I could not bring myself to stop, to deliberate pursuit。In love before, I was a coward after all。    Today, as you write a love letter。    Kind of insanity shed for our love, devotion, careful and helpless。    I would like this insanity eclipse!Even if the transfer time, your love is willing to pay another woman, even if you bring a pot of wine, in the day in early winter, and I, fireplace and drink。Laughing wave, I can only be who you drink with。Watching you happiness in, not far not near。

  Source: nothing to reduce the punishment brokerage China Banking Regulatory System potential。
  According to brokerage China correspondent statistics, as of March 20, the Banking system this year, at least out of 836 tickets, a total of one hundred million yuan confiscated。 Among them, the Banking Bureau out of 319 tickets, worth a total of confiscated billion; Branch Banking out of a total 519 tickets, worth a total of one hundred million yuan confiscated。   It is noteworthy that, in the 836 tickets, there is a more than 100 million yuan in fines, eight more than 10 million yuan in fines, 58 more than 1 million yuan in fines。   From the point of view the number of tickets ,, the Postal Savings Bank, the largest number of tickets is received three banks。   Agricultural Bank of China Postal Savings bank to receive a ticket to the big banks to remove the Branch Banking employees to open a ticket this year, Industrial and Commercial Bank, Postal Savings Bank, Agricultural Bank received the largest number of the Banking System (Banking Bureau, Branch Banking) ticket, respectively He received 53, 49, 43 tickets。
  From the Banking Bureau this year out of the ticket point of view, there are two banks so far this year has received more than 30 tickets, respectively, the Postal Savings Bank and Industrial and Commercial Bank。 Postal Savings Bank received the most tickets for 31, followed by Industrial and Commercial Bank 30。
In addition, there are six banks Banking Bureau received more than 10 tickets。
Agricultural Bank of China received 24 tickets, received 17 tickets, and Shaanxi Province Rural Credit Cooperatives receive 12 tickets each, and Chang'an District Rural Credit Cooperative Union each receive 10 tickets。   Banking Bureau received the most tickets of the Postal Savings Bank, received a total of 31 tickets。
Each of which branches out to be a total of 16 tickets, worth a total of forfeited million, the maximum amount of a single ticket for the 85.5 million yuan; the staff is out of a total of 15 tickets, Wenchang Road Postal Savings Bank branch in Wuwei City, Wang Jianzhong was sentenced to life prohibited from engaging in banking。   Among them, the Agricultural Bank and Branch Banking Banking Bureau is out of the ticket total amount of 15.88 million yuan confiscated。
Agricultural Bank of each of the branches to be open a total of 20 tickets out of the Banking Bureau, forfeited worth a total of 8.05 million yuan, the maximum amount of a single ticket is 100 yuan; to be out 19 tickets Branch Banking, forfeited worth a total of 7.83 million yuan, a single ticket maximum amount of 100 million。
  According to brokerage China correspondent statistics, around and Branch Banking Banking Bureau opened this year, at least 836 tickets。 Among them, a more than 100 million yuan in fines, eight more than 10 million yuan in fines, 58 more than 1 million yuan in fines, above ten million tickets and one million tickets in total amount confiscated million, while the amount of the fine leaflets up to 461.75 million yuan。   More than 1 million yuan in fines 58, there is a one hundred million tickets, there are eight ten million tickets, 15 more than 500 million tickets, 2 million and less than a total of 25 tickets。
In terms of time, ten million tickets concentrated in January。
  Chao from 8 million ticket point of view, the most fined for violating the rules of prudent operation, there are four tickets。 In the 58 million tickets Zhang Chao, there are 25 related to the subject of penalty violates the rules of prudent operation。
  Up to million tickets, the Department of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank branch in Chengdu, Sichuan out by the Banking Bureau。
It is understood that Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Chengdu Branch is to cover bad loans, by making up false applications, the spin-off of credit, ultra vires and other techniques, illegal handling credit, industry, finance, letters of credit and factoring business to business credit shell 775 1493 billion, in exchange for investment related businesses bear the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Chengdu branch of non-performing loans。 This statement by bad assets maneuvers, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Chengdu Branch appeared in long-term "zero bad" illusion of prosperity。
  In addition to a fine of one hundred million yuan Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Chengdu branch, while tickets for the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Chengdu Branch is responsible for the former president, two vice president, a branch president of a people and departments were given a lifetime ban from engaging in banking work, cancel qualifications of senior management personnel, warnings and fines。   Strict financial regulation continued, this year, as an administrative violation of the relevant bank official or employee, were opened a lot of ticket。   Brokerage China correspondent statistics show that this year is all over Branch Banking Banking Bureau and the removal of bank directors and senior managerial personnel of the ticket are 48, out of 15 banking regulatory bureau tickets, Branch Banking out of 33 tickets。   In addition, there are 10 bank employees were sentenced to a lifetime ban engaging in banking operations, and another three people were sentenced to only 15 years in the banking industry work ban。   It is worth noting that the above 48 tickets, six people a lifetime to cancel directors, officers qualifications, two people banned Dong high qualification of 15 years, three high qualifications of directors banned for 10 years; in addition to 37 people faced with high qualifications ranging from Dong 1 year to 5 years was canceled。
  From the Banking Bureau of view out of the ticket, brokerage Chinese reporter Statistics found that in the punishment of 15 banned banking or cancel Dong high qualifications ticket cause of action in violation of the rules of prudent operation up to as many as nine; suspected illegal accounts and high interest Lanchu, there are two; alleged breach of handling credit business, including pre-lending investigation due diligence and post-loan management and other cases were not two; there are irregularities involving unauthorized modification of contracts and allegedly provided cash management services revenue false material each one。   From Branch Banking out of the ticket point of view, this year there are at least 27 employees from the bank because the bank is a ticket violations, either when the bank's leadership bears direct responsibility, leadership, handling responsibility, responsibility is to monitor sanctions。
  Specifically, the main local agricultural businesses, rural banks, responsible for leading any time Rural Credit Cooperative Union, the need for savings and loan banks appear within any non-compliance, internal control oversight, industry and other irregularities be accountable; the main results of the punishment warning。
Of these, 11 people were sentenced in charge of 50,000 yuan to 100,000 yuan, ranging from fines, as well as a three-year ban bankers fined。   Since 2017, regulatory stressed that adhering to double accountability, strengthen the executive responsibility; adhere to the "case three questions," the occurrence of cases, and resolutely accountable managers, and the relevant person in charge; implement the "Three questions a risk "the risk of strict punishment business sponsors, business people and institutions responsible for approval。
  At the same time, promote the establishment of bank employees blacklist system for serious violation of discipline, was expelled from the organization responsible personnel, should be blacklisted, the implementation of industry banned, to prevent the flow of executives sick, promoted。
From the dynamic local administrative penalties Branch Banking point of view, to strengthen the regulatory requirements of "accountability to the people," Mr. Liu also be accountable when he was in the leadership tenure, has been rolled out in Hunan, Sichuan, Yunnan, Henan Four。

  In this case, the CBRC will play starting the year, "head shot", published a series of "commercial bank equity Interim Measures," "large exposures commercial bank management approach", "commercial banks entrusted loan management approach" and other regulatory documents to strengthen violation of terms of major shareholder, regulatory and other business channel。
Subsequently, the official has issued "on the further deepening of banking regulation market chaos" and this year the focus of the regulatory requirements and refinement。   Specifically, the CBRC in 2018 will focus on the improvement of corporate governance is not perfect, in violation of macro-control policies, the shadow banking risks and cross-financial products, such as the eight consumer rights against financial problems。   For example, the official repeatedly for "naming" of corporate governance issues, the New Deal regulation directed at illegal use of non-owned capital shares, shares held on behalf of, the abuse of shareholders' rights harm the interests of banks and other chaos, requiring the same investment and other related parties, acting the number of people shares of commercial banks as a major shareholder not more than two, or a commercial bank may control more than one, in order to prevent the shareholders' emptied bank "。
  As another example, following the Central Economic Work Conference "to promote the formation of financial and economic, financial and real estate, internal entity of the financial system virtuous circle" the spirit of the CBRC relevant agencies shall not violate the credit policy and real estate policy; within the financial system, it is clear not illegal to carry out the industry, finance, balance sheet and four business cooperation, leading to the shadow banking risks and cross-financial products。
  The continued strong supervision, have not fared well in recent years, the banking industry will suffered another blow?Analysts believe that, despite the short-term external table banking business scale growth will be affected, but in terms of asset quality and long-term industry turns for the better and improved growth performance is not expected to change。
  CICC researcher Zhang pointed out that the handsome, in fact, the existing regulatory policy has covered most of the foreign banks' balance sheets and sheet business, effectively compensate for the regulatory gaps。
Future regulatory measures will be "strong" in the policy to ensure that the stock of landing, rather than the introduction of a huge impact on the bank's balance sheet policy。   The CBRC has also sent this "assurance" that regulators work to grasp the "stability" and "into" relationship。
On the bottom line to hold the financial system is no risk of occurrence wanted stability in the illegal disposal problem, a progressive on major cases and high-risk events; Striving to resolve on the stock of risk, risk containment in incremental improvement, reasonable grasp the intensity and rhythm, set aside space policy, the implementation of the new from the old, in order to resolutely prevent the "risk disposal risk."。

For strength and innovation in the field of MEMS sensors Bosch, we see, for a long time has maintained its position as the global leader in sales and incremental。 Bosch Group automotive and industrial technology, energy and consumer goods and building technology business segments serving the global market, covering 60 countries worldwide, more than 400,000 employees, 280 manufacturing base, 2017 sales of 78 billion EUR。 Mr. President Bo Barry BoschSensortec Asia Pacific introduces the latest business conditions in Munich Shanghai Electronics Show press conference。 Mr. Barry Bo BoschSensortecMEMS overall responsibility for product areas, Mr. President BoschSensortec RalfSchellin Asia-Pacific region in China, Bosch has 62 companies, from 2011 to 2016, total Chinese investment of nearly 22.9 billion yuan, China the number of employees reached nearly 59,000。
To strengthen the capacity of indigenous innovation, the establishment of 36 production base, which includes 21 auto-related production base, as well as 22 R & D center, which includes 12 automotive-related R & D center, there are more than 6300 R & D staff in China。
Has such strength and innovation of Bosch, the mobile phone as the representative of the consumer electronics market MEMS price war in full swing when Bosch also have enough "upgrade" the reason, will look wearable, AR / VR, and other emerging more room to grow market, to develop new, more challenging difficulty of MEMS products, upgrades to the embedded software and algorithms, integrated sensor combination of the overall solution, customized things actuator and sensor solutions Watch user pain points, to lead the future of perceiving the world。 In the 2018 Munich Shanghai Electronics Show, BoschSensortec show three new core product portfolio that is used for ultra-low power accelerometer BMA400 wearable devices and the Internet of Things, to enhance and virtual reality, high-performance inertial measurement unit (IMU ) BMI085, and a virtual IoT projection interactive user interface module。 These ideas will help engineers and designers meet these challenges positive, to achieve the transformation of innovation, which is to create a truly smarter to lay the cornerstone of the world。
BoschSensortec show three new core product portfolio。

Social media, were labeled as a "testator old anti-daughter-in-law," the topic is hot。
According to Shanghai China will publish a White Paper Library (2013-2017 years) data show that anti-daughter-in-law% of older people choose "Chinese template library will" in terms of。 Provisions heirs inherited the property in a will are personal property, jointly owned property does not belong to it。 For a more realistic look "deal with heritage" approach, the public opinion is mixed。 The joy is that "legacy" inherited can be properly handled, the more assured of themselves to reliable; the worry is that "daughter-in-law" has been living into the ranks of the outsiders。
The so-called "recombinant family" or difficult to escape, "two words" fate。
Of course, the reason why there is anti-choice% of the elderly daughter-in-law clause "China will library templates" in the biggest driving factor because "the high divorce rate."。 Frankly, as long as the parents and children of family harmony, heritage perhaps not a big problem。
But if the sons and daughters of marital instability, the next best thing parents will naturally select legacy to their children, rather than be allocated according to the average family unit。 However, such a reality when placed in front of a lot of "daughter-in-law" a little feeling very hurt。 Indeed, some people think that this kind of "preparedness will" defeat the marriage is the last straw。
But these people's grievances and pessimistic, but forgot to restructuring the family itself should not be for the benefit and interest for the heritage and legacy。 In fact, the real parents living wills neutral, mostly property more generous family。
For the average family, the property is relatively simple, most parents are no such worries。 This is the number of samples stored between 5 years, a total of 80,000 copies can also see that the library from Shanghai China will advance to the testator's elderly are not the majority。
Now, most of this is not, this should not be overstated, "preparedness will" harm。 Frankly, the so-called straw brutal destruction of marriage, but in reality it is emotional magic obscenity。 Generally if you can clarify the nature of marriage and the family, will not easily believe that "the old man testator anti-daughter-in-law" of behavioral problems。
Should the issue will be rolled out this point of view, the elderly prepare for the breakdown of the marriage only after the property, "the flow of injustice" rather than to war against their own daughter or son。 Should the children of the marriage and harmonious family for a long time, so-called "defense will" just a form, to finally belong to the "daughter-in-law," "son and daughter", how can this so-called rejection of it?I even think that there is really such a mood sour grapes "daughter-in-law" because the bones are not confident of their marriage, or their family grudge against her, or else how would care so much about such a "preparedness will"。
From this logic, generating such "guard will" not from the old drive unilaterally。
A kind of "self-protection behavior," but rather as the distribution of benefits "restructuring family", and made。 And this psychological self-protection, in fact, has been integrated into every home。
Whether elderly or children, they are more or less have this awareness。
From the genetic terms, this is nothing wrong。
For those who always put "daughter-in-law as an outsider," as everyone happy in terms of people, in fact, just to see their rights in the reorganization of the family, but did not see himself in the reorganization of family obligations。 After all, they do not get all like to pay dividends, this logic itself is very unreasonable。
Often we see some "wife", complaining about her husband's family for their own good that her husband's family regard themselves as outsiders。 We recognize that there are indeed some people compare her husband's family is not unreasonable。
But I also believe that, compared to the recognition of identity, Care of coexistence and understanding, is the reorganization of the family in need of temperament。
Compared to "wife", "son" is relatively better, because Traditionally, the law generally does not involve property may inherit the father at home, which will allow the "son" becomes less hostility。 Of course, now the property of inheritance, most still dominated with his son, daughter most difficult to get right of inheritance。 However, in the eyes of some sensible parents, who for their own good, who sincerely pension, who finally gave allocate some more。
Such as those for the elderly, "the old man testator anti-daughter-in-law," in fact, be thought more open, the more advanced the concept of a group of people。 In a sense, the "preparedness will" be a more equitable way。 The more afraid to broach the reality of people talk about money, the more hearts full of utilitarian; the more courage to calmly face the reality of the people, in order to be respected in the face of friendship。 As a "son or daughter", it is not have no inheritance rights, but to understand his reason for entering the reorganization of the family, in the end why?Because, in the family among the relatively "son or daughter" is it not "son or daughter", this time how would you judge the other's identity recognized it?Each wife is the daughter, every son is a son, this "double identity" who will continue to exist, why tangled in which, considered a rejection of their own。
For as the elderly, although not directly to the property to "son or daughter", but as long as the children of a happy family, "son or daughter" will naturally blessed, but also to enjoy the legacy of the corresponding benefits that are actually supporting rather than isolated。 Even under such rules carry so clear, but also allow more and more reflect the value of marriage from my values, rather than rely on the value of。
As a "son or daughter", with its emphasis on recognition of their identity, finding a succession charity, not as wonderful live on their own, to make their own recognition。
Only in this way, so-called outsider status, in order to gradually erase the so-called preparedness of the heart, can no longer anxiety。 Everyone is not utilitarian, naturally, there is no alert。 Frankly speaking, should the high "son or daughter" is worth, there would be no such alert consciousness。
In the final analysis, alert heart to heart just utilitarian preparedness, in this sense, the old man's "preparedness will" what is wrong with it?Original articles, declined reproduced, starting micro-channel public number: qingnianxuejia。

US stock market center: Exclusive offer full industry sector stocks, premarket after-hours, ETF, warrants night network real-time quotes, nightlife net stocks GMT 10 hearing now, the Korean families are ushering in a pickle lack of winter – because of drought and heavy rains, etc. disaster, the country's vegetable harvest this year greatly affected。  Now, the traditional Korean pickled season has begun, people are ready to accompany them concocted a whole winter kimchi, and the market, turnip and cabbage prices are rising。The source said that not only vegetables, even chili, garlic, onion and salt and other spices, there have been shortages。  Due to bad weather conditions, harvest collective farms roughly halved, every family ration quota was significantly lower than last year, so that people worried。  "In Chongjin water Nanhe market, one kilogram of Chinese cabbage has now been sold to 3,000 Korean won (0.35 dollars), 1,000 yuan more expensive than before。Radish prices rose 500 yuan, but this way, the sales pace is still very alarming。"The source added," If people see someone catch a mule radish and cabbage carts pass by, we will catch up to, immediately offered a higher price to buy, for public quarrel。"" August, Hamgyong a large number of vegetable and vegetable section of Two Rivers Road have suffered extreme rainstorm attack, leading to crop failure。"She said," So, this year, many families had to abandon pickles。"People have been too busy southern tip of the peninsula, while the northern end of man only concerns the central government decided to give priority supply Rason region, where heavy rain disaster is particularly serious, while the rest of the residents, even now even a cabbage trees did not get。Farmers are forced to command the military bases and vegetables infested areas, to supply their own pickles, these people have been very worried。  Sources said the North Korean winter, kimchi is essential staple food, people are already fears of possible comprehensive hungry。  For an ordinary family of four, in which pickled season, also requires a minimum 350 kg and 200 kg cabbage turnip。To these pickled cabbage and radish, but also three kilograms and 18 kilograms of garlic salt。In general, all these pickles raw materials only need to pay about 150 yuan can buy, but this year, an estimated 3 million to use, and even if the money may not be able to buy。(Zijin)

Gradually the night came, a little head pops up dew。Only the night before made him feel safe, dew think they are timid, afraid to meet the sun, only to reveal his thoughts at night。Caojian dew borne on a grass, stood unsteadily, could be shaken off accidentally into the soil and pieces。  The moon slowly rising to the dark night covered with a hazy veil, dew think this night is like a bride to be married: beautiful。A meter away from the dew have a moonlight flower petals stretch at the moment is quietly blooming, white flowers that ah, touched the hearts of the dew。Qinxiang that is so unable to resist dew, dew convinced that: only a bloom time, he fell in love with moonflower tis one meter outside。  Dew with humble attitude looking up at the moon flowers, she can look forward to own one。But moonflower arrogant head held high, facing the moon, her heart filled with the moon, even though that love is out of reach, even though this is just wishful thinking, moonflower just want a night with the moon, looking。  Late at night, dew feel so cool, but he never stopped looking, because he knew that after dawn, sunlight it will evaporate this, you will not see the beloved moonflower。Moonflower also look up to her because after dawn soon fade, never going to look beautiful youth。  A gust of wind blowing, dew stop shaking, are looking forward to the wind a little big longer, it will be asked to moonlight spent on flowers。Dew dizzy head was shaking, tears all shake out, but from the moonflower is still within easy reach if the End of the World, dew thought: what could be more painful than this yet so far away?The wind stopped, the dew is still hovering Cao Jian, and moonlight perianth the wind dropped his head, which means she can no longer look up to the moon。Moonflower whispered began sobbing, tears dripping crystal on the grass, salty Sese, and dew lumped together。Dew finally saw the face of the moon flower: it is as tender and beautiful as Furongchushui, and if like pear rain arouses pity。But her eyes ah, did not look toward its own direction, this will be looked into her face may well be sufficient。    In this way the dew did not sleep all night, watching the moonlight spent crying tired to sleep Juanjuan。When the eastern sky gradually brightened。Dew heart bursts bleak: So, looking even have become a luxury。The first ray of sunshine in the morning dew will shine the bright lights, moonflower could not help but glance at the moment she realized that he quietly waited at the side。The sun has become more and more intense, and finally could not withstand the dew from Caojian evaporation rose in the air at that moment to leave he saw moonflower fundus of sadness: belated love that has not had time to tell, is far thousands of miles across the。Dew rose into the air, a look Review: Moonlight spent flowers promptly curled up into a withered flowers: So no one care of the flowers are so fragile。    Dew sub-air meditation: if the next life, but let me meet you。Next life I would like to make a drop of rain, dripping in your heart, not asking you to love me, just want you to know I love you!

US stock market center: Exclusive offer full industry sector stocks, premarket after-hours, ETF, warrants night network real-time quotes, nightlife network Finance YORK August 13 news, US economic growth accelerated in the second quarter GDP growth reached 4% job market continued to improve, the only concern is to place the real estate recovery process is blocked, a series of recent real estate data are underperforming。  In July the Federal Reserve's interest-rate statement specifically pointed to signs of weakness in the real estate market: "household spending at a moderate pace, business fixed investment is rising, but the real estate sector recovery is still slow。"But Deutsche Bank (Deutsche Bank) Wagner, chief US economist 约瑟夫拉沃 that the US housing market slowdown is a temporary phenomenon, and made the following four reasons: 1. Last month, the developers confidence index rose four points to 53, for the relatively high level。Historically, developers confidence level of 53 corresponds to 140-160 ten thousand housing starts。It is currently running at slightly less than the amount of one million level hovering。2. We estimate that residential construction work week close to record highs。The general construction work week and hours are at record highs, if the developers intend to slow down development, should be reflected in work hours。Now apparently did not happen。3. Residential construction continued rapid increase in employment, has increased 26 consecutive months。Despite the bad weather in the first quarter, residential construction jobs so far this year has increased by 7.40,000。This is comparable to last year's rise。4. Perhaps the most important point is that commercial banks finally began to relax lending standards of residential mortgage loans。July data display and standard-priority non-traditional mortgages are greatly relaxed, and the standard of subprime mortgages are no longer tightening。This real estate market is extremely advantageous as senior lending officer Fed survey is a leading indicator of economic activity。  Deutsche Bank finally concluded that: "The second half, residential investment expenditures should be able to play a greater contribution to GDP。In addition, real estate-related expenses, including furniture, appliances and other home improvement, the coming months will improve。"(Shofu compilation)

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Sauna night Sports Network June 21 report: Beijing June 21 evening 20:00, 2018 Russia World Cup?Group will usher in a focus of the war, both sides against the Danish team and the Australian team。The game, two teams mentality is not the same party is to strive ahead of qualifying, while the other is the desire to retain promotion hopes。History does not record the two teams clash in the World Cup history。Friendly match, the two teams have played against three times, Denmark 2-1。World Cup, Australia 8 times against the European team's record to 1-1 draws, 6 losses, winning only 25% probability。The recent performance of the first round of group matches, Denmark beat Peru 1-0。Although the court is not an advantage, but the Danes have enough experience, good collapse of the Peruvian repeated attacks。As for the Australian team, they are the favorites lost to France in the last game, the score was 1-2。Game Aspect Aspect One: Denmark hope ahead of qualifying Currently, Denmark and France have achieved victory。The final round of group matches, Denmark and France meet。So, they can only qualifying hopes in the Australian game。In terms of strength and FIFA rankings, Denmark is better than Australia。Denmark is known as Viking said, they have a strong body and a strict discipline。Eriksson's midfield scheduling is very good, he is also the team's key to victory or defeat。Aspect Two: Can survived Socceroos?The game against France, Australia played not bad, and once they are present at the surface evenly divided France。If it were to rely on penalty VAR, the French can beat Australia to be really hard to say。Australian players under pressure is very strong, and can deal with the opponents at a disadvantage in the case of scene。In 2006, Australia and Brazil, Croatia points in the same group, but they still have a way to qualify。This time, the Australians whether another miracle?In Group A, Egypt and Saudi Arabia have been eliminated, while Australia and they obviously do not want the same out ahead in the game after two。Aspect Three: small Schmeichel continue hanging open? Opener, small Schmeichel definitely win the biggest player in Denmark。On the scene, a disadvantage Denmark, Peru's offensive wave after wave。However, in front of the small Danish Schmeichel like a wall of large wall, the Peruvian's shot turned away all。Match, small Schmeichel made six key saves to preserve the clean sheet。At the same time, he created a record of zero seal the game for five consecutive national team, ahead of his father, Peter – Schmeichel four games。1998 World Cup every year, Peter – Peter Schmeichel had single-game saves nine。Tonight, the small Schmeichel could rewrite the record daddy again?We expected starting teams: Denmark: 1- Schmeichel / 17- Sitelige, 6- Christensen, 4 Kjaer, high Dalles 14- / 19- Schon, 8- Delaney , Erickson 10- / 23- Sisto, 9 Jorgensen, Paulson Australia 20: 1- Matthew – Ryan / 16 Bi Yiqi, 5- Milligan, 20 Cheyenne Salisbury, 19 Wriston / 13- muy, 23-Rokeach, 15 yedi ng, 10 Cruise / 9- Ulrich, 7 Leckie