Dull pain in my chest, tears can not help but slide cheek, the flow of the mouth, salty, Sese tears, to pass up。Why do I shed tears, just because a man, his sorrows and joys dirge, his every move, word spoken about my whole emotional world。I want to break free of the shackles of emotional and rational to pursue their own sky, but I still made vulnerable vulnerable in the face of love。Has been adamant that no one can do without, but that people who love each other broke into my life in the world, my everything seems to have lost its original control。His life is not like losing a gorgeous variety of colors, not his voice in the world also seems to stand still, not his figure appears to have been rejected by the entire human race。Yes, have to admit that men and women love a long time, lovestruck woman becomes a servant feelings, not their own。Finally no longer laugh at those who love men and women die for love, and finally slowly come to realize in life and death, left not abandon the true meaning。    Noble and great love, magic and glamor, excitement and passion and longing aroused the pursuit of countless men and women。However, along with the beauty and purity comes, there is sin and fear。Everyone has a longing for death, enduring love, but, in the materialistic, he argued that the interests of society tide, many people compromise on the tortuous road of love, trying to find a shortcut。Face pack, fame, beauty many people become a slave to desire。Desire difficult to fill the gully growing desire when completely lost his mind, the simple life has become a luxury, the truth is the world's persecuted nowhere to hide, not to change the name。    Just to see a movie, a penniless young guy pretended to be wealthy son of the brother of Thailand, with a young and beautiful, the wealthy daughter of love full house of gold and silver, they soon fell in love, love, joy and strange let Princess believe he finally got to find true love, the man fell in love with the beautiful as daughter。Princess careful planning how they can do things their parents or recognition, only still dealing with the。When love flowers blooming quietly in the belly, quietly disaster also befell。Originally, the beautiful young daughter is not the richest daughter, she is a high price to support the facade of the elderly rich and nurturing of young woman。When this ludicrous facts before the two young men, people can not smile。The face of love and money, the lovestruck woman thought was full of love to give up material。But then I thought, has long been accustomed to live in luxury, take cars, wear designer once she lost the love of life that is worrying how terrible it is!She would rather lose the joy of the young, can not lose these external gorgeous, these substances can satisfy her vanity。    Although the life around us is not like the movie is so magical bizarre, but there is a refraction of film art aspects of life。In the interpretation of art, is inseparable from the life of reference。As famously said, then the United States can not escape from the art of living。    Very easy to produce the spark of love in a romantic fantasy and the pursuit of men and women who, as a look back, a smile, a chance encounter with a storm crossing, an unexpected reunion, could become a prelude to the advent of love。It was hard to find love, but can not hear the footsteps of a long love; it was unintentional positive outcomes, love, meet by chance; it was once in love with a person, till the end; some people hate the old, bohemian。In the time between the fingers, two strangers can meet people at the right time, neither earlier nor later step, met when they need to love each other, knowing each other, love each other as husband and wife, you can call destined to have taken the people。Each piece has not met a perfect ending, not every person you love will fall in love with you, not everyone who loves you you will be willing to love。A big crowd, you got to find me, I found you, each other can become each other's unique man, what a not easy, whether it should use heartbeat to cherish, with the heart to care, with tolerance to maintain。    Not every love has a perfect ending, external factors we can not change, only to change ourselves。A person's life can be arbitrary, they love life needs to change。It is said to force himself, sacrifice his love is not love, but if two people go their own way, how can finally come together, the flower of love is sincere to two hot heart intention to co-culture, watering, care, in order to open the most beautiful flower。If there is one person absent-minded, half-hearted, like flowers lose nutrients, gradually wither, demise。    Really love a person, do not try to change him, because when he really is not the original change to him, you will be surprised to find themselves no longer love him as before。If love, please maximize his all-inclusive bar!He's good and bad, right and wrong, not must all care about, standing on his position, you will learn to pick him, understand him, his tolerance。    We can not stop the coming of the night, just as we can not avoid the storm, like love, rather complaining, it is better to maintain a calm water of the heart, let it go and get the calm, lost the calm, everything has a cause and effect of the fate of doom, insist not, you have to do is be yourself, pawn fate will virtually guide you forward。

With the breeze of spring, spring came to an end, followed by the immense heat。Shenzhen've only difference between summer and winter weather。I was at home eating is not the image of her husband to do the noodles。I remember telling my sister said to go to church。  Inside the church, I always like to sit in the most obscure corner。Former nun has been playing the Qin, this guy has changed the。No way, I have not been to church for six months。My sister jokingly said:“Do you want to set you up match?”  I immediately that attitude, stand firm, he said:“I was determined not want to marry Cantonese。”The reason expressed abhorrence, because I grew up thinking seriously poisoned patriarchal family。  Day was smooth, as always。But extreme love Bible study。With the understanding of the Bible, go to church began to become diligent together。  Every time I go church, always see him。Every time sitting in the back position, you can see his handsome back。Nothing special feeling that pleasant。  Whenever finished Mass, he was always a man playing the piano, I hear in the back, there is no communication, although occasionally there are a few people around him to learn Qin, it seems that this is a formidable challenge urgent, no one adhere to。  In particular, like his hands, like a magician's hands, but his props is always only the piano, but how tired of hearing they do not。I wonder if I could like him in the Qin key and keyboarding same leisurely。  Finally one day, I have the courage to come to Qin side said to him:“I can talk to you after you learn Qin?”We just met。  I always remember the day I still sloppy childish cartoon wearing a red dress, when we came out from the church, he returned to his home, I returned to my home。Clouds on the sky began to become lovely up。I also know his name: small Xing。  After contact with know that he is not as shy as I expected, but also articulate。He is not only an amateur musician or an amateur photographer。  Good too, I regret all flat body into full play on him。I said that if he had the love of literature, that really the perfect。  During that study of the Bible days, almost sleepless nights, suddenly sprouted out of the idea want to monasticism。To this end I tortured。I do not know go on like this is not is in line with the meaning of Jesus'。Day so a little bit of the past, so a little bit of thought but also the storage。  At that time the study of the Bible has been some success, but still no way to learn to share with others, but we always have a lot of strange questions, never consider asking others are not brought trouble to others。Of course, a question of objects or small-hing。  He strongly encouraged me to explain to them, because of his encouragement, I also did。Later, because of the way each time just finished sharing, he used his little sheep take me home。No one promising such a well-intentioned move, what is wrong thinking。  Until one night, he had a friend also, because it was night, his friend needs to go to the station coachman, we seem to have become accustomed to the last one left。Of course, I have half of the reason is that in practice Qin。I had finished I would also like to talk and little sister。  He told me he wanted to send his friend to the car, then I come back。  Originally obviously can not so much trouble, because he is a warm-hearted。Although people feel very sorry this trouble, but still accept the peace of mind。  When he came back to see little sister also, we did not say anything, and he was anxious to explain our small aunt just the way it。  That episode, even now, I still still laugh out。  I'm still thinking of suffering as a religious thing。One night, I said to Jesus:“Jesus, if someone is looking for me to chat on QQ, and was a man tonight, I will not go。”  This is for others, it may take exception。But for a stealth two years, but few people know that in the case of their own under the circumstances of this case is simply negligible。  But that's happened, and it objects or small-hing。I forgot what day we say in Argentina!  Things just come without change of the sound, until the smell out when everything seems to have recovered less than the original look。  I know he has a child, he liked people, and I also very self-knowledge of the X label on our bodies。Because, like you can, love can not marry。  That to me too far away, but marriage is a sacred covenant。  You, as Wu Yan Qilu general do not have the charm。  Another example is the Oracle-like, fascinating。  Slender hands, as if to make the world's most beautiful melody played。  That fragile body, straight chase with traces of dreams。  What's your belief is it labors?  A!  I am eager to fill with words like blocking my brain in general, you use your love fill your life。  You are: a city, a street, a plant, a cloud, a touch of sunset, landscape, still write memoirs, nor will he show off with former。  Everything looked so beautiful。  I also smiled。  Those good, after all, where will see a better hiding laughing。  I very unlikely, caught in looking back that ranks in。  Those destined somewhere difference is that I have to write a life of Acura。  I used this space in his message across, but only a small fraction。  I read the article written by a senior sister apprentice, about the content of what she like a person, has been keeping everything, until one day her courage to tell the truth, the man was no longer the boy's mother agreed that she went to his room to visit。I realized that he liked her。  Such stories I see a lot of tears every time。It was Tuesday morning, the evening was my second effort, the effect is pretty good。Everything seems to be well underway with, but great aunt tells us decided to cancel the gathering Tuesday of each week, two weeks into a。The reason for October's singing contest。I can not accept。  Home, still only a small Xing know I'm feeling right。And then we chatted some other。I suddenly remembered that morning to see the article。If I have to die the next second, I will not regret this has become。So I told him my feelings。His expression is very vague, not resolute refusal, also said there is no special feeling。  That for me, is the best answer。  Not remember where seen, he said:“Finally, nothing will go with the flow of feelings。”  I do not really care about these things, after all, no love, you can also have a lot of things。And I have always felt sorry human mind will bring the best memoirs。And small Hing given me inspiration is limitless。But I slowly but increasingly unable to speak properly and he。Because it is embarrassing。If I know the consequences would be regrettable to fill this。I'd rather die before the second do not tell him about the outpouring of the heart。  But this tepid, we are beginning to deliberately avoided。It is such a state, so that my heart can not calm in。Because of their expression it seems only to bring this series of embarrassing。Even dinner was also expressed gratitude to the coveted crown to name。  A!God knows my whole transition from contradiction to monasticism as far as the consequences brought this matter。The more you want the more calm choppy。Although we can see once or twice a week。I'm not him I did not know his thoughts。I just know that they want to escape from the earth's idea more strongly。  Why are not puppy love girl things but also to develop it so?I had already difficult enough to go on like this, and also that they have a Touch of Zen-like mind to face everything。In preparation injured check all the time, I knew I needed a clear rejection, so I just thought I could heroic martyrdom。  Even say when, very firmly told him not to worry I'll be hurt, they will soon come back can be adjusted。Of course, hindsight I especially want two pumping his mouth son。Doing nothing loaded so good。  When to get a clear answer, I even feel relieved pleasure。But I did not think, he told me later canceled a fixed time to learn Qin。  Although, I know he always thought I learned Qin is not a purpose, even if it is still not explained to eliminate this misunderstanding。Even when I'm in October to begin classes no time to learn, it seems do not want these words from him, which is perhaps once a person has different feelings, eager to perfect it!When a person can do to bear the weight, plus a little bit in it will collapse。  Then many, many began to emerge。  For example, on Thursday rarely see him in church, I once said that if he church tonight, I am willing to believe that he is God sent an angel to me。And he appeared in the church that night, I feel very magical。  For example, he does not usually take the initiative and talk to me, I said as long as he took the initiative and I would like to speak today, I believe that he is God sent an angel to me。  For example, in his Saturday and Sunday in church bomb Qin, I said that if he is not in church Sunday, I was sure he was God sent an angel to me。  Everything is like a funny show。Clown has always played himself in。I do not know whether it was rejected or misunderstood sad sad。  Although I told myself, if the performance is so obvious let others sad。Ye Hao even put on a happy point A!  From excitement to loss, grief from the loss to。Then there has been not say I'm sorry and thank you。I do not like this situation is。Time will dilute all right。  In this way the youth, he is the best scenery I encounter。So I decided to take in her heart。In the next meeting, I believe I will adjust their。  But when faced him, I still think that sad tale ending to the United States。  Forget him, forget about what you do not, people forget some things, can not forget after you lose something owned, forget hatred, humiliation forget。  Like rhino forget grasslands, lakes and waterfowl forget, forget heaven to hell, forget the wind leaves。  However, I decided not forget you。  Small Xing, and finally tell you, I still feel that I am not fit to go to the monastic。But I'll take it to my memories, to go very far place。  There should be a right decision, I always thought until I tell you before graduation decided to leave Shenzhen for your feeling, then months, the degree of sadness have been beyond my imagination, I do not know that time I would be more serious than it is now。So, do not flood more than sympathy, and I was afraid I was wrong when feelings。And, I can not seem courage to say the third time like you。  Who likes the fact that, fails to account for me, like the pulse of the wrist and continued beating, weak but clear。

  Xinhua News Agency Bangkok (Reporter Yangzhou Ming army) China Special Administrative Region Government Department of Education launched on the 20th in Bangkok "along the way scholarship" to attract to Hong Kong to pursue a bachelor's degree in Thailand outstanding students, personnel training for the implementation of "all the way along the" Initiative。
  Hong Kong Secretary for Education Eddie Ng and Thai Minister of Education Tila Jie after a bilateral meeting at the Thai Ministry of Education Day, the agreement on the scholarship program。
  Eddie Ng told reporters at the scene: " 'along the way' is a national initiative, based on the spirit of mutual benefit and win-win。 Hong Kong by the national opportunities in this area, we think we should do more practical things, one of which is the establishment of 'all the way along the scholarships', we hope that through this scholarship to promote popular interlinked, international cooperation to achieve mutual win-win situation。
"He also said that the number of universities in Hong Kong in the world rankings, the introduction of this new program may further promote the internationalization of higher education in Hong Kong and diversification, consolidate Hong Kong's position as Asia's regional education hub。
Meanwhile, the students receive scholarships through the university spent four years in Hong Kong, in contact with people in Hong Kong, the fusion of the two cultures, can become a "cultural ambassador" to promote exchanges between Hong Kong and ASEAN。   The HKSAR Government Scholarship Program for Thailand from 2017 to 2018 school year, for three years, a maximum of 10 places, which is a maximum of 30 students per year benefit。 Each student scholarship winners are eligible for up to 120,000 Hong Kong dollars per year (1 Hong Kong dollar US 0.89 yuan) to graduate。 Moreover, needy students For additional funding, but also receive an additional quota of 50,000 Hong Kong dollars Scholarship。   This scholarship funds for Thailand Co., Ltd. donated by the President of China Chamber of Commerce Chen Jingwei Jingwei Group and Hong Kong。
Donors Chen Jingwei said that with the national "along the way" initiative "along the way scholarship" very meaningful, Thai students to study in Hong Kong, understand the Chinese culture, self-development, completion of their studies they wish to make to the development of China and Thailand contribution。
  According to reports, the Hong Kong Education Bureau has launched in the 2016-2017 academic year in Indonesia, "all the way along the scholarship", has 10 scholarship Indonesian students attending undergraduate courses in Hong Kong and in the future "all the way along the scholarship" will continue to expand in Malaysia。 Editor: Shao Yuxiang。

BEIJING, July 6, according to Japanese media reports, around Japan's domestic economic situation, the Bank of Japan (the central bank [microblogging]) President Haruhiko Kuroda 6th of this month in Tokyo, said the country's "economy is continuing to recover steadily."。He believes that since this spring, the results reflect a raise from collective bargaining to wages summer, consumption will increase。For the economic outlook, he said, "we will continue to recover slowly."。  According to reports, the Greek referendum against the EU for financial reconstruction programs were mostly concerned, Kuroda stressed that "will continue to work closely with relevant agencies at home and abroad, focused on the financial market trends。"Kuroda also on large-scale monetary easing policy to maintain a consistent viewpoint, 'is playing the desired effect'。  Japanese media pointed out that due to the excise tax increase and the downturn in personal consumption rose gradually under the influence of income and improvement in crude oil prices fell, the Bank of Japan will, according to the economic status of the inventory report of each branch president。  By the recent economic slowdown affecting emerging markets, Japan domestic production and exports lose momentum, the central bank will also discuss the impact of economic weakness overseas business activities of the region。  It is reported that 6 pm local time, the Bank of Japan will announce Sea region economic report reflect the current economic assessment of the nine regions of the country (also known as Sakura report)。

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">(Original title: Korean fans 'captured the Blue House' petition: Fast search IKEA!Declared war on Sweden !) Afford to lose。Since the World Cup opener 0-1 loss to Sweden, it caused great discontent in Korea。According to South Korea, "Chosun Ilbo" reports, South Korean presidential (Blue House) official Internet message board has been national petition scraper Korean fans after the game。South Korea 0-1 Sweden According to reports, South Korean presidential official website of the national petition message board, the South Korean government has just set up last year, the aim is for the government to answer questions submitted by the national。However, in South Korea lost to Sweden 0-1 game after the game, the national petition message board evolved into Korean fans gathered to vent their discontent。In less than two days time, Tucao Sweden and when the referee's message has exceeded 1000。"I want to declare war on Sweden," and so more radical rumors scraper。Video capture at the same time, Korean fans anger also bring disaster to the world-renowned Swedish furniture maker IKEA, last year, South Korea IKEA just opened a branch of the world's largest。"I asked for IKEA conducting tax inspection, on suspicion of tax evasion and illegal fund-raising。"Someone wrote。"It appears that IKEA used in Korea to earn money to build a stadium giant bed type。"A South Korean fans in such a way ironic Swedish players in the final stages of the game again and again 'lying grass'。In addition, the "Undo IKEA store business license", "Let the Samsung acquisition of IKEA" and other words and so forth。The referee of the match is also the Korean fans in the track network, the referee called the game Cristobal Aguilar, from El Salvador, is a world-class referee, under Aguilar reminded the video referee, Sweden awarded a penalty。Korean fans look for Aguilar's home page on the world of social media, but fortunately Aguilar did not play social media habits, so Korean fans began to leave a message in some public platform。"In any case, should be sentenced to death Aguilar。"" Should check out Aguilar account whether received remittances from Sweden。"Such radical message are all over the pages。Another fan said: "Effective shot 0 times more like it?Please judge (South Korea) forward of the death penalty!"Cheong Wa Dae this regard, said that any particular problem does not exist, and the person in charge of the national petition message boards in an interview to be a response:" Cheong Wa Dae message board really should not be a fan of entertainment, which may be with entertainment unrealistic nature of the proposal, but citizens also need to give vent to their anger sites。"

US stock market center: Exclusive offer full industry sector stocks, premarket after-hours, ETF, warrants night network real-time quotes, nightlife net Financial News March 13 news, as he's nicknamed "Dr. Doom" implies, wheat Ka Wah (马克法贝尔) has long been bearish on the US stock market, although the Wall Street bull market has lasted 6 years。But now he's changed his tune, saying the US blue chips might be a very good place for investment。  Faber said on Thursday: "I am an investor, my job is to invest。I would choose to invest in European government bond yields negative it?Although not much to lose money, but I definitely know that this investment will inevitably lose money。Or that I want to buy some blue chips?If you choose the investment period of 10 years, I want to invest in blue chips will make more money。"But Faber further pointed out that the US stock market now may not be the best entry opportunity, because the US stock market is more 'expensive', compared to European markets 'valuation is reasonable'。He is the most promising emerging markets。  "I think the next 10 years investing in emerging market equities investment than stocks can make more money," said Faber case。  However, Faber said that if from a security perspective, the US blue chips is the best choice。  He said: "Recently at a dinner party I was asked 'When disaster comes where you would hide?"I think I'll hide in blue chips, compared to holders of government bonds, blue chips held by the loss will be smaller。"Then he's a logical extension based on short, he concluded that serious crash comes, the high valuation of fixed income will be greater than the blue chips fell space。  In other words, after years of bearish market, he does not seem to completely turn。  Faber said with a smile: "Actually, I tell you, I am more bearish than before!"(Shofu compilation)

  Trend conjecture: Tomorrow index has time to realize node probability: 70% specific reasons: today's drama is finished lower two cities, not very good, especially the changing face of the GEM some unpleasant。 Overall performance of the insurance sector today is less than expected, also failed to bring peace from the market。
Technically, the index is now entering the departure from the area, tomorrow is also a Thursday and variable nodes, is critical, rose to resolve departure from the risk adjustment represents the approaching fall。
  Operating strategy: Review of last week's trend, we can note that, after leading the weekly round of the GEM, the market for most of the week in alternating hot period, the overall focus is not clear enough, until the overall adjustment come to an end after record Blue Chip was re Zaishangtaijie。
In this process of repeated shocks see-saw, the relative increase is still superior to create these innovative blue chip varieties, before the overall pattern is not weakening, holding still the main strategy, the window of time to make a decision tomorrow。
  Guess funds: hedge funds are the main requirements to achieve probability: 70% specific reasons: the US imperialists to raise interest rates will fall tonight, hedge funds have the demand, so today finished lower trend late in diving can be said to be expected。 At the same time hedge funds also fell to lighten up the external market。
Rate hike is in the affirmative, fear is now more heavenly will follow behind to raise interest rates, this is a big probability that this is a negative for the stock market。   Operation strategy: the Federal Reserve meeting on interest rates just a fly just in front of us, no great harm, but annoying, and follow-up A-share market is bound to take the shock rise, do not expect the emergence of fast ox, as to why only general called policy direction。
In fact, whether or not to raise interest rates, started to feel under can Opening game, specifically decided tomorrow, because tomorrow is the operating window。 The operating position should not be too high so as not to let himself fall into a passive。
  Hot guess: the value of the investment is still the main line to achieve probability: 70% specific reasons: the rise of high-speed straight line segment, straight line closure plate, second and third tier funds began digging underestimate the value of blue-chip, the unicorn, the new times, the Internet industry rose too much hot money need for self-cooling, investors should not worry too much, avoid monster, long underestimate the value of blue-chip configuration。   Operating strategy: value investing is still the mainstream of the current tone of the market, whether unicorn or industrial connectivity, as well as other hot plate, sought after by the funds behind the reflection is still chasing the performance deterministic, the latter also the overall tone is still around layout value。

From the network "visa, visa on arrival countries has increased the number of Chinese New Year is very convenient exit。 "More and more countries to relax the conditions for individual tourist visas for Chinese citizens。
Chinese passport gold continues to increase, countries celebrate the Chinese tourists to relax visa。
According to the latest information on diplomatic, consular department released as of January 3, 2018, Chinese citizens holding ordinary passports without a visa, visa on arrival go to countries and regions increased to 67。
The latest visa facilitation policy, including the government of Rwanda since January 1, 2018 implementation of visa policy for citizens of all countries, including China。
From January 16, China and the UAE visa abolition, holding a valid ordinary passports of Chinese tourists to the UAE without a visa, maximum stay of 30 days。 Gabonese Embassy in China since October 2017 unilaterally citizens G20 member countries, including China, plus designated port of entry from the implementation of visa policy。 In addition, China and Bosnia and Herzegovina have signed a visa abolition agreement between the two countries is expected to come into effect in 2018。
2017 Chinese citizens can travel visa-free or landing visa countries and regions, an increase of 6, including Barbados, St. Kitts and Nevis, Serbia, Tunisia, Qatar, Gabon。
To promote Pyeongchang Olympic Winter Games held in February 2018, South Korea has implemented a conditional visa policy for Chinese tourists。 From early January to play March 31, the last five years has been to Korea, or designated travel agency to buy tickets for the Winter Olympics of Chinese people in China, you can stay 15 days visa-free access to South Korea。
Ctrip person in charge of overseas travel, visa policy changes in countries significantly increased frequency, have relaxed visa policies to attract Chinese tourists, Chinese tourists going abroad more convenient。
Only more than a month from the Spring Festival, we are at the peak visa and registration of outbound tourism。 Visa also makes good Spring Festival travel abroad this year to further enhance the heat。 According to Big Data tourism website show that at present more than 60 percent during the Spring Festival travelers are booking travel abroad。
Especially the recent relaxation of visa conditions destination, these lines of tourists increased rapidly, up more than 100%。 Ctrip released 2018 Top Ten New Year visa-free visa on arrival popular destinations are: Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Maldives, Mauritius, Morocco, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates, Egypt。
Among them, the highest proportion in Southeast Asia, Thailand emerges as the clear number one。 Way to ground sign Ctrip outbound tourists, select up to Thailand。 The island is also the most popular Chinese tourists, said a popular choice stay away, Phuket, Koh Samui, Maldives, Bali, Mauritius, etc.。 Spring Festival travel abroad but do not blindly stay away。 Tourism experts have warned that some countries did not fully open visa-free or visa on arrival, such as Malaysia, Belarus, Uruguay "visa-free" Philippines "ground sign", requires a series of restrictions, be sure to press required to prepare or carry out the necessary formalities, in order to avoid disruption of entry。
Some countries may also participate in the travel agencies with the mission of visa-free entry, open visa policy such as the Russian team tourists。 Some countries take a cruise visa-free travel is of course a lot of choices。 "People's Daily Overseas Edition" (12th edition January 12, 2018) Editor: Lirui Chen, Fei Fan。

But also want to thank pear, chilling dream, Dongfeng not drowned their sorrows, there is a seamless spring Youmeng。Lihen day, butterfly West Side Story, enantiomers window rustling Moderate。When the red and the Message memo, Yan Zi to be back, but the possibility of a few world fondly Red Love?Burning the midnight oil, the embroidered screen locked, red pink cotton letter pillow cold side, silent。Love too hard, empty vows, tears staining get Xianzhi ice strings。Red vertical is a hundred years, a distant apart, listen to zither a greeting, to be away from the moon send Acacia, the only monarch to be learned。    Hornsey light falling moonlight, turns warm again, omission grieved, Flowers to light, broken Trang, wet imminent!Lengthy monopoly cloud drifting across the room suddenly stricken, had been cut off warmth, smoke past all mottled。Who fingertips left desolate, who ask for Love Zither chaos, a Red, you and I are passing sigh!Eye condensate purple street, desolately face, who will remember years later?Streamer like yesterday, lights in staggered, stroking a wisp of black hair who?    Low peak wet cloud number arrives, micro purple smoke, flying Bluebird。Montreal accumulation of falling, lonely silent weeping, looked in doubt。Zheng Hong had to do, difficult to send thousands of mind, Ning Dai Mei lock, Jade Langan careless reliance。Solitary lamp with shadow empty, silent sprinkle Qinglei。But scared to ask the Red dream?Sansei love edge past life, this life can be continued?Yilianyoumeng dye rest of his life, if the afterlife can be co?Unlimited worry, Acacia lean, hurt dash of purple street Red?Deep ban good spring, who cherish?Dream addition, no one knows。    Guhong touch, lotus step, puzzle railing leaves fall Yao, hope Bitian evening twilight。Dai Mei Organization, and the wind to help, blowing bleak, biting cold, jade cheek pour cold dew。Old things floating, heart pain, Yan Xia Yi Mei wind dance, how bitter Acacia?Luan solitary shadow, love How to say, the Chinese parasol tree eye see far, but the return road?    Du Yi Lau, sigh dusk, emotion and turns, cold winds blow and cool thoroughly, and half mirror fleeting time has passed, dash of melancholy, have added weight loss。Drunk carry the piano, flower walks, a butterfly Huayu, also solo。Fleeting shore, blue sky with jiu who asked?Love this life, who spend?About hereafter, relative designate?Inter drunk flowers, pillows month sleep, who promised whom I worry?Pro poetry and wine, ink paid, who were bald who I?Eastward, will subside, heart character for whom prison?    I love, who tie him who cross tears of cinnabar?Flowers are blooming, who light Yin who is charming elegance?Handle Mochizuki, who sings Whose mountain stream?Green lamp lights swaying, who washed the red Jian who Langhammer?Falling leaves, who lightly twisted strings of whom Acacia?Distraught sigh, who degenerate who's lonely sadness?Wife Que Que, who is the only who's forever?    Millennium a reincarnation, in the Red Mo who fascinated eyes?Earthly flowers, half-curtain misty rain, empty the fleeting who wait?Ray of Yela, the full House residual Britain back tears hidden thoughts of who?Tears deep, distant horizon bitter, lonely vicissitudes mess who broke Rouchang?Qingchou one place, ma'am, who falling Acacia?Only hope millennium, the Executive deep love of reading, the end of the cycle Can not Say Goodbye?

What is the reason vaginal discharge?Women's vaginal discharge will reflect a lot of problems, you know what is the reason it is vaginal discharge?The following night on the network to talk about how women with vaginal discharge and more is why we do。
Leucorrhea more what the reasons are 1, vaginal discharge and more cases of fungal vaginitis lady appears, may be related to fungal vaginitis, fungal vaginitis caused if, in addition to the performance of the symptoms of vaginal discharge outside, there will be residue samples or curd-like vaginal discharge, and associated symptoms and odor。2, trichomonas vaginitis trichomonas vaginitis is caused by Trichomonas vaginalis infection, increased vaginal discharge if it is caused by Trichomonas vaginitis, there will be foam-like odor vaginal discharge, and accompanied by genital itching。This requires both men and women Tongzhi vaginitis, so as not to lead to cross-infection。3, senile vaginitis vaginitis is mainly because the vagina reduce resistance to the outside world due to。
Leucorrhea more what the reasons are well known, after menopause, the ovaries of female friends will also decline, estrogen levels will be reduced, this time will be reduced vaginal discharge, vaginal acidic environment will be destroyed so easily lead to inflammation of the vagina。
4, chronic cervicitis chronic cervicitis will be more vaginal discharge occurs, and vaginal discharge yellowish color rendering, even with bloodshot eyes。
If the vaginal discharge is caused by chronic cervicitis and more, there will be a more obvious symptom is contact bleeding, generally occurs after sex, women want to be able to pay attention to a friend。