What bloating bloating can not eat it almost all have a lot of experienced, cause bloating, poor diet is a factor which greatly。 So, bloating can not eat what Chinese medicine acupuncture massage which can effectively relieve bloating it with the small series together to look at it。
1 bloating can not eat anything fried foods fried foods are usually the same thing will be wrapped in batter and deep fried, that is, food became a bit hard for the digestive tract for food。
After the food after frying have become greasy and fatty foods, these two substances are harmful to the abdomen is。 If there is inflammation of the intestine itself, then, after eating greasy food, easy to cause symptoms of nausea or diarrhea, bloating easy it is proposed that people should try to eat less fried foods, such as fried chicken, french fries, etc.。
Eat chicken to eat healthier, then you may wish to change the method of cooking, to change cooking methods baked with bread crumbs or relative will be more healthy。
2, high spicy food spicy spicy food will disrupt the esophagus, but also cause bloating。
Taste more spicy red pepper, then eat if you have the feeling of heartburn, it is recommended to drink a bit of spiciness to reduce lactic acid, prone to some irritation of the stomach, causing bloating problems。 Recommendation stomach health problems had better eat less irritating heavy, spicy foods, in order to avoid further irritation of the stomach。
3 bloating can not eat anything chocolate talking about here is not a problem simply eating chocolate can cause bloating, eat the right amount of chocolate actually healthy also has certain advantages。 It is important not to eat too much, eat too much not only have obesity problems, but also lead to bloating。
Chocolate can cause lower esophageal sphincter to relax, causing acid reflux problems, especially in patients suffering from gastroesophageal reflux disease, but be careful not to eat chocolate, even just a small piece also may cause problems。

  Growth from a start, dental care should just be the baby's daily life。 However, there are a lot of people did not mind and luck。 They believe that "sooner or later to replace the deciduous teeth, then why not after permanent teeth care?"。 I tell you this may be wrong。
  If the permanent teeth cleaned properly, prone to corrosion or tooth decay, the baby is difficult to chew food, causing indigestion, can not develop proper eating habits, tooth decay and serious, inflammation will occur from the root portion will soon grow back deciduous adverse effects, can lead to poor calcification of permanent teeth, or the color and appearance of the tooth surface such as a difference。   When the baby was born six months, will begin to grow, and it lasts up to 3 years old, all 20 primary teeth will grow, and 6 years old then slowly began to grow on a permanent tooth, which is permanent。
For different month-old baby, there are different methods of maintenance, Mummy novice should learn the correct brushing step, in order to maintain the baby's teeth。   Second, 0?6 months baby – the baby did not have clean teeth during this period, although not grow teeth, but still clean mouth a day at least 2 times。
When the baby drinking milk, you should use warm water soaked gauze towels, carefully wipe the entire oral cavity to help baby。   Correct steps: firstly water should be fed baby, after rinsing the mouth, and then water soaked gauze towel packages on the index finger, positive wiping gums, inner, upper, lower, right, and left a。
  Rear side gums should gently rotated fingers, gently wiped, also above the gums gently wiped, and then massage the gums finger, the finger rotatable wiping palate, about 2 minutes massage。   Area between the gum and the lip is easy to leave the milk residue, and therefore need to be carefully wipe, but you can not wipe too hard, easy to make the mouth abrasions!  Third, 7?12 months baby – brushing habits to develop in this period, your baby will start to grow two bottom teeth and two upper teeth, front teeth begin to grow long after the tooth should carry out normal maintenance。
At this time, although they can not properly brush your teeth, but it is beginning to develop the habit of cleaning teeth period, during which time, Mommy can use a soft bristle toothbrush to clean the front teeth, so not only can wipe the teeth of residual dirt, but also massage effect。 After a day should brush your teeth at least twice, preferably at meals or drinking juice。   The correct procedure: first let the baby lying on the bed or thigh Mommy, Mommy can help make brushing baby from behind。
  Correct method of brushing: brush lightly down from the upper row of teeth on the lower row of teeth and brush from the bottom up, or vibration levels between two teeth can be cleaned at least 2 minutes。
  Fourth, 12?24 months baby – Carefully clean the baby molars to around 1 year old, will grow up and down four teeth, grow a total of eight; the baby was born 16 months or so, the following will start to grow two molars; born 20 months , each of the upper and lower canines will grow 2。
Be sure to use a toothbrush to brush your teeth carefully。
  The correct procedure: Let the baby this time holding a toothbrush own practice, but can not use toothpaste or mouthwash can dip water use, and finally by the mummy is still correct brushing baby。   Also let the baby lying on the bed or thigh Mommy, Mommy can help make brushing baby from the rear, upper row of teeth from top to bottom side lightly, lower row of teeth from the bottom up brushes, toothbrushes depression molar tooth will have to about face massage to the concave tooth surface clean。
  While brushing the right upper order to a lower left in brush rows of teeth, and then brushed back by a row of lower left upper right row of tooth surface, cleaning at least 2 minutes。

India is one of the world's fastest growing electronic business market currently, it develops its two local commercial enterprises Flipkart and Snapdeal, has recently spread to the largest shareholder of the largest local commercial enterprises Flipkart will become Wal-Mart, why has hope something Alibaba Indian market has not taken action yet?After the Chinese online market structure and stability, China's largest electricity provider Alibaba also choose to attack the Indian market, which had earlier invested in Indian electricity supplier snapdeal, in 2016, when it also intends to spread investment Flipkart, but because for various reasons did not become a reality。 The current Wal-Mart plans to buy a stake in Flipkart Flipkart from the old shareholders Tiger Global Fund and Softbank hands, while Flipkart issue of new shares to Wal-Mart, Wal-Mart will eventually hold 51% stake in Flipkart acquired a controlling position。 Wal-Mart is the world's largest retailer, but the booming years of online market is the steady erosion of its share of the retail market, forcing it to enter the online market。 Alibaba shares snapdeal disadvantaged in the past three years under fierce attack in India's largest local electricity supplier Flipkart and Amazon's market share declined, the gap between Flipkart and Amazon continues to expand, due to lack of competitiveness, one of the shareholders of Softbank had Flipkart and hopes to promote snapdeal merger, but snapdeal founder and other opposition failed to become a reality。
In addition to investment in shares and plans snapdeal shares Flipkart, Ali largest investment in India Paytm platform and its parent company one97, shares eventually held more than 51%, has a controlling stake after the Paytm, launched its electric Paytm business services, and its mode of Ali Lynx similar to brand-based electricity supplier, the main superior products are genuine。
Currently Paytm electronic business platform has settled in over one hundred thousand brands, many of which come from Chinese market, Paytm electronic business platform to help Indian consumers at preferential price to buy excellent quality and price of Chinese brand products, much time in the past year Paytm rapid development platform。
Softbank last year for $ 1.4 billion invested in Paytm, September Paytm acquired Bangalore-based travel booking site, showing that this appliance business platform won the favor of capital institutions, and began to mergers and acquisitions of the rapid expansion of business。 Perhaps Alibaba Holdings Paytm rapid development, it has no intention to invest in India's domestic electricity business platform, and want to support its holding Paytm electronic business platform to achieve rapid expansion has made certain market position in the Indian market objectives electricity supplier。 As can be seen from the Chinese market, after the electricity supplier in the market to a certain stage of development, B2C model Lynx is more popular with consumers, consumers can purchase this type of electronic business platform to guarantee a better quality of products, and C2C mode Taobao dropped to second place。
Indian power market developer also has many years, Indian consumers have begun to mature, they began to pursue a better quality product, which you can see a similar situation from the mobile phone market, as early as two years Indian brands such as Micromax's ultra-low-cost cheap Mobile phones has won significant market share, Micromax more than once made Samsung's position in the market, but this year Chinese mobile phone brands with better quality and higher prices of products has won a substantial share of the smartphone market in India, India's intelligence there are four of the top five mobile phone market come from China, India, the Indian domestic brands was out of the top five smartphone market position。 The combination of these factors to consider, Alibaba stake is no longer considered Indian electricity supplier in the Indian market and chose to support its holding Paytm development, perhaps in the hope that the Indian market will Paytm electronic business platform to become another Lynx。

Location: body of a male contraceptive is coming!Would you like to eat for your girlfriend / wife do 2018-3-2815: 27: 44 Source: Introduction: The way it is。British "Daily Mail" recently broke the news – male contraceptive successfully tested!University of Washington researchers recruited 83 18?50-year-old man, give them to eat one kind of male contraceptive called DMAU, taken once daily for 28 days……Short-acting contraceptives, deep reactive with the name does not mean that eating a pill causes weight gain, Zhangdou, lead to irregular menstruation, and even cancer it?In fact, these claims are out of date。Oral contraceptives, estrogen and progesterone composition。Progestin contraceptives in the past, have androgenic activity, after taking so easy to gain weight, acne。Now using a new type of progesterone, androgen almost no role, and even anti-androgens, not only do not eat no fat Changdou, but also reduce body swelling, breast tenderness and discomfort。Medicine menstruation can contraception, but also tune "Menopathy" Clinically, the doctor gave some female patients, there is a short-acting oral contraceptives。
Oral contraceptives can prevent ovarian cancer will inhibit ovulation, which is equivalent to the chance of ovarian a respite; but also to prevent endometrial hyperplasia, and then develop into cancer。However, despite the short-acting contraceptive benefits, but its greatest adverse reactions, blood clots that may increase the risk of thrombosis high-risk populations (healthy people are not affected)。So the following categories of people, not fit to eat: people smoke; there are serious cardiovascular disease or rheumatic disease of the crowd; people suffering from migraine; diabetes, hyperlipidemia, liver disease crowd; there is a history of breast cancer or are currently people suffering from breast cancer。
In addition, more than 40-year-old woman, and Zhangdou, dysmenorrhea, menorrhagia people, do not just buy food!Like doctor like doctor like doctor!。

  Local time on January 18, 2018, Chinese panda "Hua Panther" and "Golden baby" arrived in the Finnish capital Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport, to carry out a 15-year research cooperation。   To ensure the smooth through the adaptation period after two giant pandas arrived in Finland, China sent an experienced breeder and veterinarian random escorted, they will team with meticulous care and Finland two giant pandas, until two pandas adapt to new home life。   Two giant pandas in the future will stay 芬兰艾赫泰 zoo, which is located in the northern part of the zoo in Helsinki more than 300 kilometers, covering 60 hectares, the climate is similar to the Sichuan Giant Panda Sanctuaries, is Finland's largest wildlife park。
To meet the arrival of giant pandas, the zoo built a cost of 8.2 million euros of the giant panda museum, covering nearly 6,000 square meters, each panda pens about 2,000 square meters, the design philosophy is to provide access to wild habitat for giant pandas surroundings。
  Ahtari zoo in order to promote both Chinese baby, taking into account the Finnish pronunciation in Chinese tell "Leopard" and "treasure" of the tone, then collect the Finnish name for the two giant pandas in the country。
"Pilv" Finnish male name, which means "snow"; "Rumi" is a Finnish female name, meaning "snow"。
Editor: Li Ruichen。

Chapped lips how to do after entering the winter dry lips became the case a lot of people will appear, and chapped lips not only look good, but also cause pain。
He met their chapped lips in the end how to do it the following small series to bring the solution to chapped lips to you, do they make you moist lips!Chapped lips how to do a fly in the ointment selected lip care is nothing more than a shortcut key and choose a reliable lip balm, lip balm in the choice, do not like to select something that sounds like superstition facial skin care products luxury high-end atmosphere on the grade ingredients for the delicate area because of the lack of sebaceous glands, closed lip care when oil is most loved, so that, instead of mineral oil, petrolatum, wool fat these inexpensive ingredients can give lip better results。 Lip also UV will accelerate skin aging, this principle also applies to the lip。 Lip often exposed to the sun are more likely to become dry dumb, so in addition to taking into account the moisture outside, it is best to be with UV protection SPF8 more daytime use。
It is important may be a little massage after finished using lipstick, lip which can promote blood circulation, so full of fat more evenly penetrate into lip lines, but also can improve the visual impression of dark lips。 Do not lick lips dry lips feel dry, many people will unconsciously licking lips to relieve dry, in fact, this is a very bad habit。
Saliva contains a special alkaline enzyme could exacerbate dry lips, make the passage of time may occur chapped lips。 Chapped lips how to do maintenance around key makeup on the lips before applying lipstick in be sure to apply a sufficient amount of lip balm and massage to promote absorption, and after makeup if feeling dry lips, you can use so far pressed to absorb the residual float Lips, painted after malleable lip products。 When ten million partition treated in the makeup be sure to use a lip dedicated remover products, such as makeup remover or makeup remover, lip because the skin is very thin, if you use cleansing oil or other cleaning products will be too strong to hurt lip skin , leaving lips drier。 Targeted for taking vitamin supplements, vitamins nourish lip skin has three, vitamin C, vitamin B2 and vitamin A, which can help improve the skin metabolism lip skin, mucosal repair function, so that the skin becomes more resilient lip。 Spicy foods will increase the burden of lip skin, because there is no lip skin barrier protection, but thin layer of mucous membranes, eat some food flavors will stimulate mucosal function and even lead to ulcers。 For more information, please visit 6681 health network!。

The world livable city ranking list released in Hong Kong fell 16 || human resources consulting firm ECA International recently issued a most livable areas on this year's survey shows that Hong Kong ranked the world fell 16, fell to No. 33; the second consecutive 16 in the first reelection。
Reports said the survey covered a total of 450 cities worldwide, considering its climate, affordable health care degree, housing, infrastructure, personal safety and political tensions as well as the extent of air quality and other factors, the overall results livable city。
Affected by the recent social and political instability, Hong Kong fell by 16 in the world ranking。 But in the Asia-Pacific region, Hong Kong is still ranked No. 6。 Asia Regional Director ECA Quane said Hong Kong's ranking in infrastructure, education and health support and other aspects are still good, but the air quality is worse than many other Asian economies, coupled with unprecedented tensions occurred in recent months, making Hong Kong the social and political score fell。
By virtue of good air quality, solid infrastructure, world-class medical facilities and low crime rates 16 consecutive years as the world's number one liveable city。 Other top ten livable cities, nine are located in the Asia-Pacific region, mainly in Australia and Japan。 Mainland, Shanghai remains the most livable city in the world ranked No. 110; Beijing is ranked the world's first 122。 Most scores remained stable mainland cities, including Chongqing and Shenzhen ranked a substantial leap forward。

At this time, especially for people who love angry, you can drink milk ,, eat dried fish and other ways to help the body。Calcium has the effect of emotional stability, but also helps to eliminate anger; radish suitable for Shun Qi Jianwei, heat Phlegm role of qi lit phlegm, it is best eaten raw, but also do carrot soup; we also a small amount can have a beer, you can shun gas appetizer to change the angry mood。Eat candy kitchen stove custom Suimu FANG Si Mei Wang, cantaloupe ingots are wheat sugar。So what need is more than sticky mouth, teeth shillings to buy children taste。When Jizao, coated with caramel Kitchen God's mouth, in order to "God made good"; ancient caramel, also known as plastic teeth Xing, said the stove or sugar, also known as the Kanto sugar。After the wax, markets will have to sell Tanggua made with wheat sugar, candied fruit, sugar, gold, sugar, and other Liaohua。
Qing Li E literati are "plastic teeth Xing" poem: "Festival of man was off, add a dish last days。Liaohua points dotted, pink sticky cocoon total。"Jizao is a great influence on our country in a Han Chinese, very wide spread custom of。Old, almost every family has a Zaojian "Kitchen God" tablets。People call this deity as "Siming Buddha" or "Kitchen God Siming," the legend he is the Jade Emperor seal "nine days Siming East kitchen stove Palace Monarch", responsible for managing the various juh, is protected as a God by worship。Most lesions Wang niches provided in the kitchens of the north or east, the intermediate for statues on the Kitchen。Note too small niche in the Kitchen of people do not, there will be statues directly attached to the wall。Some statues painted Kitchen God only one person, while others have both men and women, the goddess known as "The Kitchen Grandma"。This is probably mimic human couple image。Like most of the Kitchen God is also printed on this year's calendar, the words "East Kitchen Siming Lord," "human surveillance God," "householder" and other words to indicate the status of Vesta。Both sides labeled "God made good, the lower bound for security and peace," the couplet to bless the whole family peace。
Kitchen God since last year's New Year's Eve has been to stay at home, to protect and monitor one; the twelfth lunar month on the 23rd to the Kitchen God will have to heaven, heavenly Jade Emperor to report the whereabouts of the family of goodness or evil, the Song Zaoshen ceremony called "free kitchen" or "out the kitchen"。
According to reports the Kitchen of the Jade Emperor, and then this one in the new year should be good and bad fortune fate intersect at the hands of the Kitchen。Therefore, the family, the kitchen god to report the reality of great interest。

BI Chinese station on October 3 reported first Imagine this scenario: you have the opportunity to talk to one of the world's richest people sat down to a cup of coffee。
Imagine further, that if the rich to accumulate wealth is by investing just like you do?Still further, if that person is, "Warren" Warren Buffett (Warren Buffett) it?What would you ask some questions?You will try to learn something, to completely change your degree of success in the financial world do?Most likely you will feel this kind of thing never happened: how could I sit together with Warren Buffett, but also learn something from him yet?But the fact is that you can,。 Of course, here to say "may" is not the kind of face to face on the traditional coffee with。 However, you can insight from Buffett has said to others, then in his insight。 In fact, Buffett has shared his seven investment advice, we can learn a lot about how to invest wisely in。
Let us learn under the bar。
1."Risk comes from not knowing what you're doing。
"People always say, how much risk there is to invest in stocks。
"Too easy to lose money。
"They will say。
Yes, the stock market is risky indeed。 However, relying on a one day might go bankrupt, or at any time may make you pack up and leave employers, too。 So, how do you manage risk in the stock market it?Buffett gives recommended that you learn to know what they are doing。
The more you understand this, you can do better。
2."Some people have been able to sit in the shade today because they long ago planted a tree。 "Best time investment of a few years ago, the second best time is now。 In other words, time sooner you start investing, the better it。
Do not wait to buy shares in the issue, but wait to buy after the stock appreciation slowly。
3."If you find yourself sitting in the boat is slowly leaking, then change the board is likely to focus on fixing bugs than on the more meaningful。
"Buffett words phrase is 'sunk cost errors', this myth refers to the money that you have already voted on something in the future, it should continue trying to make money using the original investment, even if doing so is risky, but also we need to invest more time and money。
In fact, if you are unfortunate enough to do a bad deal, then the better approach is to calculate their losses, then stop to do something else, rather than forced to devote more resources to attempt comeback。 4."Poll is no substitute for independent thinking。 "What do the latest headlines saw immediately engaged in by the fanatical pursuit of new investment to go, independent thinking is better。 Use their brains to make an informed choice based on your own analysis, should not parroting。 Fives."Some stocks are whether to day can not buy。 "Some stocks never be a good choice, regardless of how the newspaper said, all the same。 Even if your friends hold this stock, also no difference。
Some "deal" is not worth doing, it began to stay away。 6."Buy a great price with the usual (and reasonable) is far stronger than the company with a great (too high) price to buy a normal company," Buffett share the wisdom of this sentence is that investors should focus on is a company itself, rather than the current share price this company。
This is not to say that price is irrelevant, but Buffett emphasized is a good price to buy a lousy company's stock, which is still a bad idea。
You really need to look for is a good company, then buy when the price is also very good。 7."I always knew he would become rich, which never had a doubt。
"For investment, this sentence can be described as noble words, Buffett is holding the mentality to do this investment。
You have to believe in yourself that one day is going to win, maybe not today, maybe not to happen the way you think。
But deep down, you have to believe they will win, it will make everything becomes different。
Adheres to these investment advice, you are sure to succeed。 You have to do is read these recommendations, make their own thinking, and then use them in investment, the result will not let you down。

This skin disease neurodermatitis talked about life, we are all taboo, neurodermatitis brought a lot of pain to the patient, so do the prevention of neurodermatitis in our lives is particularly important critical。So, how to prevent it neurodermatitis should look at the following description together。Neurodermatitis should be how to prevent one, the prevention of neurodermatitis should develop good health habits, attention to personal hygiene, not used hot water and soap and other alkaline detergent scrub。
2, psychological counseling, counseling, can prevent neurodermatitis。
So that patients relaxed state of mind, overcome irritability, anxiety and other adverse psychological factors。
As obvious neurasthenia hypnotic sedative drugs may be administered。
3, try to avoid fish seafood, beef and mutton, spicy foods, eat more fruits and vegetables, avoid alcohol and do preventive work neurodermatitis。
4, prevention of neurodermatitis to cut nails to prevent scratching caused by broken, secondary infection。
5, in terms of clothing, underwear should be loose, soft material, in order to better prevent neurodermatitis。6, living without the law, poor sleep, menstrual disorders, indigestion, constipation, etc., if abnormal, to active treatment maintenance, preventive work。7, the use of moisturizing products, itching and skin repair。
Itching, could oral antihistamines such as cetirizine, etc.。
8, preventing neurodermatitis avoid using the creams containing hormones component, to avoid formation of hormone-dependent dermatitis。
Tips: neurodermatitis treatment can be prevented, but if you do not treat a patient for a long time, it is difficult to easily spread of infection, leading to the final nerve dermatitis treatment。
So neurodermatitis patients in life everyone should do their own disease prevention。
A lot of attention to their condition from the diet。
related suggestion。