Sina Finance News August 11 news, European stock markets last night across the board sell, A shares spared。
Index opened sharply lower in early trading three, then all the way down the main stock index, the day could not organize a decent counter, in one fell swoop close to the half line, its biggest one-day drop this year, and the end of week seven with Yang line。 Chong refers to the slightly stronger performance, many times intraday meteoric rise, but the late burdened by stock index diving will turn green, weekly barely received red。 Resource stocks changed after a strong, collective sharp sell。 At the close, stock index reported, down%, the highest index reported, down%。
  Judging from the disk, the male security concept New only gone against the tide meteoric rise, steel, coal, nonferrous metal plate decreases ranking the forefront。   Hot plate: Resource stocks tumbled today as the culprit, stocks hit bottom to get together。 Steel plate in ,,,,, five stocks hit bottom, and so close to the limit ,,,, 6 shares fell more than 8%。
  In the coal sector hit bottom ,, ,, close to the limit, and other six stocks fell more than 8%, only an adverse economic meteoric rise within the plate。
  Non-ferrous metal plate in ,,,,,,,, ,,,,, eight stocks daily limit, 11 stocks fell more than 9 percent, close to the limit。
  News: 1, Wuhan published September price policy, specific adjustments as follows: wire, galvanized up 300 / ton; steel sheet pile profile up 170 yuan / ton; rolled up 350 yuan / ton; E steel heavy plate, steel pickling special steel, cold roll steel, automotive, galvanized up 400 yuan / ton; carbon steel cold roll up 500 yuan / ton; oriented silicon steel up 600 yuan / ton。
  2, TDI offer 33,562 yuan / ton, up rose%。
TDI shift the domestic market on the wide, manufacturers offer continue to increase the release of positive, continued tight supply-side traders reluctant to sell drying up, downstream inquiry is acceptable smooth trading。   3, glyphosate rose 500 yuan / ton today, an increase of%。
Glyphosate suppliers continue to stop entertained report, to the mainstream market yuan / ton, high-end transaction price to individual yuan / ton。
Domestic suppliers to reduce environmental load under heavy pressure, combined with inventory reduction, support the market reluctant to sell heavier mood。 Considering the September market season, do not rule out the possibility of prices continue to rise。   4, according to Wikipedia information, neodymium oxide, praseodymium prices rose 4 percent today, praseodymium neodymium metal prices today rose 3% last week rose more than 2 percent。 Continue to increase offer on the market, praseodymium, neodymium difficult transaction, metal praseodymium neodymium increase transaction prices, the business outlook remains positive。 Currently neodymium oxide, praseodymium reported 50-52 yuan / ton, some businesses offer higher metal praseodymium neodymium sharply upwards to 65-67 yuan / ton, the downstream NdFeB purchase orders increased, leading to a sharp rise in metal praseodymium neodymium。   5, ultra-high-power graphite electrodes domestic price increases, the market performance of tight resources, graphite electrode prices today rose%。   Outlook Preview: Jufeng investment adviser believes, technically, under the broader market pullback, short-term down to around 3200 points to the recent upward trend and the lower edge, where overlay support upfront capital or slightly stabilized base。
Overall, today's decline, in addition to Steel Association statement caused by cyclical stocks fell, the geo-political situation is tense, the external market decline is a major factor, but excluding these, the index already has a callback needs, but these factors big space and time callback。 Recently, the market dropped 3300 points Difficult occasion, but continuous media A foreign stocks, seems to be signs of bargain-hunting, and now I had a good economic performance, steady recovery in corporate performance, structural market is expected to continue for the better prices。
In this context, the index callback space is more limited, the market plunge is often a good opportunity for bargain-hunting, continue to focus on oversold, stagflation and small cap stocks have performance support, at the same time, grasp the big spending, structural opportunities cyclical stocks。
  AVIC Securities believes that the stock index fell today and July 17 is different, the core focus fell across board early, marking the motherboard market will come to an end, post-market after a period of consolidation, re-birth of a new hot spot, but in the short term or to see more than move, to avoid the risk-based。

What are the benefits of push-ups can be said to be the most simplest method for physical exercise, I believe almost all people know how to do push-ups, push-ups but I am afraid about the benefits we all just get to know it。 Following small for everyone to talk about the benefits of push-ups, it can not only train the muscles oh!The benefits of push-ups within the normal curve of the spine which ease the daily life, including sit down under, including a lot of action, will affect the back, in the spine can cause a variety of curved reduce back and spine problems, are particularly vulnerable to lead to disc disease (swelling and prominent), so that sick pain, unable to live a normal life。 In fact, this situation is completely avoidable, as long as we do some push-ups in their daily lives, can effectively improve the upper limbs, chest, back and abdominal muscles to help restore normal within a curved spine, swelling and prevent disc highlight, completely get rid of the pain problems。
Other benefits of push-ups can help us to strengthen the upper body strength, as well as back and waist forces。 Many people waist forces are not enough, you want to have a muscular physique more difficult, but practice push-ups can have such an effect。
In addition, practice push-ups can accelerate blood circulation, improve lung capacity, physical fitness will be lifted on this basis。
Often do push-ups can make people feel relaxed, energetic, better put to work and study; in addition, push-ups can eliminate body fat, help lose weight。
The benefits of exercise intensity push-ups push-ups in which to feel a little tired or tired prevail。
Week 3?4 times 3?4 groups, each 15?30 times, rest between sets 1?2 minutes。
If doing push-ups are very difficult to be in the horizontal plane and 45 ° of start practicing, then slowly moved to the stairs and floor, along with enhanced power, you can put your feet up on the ground to improve the level of difficulty。
What, do not move too fast, to avoid muscle injury caused by sports injuries。
Women push-ups during practice, because of their physical characteristics restrictions, exercise should be gradual, not deliberate pursuit of the perfect action leading to muscle injury。 Depending on their circumstances exercise every day, not strictly limit the number of。 What are the disadvantages of push-ups。

Friends close to me, the iron gate was opened immediately drilled out when a person can go out of the width, and went straight shouted: "dawn came to me, I talk to you, do not take you sister to!"I have friends in the back, off the iron gate, then back to the room lying next to her sister to sleep in。 Shuibao, of course I want to find friends Wengeqingchu。
Friends still very scared and said: "You know?1:00 I will stand up to the toilet, and people see your sister in dialogue, but also draw the feet than hands。 "I said:" You talk nonsense, and I slept with her, never heard her say even in your sleep。 "Friends said:" Why should I lie to you?You know, your sister sent a man and a woman's voice in the dialogue, but also the hand stretched upward, until Action。 I was too scared to move, but very Xiangshangcesuo。 I wanted while she was not looking, gently go to the bathroom, but as soon as I move, your sister would turn to look at me, voice and hands are stopped, and so I do not move, she lay back and turn positive, and start a conversation。 Later wait until 5:00, she was no movement, and I dare to call you。
Your sister than a ghost in the ghost still terrible!"Short ghost stories: a crush on since he came to this school, she was deeply attracted。
His Shensui with a dash of sad eyes, handsome face, brown skin, and eye teeth exposed when the brilliant smile, always hovering in her mind, play lingers, cut……But she was timid, but no one found only willing to hide in a corner secretly looked at him。 She loved him, deep down infatuated with him, she never dared to say, fear of being laughed at。
After a few days longer to graduate, once they leave the campus, she knew she would never see him again……。

How to obtain the trust between the children?The relationship between the parents the child is actually very subtle, though, is the closest person, but many children and parents lack confidence that you know how to get the trust between you and the child?Following small to talk with you exactly how to obtain the trust between children and。
How to obtain and trust between children "Trust is the glue of life, the most basic elements of effective communication is the basic principle of maintaining relationships。 "- Stephen Covey (1932-2012), the best-selling book" "the author of" High efficiency 7 people in the habit of not much more than something to let others take responsibility and let him know that you trust him more to help a person。 "- Booker Washington (1856-1915), an American writer and orator。
"Winning the trust and respect of their children better than flattery to get notoriety and the public."。 – Dennis Vitelli, best-selling author, "My parents do not trust me!"After" is a lie and deception, then how can I trust my daughter?"" When someone lets you take responsibility, for example, when family or work responsibilities, how do you want to?"My God!If I had heard the case, then I have heard 1000 times before。
How to obtain the trust between the child due to a minor, the parents no longer trust their children; children also lost the trust of parents。 Such things have occurred。
You will experience such a thing。 So, how do parents want?Angry young people will think?Focus on: Trust is a specific time and situation。
In other words, trust depends on the time and circumstances。
I asked and I work with young people: "do you trust your parents?"They often say 'no'。 When I asked them why, their answers are different。
Some said, "ah, they know me, ah, often lying", some say "No, my parents never had, and never will trust me because they are paranoid."。

  Ticker on June 10, NBA Finals phone-renewed, revenge Miami home to 103-84 victory over the Spurs, will always tie 1-1。   Heat the "Big Three" is not eye-catching data, LeBron – James 7 of 17 shots, scored 17 points, eight rebounds and seven assists, he also steals three times, 3 blocked shots, Chris Bosh – 12 points 10 rebounds, Dwyane – Wade 13 shots 5, 6 assists, 10 points。 Teenager – Mario Chalmers scored a team-high 19 points, set Tougong。 – Ray Allen 5 from 3-pointers, had 13 points, Mike – Miller and Chris – Anderson each had 9 points。
Heat the audience voted 10 in 19 three-pointers。
  Spurs before 7 three-pointers in 10 shots, the audience voted 19 9。 Danny – Green 5 three-pointers vote 5, scored 17 points, Tony – Parker 13 points and five assists, Tim – Tim Duncan shot 3 of 13, had nine points and 11 rebounds, Cowie – Leonard 9 points and 14 rebounds。 Spurs reach the audience mistakes 16 times。
– Tracy McGrady for the first time in the NBA Finals debut, failed to score。
  Thrilling finals opener, Parker will be in the game at the end of an incredible shooting determines the outcome。
Heat lost at home, losing home-court advantage。
As the competition system is 2-3-2, the Heat today can no longer be room for error。
If two straight sets at home, then the next even play three away, almost can be said that the Heat sentenced to death。
  Public opinion before the game, agreed that the Spurs are a team of experienced and old, in fact, the Heat have nine people on the 30-year-old, and the Spurs only 6 people, and only GDP and Matt – Bonner has Finals experience, compared with them, but the Heat is "old and experienced" team。   After the terrible battle victory, the Spurs confidently, "We're enjoying the game," Parker said. "We enjoy every moment, do not think that what is taken for granted。 As it has been exactly six years (from the last finals)。 After playing the Grizzlies, we are all very excited。 "Parker was the Spurs wanted to create an image of an optimist, Heat forward Shane – Shane Battier will not buy it, 'do not believe them," Battier said, "They are a very competitive team, one second can not be Relax。 They are killers, if necessary, they will trample over you。 We are also the same。
"For the Heat, today is Shengsizhizhan。 But after the opening, but the Spurs like divine intervention, Green 3 3-pointers, the Spurs to 9-4 start。
Spurs audience on a mistake only four times, but 4 minutes ago Today mistakes twice, the Heat fight back。
The first section will be more than half, Chalmers then Wade pass, hit the third, the Heat only to fall behind 9-11。 Heat defense is very positive, especially after Anderson in strengthening the control of the rebounds, the score gradually beyond。 The first section there seconds, James hit in the cast, this is his first score。
James and Duncan both in this section are mediocre, James 4 1 vote, Duncan went 1 5。
  Soon Miller hit three-pointers in the second quarter after the start, but the Spurs third of God is more accurate, Neil and Ginobili hit three-pointers in succession after, in this section there are 7 minutes 25 seconds, the Spurs 34-29 lead, their 10 three-point shot 7 before the ball, very high hit rate of surprise。 Heat instead attacking the basket, Bosh and Anderson inside pass inside with the latter succeeded dunks, James and Chalmers has since been hit, in this section there are 4 minutes and 59 seconds, Allen third succeeded, the Heat to 39-38 go-ahead。 Keep up with a comparison, the Spurs turnovers ones today, the first section there are 4 times。
Heat is also good outside Chalmers in this section have 1 minute 33 seconds time and three hits, after which Wade break layup, the Heat to 50-45 halftime。
  Half-third of 4 Green 4, Spurs scored 12 points, Parker scored 10 points, it has been Leonard rebounds double。 James only 4 points, 6 points Bosh, Wade 10 minutes。   Green is still the fifth hit the third shot, after Leonard also succeeded long shot, in the third quarter and 7 minutes and 10 seconds, the two sides battle 56-56, the Spurs Trey reached a staggering 13 shots 9。 James adhere to their own style of play, and not to strengthen the attack, he also failed to get back the feeling, only 2 of 12 shots in front, Leonard's defense caused him a lot of trouble。 Fortunately, the Heat others doing well, can still compete with the Spurs, the two teams entered the third tug of war。 After the Spurs to 62-61 exceeded, the Heat shot still not in, but James grabbed offensive rebounds, Chalmers vote with a penalty scored 3 points, the Heat to 64-62 lead again。 This section last 3 minutes, the Spurs hit only one ball, the Heat force, Miller and Allen hit three-pointers in succession, after Chalmers' three-point play, "succeeded, the Heat to 75-65 through three quarters ended。
  Spurs reach 12 turnovers through three quarters, while the Heat only five times, and they paid the price for mistakes。
Heat wave 9-0 to start the fourth quarter, still in the game 9 minutes 19 seconds, Chalmers steals, James fast break, easy layup, the Heat to 84-65 lead。
  Spurs played three minutes in the fourth quarter after scoring for the first time, but they have been bogged down。 James assists Allen hit third again, they immediately steals succeeded, James frontcourt the ball unguarded, ending with a dunk, the Heat to 91-67 lead with 24 points。
  Spurs third hit rate has dropped, but there are still 9 of 16 shots, higher hit rate Heat, 8 of 14 shots in。
Three-point advantage after three quarters also cease to exist, the Spurs did not dare to hope for comeback Competition also 7 minutes 43 seconds, they pulled all the main, came in off the bench McGrady, etc.。
  James also hit a third, the Heat to 94-67 lead with 27 points。 Competition also 4 minutes and 58 seconds, the Heat also removed the main, become a foregone conclusion victory。 Competition also seconds, the Spurs once again hit the third, this is the only third of them in this section, but also long shot fired back immediately Battier。 McGrady then failed to open and he only shot one time, did not hit。   。

What common sense diet summer weather is very hot summer season, so a lot of people like to eat too much cold, in fact, this is wrong, then what summer diet of common sense and small series together to see the summer diet has introduced what it common sense!What a summer diet of common sense: Summer light-based diet summer diet to light, bitter cold, nutrient-rich, easy to digest food better, not to eat sticky foods, gastrointestinal obstruction, not too hungry fed。
The hot summer heat, high temperature wet weight, suffer the taste of food, you can Qingxie heat, they can spleen, increase appetite。 Summer sweat more easily Shangyin, sweating can eat acidic foods。
Two: summer diet should pay attention to the deployment of flour and rice and coarse grains to eat with, lean and dry to appropriate arrangements。
One weeks should eat three meals whole grains, lean with two thousand is appropriate, eat pasta, milk, lunch to eat cooked rice in the morning, eat porridge in the evening。
The preparation of meat or fish and vegetables should be reasonable, it should be summer vegetables, melons, beans and other vegetables, supplemented with meat or fish。 What summer summer diet of common sense, lean meat,, duck and fish and shrimp as well, the old man to fish, supplemented by lean pork, beef, duck, etc.。 Three: summer water loss and more, drink plenty of water in summer drink plenty of water, and warm water is better, cups of water a day to drink seventy-eight。
To keep the body retain moisture and add water, the water in the body plays a vital to make clear, to maintain the body's normal physiological function。

June 6 power in September 1975, the third year after Mexico established diplomatic relations, the Chinese government give a pair of giant pandas to the Government of Mexico – "Yingying" and "Babe", Mexico for the first time have their own panda。
In the efforts of the capital, Mexico City's Chapultepec Zoo, Mexico, the first generation Panda "Yingying" and 'Babe' under communism seven baby panda, which has become the most powerful 40 years overseas panda breeding capacity, "Couples "one。 Mexico pandas three generations of genealogy figure how amazing it?The researchers calculated mid-1964 to mid-1997, the average birth rate of giant panda breeding individuals according to "panda lineage 1997" and "birth and death report" for the Aberdeen / year。 In contrast, gather a group of gourd doll "Yingying" "Babe," the couple simply rolling leader +!Currently alive "seven baby" both already thirty-old data from this impressive can infer that the success of the giant panda couple flies very moist in Mexico。 That zoo in the end released a big move, keep the two national treasure so well?"Mystery food from ancient civilizations" To know that Mexico would have been no place bamboo。
That to secure these "Oriental visitors' adaptation to climate adaptation and Mexican food, breeders and researchers planted bamboo in the zoo every day from 15 kg in the selection of about 10 kilograms of bamboo for pandas eating bamboo。 Good baby not picky eaters, giant panda eating bamboo in addition to the daily diet also includes apples, rice, carrots and other food in there。
Romans eat something distinctive, so the recipes also joined the Mexican native cactus leaves。 Opuntia cactus country of origin on the markets in Mexico, the species is very rich。 In which the edible cactus, with not the same as we normally see in a flower market, beautiful big and thick, slashing the prickly skin, you can eat as a vegetable, stewed fried salad ages。
Magic cactus, national treasure eat, you eat。
"Both," the meal yoga "round spring also install air conditioning treatment stronger than people," Mexico City is located in the tropical highlands, little seasonal temperature, climate。 Xiao Bian had to work there, the office and residence have no air conditioning and, indeed, no such demand。
but!Or to the zoo panda installed air conditioning。
Miliyamu full-time care physicians in simulated blood, for such training everyday in order to simulate the real need for better cooperation Panda。 Giant Panda Pavilion has a laboratory and activity monitoring room, and equipped with specialized breeders and veterinarians to each panda, giant panda behavior 24-hour tracking and physiological changes。
Elegant pandas living environment, indoor air conditioning。
Elias breeder to "Showtime" apples to feed favorite。
In 1987, "Yingying" and "Babe" gave birth to "both", three years later, their granddaughter "Showtime" came to this world。 Elias and Joel as a breeder, has more than ten years to take care of these two pandas。
Staff said that although they are old, but good overall state。 "Both" Although nearly 30 years old, but the "appetite" is still not small, although usually quiet, but likes to interact with people, very friendly。 "Both" meal in a daze "Showtime" ability to learn, but some see the stranger stage fright。
Miliyamu to "Showtime" measure heart rate in Mexico City zoo three-dimensional total principal 克劳迪娅莱 said that with the development of the Internet, Chapultepec Zoo panda breeding breeding experience exchange with the rest of the world, including China, the United States, Spain and other countries to build a shared database zoo panda around the world。
"I hope to have the opportunity to go to China to see more Panda" June 3, 7-year-old Jose Diego Hernandez won Mexico the fourth "I imagined China" Children's Painting Competition Junior group champion。 Winning this year's competition theme is "Panda, Mexico Friendship Envoy"。
Jose drew a panda is playing on the lawn, because his favorite Panda "Showtime" soon will celebrate 27th birthday。 Entries Jose children's acceptance speech was: "I hope to have the opportunity to go to China to see pandas more。 "On that day, representatives of Chinese Ambassador Qiu Xiaoqi in the direction of Mexico Chapultepec Zoo awarded 'Friendship Ambassador Award'。 China Giant Panda Protection Research Center also affirmed by and grateful for the work done by the Mexican side。 (Xinhua international public micro-channel number) Editor: Fan Fei, Li Ruichen。

] Raptors in the second half collapse。 Del Mar – Carroll 15 minutes, Yunus – Varin Qiuna Si 14 9 rebounds, Kyle – Lowry only 4 of 14 shots, 10 points and 10 assists, DeMar – DeRozan 13 shot 3, eight points。 Corey off the bench – 15 points Joseph。
  Since the 2000-01 season, the Raptors have never won a playoff series。 As long as they cross the border again, we can dream that ends, but in the second half they failed to withstand the onslaught of walkers。   Walker facing elimination situation, after the opening played very nervous before the vote only 1 in 8, moving the ball on offense is also very smooth。 After the Raptors to seize the opportunity to start a wave of 14-4, the Pacers played the game for nearly six minutes, only one shot。
In this section there are 2 minutes and 56 seconds, the Raptors 22-11 lead with 11 points, but then they failed to score again。 Solomon – Hill hit three-pointers, the Pacers to a wave of 9-0 end of this section, only to fall behind 20-22。   Joseph hit consecutive three-pointers to start the second quarter, the Raptors in turn opened the gap。
This section also 9 minutes and 27 seconds, Lori hit the vote, leading the Raptors to 30-22。 Pacers finally force, Turner continuous shooting, after they hit a wave of 8-0 to tie the game quickly。 Raptors failed to hit a ball in four minutes, but then also still 8-0, after-thirds vote in Carroll, they lead to 40-32。
Walker tenacious counterattack, only the first half to 40-44 behind。
  George first half, shot just 6 1, 43 Pacers team shot 14, in second-chance points, the Raptors 14-6 to prevail。   The second half, the Pacers suddenly found the feeling。 Shortly after the start of the third quarter, Turner-thirds vote, they played 7-0 to 47-46 ahead, this is the first time the Pacers lead the audience。
After the two sides battle 50-50, the Pacers broke out again, shot a wave of 11-3, after more than half of this section, the Pacers lead to 61-53。
Within 4 minutes and 30 seconds, only one ball Toronto。 Finally narrow the gap to 1 point, but this section of the final 65 seconds Pacers scored four points, 71-64 to end the first three quarters。
  Pacers in the third quarter to strengthen the defense, single with 31-20 win。 Nevertheless, headed generals Paul – George still did not find touch, he and George – Hill two of a total of 17 shots in only 4。   George finally force in the fourth quarter, after the beginning of this section, he succeeded twice in the basket, and then Stuckey-thirds vote, the Pacers playing along。 This section there are 9 minutes 49 seconds, with a fine cast Turner scored 3 points, Walker complete attack wave 12-0 to 83-64 ahead 19 minutes。
After the Raptors twice blocked shots, repeatedly shot, played in this section for nearly five minutes, it was the first time they score。
  Competition also 7 minutes 13 seconds, Lori hit the third, it was their first score in this section。
Pacers a big lead still can not relax, and Turner hit a ball, even after they scored four points to 87-67 ahead 20 points。   Walker succeeds like success, Solomon – Starkey Hill and since then have hit the third, the Pacers shot a wave of 10-0, in game 3 minutes 09 seconds to 97-69 ahead 28 points。 The outcome of lost suspense, the Raptors had to give up, take down all the main。
  Pacers beat a retreat in preparation for last Shengsizhizhan。

Correct estimate of the potential of our urban population is not only related to the determination of the Chinese economic growth potential, but also to determine the relationship between the development trend of related industries such as real estate market of。 We had a very familiar argument is that when a country's urban population accounted for between 30-70%, then the population is urbanized countries in the acceleration phase, and the current proportion of Chinese urban resident population of 53 %, therefore, China's rural population is still in the stage of accelerating urbanization。 If the judgment is correct, it means that China's economic growth potential is still huge, the real estate market boom will continue for。 It really true?The author expressed doubts about the 53% urbanization rate of China's population。
If 53% of China's total population in urban areas, the corresponding should be 47% of the population in rural areas。
But the reality is not the case in rural areas, no matter in what region of China, almost all rural young people have left the countryside into the cities, in the countryside still flow mainly the elderly and children, as well as physically disabled people。 In short, the old, weak, sick, disabled flow in the countryside, while almost all of the young labor force entered the town。
Although these young people are not completely out of the countryside, but most of them are no longer engaged in agricultural production, even if also engaged in agricultural production, agricultural income is no longer dominant。
There is a big difference between the author of these observations and statistics are correct concern。 In terms of quantity, still stay in rural areas the old, weak, sick, disabled and the total proportion of the population should be around 30%, will not exceed 35%。 So it is estimated that the current urban resident population ratio should be 65% -70% of the total population, far higher than the current statistics。 Why proportion of the population of official statistics underestimate the urbanization of the population?This is the problem requires a careful analysis of。
As local government officials, expanding population base means that the per capita economic indicators will be reduced, detrimental to their performance evaluation, therefore, the resident population of the city is undervalued is consistent with reasonable。
Objectively speaking, the frequent movement of population and indeed quite difficult to bring demographic。
If the author's estimate of the actual situation, it means that China's population urbanization process has basically ended, the urbanization as a driving force for future economic growth expectations may be dashed。
Not only that, China in the future there will be counter-urbanization phenomenon。
From the age structure of migrant workers to see the first batch of migrant workers are mostly 60 and 70, they are the product of the peak period of new China's first population, these people's childhood was spent in rural areas, life is very hard some people in the rural areas are still engaged in heavy physical labor, they yearn for city life, tolerance limits of the environment is very high, they are hard-working common feature。
When these migrant workers lay down simple farm machinery, plant and into the modern city combined with the machine, greatly improved production efficiency, create amazing productivity。
Let China is rapidly becoming the world's factory is the great contribution of this group。
However, after 60 and 70 of these people are now middle-aged, old and feeble will soon enter the stage, more and more difficult to continue to work hard in the city, while the city and not because they have contributed and to provide them with appropriate old-age security, they will be forced to return to rural areas, continue to work in agriculture。 China Development and Reform Commission officials have recently seen from the sales trend Fuling mustard, Chinese migrant workers reflux trend evident: the National Development and Reform Commission Planning Division officials found, Fuling mustard share of sales in southern China from 49% in 2007, 48% in 2008, 2009 the mid-% 2010% to 2011% decline, accounting for half of the country to fall from 30%。 This data shows that the population outflow speed is very fast in South China。 Director of the Fuling mustard Group Guangzhou Office Cheng also confirmed this phenomenon, population reflux for sales affect a large area of the South China large。
He said the past eight years, the market share decline significantly in Guangdong。 From the growth rate is concerned, the year 2011, Central China, Central China, Northwest China revenue growth of 45% -57% range over the previous year, while southern China is only% growth。
What this phenomenon means that the next few years means that we may not be the acceleration of urbanization, which is likely to be the inverse of urbanization。 Urbanization means increased productivity, then, counter-urbanization means lower productivity。 The new central leadership has clearly see the problem, to "people of the city" and hope that through a series of reforms to truly migrant workers into urban residents。
I believe that housing, health care, pension and other guarantees do it too complicated, you can start with education, first of all to the children of migrant workers the right to equal access to education, the only way to make the next generation of migrant workers is expected to become a true citizen。
If this is difficult to achieve, people of urbanization can only be empty talk。

Scraping Scraping what precautions I believe we all know, it is a very common method of health care, many people have tried, so what precautions scraping together scraping and small series to see what precautions introduced it!Scraping what precautions a, shelter and keep warm scraping should be sheltered, keep warm。
Low temperature should minimize exposure site, not at the scraping or convection fan at the summer heat。 Because when scraping the skin sweat pores open vent, in case of cold evil, evil people can open vent directly through the pores of years, not only affect the efficacy of scraping, but also because of feeling cold lead to new disease。 Second, the scraping hot drink cup will sweat excreted during scraping, evil efflux, body fluid will consume part of the body, after scraping hot drink cup, not only can consume complement portion, but also promote the metabolism, accelerating the discharge metabolites。
After scraping a cup of hot water is a very good choice for the promotion of metabolism is very helpful。 We should also pay attention to these matters after scraping。 Third, after scraping scraping bath time there after what precautions scraping treatment, in order to avoid cold evil invasion, must serve the skin pores closed after restitution, before bathing, usually about about 3 hours。
But in the bath process, when water damage is dry, you can scrape。 The bath due to slightly open vent pores, this time with less time scraping, the effect is significant, it should be noted warm。 Fourth, after scraping should not, should not be in place before the original place before scraping up scraping a part of the fever did not retire spot again scrape a fever。 Scrapping again at an interval of 3-6 days time to retreat to the skin fever as the standard, who are able to scrape up, in order to strengthen the role of retreat fever。