Although wild rice wild rice stem what is a relatively common thing, but some people still do not know why wild rice was。
So, wild rice in the end what is it with the following small series will go and see what it is wild rice。
What is wild rice wild rice is a unique aquatic vegetables。 As the world's wild rice and vegetable cultivation only country in Vietnam。 The ancients called wild rice as a "mushroom"。 Before the Tang Dynasty, wild rice is cultivated as a food crop, it's called wild rice seed or carving Hu, it is "six Valley" (glutinous rice, millet, millet, sorghum, wheat, wild rice) one。
Later it was found that some mushroom due to infection on Ustilago without heading, and there is no plant disease like stems continue to expand, gradually formed spindle-shaped fleshy stems, this is what we now eat wild rice。 In this way, people will stop using the smut fungus wild rice flowering, breeding ill deformities such as vegetable plants in the body。 Now, instead of those healthy people, the results will be heading the water bamboo seen as a degenerate, a wild species。 Is a more common Zizania aquatic vegetable fat is Spear spindle rod is mushroom grasses Ustilago esculenta stimulate the formation of most of the。 Zizania edible portion which is formed by the underground stems base expanded Spear。 Originating in China, was born in lake water, most of the country are cultivated, listed on the fall。 Zizania Waipi green sheath, the three cylindrical shape, color or yellow Huang, juicy meat, low fiber, high protein content。
But it contains oxalic acid, eating too much can affect the body's absorption of calcium。
Wild rice stem is our specialty vegetables, and water shield, perch and known as "Jiangnan three dishes"。 Because of its texture is tender, sweet and real, is considered vegetables to share, with a total of fried meat, its taste more fresh。
What is Zizania Zizania with a nutrient, wild rice and tomato – diuresis tomato scrambled Zizania material: two tomato, two wild rice, a little salt, MSG practice: 1, the wild rice washed, cut into pieces or filamentous。
2, tomato cut into pieces or sheets。

  State radio and television press and publication departments: the site may not be re-edited classic literary works Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, March 22 – (Reporters white Ying, history of competing male) State Press and Publication broadcasting sector 22 Kusakabe issued a notice to further regulate the Internet audio-visual program communication order。
Notice requirements, all program sites may not produce, disseminate distorted, spoof, program vilify classic literary works, are not allowed on the classic literary works, radio and television programs, network original audio and video programs for re-edited and re-dubbing, re-titling may not intercept a number of program segments spliced into a new broadcast, should not tamper with the original intent of the ambiguity of the spread of editing work program segment。
  Notice that some recent Internet audio-visual program production, broadcast non-standard problem is very prominent, resulting in a very bad social influence, there are some programs to illegal online audio platform and related illegal audio-visual products as the title, the illegal audiovisual content circulated on the internet provide a channel。
  Notification requirements, provinces and autonomous regions of Press and Publication, including radio and television departments to strictly manage users upload renumbering of similar programs, there is no guide to the issues, copyright issues, scissors content adaptation audio and video programs to fight the problem of providing communication channels。
The program copyright side, radio and television organizations, film and television production agency complaints such programs, to do offline processing immediately。

What cappuccino practice?Coffee is one of three drinks, species are particularly large, cappuccino is a lot of people like to drink, then you know cappuccino practice it?Today small'll tell you about the practice of cappuccino。 Cappuccino first approach is to press milk into the pot, probably down to about half the pressure pot, then close the lid, pressing a hand holding the pot, the other kept under pressure pumping pressure only hand pot piston, the faster beat out the more delicate milk foam, until the milk becomes a pressure pot by half a pot on OK, then pour out the milk and milk foam spare。
Followed make coffee, the pressure pot washed, then placed in the coffee pot pressure。
If the amount of pressure pot 3 cups (12 ounces), then put 20 grams of coffee powder, with 90?Hot water is poured into a uniform pressure jar 95 °, poured into the ring at the spout noted that the coffee powder fully make contact with hot water, and then the lid is closed the lid of the piston should be gently pressed on the water after timed 4 minutes, gently press the piston down, but do not press in the end, leaving space for a finger, good!Coffee done。
Cappuccino final approach is the deployment of cappuccino slightly!Take a his beloved coffee mugs, will make the coffee into the cup, you see how much you drink espresso or a light point and set it!Then, when the previous good press milk into coffee, note down the best to use a spoon to press down the liquid, so that liquid milk to pour coffee, and finally the milk into the milk foam coffee scoop top。 Cup of delicious cappuccino on the well, it is very simple!。

Winter children what to eat winter, many parents fear their children cold, so the body will always do some warm food for children to eat, what to eat this winter with children and small series to see what the introduction of the winter the children eat it!After the children what to eat into the winter the winter, many of the baby's appetite will increase as temperatures drop, the parents give the baby to arrange a reasonable diet!Do you know what kind of food will help the baby is healthy for you, give the baby to make full preparations to spend the winter, here's a look at the baby food to small series are prepared for it!1, let the children adequate intake of rich foods, they effectively enhance the body's immune function, prevent children have respiratory tract infections。 2, high dietary fiber-containing foods can regulate the body's absorption and excretion, keep stool, which is very beneficial for the body to digest children。 3, algae food rich in essential trace elements and constants, helping to increase children's resistance and enhance the overall quality of the body, winter can let the children eat these foods。 4, winter and dry, moistening can let the children eat some food, the child's health benefits。 Such as: carrots ,, mushrooms, etc.。
5, children's gastrointestinal function is weak, particularly in winter porridge to the children help children absorb calories and nutrients。
Such as: rice porridge, mung bean porridge, mountain ones, minced meat porridge, rice porridge, and so on lily。 Winter children what to eat to help your baby grow high five food believe that every parent wants their baby can grow taller now, but the baby's growth and diet are inseparable oh!Want a tall child must be reasonable arrangements for the baby's diet long, then what the baby to eat only what a president does not know how the baby's parents to quickly take a look at these common sense Xiaobian introduce it!How to choose the "long a meal" to the children。

  Today 5:28, we will celebrate the 24 solar terms in the first solar term – 。
This is the beginning of the end of winter, spring。 During the beginning of spring, temperature, sunlight, rainfall tends to rise or increase, turns warm again, keep warm, beware of cold。
What Yinianzhiji spring, the beginning of spring health pay attention to it?  Mainly in the liver health。 On the schedule, it should also conform to the laws of nature, early hours。
In terms of mental health, to guard against rage, but avoid depression, so open-minded, to maintain a pleasant mood。
  For the crowd, diet should be light, do not over eat dry, spicy food。
At the same time, because the rising yang easily Shangyin, so pay special attention to Yin, can be more choice of lily, yam, lotus seeds, wolfberry and other food。
  After a period of well-being is often uncertain, beware of "late spring" intrusion, especially for people who are frail, cold, fever is a common thing。
This expert said that in order to sterilize and cold, eating garlic may increase ,, celery and other "flavor punch" the number of foods in the diet, for the prevention of typhoid fever colds and other respiratory multiple spring of great benefit infection。
  Chinese medicine ,, ginger, garlic, celery flavor food, both of these bands Expel wind and cold, but also sterilization and disease prevention。
Wherein Garlic contains volatile allicin, can eliminate fat accumulation in a blood vessel。
Function onions contain a prostaglandin, diastolic blood vessels and lower blood pressure, as well as to promote the dissolution of the clot。
Celery contains volatile oil, mannitol, etc., having antihypertensive effect, sedative, stomachic, diuretic。
However, some children may have these foods conflict, then can the celery, ginger dumplings do eat, you can also use chopped onions to fried rice。 Moreover, onion, garlic, celery, etc. can be heated for a longer time to reduce the odor, but the longer the cooking time, the less the odor substance retained in children。   After the still relatively dry, drinking tea can help disperse the winter cold and evil accumulate in the human body。 Because every flower, grass has its corresponding resistance, taste, efficacy, if used properly, herbal tea does have some health benefits, but need to be adjusted according to their own constitution, excessive drinking can also cause physical discomfort。 Edible flowers and warm including plum, jasmine, rose, rose, saffron; cold edible flowers are mainly Prunella, honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, SJ, etc.; nature flowers mainly mimosa, corn, hibiscus flowers, lavender, etc.。 In the match, those warm herbs and flowers of plants is best not to eat cold compatibility。
  In addition to herbal mix, drink herbal tea also need to pay attention to the physical condition。 Each herbal tea has a special effect, so the choice, on the one hand the need to distinguish between their own physical condition, such as body heat of people, should use cold flowers, and physical treatment of the people of the applicability of temperature flowers, for those flowers are mostly nature can choose。
In addition, if you are taking medication, should be carefully chosen herbal tea。
  A diet,: stuffing (radish, bean sprouts, beans, mainly) Second, the spring plate: mainly fruits and vegetables and lettuce take place sugar pie dish for spring disk (or disk spell) from food or feed relatives and friends to take the meaning of spring。 Tray are: fruits, vegetables, candy, cake, five kinds of bait。
Vegetables are: bean sprouts, carrots, leeks, spinach, lettuce, beans, eggs, potatoes wire。
When the thin disc spring spring lettuce, suddenly recalling two Jing-mei hair: Du Fu "" "。 "Third, the spring rolls (Silkworm):" at the age widely credited ":" capital rich people made Silkworm surface, it is called 'exploration officer silkworm'。 Because of the day to do this, it is also called 'exploration silkworms'。 "Four, bite spring (eating carrots): that" discretion in the blog ":" when, without distinction or chewing carrot, said 'bite Spring'。
  Fifth, face silkworm。

  Can not afford to cruise off the car bolted around the evening of 14 March 2018 8:00 on the highway, driving Henan Jiaozuo Sit H5L ××× C200L Benz cars, even Huo high speed along from east to west will go to Chengdu to attend the National Order。
  At that time, he was alone on the high-speed drive from Luoyang segment even Huo high-speed, then opened the vehicle cruise control mode, 120 kilometers per hour all the way west。   Sit back all the way to smooth over the Sanmenxia Station, manned need to switch, they found a terrible situation: brakes and gear systems can not function properly, the car 120 kilometers per hour, how can not be switched back。
  Just bought the car a month there is a problem, let him know what to do, the car has been unable to slow down, not stop。 This means that, as long as the front face any hurdles to slow down, he will face death in the face。
  Mr. Xue repeatedly call Mercedes-Benz after-sales during driving, operating in accordance with a variety of solutions it offers, without success……21:35, desperation, he dialed 110 for help。 After Lingbao Public Security Bureau 110 alarm, alarm quickly communicated to the United Center Lujing Sanmenxia。
  [Self] would like rub, slow down eventually abandon rear-end adventure 9:40 that night, the police in the past five minutes away Sit。
  Sanmenxia City, the second high-speed traffic police brigade accident Zhang Jianyong, Zhang Jingbo receiving the alarm, according to captain Yang Hongwei indication, They immediately drive a police vehicle sounding the siren, all the way to "clench" car "question Mercedes'。
  Sit get in touch with the police, to understand the situation and start emergency measures to consultation。 The vehicle is still in speeding out of control, from Henan and Shaanxi provincial boundaries station, getting closer。
  The phone, the police further appease Mr. Xue and allowed to stabilize mood, stay calm, be ready to take the emergency measures。
  Meanwhile, police also informed the provincial boundaries order squadron leader Chai Haifeng, arrangements for police in the provincial boundary toll stations all out assistance, to open a channel of life, and to inform all along the toll station, the station for vehicle control, reduce road vehicles。   Mercedes-Benz is also running out of control。   In continuing to appease the police, hanging by a thread Sit maintaining calm, with excellent driving skills, move all the way in the case of danger。
  High-speed traffic police told Henan Business Daily reporter, in this period of the road, we all thought the emergency, such as roads rub rails, trucks, or trucks traveling the same direction rear-end to slow down。 But the risk is too great to give up。
  But not far in front of a pass, the parties will test again。
  [Try] to force open the door of the vehicle speed down to 60 km high-speed traffic police told Henan Business Daily reporter, from Sanmenxia in Henan and Shaanxi border to this period, Mr. Xue had tried one way。
  That is unfasten their seat belts in the vehicle is running and the door open a little, so you can force the vehicle to slow down。
  "Indeed drop speed, reduced from almost 60 to 120。
"Police said, although the speed down, but still too slow, and open some doors after the vehicle is traveling very unstable and very dangerous。
Mr. Yu Shixue got the door shut。
  A door can be closed, the vehicle speed quickly returned to 120 km / h。   "The owner's driving skills really strong, and the car is Mercedes-Benz, Skoda us all the way police could not catch the front to behind。
"[Test] Kone, Henan and Shaanxi traffic police to clear the way so that cars passing through the toll booth toll booth provincial boundaries, is an important test of the parties off。
If this is not completely clear, will not let pass rush Mercedes。
  Moreover, the toll station is split, nor as spacious highway, Mr. Xue need to drive at 120 kilometers per hour speeding past。 This is for anyone, is a test。
  Police quickly cleared the three toll booths ETC lanes, and to ensure the unimpeded provincial boundaries stand in the middle square。
  At the same time, high-speed traffic police to communicate with Shanxi, Shaanxi opened all the lanes。   In this way, Henan and Shaanxi provinces, police continued to relay, with ten minutes for Mr. Xue's life has opened up a smooth channel。
  Everything is ready less than 1 minute, 10 points 25 points that night, according to the guidance of the traffic police instructions, Mr. Xue driving a Mercedes driving fast from the ETC channel, Henan and Shaanxi border toll station accessible by provincial boundaries, the Henan。 On the monitor screen, a white car flashed, could not see models。
  [System] Mercedes parked behind the scenes aftermarket car alarm finally no longer out of control from Mr. Xue almost an hour in the car out of control, but wait and pray, Mr. Xue no other way。 How can I stop the car?  It is gratifying news came quickly: After entering Shaanxi, Mercedes-Benz after-sales finally passed a background operation, the car lost control distance of up to one hundred kilometers on the highway, out of control time nearly an hour of Mercedes-Benz cars, returned to normal control, security docked in the link at a high speed 923KM Lianhuo, high speed and is pulled away from the safety Huayin station。   [Dialogue] but for me this is really dangerous traffic experienced a death in the face of Mr. Xue, the participants have arrived safely in Chengdu。
  Sit itself is an amateur racer, despite the excellent driving skills than the common people, but after experiencing this "Speed" is still a lingering fear: "not as protective as when racing, but for high-speed traffic police hailed in advance, to clear roads, vacate channels, this time I really dangerous up。
"Henan Business Daily: the way to provide what Mercedes aftermarket solutions?  Sit: Mercedes-Benz at the time, including senior technicians have repeatedly contact me, say how to power down, brake, variable neutral, etc. (be slow down, try parking), but to no avail, did not respond。
Out of control had never been seen, the whole car only the steering wheel can be manipulated。
  Henan Business Daily: you will have had the idea of the emergency of it?  Sit: one is the rub roadside guardrail, but the high speed friction with the side door, very dangerous。 Because the fast, heavy car, while the fence is soft, not completely straight, would be particularly vulnerable to loss of control, I'm not sure。   In front of large trucks traveling the same direction, if the strike continues, the intensity will not be particularly large, I will have time to save themselves, so I think it is really not a large truck rear-end, they have behind crash barriers, I aim at the rear-end crash barriers to。
  Henan Business Daily: Mercedes-Benz respect there is no reason to say failure?  Sit: There is no exact cause。 They say there have been no such problems, even the Beijing headquarters also said there have been no such problems。 Back in Jiaozuo, etc., to do a comprehensive inspection。   I am anxious to Chengdu, after the car stopped, restarted, I can not wait to provide the spare car Mercedes, and drove to Chengdu, all the way at low speed, then there is no cruise control。
  Long distances really tired, I usually run more, there are features of this car, I drove usually Cruise Control。
  Henan Business Daily: looking forward to Mercedes-Benz regard to what kind of answer you?  Mr. Xue: I just want to know how it happened in the end is out of control。 I can serve as an example, and so they found out what the reasons are, and tell you and resolve problems and avoid others I encountered such a danger。 To have an attitude of manufacturers to consumers, since the problem emerged, we must find out why and solve problems。
  Henan Business Daily: what to do after going back?  Sit: high-speed traffic police must thank, thank people, so many police to help me。
In addition, I hit fast through the toll booths of the people of the bar, and I have to say that the traffic police, which lost this。 There did not pay tolls out of control that part, I also remember。

  Beijing De Heng Law Firm by Movie lawyer said the company terminate the examination of a variety of reasons, the decision was made to terminate the review are often after repeated consideration, deliberation。 The recent regulation of the New Deal certainly factors companies will be doing this。
  February 23 this year, the Commission made it clear in a regulatory dialogue, the IPO after the company was rejected, must run at least three years before planned restructuring of listed (ie "backdoor")。
  Some analysts believe that, whether the IPO is not "backdoor" listing of the new regulations within three years, resulting in some quality enough high-quality corporate quit, take the initiative to withdraw the IPO audit information。
After all, once they are not, the proposed IPO companies have to wait three years to "backdoor" listing。   Lida Xiao Ying Tai Securities chief economist, said that if the IPO had likened the college entrance examination will be "candidates (proposed IPO companies)" entrance is not on the line, shall not take the exam within three years; on balance, the general results of the candidates and their rush to sit, not as well prepared before the exam no later than。
  By combing these companies to terminate the review, including the Czech Republic, the reporter noted Tech, Murray new material, the vast number of science and technology enterprises ranked among the three new board。
For example, March 9 to enter the Czech Republic, the termination of the review team Tech, the company in August 11, 2017 to submit its filing an initial public offering and listing to the Commission, and on August 18 received a "notice of acceptance "。
After the listing because of the adjustment program, Czech Republic, Hi-Tech applied to the SFC to withdraw the listing application materials。
  March 2017, Murray disclosed the new material announcement that the company's initial public offering and listing on the GEM has been accepted by the Commission。 During the review, the United States and Switzerland signed the new material hired accountant Lie left for personal reasons, the company submitted an application to the Commission to suspend review。
December 18, 2017, Murray said the new material, the company's initial public offering and listing on the GEM now has been restored to review。
  According to a list published by the SFC, March 9 this year, Murray terminate the review team to enter the new material。
  In the year since the termination of the review team to enter the business, there are a number of pharmaceutical medical enterprises, such as Shenzhen Mindray Bio-Medical Electronics Co., Ltd., Shanghai Medicilon Co., Ltd., Hunan Warner's Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Guangdong Yili Group pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.。
  Among them, Mindray Medical is not only the domestic medical device companies a benchmark, it is the privatization of landing A-share benchmark。 The financial data Mindray Medical is even more dazzling。
According to public information in 2016, Mindray Medical's revenue up to billion and net profit is to reach one hundred million yuan。   In the termination of the review business growing at the same time, the number of reported new business will not grow significantly。
The latest statistics from the Shanghai Stock Exchange data show that this year, only seven new companies will report。
Experts said the shift between IPO "quake lake" pressure has been greatly eased, and it also indicates that the 2018 IPO market will be some new scenes。   (Zhubao Chen)。

  The French government is scheduled for release to combat sexual violence in 21 bill, including fines and the extension of the new regulations on the spot of street sexual harassment, rape identify the proposed deadline。   The bill is subject to the French Parliament to take effect。 After the rise of the global social network last fall against sexual harassment in the workplace I also exercise, the French president Emmanuel Make Long said the bill aims to ensure that women are not afraid to go out。
  Media attention focused on sexual harassment on the streets of a fine on the spot。 Secretary of State in charge of Gender Affairs of France 马莱娜夏帕 said on the 20th, from fines ranging from 90 euros to 750 euros, if the circumstances are serious or repeat offenders, fines may be higher。
  Idea is, while the amount of fines to form a sufficient deterrent, we can ensure that the harasser immediately pay the fine, so that only the efficiency of law enforcement。
  According to Schiaparelli's statement, including street sexual harassment in women made it clear that under the circumstances of the case do not want to stop to ask for her phone number, etc.。
  In addition, the bill proposes to allow underage rape victim identified that identified proposed deadline after they reach adulthood extended from the current 20 years to 30 years before the age of 48。   The bill also stipulates that minors under the age of 15 as adults having sex against their will will be identified as。 Schiaparelli said, setting this age will rape prosecutions easier。
(Xu Liyu) [micro Xinhua News Agency feature articles]。

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