Occasionally, I turned up my diary and saw the mood I wrote down. I always couldn’t find any memories.. The truth that has been forgotten dies in silence and has to be cherished in the next life.     The step forward is dusk, and the step back is life, floating and heavy, and waking up like a dream. The years left quietly, the wind and frost covered the smiling face, and the habit was to be waited for and put oneself behind the humble position.. Take care of yourself on the way after parting. When frost and snow float, I hope that the flowers will also be brilliant red. Why should I be afraid of smoke and rain on the way?. On the dusty day, I had pain and tears, took away a fishing fire, left an old ticket, and repeated the long-lost clouds and smoke..     What I want in my life, how many autumn I have searched for, I often decide to give up and have it, and I can never see it clearly in my confusion.. When the sun no longer rises, when the mountain peaks have no edges and corners, do you like me to wander in the cross street once and again in a daze?? Who shares my general thoughts? Braid the fantasy in your heart. Confused heart, whether still can have again? I am not afraid of ups and downs, but I beg to be drunk together in this world of mortals..     At first, I was casual and a little warm, but now I can see clearly and I am no longer sleepy.. Life is only a matter of investigation in the wind. I don’t want to stay alone. It’s hard to come and go. It’s hard to get together. Suddenly I look back again. This month is like that year. I was drunk with the cool breeze for a thousand years.. Don’t say how changeable the water is, how doomed it is to gather and disperse, and how it is only in a dream to meet each other.. Life can’t see clearly, but hope for eternity, the most romantic thing, with life slowly getting older.

Today is my birthday and Christmas peace day. Jesus really loved himself so much that he gave himself this day of peace, happiness and peace. That’s why I prayed silently to God every time the Christmas bell rang. I always hope to walk out of the scenery all the way along the way in life, surging to the deepest touch and flowing out the most beautiful melody in the years..     However, with the passage of time, another year was inadvertently added, and the ring of life also drew a circle quietly. Years long gone, seasons singing together, I have reaped happiness and also experienced sadness and sorrow, how can those sad and joyful memories be forgotten, how can those stories of spring flowers and autumn moon be forgotten, happiness and sadness are my feet, from young and innocent childhood to youth interwoven with bitterness and joy, and then to calm like autumn mountains, looking back on that journey, I left footprints one after another, the footprints of happiness became deeper, the footprints of sadness became shallower, leaving more touching, warmth and happiness..     Early in the morning, the window was opened, and the sunshine added a touch of color to the original good mood. The blue sky was flowing with cool clouds, and several white doves flashed through the eyes … Ah, I seem to see Jesus’ love and clever life, with a grateful heart, thanking the sun, thanking life, thanking all the people around me, including those who know and don’t know, for the value of my living existence and my colorful life..     In my world, there are beautiful dreams and hopes, loneliness of struggle, loneliness of growth, and hardship of life, just like my surging effort rushing on the riverbed of time. I have dreamed of being laughed at, lost, waiting and frustrated, but all the prized gains and losses, gratitude and grudges and grievances will fall into fallen leaves with the wind and become a living thing of passing the eye and passing the clouds and flowing water to the east.. Perhaps, after grinding again and again, life will make oneself know more about the true meaning of life and the meaning of living. After night comes the glow of dawn and after winter comes the bright spring.     From an early age, like words became a part of my life, like hanging bottles hanging over my life, reading my life bit by bit, nourishing my emotions and saving my pale worldly life. It constantly spread, infiltrated and overflowed my blood vessels.. Although words can’t pull back the lost direction, they can heal their own ends through words.. Therefore, I always want to search for the source of the sound of music through words, find the source of good feelings, constantly comfort and pity the weakness of human nature with words, constantly pick up those displaced souls by writing, present the humble years in front of me, lift all the love in the world over my head, and let myself feel the tension and warmth of life.. I think, in the future and on the journey of life, along with those lost time, my pen will always flow with sincerity to love and sex, and I will be a person full of emotion and blood in life, projecting exquisite pictures from the bottom of my heart..     All the way along, feeling all the way, although ying zi is not the same as the old Zhuo Yao, the appearance is not as vivid as yesterday, but what remains unchanged is the faith inscribed on the chest hall, and what does not regret is the youth that once shed sweat.. Because I know that human life is a process of asceticism and a drama of ups and downs. At the end of the road to life’s hope, we can find a kind of wisdom, see the lighthouse of the Holy Spirit, and understand the essence of human nature, so that every soul can be purified and comforted, full of joy and happiness of life.. Yes, ah! When I came to this world from the transmigration of life, I was destined to start a deep-rooted thinking and a vow to fight for my dream. The dance from life is wonderful and infinite, and the body born never stops..     Although the steps ahead are heavy and solemn and stirring, I firmly believe that the road I have travelled must be the most beautiful! My figure is drifting away!

I have been to the grasslands and seen endless grass. Swimming in the green ocean, I am full of energy and pleasure. I want to swim like this all my life and let the fragrant grass surround me tightly and even drown me.. However, I still came out from the vast grassland and melted into the world of mortals and the secular world in a city lacking grass flavor, making a restless heart point to the direction of grass spitting green..     In fact, I prefer grass in my hometown, scattered and scattered, or small plots of land distributed along ditches and wasteland.. From my childhood in the countryside, I was close to the soul of grass. I looked at them humbly stretching out their delicate bodies from the earth, and I was awed.. As a teenager, I carried a sickle and a wicker basket and went outside the village to cut pig grass. It was summer or autumn, and grass grew lonely in Yuan Ye. I waved a sickle, and I heard grass singing happily. But I prefer to come to the wild in the morning and break many glittering and translucent dewdrops. I want to know if the drops hanging on the grass are transparent notes after note? I don’t understand why they are so humble and small, but why are they so calm and calm?? In the wilderness, in all the barren land where there are many cracks, take a good look at how happy and healthy the grass is.! They dance in the wind, dance in the rain, and stretch their flexible life tirelessly. Even if they are burned, they will have time to spare. Next spring, their roots will still have a thick green color..     For many years, I have alienated the grass in my old garden. In the city’s bright red wine, my heart has gradually hardened. I know that my heart is deserting day after day until the sharp sand grains engulf my last ray of green flame.. I don’t want to see such a desolate ending. How I want to go back to the middle of the grassland, to the fragrant dewdrop – laden grass with tender green. I lie on the quiet and moist grass, close my eyes and dream a warm green dream.. I will let grass enter my desolate heart and grow freely there. Only in this way can I feel soft and loving in my heart. Will pity and sympathize with all the life in the world.     I also want to say, among all sentient beings, who is not a poetic and humble grass? Because of growth, because of singing, because of forbearance, because of dedication, we have every reason to be noble. Therefore, I must arrive at my hometown one summer and have a long-lost date with Caoer in a garden like a wash.. I lay in the middle of the grass, listening to their whispering, or watching their passionate dance when the wind blows. I know that grass is my former life and future life, and I have no reason to refuse them. 820 words

Wasteland can’t say, all the green is still green. If, can find the spring photos, compared with the current green, there is no ambiguity. These days, the weather is like early spring, with continuous rain, falling and cold feeling beginning to spread, and the curtain of the porch window seems to be moving to send the autumn cool in the oblique wind into the roller shutter’s hope.. Living in the posthouse, the lamplight of the promenade, wrote a note of nostalgia. Helpless, the swan goose injured its wings. Hesitate, listen to the cold shiver of the leaves in the rain.   Maybe it was the spring of August! The decline, though not to say, cannot be said to have no such tendency.   In fact, different moods have different scenery. A kind of leisure, there is a kind of scenery with it.   In the haze, the waverers, under the eaves, suffer from the erosion of the wind. The sunshine in the vision seems to be engulfed by a black hole. The tiny stars have become the rudiments of rain, and then fall apart with autumn.   Cold, mountain forests and red maple leaves present the last festival of life to the people of Leshan and Leshui.   Go, go. Vanity is gone. The fat days began to lose weight.   The sign of high peak does not seem to indicate the real direction. Those who came to the world and went to the party here did not respond to anyone.. Doubt each other, guess, watch out for each other. Only one to the north, empty. In my heart, I hid daggers from each other. Fortunately, the haze blocked my eyes.   Ping Ye Momo, a plate of sunflowers, lost its expression as bright as it should be because of the dark weather and was at a loss to do anything about it.. This is also good, at least some spare time to treat’ sprain’.   The abyss is bottomless, and Long Yin is here. His eyes closed and he allowed the snake lizard to perform.   Sparse umbrella, moving in the pattering rain. Muddy, in a metaphorical way, persuades struggling steps.   The decayed, fuzzy, rain-soaked and clear-cut show the vicissitudes of life, and the cicada slough’s dandruff also shows the ancient meaning of exhaustion..   Mang disorderly eyes stopped blinking in the field where there was no luster to reply.   Blind staff, with their pointed shoes, knocked on the ground constantly, with grass as weft and grass as warp, netting its shadow. Occasionally, a worm’s chirp and a breeze can wipe out its footprints.   Deviating from the dynamic balance, if so, the festivities began to end. The lingering sound is just a thin vine, and the falling light and shade is slowly languishing..   The moon of the abandoned well has lost its appearance, and only one side of the dark depression has sealed up the past bright and rotten photos.. The pattern on the edge of a frame of decay recorded the original.   Moss like a dumb purple lip, endure the unbearable disease miasma.   Cough of residual Fu wrapped in a wound disease.   Where’s the graceful demeanour hanging on the swing? The net of autumn closes the smile written on the cover of youth.   The withering defeat has collected the dust from the sun and the moon, and what meaning will it express in its crumbling branches and parasitic thatch?? Yu Si, a crow aphasia, its pecking day.   I don’t know where the grave robbers came from and dug deep into the plot. Scattered stories, like pestilence, began to approach the living.   Fossil, wake up, panic when the disaster comes, explosion erupts in general. Revival of the eyes, transparent space-time barrier. However, its clear meaning penetrates the reality. If it stands with a pillar, it will be the most beautiful tomb inscription of the end of the day.  The stagnant words and unfinished actions have inherited the original style and are continuing the original.   What kind of reincarnation is this? Not complete repetition, instead of human will. Today’s chariot, the tunnel running through time, will not only hear the thud and scatter the flight feathers, but also what else will it be? Who’s the downfall of the dead money – like fallen leaves?   For some reason, those who want to sing with their necks could not make a sound at all.. Its long shadow was disturbed by chaos.   Who can resist the coming darkness!   Who is the prophet? No one is a prophet! Not a bold prophet, standing in deep darkness. The darkness gave him a silk dress. However, he is convinced that the deepest darkness is nearest to the bright light!

The snow stopped and the world outside was sunny. For several days, I almost never left home. It was very cold and I had to stay at home. At this moment, I decided to take a walk up the mountain to breathe the fresh air from the pine forest and enjoy the beautiful scenery after the snow in the mountains..     As I walked up the mountain road humming a song, the snow under my feet made a’ wipe’ sound to accompany my ditty.. The warm winter sun shines comfortably on the face. A few puppies ran joyfully from the side. These puppies were enjoying themselves in the snow on the mountain..     The family lives at the foot of the mountain. It is very convenient to go up the mountain.. In recent years, I have moved home several times. The reason is that with the development goal of ” three years of great changes” in the city, the old bungalow can hardly be found in the renovation of the old city.. I am a man who loves mountains, and after selection, I finally live at the foot of the mountain..     In addition to the snowy days, there are many people who go to the mountains to do morning exercises at ordinary times. Most of them go together and are persistent and also go alone. I am one of them.. Everyone regards health as vital.     I’m close to the pine forest. I haven’t visited it less in the past days.. They used to be full of pine nuts, mature and scattered on the ground. I patiently picked up the pine nuts and used them to make pillow cores. It is said that sleeping on the pillow can improve eyesight and improve intelligence.. If we don’t study the curative effect, we will say that the process is also full of interest.. Now, after the snow, I was walking up the paved mountain road. I used to grab small trees or climb rocks along the rugged path, which would consume more physical strength and make me feel more interesting.. The wild jujube trees encountered on the road can still reap a small harvest. I don’t easily climb mountains in this way in snowy days. It’s a man-made lake in front for safety or caution. Actually, it’s not much bigger than a pool of water.. At the same time, a curtain waterfall was built, adding a scenery to the mountain. In summer, a child went there to catch fish and drowned. If I were in front of him, I would do my best to save him. My swimming skills were still excellent. For a long time, my heart would be heavy when I passed by.. After the accident, no water was stored in the pool. Further on is the famous ancient Great Wall. I once walked straight along the Great Wall, and it will not end in a few hours.. The road below the mountain can be seen on the wall, winding its way into the distance. One hundred years ago, this was a famous commercial road leading to Mongolia and used to be a place where merchants gathered.. Later, because the railway was no longer a camel bell, it also lost its former prosperity.. I remember the Russian businessman’s graveyard left on the mountain, which was protected and moved away by their descendants in the 1980s.. I am very familiar with the landscape on the mountain and have deep feelings for the flowers and trees on the mountain..     When I came to a pavilion, I stopped and looked at it from a distance. The view was extremely broad and the city under the mountain had a panoramic view. In the middle of the pavilion was a frozen river, surrounded on three sides by a big river. Such a geographical environment is rare. It is my hometown, a changing city..     A burst of laughter came, and several middle school students came out to watch the snow scene. They also took homemade sledges and played with them, with their voices echoing in the silent valley.. They started to go down the mountain when they were tired of playing, and I followed after them. I could share the joy with them..     If it is a good day tomorrow, I will come again.

I, a chess piece among all sentient beings; A spray in the boundless sea.     He used the pseudonym’ Hao Hao’,’ Hao Hao Ren’,’ Hao Hao Story’. Three lines, there must be a very love name. As far as the heart is concerned, when it comes to generalities, it always wants to be ” a person of the same color, a composition of the same color”. Therefore, I always encourage myself to adopt this identity card..     On weekdays, I like to use some clumsy words and write some words without chapters, feeling the so-called life. In the face of a troubled society, such as’ climbing tiger’ and’ overgrown human relations, there are always some tangles, some frustrations, and sometimes I stare at the sky through the window for the first time, thinking thoughtfully, ” Will God give me a pair of eyes?”? ‘ as the saying goes, 30 and stand. Sigh sad oneself was born in, has more than ten thousand days, has not ” set” what? There are friends occasionally praising a few words, ” Hao Zi’s article is worth seeing.”. ‘ The satisfaction of the heart is like the bursting of shaving cream, which instantly enriches the heart. Can you think about it in a short time in this year of cheap clothing and food for the literati, graffiti can only add a little interest to the space of life. The fear is that you will spend a night studying and smiling at the shallow beauty.. I think it is very difficult.     I remember Japanese writer Murakami Haruki once said,’ You can’t fill your belly if you are brilliant. But as long as you have a keen intuition, you don’t have to worry about not being able to mix up with food.. In a simple sentence, the writer’s ” bad” sex is defined. A keen intuition told me to be a good person and a true person.     It is true that we are not scholars, and it is understandable to recall the past, when we were young, the ” literary dream” also flooded.. Today and yesterday, after the ups and downs of life, the plump’ myth’ tortured has dried up.     In the torrent of life, what is surging is only your shadow and true self, which may be the ” pebble” lying quietly in the corner of the shore with sediment.. Years have baptized your naivety and naivety; Scour the trajectory of your movement, but have you ever thought about it? The original ” sharpness” has long disappeared, ” smoothness” has been interpreted seamlessly by us..     Quiet mind, man is not a sage. nobody is perfect. everybody makes mistake? I think it is necessary to have a clear understanding of our ” past” and ” change it”. To be a decent person, write some essays in peace and contentment. It is also a blessing in life.     Hao Hao shared with all of you the idea of ” being a true person and being a true person”.

Is that you?? Or me. I looked at the dozen pages full of words and searched for a long time.. I can’t find my tears, but I know that I write about the beauty of life, and you are criticizing my troubles.. Is that you?? Or me. The flowers bloom all the way up and down, but I don’t know and you know it. I know how hard it is to hear sad music and tell you not to think, but I don’t think so. You come to my side and smile at me gently, then towards the distant.     This point, what are you doing? Get up, wash, bask in the sun, or inadvertently think of whose face. One day, we couldn’t sit down and think about it. If you like it, I don’t care if you are happy or depressed. Such a small past, how long will it take to struggle inside, but I still comfort myself not to think about it, how silly it is.!     But I want to talk to you about how much I love you in my life, how much I want to put you in my arms and how much I want to ask the world what a hero’s dream is. You don’t say a word, a face of death away, I look uncomfortable. But the closer I get, the more I care about in my heart, the farther I go, the more painful the scar in my heart. Strong you are the faith of my heart. No matter whether it’s hard or rough, please allow me to call you to heaven for the next second..     Past, present and future. Maybe life has already lost its past, now comes too reserved, but the future is so confused. You accompany me in the past, but I am an optimistic person and cherish you deeply. I am extremely optimistic, but I have neglected you in a corner by yourself. I will even say a word to others. No one can control my past. The past is even past, but my future can be controlled by anyone but her.. Is that you?? Or me. Say goodbye to youth long ago, but in the end, it is so plain that it even clears up the old grudges.     Forgive my inner struggle, such as walking on a trail, I will suddenly sing a few songs, but I can’t remember the lyrics. I sing the words I added casually, no matter what others think, I don’t want the past, I want the present strength, no matter what you think, I don’t want to leave, I want the forgiveness I said at that time..     But I want to talk to you. Put down the pen in your hand and we’ll talk about the same kind of love, even your dream that you have always refused to let go. After reading your poem, I always feel that the ending is difficult to tell. Too many beautiful things now seem so messy that they are better than the tension of copying. I tasted your dream and will receive many similar messages. I will not say you or support it, but if one day you have something, I will be obliged to do so..     very good! Isn’t it?     One’s greatest hope is to be faithful to one’s beliefs. Under the old buttonwood tree, you said to me with great inspiration, no matter what, I want to subvert the present life. From then on, I fell in love with your strength, even your temper, occasionally struggling to be thorough.     As if to think about why we live again. Ten years ago, we lived to meet each other. Ten years later, we lived to see how we lived. I don’t have the courage to give up my life for whom, but I know that one day I and you will die together.     But I am writing a love letter to you. I can’t even see the shadow of gorgeous words.. I would even use a word like this to prove my love for you. I am not another person, I am your heart, an ordinary person who has been separated physically and mentally for too long.     Oh, dear! I wrote so much that you will surely think that I wrote it under very sad circumstances. To tell you the truth, I am eating snacks and even laughing happily..     Words are secret. It doesn’t even pay attention to the thoughts of the copywriters. It only looks at the declassification of fate in the blank space..     But I know you, more than know, every second of your time I’m watching, like a peaceful exploration of myself.For example, today, you just made a thorough apology for the perfection of your heart. Maybe it seems a little boring to others, but I know you are giving yourself a summary. Sorry, the pursuit of too much perfection, the initiation of a trivial matter, has totally changed the face of the whole inner world..     Dear, life is like this. There are too many regrets and too many helplessness.. That day you stood on the tall building and looked at the trees on both sides, laughing at me for a while.. You said with a smile, see, under the big tree, always thinking about the beauty of the treetops, you came to the heights and looked up at the treetops, but you never thought about it any more. could this be love? Love is not fantasizing about how beautiful it will be in the future, but thinking about it for no reason when you don’t care about it, and knowing that your heart is missing when you don’t meet each other.. But I know this kind of love is the end of youth. The love in real life is the backing in my heart when things happen, which is called affection. It’s really too good.     I was like peas and carrots with you, still holding hands with my son and getting old with him, or neither side of the sky ever contacted me.. At the moment, I have no scruples. I only have scruples about whether I have loved or not.. But to be honest, I never doubted your feelings, even to a stranger. You will say to me, how could he be a bad man if you look at him so cute?. I even doubt that my scruples are protection for myself, and the best way to protect myself is to be selfish, even if you deceive yourself and others..     Never thought about where to find the beauty of life, because it was casual! Just like the love letter I chose to give you, I think you are boring to play with your mobile phone. I dare not disturb you to dream about words. I even became an article to write down your boredom because of an impulse to kill you..     Always be kind to yourself. As a consolation to myself in writing, I searched for the answer and planned my life perfectly with the defiant as usual.. What is close to the truth is just too much regret in life. I say nothing, say nothing and do nothing, but I still have a stubborn heart sitting there. That’s not a peaceful choice. I don’t care about other people’s abandonment or anyone’s pointing. I know that when dealing with life, your world has already been filled with helplessness.. So what, what, shouldn’t be so impulsive, because impulsive will only make you more sad.     But honey, I need to talk to you. The year 2014 is coming to an end. You asked me if I would like to have a summary. This is the 23rd year I’ve been with you. I’ve never seen you say this to me so seriously.. As time went by, Baiju passed through the gap and read these words carefully, but he didn’t like them to be added to his articles.. I didn’t answer you, maybe we are the past, in front of the reality, there is no past and future, still full of contradictions within ourselves, thinking about how to live well. In front of a second, your life is rotating in the present and past cycles. There is no need to give a big or small answer to the past, as long as you know, it is already very beautiful..     I know, I even painted the future with a pen. God, please forgive me for my vulgarity, rely on my life closely, turn love into determination to inspire, but secretly have no courage to myself.. In fact, where there are so many great principles in life, the greatest principle is the secret of living well. Can be a word, a person, a book, a dream, a pursuit, can be a dream, a death, an ignorance, a infatuation, a lifetime without demand. Your own courage has long been tied to the truth of life. When you walk on the road, don’t you think about what makes you close to the ground? You will only take it for granted, but also because of it, you will have a life-long grudge..     Is to talk about how to love. Many people take questions in their lives and ask others for answers, but finally they can’t find out why. After all, calm down and think about the result of love, the process of love and the joy of first meeting. But I want to say to you, don’t take love for granted, then you will not recognize yourself and how you let me walk into your heart. We both belong to this world and also to the underworld. We originally came to this world to find it. Living is an unknown quantity, but dying is the answer to it..     Why should we be so devoted and indifferent to others? Each of us, every time, will think that we are so sincere to others, but actually we are so selfish that we overreach..     Love is a slow journey. Don’t have any emotional color, don’t be stupid, don’t take it for granted, don’t be indifferent, don’t be indifferent, just walk like this to see what will happen?     But no one can shake the beauty of the future! I can only think like this. There is no need to publicize anything. We are all selfish, aren’t we? Because we get up tomorrow morning and walk on the road, we will take it for granted.     Let me end with one of your poems! Perhaps this is just a lost path in life, and whether it will become a good fragment after that lies in itself, not others.     Along the way, in a hurry and haste, he left tears and pretended to be indifferent. He looked through thousands of volumes of books to find peace in his young dreams. It was too cold to solidify his eyes.. I sing loudly one by one, but I want to grow up and look at the paradise of adults when I am not by my side and you will have a quick understanding after a decade.. In this way, my youth and I have cleared up the old grudges, took the shadow of not saying a word and walked alone on the road. I am not alone. I like to walk alone, and no one can fathom the heart. The original is just plain delusion, is there any despair that comes in a hurry next?.

Calm and calm as the wind, the West Lake without iron fence is already cool but not cold. It is afraid to sit on the high pavilion and there is no cold because the spring water ripples and the willow branches are swaying. Moreover, the park is full of tourists who have nothing but complaints and regrets, or at least, here, nothing but a quiet place, no complaints and no hatred, the wind is free and unfettered, swinging, willow and spring water, and the sun is shining, bright and bright, with pine trees forming a shade, within the corridor, yin and yang are clear and clear, and clear and clear like dry Kun gossip, meaningful, reaching the lofty goal of night, and the deep black promise of the earth..   Outside the fence wall not far from here, cars are speeding up. What about the office? Or for family, for business, for boredom? I don’t know why, in my opinion, it is not only the coolness and freedom of spring water but also the anxiety and sadness that always flow, because I am already walking outside the iron fence in the morning, thinking about the changes of personnel at the end of the day and considering the whole unit, just because of the adjustment of nearly 300 personnel, I am looking for a new turning point, at least not to be eliminated..   A look at the unit shows that more than one person thinks like this, the orchid or Chinese flowering crabapple in the dark or bright office upstairs and downstairs are no longer noticed by anyone, but are serious, scared and resentful everywhere.. He shook his head and smiled, waved or whispered a greeting, walked through the dark corridor and came out.   On the east side of the West Lake Park, under the warm lee of spring, there were crowded tables of cards, and more complicated and mediocre crowds of onlookers than those who couldn’t see the stone tables and the mystery of card management.. Of them, how many were promoted from entry to transfer? Now they are focused on these games. They are fearless in winning and losing up and down. Lunch is taken care of. Everything has been taken off and only a healthy old age has passed.. I hurried past them and raised my head to see peach blossoms full of trees, which were developed under spring scenery without saying a word, so that Changfeng fluttered around..   I also know that some people inside and outside the fence will ignore the existence of the fence, and will have no contact, no intention of going or staying, no sorrow or no joy, because he does not have that fence in his heart, or later, he will know that the fence does not exist and is just a dummy.. Mirror is not Taiwan, where still dust, good.

On July fifteen, I came to wangfu town central primary school in Dianbai district of Maoming with expectation and fear, hoping to quickly meet the students I want to teach, get along with them harmoniously and bring them joy like a close friend.. At the same time, I also hope to help them solve their learning problems. On the evening of fifteen, I carefully prepared my lessons. As that sentence said, what you know may not be able to speak out, what you can speak out may not be able to hear clearly, and what you can speak clearly may not be able to speak well.. On July 16, I finally met the lovely and lively students. When I first started to contact each other, they were still a little stiff. However, after everyone introduced themselves, they became familiar with each other.. The course is about to begin. I stood on the platform and looked at dozens of young faces. I was really nervous.. Fortunately, I first became familiar with the procedure to be followed, and my heart gradually calmed down. After a brief introduction, I started the course until class was over. In order to live up to the trust of the students, we will try our best to prepare lessons and only give students an interesting lesson.. At the end of the class, communicate with students in time and try to tell them better and better. Today is the 17th and the second day of teaching here. During the whole day, I didn’t arrange to attend classes. However, although I couldn’t give classes to students, I could accompany them to classes.. So, I sat at the back of the classroom and attended the class with the lively and lovely students.. Most importantly, I can also learn something from the course of teaching partners. In these two days, I found that the children here are hardworking and hard working and come to school early every day. The children here are also very simple. Everywhere they go, they greet each other with sweet greetings: Good teacher! Every sound gives me an unprecedented sense of happiness and accomplishment. I hope I can teach them more in the next few days.

In order to’ protect the ecological environment and develop a low-carbon economy’. This year, I decided to be a low-carbon person. Where should I start my low-carbon life, or should I start walking.     Over the years, I have also become accustomed to walking, which has become a compulsory subject for me. On the first day of the New Year, I put down my bike and remembered that walking can not only exercise my body but also be good for my health. It’s the best of both worlds. It’s not easy to be happy.. My walking is also reflected in my commute and walking to the suburbs.. When visiting friends or teachers and going to their offices on weekends, they must climb to several floors and take the elevator.. Do you want to, I this 130 catties of weight, how much more weight to increase on the elevator, power consumption will increase a bit, thus the emission of nitrogen dioxide will increase a bit. If I get on the elevator alone, I also try not to take the elevator. If I get on the elevator alone, how much electricity will I consume and how much nitrogen dioxide will I emit?.     In recent years, I have also gone to the countryside to collect flowers or take a walk, to see the vegetables in the countryside, to experience the sour, sweet, bitter and spicy taste of growing vegetables, and to look at the green leaves that I have planted and to enjoy my brow.. Over the years, China Resources Snow Beer Hangzhou, where I work, has organized employees to go to the hospital for medical examination every year. In the hospital, I often hear or see a patient suffering from hyperlipemia, hypertension and hyperglycemia. That’s because of their fat accumulation. Who told them to go in and out with big fish and big meat all day and have cars?. In fact, life, you have to live a life of flavor and quality if you want to live it. Therefore, I want to maintain an environment-friendly state of low-carbon life.     At the end of last year, I took out a part of my salary and bought a desktop computer at Hangzhou Wensan Road Xixi Cyberport. I used my spare time to write, gave full play to my writing skills, changed some fees to subsidize my daily expenses, and eliminated the paper and pens from my office.. First, it is convenient for you to send e-mail and search the information on the Internet. The original surprise is that it is amazing to reach the other party’s mailbox in just a few seconds with a mouse. The second is to chat with relatives and friends online, watch movies and TV plays online, and no longer watch TV, so you can play all over the world and enter the world..     In fact, in daily life, there are times when people are close to low-carbon life every day.. Daily rice washing water can be used to wash hands and dishes, which is a natural whitening product. Placing the old newspapers on the bottom of the wardrobe can not only absorb moisture, but also absorb the peculiar smell in the wardrobe. Used facial tissues and napkins are used to wipe hands or jewelry, furniture, shoes and tableware. They not only shine but also leave the scent of facial tissues.. After drinking tea dregs and putting them on the balcony to dry in the sun, you can make a pillow full of tea fragrance so that you can sleep till dawn. Still have eaten orange peel to dry or blindly Chinese medicine … In 2011, my low-carbon life was both happy and sweet. Friend, are you low carbon yet? If not, then lead a low-carbon life quickly.