Instant skin whitening

Instant skin whitening

Indica protein protein, carbohydrates and 8 amino acids necessary for the human body have a strong whitening effect, while making the skin smooth and delicate.

  The effect of barley on skin care: minerals: soothes and calms the skin after sun exposure.

  Vitamin B group: anti-inflammatory, oil control, moisturizing and locking.

  Vegetarian: Prevents tanning and improves dry skin.

  Kernel: Promotes metabolism and smoothes uneven skin.

  The barley skin lotion is so easy to make. Apply it for 20 minutes every night after cleansing. The face will be very good the next day. After using it for a month, you will notice that the skin is obviously white and the pores are much finer.

  Materials: Barley, milk (preferably skim milk), honey, boiled water (mineral water is better), paper mask (supermarket, online store can sell).

  Practice: 1.

After washing about 100 grams of indica rice, put it in a pot and add 4 times of water for 3 hours.


Boil the barley water and simmer for 10 minutes on low heat (better for longer).


Pour the boiled indica rice water into an airtight container such as a lotion bottle and put it in the refrigerator for refrigeration.

  Usage: After cleansing the face at night, mix an appropriate amount of barley water, milk, a spoonful of honey and stir well, soak the face for 20 minutes after soaking in the mask.

  The tricks of lazy lamb cooking once after all, it takes a lot of effort to cook it every day. If you cook too much at one time, you are afraid of spoiling. Now we will teach you a lazy little method: cook the ladle water, add the right amount of honey, milk, and pour the liquid mixture.Put it in the ice tray and put it in the freezer.

Every day, we dig out a few pieces of ice cubes and put them in a bowl to thaw them, so that the rice water can be used for a long time.

  Tips for making simmered rice cooked. Many MMs are most afraid of cooking simmered rice water. We will teach you a very simple method: use a small insulation pot, drain the soaked simmered rice into the pot, and pour itBoil boiling water and tighten the lid.

The next morning you will find that the rice is already “cooked” in the cup, and the rice is rotten.

  Oily skin MM Note that honey may make oily skin more oily, so it is recommended that oily skin or acne-prone mm do not add honey when DIY 薏米 水, wash the face directly with 薏米 水, can shrink pores.

  Barley’s No. 1 weapon for edema is definitely the intimate “girlfriend” of a woman. Its effectiveness in eliminating edema ranks first on the weapon list, and it clears blood and detoxifies. It is effective for spots and adolescent acne. It is a must-have food on a woman’s table.It is an essential beauty product for women’s dressing tables.

  Soaking water + medicinal barley wild whitening madman S once exposed: Every day after breakfast, drink a cup of barley water, which not only can drain excess water, make your face quickly smaller, but also has whitening effect, and the skin is moist and translucent.

  Zhao Feiyan, who can dance in the palm of her hand, was selected not only by the thin waist, but also by Bai Nen’s face.

The secret of maintenance is “Xiangji Wan”.

Rice is one of the main ingredients, but this pill is not eaten. It must be stuffed into the navel to allow the body to absorb it slowly. Not only can the skin turn white, but it can also thin the waist and serve two purposes.

  There are many secret recipes for indigo rice water long-lasting oil control nets. Indigo DIY skin care mask is said to whiten and reduce pores.

In fact, the long-lasting oil control effect of indica rice is most worth looking forward to. The method is: soak the indica rice with mineral water for 2 hours, and then soak the paper with water and apply 5?
In 10 minutes, it can keep skin from getting oily all day.

  The practice of spotted killer barley lily porridge is: barley, lily soaked in warm water for 20 minutes, then add enough water to cook until the barley blossoms, and the soup is ready to serve.

However, girls with cold rice and weak constitutions should stop eating the week before the physiological period, otherwise it may cause the skin beauty effect of dysmenorrhea.