[How to make Kung Fu tea]_Kung Fu Tea_How to make _How to make

[How to make Kung Fu tea]_Kung Fu Tea_How to make _How to make

Kung Fu Tea is a special technique in Tanzania. Drinking Kung Fu Tea can cultivate your body and make you feel quiet.

In fact, Kung Fu Tea is a technique of making tea, and it is also a very famous tea ceremony culture.

Maybe you do n’t know?

The correct method of brewing Kung Fu Tea is very particular about it. It takes a few steps to drink a sip. This is also the meaning of the so-called Kung Fu Tea.

Kungfu tea brewing method and steps There are eleven types of operating procedures of Chinese kungfu tea, which can also be called eleven programs of kungfu tea.

1. Sniff the tea host to get good tea, and introduce the characteristics of the variety to the guests.


The guests passed in appreciation of the scent.

2. Before placing the tea in the warm pot, flush the boiling water into the empty pot, which is called “warm pot”, and pour the water from the warm pot into the tea boat-the tea tray, a kind of shallow sand pot.

3, tea should be prepared with teaspoon, funnel, should not be used to grab the tea into the pot, to avoid mixing of odor and odor on the hand, usually fill the tea to 2/3 of the teapot, or even overflow, the amountPeople are surprised.

4. Run the tea with boiling water into the pot until it is full, so that the bamboo chopsticks scrape off the tea foam on the surface of the pot, and immediately pour it into the tea boat or tea sea-a jointed tea cup.

5, brew and then pour boiling water, but do not boil, this is the first tea.

6. Water the pot with the lid and the boiling water to make the temperature inside and outside the pot consistent.

7. When the warm cup is waiting for the tea to be brewed, use the tea from the warm pot and moist tea to clean the tea cup in the tea boat-this is a small tea cup slightly smaller than the wine cup (the teapot itself is just oneFist size).

8. When the teapot is brewed for the first time, the pot is moved along the side of the tea boat for several weeks, commonly known as “touring the mountains and playing with water”, so as not to let the bottom of the pot drip into the tea cup and taste.

9, pour the tea line up the warm-washed small tea cups, pour back and forth in turn, also known as “cruising the river”, or pour the tea in the pot into the sea of tea and then pour it into the cup.Then pour the second cup to avoid unevenness, which is a common mistake made by ordinary drinkers.

10. Respecting the old and loving the young and respecting the children, this is the traditional virtue of the Chinese people, especially the first cup of tea is the most important, and replaced by the “chief” present.

11. The most elaborate part of the full set of tea tasting and kung fu tea, from appreciation of tea color, tea flavor, tea fragrance to scent, and play together, it is indeed like Bai Juyi’s poem: “Sheng Lai has good color, and swallows up the aroma.

“Su Dongpo also said,” Never Jiayu looks like a beauty.

“You can see that there is an endless aftertaste.

I especially saw the old “tea enthusiasts” who were proficient in this way and had white hair. Three fingers squeezed a small pocket-sized tea cup the size of a four-spiral thumb, moved between the nose and lips, or smelled or swallowed whatever they wanted.

And his eyes are slightly closed, like a meditation Taoist, the outside world is completely unaware, people can not help but call the magical effect of Mingxuan.