Demystifying: The Quick Beauty Secrets Behind Advertising


Demystifying: The Quick Beauty Secrets Behind Advertising

Guide: We understand skin care brands, and most of them build psychological brand awareness through the advertisements of major brands on various media.

In the advertisements, the skins of those models are like eggs just peeled, delicate, smooth and full of texture.

Are the skins of these models really as perfect as in the ads?

In fact, behind the advertisements, there are many secrets of quick beauty, which can transform your skin in a short time.


hzh {display: none; }  护肤品广告的严苛标准  三个简单的词汇:自然(natural)、气色好(fresh)、干净(clean)是所有护肤品广告竭力推崇的。  Q: Why do you need a dedicated team before and during the advertising to help the model moisturize, exfoliate, massage and brighten the skin for perfection?

  A: A variety of other advertisements. In skin care advertisements, there will not be a little deliberate styling, sometimes too long warped eyelashes, gorgeous eye shadows, too thick lips, or exaggerated hairstyles.

  Skincare ads require natural, thin, minimal makeup.

-Collier Strong, a makeup consultant at L’Oreal Paris, photographers usually use sprays of water and pictures of wet hair to make the ads look like a SPA.

Sometimes they even want the dew to stay on the model’s skin.

-Kristofer BuCKle, who had been a makeup artist for DIOR ads, reveals the secret behind the ads. Many people think that the skin of models in skincare ads is “fake”, at least there is a fake component. It is undeniable that when shooting ads, it was indeedThere are ways to make your skin look great and make the model look perfect in the shot.

And each of these methods can be said to be very effective in daily life, and we don’t prevent learning well.

  Secret 1: Wet shots of wet ice towels are usually shot at dawn and at dawn, and many people’s skin at that time looked tired and slightly puffy.

In order to change this vibrant state, wring the towel soaked with ice water, put it on the model’s skin, wait for a few minutes, and then repeat one of these steps, you can quickly reduce the swelling and fatigue of the skin.

  Secret 2: Yvone, a beauty expert who keeps in touch with many models and celebrities on bathing, has some tips on how to solve the problem of facial puffiness. “After getting up, take a shower to make the blood flow and lymph circulation in the body clear., And then a facial massage is a very effective drainage and swelling method.

“She also discovered an exclusive secret to the beauty editor Annie.” Drinking a small glass of red wine before going to bed overnight must not be too much, and it can also avoid edema.

“Secret 3: The magic of peas Rodin said:” Frozen peas are very effective in reducing puffiness. Take a bag of beans out of the refrigerator and leave them for ten minutes. (The frozen beans will not make the skin too strong.)Stimulation), and finally put a small pea around the eyes.

“Secret 4: Tea Bags Have a Miraculous Effect Putting tea bags containing caffeine in cold water and placing them on the skin can make the skin healed.

Dermatologist Bowman said: “Caffeine can shrink arterial blood vessels and help reduce edema and redness.

“At the same time, tannic acid derived from tea can act as a mild astringent to temporarily tighten the skin.

But special care should be taken to avoid the use of Earl Grey tea, which contains bergamot oil, which can cause redness, swelling, and itching.

  Secret 5: Master M.


C New York senior makeup artist Victor Cemblellin pointed out: Victor Cemblellin said: “The models in skin care ads need to look natural and beautiful, not make up and make up beautiful.

“He created a brand new method of applying the foundation. First, apply a small amount of foundation on the center of the forehead of the model, and then apply it with a foundation brush.

He said: “You need to cover the foundation with the model’s T-shaped part and the front of the face, and the amount of foundation can be reduced accordingly in other places.

“Secret 6: Infrared therapy skincare advertising models always consult some beauty experts before shooting.

SonyaDakar, an experienced beauty expert in Beverly Hills, often faces many stars who have a large number of skincare advertising contracts.

She said that six weeks before the shoot, she would begin weekly infrared therapy for her guests.

With these collagen-stimulating measures, gradually fine lines look less noticeable.

In contrast to laser and chemical exfoliation methods, infrared therapy does not use any heating devices, so her clients do not have to worry about skin burns or injuries.

  Secret 7: Don’t Misplace Humidifiers As a New York State dermatologist, Patricia Wexler always advises her model clients to put humidifiers in their bedrooms.

“Let the moisture last in the air to stop the loss of skin moisture.

And when the skin appears dehydrated, wrinkles will arise at the historic moment, and it will also be particularly noticeable.

“Secret 8: Massage eases skin.

hzh {display: none; }  按摩使肌肤重现光彩,并且帮助肌肉得到适度的放松,所以只需要十分钟,脸色就会看起来好很多。In addition, it is especially effective to massage the lymph nodes on the outside of the ears and under the arms. It will be more effective if used with massage products.   Secret 9: Make the lips younger No matter if the model is 14 or 40 years old, there will be lip lines on her lips.

If your skin becomes dehydrated during cold conditions or during long flight periods, your lips will peel or even worse.

In this case, the makeup artists will choose to rub off the dead skin on the lips first, then use a warm wet towel and baby oil to gently wipe away the remaining dander, and then apply the lip moisturizer.

Professional makeup artist Yooyo said: “These can increase the blood circulation of the lips, make the lips look younger and easier to color.

“Secret 10: Isolate makeup and ray rays continuously under heat, which may cause cosmetic ingredients to penetrate into the model’s skin.

In order to prevent this from happening, it is especially important to overlap the use of makeup base.

After applying moisturizing cream and before makeup, apply a layer of makeup base cream on the whole face, which can isolate makeup and rays, and make the skin feel silky.

  Secret 11: Make your skin reflect as you learned in the art class: The shadows are weakened, the light is enhanced-this is why Susan Giordano, a makeup artist for OLAY and AVON skincare ads, adds a drop of liquid to the foundation cream to glowAgent.
“Everything that reflects light can make your skin look younger, and the same trick applies daily,” she said.

“Secret 12: Amazing radiance. Use a moisturizer with a thick gap, lotion with glitter particles or oily products to make the skin look plump and smooth without wrinkles.

Beauty expert Maggie said: “These products can give the skin an amazing highlight.

“Secret 13: Ask an expert in advance for cleverness. A smart model will never ask a beauty expert to help her remove facial blemishes the day before.

Elettra Rossellini Wiedmann had already booked Christine Chin, a beauty expert, to help her avoid redness and swelling during that period before taking Lancome’s sunscreen product ads for a week.

The model said, “Continuous flight and skin problems in the makeup body often cause thorough cleansing and exfoliation to be very useful to me.

“Secret 14: Find a doctor to solve the problem. Before participating in the commercial advertisement of Proactiv Solution, AliciaKeys used anti-acne therapy for more than a month, and it was slightly effective.

Doctors advised Keys to stick to this treatment because her skin still had major problems.

After two months of treatment, the blemishes on her face were significantly reduced.

(Beauty editor Annie reminds you that if the acne problem of the shell does not improve after two months, it is recommended to ask a dermatologist for help.

  Secret 15: Cucumber anti-allergy In addition to beauty products, we can also borrow some plants to quickly relieve symptoms, such as cucumber, which contains sedative and anti-allergic effects.

Beauty editor Annie suggested that you can put cucumber slices in a glass of ice water and take them out on the skin after ten minutes to help shrink skin pores.

  Secret 16: Aaron De Mey, Lanc?me’s global makeup creative director, pointed out: “When the makeup artist spends less time covering the flaws on the model, this shows that the model’s skin is quite good.

“Aaron, who has extensive advertising shooting experience, told beauty editor Annie.

For black skin, he prefers to use Bobbi Brown’s concealer line.

Because these products are not easy to bloom due to high temperature, they can maintain their makeup effect for a long time.