The light in the bedroom of the house we rented is not on. This is a modern ceiling lamp, which is covered by a glass cover outside. I don’t know what kind of bulb is inside.. As I worked in the lighting factory, I knew that there were many kinds of bulbs and the roof was high, so I couldn’t open it to see what it was like.. After a few days of darkness like this, convenience is indeed inconvenient. The landlord finally came to collect the rent and told him that the light in the bedroom was not on. The landlord said he would buy a light bulb.. In spite of this, a few more days passed without seeing the landlord come over. After a few days of darkness like this, we’d better go and buy a light bulb ourselves.     There was a high table in that hall. Mr. and I carried the table into the bedroom. Mr. stood up, touched it up and could reach it. Sir, I don’t know how this lamp can be removed. I have seen how other people install this lamp in the factory.. I told him to twist the protruding iron ornament under the glass cover, open it, and then take off the cover. Sir, as I said, he did it and did it. He took the cover off, and I placed it on the side of the ground next to him..     There are two tubes inside. The tubes are relatively short. I don’t know if they are sold outside.. In the evening, Mr. and I went to the small supermarket under the village to buy energy-saving lamps. After watching for half a day, the lamps were longer. Later, we saw a shorter one in the pile. This should be the case.. We bought one first and went back to try it out. Twist off one of the old lamps and install this new one. When the switch was turned on, the room was bright and open, and indeed the old two lamps were all broken. Sir, let me pass him the lampshade and put it back. But this is not fit up, the newly bought lamp tube is a bit long, and the lampshade cannot be covered up. Sir, let’s forget it. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.. Also, when the lamp was not broken before and the lampshade was not removed, every time the lamp was turned on, the light emitted was faint, and the lampshade covered a lot of the light emitted by the lamp tube..     I put the lampshade under the bed, so easy to break things, put it under the bed is not so easy to touch.     However, some things are always expected.     Many days later, I soaked honey in water. It was a glass bottle filled with honey. I didn’t tighten the lid when I brought it to soak the water the other day. I poured it back and the honey leaked out. It was all sticky on the outside of the bottle. Although it was wiped, it is now sticky and slippery on my hand. I slipped out of my hand and rolled into the bed. There was a’ dang’ sound.. I think it’s broken. I broke the bottle. I kick down and bend over to look and stretch out my hand to take out the bottle. A closer look at the bottle shows no damage, not even a crack. What’s wrong? I looked down again. The lampshade under the bed was next to the bottle just now. Now I see that the lampshade is missing a mouth and a piece is missing next to it. I took out the lampshade and saw that the lampshade is not only missing a mouth, but also a long crack in the other place.. This kind of material, unlike plastic, can only be glued with a film.     When the lampshade was removed, I thought it was fragile, but I didn’t put it properly, just casually put it under the bed, although there were cartons that could be used for packing. A glass bottle filled with honey, every time I dig honey with a spoon, I always drop a drop or two on the edge of the bottle and hold it in my hand, and my hands will stick together. I thought of whether I should take a plastic mineral water bottle, so that it would be convenient to squeeze the bottle upside down, although there are such plastic bottles. As a result, I just took a piece of paper and wrapped it around the outside of the glass bottle. As a result, the paper under the bottle was uneven, the lid was not covered properly, and the bottle flowed out after tilting, and the sticky bottle was everywhere on the ground..     I’m talking about such a trivial matter here, and many people haven’t done it yet, have they.     Let me say another thing. In the sultry summer, I suddenly coughed and coughed for a day or two. I didn’t take it seriously. I thought it was hot and didn’t go to see a doctor to get medicine.. After more than a week or cough, I finally couldn’t help going to the hospital. Every summer before this, I also coughed, but once an injection and a medicine were taken, it would be all right. This time, isn’t it. But what I can’t think of is that I still haven’t taken the medicine from the hospital, or have been coughing all the time.. I had to go back to the hospital and take a chest radiograph. There was nothing wrong with it. I took a shot in the hospital and I still didn’t get well after I came back to finish the prescribed medicine.. I went to the hospital again, prescribed some medicine and still didn’t eat well. I went to the hospital again. The doctor asked me why I was so strange and not good. He asked me where I worked. I said the burial appliance factory, the doctor said it might be powder particles in the factory, a fatal allergic cough, and prescribed a lot of antibiotic medicine. After more than a month or two, I went to the hospital again. The doctor in the outpatient department looked at my medical record and said I had been coughing for two months and it was chronic bronchitis. He couldn’t see well here and told me to go directly to the inpatient department to see experts.. I went to the inpatient department and said my condition. The doctor asked me to take a chest radiograph. This time I saw the sick stove and tested other tests. The doctor asked me if I had rhinitis. I said a little. The doctor prescribed me a lot of medicine for comprehensive treatment. After eating for a week, the cough stopped slowly, but after more than half a month, the medicine stopped taking medicine and then slowly coughed again. After taking the medicine again, the cough didn’t stop very much, but after stopping the medicine, it coughed again and didn’t work very well again when taking the medicine again.. After leaving the company, I gradually stopped coughing, only occasionally coughing, especially in cold and hot weather. Chronic bronchitis is generally not well treated. I know it will accompany me in the future. I can only prevent it from recurring at any time..     A lot of people are just like me. They are ill. They do not want to see it at once, but wish to endure it, although they know what the situation is to what extent and what the result will be.. However, they did not take active actions. As a result, the cold turned into a severe cold, the stomachache into a stomachache, and some cancers that can be treated together turned into incurable diseases. Ah, the lampshade will not be damaged if it is fragile. Honey, when you think of putting it into a plastic bottle, you should put it up, you won’t spill it later, you won’t touch the lampshade later, and you may not turn into chronic bronchitis when you cough at the beginning … ah, prevent microtuber, pay attention to details, do it when you think of it, and cultivate good habits at ordinary times..

Man Jiang Hong and Yu Gong looked up at the setting sun, Cangshan, the north wind was fierce, the stars were laughing, the clouds were walking, and Han Shan was dancing on the pavilions.. The Great Wall, Frozen Road, Clouds and Moons in One Thousand Years. See the afterglow, wrapped in red makeup, willing to period and. Forced time, heart like yue. This evening, feeling like snow. Mo Jing – hong, generous and passionate years. Yesterday, the water flowed eastward, and today, the sky is rolling with blood.. Fiercely looked up, overlooking the vicissitudes of life, people for a long time. Essays do things faster and slower than gongjin now, no matter what they do, they are fastpaced. Fast, has become a part of our life, seems to have decided our life soon. Do things really need to be done quickly? It’s hard to come to a correct conclusion on this issue. I think it is our own desire to make life faster, not our need. In other words, most of the time, the fast pace of our life is not what we want or what we adapt to, but what we force ourselves to adapt to it.. Fast, many times, it really changed our life, making us impetuous from the heart and eager to change what we want to change. Also eager to make achievements, get recognition from others; Also want to be eager to make achievements, get others can. However, the consequence of this is that we are no longer living for ourselves, but for others. Is this really the life we need? Most of the time, in fact, we don’t need to do things quickly, but we need to do things slowly.. As a matter of fact, everyone knows that while we are speeding up our lives, we are also becoming boring and boring, and it is impossible for us to taste life.. If it is slow, what will happen? Will we enjoy life? After all, life and doing things are not war. War, sometimes can’t be fast, because fast, most likely, logistics can’t keep up with, the only fate can only be failure; Also, if you look at life and doing things like fighting, what fun will life have? There is an essential difference between doing things quickly and slowly. Soon, it is likely that many things will be ignored, many things will slip away from us, and many things that should be treasured will be regarded as dross. The affection between relatives will probably be ignored by us, because our excuse is that we are busy, because we always do things at a fast pace, never stop, and always run forward involuntarily. It is very likely that there are only lonely old people in the family who need our comfort, but we just hurry past and leave. Also never dare to look back at their own way, for fear that after looking back, they will never keep up with the rhythm.. Slow down, what will happen? To do things at a slow pace is not to pursue fast, but to stop moving forward properly and look at the surrounding environment properly. This time, you will find yourself ignoring a lot of things. Cherish the people around you, cherish the things around you; It is also very likely that many things will be ignored, but if you look back at this time, you will probably know where you are wrong and can correct it appropriately.. After work every day, you can go back to the old man’s house and have a look. Even after dinner, you can go over and have a look. The old man doesn’t want anything from us, he just needs us to go home and have a look at it often. Maybe, many people like to be quick, and many people can’t change it. However, I am not satisfied with people who do things quickly, because they tend to stab others and ignore the consequences. They tend to do things hastily but don’t know whether they are right or not.. To give an obvious example, I personally experienced it. I remember, I was with a woman, drinking coffee in a private room and talking about things.. When the first waitress entered the room, she pushed the door and entered the room, bringing in a lot of things, such as coffee, sugar, melon seeds and so on. The action was quick, but very short – tempered.. Although the lady and I didn’t do anything gross, it was a very disrespectful question for the waiter to enter without knocking at the door. If I were the boss, I wouldn’t use such a person. If I were a picky guest, I would have quarreled. Taking the door abruptly does not care what the people inside are doing and what kind of behavior this is? When coffee was added, a waitress was changed, knocking at the door and entering slowly, and with our consent, coffee was firmly changed for us.. The feeling she gave me was like the feeling of going home, because her service was very thoughtful. And when he left, he also asked us what we needed. This is the speed and slowness of doing things, which do you think is better?

The plain-looking girl timidly walked into the beauty salon in order to find a good job, to marry a rich bachelor, to empty her purse and even to use her parents’ meagre savings. The rich woman, rich elder sister, who spends her money like dirt, frequently goes to and from the beauty salon in order to keep her youth, please her sweetheart, and have an inexplicable competitive heart. The social field is like a social butterfly, a silver screen and a movie star. For the sake of beautiful images, for the sake of eternal beauty, for the sake of attracting thousands of eyes and balls, going abroad by special plane, they do not hesitate to spend a huge sum of money and carefully beautify themselves. Ah, this is an age of judging people by their looks, this is a society where paintings are very popular and unimpeded. Ugly ones should be transformed into handsome ones, plain ones should be dazzling, simple ones should be fashionable and fashionable, and petty ones should be vigorous and powerful.. The women around us who were originally in good order are beginning to stir. They are no longer willing to be lonely or mediocre. They have joined the mighty force of cosmetic surgery like rushing tide. Women’s beauty mobilization has overwhelmed us and amazed us..     – What sunny and happy sister next door suddenly put on her dark glasses yesterday and asked her, first smiling without answering but refusing, only to mince and say that she had just cut her double eyelid and had not broken the stitches yet. Her face was red, swollen and swollen, and embarrassed to show her. Kid sister is just talking about the young age of marriage. her face is regular, her nose is straight and her mouth is small, her face looks like peach blossom. the only deficiency is her single eyelid. now she wants to strive for perfection and to be able to find a right husband..     – The wife of shop-owner of a grocery store in her 40s suddenly put on an oversized mask and bangs to cover her forehead. Some people in doubt said that she used the 20th spring series of peeling cream to shed her aged skin just like a snake, waiting for a new tender skin to appear miraculously. Now, just like magic, she is covering her eyes with a piece of cloth and applying a mask. In a few days you will see a new wife of shop-owner with white and white powder..     – A white-collar beauty who can meet every day in what neighborhood, after missing for a week, made a fresh appearance, with the freckles on her cheeks like quail eggs disappearing and her slightly darker skin actually cleaned up, her gait on high heels became more confident, hitched and cocked, and she held her head high, like a peacock with an air of dignity..     Most of our yellow women in East Asia are petite, with black hair, flat nose, flat face and small eyes. For thousands of years, they have been enjoying, liking and loving each other in this way for generations. They also have all kinds of beauties of ancient and modern times and by this standard.. Once upon a time, the west wind gradually moved eastward, and in the view of all foreign good worshipers, the appearance of yellow race was a little out and the soil was left behind.. According to the standards of these foreigners, modern girls should be tall, blond, blue – eyed, fair – skinned, with a stiff nose and tall cheeks.. As a result, the female sculpture in the square, the heroine in the movie and TV drama and the beauty endorsed by the advertisement are all set according to this model..     As a result, the hair dyeing business in the barber shop is booming, the originally healthy and shiny black hair must be dyed light yellow like scorched or stunted hair, and even become red, brown and mottled like parrot hair.. Cosmetic shops, all kinds of whitening agents are always popular, and facial masks such as Peking Opera facial masks are also popular. As long as they are willing to spend money, they will not stop until the face is tested and smeared.! The shorter ones can buy expensive shoes to increase height, or spend a huge sum of money to let beauticians inject some hormones into bone joints, or even directly pad in bone glue protein..     The business of beauty salons is booming all over the city overnight. Some surgeons are changing careers, and even more unskilled charlatans are running around the city. The title of beautician is flying all over the place, making beauty painless. Attractive advertisements that make you younger and more outstanding are filled with TV screens and fashion magazines. Those with sunken nose bridges can be easily raised. If the cheeks are too wide, they can be liposuctioned, skin grafted, flattened and slender. If the breasts are flat and not sexy, they can be filled with silica gel to make them full and proud.     The shrewd businessmen saw it thoroughly: women are naive, they are impulsive, they are obsessed, their money is very easy to earn, they are vain, and the pursuit of coquettish rich women is simply a cash cow.! As long as we grasp their subtle psychology of endless pursuit of beauty, we can make a bonanza.. Fashion women’s clothing stores, each trendy fashion can be increased by more than 1000 yuan, luxury jewelry stores, high gold prices, precious jade is priceless, and diamonds kill you forever! The beauty salon at the right time is also a place where lions open their mouths, with thousands less and tens of thousands more. Our women who lead the new trend of beauty are willing to sacrifice their money. They have forgotten everything in order to show their amazing beauty in a spot light and in a star hotel. Like gamblers who have lost their eyes, they are willing to sacrifice their money and not afraid to operate on their bodies, and are not afraid to completely destroy the once young and vivid face.!     However, Korean beauty merchants, who have always been unconventional and rich in artificial beauty, have also seen the opportunity of beauty mobilization in mainland China. The number of Chinese women who have been granted visas to go to South Korea for beauty treatment in 2011 has increased three times over the previous year. What concept is this? We have given so much cash to small neighboring countries, so extravagant and so generous. Just for the lovely and charming face of this square inch! According to statistics, between 2010 and 2011, 3.4 million women participated in beauty treatment in China, far exceeding the total number of nationals of a small country, and the cost of RMB is also a high astronomical figure..     However, we still remember the beauty wounds. Wang Bei, who was once so bright and full of vigor and vitality, underwent plastic surgery many times in order to make a bigger sensation and strive for a better future, but he fell on the operating table forever due to an unexpected facial modification, causing an irreparable tragedy in his life.. The red powder baby, which is widely spread on the internet, has made a total of 4 million and 200 beauty treatments, unprecedented in history, but suffering from the beauty trap caused by its own money and regretting it, has taught a real and serious lesson to countless women who dream of super beauty dreams.!     France’s health department issued a serious warning that a big brand of breast augmentation silicone used substandard industrial products instead of commercial ethics, leaving tens of thousands of women with breast augmentation surgery with hidden dangers and even a huge risk of breast cancer.. This kind of silica gel has already been exported to many countries and there are thousands of female users in China.. The bone glue protein used in anklebone by baby pink is also unknown, not only incompatible with body tissue, but also its toxin has encroached into the bone, causing irreversible damage..     The lady who does the facial molting, if treated excessively or maintained improperly, will burn the naturally shiny facial skin as mottled and ugly as a crab shell. If the double-fold eyelid is not healed, it will become an ugly scar of regret for life. Too much use of inferior hair conditioner will make the hair dull and easy to break, and even stimulate the scalp, leading to alopecia and alopecia areata. People’s faces are rich in blood vessels and nerves, red and white facial skin and sad and changeable facial expressions all need the control of blood vessels and nerve muscles. If you dare to move a knife on your face too much in order to remove wrinkles and lose weight, it was young and handsome at that time, and you will slowly taste the bitter fruit: facial expressions will gradually become stiff and stiff, and facial paralysis will most likely shrink over time.!     Plastic surgery, let women hide the undesirable appearance, but can not change the natural genetic laws. Seeing a shining female star in South Korea, her biological daughter was so inconsiderable that she could not help laughing and shaking her head helplessly.. Similarly, a similar divorce case of artificial beauty occurred in China. The reason why the husband broke up was the woman’s plastic surgery, which actually deceived him. The children he gave birth to were too different from their mothers. They thought they were definitely mothers and daughters after they had misidentified DNA in the hospital. It is surprising to check the photos of young women before plastic surgery.. The man-made beauty is self – defeating, and the tears after being abandoned can arouse several people’s sympathy?     From 2002 to the present, there have been as many as 200,000 medical disputes over beauty treatment in China in the past decade, which means 20,000 injuries to women caused by beauty treatment every year. What a shocking number! 200,000 female compatriots have been destroyed by the beauty treatment knife. Who should pay for the pain of these innocent women?? Are those exaggerated beauty advertisements? It is the harsh conditions of recruitment departments that only judge people by their appearances? It’s the narrow band of lascivious men? Or are these vain women self-abating and self – accepting?     The warning from experts is still in the ear, and the lesson of blood is enough for us to remember for life, but the temptation to love beauty still makes many women eager for cosmetic surgery, which is the lack of medical knowledge of these women.? It is the natural pursuit of perfection of the female compatriots? Not all of this is true. The root cause is mainly the distortion of our aesthetic standards and the deviation of our cultural concepts.. Like women in the Southern Tang Dynasty, indiscriminate cosmetic surgery is also disrespectful to women and a serious threat to their health..     As the saying goes, men die for friends, women are happy for themselves, beautiful and elegant women are a beautiful scenery line, pleasing the eyes and heart, and some people have done experiments to watch the lovely and beautiful beauty FIFA Minute, which is equivalent to two hours of aerobic exercise. Whether true or false, beauty’s contribution to the society is indispensable. Otherwise, what are we doing in the contest between Miss World and Miss Asia with great fanfare?? Our stewardesses, our models and waitresses in our star hotels have all made indelible contributions to the gross domestic product.     However, we should advocate a healthy and natural beauty, with long hair elegant and short hair capable. As long as it is clean, black and comfortable, it is healthy and beautiful. It does not have to be hot, like instant noodles or chicken nests, not to mention yellow and red, like accidentally breaking into the fire scene.. The figure is not fat or thin, but well – proportioned. It doesn’t have to be all around and meet a certain standard number.. The skin is elastic, shiny and beautiful, not necessarily white as a patient who has lost too much blood..As long as the eyes are bright and bright, it is not necessary to stick long false eyelashes, shave off natural eyebrows and embroider lifeless false eyebrows.. Middle – aged women grow wrinkles, which is a natural law of physiological changes, and appear more mature and attractive. There is no need to painstakingly pull the skin to remove wrinkles in act young.. Whether it’s a beauty contest, whether it’s a female businessman in business or a female hero in political literature, the real beauty of female sex lies in their temperament, in their wisdom outside the show, in their elegant speech, in their self-esteem and self-confidence when they raise their hands and throw themselves into full play.. On the contrary, a natural or artificial so-called standard beauty, even if it looks like a fairy and looks beautiful and charming, is a dirty word if it opens its mouth, is unreasonable, deceives the public and scolds the woman, and is also detestable in the eyes of others..     There are different standards for beauty. Zhao Feiyan’s slimness is the beauty style of the Han Dynasty, Yang Yuhuan’s richness is the beauty style of the Tang Dynasty, the natural and graceful of working women is the beauty of propriety, and the gentleness and consideration of small jasper housewives is also the treasure of her husband’s eyes.. The young girl’s plain face, strong and optimistic, looks natural, green and environmentally friendly, and the deliberately carved beauty that does not conform to her age status always makes people feel diaphragm and stiff no matter how close she is to the best standards of all kinds of geometric physics and physiology.. The pursuit of beauty is a woman’s nature, but we have to do what we can, enough is enough. Even if you have money to spend, even if you have the energy you can afford, you can’t take the physical damage as a price and touch the knife to bring about endless beauty mobilization. We can’t afford to hurt you.!

Three days before New Year’s Day, the dog was bitten, and the dog felt shame never seen before. Hatred, anger and pain shot out of his eyes but he had helpless eyes … The dog was bitten for the second time. The last time he was bitten was in March, when he was going to have a romance, he was besieged by three dogs. The result of losing both didn’t make him too sad. Although he had been resting for a long time, although he limped painfully for a long time, he thought of those three dogs missing ears and one missing tail.. This time, two nostrils were bitten into three, of which the irregular hole made the dog feel very painful. In fact, it doesn’t matter how painful the dog is. What makes the dog unable to let go is that the hole was actually bitten by a person.. That day, the dog quarreled with the magpie on the eaves. The dog did not find the man standing at the gate. The dog tried to chase the magpie pulling excrement in its nest to the gate, but saw the man. The dog was surprised first and then felt dereliction of duty. The dog immediately forgot about the magpie. The dog thought it should do was to block the stranger out of the gate.. The dog grinned his teeth and uttered a vicious voice from his voice. The dog had frightened many people with this expression and this voice, but the man was still standing like that, looking straight at the dog, his hair was long and messy, his eyes could not turn round, his mouth could not be seen, his beard was long and messy, like being tied to his hair and his ears could not be seen, his yellow coat looked like a lot of lilies, his legs were bare under the coat, and his feet were wearing the big leather shoes of the military cruiser that had once been popular..     The dog didn’t want to get through with the man. The dog just wanted him to leave quickly. The man still did not move or looked straight at the dog. The dog couldn’t see through the man’s intentions. The dog looked more anxious than the man, and the dog barked two more times. At the same time, he pretended to be brave, but the man squatted down. His eyes seemed to have never changed direction. The dog was helpless. Because the dog felt that the man had seen through his timidity, the dog also squatted down. The dog thought: I hope he won’t walk into this door and everything will be peaceful.. Facts have proved that the dog’s concentration is not as good as that of the man, and the dog increasingly feels that he wants to explore the man’s strangeness. The dog holds its front legs high at ordinary times, then slowly raises its rear legs, tries to approach the man and takes a step forward, but the man still does not move slightly or with that kind of expression. For the first time, the dog encounters this kind of situation and feels particularly uneasy. The dog still does not move a step forward, and the dog smells a very complicated smell from the man and hears the man’s particularly uniform heartbeat. The dog thinks that the man will not have any attack because the dog has already done so.. The accident happened when the dog looked around the man’s eyes and continued to distinguish the complicated smell. When the mouth was close to the mouth, the man said it was too late. At that moment, the dog grabbed the dog’s nose and tore it as hard as it could, and the dog struggled to break free. The dog saw the blood in the man’s mouth and looked at it like that. At the same time, it felt the pain and pain in its nose. The dog spattered blood on the ground and hated the man. The dog wanted to bite the man, but the dog found itself.. Reaching out his tongue and licking his nose, he heard the magpie say in the tree that New Year’s Day is over, thinking that he has broken his face and was very depressed at that time..

As the moon falls and the wind rises, time is indifferent like water.. In the waiting time and space, white hair dyed with black silk dances gently with the wind. Perhaps it is because of waiting that time will slip away quietly, and only by waiting will the hair be dyed with green hair..   The missed time can’t be redeemed. That’s what people are like. Waiting for it and wasting it in the years all feel that tomorrow will be better. However, how many people missed today and yearned for tomorrow. Tomorrow may be better, but without today’s efforts, everything will be nothing tomorrow.   Expectation is waiting for the best wish. Today is the best scenery missed by time. Tomorrow may be a sigh. You didn’t do anything today. What you’re waiting for tomorrow is a blank sheet of paper. The diary is a daily record. The ideal is to work hard over the years.. Tomorrow’s good wish is today’s unremitting efforts. That’s it, and only by perseverance will you get closer and closer to success. Tomorrow is today’s efforts and will make you all the best..   The world of mortals used to be in smoke clouds. All smoke clouds are their own continuous efforts and progress in their own world, which will make tomorrow a better place.. No one will really understand you. Your success is the most beautiful scenery everyone has seen. Your failure is everyone’s contempt for you, without sympathy or compassion, because your efforts are not visible to others. What you see is whether you can succeed or not.. Only when you achieve yourself, in others’ eyes, you are the most dazzling halo, and others’ eyes will turn around you..   There is a wind in your soul. Maybe the wind loves the cold, maybe the warm wind slowly. Don’t worry about what, after all, your life is different. Because you didn’t allow time to be wasted, you can be the real master of time in your own time.. To grasp oneself is to grasp life. Nothing is more important than this.   Time’s carving knife carves wrinkles on your face, childhood goes with the wind, youth quietly disappears in the years, and middle age follows. What else do you want? What can be more precious than your own time? You don’t know for yourself that childhood was dancing gently with the wind at sunrise and sunset.. Young people in their own hard work, for the sake of ideals and career, forget love and marriage, and when they understand everything, their first girlfriend becomes someone else’s bride, and they also marry rashly with their parents’ hopes and tasks, achieving nothing in their career, marriage is in a mess, and they don’t understand who they are living for in their lifetime.?   Can grasp oneself, is the ideal landing direction to find the right coordinates. Because his biggest enemy is himself. He can conquer everything, but sometimes he can’t conquer himself.. Everyone will feel that he is the best, and this is often the case with people who can see others, but often can’t see themselves, and always feel that he has no shortcomings.. This is how people see other people’s shortcomings and can’t see their own. There is a saying that I am not a philosopher, but I just can’t see it myself, and when everything is clear, maybe I will run out of light and oil, and what I wait for is to count the smoke of my past time and let myself disappear with the time..   Waiting is the most irrational choice. Time flies so fast that you can’t wait any longer. Missing today, no tomorrow is better than today. Tomorrow is illusory, today is the most realistic day. Women’s old age, men’s lazy waiting, are slowly running out in time, the world of mortals rolling in, the past smoke. What else is there to miss? Only today, when I don’t work hard, can I feel sorry. Everything is a cloud of smoke, and all past events are dreams with the wind.   Pillow the ideal to talk about the world of mortals, and dream with the fallen flowers. How many marriages have you missed in your time and space? How many opportunities have you missed? Career or love. Nothing is more important than to master oneself and life. Who is the master of time? Only you, you are not sure, no one will point you in the direction of your life.   You are the master of time. Don’t let the fallen flowers dance lightly with the wind. The four seasons of the year are covered with fallen flowers and dust. How many four seasons are there in a person’s life? The world of mortals is reluctant to grieve, and all the past events follow the clouds and clouds.. You are the only one in your world who knows the best, and you know where to go in this life. The road is your own. Nothing is more important than your choice. You miss today, maybe tomorrow will be your darkest day..Choosing the path of your life is the best way to grasp yourself. No one will help you when you are the poorest. Only you will save yourself, and you are your real master..   Waiting, is waiting in the process of their own efforts, because only their own efforts, the future will be better. Waiting for a rabbit is only a fable. It does not represent reality. In the course of his continuous efforts, he enjoys the whole process of efforts. Only efforts can succeed. Moreover, efforts are not necessarily successful, and he does not work hard to be empty. It is just a dream of his own..   Who is the master of time? Only yourself, you can grasp yourself, but you can’t stop the rapid flow of time. Nothing can grasp today to control your own destiny, and nothing can make you work hard for your ideal and goal.. The sigh of falling strings, the merciless falling flowers of flowing water. When the spring breeze dances with the beautiful music, will your life dance with your mood? Only if you have a clear conscience in this life can you live up to yourself in a hurry in the world. Not wasting time is your best commitment to yourself..   People from birth to death, is a process. Regardless of who it is, it is impossible to escape the helpless path of birth, death and illness. In just a few decades, time flies, the sun and the moon fly like flies, and you are old before you know it. People live not only as a process, but also as a quality that ordinary people do not have.. The quality of being alive is to live up to one’s life without complaint or regret and leave no regrets when one leaves. Efforts to succeed are not important. What matters is the whole process of efforts.   It’s good to live, to live is to live out the value of life, to live is to live out the splendor of life.. There is no audience on the stage of his life, only himself. Don’t forget to applaud himself at his best moment.. Only oneself, can continuously encourage oneself, spur oneself, let oneself live high’s life value.   When you were born, the whole family laughed, and when you died, the whole family cried. He gave up his life and fell in love with the world of mortals.. Look at yourself, how many things you can loathe to give up, care about and miss, but you can’t take anything away, only a moment’s heart that won’t settle down, and still a wish that you haven’t finished yet.. So many regrets and cares are slipping away with time.   What is the final verdict? That is, when a person leaves the world and covers the coffin, everything you have is no longer there, long time ago, no one will talk about you behind your front or behind your back, regardless of success or not, everything has nothing to do with you. Fallen leaves are like dust, and the world of mortals returns to nature. All this can only wait for later generations to comment, but you can’t hear it.   Hold this life, don’t think about the afterlife. To control time is to be responsible for yourself. What is more important than time? It is true that when you let go of your life, the dust will return to the earth, and the birds outside the strings will be lonely with fallen flowers.. What’s the matter with you? I can’t grasp my fate, but I can be the master of time. If you don’t waste a minute, your life will be wonderful. Your hard work is the best witness. Don’t talk about right and wrong in front of people, because all this has nothing to do with you. What others can’t give you, what they give you, has evaluation and compassion, and can’t play a role.. Try hard, young man, all the people alive will live up to themselves only if they live up to time, because you are the master of time and nothing is more important than your efforts.

Autumn, the honest season, the Mid – Autumn Festival is over, and autumn suddenly seems to speed up its pace. As the saying goes, one autumn rain and one cold rain, it rained for two days, and the temperature dropped significantly.. Overnight, the leaves of the hickory tree were all yellow, the leaves and stems of the creeper turned red, and the oak tree turned yellow first and then iron red. The trees in the village show mottled colors, and the trees are covered with fallen leaves..   Autumn is the season of purges, ” leaves are dropping down like the spray of a waterfall” brings people sad feeling. People say goodbye to the summer when flowers are blooming and green, step by step to the frosty days when thousands of trees wither. Even with the beauty of ” frost leaves are red in February flowers”, it feels like a comeback. The trend towards withering is irresistible. On the other side of the road, cold winter beckons in the snow.   Autumn is the harvest season, the springing of spring and the flourishing of summer are all for the fruits of autumn. This not only makes plants thrive, but also provides human beings with agricultural products on which to live. Through the ages, those literati and artists who have mourned and hurt autumn are generally free of food and clothing. Who will grieve for autumn when they cannot eat enough??   Another favorite feature of autumn is honesty. It makes the earth clean and return to its original state. It makes the trees take off their gorgeous coats and show their naked true colors. Make the crops appear mature or empty; It reveals the truth hidden behind various disguises. This seems to be called de-counterfeiting and preserving truth. When I was in high school, I wrote a poem, which said: I walked in the street in two cotton-padded jackets, laughing at flashy teenagers like willow on the side of the road.   Although Zeng cloaks and clothes are full of splendor, they become ugly once the autumn wind blows..   My idea at that time was somewhat biased. There was nothing wrong with the clothes and clothes being shiny and full of splendid books, but it should not be used to show off and think that they were superior. But the autumn wind can really make the willows look real.   Just after the Mid – Autumn Festival this year, there was a good news from the Chinese scientific and technological community that Tu Youyou, a pharmacologist, won the Nobel Prize in medicine. The artemisinin and its derivatives that she studied to treat malaria have saved millions of lives worldwide. This is the first Nobel Prize for natural science won by scientists in mainland China since 1949. It is really gratifying.   The whole Chinese scientific and technological community is in a state of boiling up. Click on the Internet to explode the tent.. While celebrating, everyone can’t help but criticize China’s academician system.   Tu Youyou’s previous applications for a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences were rejected. Why are scientists who have made such great achievements excluded from academicians? Why did not more than 1500 academicians of both houses have predestined friends with the Nobel Prize?? Tu Youyou, Yuan Longping and Li Aizhen are highly recognized by their foreign counterparts. Why can’t they be treated fairly at home? However, some academicians have been reported fraud and academic misconduct for many times, but they have been able to pass the exam safely.?   Some scholars pointed out that academicians have become interest groups, and they have the power to set up projects and allocate funds.. Academician selection is not entirely based on academic level and real value of achievements, and the exchange of contacts, relationships and interests has played a very important role..   Since the Nobel Prize could not be won by public relations, the academicians were greatly disappointed. The Nobel Prize has hit academicians in the face and, more importantly, has questioned the academician system and the scientific and technological management system..   The Nobel Prize is the autumn wind of China’s scientific and technological circles, blowing off the gorgeous coat hanging over the academician system and exposing the incomplete and fatal weaknesses.. The haze in the science garden was blown away, revealing a corner of the sky..   The Nobel Prize came in autumn. It’s good. Autumn is the season of honesty.

[ Original Text ]The night was still so bleak, the wind swept across the cheeks, a trace of relief, mingled with cold, somewhat gaunt, somewhat sorrowful, and quite lifelike. Late at night, the wind cleared and the gaunt eyes became moist.! The dream is drunk, the heart is moved, and the bright smile is frozen and astringent.! Love wakes up, people calm down and find everything has changed!   In the dark night, you are waiting for the dawn? Or look for someone you love? In the clear sky, you are looking forward to fragrance? Or escape the scenery you love?      Under the call of youth, the evening breeze poured into the heart with the fragrance of implicit love and thoughts. The sweet words and beautiful memories of the past were like a butterfly that refused to fly away, fluttering and floating in the mind..      Dream, still flowing at the end of the wandering, can no longer feel the slightest tenderness and faint scent between your hair, leaving behind the pain in the depths of memory, helpless eyes, and no ripples of missing, like a pool of stagnant water, can never strike waves to look back a smile and leave in a hurry.!      Night, once again quietly leaning on the windowsill. Month, through the thin curtain, like a peeping child stretching his head. A person, boring lying in the Zhang Bing cold as frost bed, clearly want to sleep, but how also can’t sleep. Like a hungry child, he had a good meal, but it was hard to swallow. Tonight, I dare not sing where petals have been shed like tears’s sadness alone. Tonight, I dare not watch the empty buildings alone..      The light is still on, not feeling tired at all, with big eyes open, like enjoying the beautiful scenery. Want to get up and turn off the dazzling and irrelevant lights, but don’t want to leave. Afraid of reaching for the moment, breaking the bottle full of missing flowers, the dream will slip away with it. I just want to stare at the light quietly and remember your tenderness, your beauty and your serenity in the light … Ah light, stabbing eyes, which have long been blurred by glittering and translucent water drops.. At night, birds are very quiet and never wander in the streets. Back to the nest, waiting for your own hope, no longer noisy like in the morning, no longer chattering like in the afternoon. For the night, quietly foil a desolate scene, like waiting for a person in the sky, quietly enjoying the sadness in the silence alone.      Remember the promise made by hand in hand? Do you remember the streets that you used to play through? Do you remember the savage girl who once said I was stingy and angry?? That bright and bright night, watching the meteor shower fall, leaning back to listen to their vows of eternal love, the bustling and peaceful avenue, the joy of watching cars and people shuttling around, the wild Xiao Mao never let others speak ill of itself.. You forgot, all forgot, your heart, the seed of promise never sprouted, like an ethereal thin public English, and could not stand any wind, perhaps the seed never stayed in your heart, even for a moment and a half..      Miss, especially fragrant in the dark night, is as pungent and adorable as the old wine displayed for many years being opened.. Tossing and turning, with a weak sigh, opens a spacious road for tears. Let the tears flow freely, store many years of memory in your heart, and wash it away with all force. Never let the fragments of memory scratch the merciful face..      At night, the darkness is added and the moon is clearer and clearer.. Who is it?? Write the melody of missing with ease! Who is it?? The memory of singing incisively and vividly! Who is it?? The night of loneliness is more and more obvious! Who is it?? The bleak scene was depicted vividly! Who is it again? It’s hard for me to sleep after tossing and turning! Who is it again? Set up your long hair and remember your beauty!      I can’t believe it will be such a result, more can’t believe it, can have such an end. Fear and heartbreak kept me awake. My kindness to you can never compare with a worthless smile from others.      One bed, one person. A feeling, a kind of injury.  Tonight, for whom to stay! Tonight, wait alone! Tonight, the moon falls and the frost is full! Tonight, tears streaming down her face!   Window sill, still dark! On the curtain, the hair tip dances lightly, covering the veil of the moon and showing off alone.      Season, falling in profusion, drizzling silently, leaving for whom tonight? The home of tears is deduced in a silent world and quietly bloomed under neon lights, all of which are particularly unique. The pain of tears is the trace left by a full face of bitter glittering and translucent tears, clearly remembered by filar silk breeze.      Years, drenched ideas mingled with the frigid, instant, seems to have found a different kind of fun! Entangling with each other and tearing each other apart, one cannot tell who is right and who is wrong, and one cannot tell who is right and who is wrong.. The cries abandoned by the world are virtually deserted, lonely and lonely, and you can no longer hear your soft lingering sound, nor can you hear your kindly hissing sound.      The rain has already washed my soul clean, like walking dead and forgetting the way when the dream came. Love, facing the wind and frost, flies through the whole street like a movie with a’ fast forward’, each scene is so clear and brief that it leaves, and the people who have played it go to the building empty and smoke dissipates before they can hold it, leaving them alone and enjoying it alone.!      Leaves, sighing at the vibration and stabbing pain brought by the sun and moon in the lonely night, the moon shuddered like a fright, squeezed and squeezed into the dark corner, and vaguely saw a strange and familiar face, depression and old age shrouded by years, lonely watch the night with a sense of meaning but unable to touch.! I can no longer see your naughty appearance, nor can I see your crying sadness. Where the wind has hit, it has dried up and dried up, quickly making you unimaginable and calmly making you feel miserable! The dreams and memories of the young people always tiptoe through lonely walls like this, but they always leave infinite regrets and unspeakable bitterness..      The blurring of eyes is not due to the change of seasons, but your hair that obscures your sight.? The rain reminds us to put on new clothes for the season? Or will your departure dye the earth? Sprinkle a drop of tears, let the sea store your thoughts, leave a piece of sea, let the tears change your color. Once injured by pursuit, once tried hard by holding on, everything was so natural and so casual, on the edge of no pain, love had learned to be silent and listen, and the dream after intoxicated was still clear and beautiful.!         Only when I turn off the dazzling light can I not be scarred by memories and sleep quietly. Get up, it’s another direction, get up, it’s a gorgeous one. Sleep, forget the memories that tore heart and tore lung, wash away the tired sweat, do not need to forget for a moment, just enjoy the flowers and birds with a calm heart and listen to the moving music.      The epiphyllum is beautiful for a moment. Fireworks are beautiful for an instant. Why hold on to a thread? The kite is not because of how high it can fly, but because of how far it can fly. Put down the heavy burden in your heart and give yourself a soaring sky. You will fly more easily and freely.!      Night, still so bleak, the wind, across the cheek, a little clear, mixed with cold, somewhat gaunt, a few share of sorrow, Gou Le’s lifelike. Late at night, the wind cleared and the gaunt eyes became moist.! The dream is drunk, the heart is moved, and the bright smile is frozen and astringent.! Love wakes up, people calm down and find everything has changed! At that time, the season was sour and sweet, bitter and astringent. We didn’t know who was right or who was wrong, and we couldn’t even tell you from me whether the outcome was good or bad. At least we tried, tried and remembered each other.!      At that time, the season, sentimental! At that time, the season was full of vigor and vitality! At that time, the season was a little bitter![ Responsibility Editor: Get along with[ Original ]

Failure after failure, the mood is really depressed. I don’t know how long this day will last, but I just know that I am really going to collapse! The whole world has become gloomy in my eyes.   Habit is uncomfortable, habit is missing, habit is lonely, habit is painful, habit is waiting for you, but still not used to not having you day and night!   Miss nestled up to the desolate floating in the cold wind. Thinking is like the wild sand in the storm. Those who drove into the past are always the most painful marks in my life.!   Now, I still linger in the sadness of losing you, and I am doomed to miss your sadness in my life.. It seems like a fleeting time, accompany me to walk a long way in life. Who can paint a bright moon for me in a lonely and painful sky? To fill my blank life!   In countless nights, the only thing missing is a sob. Painful helplessness is a fence that can’t be dismantled in life. Sometimes, I really want to forget my grief and put my hopeless thoughts into time to let time pass.!   Every night when grief strikes, I look up at the lonely night sky, and everything is so dim. I can’t see a star, and I can’t feel any soft moonlight, but only the boundless darkness, just like my heart, which is also surrounded by darkness.. In such a dark night destined to endure loneliness and pain, I only shed tears to chew on the various tastes brought by the pain! In the boundless darkness, and in the lonely room, alone to heal the wounds!   Tonight, I lay alone in the cold, lifeless room, all I saw was black. The cold winter wind brought me cold through the window. My body and my heart are thoroughly cold. This cold black color is full of painful despair, sending out a decadent smell and a desire for destruction. This cold black makes me feel so lonely, so painful and so desperate. So dispirited, so heartbroken. It is like a devil, devouring me bit by bit with cold black despair, holding me tightly, torturing me in every possible way, making me miserable but unable to die!   But I firmly believe that ” it’s always bright.”. Even though I have the saddest past, there is no reason to refuse my hope for a better life in the future! If I can find a happy life that belongs to me in the future, I will end my sadness at this moment and then start – really live!   2014. 11. 18 cry silently

Love is a poetry, she has heroic Tang, but also Song of graceful; love is a song, she has red songs are classics, but also sad love songs; love is a flower, she had spring flowers charming, there are winter Samuume proud and.Love is behind the growth of emoticons mark; love is a wonderful gift of youth; love is fleeting stage a magnificent performance……In short, the love in our lives the most moving, the most memorable and the most beautiful true story.From this we Qing Yin, shallow we sing, we eulogize: once, came to love.    - Inscription a heart into bangs, semi-poetic book memo feelings.    Romantic dream sneak across tens of thousands of heavy landscape.    If flowers, bloom midnight.This life feelings, graceful fleeting.    Some are waiting for, is looking forward to.Red and then deep fear of sinking.    Couples table with the left hand, is an illusion of love.    - and so you did not come for a long time, I looked at the time staring.    Red aphasia, should not be left blank.    - wanted to give you a message late at night, you see a blank exit.    Embroidered emerald beauty sickly disease, Acacia deep roots Flow.    - you can think of at the time of dying, is not love?    Text, my love for you is never bad.I promise short break.You know, I recently deviated from the center of gravity of life.So never wording.    - my center of gravity in you.You probably know, my day to whisper your name a thousand times.    This life circumstances, are floating flowers wave core, bear mentioning.Even so, I still need to love, or fear of loneliness.    - lack of security is my weakness, because of the emotional inner turmoil.    When I used to waiting, waiting has become pale; when I lost the habit, has become a lost sea.    - wait for you is my habit, fall is my motto.    It is a yellow fat, or I lost?Nearly a month of physical fragility and finally coming to an end.You know, these days maintain my life is not food, but a belief about your beliefs.    - love sad though, I still can not deny that mental strength you give.    The expression, the more humble; the more expectations, more lost; the more calculated, more miscalculated; the more prospects, the more hopeless.    - I was too impatient, or too high expectations?In fact, I understand that you are busy.    Ideographic is still passionate Huaichun?Punctuality is cute or too far?Or naive fairy tale is reborn?Silence is sadly still struggle?You know, when I aphasia, pain has swept over the athletic, a reincarnation.    - love is too deep, or really care too?A man’s sour, spread in the middle of the night.    I love a person, round discourse, non-stop express; there are endless thoughts, endless inspiration; there are boundless prospects, boundless yearning.But occasionally there are: the slightest loss, a plume of melancholy, a little sad, a trickle of tears.    - the true meaning of love is a summary of the heart.There are also fantasy bud, there is joy but also pain.    I love too humble, low to the dust.So, you can not see my face, shining with tears.    - wait long to let hurt feelings, I’m just a bow, tears fell to the ground.    You use a word, it is the Red ink; Yimiyangguang you use, it shines the heavens; you with one finger, it struck a chord with me.    - Your word of explanation, my sky clouds fade away.Moment, my sunny sky.    (Postscript: my world, you came; our Love, love came.Memorial has a love of life in words.No matter the ups and downs, regardless of joy sorrow, we, have had love.)

Bypassing the city fleeting fog Ai Ai cigarettes, hurt pace, cold night, the rain repeatedly playing and singing for this purpose.Cloud drifting miss the season, faded oath, deserted fleeting, if they do this snow white?Sprinkle in the sunset, have romantic, beautiful passage of time, many years later if they would remember each other’s face?Back and forth, going around in circles, perhaps, some people are destined to be across pairs after another 22 forget themselves, and then slowly settling into the deepest secrets of my heart to each other, our lives become a beautiful mark it!    A big crowd, I met you coming and going, is it really as good as strangers across a faint smile?These lyrics are poignant, people deeply calm, calm.You ask, athletic edge past life is infinite wait long enough, or present and go so fast, forget Shoulong drift in the wind vows.I said, maybe I really forget your past, but confusedly cure my drink, so we missed.    Life, constantly passing, a big crowd, past life Looking back on the trail, according to the embrace of life, familiar taste, visit the reincarnation, we walked the streets.Marshes of inconstancy, yesterday you and I will pass.Circulation time, twists and turns of the Red, the rush is past rub shoulders, lightly youth at the time but it is a light to fill the gap feelings.Our lives, to those who are passengers, Mo talk about freehand, without saying windy, the whole sum of past sales, put away bloom again Youmeng ileum loneliness, and turned to continue to go to the unknown future of the vast.    Bliss can not hold, and so was I forgot you, or you forget the farewell, those flowing in Love Lane with time on trivia interpretation of fairy-tale ending lopsided.In those sink midnight dream, shattered, like actors picturesque curtain call destined for a lifetime, I have been unable to pick up scattered in the dust of incense.Those fixed in perfunctory fleeting, tie him down, Wu Qi forever stray desert, we stopped at the brow of that injury swirling indifferent season, to accompany me to bury the end of time.    Years no trace, and then look back suddenly a dream.Memory of the station, who walks who stay, the next intersection, and whether there will be a familiar figure appeared?Looking out the window of the scenery slowly receding, we have added a confused.Moonlit streets, who met with who’s just a chance.    Between reincarnation, Whispering Dream residual, before Sumeru Buddha song that I Fine, did not share the twisted love purification, care is out of the linden flowers, leaves has been buried under a tree, went down this, the next life because, just as forged afterlife edge.    Fleeting outline of memory, blown rose flowers charming, light shine on children, it is spend abandoned dependency?Or wandered off to the old days of shortage?Hope season flowers, such as a timeless.Love in a hurry, without a word, I promise who settled?If love is just passing through, the night sky will be annihilated?Endless black, could not fly kites heart of the sea tangle.If love is just passing through, I Can not your memory?After the turn, holding can not afford weathered forever.If love is just passing through, how do I pay tribute to your never seen?Listen to the oath of the Red corner, fuzzy bustling That’s Allure.If love is just passing through, how I altered gray future?Once the phase pull fingers, a finger grip shallow cold-blooded.    Years no trace, there are traces of vicissitudes, silent fleeting, life is career.Chhnang painted a poetic way out of ink Dan, misty rain promenade dotted by dreams in life; when parting blows back in the Nama touch of sadness, a free and easy to stay calm in the lintel of time.Rendering of loneliness as incense, bustling and exhausted, the one who will build my Forever?