Legend, if a man waited a lifetime failed to wait until they have to wait for the person but did not give up and always fit, it turned into a tree to wait in place.Long, long ago, there was a young couple very much in love, handsome man kind, hardworking, brave, beautiful and gentle woman who is deeply beloved as each other, they often dependent weaving together the dream of the future and they never imagined , their union was obstructed from all sides, from the woman living in the scenes of tears, helpless men struggling in the sea of love.In a pitch-fingerless night, a white-haired old lady floating in the air, these people said to love: in the far, far away there is a mountain of Qi Gula years grass fungus, known as wishful hope Chi, If you can get a person to eat Chi Fengyun half, then you will forever live happily together.In order to love, and to be able to live with a loved one, no matter how far men decided the road, how a lot of hard journey, but also to find Fengyun million years grass fungus.At night without stars and the moon, the men decided to hit the road.Woman in tears to bid farewell to the beloved man.Do not cry, I’ll find Fengyun fungus grass, then you are my true bride.I’ll be back, waiting for me, my love..The man said, choking back tears.I will not cry, I’m waiting for you to come back.Just how daunting the journey ahead, you have to take care, and I wait for you, waiting for your bride.Woman crying tears and could not continue, weak body appears in the night sky is so helpless.Man hugging beloved woman, kissing a woman’s face in tears, because men knew that this walk not know when to come back.If you can not find Fengyun fungus grass, which means he would never see his beloved woman.Whether Fengyun grass could find, he did not know standing face to face, tears in their eyes misty go back, way back so dark that I could not bear a person you go, I’ll be back soon.Step back tears man away, he embarked on a journey.Leaving a miserable night sky woman crying sound echoed.A woman stood there, a man’s back gradually disappeared in the night sky, but the woman did not leave.The man left, the woman in the village all day waiting for his return, she bless him, pray for him.Woman knew that the man is his love, he will be back soon.Year after year, day after day, went to spring a spring, flowers bloom and fall, but the man has never come back.Black women began to become gray hair, and beautiful face began to become emaciated, but the man is still no news.The woman decided not to go home, put up a hut in the village, where a woman waiting for him to come back, waiting for the man he has experienced hardships in their respective places, take a village Yau Yat Tsuen, turned mountain another mountain.In winter, the frozen snow along the way, a man hand handfuls dig, move on; summer, scorching sun, he can not attend to stop him hurried pace, to the hearts of the love.Man nap, keep looking sinking fungus grass, broken shoes, feet due to the long walk and ulceration unbearable, unforgiving vicissitudes in his face carved a road gully.Men do not know, he has gone away is a full five years, and finally, he no longer walk.At this moment he is about to fall, he shed tears of despair, such as ravine lion, on the day shouts echoed in the valley, the whole earth shook.Suddenly, there on the top of the hill in front of a bunch of his aura, his eyes light up, that he is seeking a full five years of hope to find grass.He stumbled to the top of the mountain climbing, finally got the unruly grass hope.Suddenly, a voice in his ears: Fengyun grass grass is called wishful hope, if two people love to eat, will always live happily together, but Fengyun grass left to raise his soil can only live three days.If within three days of your loved one did not see it, Fengyun grass will disappear.what!Three days!All of a sudden a man fall into the abyss of despair, in hope, surprise, despair, crying his infatuation and persistence finally moved Yamagami: If you want delivered to your beloved woman around within three days, you have to turn into a dove, However, if you do not fate, then you go back to her in a second she will leave you, if you have a fate, then you will always live happily.The man said excitedly: I am willing, you are making me into a dove, and I hope one day to see my beloved woman.Then the man turned into a snow-white dove, his mouth tight mouth, the so-called Fengyun hope the grass and the woman at the moment are still eagerly waiting to see the village hurriedly flew in the direction of home, waiting for the man return date.Her tears no longer flow, her heart still is not dead.In the last moment of her life, God was moved by her infatuation and dedication, decided to give her an exception: You spent your whole life not wait until the person you want to wait, at the end of your life, what is your desire I, I can meet you.He’ll be back, but he delayed the departure on the road, he or disoriented, can not find a way home, so I became a tree here forever waiting for him now, for his shelter, sunshade day, tired, he can rest leaning on my trunk, cold can chop off my branches heating.God meets the requirements of the woman, and the woman at this time raised his head and looking at the distance, she distinctly saw a pigeon, a white dove, are hastily coming in this direction, but at this moment, the woman disappeared the emergence of a leafy tree, and may be different is that each of the branches has a little bit of silver drops.Later, people said it was a woman’s tears are tears of Acacia.While men become more than a pigeon flying, after two days of fly finally flew back, flying Dao Cunkou when he saw his beloved woman, but haggard than before, he tried to think of a woman to fly side, but the closer unclear see of the woman’s face, when he flew in front of a woman, the woman disappeared, but it is a tree in front of him, he came to the water drops pattered on the leaves from the branches of the Fengyun beads, just like those spring-like drizzle, drops of water wet white doves, pigeons and kept still desperately searching for his beloved woman, seeing the sinking fungus grass will die, no pigeons a little effort, he fell on the Fengyun tree branches, surrounded by four weeks, suddenly he screamed, a scarlet something fall from a tree, where it falls, grow a tree, the pigeons then never stopped at a tree, eyes looking forward clearly waiting for, looking forward to the long-awaited lover.And he finally did not know, The tree is the woman he loves.He is in his beloved’s arms.

By the end of 1975, 20-year-old horse did not have transferred to the aerospace industry, in a seven machine factory when workers.Plant for the first time bonuses, in order to break the big pot, the higher the bonus as first, second third-class provisions: First 8 yuan, 7 yuan second-class, third 6 yuan.Because of this difference in dollars, the plant shut down discussion.Smoke-filled conference room, the atmosphere was very boring, each participant are preoccupied, turned the wonder years of the newspaper, few people kick off.Finally someone stand up: I of the National People’s Congress, do not care about the dollar, the dollar also less able to live, but I do not see why I should give a dollar less?Ma did not have realized a marathon meeting to begin, he said: I want the gold prize, but let me walk out.The crowd amazement, the horse did not have to read two days happily library books.Years later recalled this story, Ma did not have wrote: then I want to get special pass, with the money to buy two days happy, very value.

A pin put him on the throne of a philosopher banker put it well: little things will always be the major event of the roots, the tree bad wing of every tree of life can find the answer from its roots.Details determine a person’s fate, only to see the event and ignore the little things people can not succeed on career.    The famous French banker Qiake often recall the past to young people during his lifetime, his experience is always so that told Meditation Qi Jing.    Early in the study, Qiake on Lizhiyaodang a banker.Initially, his courage to Paris one of the most famous banks to take a chance.The results ate a cold shoulder.But this young man is not discouraged, he went to several other banks have been shut out.A few months later, Qiake went to the bank of the beginning, and have the opportunity to see the governor, was rejected again.When he slowly out of the bank door, suddenly found his feet there is a pin.And out of people might think was stabbed pin, the young man immediately stooped to pick up a pin, then carefully placed in the trash can next to.    After arriving home, running the day lying in bed Qiake.He has a job 52 times, the opportunity may not even have a job interview.Although the fate of their own so unfair, or the next day ready to try their luck Qiake.When he left home closing, surprised to find a letter in the mailbox.Open look, my God!The original letter of admission is well-known that the bank sent home.It turned out yesterday to pick up a pin Qiake scene was governor saw.He thinks it is fine careful bank staff must have the quality, so changed the original idea, he decided to hire this guy.While relying on a small pin, Qiake walked into the bank door, with one pair of a needle will not let go of the heart, gradually to a meteoric rise in the French banking sector, the bank later became King of France.    World affairs, will be in fine, on the road of life, do they ignore the small things!

Saying twenty-seven years, the Yangtze River Delta, three feet Lane Head, people coming and going.Wang called the Teapot of Liuer Ye, are carefully crafted a case before the dwarf plum pile.Over the years, aristocrats and celebrities collection Liuer Ye think of a few pots, often trust relationship, open the back door would like to see Liu pot style.But she Liuer Ye do not believe this, it comes only willing to pay high prices, people do not understand pot pot of love, never expect half a step into the willow house.Since the storm that day, a neighbor Hu three small fry, Jichong come Liuer Ye, Liu Erye, something good, something good!Hu three ran panting, easily picked Liuer Ye old table segments cuckoo plum pot filling the two big mouth, paused to say, let the town, boy, am Laileyibang riding high horse, carrying guy Jun Ye, led by the Japanese still looked, everywhere they find out you are, the higher price you want to hear it pot.Liuer Ye not be slow from tortoiseshell glasses Cross and Hu three looked at, he said slowly: missing.Hu three anxious, his face piled laugh, bending leaned Liuer Ye, Lord, you do not know, guys can kill without spilling blood, you want to see them, they are not afraid to mess things up.Liuer Ye bow in silence, still engraved with a plum.Hu three seeing this, then quietly withdrew.A few days, really a Japanese officer, kimono wearing a light ash, step bowed, slowly came to the house before Liuer Ye.Dude pass through, Lord, there is a door to the Japanese audience with your!Just listen Liuer Ye, a whisper, but not.Dude trot out, punching the Japanese say, today we master physical discomfort, but not off, you please return it!Surprisingly, this is pretty polite Japanese, bowed toward the man said, please be sure to tell your lord, my name is Saburo Sato, come here, you want high-priced collection of classic home a pile plum pot, I told you classic pot very, very fond of, I will come again.Having turned left.Man lay it to pass, then there Liuer Ye.At this time, the daughter of Choi Ha Liuer Ye heard, she was a little afraid, and said to Daddy, Daddy, it seems the Japanese are eyeing us here it is, you see how to do it, we can not sell pot to kill me fellow enemy, Dad, we rushed back it or else!Liuer Ye love looking at her daughter, her daughter ah, you do not be afraid, I want the Japanese pot, he did not dare to us how, since the trouble came, we wanted to how to deal with, put your mother and your brother We called our family to discuss how to do good.This evening, the whole family sat around the table, each face two words are written, heavy.Liuer Ye do pot life, it is a word of love.Love pot, such as life, to make pot craft, specializes in endless.Mrs. Liu looked at her husband, think of what might happen later, and could not help with sleeves wiped tears from, Yun-Fan Liu Jiagong child said to his mother, Mother, do not be sad, plum pile pot is the lifeblood of his father, certainly not fall Japanese hands.He went to his father’s side, looking down with Liuer Ye whisper something, Liuer Ye look a bit getting better.Joji puzzled mother with pink clouds, can only moan and groan.Within few days, Hu three come from nowhere message went Liuer Ye here, rush around questioned said, Lord, you really put the pile to sell Laomei?That it may ask the Japanese how to do?Lord, you are happy to point saying it, or we the people of the town had to follow the bad luck of it.Liuer Ye not be slow looked Hu three, third, I Liuer Ye sell only to people who love pot pot, and now someone with more than a decade to want me to pile plum pot, how there is not for sale the reason, he now wants the Japanese, but the pot did not, unless he came to kill me.Otherwise guard pot fruit, Hu three front foot away, rear foot which took a team of Japanese troops, once again came to town.Every house is shut up in a hurry, the Japanese went ahead to Liu house, tapping, Liuer Ye personally open the door.Led by the Japanese saw Liuer Ye, he bowed deeply and said: Jiuyang Liuer Ye name, Nice to meet you today, the ability to speak further.Liuer Ye anger from the prestige to say please!.Japanese Liuer Ye follow a pedestrian through the courtyard to the front hall, Liuer Ye imposing appearance, waved, Sato Jun, sit down.Saburo Sato deadpan put down his sword, greeted the men, Koji king, you go to the town’s people call up.Koji by purpose with a team of people rush to leave.Liuer Ye calmly watching Saburo Sato slowly stood up, Liu Jun, I come here before you to seek a high pot, I heard this is one of the best Chinese pot, one hundred and cinnabar Bailian Tao Indian tobacco bed pin locked Fragrance.Qi Gu is not declared and the number of spectrum, stone tripod either Yin Wei Liao.Who had heard that you put the pot to sell, I know, you most disloyal nation, Liu Jun I respect your man, how to explain it as a matter of your?Liuer Ye not be dry, cleared his throat, Jun Sato, you love my pot, my honor Liumou people, but the Chinese emphasis on first come first served, 5aigushi.COM that the pot is my life’s work to make, plum blossom from the bitter cold, both branches wrapped prunes or budding Jiao Mei, and both lifelike, like picking at any time from the pot on the go, this is the pot Favorite people want, such as river carp.I want to thank Jun Sato, not your reminded me Liumou people would not be so soon decide to sell it.Saburo Sato shouts, sneer a few times, Liu Jun, you probably do not know me Sato’s acting style bar!If people respect me, and I will respect him third, if we are attacked, I will let him no peace.Said that time, deputies Koji and a team of people to the town’s people are brought to the willow house, that instant, the whole yard was crowded around the crowd, the buzz, the sound of children crying, crowded throw into confusion the sound, let the yard suddenly noisy up.Koji pulled out a gun, the air and the airing of the second tone, all of them quiet for a time, Sato cold sound in the ears of people: folks, Sato today I will not embarrass you, as long as we pay to Liu Jun a plum pile pot, you are safe.If buried together today, Liu Jun could not pay pot, then I’m sorry, I want you men and women of the town.

Text / Zhaoyuan Bo 1912, US steel magnate Andrew Carnegie to the nation’s highest annual salary of one million dollars was hired Charlie Wabo, president of the company, trying to reverse the backward situation of the steel plant.Talking about the nation’s business community went, Schwab is not the iron and steel industry experts, one million US dollars in salary, the value of it?Speak louder than words.The million-dollar salary, value.That day, Wabo went to a steel mill, and asked the director: how your factory output falters it always?Director, said: I have taken many measures, but the enthusiasm of the workers is not always high, and I in trouble for that matter.At that time, just a day shift and night shift when the day shift foreman asked Wabo: Today you a few tons of steel refining?Foreman said: six tons.Wabo said nothing, only the concrete floor with chalk and wrote a big sixth, then left.The next morning, when Wabo came to the factory, found written on the ground floor of yesterday became the sixth Twentysomething has been rewritten night workers.The day shift workers, night after losing to know, is not too happy, they are determined to give a little color to see the night shift workers, and everybody to redouble their efforts, the results of that day refining ten tons of steel.In this way, under the night shift workers continue to race the situation improved gradually this plant.Soon after, its production company actually leapt highest in all steel plants.I want to do, as I want to do; severance award, I do not know the shock.People let off steam, Buddha fight a stick of incense.To let off steam, a lot of people at all catch up with rivals, which is a piece of chalk to increase production of Weber’s secret.

Axis is a segment honorary director of the Institute of Theoretical Physics, Lanzhou University, this year 86 years old, engaged in the general theory of relativity physics, topological field theory, relatively deep.Some professors do not Daiyanjiusheng after retirement, but a segment disabilities to eighty years of age still with.Up to now, I trained a total of 72 graduate students, 36 doctoral students.Older, again without the.A segment disabilities clear-eyed, shy, humorous, attitude leisurely.Like many Chinese intellectuals of the old school, a period of ups and downs with disabilities, but the difference is with others, he can always good luck, killed in Phoenix.This bit obsessed with theoretical physics research scientist, has gone through a lengthy eighty years of joys and sorrows of life.Junior high schools on the history of a period of Shizu membership Sichuan, was born in Beijing in mid-1927.After the outbreak of war, and once, the Japanese aircraft bombing the Chun Xi Road, Chengdu, miserable, some of the arms, legs hanging in a tree.I see this, filled with anger.At this time, the Soviet Union helped the KMT in Dujiangyan, Sichuan Air Force built a young school, I signed up after being admitted, from the first day school.12-year-old section of a disability, this was admitted to the elite, from beginning to end, there are only more than 2,000 children around the world on this school qualifications.Here, a segment’s degree calculus, then he would understand quantum mechanics, theoretical mechanics.He said that this is a basis for his later scholarship.1946?In mid-1947, paragraph disabilities to Hangzhoujianqiao a central aviation school, where learned to fly a plane.A segment disabilities treasure a yellow newspaper, it was October 13, 1951 the “Xinhua Daily”, the article above: “Patriotism promote learning disabilities and create a section”.Paper wrote: a segment disabilities in math class in high school, know the three major problems of the mathematics corner of the world into three equal portions, form serious difficulties in mechanical drawing.Imagine him with, to solve this problem.Later, he knows the imperialist countries have a ‘T’ type instrument to solve, and they claim to be ‘satisfactory solution’, but cumbersome and not completely accurate when using this instrument.After a period of twenty times disabilities of tests, and finally we invented a simple instrument manufacture, use time and quickly and accurately address the corner of three equal mechanical drawing problem.After the factory test results greatly improved and enhanced the production, the factory immediately adopted.University of Nanking also a poster in recognition of his achievements.In the early 1950s, or a segment of young students with disabilities, early ushered in the most beautiful time of their own.The article goes on to write: 1951 May Day, a segment with disabilities into the group.Patriotic Youth League of thought and sense of responsibility of the country, inspiring a period of learning disabilities seriously.In the electrical and fluid mechanics, he felt a function of the complex variables ‘U’ beg ‘V’ way too complicated, and the future construction of the motherland must be the development of a large number of electricity and water, when the need to use complex variables function by the ‘U’ when seeking ‘v’ method, points, etc. have to go through a large set of complicated calculations he began to think and spreadsheets, but also to find some reference books, and finally found a complex variable function evaluation by the ‘U’ ‘v’ bitterly the new method, using only a simple formula can replace the original to go through a complicated formula and other points in the electrical and fluid mechanics requires the use of complex variables where the function of ‘U’ beg ‘v’ calculated, opened up new shortcut.The article said that a section of the future is very confident and optimistic with disabilities.He said: Our science motherland will soon progress up the system because people’s democratic dictatorship, is to ensure the rapid development of science and culture!The liberation of the first two years of personal experience, so he was sure that his understanding was correct, but subsequent changes in the political environment, while filling the fate of mathematics and physics talent caught in a whirlpool after another, involuntarily to drift ups and downs, performed scenes tragicomedy.In mid-1953, China’s first batch send students to the Soviet Union, only to send the Nanjing University, a graduate student, is a segment with disabilities.In the Soviet Union, a period of disabilities coming soon.Xinhua News Agency reporters Li Ke and Zai Yipian “Chinese students studying in the Soviet Union,” wrote the article: Department of Physics, Moscow State University graduate student section a scholar in the study period, continuous published three scientific papers in the journal “Experimental and Theoretical Physics” USSR Academy of Sciences , drawn to the interest.He thesis proposes a view different from the physics of popular opinion.Generally believed that the gravitational field does not work in the elementary particles, the gravitational field he proposed to play a role in the fundamental particles in the topic, and to be demonstrated.His guidance of Professor, general relativity expert Roman Markov said: Although this assertion point of controversy about it, but the paper is a scientific value, creative.Guests can see a segment from a stock fearless momentum, as well as his talent and self-confidence in academic research.After returning home, a scholar came to the Lanzhou section, located here to enter the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Chemical Physics work.After painstaking research and teaching smash gang of four, intellectuals and ushered in the spring.Gansu section of a newspaper scientists vigorously promote the deeds of disabilities.At that time, Gansu Province Communist Youth League secretary Hu Jintao, please disabilities to go for a segment science report to the Communist Youth League, Hu Jintao, secretary personally went to hear.A micro-segment speaking persons quantum mechanics, they are also macroscopic theory of general relativity, speaking atoms, they are also the universe.Lecture ended, Hu Jintao, secretary of the segment please eat a disability.They are eating lunch, Mr Hu also told the teacher to add a paragraph meat dish.In mid-1954, Yang proposed gauge field theory for electromagnetic fields.Some people say that domestic theory is not practical; it was also criticism of the theory say that this is the first experiment, does not meet the Marxist theory of knowledge, but a segment disabilities or adhering to this theory study.In mid-1979, paragraph scholar published a decomposition gauge field theory, new insights into the internal structure of gauge fields.This is a new theory, be raised by a section of the Soviet people than the Americans, Koreans are early.Yang heard, but also to visit the Lanzhou section of a scholar, and he discussed the theory.

At first glance, this is a story of struggle and success: because of a high fever, a large 19-month Helen Keller began to lose his sight and hearing, living in a world without color and sound’s.But she learned and mastered botany, zoology, physical geography, mathematics, French, German, Latin, Greek and so on, at the age of 24 graduated from Radcliffe College at Harvard University, made a film, and has written several books book, eventually became an educator, speaker and social activist.Died in mid-1968, many of us share the same overdone on top of a sun.But around to the back of success, they will find that this is not a story of sorrow and grief, but a journey of joy and happiness.When she plunged into darkness in the world, when completely nothing to do with the outside world, she struggled, irritability, temper; appeared in her eyes after that every ray of light, every tiny ring, a little progress every road to her heart, she gave a huge surprise.The new world opened up in front of her, like a newborn world itself as fresh beautiful.Sullivan teacher from afar with her an exploration.She can not tell the difference between glass and water.The teacher took her to the outside of the well, put her hand on the bottom of the outlet, so chilly water flowing through, then the teacher write the water (water) of the word in her other hand.She finally felt in his hands touch the outside world, there is another world, the world of human language itself.Everything has a name, it makes her feel very strange, words full of life began to awaken her soul.Abstract concept is established: the teacher let her string of beads, according to the two large and small order of three, she always made a mistake.The teacher reminded, she began to think again, to think hard about how to put my son.The teacher in a timely manner Sullivan wrote on her forehead think (think) the word.The next addition to the beads she get right, but also to think of the word represent their activities, it points people their own space.For her ability to feel things, like a beam of light will illuminate the thing itself again.When she met and things, they also issued a surprise call.Do not say, at this moment, this piece of the sea to hearing Helen does not exist and cry: when heavy waves pound the shore, I felt pebbles rattling, as if the whole beach under great pain, the air because their tremor and throbbing.Waves temporarily receded, only to come back ready to wave more violent impact.And those of us which, if not remember such a gift the gift of life itself and the world.We originally thought that the world is like this, she should be like this, even complaining about why she is like this.We are no longer to discover, to inquiry, especially inquiry of our own in our own interior, has a kind of space and potential?After before the world came, we were given a password which, we need lifelong efforts to translate them out, to be available?When we listen to Helen fervent call for a world issue, we will be eager to hear the call from their own internal life.Life will do everything possible to open from the inside, the release of all the energy of life, to show its rich magnificent spectrum, which is the air flow from Helen, Helen-style command.This command signal is weak, but once you hear, you should sit still.Each of us even have such an obligation, to complete their.This is the success of life.And an ideal environment, is to try to help people to realize their wishes, help people to do what you want to do, for this man to realize his own intrinsic value.Society is so, does everyone else.Helen Sullivan lucky enough to find a teacher, depending on the woman Helen out of the darkness into the cause of his life, but she herself also in the process enjoy a great joy.What is worth remembering that all these people: Helen Fuller teacher and later taught lip reading; allow Helen touch World’s Fair exhibits 希金博特姆 chairman; agree with Helen coming into Cambridge girls’ school (which is a normal school), the school German teacher Mr. Gro Turf and the president Gilman, a special alphabet to learn sign language classes for her; when Radcliffe College entrance examination, the examiner allowed Helen has a separate room, because she must people there she was in the college study, those who prepared for her alone letterpress edition of the book, she is learning to provide equipment geometry; using a typewriter to answer, and the noise emitted by the other candidates would typewriter impact.These are some terrific people, to support their institutions are also owed some terrific organizations.Helen eventually her magical glory, all these people brought her warm, but also return to this world and other people, adding to the temperature of this world.People she always tireless fight for the rights for the blind, the more blind to the front of people, but also make the world more to each other face to face.

At that time, she was also writing poetry girl love love to dream, to the campus in full bloom lotus posture pretty elegant spirit, far as the eye full of chaos fly eye, but her heart was silent, until his appearance.  Southern spring, rain is always so long, and she with him that the blue plaid umbrella is painted like rain and fog this Pomo most distant charm embellishment.  Throughout the rainy spring, she indulge in the fragrance of love.Alice in Wonderland seems to fall, bringing rain stained her face, her eyes shining like drops of water on the green leaves, her head slightly to Jiaohan: Our future is what?  He replied: You embrace the sweet smell of baby leaning at the door waiting for me to come back, were on the table Aromatic taste of a good meal he did not pay attention to that bright eyes dimmed instantly.  She said: However, I would like to write a book it.  He no effort to smile: little fool, what I want is a gentle good wife rather than a writer.  The cold air was a slight sound, it is a sound of shattering porcelain, no, her heart, so proud and fragile young at heart.  So, you go to cook it good girl.She will never be so, to his surprise.  He stood in the dormitory door waiting for her, all night, haggard and gray decadent, she ignored.He Trustee brought a long letter of confession, she did not split.Until graduation, she really did not forgive him, young love is so pure and refused to tolerance.  Her book, along with a legendary name her literary achievements, it is after ten years.  Television should invite her to come to his city to do talk shows, elegant writer was not wise to talk about a collection of literary works placed in a bookstore, who else did not read?She starred in the most solemn stance, arms-year-old daughter as fragrant flowers, she sounds to talk about the couple get along, and even the layout of the room early education of children, the last live performances still a lot of culinary arts, it really is a color, flavor and taste.  TV, she is the perfect woman happy family with a distinguished career have both, eyes clear as before.She did not know if he has the look, and his small woman cook together.  Late, she returned to the hotel, his call comes in.  you are amazing.He said sincerely.  Her heart, faint pain up, a decade of efforts, really just to prove to him: a love of writing girl can become a good wife?  The sweet pain of the past and has already turned into ashes of time, in the middle of magnificent stage, beginning to end, but she was a person of performances.And ever so concerned about people, but it has finally become a distant audience applauded, smiled, then left.

When sunny days ring into the mountains, to the mountains that day overcast down.Tree height, deep grass, I can not tell north and south.That day, I went into the mountains to interview elderly nursing Mountain.Elderly veterans, planting trees in the mountains to see the tree, and a stay for two decades.Woodland let his retirement, he was unwilling to down.What magic made him a man guarding a mountain?More than the foot poplar, Metasequoia is high, mostly at the top of the hill Masson pine.I see the cigarette lighter, accompanied by the wizard quickly let me pinch a cigarette.You can not have a fire in the mountains.The elderly can smell smoke, and if so, can we old and gun down.Really do not know where the elderly.The guide said there are three homes for the elderly in different places of the mountains.Family house is only a stone barrier.During the day the old man will not stay in the house.I worry that this interview will be outsmarted.The guide told us pay attention to the surrounding.The old man will appear at any time, but I do not know at the mysterious Cloudland.Difficult mountain line.Uneven, rattan and more, every step, we had very high leg lift.Really ring true.We did not find two old people in the home for the elderly.He said the guide, we rest a mountainside at the bar.More than a dozen in the mountain opened my tired.A drink of water, I rely on a sleepy tree.Suddenly, a clear “People’s Liberation Army march” floated into my ears.I thought it was a dream.it is true.Look!Sharp-eyed guide, found the old man not far from the slopes open at.The old man not far from us, way more than ten meters, just across the tree, and I did not find a moment.Old man wearing yellow uniforms have white.To my surprise, the elderly carrying a stick, with music on the radio side on the ground walking goose!look up.Chest.Kicks.Rejection bladder.God, the old man who followed a musical parade!I secretly set up a video camera.I have not disturbed the elderly.I photographed very well, a person’s parade has become the most out of color shots.End of the interview I asked the old man, you constantly shouting slogans, who listen to it?Boredom, old clothes Lile, a battalion, two battalion, three battalions listen to me.Elderly smiling, innocent like a child.Wind sound, Falling leaves also like to follow him in music.I then remembered a camp on the roadside trees wooden plaque, the second battalion of the word.Wizard laugh, mountains, trees he planted his camp were soldiers.He is the battalion commander.No wonder the old man so attachment to this piece of forest.I was startled.It was National Day.Fast forward a decade later.These days, we often see a parade of news, I think the old man to protect the mountain, he remembered a person’s parade.The heart of the motherland veterans, when this year’s National Day military parade comes, is in the mountains, or goose walking in front of his home television it.Also, his camp of soldiers, certainly all full of energy, a light green bar.

First, a person’s pain, he was very distressed her, let her do housework, do not let her children.He said doing housework woman’s hand becomes rough, a child becomes a woman’s waist bucket.That’s all, two of the world, stay together, how happy.  She heard him say what he is, because she loved him more than she loved him, but the truth Lule Xian, that he is not distressed her, he was a novelty.He would not let her do housework is out of guilt, let her have a baby because he had a wife, he was afraid of committing bigamy. She knew it all, gone, with a person’s pain.  Second, Who does not love her fat, not pretty.She may have money, that’s where she’s beautiful, so a lot of people chasing her.She was really, before the friends to ask, do you like me or like my money, she gets the answer is: not because of the money!Like you.  She laughed, and laughed hard look. She asked again.He answered: I love money, I would look on your money.  She laughed, very sad to say: OK, just you, I like honest people.  So they married, after marriage he went to her family’s business, cook the leadership seat.He was not completely rely on this seat she had obtained, and he also paid a lot of sweat blink of an eye years later, he became president.She asked him, you’ll get rid of this we do not have true love marriage?   He shouted: Who does not love, I love money, but I never felt the money and you can equal footing.  She actually cried happily.More sad love story read: salon girl love season love and miss love bread you go also scattered may not love so beautiful we love, but no future