remembered a 杭州桑拿论坛dream, that one day, we’re old, he is old, I pointed to my son smiling to show off, you see, mom used to like the person he is, he can also took his son’s hand say, you see, before my father’s fans so much, so well, really happy.”

  ”It’s nothing to blame, sister-in-law gave up his career, chose the family, has no name, seriously in love with him, this feeling, than we pay less, if not my favorite Naochun brother, I do not even want to call he bastard, but fortunately, this time he caught the most important person.”
  Qin Siya discovered that there are marketing small number found her – she did not pay attention, carefully looked after, it was found that good looking, trumpet in her withdrawal entertainment establishment that day, recording her accompany him bit by bit.
  ”Baby will move today, he said he wanted to call Star-flashing li北京会所体验网ke stars, like the sun bright.”” When a baby, he did not come back, my father asked me worthwhile.This has nothing to ask it?I do not regret.”” Today he won the prize, I’m so happy for him.”” Recently he so busy, I was not always bother him should not?”.
  She was not used to share emotions with grievances to the Internet, in many cases, just to share everyday, these fans are turned upside down, the latest development of a “I’m so nervous,” nod all fan comments.
  ”Sister-in-law was not nervous, he is the best brother!”
  ”Naochun brother and sister-in-law must be happy, free time, oh let’s see children!”
  ”Although I am very jealous, but still I wish you happiness!”
  ”Mom, have to go eat!”Qinxing Yang wake up, look at the time it was kept pushing forward their own mother, he pissed off, shouldering the responsibility of oversight ev南宁夜网er since her mother to eat, he does not let her mother missed a meal of it!Today actually overslept and did not supervise her mother to eat breakfast.
  ”it is good.”Everything is fine, just let his son get changed, do not eat their own reminders, Qin Siya promises, then feebly pushed down the

  ”Ah, he won the prize, best actor.”
  ”I knew, I certainly row son!”Qin father Yipaitaitui, eat pain grimace in pain, old pregnant greatly relieved, happy face, if not the relationship between the daughter and her husband not to go whatever, he was anxious to send a circle of friends tell the world, yes, he still has things to do, Qin father head down, he took out his cell phone, send voice began: “Naochun, Congratulations!You it would be to honor the national fight, my father proud of you!Let the family are happy for you!”He glanced around, while no one noticed, quietly put his collection of several that what” Do not sink the moment of failure, success awaits you!” ‘Paid off, the best is always behind’ similar to the tit北京夜网le of the article give all deleted, since have won the prize, that have no access to comfort.
  Qin mother a white husband, also followed sent a voice blessed tightly clutch the daughter, she was glad to head!
  ”Dad won the prize!”Qinxing Yang did not take long before it stopped, ran out of breath too long, he identified杭州桑拿 the man on the screen is the father, jumped up with excitement,” My dad is the most powerful, long live!”He seemed a little shell, rushed to the top of the screen that, reached out to touch my father.
  ”Xing Yang, come back, and my father would say the acceptance speech.”Qin Siya choked shout son back, a wonderful reflection of the pier chubby arms, mother and son quietly looked at the front, but this time, Pei Naochun finally reached the center of the stage, holding the trophy, he began talking awards pre-prepared lines –
  Qin Siya some regret, regret did not properly learn English, she had to admit that she did not understand her husband’s acceptance speech, etc. can only wait to see the translation, but fortunately, no one will, her husband began talking about the Chinese:
  ”I can stand in this position, not only because o南宁夜网f my efforts, but also because of the people behind me, whether it is family, fans, co

  Qin mother though not read, can understand her, she quickly woke grandson: “Xing Yang, your father to come out!”
  Qinxing Yang opened hi南宁桑拿s eyes in confusion, then being broadcast to the short-listed candidates, Pei Naochun face appeared opposite, he immediately escaped grandmother and grandfather’s hands, nervously spinning up at the table: “To award yet?To award yet?”He still knows what awards, kindergarten teacher will give the most obedient children each year awards, he won a return, but also know that this is very important to my father – he wanted to, and my father should want to be obedient to do the most to boast of adults it?
  ”You do not turn!”Qin Siya son could not help but get angry red, star Yang has been in lap, she stared at the screen, heart more and more agitated, was transferred almost dizzy.
  ”I am nervous!”Qinxing Yang was my mother such a call, very wronged in situ high leg up, then willy-nilly, to continue to run up, like this is not the苏州桑拿 same tension.
  Qin Siya not a superstitious person, but this time he began to regret – in fact, I should go to the temple to worship and, chances are there with, and now think it was too late, seeing that the guests of honor depends on the envelope card her nervous eyes closed, hands clasped –
  She could understand the pronunciation of Qin Siya opened his eyes, the lens is locked in the Pei Naochun body, the people around him and being hugged, cheered for him, obviously just a moment, tears alreadyIt was down, she knew he worked hard for this award number, and finally the fitness results, but also to count them lose weight slightly morbid state, stay up late to get up early every day, except for the time to accompany the family, give all the work – he got his due s return.
  ”Siya, is not winning the Naochun?”Qi深圳桑拿网n mother hurried patting not say anything, the daughter-in-law to see the stage, but is

  Awards ceremony to be long and boring 广州桑拿网than imagined, even living in them, I do not feel time flies.
  ”Siya, now where were awarded?”Qin mother took glasses, squinting look to the future, Qin Siya opened the projector, put the online broadcast, no subtitles, they are not good at English, can only advance on the shining handwritten order awarding a single point of view.
  ”I have not come yet.”Qin Siya English in general, this is done in order to learn some time early education to his son, but one that quickly, it is unlikely reaction came, she got a bad feeling anxious, but did not dare say, in just, “Queer genius” has been two batter, best original screenplay and best editing, failed to get.
  Interspersed with a lot of awards also, what is the best live action short film, best cinematography, best music such as, Qin Siya nervous succeeded clutching pillow, afraid to look away, for fear of missed appearances.
  Qinxing Yang do not understand, it sounds is scanty, have been hypnotized half a small head a little bit, if not clutching my grandfather, he sent did not fell down.
  ”How not to do.”Qin father look quite seriously, struggling to find their own son in the crowd, every t上海夜网ime to see, should make a fuss about it.
  ”Arrived!”Qin Siya continue to pay attention to the bills, repeatedly refresh the reviews, online real-time translation, after a lengthy award, and finally to the best actor, the guests of honor on top, gabbled a Chase, fa

  ”There is, who some time ago that t广州桑拿he public get married, your friend also help you to test the waters, and with a few large accounts powder made quite a few articles, which means they want you to have a happy family life, I specifically looked at a few circle, fans of all kind of positive evaluation, your career appeared to have been higher, they are also able to look at the reason.”He and my heart is some small sigh, if there is such a trend a few years ago, and perhaps do not have to hide the truth for so long.
  ”Ah, or according to plan.”Pei Naochun nod,” but also almost to the time.”He has to do everything almost done, no need to continue to drag down.
  ”Row.”Xiao He nervously clasped hands, she prayed objects than today’s awards, as well as the upcoming public.
  Pei Naochun to participate in the awards show has a lot of experience, he and his crew join together in the rear, down from the car together, then ready for anything, with the release of the movie, he was the foreign media, is already a familiar faces, but also the scene of many Chinese, are a rare finalists came all the way support.
  Last generation, the original body until the late forties, it was nominated北京夜网 for the first time, from best supporting actor to best actor, he went for a decade, but added enough in this life to advance.
  Intense glittering, almost blinded dignitaries, after taking photographs, admission is neat, many nominations the film obtained from the best director, best actor to best original score, for a total take six nominations, but the crew of people all doors clear, there are many to see the game, Xuanfa Gong Division will Mou enough strength to invest in public relations for best actor and best film.
  The approach is based on the position of the crew to do separate, Pei Naoch

  ”Yes ah, but then, my father often still have to go home, because my father does not come home, and you will want to be a mother!”
  Qinxing Yang thought for a moment, his hands to block the mouth, whispered: “In fact, do not have to work so hard, just as I do not want to class the same day, dad can often go home!”He’s still young, yet no desire to survive, I saw a Qin Siya raised his eyebrows, gently pinch pinch his son’s little face.
  ”It seems that you are not concerned about my mother, I do not know how you secretly want to do truancy?”
  ”It’s a little bit.”Qinxing Yang do not feel pain, ingratiating smile, rubbed his finger, he said he was a little studious teenager.
  Behind the Qin father leaned over, he cleared his throat: “Come evening, glory for the country!”He do not understand foreign awards, anyway, to get abroad, are the glorious struggle for national.
  ”Naochun, we support you at home!”Qin mother also made a fist gesture,” S都市兔兔体验网iya fiddle projector in it, and so we see you accept the award together.”
  ”Well, I will refuel, rest assured you.”He was very patient, careful answer.
  Qin Siya not interrupted, looking at a gentle person speaking, her eyes water: “My husband, I’ll wait for you at home, I believe you can do it.”
  ”Will do.”Pei Naochun answer, quite firmly, the film great hope, whether or Xuanfa Gong Division movie star wing have been making a lot of effort, public relations costs are also paid out a lot.
  Hang up the phone, his face still full of tender.
  Li Jie did not hold back, smiled and quipped: “There are so happy you?”Her every day and how small are being forcibly fed dog food, which was not open yet, and so publicly, and they estimate will be able to eat alone eat dog food.
  ”Yes, I am very happy every day.”
  ”Pei brother, let’s 北京SPA会所open it as planned?”He Ganggang full of little miss are the awards, which under suddenly remembered another major

  ”Dad super nice evening!”Lackey Qinxing Yang took t杭州桑拿洗浴he lead thumbs up,” particularly handsome.”
  Qin Siya gently took her son and whispered mantra: “You just are not ready yet and mother said?To my father said and what was it?”She carefully guided her son.
  Qinxing Yang remembered: “My father is going to take the best actor of the evening, my dad is the best南宁桑拿!”He came a seal clapping, a little afraid of hand pain.
  ”My husband, my son and I believe you will be a!”Her son and rehearse a few times, she vanguard some tangled, not to say a few words, even if not get the prize, mother and two of them are also proud to speak like him, but was forcibly suppressed Qin father, he insisted, it years to be a good sign, how can I just say.
  ”it is good.”Pei Naochun should smile, holding out a hand grasping,” I caught what it?”
  ”.air!”Qinxing Yang raised their hands Responder.
  ”No, you and my mother gave me lucky.”Pei Naochun fist attached to the heart,” to receive your lucky, I think tonight will be able to get awards.”
  Qinxing Yang cocked his head, inspiration, followed grab a little, little fists tightly: “Daddy, guess what I caught?”
  ”Think Dad.”Pei Naochun own son did not expect to learn so f杭州夜网论坛ast, and sometimes intimidated,” caught my father gave you lucky?”
  ”No, Dad guess again.”
  ”Right or wrong.”Qinxing Yang was tinkling Joseph, also posted a small fist in his heart, giggled,” I caught my mother and father to love it!”
  Pei Naochun by its own self-taught skills sweet son to laugh, he sent a kiss: “Want Daddy?Dad went home two days.”He more than a year, basically to maintain the frequency of once a month to two months back home, stay at home every forty-five days.
  Qinxing Yang first nodded and shook his head: “Xiangyebuxiang, I want my father to go home with me, but they know, and my father is a very powerful, great people to work hard on the outside!Like I have t

  That’s not all, his private investment “genius Queer” It was an independent film, but sent Film Festival began, they acclaimed story of a game being planned out of balance, balance both ends , stood a genius, and one hundred mortal, they were standing on both ends of the scale, but it can just hold the balance, and nod endles南宁桑拿s flames, when one rises, the other will fall flames, burning Scots do, the movie begins here, on the right to choose the country in the hands of the people – you are going to save a man of genius ability to change the world, or to save one hundred mortal?Pei Naochun play is one of the genius, by virtue of his movie acting, nominations and won two Film Festival best actor award.
  After his award, the film was immediately promising film companies, investment declared fat, officially released in North America, after sweeping the box office and reputation progressive layers, and today, their destination, is the world’s top movie awards, Oscars who, by virtue of his film, was nominated for best actor.
  After there is not short distance, plus the red carpet of the relative position he was placed by Pei Naochun sizing up time is also enoug苏州夜网h, he picked up the phone, dialed the phone skillfully, Li Jie Xiao He and understanding smile, guess who this is, distinguished from their eyes, do not bother Pei Naochun and family time.
  The road, “I am now ready to go.”Pei Naochun lift your phone to show a suit and makeup carefully arrange their hair carefu天津夜网lly selected today to the lens that person,” To be honest, quite nervous, do not know can not achieve the desired results.”
  Li Jie did not hold back, rolled his eyes, most clearly is that you do not tense.
  Appears on the screen, is to hold together the

  She obviously buoyant tone, say the words but with a biting freezing cold, people listen alarmed.

Chapter (including the announcement v) 15
  Lin Kuang-hua on the forehead This great big beads of sweat rolling down, he was not ignorant of this woman’s own wife, Ruan old little girl said, sentence reasonable, even Ruan old girl did not crash, but they can n北京洗浴网ot cover up their own daughter Nguyen rain river push things.
  If careful study, still in their responsibility.
  In the extended forward to, if really let the police put on record, and the ability to Ruanguo Hua county, wants to bribe people under the above is easy, and his captain’s position is likely to retain his job.
  All but a few momentary thing, later had a choice, Lin Kuang-hua stability of the steady himself, to beat the horse a slap big sister’s face, “you ignorant woman, but a child to see the slapstick, even by sudden you to such a big thing, Barbara is a disgrace my family forests face!”
  He would not finish, they turned around to see the rain Nguyen, look kindly smile, “ah rain!You are wrong, then pass aunt, this middle sudden such a big thing, the Fang Fang is the child we did not Guanjiao Hao, Zhi Wen also learned reasonable!”
  Ruan Zhiwen, “Huh.”This style seems a bit wrong ah!
  Nguyen rain nodded earnestly, “since it is slapstick among children, say that all is well!”
  Seeing to major issues to minor ones, square Guyu crazy cry in my heart, not ah!This is wrong ah!They obviously reasonable to discuss, how to become an apology!
  No都市体验网t work!
  She suffered injuries not white.
  Look Fang Yang Lin Gu Yu to help book, she sowed own swollen into a pig’s face, delicate and charming road, “Young book, my face, my face how to do ah??”Lin Yang This sentiment also book some wrong, like square Guyu heard speak, Fang Guyu Anhen mind, make per

  ”.So they have loved?I was a bit chaotic heart.”
  ”In my understanding of Naochun brother, so that the eyes, he must be very concerned about her right?Compared to some circles toget都市兔兔体验网her have a couple of speculation CP, to be honest, I’d prefer another half-brother Naochun low-key look, do not pull his hind legs in a critical moment.”
  ”plus one.”
  Richie looked at this late one night, and she strayed into a lot of “cult” fans as the main UP from the first video to see the last video, another sweeping through all the comments, the Pro to sleep, she had touched CP into the ultra-fresh creation, then found the organization.
  In the dream, she murmured: “spring fever is really.”
  Black nanny car, Xiao they nervously clasped his hands, her eyes closed, muttering incantations, are crammed, place of prayer: “Blessed Pei brother awards, winners must!”
  Pei Naochun was amused: “We’re now at the boundary of God, who seek bless you in it?”
  What little silence, and quickly clasped hands: “Hallelujah, Amen,深圳桑拿网 Lord ah, let Pei brother winning it at night!”
  Li Jie has been sitting in the passenger seat of the eyes closed, her heart door clear, in fact, put a calm myself, what can this small hodgepodge of different ways of prayer so she can not help laughing: “Well, we do not say good , and revel it?”
  In fact this how can revel.
  Pei Naochun this year, almost personal compressed to the extreme, he only take into account the care of the family, has not forgotten hard to develop their own film industry career, every day, to be a trapeze artist, coming and going, all was Li Jie worried about his accident.
  Fortunately, it pays off.
  His supporting role as part of the “Agni Legends 2” is the traditional Hollywood movies, bursting with special effects, plot, although simple and elegant stand, after release, it gains the summer box office champion, was released in the country a month ago, but now they plus field has again and again, he