Part One: lone patch of blue in the Emerald City, is popular on the streets.Dreams are so far away, I hope it did not always so eager to burn like the cigarettes carried by the wind.Headphone plug on the ear, listening to love songs.Not in the songs, but listen to their own.Says no amount of sadness, grief or total.Always put their own dignity as a woman insole not worth paying.A woman in love do not understand value less cherished.Women do not believe in love, not love.  To a man lived up direction, just like the Emerald City streets have the same angular.We met in the Emerald City, the end of the Emerald City.I do not owe any thing to her, she did not owe me anything.Like a stranger, like passing through it, do not watch underfunded.Everything such as strike, only one intersection of two intersecting lines.  Turn around, perhaps a lifetime.Lovestruck man destined to be hurt.Love, women are pros, amateur men.Different levels of the contest, with predictable results of.Emerald City of men and women, too, can not escape the shackles of big curse.  The city is all romance, the Emerald City night.Part Two: the heart of the patch of blue sky and plenty of birds fly over, leaving traces, and big blank piece of heart, what kind of hidden sorrows and joys, in the long grass eagle season, who had promised the promise, had become lame, large tracts of barren sky in my heart.I can not be sad, but my mind was a large cooler, turn around, forgotten, bleak moment.  Those touch of silence, a touch of sadness, with a trace of melancholy, and as the dead go to the fleeting, it has a shallow sentimental.  Time flew over those in the past, in memory of shallow sing sad!But say, forget!And suddenly remembered how, but also a sense of unease, a sense of disappointment, inexplicable smirk!This is my child growing up in a style the others do?  Leave because of love too hard to give up because of injuries too, to forget in order to better comfort myself, love is look up to 45 degrees, unequal love so tired, sad with 90 degrees, so the last 180 degrees turned, tears in one place.Sauna net anyone can say who he is, but there are a few truly stand the wait, from the United States and it can really produce?It is alienated from arising, uncompromising love is always lost to each other, quarrel, the Cold War, and good, and then the Cold War, and then tired to break up!  Ridiculously funny, life is perhaps a joke, sometimes we open too seriously, and finally want to laugh to tears, when grown up, understand understand, the original pain is the only way to grow, you do not have too much meaning , do not stay on too many injuries and can not move forward Hom.  When the heart is still desolate patch of blank, just hard to comprehend better life, if one stop before some happiness beautiful, so why should I share this quest distant, if the next stop was happy so why go care about the past!  When the heart of a surging sea, I’m looking for a quiet piece of the sky, looking for free and easy and calm life.Each time there will be a growth of insight, each passing became a landscape of many people many things change over time, gradually, just how change can not change the past, like it or not clearly visible.Gambhir glowing in the moonlight, while that miserable existence behind vaguely, it was a passing of frustration, or thoughts of a wanderer, perhaps.Too much.  I want God gave me a piece of blue Yu, to fill some color to the inner area of the sky, but I’m just a mortal, how can this happen?  So hard to find one pair of wings to fly, fly to heaven waiting may one day own!  Thought that place would be happy sweet, beautiful, but when you are trying to reach, only to find that you want to put it too beautiful!

Part one: I like the dark night of confusion, because it is very quiet, people unlimited meditation, then fall asleep unconsciously, with the coming of the morning, enjoying the warm sun brought to greet the new day arrival.May own more afraid of the dark, because it will sometimes very lonely, very lonely, lonely people.So I hate it!  Rao is also a bright starlight numerous empty, the night the next person sitting alone on a wooden chair in the garden, enjoying the night was hazy cover of this city, a little breeze epicenter, which was exceptionally cool, perhaps coupled with the arrival of winter night so put on your coat still can not suppress this bone-chilling cold weather in the south, learning often change, so we have time there is a sense of crisis, and to respond quickly, but now I can only take to complete the Scots.But I will not throw in the towel, because it is not difficult.Perhaps their choice will make many people concerned about their puzzling, but I want to say is in life we need to try a bold, sometimes little pay will be a great harvest, if we choose fear, fear difficult, it is difficult for adults.As a man, we actually have a invisible pressure forcing you ought to know it!Because our responsibility is very heavy indeed.And get out of bed very early in the morning as usual!Eat it after finishing a good breakfast, and then travel Amby a place far, far away, to make a living.We must struggle everywhere, so you have the whole world to find your favorite work.Of course, after numerous experiences and challenges, and finally understand a truth, that is not standing on this hill sit sitting think that’s how high the mountain very wide, color of God have.Then there is the matter heart suddenly thought, had to leave the full potential of the situation, the rhetoric of the city.To reach a very strange unattainable dangerous narrow bone.There is absolutely no need!Everyone has a lot of ideas, but ideas can work occupies a pivotal position!Starry sky, trees on both sides will still shaky.Do not crowd the streets, but also some women love walk, talk less words.And I was like, holding a heart to envy envy what is acceptable, why do not want to be like them some day.But life is not always so intertwined, because the work is the premise of all.You think that you have to find a suitable job situation.Like the night very confused, people homesick.Some things really do not want to say, because do not want more people to know the outcome of things, in fact, the result is not very important, just like the previous time with us, that is how happy is happy.I know you will never return to the past in.So we can only pray silently, bless them well.It is now late late!But I have to sleep, I did not sleep, but I have no intention, such as sleep, because my problems it has enriched the whole body, wanna do, is to get the morning so I can go back to his side!Throw away all the troubles.  Night very confused, people much more attractive a sad, very lonely night, reminiscent of childhood laughter, the night is very confused, people feel the warmth of loved ones, the night is very confused, so I went back to it last time, At the time we’re singing Yao tours with flowers.Dawn quickly break the shackles of darkness, bring light into my side, vulgar can leave this place and return to a warm home.I did not sleep, just quietly waiting, after this, I hope I can draw a satisfactory mark, confused because I was afraid of the dark.    Part II: intoxicating night, the night is more lazy, careless.The night is also very thin very light, indistinct.Home is the direction everyone rush back.People to park all alone; Mody?Loveless soul will not be alone, I never appreciate too lonely people can not know how to love.  Interdependence against two people in love it is a river?Or solitary; separate?No language, just quietly embracing, whether happiness?If water alone can reflect the reflection of each other and care thinking?Even the sky floating; drizzle falling from, indicates gloomy mood or meet it when tears of joy?it is more than words!Look up the sky, no stars, can not find their own; location.Cold night wind in a test of the soul.The same world people meet, why have known each other.Whether short-term happiness can replace long thoughts?World; how many helpless arrangements, but also how many heartbreaking contingency ah!; Sauna nets have to leave, and nobody wanted to mention, took the hand do not want to let go, soulful eyes with a lot of loss.Parting is painful it?If after parting; they can be together when the mood A can not be, then, why not smile at it?; Although reluctantly, always have from the time you hand out of the hands of your palm is so gentle, however, there must be determined the moment it.; Despite frequent review, you do not move that figure will still vague in the twilight darkness, even if I have been kept back, has been kept waving, always at the last; there is a corner of your cover, we will cut off from Since then, the parting is.; Parting, forget it?All the memories would be more clear, when the meet is also ignored details are all remembered, and repeated temperature is in the heart; learning, you said a deeper meaning in the recollection of every word, every action look back there is a more gentle luster, then, what is parting; it is not good?; Parting what is wrong with it?If then on, your smile reappears in every clear night moonlight will, you will be with the sad-by; gradually deepening twilight encroachment into my mind.All the past years it feels as a piece of paper, a record of our lives, there is a shallow depth, however, every time he returns; Gu’s life, it can give you a copy with exactly the same picture to.  Beautiful woman has to go, leaving only the dark of night and endless solitude.    Part three: me and night, I always have a fear of the dark, because when I walk in the night, when the feeling in addition to their own, there is a strange presence surrounding me.  Although in my home town, but in addition to the town’s main road will open Jizhan non-essential lights at night, the other around the road leading to the night is dark.Hepo our family name against a great river, the river called Zhen head River, outside my back wall of trees, overgrown, every night there is wind, you can hear the river slope wind brought those creatures who sound, there is the sound of rustling leaves, grass shabu sound, strange sounds owl.And our family back wall next to the toilet, so I remember when I was young, when at night to go to the toilet when the father or mother is always with me, even so, I still listen quietly around It sounds, but also from time to time to look back at his father and mother, they sneak off to prevent.When I was little impression of the night is a ghost, because I always felt that night is a big stage, when humans fall asleep in the night, the ghosts of those who would have mobilized, they have to complete their own in this night carnival.  In junior high school, our school is going to night classes early study hall and started early study hall every day half past six, so I have to get up at half past five every morning, but fortunately the summer, and in the winter, when 5:30 am or outside of a vast black; night classes every day after class at half past nine, whether summer or winter, half past nine days are dark.Our home is in the town, so do not live on campus, from home to school needs twenty minutes.Street then we have three girls that are in town junior high school, and we have a year, so every morning we always go hand in hand away, at night and go hand in hand.But the situation is always a wide variety of changes occur, sometimes I was the only person on a morning study hall, a person going to night classes to go home, passing the town’s main road from the school to my house, but no street lights to go for some the uneven bumpy dirt road.Dark night there is an animal most sensitive to sounds that each household keep dogs, so with my addition to the cool air in the dark, there is the barking dogs.And summer, some night-action animals (especially the frog and snake) will appear on the road, I often walked on tiptoe, but still stepped on some of the soft stuff round, this time I will jumped up, then walked forward.This time the night gave me the impression that those barking dogs and soft animals, of course, those night elves are.  I went to the county high school, on the street where the large and small have bright lights, this time I will go quietly under these lights, see his own shadow by the shorter length, and then from short to long for.Night here rarely hear the dog barking, it almost did not see those nocturnal animals.I do not live in the school, his mother rented a house near the school, take care of my life, in the depths of our home an alley, and the alleys are no street lights, so study up back through the alley when I could not always looking back to see if there would be any ghosts in pace with me.Outside the window of my house is an open space, that place is a former winery, then it seemed to go bankrupt, so now became a place overgrown with weeds.So windy night, I heard the swish of rustling leaves and grass, but this time I just need to close the curtains, you can just listen to those voices, rather than to see that the vast darkness the.My most memorable night it is snowy night, this time of the night will be reflected shiny snow, winter wind whistling outside the window and put a lot of snow brought on my windowsill, snowy night is strange, in addition to snow this evening other than the darling of God, the other ghosts who are quietly move along their lair.Walking in the snow at night, you will feel a safe and a pleasant, a warm.  A long time did not look carefully looking at the night sky, and later this evening bathed, walk on campus, cool night wind blowing over.When I slowly looked up and saw a dark blue dark blue night sky, clouds in the air can still see, curved moon looming in the clouds, clouds next to the moon as a white robe of ghosts, and in the moon former “ghost” face, as long as it seems to be happy, you can look at the moon swallowed his belly.There are many clouds on bits and pieces of the stars, they are like clouds dripping tears, scattered clouds in the dark blue dress.  Under the deep blue sky I felt his own insignificance, felt his humble.Suddenly remembered Bai “Brightness without a breeze to buy,” Dongpo “but the breeze on the river, with the mountains of the moon, and the ear was from color to sound, in case of the head, take the endless, do not use it dried up, “I should thank God for giving me this breeze and bright moon, and I need to do in addition to Thanksgiving, there is no longer to make their impetuous, so that my mind was quiet, enough to return to the comfort of your own place.    Part Four: a child walking in the dark, afraid of the dark.The sun went down the mountain scenery surrounding immediately become blurred.Before those children suddenly disappeared, leaving me all alone stood a dark room, afraid to go.This time, I feared the devil behind him suddenly reached out a hand and ran out of a fear of spirits from the house.Really forward, not backward nor.Had to stand in the darkness, looking forward to their parents come home.Sometimes from the house had to get something, I had to sprinted rushed, highly nervous and quickly caught on something ran out quickly, and then dare to breathe.I read the fourth grade, when families are the placement of the lamp.However, rural people are saving, they are often the placement of 25-watt bulb, the family of light is very dim, light projected onto the house even less.One night, I was leaning against the door, looked to be shrouded in thick black road near the village, I feel it is very mysterious, I do not know where there are no dead person’s soul.Then I thought, I try to walk, if anything, just to see what it looks like.In case it is very scary, I can immediately turned and ran back, because that road not far from home.I walked in front of five family members, walking in the road, left the trail is of little ditch, the ditch beside the dozens of acres of vegetable fields.Rows of the right people, people in front of a block of light, the feeling of yin and yang are two different worlds.Look left, black!Then the sky began to drizzle, fall on people’s face, crying in the night sky like a Who, who is it?Two years ago the winter is that the little girl accidentally fell into the river when the vegetables, she and I are neighbors do.I can not help but hit a shiver, and quickly look to the right, and everyone in front of the lights brought me back to the world of sun, warm heart, although more, but felt the left side of the body is cold.No, look left or right, because I am such a great person, and should learn to walk at night.So I look to the left, or black!But more than look and found a large willow trees can be seen in the street, that one haystack, and even the way that layers of straw can also be visible.And it was calm up, and this is no different during the day to see the scenery.This time, I high-spirited head up, looked toward the far left, a branching path toward the field.I finally defeated the night!  The age of thirty one evening, my family and I fight the gas, ride a bike and set off to town ten miles away.Just left the city, the day completely dark down, really want to go back, because it was so dark, and this journey that is no longer home to tens of meters of road.At the same time, my heart block fast enough: some of the grievances did not say it.I was saying to myself: turned around, go back, but fortunately just left the city in twenty minutes, you can go home, home with lights.I can go back, how to let go this face?This gas is not white bucket yet?My hands clutched the leading car, dove into the night in.Lights of the city quickly behind them, a seat black round head held high mountain crashed into my arms, as if a huge dinosaur mouth dropped open,.Peeing sound behind him, as if there is a physically weak person stuck it followed at my bike.I think that people can not do it only belongs to the night of ghosts.I tried several times to look back is not something fishy with me, but I can not look back, do not let me go back.I’m afraid I could not help myself, I would go mad with fear.I kept telling myself, it was quiet at night car chain singing in it.Sometimes the occasional chirping of birds, I will be happy in this still terrible night, and, like me, can emit sounds of animals.This is more or less gave me some comfort.  The car flew relaxation on the white road, you can always escape the dark night.The amount of sweat stained the front of the hair, the clothes soaked.My eyes horror search on the white road, flying heart on the white road.A few years later, I went into town.The bustling city did not take off my cloth dress, sleek city people did not rub off my edges and corners.I was the small town of discord scenery.Walk in the sun, his heart was dark night.Sometimes I just for my own point a light heart, but it will no apparent reason gust of wind, let me once again to face the dark night again.Walking in the endless night, I reluctantly feel that this is the arrangement of God, I can not resist the human.I only learned to walk in the night, take their own road, wait until the sun bathed me that day, I will certainly put my years of flying only in the hearts of kite flying in the blue sky!

Part One: Changbei airport quiet night under the wind, gently flowing, tree branches drilled from the slot, drifting away from the highway at the end of the tripod, stacked stone bridge over from the edge of the square, in the bright mercury under mercury lamp, cast a trembling slightly, then drifted hall.  The small tea room attendant smiling standing occasional whisper, shy face, has already turned into adult free.Passengers hurried, over that road exit, then head peering out to the gate.Ms. ticket quiet sit at the counter, his face ritual of self-confidence and cordial, nose and slightly curled upward.That familiar people just met, after greeting, and quietly left.  On the tarmac, venues tend to crowd, with the same spirit of woodpeckers, efforts around the aircraft, some take the book, record what gestures; also some holding tools, was walking back and forth.Tall white dining car, parked next to the aircraft tail, like a mother fed so patient.Covered with a long string long string of trailer nets, aircraft stationed in the abdomen, handling the transfer.Another pair of flat oblique wings in the air dance tired, very affectionately draped over bridges, secretly co-author, nestling doing doing to stay.  Group took a long trunk of people, some wearing the red edge silk scarves, some wearing Dayan Mao, girded with golden epaulettes some four Leverage, vertical, vertical, have crossed the long corridor, in the cabin busy, he (she) who enthusiastically, eager to finish the.Tour like many eyes, some awesome sweeping, sweeping some affectionately, also to gently sweep the.Busy hands, the sound of percussion flat plate, the finishing table of exquisite detail, the soft touch dashboard, so unflinchingly time, gurgling but rapidly scour.  Next to the broad flat highway bridge guardrail side, there are two or three individuals chatting.After a small space, despite thinking on the wings of mosquitoes talk, dancing, and the city is not the same dance, to think of natural incense, natural to think of the dream, to think about ten thousand years ago the moon, whether calmer than this, peaceful?  Night, between movement and stillness, between the villages of dirt and concrete road off the field, between the rush of pedestrians and desk person, little bits and pieces trimmed with floating track running, slowly constituted aviation memo extraordinary history.    Part II: Night at the corner of the night, sleeping in his mother’s arms like a baby quiet, only to hear the wind footsteps!Head from time to time fall a few bugs, accurate to say that the insects were blown down, desperately vibration wings a few, will no longer move!I stopped the hands of the pen.My life?You will like him?What my life is how the?I was in the end in the pursuit of what?  Life, this very hesitantly topic!Meng interpretation of the life with wine, “wine and song, life geometry”, Su also leaving the “sorrow of my life even for a moment, infinite envy of the Yangtze River.”.And I, my life, what is it?A song, or a river?A glass of wine, or.Life is the first free spectrum song, is high or low, and I have self come into the world, to have my parents wrote the song, self-birth that moment, my song of life I will be played this is a song belongs to me, it has a high melody, the lyrics also sad, this is a song that I can finish academics can not finish, perhaps, at that moment I left, I could!But whether this is a kind of song, how high melody, lyrics and more sad.Since parents gave me the song, I have to sing it, sing red!Sauna Net Life is unnamed river, is light or dark I had when I timidly across the gutter in front of the piece, and I jumped over the first river of my life, even though I know it very narrow, the future of the river will be wider and deeper!So, I had to learn boating, swimming.I want to take young momentum, swim across the lake, standing across the river, looking for me and thrown ripples smile.I would also like riding Suzi wood cutting, surely, drifting in the blue above, by its aura, rushed to the end of my life!  Life is colorless glass of wine, I drink is bitter sweet!Perhaps, I will no longer wake up a drunk, perhaps by Jiu Jin, Wu Looking back on the trail, taking advantage of the wine world shaken hills.May be able to become a hero to kill the tiger, on the contrary, it is a tiger killed a hero, after all, I have seen better days!  Perhaps my life is also the first free spectrum song, a nameless river, also may be colorless glass of wine; perhaps, my life just them with me to dusk!    Part Three: Swear night the night under lazily down a black eye, even the last glimmer of gray dawn sky, only scratches the residual Jisi.That day excited cuckoo, this time curled up in bed evenly name intoxicated, only a lonely soul pregnant with my little light melancholy, spread out along the night.The twilight darkens, the alley pedestrian, after another long been scattered in their love nest, presented in front of me, but also alleys slender larvae shadow.I do biscuits pound last puff of smoke off in the endless twilight, with the usual way and walked slowly split step, so long lonely soul gradual emergence in the night.  I have searched the wind slowly your hair in the streets of the night, really want to use flour with mud rough hands, gently glide the hair on your fine.That wind Qing Yang hair soft, fragrant tuberose as general touched my whole heart, my heart waves rippled, like a lightning joy delivered to every cell.  I used to hide in the corner of the street that is much further away at you back, though you did not hear Yingti swallow it like a sweet whisper; do not appreciate your beauty With like pure and lovely It faces; you do not appreciate the Goddess of the first frequency graceful, but you dim shadows drunk enough to make my way back I do not know.  Resist the throbbing heart, love it permeates the atrium, I tried to contain vortex that cause lingering thoughts, feelings are always difficult in the trail.  I’m in the endless night, With sweet still and wait a minute you do not expect you back, will miss lonely as withered vine trees faint crow.  I step in the beginning of the spring bridge, but you sound further away the geese in the autumn, the opportunity did not even pass, leaving only empty than regret and tears undercurrent.  I do not know when, sentimental rain cut, and chaotic, I had thoughts drift in disturbances in.  A lot of time, really want in the coldest month Gambhir, stretch the weary limbs, lay still, let one pair of eyes full of light melancholy, staring gaze on gray-blue sky, so that time and thought at the moment Miles condenses into ice, dust-laden episode, bury love life.  Night long, lengthy road, staring eyebrow lift the dim light, cold rain ice heart.Who made the “Mo before the road no friends.”?Ye know, I do not know worth mentioning, sometimes inseparable person, not necessarily from a heart touched the deepest of another heart!  I gently flick Yi Mei, wipe the face of rain, carrying the mortal could not escape the lingering Melancholy, returned also left lingering fragrance of fried cottage.Put a lonely heart carefully light on the network platform, relying on the spirit of looking for a home for themselves, so that a restless heart enjoy a quiet moment, let oozes flowing text, diarrhea make wholehearted depressed, so covered soul dust, enjoy perched on this green sheet peaceful.  Sometimes, those who really want to step footsteps of Beauty, stop and read some more poetry, nourish the barren emptiness of thought; in some cases, intensive reading several languages and want fresh, timeless mood of exquisite prose, so that my thoughts are with of dancing.However, forced to live, to do every day Guzhe biscuits, Maishao Bing, did not share leisure time to purify themselves, only in their own freezing wilderness, listening spring buzz, busy watching Yunjuanyunshu.  The heart of this land long-term lack of moisture fresh language, into a mottled rift valley, even if we have thousands of kinds of emotion, nor did blew out as the surging river.Occasionally, filled with feelings of well-being of this world, the earth truth, goodness and beauty become the embodiment of pure and lovely “you”, pure and true to the dream of “you” has become synonymous with love, it is the world of truth, goodness, a symbol of the United States.The word I was stumped, do not convey the sentence, not the “you” dress was pretty as a flower, but can not put “you” perfect vividly presented.  I have seen the failure of a friend, always said that my writing is full of sad, she asked me if I was not so vicissitudes of life, but I like language of silence.In fact, the unhappy fact of life in abundance, life has not always feel to do so is even greater than I a?When we put all the melancholy weave into each bow prose, after Nirvana regeneration, life will bathe the warm sunshine with knowledge, see the flowers and pleasing sense.  Gradually, I got used to the streets selling cakes life, though tedious, is always one person, another person back, walked the same road, looking at the same scenery, but at least still feel alone, there is a little bit of time enjoy the loneliness and solitude of life.Drawing near and beauty new moon, dance floor and stage songs were romantic lovers, these can also dotted with my dream, I hope to lonely hearts on a point of the flame.Thus, in countless dark night, I always “you” peek into the holding hope life will become colorful.In the “you” appeal, I have a day full of sunshine.    Part Four: youth under the inspiration I needed a night, special, so I’ll go to the disco, my parents were called obscene kind of place where, but I never mind if they say so, because I know, there is not.  It is said that this era created a crazy us, a group of clothes do not wash the rice will not do, the money will reach the worms, but can confidently say that we need free space, we have our own lives.Yes, we have our own lives, so we choose to indulge our youth in the night, even if it will not accidentally hurt yourself, it will not feel pain.  I used to want to become a cat, and not domestic cats, wild cats is, free to be, free to go, but, like at night activities.In this way, I can in the dark, just enjoy my own happiness, I used glowing pupil, to discern a variety of youth, and no one will know, I was watching him, he seems to see through the soul.However, I know that this is all just fantasy, I will eventually have to return to reality and to accept all people and things I have to accept the.  It seems to become a cat is impossible, unless I be born again, but no one can be sure I have my next life, it is impossible to affirm my next life can really become a cat, so I will not take the risk, take my life is a joke.But I still tirelessly haunted darkness, seems I fell in love with night, but I never spotted in the night alone.I’m afraid, everyone is so, love and fear, and this is the mystery of the night, no one can read.  I do not like crowded places, but I need a place like this, but the more the merrier.I like going to the disco, I do not go crazy with them, I like to sit on the bar, watching the people underneath jump, I have seen them very seriously, so small party table, but can accommodate so many people, and the body can be kept twisting, although in flash, see the twist of the body in the end tell something, you can always make people feel a little funny.When you keep staring at a person at the time, even if the lights flash was again badly I can understand what I had noticed a girl, her clothes shining sequin dress, painted green eye shadow ( from her came in I noticed) I really like the color, can be seen clearly in the light, maybe I be closer now, her head shaking it, like something you want to get rid of I guess, I’m not her, after all, no matter how spy, what can not be found.  Every time I go, I always think of a word, is Xia Yu starred in the film “Waiting Alone”, he had said the words, “If now all the music stopped and the lights are not flashing, would be like” I especially like this one, and I will always be to imagine, what will happen, all the body is still kept twisting, which is a nice silent burlesque.I kept thinking, I always looked at the writhing crowd, giggle Oh, okay, I’m not this human drama.  A coming of night, there are always some street vendors appear, are some of the more than 20-year-olds, they will a lot of very pretty little jewelry, but a lot of very popular clothing store to buy clothes up for sale, and the price will be very cheap.And the same, and they are attracting are the same, but do not have time to go scouring for these popular stuff young people.Well, this night, they can effortlessly to provide, you can buy what you always wanted but do not want to spend time looking for from someone else’s hands.  Night seems to be the best time for lovers, I always think so.When how romantic moonlight shed a pure, starlight as partners, so two people holding hands, walked away, that there is a.If life is so, is not regret it.  Night makes me feel at ease, because the night for me is a way to relax, they can also indulge, I do not need to think about the day’s events, whether happiness or pain, for me, is a dark end, the end of my happiness, but also the end of my sorrow.  I kept looking in the night, stop and go, I do not know what I’m looking, I saw, like me, stop and go to the people, like me, have among the best years of life.From their eyes, I see actually all a loss, perhaps only in this dark night, I’m like a cat with a pupil, their insight, their eyes never see myself.  Youth, glowing, and only in the night, I was able to find in the night, people always stop and go, the other is not looking for, but for the youth before passing away, looking for a resting-place.  Night of youth, mania and anxiety, like looking for a peaceful, may also wish to find their own way leading to freedom in Rome.

Part One: spring mountain my old, who lives in a small town south of Qinling, because his father had just died earlier this year, the mother of advanced age, so this year in particular, the frequent contacts between home and my house, every time I drive when walking into the winding road in the Qinling mountains, I always want to stop the car, a man standing in the mountains, looking up Yundantiangao, mountains, I often think, if my old age in this where there is a shelter, then there is a land to farm on, and that this is how comfortable!  When I look out at the mountains, plants and trees, including the heart I secretly admire created by nature in this world, simple and unassuming and intimate harmony.  Distance Yi Keke green pines and cypresses rooted in that among the cliffs, standing on top of the mountains, is a blink of an eye looked a sentry on duty, powerful and serious, there are those who do not disrobe perennial trees of green, dotted in occasional peripheral vision, is not a landscape, slowly sit down, just turning green grass was soft, and just look at the birth of the leaf buds while it was still thin hair, but yet was very hard, a touch of grass fragrance influx into the nostril really refreshing feeling, there are many unknown plants also have to open the unknown flowers, bedding with a layer of light green carpet on the green hillside, I reclining on a hillside, smell the faint scent of wild flowers, and leaves just grow grass flavor, sprinkled spring sunshine on the body, which has been lying really want to embrace nature, off the city coat, accept the baptism of nature, this is the city never not enjoy another kind of happiness.  After the break finished, continue driving a car to rush home along the winding mountain road, in front of the scenery there is the taste of a non-spring gave away the old days, there is a rare quiet space in the bustling city, and here I can hear the birds in the mountains of Chui song, mountains, springs splashed down in the rock next to a wonderful note, this is the nature of the melody, never had the feeling in the city.  This is the nature of it?It bears many of our unimaginable beauty, in my heart to stay forever imprinted, where there is no dispute fame and fortune, do not worry and sadness, all the earth not unhappy, everything is so simple, so natural and relaxed.  After some time themselves often ask ourselves, why can not I be like nature, plants and trees as not to deliberate pursuit of those pale without real fame, when homeopathic learn shun a thing in nature, as not a little because of the food and clothing problems than those who abuse their incompetence away, they will not learn their children away scold their children stupid, but he did not blame a powerful and influential parents’ chagrin, it’s all was virtually put on ourselves the yoke, is not it?  Fast finish when a friend sent a text message said, not demanding everything, come to make money, failing to do not frown, laugh to laugh, the results do not insist, do it right, life is a simple , to calm the calm, do not refuse to go to busy, because it is a full, not to complain about frustration, because it is a strong, not to remain silent, because it is an injury, not to refuse to smile, because that is your charm.After reading these, I feel my heart calm a lot, after the road that gets good.    Part II: Wife of mountains under the blue sky is a dense mountain, I often wander in here, talk to a place Boiling mood!  Is a mountain in the evening after the rain, I’m marching carding soft soil along the small stone ridge side, seek to find grass knot while climbing, as dew bead plate attached to the sea buckthorn twigs, from time to time wet my trip trousers, but moisten a dry heart; distant clouds revealing a golden smile, love the green grass, spikes, folded open to reveal a charming flower, a flower together into Fairview , wrapped in a piece of the mountains, to the top of the mountain slowly stretch away, meandering fly to the sky!I stood on top of the mountain nightlife network lookout mountain, it can be seen not far from a boundless field between Yunshan, with the advent of twilight gradually cage on a layer of light veil, the small spring and bitter chrysanthemum dew bud red kidney beans in his arms swept mountains; my sweat dripping down the face in the colors of the five Shiyan, hot Oh Yun in the mountains, slowly submerged in this dense mountain in; I was reluctant to slow down pace, let Fengyun hard heart to hang around in the natural affection between these mountains, I feel a little bit in the stretch, inadvertently spilled on this land in any of stay in a daisy and clouds in let boiling mood became dense source of mountains, played down that numerous real life!  Step-by-step sunset stepping stone to fall back on, along with the yellow smile blue sky, clouds carefully from a small steps back to the fields, of course, with that has a simple thick mud like a thousand years!This is the most awe-inspiring things brewing forever the nature of affection!    Part three: wild mountain in May in May, blowing hot air, smell of flowers is.  Mountain roads, cliff, the red, white, purple, yellow, pink flowers, clusters, piece, larger, such as mature walnut-like, small in size as nails baby cap, scattered in the grass, bloom, Vying Doo-yeon.Qinren fragrance, attracted a large number of bees, butterflies, trained, trained, flying in the meantime, nectar pollination, their place.  Jujube tree on the cliff, lush.Only the size of a grain of rice jujube, Mimizaza, throng, the sun through the green oranges, so it’s “fruitful”!  Honeysuckle wanton growth among the weeds, vines enough to have some four meters long.”Two Flowers” bud exposed from time to time pedicle petiole, if yellow gold, white like silver, like open non-open, just picking a good time.This is the origin of “Honeysuckle, two flowers, double flowers” Name of.Its flavor comparable to Paris perfume, elegant Mazumdar.Outside the meantime five minutes, afraid to be drunk not return!  Sunny wheat has yellowed, peeling yellow-green wheat shell, plump grain powder toot, reveals a unique aroma.Breeze blowing, “golden waves of grain, waves, rolling waves.”.”Look, the rabbit!”A gray hare jumping around and seemed to vanish behind the ridge.”Another one, also with two small.”Oh I see!Just that one must be “Dad”, it gives us staged one of the Thirty-Six “Tiaohulishan, diversion,” in order to protect this “girly three”.Two little guys hairy ass behind his mother, Paopao Pao go, really cute!We were infected by their family, no longer catch up – although they sometimes scourge crops.  Mayday grass sprout.Knee-deep grass occasionally scared a gorgeous golden pheasant, dragging beautiful long tail, “quack,” cried fly away.  Crystal clear mountain streams, a few two or three centimeters long fish swimming leisurely.Juyi Peng, drained, cool, sweet, and penetrate into every cell of the body, refreshing and pleasant!  Accustomed to city life people should go to the countryside and look around.Park hill town is artificial pile of tree transplanting, flowers are planted, the water coming from the river changed.How can this mountain hilly countryside, trees, flowers, streams to the simple, straightforward, natural!!    Part Four: mountain wizard spring, after another few games off the drizzle, the pan-green slopes on the mountain.A touch of green from afar like a floating thin green smoke.Zhu Zhu fern moss emerge from the soil, Tracy opened to reveal a face.  Mining fern moss on the mountain girl, carrying a small basket, flowers, wearing the same clothes, with a V body on a hillside swimming, just like a beautiful butterflies fly only in flowers and leaves, the sun off their figure to outline a road stunning scenery!In these circumstances, all of a sudden struck a chord with me, brought back memories of my time to the.I also had to adopt when the fern moss, fern roots dug.That being the famine years, my family seven people, the monthly production team points only 90 pounds of wool Valley, this food is a mix with sweet potato, potato and vegetables, eat less than half.Fortunately, I grew up in a valley covered with lush fern was.Fern root starch can be punched white, hereby support the human body.Let me know hunger fern.So dig fern – fern hit – filter Fern – eating fern, a channel program, repeated many times, thanks to nature’s gift, with fern, poor mountain people, the more the bottom line of a survival relied on to defeat famine, through hunger, fern and we share a common destiny, it grows in our muscles, our blood flowing in.Fern makes me feel warm!  I still remember the scene when I first dug fern.That very sunny, cloudless sky.And my younger brother to follow a few young uncle to the mountains to dig fern root.Crosses two mountains, came to a place called “rhino hole” in the hills.Rhino cave far from home, several uncles estimated there no one dug fern, a piece of virgin land, there will be unexpected gains.After reachable us down.Mi Zaza growth of the fir trees on the mountain, even if there are ferns, and very sparse.Several uncle no confidence, sitting under a tree playing poker, anyway, they kept at home as well as ferns, it does not matter how much digging today, but I can not be fun, tomorrow’s breakfast is also counting on me and my brother dig fern root.I took my brother to go to another place to look for Fern matter.Both of us climbed over a ridge, to “pigsty Bay”.Listen to my grandmother said she was “pigsty Bay” dug fern, where domain mouth.”Pigsty Bay” Bay Hill is a big, sunny slope east block, fertile soil, fern root tile thick, starchy, elders who often come here to dig fern root.We came here, looked around, and sure enough there is a turn on a hillside soil, leaves in green grass, emerged in a gray, very rosy.My younger brother would then dig domain mouth, a black stripe hypertrophy fern root, like a yo black wizard deep in the soil.We will dig Xie Hui, until the time when the sun West Ramp, behind us already in disorder ground floor of a swarthy fern root.Dug fern knows, if you run into a good domain mouth, it will be deeper and more vigorously.Although tired, I can not bear to give up.Younger brother is very tired, his palms blistered bounced out one black, after all he was too young, so how can withstand prolonged physical exertion ah!I let the younger brother to organize fern root, I continue to dig.Younger brother to put off the fern root of the nose, do shake the earth, a root straightened out, strapped.When we lug fern root to be home, it was dark through.Grandmother and sister in the village we are looking forward to see us come back, they only worry, the fern root pleased to get the river cleaned, my brother and I hurried home to pull a few mouthfuls of “rice”, and then went to hit fern field.Hit fern field east of a small hill in the stockade, where the team was originally a piece of dried grain field, fern relief in order to dig, where the production team excavated several hit wherever he goes fern.Hit fern is heavy manual labor.Fern drop hammer is made with a stick length oak, oak stick has a small hole, and the one meter long wooden peg attached to, flexibility to rotate.Fern very heavy hammer to drop, my body single Li Bo, when I raise my hammer smashing fern, feels like a mountain lift.Every drop fern are uncle or uncle to help me complete.Bang bang bang sound of smashing fern, shock overcast valley, all the way you can hear all the way.After fern root smashed, then the barrels into a stirred, filtered, and the red trace Cheng Cheng fern bamboo water flowing from a small mouth, followed by a bucket, and then poured into a large additional barrels precipitate.The next morning you can remove the white fern powder.When we use the pot holding white-capped heavy fern powder home, felt very excited, the whole family a day or two of life depends on it!  The passage of time, and now many years later, the share of excitement still retained in our hearts, can not be gone long!Although the Montagnards had to solve food and clothing, do not eat because by digging ferns, fern and their fate may still hard to let go!Nowadays, in addition to mining fern moss on the slopes of a little girl, there are people digging fern root, the fern cake available at markets, as income opportunities.Younger brother went to the “pigsty Bay”, where he went to dig fern root sold on several thousand dollars, for the children to go to school to solve the disaster.Younger brother said: This fern root then let the belly, today gave the children earn tuition, really a good thing.Listen to his younger brother say, I was shocked, and yes ah!Fern worthy of the mountain spirits, although it does not bloom, but its roots are dependents.

Shiny early sixties, a summer night under the moonlight: a.The stars shine, mirror-like moon happily overlooking the vast Chengdu Plain.Chengdu South Station rail, lying quietly moonlight, silver as two parallel lines, extending from east to west in the direction away Kunming.  Small army: an eleven, old little boy, dark hair under a pair of talking eyes, this is the best gift late mother left him.He had just finished his homework, while out walking one side said to the grandmother: “Grandma!My homework done, my brother fortunate to be there playing for a while Ha!”Grandma replied:” Oh, early child back to bed!”Small army should cry:” I know!”I rushed out of the house.  Yuanba small army through to the left, just passed the corner unit canteen, I saw something gleaming in the moonlight on the ground in front of more than ten meters.Curious, he ran over to bend over to see: the original is a pool thermos glass fragments.Small army thought: who is going to the boiler room may be open water, accidentally thermos out of the ground it.  Summer of that era, the Chengdu suburb and “Global buyers” (rural) of a child (especially small boy) are playing the “bare feet” habits, a small army is no exception, he was careful to bypass the broken glass walked before.Having just taken a few steps, he suddenly stopped and thought: No!In case “catch cat” (hide and seek) Huanglihuangzhang children ran from here, the “bare feet” scratched do Zage?Thought here, he quickly ran home, hurriedly brought broom, summarized Kei, moonlight, carefully put glass shards on the ground swept into summarized Kei.It can be said to be completely routed, before safely carrying a broom, holding summarized Kei go back.  Back home, he put down the broom, picked up the shovel, put that summarized Kei came to the vegetable garden behind his house building side.He laboriously dug with a shovel ten minutes, tired sweating, finally dug a sixty or seventy centimeters deep pit of small.He then poured into glass fragments, like shards of glass Daiyuzanghua like to “bury” the.He stood up, hands in the air pleasant to stretch a bit back, then bent over to pick up summarized Kei, shovels happily home.  It seems, he had to take a bath tonight, fortunate not to go there playing brother.  So far, the shining shards of glass still buried in the soil, like a computer hard drive, a memory of the immortal forever shining innocence!    Part II: Tonight corn forest under the moonlight moonlight as water, forest and corn under the moonlight as if it is a shimmering waves of the Great Lakes.  Dog days of summer has not yet been finished, the beginning of autumn solar terms again, this is to be a dog day with the fall of the old saying goes.Too much rain this summer, those crops on rural land, dart up like crazy.Most of the former village large number of acres of corn patch of forest, of uniform height, Yi Keke corn lever arm thick as a child, squeeze squeeze pay to pay airtight.Shortly before flowering corn pollination, corn cobs also party to hang beard Tufts of pink, the air will be filled from a clear, sweet and tender.  Dew tide up, just like the rain down the field like that corn on the wide long leaves, then wet, each one hung a string of dew on the leaves, by moonlight to a photo, then thousands of points Wan point shining.A hare ran, as if they flew into a lake, to hear a dew fall from the corn leaves, and fell on soybean leaves, then fall to earth “flap” clicks.  The night is more quiet, but also a full moon hung high maximum guhuai rural tree.At this point a large paddy field by the river, noisy frogs suddenly up, so it’s Rice said floral harvest, ten frogs ah!With the shock of frogs, that is not scared of microwave corn forest, all the animals and plants insects are beginning to stir up, excited.  Stretch ear to listen, Yi Keke corn bar at the bottom, which is close to the earth’s part, it sounded a string of crushing, whispering sound like Chi Chi.Plants were laughing at you?Do not!It was the bottom of the aerial roots of corn plants drilled internal voice is the sound growth.It is completely different from the sound of corn jointing rod “Baba,” the.  Next, the meal wind drink dew cricket who would you Changba me on stage singing together.Earthworms feel oppressed for too long in the soil, Yeliangrushui, they will also be one of the drilled mud, Zeitou probe looked out of the brain, and sent out a slender “creak, creak” sound.The plant eating insects who will also play in full swing devour soybean leaves and beans to leafless, and discharge particle size of the capsules of green manure.Lai toad on a rage, and it’s from a slow climb out of beans leaves, with a protruding tongues like a hook, roll it slightly, a pest into its mouth; another tongue, slightly pair of sound, another insect dish has become its dinner.Sauna net voles are nocturnal animals, they huddled in the cave recharge your batteries during the day, night out in force to spoil crops.And more fresh beans and cowpeas Yeah, eat, little sister, you marry me grow up!And more and more fragrant sweet corn tender Yeah, let go belly eating it, little brother, who says we can not be as strong as an ox Villains?  Snakes are carnivores, it is early to have the perception that the whereabouts of a few thieves.But it is elegant, do not hurry.It gentleman-like winds from, stealthy will be hidden under the Villains to their body, neck stretched, mouth piece, a Shuoshu went into its belly.By this time, those despicable They also are jubilant, Hupenghuanyou carrying on their meal of it, who knows mantis stalks the cicada oriole in the post, but the piece of Hydra are turning their brothers and sisters as the delicious world they celebrate the successful theft of corn beans, they have become the last supper.  Corn in late summer early autumn forest, there are shining bright moonlight, it is undoubtedly beautiful, tranquil.But a Traveler see only its surface, it is shallow.As you can only see a moonlight rippling lake, and see the turtles hidden under the surface of the lake, like a sea monster.The corn Lin is the case, you only see a corn tip, gently swaying in the night wind, but I do not know corn forest drama being played out scenes.So when you quietly corn deep forest on a moonlit night a person, a man quietly listening to the forest sounds of corn issue, you will find the original forest under the moonlight corn, is simply a Zhongxiang hosted ” animal World “, is simply more than one part synthetic” pastoral symphony “.  Into crops under the moonlight and you will hear land, crops and even the lake sounds of nature, you will feel deeply rural land given you a life emboldened.    Part Three: autumn moon hanging round in the moonlight at high altitude, diarrhea, such as training of light, earth covered Eau coat, the Spirit of charm clear fear is hard to poor pen Chu.Month, such as disks, light water, a canoe center.Tonight, how many writers willingly, how much wandering into the cage.Thoughts swirling, Gambhir a love one, just tonight than last night next month, more people than lean month.  Show the full moon face, the idea of a walk along the month, with a nylon thread cocoon, riding a leaf boat, thinking episode, all the way to reward Belle.Vertical and is not telling people to stay a text, readiness to stay on the edges of Su Zhen.  May pessimism of the ancients, the Festival should be more than “a thousand miles is a long,” or feeling “very full just from last night, Moon Jianjue sea late”.  I enjoy the moon it is unintentional, so not too many sad.  Moon tours should look to spend the next month.Fall season, bustling done, they go to see Aoshuang Chrysanthemum.Chrysanthemum night put, incense filled the street, while the bright month, to listen to her voice, but also avoid chrysanthemum lonely.Ju received a drop of dew on the shiny, I do not know what it is to tell people.Frost in chrysanthemum represents strong right?See it in the autumn wind sleeve of a robe Zhang Yan Wu, also considered that people live up to his praise!  Spring to autumn, flowers bloom Xie.This life is so.  Shangju autumn, winter look plum, maintain a good attitude, you can be the next spring blossoming.  Moon should reward bamboo to the next month.Some say bamboo, such as pine, I think it’s more chic than the more upright pine.Into the forest of bamboo, look at it in the autumn in the share of calm, then awe-inspiring.Moon, such as leakage, shed little warmth, bamboo, such as soldiers, accounting for round after round into the landscape.charming!Forest, listening to the sound of bamboo next shuttle month.Bamboo moon shine, someone should be here.People than the bamboo gentleman, it is to appreciate it “rather broken body can not do without Festival”, more praise interpretation of its life.  Moon reward can go months at a pond.Enjoy the beautiful tranquil.Autumn thin, no cicada noise ear.Although red cedar Handan Magnificence faded, still exudes seductive fragrance, lightly, not cloying.Moon repose central water, such as in the month servant Kam, the appreciation of a painting, feel the share of peace Oliver remove the burden of life.  Behind the rice fields to plot and waterway transportation, always the opposite of the moon.If the dough breeze to float, it played a wave, yellow light glowing in the moonlight.Waves into rhyme, and passes him bursts Wo Hong.The presence or absence of sleep deep pond frog bang, broke serene sky.As paddy guardian knows that it does not blow autumn, not yellow rice.Moon is unknown, its dream wake.Admiration of autumn grain fields, admire it loaded Qiushi ChenDian.It also tells people always hard to pay after the harvest.  It is said that many times people want to live life.As spring to autumn, flowers bloom Xie.Autumn harvest period of life, baptism akishimo, is life must go on a journey.  Autumn is merciless, but also sentient beings.In your mind once what kind of seed, it produces what fruit.  If the seeds are shed, the harvest is scheduled barren.    Part Four: looking at the sunset under the moonlight slowly sank, the moon shrouded in Montreal that Yinhua, who opened the sleepy eyes.The convergence of birds flying wings, flying over San smoke under the eaves, far from Fishermen Miao Miao, wind blowing through the river that night, I seem to see the boat go under the shadow of the setting sun.Between heaven and earth suddenly quiet down, then went straight forward as if Jiangliu press the Enter key, all fell back into silhouettes, indents our hearts.It turned out that was wandering through a thousand years of time and space, accompanied by moonlight ? Chunchao return the magnificent, Yan Yan with wave.Moon rising, like flower forest sleet.In that month tide over the surface of the river, the empty shore, I stood silent, calmed the past, such as Koko bypass spring grass coming to me.I was back at my teenager, pointing country, Qiu Hui Fang exclusion, emotional elegance, with a restless pride, self-confidence to make their cries against the permanent flowing rivers: Junior strong, the country strong; youth wisdom, then country wisdom.In still echo in such a new era, Tang has just unveiled its most blossoming chapter.Wei has been regarded as gods “noble patriarch system” is broken, ordinary people set foot on the top by the imperial swagger, fresh feeling cheerful now, I seem to have forgotten who I am so despised luxurious colorful.At this time, moonlight shadow is cast over such stars head handsome, gorgeous dated back to sing in the long unfulfilled.I know this is poetry when I was a teenager, vertical light is green onion tofu-like, but it is a long enough memorable.Time ever stepping on a uniform pace going forward, but do not know where to go in the end.”I feel empty inside flow frost fly, Ting invisible on the white sand.Color without Qian Chen Tianyi Jiang, bright sky lonely on wheels.”The moon ascending, straight on altitude, the air is not the other colors.Moonlight suddenly revealed in the pool of flowers in the forest, and the loneliness of the vast river, between giving a dreamy actually nothing to rely on.Things like cage Yuet Wah still in my body, but let me give birth to unprovoked sad Jisi of.After a bit impatient when that boy, I seem even more cool middle-aged, quiet.No matter how the outside beauty, I no longer look like it was originally born by me.But this faded over vast exist between heaven and earth, as it wound thread, white sand melt into the invisible, Jiang Tian Xian Chen’s no scenery, comfortable contented.Today, again aftertaste, also appears to love the deep, still is disconsolate.Slowly, slowly Qing Ji middle-aged flowing river in the old day after day, and then look back, gray hair is torn.”River who has shown signs of month?Jiang month shine on people?Life has infinite generations, Jiang month year after year look like, I do not know who to be on a river, the whole Yangtze send water.”Handle and saw little of the original cold-blooded cold, I still figure a little more straight Downs invasion of Italy in the book of life.Head down like a thinker deep reverence for nature.The kind of mixed with the sadness of his life short and warm memories of the universe care of, now think of it, it seemed special.In fact, poetry is remembered predecessors, if the morning dew life, why not take advantage of it some time and be merry.But really do not want to waste their struggle alone away from the beauty of life, those who do not hear each time the melancholy, and now have to abandon it if Bilv?I do not want can not, because even with my personal life is short, humanity is continually multiply ah!That is absolutely not hope.In the era of the sad but not hurt, my melancholy decadence also appears happy youth.Because I have a life to pursue efforts, persistent exploration of the universe ah.  Now and then looked around, everything still looks like the old remarks.Months to be hollow, but the delay does not fall, it looked dedication, I have dissipated like smoke as those of worry and sorrow and muzzle my heart.It hit like clove knot.Remember, you dried up the stone, I was far from the Xiaoxiang.”Whose Tonight boat child?Where Acacia moon House?Upstairs month wandering poor, who should light the stage makeup..Not hear each case, willing to monthly flow Zhao Jun.Geese fly long light is not the degree, latent jump ichthyosaur water written.”Wandering outside, thinking woman in the women’s apartment, and that distance in this case even become a long line.Do not roll like that, but also to whisk is not the moon, but stretches thoughts.In fact, if you know, when you can sincerely pray moonlight instead of his long journey with me, I can also quietly vow that as geese, fish and dragons often accompanied by your side.”Tam dream last night free falling, poor spring home semi also.River water spring to Yujin, Jiang Tan sangrakwol complex West Ramp.”So paranoid, wait until the water children will do, tilt month child, it has not yet broken.I smiled and said he was this invasion of the universe had a great love, but also forever in Moonlit Night against the background.But now the next month stand, Acacia then, when that breeze blowing, take away the sense of loss are countless.When moonset, shake our common feeling is that of Mitsue Murakami.  In fact, this is the flute drum under the moon, again and vanish, that flows between the atmosphere, always fall with precipitation in our minds, melted became amorous rhyme.Today, Yang Guan universe of heaven and earth, meditation already forgotten words, who can distinguish the true meaning of which?

Part One: drunk Goose cold shock in the moon night, cicadas sound sparse.When the branches whipped leaves a piece of drifting away from the eyes, looking at the sky, impressively is late autumn.Autumn skies, cloudless, a pale blue swept everything, the sun became its only embellishment is everywhere presented as a pale blue light.Walking through the streets, accompanied by the howling of the wind, with open arms, larger font sky, feel the cool autumn this.In this one an oasis of light blue, I feel fresh look, very open-minded.  The autumn sky is still so bright, light blue, far, far away, always gives a sense of mystery, it’s like the wise contemplation of general.Occasionally there is a cloud, not like spring and summer-like, so heavy, it gives a silent depression.That clouds blossoming connected dough, floating like a girl’s veil as tantalizing, giving an elegant, hazy, melodious feeling, just like musical notes floating like circulation, showing the most ancient charm, people Dangqi Some of the best real yearning.  However, in contrast, I still prefer the autumn night sky.After going to night classes, I’m used to running, after a few laps stroll along the playground, football field lying, quietly looked almost purple sky, and a glowing stars.Schools have few side lights, they are formed in a circle bright orange, like a ribbon stretches generally spread to the surrounding and extending towards deep space.In the decorative orange circle, and I wanted to split the sky, like, only the middle one is purple, plus a flicker of starlight, while the edge is being inundated an orange, all orange color, only faint crescent, Xiegua quietly in the near sky.  Still look the same, filled the charming Starlight.Quietly lying under a starry, sky, looking, despite a myriad of thoughts in the spread of the Imagination.You can occasionally hear some faint chirping of insects, as if they lay warm bed, the happiest whisper.In these faint voice, enjoying a purple belt decorated like the starry sky, the stars twinkling, as if to tell fleeting, but not beneath glory.  Lying in the autumn wind, drunk in silence in.Hazy night, orange and yellow lights have mixed with leaves, the wind over the early playground, Durian, plus a bustling stars, even close your eyes, my mind is still a bustling.Endless mold, triggered a flood plan got the idea, I like really drunk, drunk in this beautiful moon night.    Part Two: Liu Ying Chiu Chiu swing Pinghu boating on Lake dim go, that was many years ago now.Full moon is high, lake reflected sparkling.Ashiba autumn breeze rustling, the vast youthful little fishing boat.Scull at the sound of babbling quiet month, floating reed scared birds, it is all the more profound the autumn.Lu Wei deep shake bird-scaring night, autumn frivolous swing Liu Ying Ge.  Autumn people often like to climb the mountain to see the autumn to see the leaves have to see red maple cream.In fact, the United States or should fall more on the rivers and lakes in.When Meng Haoran wrote “Autumn Denglan send the Five Mountains” unknowingly fall of the river to take a written far.So, more or should the United States in autumn River autumn, autumn river, a lake on the Moon.Moon on West Lake; the full moon on the Kunming Lake was once the visitors away.  Life is like a boat, always constantly changing Anchorage Park.Now there is no place to stop and lakes, as autumn than to see the moon on the lake.Pinghuqiuyue swing Liu Ying went to the United States can only dream feelings.Whenever this autumn moon is full, there is a picture of the heart.Living in harmony with moonlight night, standing alone Gu Ying Lake, on hazy hazy black, vacantly misty Lakeshore.  East Lake this fall went to look dated, dark night of the wind gently.He stood by the lake just to see the full moon rise from the willow on, faint moonlight, people from the corner through the overflow from the cliff between the branches, quietly peering lake.One day a silver to silver, the kind of Yi Jing is not describe in words.  Driving on a small boat to go boating on the lake Moonlight, Delicate water-cooled cold autumn night.Let the boat quietly floating on the lake, follow the crowd.Far from a fishing boat in the net the night comes flashing oars babbling, knocking little bang.Vacantly vast moonlit night, stumbled misty lake, boat swing over a lake startled ducks.Pinghu moonlit night like a painting, a sum too little light, too thick add a sum.  Boat carried by the wind, blown liuyin Cong.Under untwisting liuyin, vast chasing the moonlight, it is a distant memory.Lengthy boat floating gently, gently fluttering gently shake.Like children singing it, “Moon told my brother I go, I go on the lake drift creel.Small boats shake ah shake, shake the Moonlight Bridge.Look boats next month, floating in the middle of water.Gone with the Wind Gone with the Wind ah ah ah shake shake, shake the Moonlight Bridge “.Once upon a time, to draw a boat floating on the lake by night, moonlit night to the net on the lake.Time flows quietly from the side too, the years rush in sparse life.Yang old hard life God, but each round Moonlight, Moonlight is not old.  Moonlight yo, yo children boat, winds in the moonlight in front of the bank to extend, the farther the more shadowy seem unpredictable authenticity.Yeliangrushui autumn, looking at the moon, clouds horizon Stagecoach.Shuitianyise overlooking the vast lake, this moonlit lake becomes very quiet very quiet.Pinghuqiuyue no human voice, as if this world has no secular numerous, sleeping only a month to accompany the land and the lake, as well as Liu Ying near the lake beach.  Night Moon gradually gone, have been able to hear the sound of the birds flutter.There have been some blue sky, dawn soon.It was before dawn fetal movement, going to the Pinghuqiuyue.  Pinghu hazy moon, the lake embankment, the everything between heaven and earth plated with silver, this autumn night became the most beautiful autumn.This dim moonlight with this beautiful autumn, beauty and this wonderful youthful, rows of willows in flat clusters of Lake in the moonlight arranged, like one of Mongolia’s most bridal veil, Tingting curl, Niuniunienie Bianbu Qing looks.The bright moon reveals a charm Pinghu, wash away the human mind.  Under Shito cable reaped, in a hurry to see the moon.Red Beans, Moon Pinghu, reaped clusters of sparkling, Moon Pinghu Liu Ying swing.    Part III: Moon night long, leisurely read persevering broken despair I stood at the window, feeling the autumn sent bursts of cool, enjoying a touch of makeup Jiao month-wrapped, lightly tracing her rouge, giving an elegant, virtuous person can not be violated solemn holy, yet without losing one kind of admirable dignity.How much wanderer also appreciate that while quietly savor the bright white cold moonlight, involuntary chant essay “Nostalgia”, share a deep innocence of a child in the home of missing loved ones, while that in difficult Bie meet thoughts, how can it not touching?  As the saying goes: “shy flowers, butterflies fly, summer waves oath go hand in hand.Qiu Yuehan Palace gaunt body, before the arrival of winter sun frost prefix “.When shallow sigh time in the next month, looking at the bright stars, they will remember that between heart troubles mundane affairs, and that touch of disarray and chaotic tangle of wires mood.Helpless mingled with a little sighs.Once the emotion is sorry for that unforgettable?Or for ordinary life, but with a heart and desperation uninhibited?Nightlife net look that deep end by the window the sky, bright moon hung empty, emitting a bright white moon, quietly dough sprinkled on the roof, through the window frames, the final full stop on my exhausted body.Even that accompanied the stars around the moon are constantly sometimes naughty blinked beady little eyes, as if in a dignified look around the bright moon serene, cheerful kept recounting the moon and the stars never separated love, then rain ; and like to please the people in favor, with a fold fold Stars with moon lit the earth, the light of his selfless dedication in every dark corner of the earth.However, they can illuminate my heart that touch of shallow annoying chatters do?  Once very superstitious believe that fate is heaven, not man-made, regardless of whether the Tonight Jiao month when empty, with or without starlight shining on earth.That joy and sadness will always be people kept in the heritage, continuing.A day of joy and good will at any moment the light constantly flowing.Share remain in our memory might be a better moment, it is not engraved.  Good memories, always late at night when Wan-jing mind flashed again staggered.During the day it is always time to keep up with the rhythm of the pace fast, too busy to allow the brain to store thoughts slowly copied out.When run around a busy day, return to the cozy little exhausted Court.At the time I like to swim in the sea, carrying the body swim tremendous pressure jaded sailor.Think of the whole body fatigue middle reaches of the sea, and remembered can finally return to their loved ones around, lazy curled up on the sofa, or rely on the window.Quietly listening to a classical music, that brisk pace, sad melody, makes my heart with song and dance, with monthly eye movement.At that time, I will be holding the moon shed tenderness with both hands, gently stroking starlight shadow.With the pace of that charming light of the moon, feel good, hard, relax depressed mood.In this way, perhaps in real life but rather share of frustration leisure pursuits.  During the day, some thoughts are always too busy to attend, those annoying chatters forced to push back the atrium, is stored back in my mind.When the night down the curtain, but mind blowing, it seems there is a feeling of OBE, thoughts wind cruising, accompanied by moonlight quietly flowing between the moon stars of the dance, to invest in their own annoying chatters like that is saturated with ink the night sky over the top.  Kim Thriving fragrant garden.Osmanthus trees in the courtyard, but also exudes bursts of fragrance, with the heart immersed in the night wind.I do not know, sweet-scented osmanthus why always only see the thick smell of fragrance in the night of August.I do not know if it was non-stop and I stopped waving his arms like at night in order to have the leisure to experience the night Italy caused the world have bright white moon, the stars accompanied by quiet.Is Moon osmanthus Brilliance, in order to reflect that month and night, sweet-scented osmanthus and dance realm Canxing?  Autumn, moon, read long pieces.When I breathe greedy TV drama pleasant fragrance of osmanthus fragrance, enjoying the night, bring my quiet enjoyment, then I will be quiet meditation indulge thoughts of God, so I can sustenance of a mood, more of the month in the sky tell no one can understand Xingyuxinyuan.  I do not remember how long my heart did not spare down, not able to enjoy the quiet of the night so quiet, on the bright, clear bright stars, actually I found such a good feeling beautiful today!Hustle and bustle of the city, at this point silence, like my state of mind at this time, become so calm.  I finally found drunk in Guangxi fragrant, heart wander in the month feeling, that feeling beautiful beautiful!    Part Four: Moon round flower petal a half moon incense, incense waft past dusty.Qin Xuan down branches off the sound of birds, a piece of paper Su Jian Ying-flower water.Full of thoughts floating snow, rain, a butterfly language.Shanqingshuixiu people have been wrong, Zhu Lei Yao ink mist v..Dream Whispering Color, modesty pale yarn month.Autumn painting nestled lean on a railing, rain have quietly Feelings.  Ye Mangmang eat only a little dust, a chaos Hanyue according to my heart.Exuberant fine word refers to dance music, absolute beauty, solitude empty.Moonlight slightly cold face lean, graceful shadows Chang Chang Liu.Autumn long crescent of the West Wing, solitary street looked into the water of the sky.A torn lotus lotus song night, light embroidered plum roots music.Lonely emotions obscure end, an empty flute Ying tears fall.Qin bleak snow articles, faint dust off Xueqin.  Walk, according to Su autumn, cold butterfly dance, light autumn rain lock heart alone cool, the sky yellow leaves, moonlight dance, cinnabar tears, Japanese autumn, autumn injury to dust, never intended to break, autumn everywhere capacity, purdah cold, yellow Ye sky dance, independent film, Crescent compose, fluorescence in tears, absolute beauty, the cold Yan ear, a florid core, the sky sand, without India and China, Miao Miao sound, graceful dance month, typhoid Qiu, Yan Su pen flower.  Iraqis tears, for whom red makeup, willow Lvyin, Qin thoughts snow, Star rainy night, the Lord of the heart of water, drop flower Xueqin, bleak, mountain outside the sound off, feeling weak king, deeply moved by the autumn sound, light scanning crimson, China month lamps, heart Lake ripples dust thing, thinking mournful autumn leaves Man paper.A heart flowers tears worry, everything is futile loneliness.Liyuan clear sound of rain outs month, Gu Ping Lan love purposed to draw.  Qingchou a piece of paper, a paper desolate, a paper Acacia, the only boat Yun Fu Xianglian core, long-haired look around the old dream dream.Gu Siqiu water Chang Chang Ying, the beginning of the microscopic peach garden, do not ask the moon knows my heart, willing exile moon shadow.If you ask Romance in the dash, the roots of whom Xiangpiao tears.If you ask why women crazy, blame Jiangshan Qing Mei love drunk, when asked why the woman Jane, in the water of peach wine.  Full of fireworks Qingqiu color, ink drop Red wine flask.Asked Moon remote past and present music, flute collapse hurt beads Zhusi.Egyptian painting pear flowers early, about May were cheap kiss snow chaos.Red bud flick moon in the water curtain, looking heartbroken howling snow core.Palace, poor and skirts butterfly flower appearance, alone to, Liu Ying, stars Mexican rain, heart autumn burning worry, half dressing, wine invitation, when the moon, time to dream off.  A candle tears, cold rain, Fuqin one thousand obscure thinking, exuberant fine finger flap Falling.Snow Heqing ink Luanhong gradually, I would like to think Nan Xiao Nan Yu Ching.Qin Xuan dance spin Yan drunk cold, warm fine moonlight dreams, Wen month were now listening to the night.Mengqingyuan off road, as appropriate, the word, moon and stars Sui, Han Yan if the rain willow shore, lute sounds Xuan Ho few early.Window frames do sprinkle fluorescence China, the scent of ink cold ethereal butterfly dance.  Suddenly, Review, Spring Moon Hess, desolate, wind edge to make, according to the cold wind, broken core, a stranger, bridge rain, emptiness, feeling loose, soft language, fingers light Xuan, full song song pear, peach broken valve , a touch of ice plain, cold touch, touch Qingchou, a touch of hurt Lei, a touch of Si Tong, Yan warm Floral difficult, the roots of whom Fu.Light incense for whom poetry played the king for whom love crazy.Whose pale face, cold Whose verse.Who lost the scent shadow.  Autumn wind tears moon night, a candle Legends of thinking.Xingshou Crescent cinnabar red, clear streams tune played Yunhua.Butterfly yellow autumn leaves were gone, overlooking a day Fang ink.San actress Sophie May Luan dance, lute raw silk pink tone.Gu Ying snow alone on the West Wing, Yong woman melodies Painting.Su Yan few stars can warm, cool four treasures dance.Qing Zhao Prostitute lamp in tears, a process space telescope landscape.  Eat only a little pink heart Huayu pool, a prime pen description Ping wind.Miao whirling clouds of sand, a text vitality autumn fall.Man to nobile Moon, Geng hard core, shallow sing, modesty month Qian Yan, heart lotus difficult Yun, Yun Qu clouds, thinking tone diminished, wet Huayu open, Spring Garden dreams, Qianshan twilight snow, heaven and earth tone music, piano skirts falling snow, sniffing tears plum, deep song palace, Iraqis waving, snow on Ice.  Yuyan flower ink, wind Zhao Qiuwan.Core non-wook, autumn difficult Yao laugh, a plum off the fan, the Chai Feng Hui cold, ice rain month, the vast youthful, lean month of rain, Acacia fat, Qin Xuan sound, tears altar clouds, cloud spend tranquil chill, leaves rustling, scattered charm, nestled moonlight, as howling autumn cold, rain Shanshan butterflies, clouds edge tones poured, slowly poetry and rain, interleaving Yilian songs.  Yan laugh hard, core ignorant, obscure sake Iraqis drunk, thousands of miles vast sea, clouds hovering marsh Cambodia, Shuiyun, Montreal, sad, song cold away thinking, a candle flowers, accommodating vertical cloud, dark scars, this situation to a faint dream, who gets the bird fly.Silver spilled soft blue purdah, Lan autumn to drunken wake.Hong worry about how much time spring flute, slowly lean on a railing hope breeze.  Core sound of fireworks dream River, the old pot of wine and song.Love War dust autumn rain fried heart, poetry Wan Yuhua rolls.Desolation who florid soft, clear sky West Side who’s song, who stranded the case of Acacia, who intoxicated Wife Ying Lin.Inconstancy of human relationships, mournful air, Ho Nai, spare, romantic, dream return, gurgling poetry rain, drop ink Doris, fragrant cold Pina painting, Iraqis Tim makeup.     Part Five: Seamless Moon · space-time dream can not remember what time, will be looking at their own moon journeying daze, do not know their thinking, empty mind was gone, far away, suddenly secluded meteor pierced the sky soon, I think, at this time it will not be lonely the Xinghai, long ago, when I bent down to pick up the debris scattered on the ground, but withered, Oh, summer has already gone, and cicadas the passing of a singing hot summer wreckage, I do not know how long, scattered like yesterday, it is so inexplicable wave pull all summer story will not linger in our ears eye, which had people think fondly of the past, quietly trail through the window outside the fence, who thought · forget who, it will not be lonely, I do not think of it, listening to the wind stormed, Yingge rain, turned out to be a rare warm, perhaps inadvertently self inter suddenly forgotten a lot of it, after all, their own gently gone through, some people say autumn take away the hustle and bustle of an early summer, and people forget the fragrance of the soil, perhaps hidden quietly whisper, perhaps he and this multi-plot A secret ? watching the full House – a sad, sometimes still thinking about what their own, like what?Really can not say, still feeling the lost time, the water went to the East.Is not it the ancients is true feelings, when passing a summer night, and now look, it seems less of what Similarly, what little of it?Oh, perhaps a trace of the past lonely, in fact, in this north wind, Various Artists season where they feel a sense of loss, what is it but unfortunately, I do not know, maybe later when the wind of the past will quietly tell will be a long journey leaves it, go this way, is not home a souvenir, or trees not retain it, said gangbusters, it really is like this, what is the autumn?What is the wind?How can it deciduous? Why only a previous sweep word of it, autumn is lonely, that’s probably it is like this, the wind is not lonely, because he put a ray of fragrance deeply wrapped in his arms, smiled leaves, horse Red and wind to come along, she put past the footprints are deeply buried in the heart, this time on their hand Looking back trail, but their own a long time to die, just quietly enjoy a rare beauty, perhaps it is very greedy stop, when the red maple leaf of how many season, still so gently, just dying to know the residual pieces of fragrant rot under plexus, diffuse wild sweet gum every break up the thick soil infiltration, can not help but take a deep one, Oh, this is the taste of autumn ah, good good thick thick unique fragrance, leaves scattered over the ground, could not bear to go forward, for fear of accidentally stepped on pain of it, it seems to scream never even stepped on to its backbone, unlike the snow wildly, go no matter how light, will continue to moan at the foot, as if to crush their bones, and I asked maple, you will not be alone, you say no, see you every day, the wind will be passing you on the cheek, which is a Fu Bar.When the vast horizon of the night came to a close, the vast twilight new moon newborn star studded cocoa, look at the crystal to see spring and autumn, to listen to the night comes wind and rain, Whispering Color.At this moment, I think this sentence should be very appropriate it, but could not suppress the thought monopolize eagerly full, I ask the stars of the sky away, there will be happiness far, but I will not have forgotten tomorrow.  When Li Bai had “a toast to invite the moon, the film into three” I think loneliness is this bright, a good wind good water drunk the night, the kind of silence when it feels Xingyingxiangdiao.Sometimes quite admire the ancients, three glasses of wine you’ll feel, verses ink flying, would not happy ah, and now, but in this season of falling, the lamp glass cup of wine, the taste of the past footprint, long night, occurred What, had also remember what, but unfortunately is the “number of things past, have to pay jokes,” all has become a thing of wandering, even past the foot of the trail are filled with dust, after a long.Dawn came? · Oh, dawn.    Part VI: Moon disability, long for long once again returned to his home, it was about the 17th year after the.  Autumn too, is sad, hands clasped cartoon pictures do not know when dropped to the ground.This quartzite with a brick path always brought me back to the past, back to that one rainy day, the road Yuhua, dreamy, but this alley is long enough, I would not be that every significant cloves the same girl.  Kapok is open season, the wind gently, do not go with the horizon of vicissitudes, left in the falling of the fragrance, the devoted life miserable.Kapok tree covered with thorns, let the wind fly injured.maybe!This is a yearning for the decorative mood and prepare it.Home of the simple name like a dog’s tail grass fields, leads people to feel at home.The name is like a home the old song, the passage of time, still catchy.  Home just off a very modern decoration of the streets, the streets are narrow, only allow two people, not just pass by fate today.And so home, and the home of the people will, too Oh!Old home leaving only two old tile-roofed house, saying it was not too shabby a bit decent, but I really can not find an adjective modifying it.From afar like the appearance of a framework consisting of nothing more years, occasionally with emotion: the original is so jolted the years went by; close look like piles of rubble, took a deep breath can smell fishy moss taste.  If the eyes can then fine, I can ignore the blue flagstone path lined with houses.I do not know what family it is cooking coffee!Rinse the past eleven years, only a sad bitter taste.That is not the taste of home, in my memory the taste of home is a very special fragrance.That’s camellia mint taste, touch of tea was mixed with a trace of cool, feel drunk smoked heart.Only this time, as long as I onto a step forward, we heard the sound of breaking time.Sadly, ah!I can only use this way to remember.I remember that time, every summer afternoon, neighbors will get together in small talk, drinking home brewed mint camellia.The kind of light aroma, rub a cotton ball of time, wrapped tightly, sealed at the time of a gear, will turn more away ~ ~ 17 years, I think, is not it should be Here?Everything here does not belong to me.Neighbors strange eyes little by little I painted the back.Their faces twisted into a blossoming time small wrinkle chrysanthemum, imbued with years of bitter wine.There was a recall to be put into the package, but when open accidentally lost time.I try to think of that picture, but after all, every seventeen years ah!One after another, new buildings, a fan of hard iron gate, bunches of flowers and herbs, good lost, so sad, those pieces no longer a bond.Seventeen years, said it is not long long, how can it let the sea change Kuwata?But that short a little imprecise, it changed everything here, seventeen years of memories does not belong to me, neighbors joy and sorrow only quartzite road beneath my soles know.Seventeen years time flashed by, leaving only a wet mark in my eyes, slightly hot.  Picked up a small piece of red tiles, my heart suddenly have a sense of joy.Once hard to imagine that a pair of young hand is how to draw the not too dream dreams.(With chalk full of confidence to the students in class, that’s what happened afterwards) then there is a square in front of the home is sun tan white cement floor, a day when the sun goes down I have a little red tile piece to draw their favorite things on top.Day long, really became my childhood memories of the most indispensable part of the.Remember to leave that day a few months a few numbers, just remember from that day I could not find a small patch of rubble.  Still the same old moon, the silence of the heart is still the same.Without such a long time I had a quiet.Yes!Since the moment of leaving home, I have been worried about everything here.New home very wide, no longer in need potted plants, like plants and flowers can be planted directly in the open space in front of the house, do not worry on the right side of the window sill there is no sun to full sun.In short needless things, we do not have to rack their brains to think about the cost situation.maybe!Fewer think things will live lighter.  ”Slender dust chaos tears, repeatedly stacked autumn blur, three-shift window dreams of the West Pavilion, Ming worry about Acacia.”This Midnight easily appeals to the imagination, I could not help but chant a poem.There seem to mind the first wave of Quan, slowly flowing.Carrying the name of the old house, it flows through the spring and autumn and winter seventeen.

Part One: This is a mirror of the hot summer months, I sat the bus drove to the direction of home.Next to the bus station, a traffic accident just happened, I curiously around in the past.About a four-year-old man lying next to the curb, unkempt hair mixed with a few silver, wearing a pair of dusty shoes, camouflage clothing on the upper body as well as a few garish patches.Two narrowed in a crack, dry mouth full of cracks, tangled eye wrinkles, the person appears to contain the greater part into the bitterness.From time to time he whispered moan: “Help me..”That middle-aged helpless look like a mirror, I saw Yan Liang this society, even courageous heroes without a trace.  Onlookers at the scene of bustling people huddled in a large.But there is not even a person a helping hand to the injured uncle.They jabbering about, even constantly laughing.As if injured on the ground and they are not the same, they do not belong to this world.  Sunlight on car accident mirror, the mirror reflects the mix of crowds, if each person’s face that has been distorted by a small mirror, are more ugly face.  The perpetrator is a little young twenties, wearing an exaggerated large sunglasses, writhing brow, small eyes reveal a hint of disdain.He picked up the phone loudly shouting: “120, forward traffic post, has a bruised Come ah!”When he finished he put down the phone, he rebuked the crowd:” See what see, never seen a traffic accident ah!Why Why go to all this!”That little young face be white, may, after make his disdain words, that face is like a mirror that lights up an ugly face, funny and despicable.  Suddenly, a red rental came along, out of the car a tall driver hastily squeezed into the crowd.He was wearing a red jacket, thick lips glowing red eyes were rolling in.That dark face like a mirror, reveal a courageous love of ordinary people concerned about the strangers.He crouched down to lift up the neck of the injured, said urgently: “You do not touch, ambulance soon arrived.”Having turned his head, stared at the two big eyes tightly behind the crowd, like a pair of bells, it looked as if to say:” He like this, why do not you save him!”Time waits for no man, to no avail, after waiting for an ambulance, driver master picked up the wounded and drove a taxi and sped away.  The mirror is so wonderful, it always appears in our lives, so that everyone’s heart, the essence of all exposed.No matter how his clothes looks, our hearts are mirrors that face a fair trial would make the most honest of his soul.    Part II: Mirror mirror and sit in the window and hope that not far from the hills.Spaced too close to trees, poles straight, standing quietly in the mountains.They looked at peace, I like to see their own peace of mind.  Often in the face of some of the persons or things to think of himself, as if could see his shadow or some different things with his body from all things.Those people and things, much like a mirror.Right, we see all the people and things is a mirror, if you look carefully, you can learn to see themselves.Picture sitting before the mirror, looking at herself in the mirror, so clearly see his face, and see their age, experience and state of mind in the face, those wrinkles more than a few thin, white skin that becomes a little yellow, faint smile a lot calm.Mirrors can not help but ask: Do you see yourself from me you?Inherit the mirror, of course not, because a piece of glass mirrors are no eyes, no thinking, it can never see it myself from me.  Between people it?They may mirror each other, according to see themselves on each other.Those who met sauna net, are a mirror.Do you see yourself from someone else this mirror in it?Whatever features met this man, is an asset for us, we can from this person to reflect on their own thinking and behavior.This is a man’s perspective and perception.If you focus on the person’s characteristics, while ignoring their own, then you will never know their own and weaknesses.  We often think that something does not want to meet to meet, do not want to encounter things are met.In fact you can not see these things of value.Everything in this world is valuable, you can not see its value, because you see only one face, but did not see the whole, the whole is perhaps difficult to see all of it makes the potential mining endless wealth.You can find its body much wealth, depends on your perception of the.  Each time I met each other in giving each other the.You are the mirror of others, others also your mirror.So value every time it met.It is not nothing in this world who do not you just ask the people without giving.Everyone can reveal to you, so that you ingest something, so people will have to face each met with a grateful heart.  You’re not God, you must have shortcomings, no matter how much you narcissistic, self-how.Understand their insignificance to make their own strength to strength.Also learn to appreciate their appreciation to everyone.As the saying goes: three lines must be my teacher!Mutual division between people, that are mirror.  When you meet a very good person, you can not just admire, you have to see his own shortcomings and learn from him, their own practice.  When you meet a hateful ignorant people, you can not just blindly hate, blame, but also ask yourself whether you have innocent ignorance, understanding the growth process.But also to remind myself, do not like someone else’s hateful ignorance.  We often difficult to find in themselves their own problems, but in the face of others, through observation, comparison, can find their own problems more quickly, this is the role of the mirror.  In fact, our lives are in practice to become a better side mirror in the process of cultivation, we need a reference, and that is what we meet people, meet in person, we see the model, if we can absorb this model essence, we will practice into a sophisticated mirror.  Mirrors and mirror, you and I, another flashback, give each other and promote each other, according to a photo of it seriously!    Part three: the mirror of the soul in the winter, my life is very simple, in addition to visiting friends and relatives, I would be reading.I read the book, it is a coincidence that there is a Romain Rolland’s “Celebrity Biography”, there is an official of a novel is a “painting”.Originally, I was reading the main task in this winter is continuing and I have already started | a history of one-party research co.The “Celebrity Biography” and “painting” Initially I was not in the reading program in.  Reading these books is a completely accidental.Approaching winter vacation time, and I do like to read a colleague solemn recommended me an official of a novel “painting” and he happen to have one, though pirated books, but you can still read.I then borrowed to prepare a winter vacation in the history of one-party access to data when tired to read, for the right to rest.As for reading “Celebrity Biography”, of course, a chance.Son winter vacation, go home and tell my teacher to the students recommended a few books to read, the teacher recommended books, only a “Celebrity Biography” He did not read.But this book is to require teachers to be read and to write book review.I went to the library to borrow a book, in order to facilitate exchanges with the son reading experience, I decided to have read this book, also wrote a book review.  I first read the “Celebrity Biography” in the first “Beethoven”.Although I have not studied music, symphonies, piano What is even more ignorant.However, Beethoven is the name I was no stranger, this name would read the book over the world people are not unfamiliar, although he really know a lot of people may not.”Beethoven” is not long, along with comments including only a thin 40, but a total of more than 20,000 words.However, I was deeply shocked.I most shocking not because after Beethoven’s deafness has created a number of great works.Of course, this is shocking enough.As Fu Lei said: “deafness, Simie for ordinary people is part of the world, for the whole world musician is Simie.Simie the whole world and Beethoven never die!”Because there is a body in Beethoven’s more a self-made, independent, great soul gave me a more intense shock.When secular people have to bow to the powerful, Beethoven has always been high since his unyielding skull.Bettina wrote in the letter, Beethoven had to tell what he had met with the royal staff is Goethe’s detail: “Yesterday, we met all of the royal family in return.We already see in far.Goethe break my arm, standing on the side of the road.I said to him, in vain do all my words, he could not make another step.So I pressed by a hat, wear toggle coat, hands behind, close to most of the crowd collision.Prince and his courtiers Mimicengceng; Prince Rudolf of my hat; the queen greeted me first.- Mr. adults who know me.- from the date for fun, I look at this group of people pass in front of Goethe.He stood on the side of the road, deeply bent over, hat in his hand.Later I learned greatly him up with his unceremoniously.”In front of the royal dignitaries, Beethoven has always maintained a self-made independent personality and dignity of a person.Also in this letter, Beethoven proud to say: “kings and lords as possible cause confidential counselor and professor Feel free to reward their titles and medals; but they can not create great characters, can not cause the supercritical vulgar society hearts.”And when he enemies and Clive Prince Ferdinand von North, left when leaving a note, he wrote:” Prince, you are of you, depending on the accidental origin; what I am, rely on my own.Prince are now some, while others in the future.As for Beethoven, but only a.”This speech is confident, but also proud.In those tainted by a secular society humble person there, it will be seen as arrogant.However, it is these deafening sound, has become a mirror of the soul, it can refract a soul of a person is a self-made independent, vulgar or humble.  Thus, Romain Rolland said of Beethoven * grid is “a self-made too violent and too”.In fact, Beethoven is the very great importance of morality.When he was in love girlfriend to marry Zhu Li Aita-Kyu Qiadi Ni Beethoven others and request help her husband, she agreed without hesitation Beethoven.Days later, he wrote that when he met with friends Schindler in the conversation handbook: “He is my enemy, so I want to try to help him.”He wrote in his brother Carl and John left a suicide note:” The virtue * teach your children; make people happy is not money virtue *.This is my voice of experience.In trouble my moral support, so I did not kill a self, in addition to art and morality.”His friend Schindler Beethoven once commented:” Paul the virginity of his life, never need what is wicked repent.”As I was Beethoven high moral character and a self-made, great character impressed when, unfortunately this time I also just read a novel with official.A novel human officer, although those luxury clothing, senior entertainment all day out, however, in their bright appearance inside, wrapped in a humble indeed a dirty soul, in fact, they are not the true sense of the people the, at best, only a few alienated called “people” a special kind of animal it.As long as we are willing to open their eyes look good conscience, we will know that the reality is worse than the novel’s depiction.Of course, everyone knows that fiction is fiction.However, the best novels written in the name of the fictional moment of real life, while bad news is the real name of the banner of lying.  To remain independent personality and the soul of a self-made, then it must stay away from vulgar, you should carefully read Beethoven.Because, Beethoven will teach us how to make people a real sense of people and on capital!

Once there was a country called Brad country, Brad country lush, Brad people living sheep.  One year, the country’s sheep Brad got strange diseases, only a lackadaisical, they are no longer graze, have fallen dead.  Prince A medical officer beginning to follow the old flock to heal, but the sheep have still lying on the ground, dead sheep, Brad entire country plunged into hunger, children and the elderly, like the sheep have died.A prince anxious early, but he can not do anything.  One evening, the prince stayed in the beginning of the Arab-Israeli traced by water, he met God in the stream stream.A stream of God is like the beginning of the prince, roasted barley and barley wine out to entertain him.A prince from early snack beef and mutton, cattle and sheep milk to drink, he never drank barley wine, but also never eaten tsampa.  These foods are so delicious stream of God, tell me, what is this?  Your drink is barley wine, barley do you eat tsampa.  You say barley, barley is grown in the kingdom of heaven to you?  No, all of the land can be planted barley if you can grow it, Brad country will never hunger.  I want to Brad country will never hunger!Stream God, please give me a barley seed bar!  I did not barley seeds, you have to then ask the mountain day uda.  Yamagami day uda, where is he?  He in Great Falls you have to turn the ninety-nine mountains, crossed ninety-nine rivers, mountains and rivers go to Great Falls connected, mountain uda day in Great Falls inside.  A stream early farewell to the Prince of God, he was armed with spears, ride horses, to old King said: Goodbye, father, I have to go look for barley seed, then on the god of grain-growing land in Puebla State.  Go.The old king said early Ah, no matter how far the road, you have to go to the destination, and then come back here.  A prince climbed a mountain the beginning of another mountain, ford a river and a river, he went a full three years on rocky ground.His horse to eat the ghosts, and his spear was magic magnet sucked out of his hat so that crazy wind ran, his feet are shoes worn stone.  He bareheaded, barefoot, went to the end of the plateau, the plateau at the end, a tall Podocarpus tree, sitting under an old pine mom, she was knitting a bag with the hands of line.  She said early Ah: Young man, what are you doing?  I am looking for mountain day uda and asked him to barley seeds.  Then you have to continue to move forward, the head of the mountain there is a river rock, you rock along the river against the current upward, until you come to Great Falls, you call the name for the mountain waterfall, and even call three times a day mountain will appear in Wuda front of you.  Thank you, old mother.A beginning hands together, pay tribute to the old mother bent over.  As he bowed down, the good old mother to weave the bag hung his head and neck.  A beginning, find barley seeds, they put into this bag!Grain seed Enron sleeping in the bag until you put them back to earth Zaisa.  Finish the sentence, the old mother disappeared.  A early climb the ridge, there is really a stone at the foot of the mountain river, he walked up the stone counter-current river, come to the end of the river, I saw the Great Falls thundering down, facing the waterfall early Arab shouted: Day uda!Day uda!Day uda!  And high mountains with mountain in front of the waterfall, he looked solemn physically strong, sound like flash floods: Who are you, find me doing?  Yamagami day Wuda, I Jiao beginning, from the East Bula country.Our sheep got strange diseases, the number of fewer and fewer people are starving, have died.I have planted barley in Puebla State land you please give me the seeds of barley.  A beginning, there is no barley seed barley my only off the shell, they can only eat, can not grow.  Shell off?Why shelling?  Because loafing exclusive secret barley planted his Quartet gods in exchange for shelter with food.Life of barley seeds, only state-owned loafing.  Oh, I have to go to the snake kingdom.  Do not go early Ah, do not go any further, it turret, turret, back to your own country, you spend your whole life will secure the years, even hungry, they will not starve to death.You know, loafers will never allow outsiders to get barley seed, whether mortal or divine man, the snake kingdom to steal all of barley seeds, have been lazy dog becomes Charlie, then cook and eat the seeds if you go to Pirates , is no exception.  But I have to go, even if the lazy dog becomes Charlie, even if they are caught and eaten loafers.Tell me, where mountain day uda, snakes Kingdom.  Mountain out of a bead, on the palm A beginning, that beads of water like the same clarity: Snake kingdom in the West, clouds in the wilderness, you have to climb a huge wall, into the field loafing.Barley seed storage barn in the center of the infinite field that is the case you find loafers, you should immediately swallow the wind beads, it makes you run fast as the wind.Loafing spell so powerful that you can not lift it alone.You can only gain strength from love.Later, if you have a girl you do not mind your dog’s shape, you can really love, willing to marry you, the curse will be lifted.  Thank you.I am leaving.I will never forget you, Yamagami day uda.  Go, A beginning.To the road, immediately leave.  A prince received a good early wind beads, and mountain goodbye, continue westbound.  He was walking up until you reach the fall, he came at the end of the beginning of the Arab-Israeli plateau, in front of the clouds.  He climbed up a huge wall, looking down through the hole in the wall, surrounded by high walls loafing fertile fields, planted a field full of barley, golden sun, shining mature barley seeds, golden glow in the autumn wind light.  This is grown on the land of golden grain, this is my traveling all over thousands of miles to find the live barley.A hole in the wall at the beginning of squatting, looking toward the barley fields for a long time.  The snake kingdom heavily guarded, with a huge wall at intervals of ten feet standing on a giant guards.When the birds to eat the food, the giant defender will stooped to pick up a stone on the ground, with a stone bird knocked down.Giant guardian stone-throwing skills are very accurate, almost every shot, bird fell to the ground, the Giants will bend over to pick them and eat into his mouth.  A early the next day to reach the snake kingdom, appeared loafers field, he personally sounded the drums harvest.Hear the sound of gongs and drums, all streaming to the fields to harvest giant, huge giant force, move quickly, they only took a day or so, all the barley had already been harvested, the Giants led loafers, gold destined for the food granary.  A beginning hiding in the cave walls, to take advantage of moonlight into the field to pick up the seeds fall to the ground.  However, dark days, loafers put out a pack of hungry big hen, hen Kaka Lo cried, flapping his wings to pick up food barley, but a meal time, they are scattered field of barley they eat clean.  Giants tired all day, the stars came out, they were all asleep.  Late at night, early Prince A giant marching one after another grunt, alone in the center of the field across the field there is a tall mountain of soil, the soil at the foot of the mountain there is a Golden Door Golden Door, the barley is stored loafing barn.  A prince approached the sleeping giant beginning of guards, took off in gold keys from him, he opened the door to gold casting, I saw piles of barley as a golden hill, towering in front of him.A prince before the beginning of barley heap knees, his hands around barley seeds in a bag in front of Jingbo.The bag looks small, but how loaded are loaded dissatisfied.  Approaching dawn, the beginning of the Arab-Israeli think barley going back did not move, just stood up.Unexpectedly, a rose and hit his head on the roof rang bells hanging gold.  Ding bells, bells Ding Ding Jinling when the bells as if possessed like, frantically sounded.  A beginning immediately ran out of gold Dong Fu, but guarding the giant woke up, lazy angrily appear in the hole.Loafing tall, he wore a gorgeous silvery scales cloak.  Those who steal my food, I have become rations.Loafers growled, open Xuepentaikou.  A Prince early hastily swallowing mountain wind beads.  But it was too late.  Loafing out palms, thunderbolt shot from his palm, lightning touched in that moment the prince, the prince turned into a brown dog.  A yellow dog becomes a prince cast four legs bolted early, like the wind across the field loafers.Loafers with giant behind it Kuangzhui.Pick one thunderbolt exploding behind yellow dog, a poisoned arrow then a fall in behind it.  But yellow dog as if they had wings, it also run faster than lightning fast, poisoned arrows and Charlie catch up with it.  It flew over the wall, in case of the mountain over mountain, over every ditch ditch, over the mountains, far fled the snake kingdom.  On the night enveloped the earth, speeding yellow dog in the moon.Dawn, wind power beads faded, its speed slow down, but it’s still a moment to stop, running toward the east.  Ran and ran, ran from the fall of the spring, yellow dog came Lou Ruoguo.  In the slopes full of Gesang, which met three beautiful Russian princess full, it stopped over Russia: Hi, brown dog, what are you hanging around his neck?  Yellow dog ran over the foot of Russia, stopped.  Russia removed its full bags on the neck, opened it, inside full of glistening yellow barley seeds.  Ah, you are the dog days of the Spirit of God do?You have brought to life the seeds of grain.  Russia over the place of encounter with the yellow dog opened a field, yellow dog dig pits in the ground, full of Russian barley seeds spread to the pit.  Yellow dog becomes fierce day by day, it is the guardian of barley fields, cattle and sheep to keep close.Spring winds, a spring rain sprinkling, sprouted barley, wheat seedlings of one day everlasting high, headed and finally, the bear new barley, barley seeds of a new full every day, in the autumn sunshine, showing a gold color.  Barley yellow, yellow grass, the full three sisters to the Russian marriageable age, the prince neighbors have riding a horse, three princess to marry.  Three princesses, the most intelligent of the three most beautiful Russian princess full, each prince wants Russia can select their own full.  Russia full sitting barley Tanabe, do a bunch of turquoise necklace married, she put the necklace given to their favorite prince.  However, the necklace was gone just do.  Russia has made a full string, but this string necklace in front of a bunch of, like, just do a good job, had disappeared.  Russia had started full third string.  Only half of the third string necklace, bonfire party to begin.  Princes torches, dancing around the bonfire, Princess Ze lay the necklace given to the most handsome prince looks, Louruo Guo Wang blessing she said: Ze lie, you have done well, you will get my horses.  Second Princess Hamu measures selected the best prince dancing, the marriage necklace hung around his neck, Louruo Guo Wang blessing she said: Ha-measures, you choose well, you will get my cattle.  Russia has yet to fill three princess choose a husband.  The king was angry: Russia full, do your necklace?  Just then, a brown dog came from Russia covered, it all of a sudden rush to do just robbed Russia full third string necklace.As a result, it is the Jingbo put on a three-string necklace marriage.  what!You married necklace given to a dog!That dog just like you get married.Lou Ruoguo king was angry.  No, not.Although the Russian full-liked piece of yellow dog, but she refused to marry a dog.  Then you can take your dog thrown into the fire burned, retrieve your wedding necklace.King said.  Marry Prince surrounded by yellow dog, put it to catch fire.  No, not.Russia stopped over in front of the fire, the yellow dog rescued.  Well, since you want to marry a dog, King said, you can only get a handful of soil my.  The king and handed over to Russia a handful of mud, sent her packing.  Russia took over the yellow dog, crying and left the lively fire.  Went barley, barley see mature students flashes of light from the moon, yellow dog stopped.  Russia full wiped away tears, smiled: Since I can not find love, I had the barley harvest.  She harvested barley fields together with a piece of yellow-dog.  They work all night to close down and filled three bags of barley.  To the dawn, yellow dog suddenly began to speak, it said full-Russia: Russia is full, you are willing to marry me?  No, I can not marry a dog.  I was enchanted loafers, there must be a princess and I wish to marry, in order to lift the Magic.You saved me from the fire but only out of this, not enough to lift the lazy magic.Goodbye, Russia Man, I’m going back to my country of Brad.  Russian Yellow Dog to leave a bag full of barley, and then pack it from the other two bags, ran to the East.  It cocking sowing barley seeds, yellow dog so Run away run, running back Brad country.  Brown dog through the place barley seedlings grow slowly, gradually heading barley seedlings, barley seed bear new.  Since then, the country from Lou Ruoguo to Brad vast wilderness, there was barley.People see the brown dog sow barley seed, that dog food is God brought down from heaven, so often do tsampa, they want to throw a ball to let the dog to taste.  This ceremony gradually became the custom, until now maintained.  Besides Russia full, since yellow dog was gone, she began looking towards Puebla State.Wait until barley seeds to grow barley, barley yellow dog she walked along the road walking forward.  She walked slowly, beginning of barley seedlings or green, green, and so she went to Puebla State, barley has matured, from afar, is a golden Golden Road.  Barley yellow dog standing at the end of the road, said to her: Russia full, will you marry me?  willing.Russian Moon said, though you’re a dog.  Carter, yellow dog missing.Russia’s standing in front of a full, Prince Brad Arab country early.While going through hardships, still very handsome prince Afghanistan early.  A full early with Russian married, they happily lived a lifetime.

Ji big pipe out of the puzzle in TV drama and legend, Humpbacked Liu and Liu Yong Ji Xiaolan always the head, often join forces and make fun, and the whole was depressed.However, according to the elders he said, and Humpbacked Liu Ji Xiaolan also had a fry, the two men do something which is more powerful?    What happened was this: Humpbacked Liu Ji Xiaolan go once came to visit, took a fancy teapot with the hospitality of Ji Xiaolan, see is love, then gave him a pot of this request Ji Xiaolan.Ji Xiaolan has always been very generous, but this time shaking his head: Liu man ah, this teapot is the best, I use two paintings and a 3200 silver paste it in return, how good you easily send?    Humpbacked Liu is also an expert in tea ceremony, playing pot banker will know the benefits of this pot, he put out the 5200 silver price, but also dead grinding hard bound, but that is not promoted Ji Xiaolan.Humpbacked Liu a look at this trick does not work, simply do not go home to sit Ji Xiaolan, and has been from noon to sit sunset, Ji Xiaolan a look at this battle, nor in time, nor to stay, while he looked down at the front of the teapot, while also look at their own self-alarm clock, and finally count on the heart.    Humpbacked Liu Ji Xiaolan Road, a cry for change clothes, go out for a moment, that she sat back down, he said Humpbacked Liu: This house is too hot, not as good as how to change a cool place?    Humpbacked Liu laughed: With how you change, I’m going to take pot.    Ji Xiaolan not get in a word, with Humpbacked Liu went to another room, the servants had other side of the teapot and tea things brought together.Two men talked for an hour, Ji Xiaolan teapot ready to bring tea, tea fleet was empty, then shouted: Wang, add water.Wang promised soon housekeeper, came in from the outside, just pick up the teapot, just listen to the corner of the big chime clock rang, Wang scared when the bang flick, in the hands of the pot that actually broke ground bang bang!    Ji Xiaolan and Humpbacked Liu could not help but cry all ah, Ji Xiaolan against Wang was furious and said: Well you dog lackey, but this rare good pot ah, did not pay big bucks to buy a place to go, do not have this baby, my lord how can a cup of tea after?Come what, give me this clubbed to death!    Wang splash knees: Sir, I have something to say!Yung me finish, you Zaishi no later than punishment!    You speak!    In fact, there is an identical pot restaurants in Hong Yixian our capital, that the king boss restaurant once accidentally fell into the water, I happened to pass by him rescued.I want their Tao Yinzi from Yixian incense pot restaurant that will buy it back, Wang boss should not fail to give me this face.    Ji Xiaolan said: Since you can get back a exactly the same, you will avoid a beating.However, the master can not wait long, this pot before tea, with flooding need in order to use half an hour Longquan Temple, I advise you within a hour, it is necessary to buy pot, then put the pot with the Longquan Temple spring flooding well.Now is the moment Xushi six, six Haishi moment when I have to look less than good Longquan Temple Baptist pot of water, I peel your skin!    Xushi six engraved is half past eight pm, Hai Shi six engraved is 22:30, while in the south of Beijing Longquan Temple, back and forth to be an hour, which is two hours; Yixian Hong restaurant in the east, back and forth almost need an hour , if you go to a single place, riding a horse an hour too late, if have to go to two places, but also just bought the pot Longquan Temple Baptist on the spring, it is absolutely too late!    Wang felt the pinch, repeatedly beg for mercy, but mercy Ji Xiaolan, a ton of bricks, and said that a person can only do these things, not allowed to call helper, Wang listening, do not say two words to the backyard to pick up fresh horses, Jiabian away.    A girl over an hour, the clock was when the Western beep when Wang came back, holding the hands of that pot, said: back to the master, you want to get back in the pot, the pot also soaked Well, now tea can eat, I’ll just go soak.    Ji Xiaolan Fu Zhang laugh, for Humpbacked Liu said: Liu Xiong, you talk about the topic came out, Wang is how a man ran south Yidong two places within an hour, the thing to do this neatly?Can you guess which reason, I put it to you the teapot; if not guess, it is your incompetence, I would not have to contend with the pot!    Humpbacked Liu sneered: This is not easy?I just look a broken pot, the pot is false, Wang break out of an hour, then the pot really holding back, you can fool me with you?    Ji Xiaolan said: Liu Xiong was right, I can not bear this pot broke, he has been hiding.However, Wang is now holding another pot, indeed bought from Yixian Wang Xiang restaurant owner hands the pot, and has been soaked with Longquan Temple in spring, you do not believe, can send people to the restaurant Longquan Temple and verification, Wang is not been to see these two places.As long as you guess why the Wang hour within a two hour walk the road, I do not a penny, I will give away your teapot.    Humpbacked Liu one to the interest, he smiled and said: whiz, you can not go back on!

They are introduced to, and when he was very poor family, but looks handsome, but graduating from college.The reason why he looks fancy degrees are generally she is because of her wealthy family, her parents promised to buy them a house.When getting married, she chose a house from near his unit, he did not feel what was, after the discovery can marry, as long as he can take a few minutes the way to the unit, and she go very far to go to work.Since he can not help but feel bad for her, every night personally pour a large basin of water for her feet.And she was always in a hurry soak, then quickly clean up the house to cook.He laughed she would not enjoy, is a work station machine, she just listened in silence smile.  In this way, the days tick in a hurry in and over time, not how he had loved her sinking heart gradually disintegrate in time, the changed color.I do not know since when, as she fell to the feet of water in his absence, she did not pay attention.I do not know since when, he became not want to go home, she goes to see the face of stiff felt hate, I doubt yourself then how will fancy her, and neither ability was not any appearance.He sighed to know that he is now a successful career, not to say a house would sacrifice their lifelong happiness.  With this in mind, he started his own debauchery, what massage parlors, bars!ballroom!Noh can play where he Wanbian, the woman is no shortage of beautiful, charming, intelligent, and as long as he likes to get it working no money, he is also a strange woman, how people can style charming, pretty, pretty, and she has always been kind of sleepy look, neither dressed up, did not know how to please him.  She does not know he has a lot of women on the outside, but she no noise no trouble, he returned, she was not scared, he did not return, she is not angry, as if he is a sort of accident, her heart is not in important.  She’s like this, and did not give him a sense of freedom, but feel uncomfortable, always felt she could not guess what is in my heart, like a deep body of water can not see the bottom, but he wanted her to quarrel with him, do not like the family, like noisy fights, then divorce.Yes, divorce is his ultimate goal, no noise no trouble facing her, he was embarrassed to request for divorce, after all, have a change of heart that he is the wrong man.  He was a few colleagues took to their feet this day, very luxurious foot bath shop.He walked in saw a familiar figure, he rubbed his back in the hall.He was not sure went over a little closer guess, he stopped, and several colleagues asked him: how the?Do you know that people pick up hygiene?  He quickly shook his head and said: I know that such a figure, I only know beauty.He said several people laughing and went.  Early in the day he returned home, she was cooking for yourself, to see him come back just lightly say one thing eat it?He did not say anything, and his face was ugly dark.  She was a little surprised his complexion asked if he was sick, he angrily shouted to her: I did not give you money is not why you go to the shop cleaning feet, this is not sincerely want to throw it in my face?  She blinked, tears in his eyes flooding, opened his mouth, swallowed the bowl of the face, he said: Can you give me a pot of hot water it down?  He was stunned, wanted flatly refused, she can see the face of injustice, he did so.A pot of hot water surely, in front of her, her feet on the water, satisfied sigh.He took out a divorce agreement handed it to him and said: I know you want a divorce earlier but could not find the reason, I really do not want to quarrel with you, I want to keep the feeling when you give me back feet of water.This is not what I too selfish, I always think you can go back, can remember the days before, but now appears to go back, go back now, then I simply give you your right!Then in the divorce agreement he signed his name.  Received a divorce settlement, he suddenly silly.Holding a protocol like regret, but also like to forget looked at her, and she had a good soak feet, leaving him holding the water drained.He wanted to call stopped her, but opened his mouth, and ultimately did not cry out.