Five-step slimming body recovery in the morning

Five-step slimming body recovery in the morning


After waking up in the morning with ten-finger dry combs, use the side-lying position (any side can be done first), bow your hands, and use your five fingertips and fingers to comb the half of the head on the same side.The side is 36 times.

The transposition combs the head on the other side in the same way.

  [Precautions]The intensity is moderate, and the fingers are kept bent all the way to the back hairline, and the entire head must be combed in place.


After rubbing Yingxiang, the eyes are clear. After doing the first step of Yintang acupoint, the body is lying on his back with his hands and thumbs bent. Use the thumb joints to point at Yingxiang acupoints on both sides of the nose.Three or four times, then slowly push to the Mingming point along the sides of the nose, and turn upside down for three or four times at the Mingming point. Push one hand (just to align) to the Yintang point, and then press the Yintang point three or four timesThen, push the other knuckle on the other side to the Yintang acupoint, and sag three or four times. This is one time.

Repeat this action 36 times.

  [Precautions]Do not push too fast when pushing up along the sides of the nose, and do not use excessive force. A moderate penetration is sufficient.


After the second step of rubbing the neck is done, then sit up, rub your hands with your hands, and then rub your neck 25 times on each side.

You can knead it all at once or alternately in several times. You can arrange it at will.

  [Precautions]The speed of kneading should be fast. Try to knead the neck as much as possible. The frequency should be adjusted and increased according to your situation.


Breast expansion: Three expansions and one exhibition. Wear your clothes and go to the ground with your feet as wide as your shoulders.

After doing three consecutive chest expansions, the whole body is flattened forward, and then flattened to both ends.

Do this 36 times.

  [Precautions]When expanding the chest, be sure to keep your arms flat with your shoulders, and stretch them out in parallel and forward.


Cross the shoulders and relax your waist. Hold both hands in a half-fist shape. While hitting your right shoulder with your left hand, hit your left waist with your right hand; then, while hitting your left shoulder with your right hand, hit your right waist with your left hand.36 times.
When you alternately hit the shoulders and waist, the waist should naturally twist and the movements should be coordinated and stretched.