[Can you eat red beans for menstruation]_ Red beans _ Regular leave _ Can you eat them?

[Can you eat red beans for menstruation]_ Red beans _ Regular leave _ Can you eat them?

Red beans have high nutritional value, have the effects of promoting blood circulation, removing blood stasis, clearing heat and detoxifying, and red beans can also make a variety of delicious pastries, allowing people to experience a different sense of cuisine.

Red beans are not good, but because of their medicinal effects, some women are worried that eating red beans during menstruation will affect their health. So, can women eat red beans during menstruation?

There are many effects and effects of red beans, so women can eat red beans, red beans, pig liver during menstruation, which can be eaten during menstruation.

Too many women will have some uncomfortable symptoms such as depression, anxiety, emotional stress, insomnia, irritability, irritability, fatigue, etc. in the first few days (premenstrual period) of menstruation.

It is generally believed that this is related to the imbalance of estrogen and progesterone in the body.

At this time, women should choose foods, medicines, such as cabbage, grapefruit, lean pork, celery, rice, duck eggs, stir-fried atractylodes, Huai yam, 苡, which are not only good for skin beauty, but also qi, liver, and bad mood.Rice, lily, gourd, winter melon, kelp, sea cucumber, carrot, white radish, walnut kernel, black fungus, mushroom, etc.

In menstrual cramps, symptoms such as poor appetite, backache, fatigue may occur.

At this time, it is advisable to replace foods and medicines that are not only good for skin and beauty, but also good for “traveling through water”.

Suitable foods and medicines include: mutton, chicken, red dates, tofu skin, apples, barley kernels, beef, milk, eggs, eggs, brown sugar, motherwort, angelica, cooked land, peach blossom, etc.


Studies have shown that absorbing more calcium can also relieve the discomfort of PMS.


If you have abdominal discomfort, you can chop the minced ginger into brown sugar water, which works well.


Before going to bed, it is best to drink a cup of hot milk (the milk contains more potassium), and add a spoonful of honey to the milk (the honey is rich in iron).


To menstrual blood.

It is animal blood, it is almost rich in iron, and it is also high-quality protein. It is an ideal menstrual health food.


Eat more vegetables and fruits and keep your stools free from pelvic congestion.

Ingest a certain amount of eggs and egg products, meat, liver, soy products and vegetable oils of various animals.