How to protect the liver from anger and vulnerable liver?

How to protect the liver from anger and vulnerable liver?

Introduction: In life, we often say this sentence: “I’m so mad, my liver hurts!”

“Actually, when you are angry, it is the liver cancer that has the effect of channeling.

There is an image metaphor in “The Yellow Emperor’s Canon”: “The liver, the officer of the general, also make plans.

“Why didn’t the ancients liken the liver to a civilian?

The main liver is drained, which has the functions of dredging, reaching, raising hair, and freeing.

It is like a general. The general is a military attache. He is strong and full of energy. He likes to ride horses in a wide area.

When he encountered an impenetrable place, he killed a blood path.

The liver is the same. Its drainage and hair-lifting function are like bamboo shoots breaking through the soil, and even “stones” can be tipped.

This is the reason “anger comes from the liver”.

Therefore, when the liver qi is smooth, we can coordinate our mental and emotional activities well.

Poor anger, dredge is the root of the problem. So why do some people in life have a sullen mood while others have a bad temper?

If the liver qi evacuation is too much, people will become emotionally excited, full of energy, easy to lose temper, with irritability, dizziness, headache, and insomnia.

Conversely, if the liver qi is not evacuated in a timely manner, people will manifest as depression, sentimental, and swollen breast ribs, and will often sigh inexplicably.

For example, when two people quarrel, if the two sides refuse to give up, they will only become more noisy and fierce, and they will not be able to start their hands.

However, if a person gives someone a few words and the other party has not caught fire, his own fire will go away; or if he “dares to be angry but not to speak” to another person, he will be unhappy.

After a long period of depression, the liver qi naturally becomes depressed.

When the liver is not good, everyone has their own way of venting.

However, just like Dayu, the flood has come. Whether it is to clear water by dredging river channels or diversion of water from man-made reservoirs, in general, it must be through drainage. This is the fundamental solution to the problem.

Why cry when you cry, why you cry, why are women crying and angry, but their temper is generally better than men?

And women generally live longer than men?

This is mainly because “when anger is up,” anger easily provokes liver qi, makes it full of vitality, and causes qi and blood to rush up.

At this time, Qi should be vented. What should I do?


As soon as a woman cried, her anger was evacuated, and her mood was naturally stable.

Therefore, when a woman is angry, let her cry if she wants to cry, and the family need not persuade.

She cried, and it was good for her health if she was in a good mood.

As the saying goes: “A man does not cry easily with tears.

“Actually, if a man loves tears, this does not mean that he is weak and unproductive.

Do n’t say a song that is popular all over the country, “It ‘s not a sin for a man to cry!”

From a health perspective, crying is the way to health.

But absolutely men are not willing to wipe their tears, what should we do?

Full of anger always vent.

Therefore, when no one is arguing with you, just keep yourself in the house and yell a few times, you can yell at it a few times, in short, you must evacuate the liver.

The Chinese call the tiger the king of beasts, and it is because the tiger has a god.

When the tiger was angry, its roaring voice was frightened.

In fact, people should do the same, they should cry, they should roar.

Crying, roaring, the stagnation of the liver followed, and the five internal organs became peaceful.