How white-collar women prevent facial aging

How white-collar women prevent facial aging

Placement is important.

Try not to let the back of the screen face any person, because the computer has the strongest radiation on the back, followed by the left and right sides, and the front of the screen has the weakest radiation.

Based on the clear characters, a distance of at least 50 cm to 75 cm is also required. This can reduce the damage caused by electromagnetic radiation.

  Pay attention to indoor ventilation: Scientific research has confirmed that computer screens can produce a carcinogen called brominated dibenzofuran.

Therefore, it is best to install a ventilator in the room where the computer is placed. If not, pay special attention to ventilation when surfing the Internet.

  Careful care: The most obvious part of facial aging is the eyes, so the care of the eyes is especially important.

  Eye cream: It has moisturizing effect. In addition to reducing dark circles and bags under the eyes, it can also improve the effect of wrinkles and fine lines.

  Eye gel: The effect is similar to that of eye cream, except that the gelatinous volume is reduced, and it is rubbed on multiple freshness. There is no burden on the skin during the day. It is mainly to eliminate bags under the eyes and dark circles, soothing eye skin symptoms.