Daylily has many prospects for grain development

Daylily has many prospects for grain development

Daylily is also called golden needles, formerly called hemerocallis, and anciently known as “forget-me-not”.

Day lily is a traditional vegetable that people like to eat.

Because of its thick petals, golden color, rich aroma, delicious fragrance, fresh and smooth, with fungus, straw mushroom, high nutritional value, it is regarded as “the treasure on the table”.


hzh {display: none; }  功效:黄花菜的营养成分对人体健康特别是胎儿发育更为有益,因此可作为孕妇的保健食品。Daylily has better brain-building and anti-aging functions.

Daylily has a significant effect on lowering serum cholesterol, can prevent middle-aged and elderly diseases and delay the aging of the body.

It contains asparagine and other ingredients that have hemostatic and anti-inflammatory properties, diuretic and soothe the nerves, and strengthen the stomach.

  Suitable for the crowd: all ages.

It is especially suitable for pregnant women, middle-aged and elderly people, and tired people.

  Applicable amount: 15 grams per meal.

  Tips: It is better to make with cold water, and the cold mix should be cooked well.

It is not advisable to stir-fry a single pig, but should be served with other ingredients.

Eating fresh day lily can cause poisoning.

This is because colchicine is rich in fresh daylily, which can cause poisoning.