01.21 takes you to watch those movies with artificial intelligence above click on the blue font attention recently oh my training is going home, and has not been updated for a long time, really sorry today suddenly found appreciation function also opened, Why is public the official number every time I stopped for some time that more of me so good ~ ~ ~ However, beginning today, will be updated resume, really, really.  Presumably some time before there is a mysterious hand MasterCard Go Go in industry set off a reign of terror, swept 60 Go players, including first person known today, including Go Caron and other 15 world champions.Eventually won 60 wins and 0 losses amazing record.At the end of the last game, he finally released the identity, that is, after victory over Li Shishi AlphaGo, and is an upgraded version.  In addition to supercomputers, cloud computing robot, including computer vision, machine learning and nanotechnology, computing power and even a small space will directly affect change in our real life.And now we have to start thinking about the next stage will be how to develop artificial intelligence end of the.  Many science fiction readers and movie fans are now beginning to feel, before the idea exists only in dreams a reality has begun to eleven.And we have now exists only in artificial intelligence technology in the movie, becoming a popular are very familiar with the technology.  Hot artificial intelligence, thanks to the innovation of popular science fiction movies, technology continues to refresh people’s lives, the film is about the future of the world’s people a preset ahead.In recent years, artificial intelligence movie popular these days, you have seen what it?  1 AI mid-21st century, due to the greenhouse effect, melting of polar glaciers, flooded many cities on Earth.At this time, humans have highly developed science and technology, human artificial intelligence robot is invented to cope with the harsh natural environment of one of the scientific and technological means, and, robots have highly developed manufacturing technology, advanced robot not only has lifelike human appearance, but also perception own existence.Monica’s son Martin seriously ill in hospital, lives are at stake, in order to alleviate the feelings of pain, she adoption of a robot child David, David’s survival mission is to love her.Martin regained consciousness, back to health, back home, a series of things to make David fall from grace, was finally abandoned Monica.After the escape brutal kill machine slaughterhouse, David, with the help of a machine lover Joe’s, began to find their own survival value: the desire to become a real child, Monica returned to her mother’s side.Who does not know whether he can complete their wish, reborn to become a real person, just waiting for their unpredictable journey Luck.2 Ex Machina effectiveness of certain well-known search engine company programmers Gary Smith lucky enough to draw out the boss Nathan the grand prize, he will be invited to the villa is located in the mountains and spend the holiday boss.In the secluded villa, Jonathan affectionately received the staff. In fact, he invited Gary arrival has another purpose, which is to assist him in its development of intelligent robots test.General Nathan genius developed intelligent robots have the ability to think independently of Eva, in order to confirm whether she has the ability to think independently, he hopes to be able to carry out Gary’s famous Turing test for Eva.From the beginning it seems at first glance, like Gary it will have a human-like robot face the same good as this attracted.In the ensuing exchange, his face does not seem dead machine, but more like a prisoner of the poor innocent girl.3 She “She” is about the people in the near future and artificial intelligence love love sci-fi movie.Theodore was a hero who wrote the letter, attentive and profound, the most touching letters to write.He and his wife Catherine just after the marriage, not out of the shadow of heartbreak.A chance to provide access to the latest artificial intelligence system OS1, its incarnation Samantha has a charming voice, gentle and humorous wit.Theodore and Samantha soon found their so hit it off, and there is a two-way needs and desires, human friendship, and eventually developed into love for some strange not to be understood secular.  4 super body is forced evil German boyfriend Delivery to help people young woman, Lucy, suffered a poor heinous gang leader Mr. Zhang gang.She, along with three men are Mr. Zhang in the abdomen sewn into the mysterious code-named drugs CPH4, in order to sneak drugs into different countries.During the stay in Taipei, Lucy was beaten by evil men, so that drugs burst into the blood.Who knows what this incredible occurrence, drugs stimulate the brain’s potential Lucy, it is about 90% of brain neurons have been awake.With the fast evolution of the body, more and more people Lucy mastered the so-called super powers.She clearly understands the power of CPH4 have, so trying to prevent the other three bags of drugs fall into the hands of a group of Mr. Chang.  During her attempt to get in touch with senior research professor of brain Samuel Norman, at the latter’s testimony, Lucy will usher in 100% of the brain awake historic moment.Johannesburg, South Africa 5 Chappie story takes place in 2016, in response to rising crime rates, a large mechanical arms company developed a full police force.They will be mass-produced and put into use the police machinery, and achieved remarkable results in the fight against crime.As one of the developers, programmers Dean has been working to create a completely artificial intelligence robot.Until one day, his research breakthrough, but he did not receive support boss Michael Bradley.Dean secretly willing to fail a police recently were broken out of the company’s machinery, ready to complete his research, who knows halfway hijacked three robbers.Under the threat of bandits, Dean will write 22 new system.School No. 22 in the name of Charles rebirth, its birth is about to change many people’s fate.6 Super Marines future of the world’s megacities old Jingshan, loving little boy genius inventions macro, took part in the robot Institute of Technology professor Robert Callahan presided over the admission contest with the encouragement of his brother Teddy.He won acclaim from the audience, participants and examiner with the magic of micro-magnetic robot, who knows sudden disaster puts small macros dreams and life destroyed.The fire destroyed the show floor, and Professor Callahan brother lost their lives in order to rescue the trapped fire.Physically and mentally traumatized little macro behind closed doors, his brother who leaves for the treatment of type robot big Baize Cheng comforted his only companion.Thought miniature robots destroyed by fire, who knows quite unexpectedly small macros and white was found in large quantities in the production of his invention of a seat abandoned factory.Later brother’s friends, Fred, who also joined in, they put on a super soldier fighting equipment small macro invention, and harbor sinister conspiracy mysterious rivals contest.7 I, Robot AD 2035, humans and robots live in harmony, intelligent robots as the best production tools and the human partner, gradually penetrated all areas of human life, but due to the limitations of the three laws of robotics, human robot full trust, many robots have become even family members.Chicago-based USR has developed a more advanced NS-5 type super robot, but on the eve of the launch of the new product, the creators of the robot Alfred?Dr. Browning was in the company bizarre suicide.Black detective Dell?Spooner took over the investigation of the case, due to the unpleasant past, Spooner robot full of doubt, do not believe that humans and robots can live in harmony.According to his analysis of the information before Ronning doctoral left in the projector and 3D exploration of the suicide scene, the suspect locked himself Dr. Browning developed the NS-5 robot Sonny, and the company president Lawrence?Robertson seems to be related to this matter.Spooner specialized robot to get to know the psychology of female scientist Susan?Kevin (Brigitte?Naina Chinese ornaments), with the deepening of the two investigations, the truth be revealed step by step: robot even has the ability to self-evolution, they have their own understanding of the three laws, they will be converted at any time into the whole human machinery Public Enemy.Kevin Spooner and began action against robot war between the manufacturer and the maker kicked off.With the development of technology, artificial intelligence has emerged in our lives, no one can predict the future would look like, perhaps people do not have to hard labor, the robot can do all the work.In short, who knows ~ ~ ~ want to know more?Then quickly to focus on me, long press the two-dimensional code concerns have questions, please contact me oh brother oranges micro letter ID: ccchrischen content reproduced from the public No. oranges film and music Read more

For a long time, I didn’t go out for a walk. I was confined to an inch of land and could only look calmly at the sky, the sun and the moon.. At a rainy and rainy moment, I deeply felt the hostility and friendliness of the world.     The mood of ups and downs, like the bamboo forest in the wind and rain, is silent on the side of the rockery’s grotesque rocks, with the delicate dance of bamboos playing with flying flowers and lanterns. There is no state of mind to look at the landscape and pastoral areas, and to touch the waves of water and the edges and corners of stone earnestly.. Always across a long distance, turn a blind eye or even turn a blind eye to the surroundings.     At this point, walking quietly along the vast expanse of weeping willows has a strange feeling.     How long has it been, busy as a gyroscope, spinning in the hands of the west.     The Huaihe River Terminal is foggy and the mountains on the other side can no longer be distinguished from each other.. In the twilight, ships floating on the surface of the water moved slowly away and soon disappeared in the fog. It is not the sea that can’t afford water waves.. The lights in the distance began to light up, and the cars coming and going up the dam were white and red. On the soft soil nearby, the flowers and plants are still there, and the white flowers are a little fuzzy in winter. It’s been a long time since I came into nature so close. I was just busy, even the lights of the city looked so far away.!     Because it was too late, there was no fishing boat, no fisherman, no bird. Standing on the riverbank, walking on the riverbank, clouds and smoke still rising in the night sky. A person out for a walk to breathe, feeling very cool. There aren’t too many people around. It’s estimated that they have dinner. Looking back, behind him is an open background, with numerous tall buildings vying for favor.. A person, although perched in a certain forest, often heard the sound of birds, but accustomed to, everything is music!     High – rise buildings are rising, but they don’t look so real. The lights on each high building began to flash from the top to the ground. They were colorful, like crystals, and like waterfalls of lights, flying from top to bottom.. The lotus pond in the village has disappeared, only the wooden bridge still rings the foot sound of stepping, like an empty valley echo. A tall building with snowflakes is crystal clear and is clearly the shadow of a lamp.. In the headlights, several enchanting women appeared, one by one carrying delicate small bags and walking towards the tall building with snowy flowers..     Because of curiosity, there are several rainbow-like lights on the north side of the road and across the air, green, purple and red for a while … Ah, I doubt that it is a stadium, but I have not been there, but I am still not sure.. After living for so long, I didn’t even know the nearby place, and there were many wonderful things to do.. A little ashamed, is clearly ignorant! Walking along the ten-mile long street, it was quiet all around. Opposite occasionally come two couples, kiss hot, feel very warm!     In the cultural square, nature is not cold and cheerless. The dancers in the daily life do not know where they are now. But people seem to be gathering slowly, like mountain springs gathering deep pools. Under the white tent came a beautiful erhu accompanied by a wonderful local play – four sentences of faders. Sporadic adults and children paddled aside.     Go back and meet the people who go out. The appearance of idleness is no less than that of clouds and wild cranes..     Each building has different colors of lights, which are set off against each other, just like idyllic landscapes, which are close to each other.. Nature could not achieve the unity of heaven and man. There was no feather on Mount Badong’s ascent to Sendai. The distant breeze was still telling the story of the work and past of history.!     You can’t come and go as leisurely as the Badashan people, you can’t be carefree about something, you can’t tolerate the burning pain of rising and floating for the needs of life, to clean up the filth inside and outside your body.. In the dim light of night, a person is like a petal floating in the bustling lights.     Perhaps in the face of beauty, we can forget the moment of beauty, the mind and language of beauty. The self-righteous nobility and the graceful sleeves of the light spirit will be eye-opening and overwhelming. But in any case, it can’t be as clear as water, and can’t bypass the mountain like water.. Can endure tolerance, can be silent and unbridled.     In fact, the night is very beautiful. In such a sleepless night, one will always be awakened by some stabbing pain and be struck by some joy.. Maybe night is a good time to hide dirt and accept dirt, but some things can be opened and scattered like epiphyllum on a silent night..

In this way, we played down a feeling. You choose new love, I choose time. good night,good bye. Wen: No matter how bad your conditions are, there will always be someone who loves you. No matter how good your condition is, there will always be someone who doesn’t love you. It’s fate to meet the right person at the right time, and this fate just needs patience and frustration to meet. There will always be someone in your world who loves you more than imagined.. If love cannot last long, what is fate? If you can’t keep up with love, who is your favorite person.     If love can’t bear fruit, what’s that love for? Forget words, tears brimming, look at each other. The cold wind passed by without touching the flickering candle. Trembling, I don’t know who extinguished the loneliness that slipped quietly in the fog. On that day, I said good bye. Why did I break all contact since then? It turns out that not all people can have exposure to each other.. Let it be, a person, clean.     I often wonder how to measure love? Once upon a time, I thought it was miss, miss is love. Some people say it is giving and sacrificing. Others say it is care and concern. Most people say, is the feeling. Now I find that the measure of love is bigotry. How bigoted you are to this person, how much you love him.     I’m waiting for that day, smiling and listening to friends talk about you without covering up, no longer sad. Some things don’t seem easy, but I know time will help me. The more afraid of losing, the easier it is to lose. The more you want, the more you want to let go. It’s hard to let go, but there’s no choice. There are many things in the world that can be redeemed. But there are more irreversible things, such as old dreams, such as years, such as feelings for a person.       In this world, the most easy to change is the human heart, but the most wasteland is also the human heart. Perhaps we met in the wrong time and space, at the wrong age. You don’t want me to think about anything forever, but I’ve always been rational. I’ve made a fool of myself here to believe in Qiongyao’s land. I thought I would meet a man who loves me with all his heart and does not ask for anything in return until he is old.     What kind of editing did the broken heart do? What kind of montage did you and I use in our meeting? But also do not set a perfect ending? What kind of editing did the broken heart do? What kind of montage did you and I use in our meeting? But also do not set a perfect ending?     I love you – I hate you – I’m sorry. In love, there is no need to say sorry. Because if a person really loves you, he will accompany you with his life, protect you with his best efforts, fit you with persistent changes, and warm you with many and many hugs.. With these, why do you still say sorry? I said sorry with my mouth, but I was thinking of leaving in my heart.. And it is true love to’ compensate’ you with all your life.     Love begins with temptation and then becomes warm. The warmth of love is the lamp that lights up at home at night, the medicine that is handed to you when you catch a cold, the hand that caresses your shoulder when you are upset, and the shoulder that leans over when you are sad..     Sometimes I really want to take out my heart and throw it out, then say, ” What do you hurt?”? A worthless thing. I pretended not to care about you, but I hurt myself.     Hedgerow and sparse QQ: 766314719

Hongmen feast munched on 20 years of food and nine paragraphs / article, and felt the time was fast when it was better. many things seemed to be yesterday, and people were getting old year after year.. Regretting the fleeting of Shaohua, it was suddenly discovered that Caijiu had been sitting at the banquet of Hongmen banquet for twenty years, and it was quite interesting to take stock of the process.     More than 20 years ago, he began to study the historical data of the war at the end of the Qin dynasty in order to evaluate his professional title. under the strong guidance of Mr Tian bingye, he wrote a series of words, which were also arranged by Mr Tian to be published on the regulations of participating in the Huai hai cultural exchange.. By the end of 1997, he had written a draft regulation on participation in Liu Xiang’s relationship and ウ the end of Hongmen banquet Ж, which was arranged by Mr. Tian to be published in the 4th issue of the ” 1997 decree” of Huai hai Wen Hui, and was subsequently suspended from publication in the Huai hai Wen Hui regulation, and this article also nearly ceased to be published in the Huai hai Wen Hui regulation.. I had a narrow squeak. I almost couldn’t publish it. According to caijiu’s rookie insight, from discovery to publication should be regarded as a qualitative mutation. Although discovery is more important than publication, only publication can ferment and have a follow-up effect. Over the past 20 years, the influence of the dishes on Hongmen banquet has been the result of fermentation.     Hongmen banquet is very famous and causes great misunderstanding.. To put it simply, because Liu Xiang’s battle ended in Liu Sheng’s defeat, a considerable number of people thought Xiang Yu had made a mistake in not killing Liu Bang at the Hongmen banquet.. Twenty years ago, after taking care of this problem, Cai Jiu thought that the reason why the Hongmen banquet ended like this had a great relationship with Liu Bang’s transfer of the rights of Wang Guanzhong.. Because of his ignorance, he thought that this was the exclusive discovery of Caijiu, which made it easy to change the name of this article to ” Who Knows Hongmen Banquet” at the beginning of the Internet in 1999. It was widely published on the Internet and used this name to participate in the miscellaneous knowledge regulations of ancient history in the future.. I don’t know what kind of chance to take part in the historic hongmen banquet. soon I spent quite a long time on the front page of sinology. it became a disaster and was found on numerous teaching websites and even various websites.. From then on, eternal knowledge has become a fixed word, followed by numerous followers, and various names of eternal knowledge have sprung up in succession.. Who knows XXX through the ages is full of bully spirit, who gives up me is hardly to be discussed, which is equivalent to thousands of years. I have the final say on this matter.. This is probably a language that doesn’t surprise people. Caijiu’s move is too conceited and self – confident. It doesn’t even consider whether to let everyone know what they are doing, nor is it afraid of being ugly and making people laugh at others. It’s a big blow first..     Taking this discovery as an opportunity, a new consideration was given to the whole Chu – Han war process, and a new breakthrough was made in understanding it. Two new regulations on the cause of Xiang Yu’s downfall ( attached to the interpretation of Xiang Yu’s regulations ) were identified in the Convention on Biological Diversity and Chu Huaiwang’s historical status ( attached to the search for Chu Huaiwang ). Among them, the article on the interpretation of Xiang Yu’s regulations soon became a model for writing, and fame was not included in Chongwen Book Company’s 2007 edition to participate in several Dongfeng changes – a selection of regulations on the history of wine cooking in Tianya community..     After the publication of the regulations on miscellaneous knowledge of ancient history at his own expense in 2005, his heart grew greatly, and the so-called ” influential work” soared. Some old knowledge was gradually sorted out into online articles under the name of ” eternal knowledge”. While these essays on reading history were published, they will soon be compared with the regulations on the banquet of eternal knowledge of Hongmen.. At the beginning of 2007, in order not to reduce the old blue chip stocks of this dish nine to blue chip stocks, the dish nine took care of this historical fact again, and found that the previous understanding was not comprehensive enough, and there were still quite a few lingering charms that could not be explored, so it was really a good place to eat.. As a result, we searched the edges and corners of the hongmen banquet again, gave a new explanation, prepared a web article on the detailed regulations of the ancestors who knew XXX through the ages, and based on this, made a long article on the regulations for the preliminary investigation of the truth of the hongmen banquet, which was published in the university journal through Mr Tian’s matchmaking.. The ninth dish struck the iron while it was hot, and further cut the Hongmen banquet issue into a batch of online red letters, such as ” Hongmen banquet conclusion” and the relationship between the two whatevers ” who knows Cao Wushang through the ages” Hongmen banquet lesson plan completely criticizes ” Hongmen banquet conclusion and Li Yuchun’s fan regulations” and so on, which are both more convincing and very dispiriting.. As boasting of participating in the ” Cai jiu shanzhai” military parade regulations, they thought that these words ” are independent and complementary to each other, forming a cross-fire network, and shooting those views that are not in line with Cai jiu into holes and holes, face – less, and miserable. Therefore, this is not only a well-deserved teacher of tigers and wolves, but also a teacher of making food nine feel super cool. They not only let the food nine pass through the old addiction sweeping the world, but also let the food nine taste what it feels like to run amok.. ” In 2008, some booksellers published a collection of vicious online characters to participate in the profile regulations of history. Food Nine and Dot Spirit tied the words of the Hongmen Banquet back into a more splendid draft of the ” Never Disperse Hongmen Banquet” Bill, lifting the Hongmen Banquet upside down, which was the final decision.. Due to contract restrictions, it was not convenient to access the full text of the article before its official publication, but the last part of the article was also well received by those who participated in the contest.. In 2009, before the Dragon Boat Festival, the 10th anniversary of ” Caijiu Shanzhai” was commemorated by the regulations of ” Caijiu” Military Parade. The first official to enter was the regulations of ” Who Knows Hongmen”, a well-deserved mother of tigers and wolves. A considerable number of the teachers of tigers and wolves participating in the military parade are more or less of their blood, so they must walk in the head.. The commentary on Cai Jiu’s military parade summed up what he had done at the Hongmen banquet, saying: ” The Hongmen banquet is like a mountain blocking the view of countless people, like a heavy lock, causing many events to be covered with inexplicable shadows and causing many historical misreadings, but this is the family dinner of Cai Jiu and will never have any impact on Cai Jiu.”. So understand the hongmen banquet, also read a lot of history, so the blood of the hongmen banquet has been flowing in the words of caijiu, so caijiu broke into the porcelain shop elaborately decorated by experts and professors of all times with a sword forged by the hongmen banquet and smashed it inside. Although many experts and professors can only look at the dishes and do nothing, they can pretend that the porcelain shop is still intact and continue to tell people the beauty of it.. How to do, continue to hit. A recruit fresh, eat all day. ” After 2010, I felt that 2009 was a watershed in the decline of writing because I felt that the writing style was not flourishing.”. On this basis, I began to sum up the route. I chose three of my books to be the three main ones that make me feel the best and make others feel the most uncomfortable, namely, touching the dragon and not saying Zhao Tai, never leaving the Hongmen banquet and forever Cheng Qianfan.. Now it seems that although the three are equally famous and cool, the Hongmen banquet is the sum of the other two, and the biggest difference from the other two is that the Hongmen banquet involves a wide range, far-reaching influence and active flow. Behind a single article is a group and a forest, and it continues to flourish. For example, the recent draft regulations on blood and injustice caused by taking part in monkey bathing seem to create a scenic spot with only one Hongmen banquet.. So the ninth dish is always enjoyed and enjoyed at the hongmen banquet table..     However, life is a balanced market, and there will be no good things to be done by all the people. Therefore, although there is a great banquet in Hongmen, there is also a loss that titles cannot be evaluated.. However, the number of people who have been appraised of professional titles is numerous, while the number of people who have been able to enjoy their professional titles is few and far between.. With this in mind, it’s hard to avoid Ah Q, the title of your mother.

In the ordinary life, my mind is particularly simple. Apart from loneliness and loneliness, the rest is related to calligraphy and writing. Yes, my heart looks very calm when others are busy building nests or making money for themselves, such as the starry night sky and the deep blue in the valley. The reason why I didn’t move is not because my family is solid, nor because I have broken the world of mortals, but because of my temperament and belief.. Hand in hand with words, my heart is like waves, willing to embrace the blue sea area and the blue sky and white clouds above the sea area for my dream.     For a long time, in my heart, I have always adhered to the idea of being the best and the most true myself.. No matter how sudden this world is, don’t let me follow suit and drift away from myself. At this point, van Gogh is undoubtedly my spiritual example. To be a catcher in the wheat field, hand in hand with the words, to fight with the fragrance of books, to make life as faithful as a sunflower, and to spit out the fragrance of flowers for the land that gave birth to me and raised me at the foot..     I still know that I have lost a lot of life, including fame and money, by doing so.. But I don’t regret it, because I know that there is only one chance for life to come into this world, and this opportunity is not given by others, but is obtained through my own efforts and practices or through screening in my life.. To cherish oneself is to give life sunshine, air and wind chimes and reveries. Van Gogh, Green, Shelley, Ji Kang, Lu Xun, Lu Yao and others are all red children in life, making pilgrimages for their own spirit. Van Gogh, in particular, has tasted suffering without regret. Brush has become the theme of his life and spiritual food. I would like to believe that painting in his heart is like writing. When he paints the result he wants, his heart must be like a spray, bright and complacent..     Perhaps it is because of this that my initial heart remains unchanged for 30 years. Hand in hand with words is like waves, which can be said to be my purest feeling from the bottom of my heart. Frankly speaking, words are like a garden in my heart. It is spring-like all the year round, with plants and flowers rushing to open, green, fat, red and thin, layers of trees dyed, like poems and paintings, flowing and static beauty is gentle and graceful here, making people beautiful and dreamy.. I like this kind of scenery. Compared with the floating clouds in the world, it is just like heaven and earth.     My life likes to stay here. I have passed away by accident and watched her passing back. My heart rolls like waves in the night, under the starry sky and in the window fence.. Think of the time and years of floating and flying. My heart and my spirit are like clear pictures. They only frown but come to mind.. How many days and nights, I sleep with my words resting on my pillow, and I see myself turning into a spray chasing the sunset sky in my dream. thoughtfully, the flying reed flocs on the shore are like rhymes, lighting up the light of life for me in the breeze. Every time it sways, it is a compliment to my soul’s acquiescence and spiritual conversion! But I don’t seem to be so satisfied with the status quo. Tears in my eyes vent the secrets of my heart.!     I dare not say that I have joined hands with words over the years, burning smoke and boiling words makes life like a hedge for picking chrysanthemum, but I absolutely dare say that my heart is like a spray, happy with its own happiness and chasing its own pursuit.. Yes, the sound from the paper makes me willing to dump life and pay all of it, whether it be energy or physical strength or intelligence. Especially the extensive and profound Chinese culture, the eight classics of Tang and Song Dynasties alone are enough to make me be elated and dance lightly.! The words of Zeng Di – sheng and Wang Yang – ming, two great Confucians, can be said to be words of pearls and pearls, with wonderful strokes and flowers. With such words hand in hand, the heart is not as good as the waves. What else can it be! It is better to die with patience than to live for profit, and to integrate knowledge with practice.. It is a blessing for life to read such words. What is more worth mentioning is the words of Mr. nan huaijin, the master of Chinese studies, who is the matchmaker of Wang Gu’s talks, whether it be hundred schools of thought or history or traditional culture, in his works, such as a wisp of clear spring, which is clear to the bottom.! With such words hand in hand, how can you not make the heart like waves, high and low!     Some people say that words are like people or words are like people, whether they belong to words or words, one thing is clear in my heart, that is, to join hands with words and feel like waves. Yes, according to the experience or feeling of hand-in-hand with words over the years, the really good words, like music epic, make life can’t help singing, like talking, make life in an orderly and leisurely manner..     Yes, everything is floating clouds and dust, especially material, fame and position. When life hand in hand with words, my wish is to make a spray and move towards the other shore. I still know that to be a spray in the waters is not just as simple, not to be held hostage and not to be submerged. Besides sticking to oneself, I still have the determination and calm to die with patience rather than to live for profit.. Only in this way can the waves of life like holy reed flocs raise their haughty heads and look out into the distance!

[ Guide ]: At present, everyone’s mind is very empty. Why can’t we stop and look at those people who fish safely and give their mind a holiday?? That’s the consolation of being responsible for yourself!   Work overtime on weekends, very at leisure. Boring, a person walks to the balcony of the company, lights a cigarette and enjoys a slightly refreshing cold wind next fall..     To tell the truth, I didn’t like this town for a while, because in my opinion, people in this area use money to measure everything. I am eager to go back to my place . Ah, today, on a sunny afternoon, groups of people fishing on a small river gave me an unspeakable feeling.. All of a sudden, I envy them very much, and suddenly I have a strange feeling about this town..     In today’s society, the pace of life is in a hurry. Everyone will not stop, for the sake of livelihood, for enjoyment, for everything he wants to have, but maybe so, they have also lost the most wonderful enjoyment in life..     I have always imagined that I can lie comfortably on a cane chair, make a cup of tea, take a newspaper, and enjoy the ease that young people have never experienced in the afternoon sunshine when I grow old.. Maybe it’s the cause of character. I don’t like to compete. I like to be quiet alone or make a phone call with friends I haven’t seen for a long time … ah, we live in a so-called fast food culture, and everything is aimed at interests, so our hearts gradually become numb. everyone will always hang up with himself first and fight for what is beneficial to them, and those who can’t bring benefits to themselves will float past.!     In fact, now we, everyone’s heart, is very empty. Why can’t we stop and look at those people who fish safely and give their hearts a holiday?? That’s the consolation of being responsible for yourself!     A friend said to me this: I am very tired of my present job, but I can’t resign for a reason. This is what we used to joke about.’ People are in the Jianghu, but they can’t help themselves’.!     Now that I think about it, there are some reasons. In society, perhaps some people have nothing to do with money, as I now think, but for the sake of livelihood, they have to integrate into the fast-paced life..     What we need to do is very simple. Take a little time to enjoy the feeling of the wind, enjoy the warm sunshine, enjoy a cup of tea and read a newspaper that has nothing to do with work … Ah, life, if it is connected with laughter, give yourself a priority mood!![ Responsibility Editor: Men’s Tree ]

In fact, nothing to do is more boring and empty. The choice of what kind of job is sometimes not what you want, but what you need for your life. Daring to choose it is another matter. Don’t let the bland life indulge your talents.   Life itself is like the tender water, colorless, tasteless, flat and light, clear and pure. When we mix our feelings into the water, the water becomes mixed and life becomes complicated. When more and more feelings are involved, water becomes more and more mixed and life becomes more and more complicated. In the face of prosperity and bustle, in the face of material desire and power desire, in the face of cynicism, who can have a soft and pure heart?? Greed, selfishness and mischievous thoughts make people lose themselves in strange neon lights.     When colorful dreams break up, it is time to return to real life. There is no absolute definition of what is success and what is failure.. Those who have a successful career do not necessarily live happily, and those who have no career do not necessarily live unhappily.. Reality is always cruel, full of lies and betrayals, but also full of competition. Many people always like to believe that lies and betrayals are false, when lies and betrayals are true after all. Always like competition is fair, when competition is fair, no one can say for sure.     Why, ask yourself too much why, why is our life always full of lies, betrayals, hypocrisy, unfair competition, boredom, interests and desires for power?? Too many, too many why. Why, too many why, is this the way of life? Listen, recall, review yourself and write your troubles on the beach. Listen quietly to the voice of nature, silently recall your past happiness and troubles, earnestly review your gain and loss mentality, and then write your troubles on the soft beach so that the sea can wash them away. ‘ All things are created in the heart.” We are lost and lost because our hearts are filled with worldly thoughts, no clear heart, no meditation at all. We can’t understand what we are doing and what we want. In a material society, it is impossible to ask for nothing but to lose yourself in the process of seeking it..     Zen poetry says, ” Put green seedlings in the fields with your hands, lower your head and see the sky rising, with peace of mind and body as the way, and retrogression turned out to be” peace of mind as the way, no desire as the way, no desire as the way, no desire as the calm, and peace of mind as the way. ”.     When I hope, I always think about one thing or another. Think before, think now, too. In the counter-current life, the search for the ultimate is only a cycle. It is a mistake to regard hope as fantasy in my mind. I have had a lot of hope or an arrogant thought, all of which died in the struggle of my mind.. In fact, each of us should firmly control our dreams, not hesitate. Hope is the beginning of success.     ‘ A person’s achievements in life will not exceed what he thinks.” This is a very general truth. A person who does not even dare to think about his own future is far from achieving anything. The reason for mediocrity is that there is no thought. Try to think, that is afraid of fantasy. After full consideration, I believe that Fu Zhu’s action will achieve twice the result with half the effort.. Action can only take the shortest path to success under the guidance of correct thinking. I have thought about many problems, some of which have come true and some of which have been illusory. What I couldn’t think of was never just looking at its back and walking away. The birth of many great things in reality was conceived in thinking, so positive thinking and serious thinking.     In fact, nothing to do is more boring and empty. The choice of what kind of job is sometimes not what you want, but what you need for your life. Daring to choose it is another matter. Don’t let the bland life indulge your talents. Choosing a career may not be stable, or may be in danger of starvation, but one cannot retreat because of fear.. Giving up the choice is tantamount to giving up the opportunity to pursue.     Faith is a kind of faith in your heart, lighting up the lamp of your heart. When you are confused and confused, faith will guide you out of the confusion and confusion and go forward bravely.. Faith is the beacon of life. When you drive in the boundless sea, faith points out the direction for you to move forward.. Faith is a spiritual force that will always inspire you to never slacken off. Ask the world, do you have any worries, there must be; Do you have a goal? There must be one. There are only near and far points. Do you have any faith, then you don’t have to. If not, please establish it quickly. Without faith, you will be confused, you will be lost, and you will be lost in the complexity..[ Responsibility Editor: Yi Er[ Original ]

Tomorrow, my son will officially enter the park. Recently, he often said that he would eat dumplings. Today, at noon, as he wishes..     Slightly dusty, the lingering boredom came into the house, only to see him and his mother busy and happy in the kitchen. He stood high on the board, touching all hands to knead dough, shouting at me and excitedly reporting on his creation.. I quickly washed my hands and answered. Flushing water flowed briskly between my fingers, looking back at this clean hall and listening to the laughter from the kitchen. When I walked over, I saw that my son had already wrapped up more than 20 pieces. He asked me to count how many pieces he had already made. I said, how good do you remember yourself? That’s too much; I can’t remember, too much! I still have ten minutes to broadcast the news, so I quickly grabbed a handful of coriander from the plastic bag, cooked it and let my wife taste it. I’ll do the rest of the work..     At this time, if my mother knew about the situation of cooking in our family and heard our jokes, she would stand behind us calmly or quietly push the door and sit on a wide sofa in the living room and then gently touch her grandchild’s forehead or cheeks.. That is how fascinating the behavior, to be pleased with the smile? My wife knew the happiness of the family and could not see that I had swept away the dust outside. She just smiled and watched us eat, pushing dumplings in front of us, whispering to her son from time to time, and then whispering to me as if whispering among three close friends under the eaves of rain or hot sun.. The son ate a dozen dumplings, lifted his clothes and patted his belly, then jumped into his bedroom and looked at the bulge of his belly in the mirror.. As soon as I changed my old urge on him to eat, I was afraid that he would break his intestines and stomach and advised him to eat less and eat more when he added meals..     I have become vague. When I sit in front of the panel and crush the dough, whether the four members of our family sit together is a meeting every year when my mother comes back to her family. They are women, laughing and wrapping dumplings in their hands. The whole plate of dumplings, graceful and beehive – like, fell into the steaming pot in batches, from sinking to floating, rolling through the river and swimming in the sea under the impetus of the iron spoon.. Folklore seems foolish and wise, and has remained unchanged for thousands of years..     When I was young, I didn’t think dumplings were delicious, but I thought there was too much trouble from preparation to production and then to other things.. Every time my mother worked enthusiastically, she got my complaints. It was not until the years of flooding, the complicated and complicated instructions of things, the mother’s grief passed away, and she had to enjoy the happiness of the family, that she gradually understood the flavor of eating dumplings at the festival, and gradually realized that the taste of family affection and reunion was completely mixed in the bowl of dough and gathered in the sticky and inclusive skin of a page..     The dead are dead, so do more work for the living and give more energy. When a member of the family, who wants to eat dumplings, we can squeeze out time. We might as well have a game version of the big fight, scoop up the water of the source of life, add five flavors to the basin to blend, nourish it with the mixture of plants and animals, ignite the seven-color fire from the sun, and make the unique Chinese delicacies and auspicious life.. The essence of nutrition, hidden and hidden, has a long history.     The wife fished out the dumplings from the hot pot, only to find a rotten one. She sighed and said, Alas, the skin is too thin to be wrapped. But the son of the food watcher next to the record, flashing his raven eyes, said, ” Mom, it’s dumplings too comfortable, it laughs.”.

Yesterday, I brushed my microblog and saw a report that a newspaper officially closed its publication in 2016. The report said that it would continue to serve the public through the internet media in the future because of the impact of digital media and media and the decline of paper media.. Raised his head to think about it, seems to be the case, how long has it not been since he bought a newspaper at the newsstand? How long has it been since I booked a newspaper? It’s been a long time, hasn’t it. Remember when I was a child, at the beginning of each year, my father would go to the post office to get back a large stack of orders. I took a pencil and searched my favorite newspapers and periodicals one by one. I was so excited that I scratched a lot of them. I was frightened by my father and repeatedly exclaimed how much it would cost.. However, my father believed in the value of money and priceless knowledge, so he connived at me and helped me subscribe to my favorite newspaper. I subscribe most often to the regulations of the monthly magazine of story composition and the draft of the juvenile literature and history newspaper, as well as to the regulations of scientific exploration and so on.. Then I calculated and looked forward to the day when the newspapers and periodicals were delivered. I picked up the newspapers and periodicals and put them in front of my nose, smelling greedily. I was particularly intoxicated with the fragrance of the ink and the wonderful taste.. After school holidays, I was holding books and newspapers and leafing through pages. I especially liked to make the’ wow’ and’ wow’ sounds when I turned pages, indicating that I finished reading another page and reaped another page.. Father is a man who loves books and cherishes books. He will compile the annual publications and newspapers together with lines, stick them on the sides with brown paper, and make notes and marks. He looks like a thick book that can be stored for later searching and reading.. In this way, my family kept a thick stack of books and newspapers, heavy. I also often go to the bookstall on the street corner and stand in front of all kinds of magazines, books and newspapers. The colorful world I see in front of my eyes. These books and newspapers are my only girl’s good friends, so that I can indulge in the world of knowledge, forget loneliness, forget loneliness, and accompany my whole childhood and school days.. Later, I insisted on subscribing to the regulations of participating in the story meeting for ten years and participating in the youth digest regulations for fifteen years, ordering books and reading books became a habit of following closely. I wash up every night, change my pajamas, lean against the head of a bed, light up a bedside lamp, indulge in the myriad worlds in the pages, taste hundreds of thousands of flavors, and then savor all kinds of stories and fall asleep.. That night was beautiful and peaceful. My initial job was in a state-owned enterprise, and most of the company were old uncles and aunts who were nearly retired.. What they look forward to most every day is the moment when the chief of staff delivers the newspaper. I remember the director was an old Shanghai aunt, with short hair, black hairband, black gold-rimmed glasses frame and small eyes, but never without sharp eyes.. Every time she stood at the end of the corridor, shouting, ” Here comes the newspaper.”! Colleagues in various offices started to move and stood at their respective gates, craning their necks to look forward to the director’s figure. The director will step up the newspaper from office to office. After that, voices will be quiet in the corridor, and the sound of ” going” and ” turning the newspaper” will be heard everywhere. People will be intoxicated with all kinds of reports like hunger and thirst.. You always read the newspaper across from me, so you have to be prepared. He will make a cup of good tea first, put it at the table, then sit quietly, rub his hands, stroke a few locks of fine hair in front of his forehead, straighten his body, then seriously spread out the newspaper on the table, turn up page by page, end up his teacup from time to time, and empty his mouth.. Looking at him, you can’t help wondering if there is any Yan Ruyu or golden house in his book and newspaper world? The attitude of Xiao Li’s teacher next to me to read the newspaper is completely different. He always stands at the table, picks up the newspaper, quickly leafs through the newspapers, mumbles about some eye-catching titles, then turns them over, throws them aside and complains about’ boring, boring, dead’ and so on. I understand that, for him, what he pursues is not the content of the newspaper, but the process of reading it. When colleagues who go out to handle affairs come back, they will also clamor for the latest newspaper and can’t wait to read it. At that time, the Internet was just beginning to develop and the office could use 163 dials to access the Internet.. Young colleagues learned to browse information online and gradually lost interest in newspapers. While the old colleagues came over to look at the computer, they shook their heads, took off their reading glasses and said’ so small a word and so much information. They looked too tired. It would be better to read the newspaper quietly.. ‘ gradually accustomed to using the internet, reading newspapers has become an entertainment activity, watching jokes, telling gossip and so on. However, newspapers also have an important purpose, which is to find classified information. At that time, there were no 58 cities and no fair network. We wanted to rent houses, rent shops, recruit and so on, all through newspapers.. So I lie prone on the special information issue every day, carefully study the information of the small case and small case, draw with a pen, and choose the fate of myself and others.. Later, with mobile phones and smart phones, the world is so big that it is still on the screen of mobile phones, so most of us are still low – headed, but we are no longer looking down at newspapers but playing with mobile phones.. No more newspapers, no more magazines, no more bookstores. There are many more workers in the streets who distribute advertising newspapers, all of which are about health care, medical treatment and sales advertisements. Some old aunts will collect the newspapers and take them home to pave the bedding, while most of them will be discarded on the ground, trampled, rolled up by the wind, lifted up and swept away by the big broom of the cleaners.. I have already changed my job, no one will subscribe to newspapers in the office, and I have gradually forgotten the feeling of reading newspapers.. After moving, only to find that there is a library downstairs. So I took the time to accompany my parents to visit the library.. When I entered the reading room of books and newspapers, I saw several rows of tall bookshelves and newspaper racks. In the quiet reading room, many old people sit at the table reading books and newspapers. I heard the familiar clatter again. I carefully looked at the faces of newspapers at every table in walk on by. Some of them were serious, some pointed at them line by line with their fingers, some read them in a low voice, and some transcribed something in their notebooks.. I have a feeling of crossing, a feeling of moving back to the past. That long-lost time actually made me feel like crying. A word eye appeared in my mind, called ” Time is slow” and another word eye called ” Time is quiet and good.”. We live in an era of high rhythm and rapid pace. We have experienced ever-changing times and life. We gradually forget the past life, the so-called ” people are not things.”. However, we must also admit that it is a pity to forget some things. Let me ask you, friend, did you read the newspaper today? Have you read? Friend, how long have you not read the newspaper? Friends, if you are free, you might as well find a corner, read the newspaper and read the book! I believe that that kind of ink book fragrance will certainly touch you!

The night was so quiet, the sky was drizzling with rain, as if to express my grief for my father, and the night wind also played a plaintive melody, as if to engrave deeper traces of my father’s thoughts in my heart…….     Dad, do you remember? You have been away for a whole year. How have you been through this year? Is everything all right with you? Time is passing by, but my daughter’s feeling of missing you is not only decreasing, but increasing day by day.. You left your grief to your daughter, and you also left countless memories to her daughter, who remembers in her heartache, grieves in her memory, cries in her heartache, and cries more heartache in her cry.. Looking at your photos every day as if you were right in front of your eyes, your daughter holds your warm hand and cuddles up beside you, listening to you singing to participate in the dongfanghong bill, listening to you telling the story of the battle, her daughter enjoying her father’s love, we are happy and we are happy.. Her daughter’s eyes glistened with tears….. But reality really shattered her daughter’s dream. Now dad is far away from us. It is only in her dream that she meets each other. Tears flow in her eyes, but blood flows in her heart..     When my father and daughter miss you, tears can’t stop, even crying, and the sound of my daughter missing you reverberates in my heart for a long time.. In winter when snowflakes are flying, my daughter looks at the sky, and the window of her heart is veiled with sadness, hoping that she can turn into a white snowflake and spread it to you, brushing away a trace of dust for you and moistening your cheeks.. When spring comes, my daughter hopes to turn into a wisp of spring breeze, invite another butterfly to sing softly for you, and then offer dancing. In the hot summer, my daughter hopes to turn into a white cloud under the blue sky to shield you from ultraviolet rays. In the golden autumn, my daughter hopes to turn the fruit of immortality into wine with her heart, so that you will be healthy and live longer than Nanshan.     Dad’s daughter knows how lonely she is, how lonely she is, and she is not afraid. whenever sunrise rises, the lark on the branch is my daughter. she is chatting with you and singing the father’s rules for you. whenever the night comes, she will shake the moon boat and invite stars to light the lights for you, or chat with you and play hide-and-seek with you..     Dad, the daughter thinks about you, thinks about you, and thinks you don’t want to extricate yourself, just wants to let this heart-breaking and heart-splitting pain like the tide of waves submerge her deeply. Dad, the daughter thinks about you, thinks about you, thinks you still have to cry, and lets her miss you deeply with her deep love for you.. Daughter asks you to promise one thing. While you take care of yourself, you must bless your mother’s health and longevity and spend decades with your children..     Dad, although you are too far away from your daughter, she will miss you all the time and will care for you forever.. If there is an afterlife, I will still be your good daughter, and she also believes that there is an afterlife.